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The Depopulation Doctrine of empire

Protests are often raised when an imposed subject appears illogical, such as when society is confronted with the consequences of America's Depleted Uranium Wars, a kind of radioactive gas war that has global effects and leaves a trail of corpses in the wake on America's own home ground, such as the case of the 6-fold increase in lung cancers that CNN had reported in the logical timeframe after the depleted-uranium bombing in Iraq and Afghanistan. People insist, probably for their own mental self-protection, that no government, such as the USA, would ever knowingly engage in warfare actions that massively endanger its own population, much less the whole world. 

These kinds of protests are expected of course, by the rulers that demand the wars. In order to blunt the protests the truth is entangled with official denials upon denials that create a subliminal platform of doubts in society that enables the wars to go on. The official policy in such cases, when truthful answers cannot be given, is plausible deniability. It is evidently impossible to admit that the Depopulation Doctrine of empire has indeed been elevated to the status of active policy.

Thus, in the subliminal world, the worst atrocities are typically hidden under the blanket of plausible deniability in order to keep the population docile, as it must never be allowed to know the truth. Those are the present dynamics for depopulation. We find them illustrated to some degree in the example of the DU wars. Nor will the obscuring dynamics that cover the entire vast front of the Depopulation Doctrine likely change, until a fundamental change occurs with a stand in society for the truth.


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