Special Focus Project - Freedom from the cave of illusions -  Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Freedom From The Cave of Illusions


The limitations of the senses opens the stage to illusions becoming accepted as reality

I am referring to Plato's Allegory of the Cave, in Volume 7 of his dialog books, "The Republic."

 Plato's allegory ends in a celebration, the celebration of freedom in a brand new world that had not been recognized before to even exist, much less had been built.

The cave allegory is the story of a people who have been held in a cave deep inside a mountain. They have been there for so long that their dark world has gradually become the only world they knew. The people were laid in chains. The chains were fastened behind a wall in the cave. This rock-encrusted world was the only world they knew. The light they could see was largely the light from a fire that was maintained on the other side of the wall. The light was reflected off the rocks of the cavern in front of them and above them.

In the faint glow of light huge shadow images were created, shadows of objects that hired actors passed in front of the fire. These shadows, that the captives all were able to behold with their senses, thus became a reality to them, a reality they could relate events to, which in part defined their world. The allegory is about individuals gaining their freedom from the cave.

Escaping from the 'Caves of Illusions' is important in the modern world that is riddled with countless such types of caves of illusions:

the Cave of Manmade Global Warming
the Cave of Spiritual Collapse
the Cave of Inhumanity

In the face of the Ice Age Challenge that is inhibited by many illusions, it becomes existentially critical for humanity to climb out of the caves, into to the Sunshine of the Real World.

This exploration video is my Christmas Message from the year 2018


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