Two Ice Ages: Physical and Cultural 


The Meltdown Before the Ice Age

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The next Ice Age down slope has already begun
and so has the Cyprus meltdown of civilization


The Ice Age transition cannot be stopped, by which humanity is gravely endangered for reasons that the current financial and economic meltdown renders humanity impotent to respond to the astrophysical challenge.

If the meltdown of civilization is not stopped, that began in mid-March 2013 with the Cyprus bank 'heist', by the banks, demanded by the masters of the EU system, then humanity will die in the greatest cultural collapse long before the ice age transition becomes a critical factor.

 With the grand looting of Cypress becoming the template for the monetarist collapse of Europe, America, and then the world, the economic strength will be drained from the nations to such a deep extend that it renders the critically necessary preparatory response to the ice age challenge impossible. For this reason, the rebuilding of the world economically, culturally, and scientifically, must be seen as an integrated challenge of the ice age challenge. If this task can be accomplished, which is still within our reach by reversing the meltdown, than a great renaissance lies before us, because humanity's development potential is immensely great. 
Where Once Was Love, Love Can be Again)

However, if society fails itself and the meltdown becomes total, the resulting tragedy will be so immense that no one will likely survive, especially if then a nuclear war erupts as a part of the collapse of civilization.

The most fundamental item in this front, for preventing the greatest potential tragedy of all time, is to restore or establish the Glass Steagall type bank separation laws that prevent the looting of society by the banks (see: Restoring the Glass Steagall law). 

The absolutely critical first emergency step (restoring the Glass Steagall law) must be followed with establishing or re-establishing national financial credit institutions, not for gambling for profit, but for the rebuilding of the world for the general welfare of humanity. These first two steps must be followed immediately with worldwide legislation for the strategic defence of mankind against the greatest crime ever perpetrated on the face of the planet:  the rule of empire in any form, under any disguise, for any purpose, absolutely, finally, without compromise. Then, and only then, can the ice age challenge be met.

Thus, the challenge that the coming Ice Age brings with it, as great as its physical and economic scope is - for which technological solutions are possible - stands before us ultimately as a spiritual challenge, a challenge to rebuild our humanity in a renaissance of world development. (see: The Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance)

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