Let the Ice Age Challenge Determine the Present 


Where Once Was Love,
Love Can be Again
Cancel the bail-in laws

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Philharmonic Orchestra of Jalisco (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico) - wikipedia

The difference between collapsing and restoring civilization
is the type of culture that is rooted in beauty and love


It should be said no longer, "Where once was love, love is no more."

The fast unfolding worldwide financial meltdown and the subsequent collapse of civilization is not rooted in anything that is beautiful, human, and aglow with the generosity of love. The meltdown is fascist in nature and has fascist roots and intentions. 

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Instead, let it be said, "Where once was love, love can be again."

The roots for recovering a collapsed civilization can only be found in the type of beautiful culture that nourishes the soul and gives meaning to the word, humanity. Our humanity is the most precious we have. An Ice Age Renaissance is not possible without it, but it will happen with certainty on its wings, the wings of love. It has been said a hundred years ago that "divine Love is reflected in love." The meltdown of civilization can be halted on this platform and be reversed.

Love for one-another, the human spring
Mankind is afloat in a sea that is Love
Seeds germinate, become plants
Roots break the ground
Love lifts the barriers, patiently
Silently waiting, reaching for the sky

from: Harvest is Seedtime

I can still remember that the first major rebuilding project that was carried out in my home city of Leipzig in Germany after the Second World War, was the rebuilding of the opera house and concert hall. This was done even before the railway station was rebuilt. We need this kind of rebuilding again. We need it now more than ever, as immensely more has been culturally and physically destroyed in the postwar period than has been destroyed in the world wars.

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