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The illusion of winning hides the collapsing state

Point A on this chart represents the illusion of wealth that empire wins for itself at the expense of society. It wins an illusion, because in the process of winning, which is really a process of stealing, it collapses the physical economy that alone produces real wealth. The illusion of winning, sadly hides the collapsing state of real wealth in the world. Its real state is represented by point B. The farther the points A and B diverge, the more empty and fragile the system becomes, and more prone to a sudden collapse, like the collapse for which 35$ trillion in bailout moneys were demanded to keep up the impression that the dead corpse of the collapsed system is still alive.

Point B marks the current state of all the physical aspects of society's living, the productive aspects that are collapsing further and further.

Point C is the point, and the only point, where society can have a prosperous existence.

To get from point B where society is presently at, to point C where its living would be secure, a revolutionary breakout in productive activity will have to occur on all fronts, in housing, food production, energy production, transportation, employment, education, health care, and social support. The accumulated needs have become horrendous.

Few people are willing to acknowledge that we are at point B in all essential categories. People like to believe that society exists at point A.

But dreaming does not change the world, no matter how strongly people believe the dream to be true.

Thus, society itself is mentally anchored in the dream world at point A, the point of illusion. The illusion is presently maintained by force, such as the flood of bailout money that props up the illusion that financial values can exist without a physical equivalent. But step by step, reality shines through, that no matter how much money is pumped into the financial system, the sum of its represents nothing more than the physical equivalent that has been destroyed and what still remains evaporating rapidly.


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