Looking Beyond the 'Horizon'

A list of Glossary terms developed for the Ebola video

00a**Cultural Warfare

dehumanizing deception breeding impotence; smallness



debating on the small-minded stage

isolated, single issues; illusions;

trapped by conventions and lies



the result of the action of a 'hollow' people



is like a wilted rose that isn't quite dead yet


04**Templers of Money

those, who are required to amputate their

humanity and deposit it into the trash can

upon entering. - It would be a hindrance

to their celebration of empty worship of

paper without substance.


05**Extraordinary to the extreme

that's a human being


03**Universal Love

the gateway away from mediocrity


06**Like a Wilted Rose?

those who are too scared, too lazy,

too dull and indifferent, to bother

to be touched by their own humanity


07**Food Burning

a holocaust by intention

- 100 million silent deaths per year -



genocide to protect the feudal system



a cultural-warfare term:

animal; a deemed pest by numbers;

overpopulation, endangering the stability of empire;

object of depopulation



a term of the war against humanity;

intention to murder the unwanted



motivation for action

often covered with a smile to hide the truth


12**In Lies We Trust

a banner to obscure intentions


13**The Intention is the Key



a prison chain that enforces impotence

inhumanity, arrogance, fascism



the liberator; the enriching; the enduring

the uplifting; the eternal



a chained human being; alive without a soul;

fear; anger; destruction; dishonesty



a term for humanity: incomparable; precious;

the light of the world; the gem of brilliance; 

the diamond in the sky; creator; producer;

discoverer; imaged in art, beauty, music, poetry,

literature, science, power; the image of Love


18**The Substance of Humanity

infinity; the platform on which we can

win the war against humanity; eradicate Ebola;

banish empire, greed, fascism, nuclear war, depopulation;

nourish humanity in a Renaissance; and meet the Ice Age Challenge


19**Constancy in Love

healing power; omnipotence of love reflected;

omnipresence vs. denial



doubt; obedience; self-immolation.

Submission to Love: the path to the future.


21**Social Status

illusion; self-deception; error; adversary


22**Divine Status

self-knowledge; wisdom;
an acknowledgement of the soul



self-distrust; uncertainty; darkness;

blindness; doubt



self-surrender; self-immolation;

self-subjection to the gods without a soul



gateway to the Truth; liberty;

self-knowledge; healing;

reflecting omnipotence



self-delusion; mental blindness, slavery; foolishness...

as opposed to being correct in spiritual

self-acknowledgement as a human being



intention to prevent human self-development;

the destruction of culture to diminish humanity



love for humanity; love of the Truth;

love of the sublime; love of Life and living with joy


29**The Sublime

the substance and intelligence of the universe

reflected in humanity - the power of a renaissance


30**Moral Courage

faith in the eternal light of the human soul;

the light upon a hill that draws the eyes

of the world onto it; Christliness



science; discernment; selflessness; faith in good;

culture; humanity; infinity; devotion to Truth and the future;

and the power of good



the opposite of mythology; 

supremacy of Truth; 

humanity honoured and defended



the world of 'normal;'

joy; honor; intelligence; substance; freedom



trustfulness; affection; forgiveness;

generosity; integrity; healing


35**La Traviata

eternality of Love;

chains - not hearts - breaking



not a factor in the flow of Love, the eternal


37**Love Unfettered

The Renaissance of Universal Love;

the challenge in which all challenges are rooted


38** Wealth

the creative and productive power

of society, by the human spirit


39** Adversary

the system of empire; the monster lie and liar;

that which opposes and denies reality,

 enslaves, steals, murders, makes war;

a 'Satan' of fascist beast who destroys;

the opposite of MAN who constructs, creates, and discovers


40** Freedom

a world without the adversary;

- civilization with the system of empire left behind -

a world devoid of small-minded thinking, and

subjection, division,  isolation, and domination


41** Ice Age

an imperative to create a renaissance


42** Nuclear War

the night of terror built on lies;

a challenge that Love can master, and will do so


43** Economic Collapse

a tale of unrealized illusions;

an invitation to get real, because what is real:

honesty, generosity, creativity, humanity, productive power,

does not collapse


44** The Morning Star

the real humanity;

the opposite of a wilted rose that is not quite dead yet;

a rose that is alive - a brilliant sun - more than a star;

the real us, and ours to discover in universal love


45**Harvest is Seed Time

a poem that opens a portal to my novels

The Lodging for the Rose


46** EBOLA

becoming a weapon of war against humanity;

a mistake of historic proportions that the power

of universal humanity becoming raised up

has the potential to be victorious over