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The Reality Principle in economics

To get back into real economics requires a revolution for civilization. The choice presented here is between to opposite systems, only one of which meets the criteria for being called an economic system. One produces tangible wealth, the other produces destruction and illusion. It is obvious, which of the two is the real economic system. An economic system exists to fulfill the physical needs of society. This defines the Reality Principle of economics.

The Reality Principle in economics is generally deemed not to exist. But this is a false perception. The Reality Principle in economics is totally real, though it is rarely understood. It is build on the premise that no society in the world needs to be begging to the money bags of empire in order to produce a richer world for itself, when it can give itself the power to issue currency or credit for the purpose of building whatever infrastructures and industries it needs to make itself productive. Who needs the moneybags, when society can create its own money or credit to create what is required?

Society has been forever independent from the money bags of empire, though this is slow to become accepted. The money that a society creates for its productive purposes gains its value by the products that are thereby created. On this path all win. The Reality Principle, or Credit Society Principle as it is also called, renders an economic system inherently anti-Olympic.

In this system the value of the money is real and tangible, because the products it facilitated are real and tangible for the whole of society while the system creates a richer world. A real economic system is therefore an infinite system. By this system, the more a society is producing, the richer it becomes. The question then will no longer be asked if a certain project is too expensive to build. The prevailing question then will be, what else can we build to make ourselves still richer in terms of creating a richer world. In this context money becomes a secondary issue. It becomes merely the facilitator of the processes of building, a kind of supply item that is created as needed to get the job done. This type of wealth-creating system qualifies for being a real economic system. It was first implemented in Massachusetts in the mid-1600s.

It later became the model that the USA was founded on. It is the model of the crown.

Many times in American history the crown was laid aside for the cross. The masters of empire literally stole America's crown and drew society back under its yoke, where it has become impotent and subjected to great suffering. The suffering is real, because the system of empire is not an economic system, as it is often falsely called. It is a system of thievery. It is not in the nature of empire to create or produce anything that meets society's needs, unless the process can be used as an instrument for looting.

The wealth of empire is stolen by clever contractual agreements, usury, property rights, speculation, gambling, and by tearing society down into poverty by which empire steals its property at auction. On this road society is collapsing. Its productive power is collapsing. Its physical economy is collapsing. It is not possible for a society that is constantly being looted, not to collapse. A non-collapse is not possible. No means exists for society to avoid its collapse, except to step away from the entire system of empire as fast as possible. The system of empire is designed for society to loose, and for the masters of empire to win. The system of empire is an Olympic system, where only one can win, leaving a trail of losers in the wake, and this one who wins is empire that controls the game. But what empire wins is not real. Its winning collapses the physical processes, which thereby collapses the wealth that the masters have stolen. It is not possible to win by stealing. The assumption is an illusion.


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