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A great danger looms ahead

A great danger looms ahead that the masters of empire will now force war upon the world in an effort to create such chaos, that as a last resort for them, they might restage the world once more to their advantage, in the shadow of this chaos, to save their dying system one more time. Yes, we are entering dangerous times indeed.

We are at a stage that is without precedent in history. The entire monetarist system of empire has become so extremely volatile by its built-in utter bankruptcy, that, as LaRouche had put it in 2007 in a webcast, a non-collapse is not possible under any circumstances, any leadership, or any government.

That this is so, that the bankruptcy of empire and its monetarism is utterly extreme and is total, is evident by the ever-louder cries for bailout money with which it had aimed to prevent the total collapse of its system that has become the world system. The demands for taxpayer bailouts are an admission by the masters of empire that their system has collapsed in a systemic bankruptcy. It is an admission that nothing can really save it anymore.

The critical intervention that took Dominic Straus Kahn off the world scene was evidently a high-level run operation that was set up to block further bailouts on the recognition that the bailouts hadn't worked, but had the opposite effect. The intervention was also at the same time a high-level admission that the present system is so hopelessly dead that nothing can save it by systemic means. That's like an admission that the bailouts process caused the dead corpse to disintegrate faster instead of slower, whereby the games have essentially come upon its end.


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