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1 The movie "Unsurvivable"

A dark, gruesome, but wholly true depiction of the threat of thermonuclear war, the consequences, and Obama’s deployment of a major portion of the U.S. thermonuclear capabilities in multiple theaters threatening both Russia and China.

A time lapse view of every atomic explosion

Bees dying on plants - Nova Scotia 10.18.12

2 Overpopulation is a Myth

3 Alien Planet - 

A fictional robotic exploration of a planet in a neighboring solar system - it brings to light the precious and fragile nature of life.

November 23rd 2012 • 2:09PM

Strategic Defense of Earth: Seeing what the Senses Cannot
November 28th 2012 • 1:45PM

5 Subject: Weather Modification

Chemtrails That Don't Exist Cost 5 Billion a Year To Produce:

Why in the World are They Spraying? 

Full Length Documentary:


Impeach Obama for Criminal Complicity in Murder of U.S. Ambassador

the Obama Administration had at least 48 hours advanced notice that an attack was likely to occur on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Obama is now criminally complicit in the murders of a U.S. Ambassador and three other U.S. citizens serving in Libya, and a lot more besides that.

7 Obama's Food Crisis September 14th 2012 • 8:04PM

The food supply crisis that we face as a nation, is the official policy of the Obama administration, and is only one of several existential and unresolved threats we face in the days and weeks ahead.


What About the Food?  November 22nd 2012 • 6:01PM - Environmental Protection Agency, refusing to lift the mandate on corn ethanol, again,

Cargill Shuts Mega-Beef Plant in Texas Feb. 1, 2013

8 HIV and AIDS

Dr. Robert Willner Injects Himself with HIV

9 War Avoidance Actions

SYRIA (documentary)

From the USA: 
Press Conference with Rep. Walter Jones & Retired Military on HCR107

From Germany: 
An Alternative to Hyperinflation and Thermonuclear War


10 Turning point for the USA  

The Condemnation of Andrew Jackson for Treason (in-depth)


11 Government created food crisis (Hunger for You)

Interview with Marcia Baker (Oct. 1, 2012)

12 The Star of David - Universal Hexagram - part 1 - part 2

13 Benghazigate (video)

The impeachable Crime of the Year

14 Did Jesus Live in India? (video)
15 WATER (video)
16 Pat Ruckert on the History of the Grand Coulee Dam (video)
17 Ancient Knowledge (part 3): Pyramids...(video)
18  Sacred knowledge of vibration and the power of human emotions

19  The truth about dishonesty

20 Mitt Romney: International Man of Mystery

21 Indictment of Barack Obama: Part One (October 24th 2012)

or: A Vote to Unleash Hell

22 UROKO: The True History of the
Banking Cartels and the Federal Reserve


23 Albert Einstein, his science, music, discoveries, and politics

an LPAC weekly report



A Radical New Theory in Physics: The Primer Fields

Published on Dec 17, 2012 by David LaPoint

The Primer Fields - Part 1

The Primer Fields - Part 2

The Primer Fields - Part 3


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