Extraordinary Evidence in Plasma Astrophysics  -  an overview video series by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

A wide range of Extraordinary Evidence
exists in Plasma Astrophysics

everything is extraordinary there


The theme of "Extraordinary Evidence" was inspired by Robert Brilz who is concerned with the lack of extraordinary evidence for the strong claims for Manmade Global Warming, or Manmade Climate Change, that has become a major political doctrine in the West. The reason for the lack of extraordinary supporting evidence is simple, because it is not possible to present extraordinary real evidence for something that does not exist.

It is easy, in comparison, to present compelling extraordinary evidence for something that does exist. In Plasma Astrophysics where everything is real and extraordinary, extraordinary evidence exists in abundance. This renders Plasma Astrophysics a most extraordinary science, with implications even for economics, national security, and the security for life itself.

This page presents a series of videos designed as an overview of the extraordinary.

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#1: Historic Global Warming. (Runtime 11 min)

It happened for 300 years; began to reverse in the late 1990s; and is now history. It has ended. Extraordinary evidence in Carbon 14 measurements and historic sunspot numbers, proves that the global warming that ended the Little Ice Age of the 1600s, had been powered by the Sun, which in turn proves that the Sun is a variable star.

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#2: Fading Cycles (Runtime 7 min)

The big solar minimum cycles have been fading for 1000 years, with their intervals getting shorter towards an end point in the near future. In like manner have the big global warming cycles been fading for 3,000 years. The end point is the phase shift to the start-up of the next Ice Age. That's our future. It is near.

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#3: Holes in the Sun (Runtime 16 min)

Extraordinary evidence challenges the archaic theory of the hydrogen-gas-sun theory. When sunspots reveal the Sun to be dark below the surface, we see evidence that the Sun is a surface-powered Plasma Star. Nothing happens below the surface. The Sun is externally energized. It responding to external conditions, which makes the Sun highly variable and capable of causing the ice ages, and the warm interglacial periods between them.

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#4: Rivers in Space (Runtime 11 min)

Space is pervaded with vast streams of plasma that flow like rivers between galaxies, and clusters of galaxies, and in the 'small' between the stars within the galaxies. These flowing rivers of plasma power everything, including the synthesis of atomic structures that power our world.

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#5: The Primer Fields (Runtime 14 min)

Electromagnetic structures develop in the flow of flowing plasma in space, when the flow and density exceed a minimal threshold. When these Primer Field structures develop, the plasma stream that forms them becomes immensely concentrated by magnetic action, and becomes typically focused onto a sun or star that thereby becomes a high-powered star. When the plasma streams for our Sun become weak, the fields collapse; the Sun reverts a low-power default state; and an Ice Age begins on Earth

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#6: Digital Ice Age (Runtime 13 min)

Ice ages are digital, on-off phenomena, with sharp transition between them. When the Primer Fields for our Sun operate, which presently focuse highly concentrated plasma unto the Sun, the Sun operates in a high-power mode and the Earth is showered with interglacial warm climates. Inversely, when the Primer Fields collapse, the Sun reverts to a low-power default state, a 'hibernation' state, and an Ice Age begins on Earth. An in-between state is not possible.

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#7: Phase Shift in the 2050s (Runtime 18 min)

The solar dynamics are presently diminishing. The solar wind is diminishing at a rate of 30% per decade. When the solar wind stops in the early 2030s, Phase 1 ends. Phase 2 begins. The Sun begins to dim thereafter, as the interstellar streams continue to weaken. Phase 3 may start in 2050s, with the full Ice Age. But the timing here is highly uncertain. But who cares? If the infrastructures for living in an Ice Age World are not created during Phase 1, no one would remain alive when Phase 3 happens. The uncertainty in timing becomes meaningless thereby.

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