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A 'trip' to Mount Everest in the search for manmade global warming


The proof is in the Sun.

The Sun is not a constant factor.

This fact is well known, but it is being ignored.

It is assumed in the Global Warming Climate Change theory that the Sun's energy output never varies. It is called the solar constant. On this basis it is assumed that when the climate is changing, then terrestrial factors must be causing the change. On this platform the humble CO2, the carbon dioxide gas in the air that all life depends on so that none of us would exist without it, has been selected to play the villain that carries the blame for all the climate changes on earth.

What does this mean in real terms?

Let's take a closer look.

CO2 is a rare trace gas in the atmosphere, at a density of 390 parts in a million. No one disputes this.

Now let's make some comparisons to see what this means in a rational context.

Let's make a comparison with Mount Everest. Let's compare our humble CO2 with the tallest mountain on earth, which is Mount Everest that reaches 29,000 feet into the sky.

By a simple calculation a millionth of the height of the mountain comes out to be roughly a third of an inch, the size of a raisin that one bakes into a cake, or the size of a button on a person's shirt.

Now 390 of these, according to the CO2 ratio, when laid out in a row would add up to roughly 11 feet, or twice the height of the average person.

A person when compared to the mountain is so minuscule in this vast landscape that one would require a powerful telescope to make one, like a climber on the mountain.

Nevertheless this one person on the mountain, as only a part of the mountain is seen in this picture, would be the equivalent of the total carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere.

Thus, this one single person in the entire vast landscape before you is the comparative equivalent of all the CO2 in the atmosphere.

One person on the mountain is far from being a gigantic factor, is it?. Minuscule, I would call it.

Now let's look at what the manmade contribution is.

In a 2003 paper, The Ice Age is Coming, the chairman of the Scientific Council of the Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection in Warsaw, Professor Zbigniew Jaworowski, places the manmade contribution to the CO2 pool into the range of 5/100th of a percent to a quarter of a percent.

By a simple calculation this adds up to a manmade portion of one part in a million

If one takes the worst-case factor of Jaworowski's presentation, a quarter of a percent, and one applies this to the 390 parts per million of the CO2 in the air, then one ends up with one single part per million for the man-made contribution, which is the size of a raisin or the size of a shirt button in comparison with Mount Everest.

One might be able, with a powerful telescope, to make out a person on the mountain, but one will never be able to make out the buttons on that person's shirt, one of which represents the total man-made contribution of carbon dioxide in the air that the carbon politics hoopla is all about, for which the economies of the world are being devastated and heavy taxes are imposed that devastate people's budgets from the personal to the national level.

It is self-evident from this comparison that the manmade contribution to the global CO2 pool is absolutely insignificant in the overall climate dynamics. A raisin in comparison with Mt. Everest, is far too minuscule to be a factor for anything.

For this minuscule extra part of CO2 in the atmosphere - the size of a raisin or a shirt button in comparison with Mount Everest - society is presently killing a hundred million of its people every year by burning their food in automobiles and by preventing the economic development of the world under the Global Warming doctrine. Genocide is the evident intention.

That's insane, isn't it? And it gets more insane still.

In addition to all this, the minuscule amount of CO2 responds in only three narrow bands of the solar irradiation spectrum and those are located at the low-energy end of the solar irradiation spectrum, while oxygen and water vapor do respond to the entire irradiation spectrum.

It doesn't take a great genius to realize that this one part in a million that humanity is adding to the CO2 pool at the low-intensity end of the spectrum has absolutely no effect on the climate whatsoever.

450 million years ago CO2 was 14 times greater than it is today, and this massive amount didn't prevent one of the severest ice age periods in geologic history that caused the second-largest extinction of life. Our concern should be that the world is presently severely CO2 deficient. It is at the lowest level ever, near the biological starvation level. Without CO2 not a blade of grass would exist, or tree, or bird, insect, or a human being.

The CO2 starvation is presently so severe on this front that when greenhouse operators double the CO2 in their greenhouses, a 50% increase in plant growth results.

The man-made Global Warming Climate Change hoopla has evidently nothing to do with anything real about CO2, but is a coldly calculated political project to keep society scared, hungry, dying, and impotent, and as of late, killing one another under the depopulation doctrine.


from the movie: Climate Science vs Carbon Politics


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