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Free housing, education, health care,

This does not mean that we must let go of economics, philosophy, ideology, and scientific reason. The new banner implies that we give all of these a truthful dimension.

We find our wealth in what we produce for human living. That's real economics. We become committed to this reality principle, as nothing else qualifies.

We also establish truth in philosophy. Instead of seeing ourselves as a cancer on the Earth that eats up its resources, we recognize ourselves as discoverers and creators and producers of evermore resources for living that don't exist naturally.

Under the new banner we replace the imperial ideology of war and destruction, with the humanist ideology of cooperative unity and industrial automation that enables us to transform and uplift our world from poverty to the quality of a renaissance with free housing, education, health care, and so on, both because this is easy to do, and because it is a pleasure to do, the human thing that enriches our living.

Likewise, under the banner of truth we will overturn the global warming fraud for poverty and starvation and replace it with a humanist renaissance of such power that the return of the Ice Age cannot touch us, whenever it comes.


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