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The $35 trillion in bailout money

The bailout process started in 2008. 

By 2011, three years down the road, an estimated $35 trillion has been given away in various schemes to bail out the looting system that was collapsing, which by then was run by very big banks and institutions that were said to be too big to be allowed to fail. It was said if the banks were not rescued, civilization would collapse, with unimaginable consequences. So, the bailout began.

The $35 trillion in bailout money that was given away by the government, is in physical terms, a stack of hundred dollars bills piled 20,000 miles high, or laid on its side, it would stretch three quarters of the way around the Earth. 

Not a penny of' this 'bailout money went into the physical economy for economic recovery, for new industries providing jobs, housing, education, health care, and so on. Instead, the bailout money went into the coffers of millionaires and billionaires. 

One of the bailout schemes that was created, was set up to purchase all the worthless junk assets held by the banks, the kind that could never be put onto the markets without collapsing all asset values across the board, and with it the entire system itself. But the loss of value wasn't the only catastrophe the system faced. The monetarist system also carried a vast volume of derivatives gambling contracts based on the fictitious values. The volume, had become measured in quadrillions of dollars. It had become so huge just prior to the bailouts, that the slightest miscalculation could bankrupt the biggest banks, and would have done that had the government not stepped in with gigantic loans in order that the gambling contracts could be honored, whereby, as it was said, the system would be saved from collapsing. 

The volume of the gambling orgy has become so great over the years that it now far exceeds the quadrillion mark. A quadrillion dollars add up to a stack of $100 notes, which, when laid on its side would encircle the Earth 26 times.


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