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The great spiritual pioneer of America Mary Baker Eddy

The great spiritual pioneer of America started a revolution of civilization under her own banner of the cross hewn down in the focus of the crown. She gave this symbol to humanity that guarantees a revolution of civilization, which was evidently the secret that Prometheus did not reveal as was no one ready to hear it.

Like Schiller before her, Mary Baker Eddy presents not a sword, but the crown of humanity that encircles the cross that is thereby choked out of existence, like the shadow of a bad dream that vanishes in the sunshine of the human reality that is truly divine and reflects the creativity and the power of the universe and the nature of humanity reflected in civilization. She gave no doctrine, but an outline of universal principles based on a scientific basis. The crown she gave to humanity enabled a flood of individual healing. She also provided a broadly outlined pedagogical structure for scientific and spiritual development, which she never articulated, which now is deemed not to even exist, and her cross and crown symbol that she placed at the center of her seal and put her name to it, became privatized as a commercial trademark.

Nevertheless, the challenge that she presented to humanity, for it to claim its crown, which has been the challenge throughout history, remains standing today. It is also the heart of the Ice Age Challenge that is unfolding before us. The crown taking down the cross stands as the symbol for the platform on which all revolutions for civilization, small or tall, gain the power to succeed, and against which all future revolutions for civilization need to be measured, including the modern fight to take the economic future of humanity back out of the hands of empire, without which the Ice Age Challenge will never be met.


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