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The Carrying Capacity Doctrine

At the present time the mass-devastation of populations is an ideological oligarchic objective that ironically has widespread support in society. Hasn't everyone been taught that the Earth is too full, that there are too many people living in the world? We are using up our resources at an unsustainable rate, we are told, because we are too many people, we need to depopulate. This intentionally created fairytale has become a well-crafted subliminal platform that enables the military, and of course also the financier looters of the world, whom the military serves, to have their free reign. For over 200 years already, humanity has been hammered with this ideological fairytale that the world is too full of people. 

This takes us back in time to the late 1790s and to Venice where the Carrying Capacity Doctrine was brewed up by the masters of empire to shut down the development of humanity that became a threat to the predatory process of empire that required humanity to remain a nicely docile and a subjective prey. In order to force this non-development on humanity the worst atrocities were perpetrated from looting to war, and war of the worst sort, including the modern cry for depopulation under the Carrying Capacity Doctrine. In reality the world is far from being overpopulated.


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