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Franklin Roosevelt stopped the Great Depression with Glass Steagall

We still have the option to prevent the total collapse by drawing a line across the trend of oligarchic predation with the restoration of the Glass Steagall legislation and applying it in principle across the world, which would stop the predation process as Franklin Roosevelt had once stopped it in the USA for its recovery from the Great Depression. Ironically, this intervention is presently blocked by society, which is itself the prey in the process. Society is told that the collapse of civilization is natural and is needed under the Carrying Capacity Doctrine. Thus, society prevents its own survival, which presently hangs on a very fine thread as the result of oligarchic predation, with one more and a highly critical factor, coming into play, for a total of four. This critical factor is the near return of the Ice Age that will rapidly disable northern agriculture down to the 40 degree latitude. Humanity's very existence depends on its creative and productive power to develop new agriculture in protected environments. If this is prevented by the numerous assaults on science and on Glass Steagall, the game ends for humanity. The Ice Age Challenge cannot be met at point D.


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