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Nuclear Meltdown of Civilization

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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The year 2013, the beginning of the meltdown of civilization

It began in mid-March with the Cyprus bank 'heist', by the banks, ordered by the masters of the EU Empire. A great tragedy is now in the making that could have been avoided with a Glass Steagall type bank separation law (see: Restoring the Glass Steagall law). But it wasn't done. In the wake of this failure the consequence began to unfold, which, when it is not interrupted promises to destroy civilization and humanity with it as may intended for the depopulation of the world.

The page was turned in Cyprus. During the grand official 'heist' in Cyprus, all depositors with more than EU 100,000 on deposit in banks had 20% of their assets expropriated, called a 'tax.' In real terms the legalized theft amounted to much more than 20%, probably well over 40%, because a big portion of the large deposit accounts were transferred to a "bad bank" that was a part of the Laiki bank that was forced to liquidate . 

The EU Troika, made up of the European Commission, the ECB, and the IMF, had originally aimed to force the 7 billion in gambling losses by the banks onto the depositors. This was demanded as a condition for extending new loans to keep the speculative monetarist system, which is essentially already dead, in operation a bit longer.

Ironically, in real terms, none of the depositors had actually lost any money in the grand official bank 'heist' on March 24, 2013. They only lost their illusion that they had any real assets remaining on deposit. The assets that they had deposited into their accounts had been gambled away by the banks long before the day of the 'heist.' There simply wasn't anything there to be confiscated by the Troika, except for the depositors' dreams of a wealth that no longer existed by then. The result is typical for a financial landscape that is unprotected by Glass Steagall type legislations. 

The empire game, where nothing is protected, is such that when a depositor brings financial assets to a bank for deposit, the bank is allowed to treat them as if they were a donation. The bank is allowed to take the assets deposited, directly to the financial derivatives casinos, called the financial markets, and let then ride there as gambling chips on the roulette tables. The greater the risks are, the bigger the winnings tend to be. The winnings, of course, belong to the bank. The depositor gets nothing from the winnings. But if the game goes sour, which happens sooner or later, the depositor's assets that ride on the chips, suddenly become the property of different owners. The Cyprus 'heist' illustrates what happens when all the chips have been gambled away. And since the game of empire is so extensively rigged, as in the case of the LIBOR rigging, the masters of empire reap enormous profits in their game, while the depositors are robbed even of their dreams.

When the President of the so-called Eurogroup, the Finance Minister of the Netherlands, Jeroen Dijsselbloem is quoted by Reuters' in a headline, "Cyprus a Template for the EU," the man was speaking truthfully, because that's how a non-Glass-Steagall system works, or can work. **1

 Cyprus, thus, is the template for the future indeed, not by choice perhaps, but by the simple reason that the entire EU system is actually bankrupt. By naming Cyprus as a template for the entire EU, Mr. Dijsselbloem was merely pointing out the obvious, that there is no real equity left anywhere in the EU financial system, which sooner or later needs to be acknowledged. When the inevitable outcome happens, then only the depositors' dreams become confiscated, including the dream that in the grand casino of financial derivatives gambling, there isn't such a thing as "a bank too big to fail." There exist only "banks too big to bail." He is saying in essence that the Cyprus model is actually the only possible outcome that can happen in a world where the protection of the Glass Steagall type option is being rejected.

To date, Iceland is the only country that went the Glass Steagall route. Cyprus rejected this route, together with almost everyone else, and so Cyprus suffers the consequences, which actually have only just begun to unfold, as everyone else will likewise soon experience.

It is widely believed that the Cyprus confiscation wasn't large enough as it was carried out, so that the shutdown of the number-one Bank of Cyprus will be the next step and soon, followed of course by the complete collapse of the Cypriot economy, and the collapse of Europe along the same path, and the world thereafter. The former Central Bank Governor of Cyprus, Athanasios Orphanides, was right on the mark, in saying that the Empire project, which he called "the European project," is "crashing to Earth."**2 

Within 24 hours after the Cyprus crisis 'resolution,' the bankruptcy of a large Spanish bank was forced with the typical wipe-out of depositors, with the existing stockholders and junior bondholders losing 99.5% of their investments, including large numbers of depositors who were conned into buying bank stock with their deposits - a kind of fraudulent bank practice that had been exposed by the famous Pecora hearings in the Senate Banking Committee, in the United States in 1933.
(see: Spanish Bank Deposits Seized, Cyprus-Style

The fraud behind converting bank deposits into bank stocks became prohibited under the Glass-Steagall Act, but since the Act has been cancelled, the fraudulent practice is back and is cherished as before in the world of Empire for its profit potential.

For more details on the above, see: the LPAC video: Cyprus Template: The Case of Spain)

It can be said that with the Cyprus bank 'heist' a page has been turned. Whatever faith in the monetarist system, especially the banking system, may have still existed previously, exists no more. When the cover was torn off that "too big to fail" simply means "too big to bail," a long-standing myth had evaporated. The consequence may unleash an avalanche that can rapidly bury the entire system. At this point the only factor left standing to uphold civilization is our humanity, but on this front there is no one home. The value that society is placing on its humanity is essentially zero. The value of humanity is deemed not worth the commitment to support it, and to protect it.

I speak from experience here. I have set up a fund for donations to raise the perceived value of our humanity in the eyes of society, by giving aid to persons in critical need.**3 The response so far has been a dismal zero, with one exception. Humanity should see a higher value in itself.

Humanity is the highest form of life on our planet, with a creative spirit and productive capacity that mirrors the divine, but in comparison with money the human being is deemed to have no value. It appears that herein lies the key to the entire banking collapse process, because without humanity recognizing itself as the only critical factor of value, it places value where none exists.

Humanity is indeed the only real critical factor of value, expressed in its creative and productive actions that enrich the world and its living. Whatever value exists in currencies and economies is located in the created product of human beings. Currencies have no other value, and whenever this value is lost or counted as zero, currencies collapse and everything connected with them disintegrates. See my video: Love-pains Economics

When society issues itself financial credits to support creative and productive enterprises and a banking system that facilitates the process, civilization is secure and flourishes. Unfortunately humanity has drifted far from this standard without even recognizing it. It has thereby thrown away the most precious it has, its human value. See my video: Horse Sense Economics

While an escape from the grand doom that is presently beginning to unfold is still possible with protective laws of the Glass Steagall type, the rebuilding of the world will have to begin with the rebuilding of the value that society places on itself in the form of universal love and universal humanity. See my video: Queen of the New Law

If the critically necessary rebuilding is not achieved then the masters of the game of empire will destroy the world with war. This now means thermonuclear war - the final inevitable war if the game of empire is not cancelled - a war that no one survives. See the chapter: Swimming in Mud

As the Cyprus crisis was unfolding. 

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