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Truth versus Guns

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Our Universal Kiss versus Universal Death

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - March 2006
Rolf A. F. Witzsche is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels exploring the Principle of Universal Love: 
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Part 5: 
Private Armies, Captive People


(see the 2006 article: Private Armies, Captive People by Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.)

War doesn't make sense in a world in which society is struggling for peace. The hope for peace appears to be mankind's fondest hope as it wants to escape the endless cycles of horrors and destruction. One can feel a certain affinity today with the people of the early 17th Century when the Thirty Years War had decimated Europe and killed a third to half of its population. The decimation was ended in 1648 with a principle that is best described as the Principle of the Advantage of the Other that became the foundation for the Treaty of Westphalia. It was recognized that peace was to the advantage of every one of the opponents, as well as to oneself, since all nations are made up of human beings with the same human needs, joys, and aspirations. Thus, peace was built in 1648 by advancing what is to the advantage of the other.

In today's world every imperial spokesman says emphatically, NO, to that. They proclaim arrogantly that this principle no longer applies. They say that war is here to stay. 

They fail to add, however, that the reason why war is here to stay is that war has become a great profit engine by means of the modern, increasing privatization of the military and its supply infrastructure. President Eisenhower once warned of the 'danger' posed to the nation by the sprawling military industrial complex. It seems today that what he had feared was just the beginning of a trend that led to the deep privatization of national security, the intelligence services, and even parts of the military functions themselves.

 War has become a vast enterprise for profit.

Since war has become a profit engine it should surprise no one that the imperial enterprises also include armies of specialists that have the skills to keep the wars going, that stir up the tensions in the world in order to assure that the wars never end. As history has proven, religions or religious sentiments can easily be turned into swords for the purpose of starting and perpetuating war. Except in the modern imperial world, with the 'need' for war increasing, the process has been expanded to organize clashes of entire civilizations, such as the planed war against Islam, or the war of 'democracy' versus the Muslim nations, and so on. Mankind has become willing to sacrifice large segments of itself for these gems of insanity.

In a war-for-profit world, the profiteering financial empire simply has to keep the wars going on order to keep the profits flowing. It's as simple as that. So what, if people get hurt? That's been the attitude in the fascist camp for a long as one can remember, all the way back to Roman times. Also the privatization of the ugly 'services' has a long history as if the privatization of crimes absolves society of the crimes that are involved. 

Joseph de Maistre illustrates the nature of that privatization to some degree.  He illustrates it with his description of the execution of a man by means of having all bones smashed in his limbs that are subsequently threaded into the spokes of a wheel where the victim is left to die in great agony. 

After the job is done, as Maistre describes it, when the service of the executioner is completed that Maistre said is 'required' (to terrorize society into compliance with the ruling class), the magistrate throws a coin at the executioner's feet, probably the contracted payment. 

What Maistre had described has now become a whole industry, an industry of war. Hitler's Waffen SS was probably the first major example of this 'industry.' The process of shifting the ugly imperial objectives out of the domain of the citizens army and into the realm of specialized 'contract' services that operate outside the normal rules and standards of humanity, might have been intended to absolve society of the crime and to hide the crime itself in secrecy. In Germany, even the army had feared Hitler's SS special forces. Almost everybody feared them. (see article: Hitler's SS: Private Army Of the Third Reich )

In an article for Executive Intelligence Review, called:  Rohatyn, Shultz, Cheney 'Privatization' Scheme To Wreck U.S. National Security, Jeffrey Steinberg summarizes how far the privatization of the military has already  been advanced in the modern world. He tells us that the 'private armies' are new providing 'services' that are shifted out of the public domain and away from public scrutiny. Jeffrey Steinberg reports that the arguments for privatization is that huge corporation offer better transparency since they are responsible to the marketplace, investors, and shareholders. But this argument is an empty shell, a facade of deception. It actually proves that the focus is no longer the national interest and the welfare of the nation, but but that the focus has become the imperial corporate interest and the maximization of profits from war. In fact it is openly acknowledged by those who drive the privatization process that the underlying aim is a "return to neo-feudalism" as the practice illustrates.

The beginning of Neo-Feudalism - The Federal Reserve System

Actually the privatization ideology that is aimed at replacing the principle of the sovereign nation state with a return to imperial feudalism predates Adolf Hitler by a few decades. The privatization ideology as a return to feudalism had its first debut at the Christmas time in 1913 when the American Congress privatized the nation's currency and the right of credit creation into the private hands of the global financial empire. With this single act of insanity, the Federal Reserve Act, the nation gave up its sovereignty and technically speaking ceased to be a free republic. It became a profit engine. Within months the Universal Income Tax was instituted. The resulting loss of revenue to the government that comes with curtailing the development of the nation appears to have been the motivating factor.  Now, an ever increasing stream of the nation's tax revenue flowing into the bottomless pit of the private emporium in the form of interest (profit) on the national debt. 

Ironically it was at Christmas time when the US Congress gave away the nation's economic 'life and blood' in the most massive privatization scheme in history and gave the nation the Trojan Horse of neo-feudalism. Sheltered by this massive privatization of America economic life-blood stand a virtual small army of private banking interests that are empowered to use your money in the most arrogant manner, entirely for their profit, and worse than that, they typically deploy your money against your interest by inflating the currency and manipulating the world-financial system with that inflated currency. It's called Fractional Reserve Banking. If you deposit $1000, the bank is allowed to lend out $20,000, created out of thin air in a kind of legal counter fitting process that the bank collects interest on. In the process it inflates the money supply. The Fractional Reserve Bank is only required to retain a small fraction, in the order of five percent, of the money it lends out. And that is done on a vast scale. The entire pyramid of the Federal Reserve system is presently 'owned' in essence, by eight major banks which in turn are said to be owned by a tiny group of about thirteen families. (see: thirteen families effectively control the central banks of all the 'hard-currency' countries.)

Evidently the great Christmas present of the American Congress to the financial world empire at the time, to surrender its currency and credit creation into the private hands of the most powerful banking oligarchy on the planet, did not come about accidentally or as the result of the great generosity of the American people. It resulted instead from the determined actions of a small 'army' of banking and financial operatives that had their roots in the business of the British slave trade that was run out of London and was in turn controlled from London where the world controlling centre remains to the present. That the 'event' of the creation of the Federal Reserve was the end result of that control, carried out through a three year conspiracy and lobbying effort by the most powerful financial empire on the planet is be no means surprising. Nor is it surprising that many of the most prominent names in government, banking, and finance, have their roots in that history that started essentially with the slave trade. (see: From the Book 'Secrets Of The Federal Reserve' By Eustace Mullins. )

However, history is also telling us that insanity, no matter how deep reaching it may be, runs its course, because it ultimately has now power. Oppression, looting, suppression, and destruction, have no power to maintain a civilization. The parasite dies as it kills the host unless the host shrugs off the parasite. The real power of humanity lies in development of constructive ideas, the development of science, the opposite to feudalism. (See: The Principle of `Power' (PDF)) Here we see the beginning of the realization of the Principle of Universal Love. If the principle of our universal humanity is trashed, the path is clear towards the further escalation of neo-feudalism and the inevitable end of civilization in a planet wide New Dark Age.

The Extension of Neo-Feudalism

Some people argue that the founding of the National Security Agency in 1947, which operates in total secrecy and largely outside the law and the principles of humanity, was the first major extension of the privatization process of neo-feudalism that began in 1913. The NSA was founded as a hidden parallel government, with its own enforcement agency, the CIA, that was free to operate outside the law behind the wall of national security secrecy, free to start wars on demand, destabilize other nations, topple their leaders, and generally terrorize the Third Word, which some call the Third World War. The global death toll that has resulted so far is estimated to have risen above five million from these secret covert 'privatized services.' The public's involvement ended with the funding of these operations. The Church enquiry that blew the lid of secrecy open for a brief span, revealed that the agency acted like a contractor for hire in pursuit of imperial objectives throughout the Third World. In the wake of the enquiry the CIA was nearly abolished. It was rescued by its promise that it will behave itself and allow Congressional oversight. In practice that's not really happening, and in those areas where it is happening the Neocon circus has developed its own, more tightly owned, intelligence agencies. The avalanche of lies that drove the nation to attack Afghanistan and Iraq for the second time came largely from these agencies.

The Global Warming Private Armies

Of course, the private 'armies' of neo-feudalism have also many other faces, as in the privatization of science.

For example, the global warming doctrine was created by this process and largely continues to be maintained by it. The prostitution of science for research grants that was cleverly developed to achieve the predetermined objectives in now so deeply ingrained that it is taken for granted. 

That is evidently how the global warming doctrine was created in the mid-1970s. Concern among the honest elements of science suggested that society prepare itself for the return of cyclically occurring Ice Age that was seen on the near horizon according to historic pattern. It was suggested in those days that advanced nuclear power development would be needed, and other forms of economic development, to deal with the upcoming challenge posed by the returning Ice Age. 

At this point all hell broke loose. The financial empire became concerned. It became obvious that the immense challenge posed by the return of the cold climate of the Ice Age could only be met by society reclaiming its sovereignty and taking back its economic 'life and blood' out of the private hands of the financial empire. It is plain to see that without a complete departure from neo-feudalism mankind would not be able to respond to the challenges of the coming Ice Age and be doomed by its impotence. The dawning recognition of this truth by scientists around the world meant that mankind would have a powerful incentive to reclaim its sovereignty to meet the challenge should the challenge become widely known. To prevent this trend from happening, which would end the neo-feudalism down to its very core, the global warming doctrine was created by the imperial's 'private army' of science-for-profit.

The Global Warming Doctrine was easily substantiated since the Earth was still in the process of recovering from the Little Ice Age of the 17'th Century. Since the Earth's climate has so far recovered only half way back to the medieval optimum prior to the Little Ice Age it might have been deemed a sure bet that the Global Warming Doctrine could be easily maintained. In order to make the doctrine acceptable, the natural warming of the Earth in recovering from the Last Little Ice Age was 'blamed' on the industrialization of the global economy. The needed evidence for that was simply manufactured and used for a terror campaign in which the false evidence was projected forward in catastrophic forecasts. The massive terror campaign filled with predictions of flooding, desertification, the dying of fish, and so on, still continues, paid for in full with a few scraps from the imperial money bags. 

The prostitution of science is all too easily achieved and hidden under the cloak of elitism. At great expense numerous ice core samples were dug from glaciers that supposedly 'proved' that mankind's industrial development has caused a frightening increase in atmospheric CO2 that is cited as the chief greenhouse 'culprit' on the planet. On the basis of this frightening evidence a deindustrialization campaign was launched around the world in parallel with the imperial assault on the sovereign nation state as an institution that historically supported industrialization for the welfare of the nations. However, the entire campaign is built on fraud.

No increase in CO2 had occurred. It is well known in the scientific community that the ice core samples are incorrectly interpreted to provide the required results. When snow accumulates and becomes compressed into ice, and the ice pile becomes deeper and the pressure increases, the trapped gases undergo numerous transformations. At first they accumulate into pools, then they become compressed into air bubbles. At greater pressures the ice becomes bubble-free as the gases are pressed into minuscule clathrates or are diffused into liquids and into ice crystals. However, when the ice gets decompressed in the process of excavating the samples, the gases expand and cause micro fractures in the ice through which a portion of the gases escape. Of course, when the samples are melted fewer CO2 gases remain from those deeper levels that correspond to the pre-industrial era. This 'fraud' is cited as proof that the atmosphere contained less CO2 prior to the industrialization and that a catastrophe is coming if industrialization isn't stopped, while in reality no change has taken place as can be verified in fossil evidence. Thus, all the pain that was inflicted with the imperial terror campaign, was literally a hoax.. (see note to US Congress by Prof. Zbigniew Jaworowski: Climate Change: Incorrect information on pre-industrial CO2

It would actually be wonderful if mankind had the capability to cause global warming to avoid the return of the Ice Age. We might achieve this capability in the far future, but at the present stage of mankind's development the Ice Age cannot be stopped by human intervention. The climate of the Earth is hugely affected by the rate of cloud formation which has a mayor influence on atmospheric water vapour that provides over 95% of the greenhouse effect on our planet (only 3% comes from CO2). Also the increased cloud formation that diminishes the water vapour and its greenhouse effect, further lowers the global temperature as the increase in cloudiness increases the amount of solar radiation that is reflected back into space. The rate of cloud formation in turn is determined by the intensity of cosmic radiation reaching the Earth that ionizes the atmosphere. The intensity of the incoming cosmic radiation is never constant, but varies with short and long-term solar cycles that affect the solar winds and solar flairs that shield the Earth to some degree from the cosmic background radiation. The scientific fact is that these gargantuan factors control the forces that determine our climate and with it the cycles of the Ice Ages. (see: "The Ice Age Is Coming" by Zbigniew Jaworowski, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc. - pdf format)

Obviously, mankind has not yet developed the power to control the galactic and solar cycles that determine our climate. However, we do have the power to adjust our civilization into conformity with what the changing conditions for the planet will impose. The tasks for accomplishing that are so great that society needs to marshal all its resources for these tasks within the framework of its sovereign self-government that leaves no room for the economic waste imposed by the profit-centred armies of neo-feudalism, not to mention the horrendous destruction caused by the for-profit wars that have become the latest feature of neo-feudalism. 

The uranium munitions and bombs, for example, which are now used in these war in pursuit of the profit motive while they are poisoning the global environment, have already put a huge impediment into the path of mankind's advanced development. Depleted uranium (DU) kills. But it is used, because it is cheap. Naturally, feudal science approves its use that is declares to be harmless. DU is made from spent power reactor fuel that is cheaper to throw away than to store securely until it can be used again. In military logic the DU weaponry is infinitely cheaper and more effective than comparable weapons made from tungsten steel. In the Neocon logic of short-sighted neo-feudalism, the process of dumping the depleted uranium waste onto an enemy is an added incentive, if not a highly profitable enterprise all around considering the alternative. Nuclear weapons are likewise considered to be the cheapest available for destroying masses of people and large facilities and cities. Of course, the damage to society never enters into the determining profit calculations, unless the human damage itself becomes the objective as in the 9/11 show. And that is how mankind is presently poised to meet the immense challenges of the near return of the Ice Age.

The 9/11 air and pyrotechnics show, together with the professional cover-up that followed immediately in the wake, appear to have been all carried out by a concert of numerous contractible or secret services. Private services for these events are less visible and more easily protected by being 'classified,' so that the services that can be hidden behind the wall of national security secrecy. On this road, the real security of the nation and mankind drifts further and further out of sight. Indeed, that's to be expected. The 'private armies' dance to the tune of the payola instead of for the national interest. And that makes all the difference, I might add.

The 2002 Bali bombing, like the 911 event, shows how little security and concern for human beings is left in the world.  Mankind is driven into a sense of impotence with ever greater terror, but this terror needs to be escalated for it to be kept alive. The 'horror movie' must always be 'fresh and impressive.' And as the threshold in lowered deeper into sewer of horrors the 'collateral' damage to society that produces the terror becomes ever greater. Who then cares about the unspeakable suffering that comes with the terror? Of course, this trend toward an ever wider hell seems to be of no concern to the contractors, large or small.

Against this background mankind faces a challenge that is near unimaginable, while the sewer engulfs everyone deeper and deeper and drowns a person's humanity. But none of that would likely have been possible today if mankind's science had not been effectively privatized as it was for the global warming project that was staged to hide the reality of the impending return of the Ice Age. 

In this sense, the neo-feudal privatization of science might have inflicted the greatest injury on mankind that supersedes all the horrible things human beings have ever done to one-another. And this too, as hard as it is to swallow, is still only another beginning. 

We since a strong resolve today by the rulers of the private armies to continue the current trend in every imaginable field, while society remains equally resolved to continue to keep itself captive to them. Tragically, this situation of insanity unfolds at the most crucial stage for mankind in probably its entire history with the return of the Ice Age now on the horizon. We have the potential to bring the whole of mankind into the Ice Age with a scientific and technological renaissance second to none, and with a global economy that produces indoor agriculture as sideline project. But will we do it? The key is to uplift our humanity to such levels of universal appreciation of our common humanity, even love and support along this line, so that the renaissance will start by its own 'steam' an move ahead by its own dynamics.

However, before we get to this point, we have to cross another significant hurdle. If we fail on this one, all might be lost. 

The Greater Horrors of Neo-Feudal (Privatized) Science

Would you believe the following headline? Top Scientist Advocates Mass Culling 90% Of Human Population

With all the horrors now unfolding around the world one would think that the days have long ended when imperial operatives in extremely high places advocate the mass murder of humanity on a global scale and so huge in scope that it would have challenged Hitler's imagination pale the Nazi holocaust into insignificance. That's the kind of stuff that was talked about in the late-1960s when banner headlines proclaimed that the Earth is overpopulated and must be relieved of its human pest, or as it was said in those days that "the Earth has cancer, and that cancer is man." Numerous 'soldiers of science' were singing those kinds of songs in those days, all dancing to the tune of the  payola.

But all of that should have ended. It happened long before the global warming tune was added to songbook of the 'soldiers of science,' and before the 'Global 2000' attack on mankind, and Henry Kissinger's genocidal National-Security-Study-Memorandum-200 'recommendations.' But apparently it hasn't ended. Of all the kings in the depopulation arena  Dr. Eric R. Pianka is tops. He is the champion that outdoes them all. In a speech  to the Texas Academy of Science (app. March 2006) Dr. Pianka advocated the need for exterminating 90% of the population of the Earth with the airborne ebola virus that is easily spread. He suggests that the mass murder is needed in order to cull the surplus population. He speaks of a population crisis that doesn't exist, and demands the most agonizing death imaginable, which death by ebola is, and is absolutely the worst. But the most worrisome aspect of this tragic affair is that this song that he sings might still have the highest backing in the imperial circles and that this song may some day be acted out by a contractor.

The overpopulation song actually has long roots that go deep into history. The song that advocated depopulation has been widely plagiarized for centuries from a monk of the Venetian Empire period, named Giammaria Ortes. The monk, Ortes, had created the song in the service of his masters. Depopulation has been the imperial song ever since. No doubt, attempts have been made to act it out, but those attempts have mostly been held back by the overriding humanity of mankind that still had a strong voice in the world until recently. Unfortunately, this voice has faded. In today's world the singers of the song are being applauded evermore loudly, as Dr. Pianka was applauded at the University of Texas. One would have expected him to be booed out of town for his death-demand of over five billion people. But instead of him being booed out of town he was cheered and applauded and thronged for subsequent questions.

It is needless to add that this recent display of universal insanity makes the case for developing the Principle of Universal Love much more urgent than one may imagine, especially now that the imperial world is facing the biggest financial collapse in its history as its big bubbles are beginning to blow. In this case our universal love for one-another, for the humanity that we all share that must be protected for civilization to survive, must have an active expression that might be summarized as the Principle of Our Universal Kiss, a principle that takes the Constitutional clause of the General Welfare off the shelf to creates in its flow a new renaissance in the world

The Captives in the For-Profit-Wars.

The potential portion of the proposed nuclear horror show of the planned big bombing of Iran, which will most certainly come back to the USA when the already authorized nuclear bombs are being dropped onto South Asia, doesn't seem to raise any eyebrows in the war rooms where the contracts on mankind are carried out. Nevertheless, the 'return-post' that blows back to America will most certainly contain many of the fission products that are typically present in high level nuclear waste from power reactors. The fission process in nuclear bombs is similar to that in nuclear power reactors, only much more intense and much 'dirtier.' Nuclear power reactors are 'clean' and the reaction is kept at a low level. Nothing goes into the reactors that isn't essential for the process so that the secondary fission pollution is kept as low as possible. 

The fission of a bomb explosion, in turn, is intensely violent, and is especially 'dirty' when it occurs near ground level where secondary materials become activated. The fission products themselves that result when atoms are split apart into numerous different sizes and chunks tend to be made up of highly unstable atoms that tend to be intensely radioactive while they themselves decay gradually into more stable atoms. The resulting 'soup' becomes vaporized in the heat of the explosion into minutely fine particles that float away with the air currents and cover the globe, causing a wide variety of illnesses that do not always show up right away. That is why the nuclear testing was forced underground quite early in the weapons development cycle. Unfortunately, nuclear war cannot be carried on underground. Its fallout affects the whole of mankind, turning mankind into a global hostage with effects that are often deadly and linger in the environment for decades, even centuries. The Bikini islands where some of the early weapons tests were conducted remain uninhabitable to the present day. That's what is never mentioned when the nuclear bombs are boldly put onto the table as 'efficient' weapons - efficient for what?

Much of the fallout soup from America's proposed nuclear war in South Asia, that won't likely be limited to just one nuclear bomb going off, will float back to America containing possibly over 300 different fission products that will all be invisible in the air.  America's share will likely be in the form of finely vaporized pollutants that remain suspended in the air for long periods until they become a part of the general environment. The end result will be that some enormously deadly radiobiological hazards will be added to the environment through nuclear war, with America receiving more than an equal portion. America is 'ideally' positioned on the planet to receive a large portion of the global nuclear bomb fallout from South Asia. The deadly soup includes stuff like strontium-90 and cesium-137 and other 'nice' items (app. 30 years half life) that will likely remain a deadly factor in the environment far beyond the lifespan of the present population.

It seems that society has lost control of itself. It is no longer in control of its actions and hasn't been for over half a decade as has already been indicated, starting with the founding of the super-secret National Security Agency in 1947 and its enforcement arm, the CIA. National security became the secret domain of covert 'private' operatives that often pursue objectives and agendas that are 'guided' by short-sighted imperial and corporate demands. On this platform the Third World War began, the American hidden war against the Third World, a captive world that lacks the resources to block the American sword.

The NSA/CIA task was officially given, to fight communism. In reality the American Sword was used to make the world compliant to the rule of the private financial empire that has been running the world ever since the British East India Company became the first private empire in history. Wherever the private imperial armies rule, mankind has become a captive people, and more so now in the impending world of nuclear war.

Over the years the face of the ruling Empire has changed so that in the flow of things more 'servants' are recruited to the private armies. Even society's own thinking has been made compliant, as for instance as with the cultural warfare project that was launched in 1951 with the CIA standing behind it, called the Congress of Cultural Freedom (meaning freedom from culture, since culture is freedom). 

The media became another private army that was hired to shape the nation. Eventually the entire top-level government became made up of 'hired contractors' recruited by various ways and means and 'bought' elections. Society has indeed lost control of itself in America, and probably has done so all over the world to some degree, whereby society has become a captive people to the point that it finds itself standing helpless to stop the wars that are destroying its well being and its support structures, and now evermore its very life.

While the hazards from atomic bombs and possibly atomic bunker busters are far less serious in their worldwide effect America is becoming increasingly subjected to, compared with the effect on the local population, the global death toll might well become far larger in the long run than the local death toll. Already millions of Americans find themselves suddenly unable to escape the DU poisoning that might have caused the recently reported (CNN March 8, 2006) six fold increase is US lung cancer rates. In this manner the trend, of the American population having become a captive people, is taking on a wider and more ominous form.

For example, it is known from nuclear tests in the past that nuclear weapons fallout can render entire regions uninhabitable for decades. Those small areas can easily be evacuated in such cases as it has indeed happened, although far too rarely. But at least those emergency evacuations are possible since the most extreme hazards from controlled situation typically effect only a relatively small population. That option doesn't exist for the worldwide community that is becoming increasingly subjected to globally distributed hazards, such as the DU-dumping that is now going on. We cannot evacuate the planet. We find ourselves trapped on the planet when it becomes increasing uninhabitable. That's like being trapped in a 'burning house' with no options to get away. In the uranium-polluted world, society finds that it has no choice but to bear the pains of the accumulative heath effects for an indefinite period until these effects diminish, if they ever will. 

Indeed, the slow death of mankind might be intended as the radical depopulation of the planet has been an imperial objective for at least two centuries, first suggested by Giammaria Ortes in the mid- 1700s, carried forward by such notable advocates as Malthus, Darwin and Darvin's cousin, Galton, Bertrand Russell, Prince Philip, the Club of Rome, and scientists like Dr. Bianka, to name just a few. The depopulation ideology had a long imperial history with powerful people subscribing to it and their numerous 'contractors.' In addition, we also have to consider the effects of the airborne radiation on airborne virus. Those minuscule DU-particles that are smaller than the wavelength of light might become attached to the viruses and alter their DNA and their character, and create new mutations and whole new types of viruses. We might be living a burning house indeed. We might also still have a chance if we stop lighting new fires in the house.

Some of the effects of our already 'burning-house' might not diminish. In comparison with the fallout hazards from the early atomic bomb tests in the atmosphere, that gradually diminished, the massive use of "dirty bombs" in the form DU-bombs and munitions might not diminish for a long time since they remain in the environment and continue to remain radioactive forever (uranium radiation has a half-life of 4.5 billion years). 

In its long term effect the current DU-pollution might already be far greater than what might result in long-term effects from a global nuclear war. The short term effects of nuclear war are evidently horrendous, but these effects decay over decades and centuries, while the long term effects remain, and those come mostly from uranium and plutonium DU weaponry. In comparing the long-lived fallout from DU-weapons with the fallout from a nuclear war, a modern nuclear war wouldn't add much to the already intense long-term exposure. Consider that a nuclear bomb contains typically five kilograms of plutonium (a slightly heavier form of uranium that will likewise remain suspended in the atmosphere and the environment for a long time), and consider further that the use of 10,000 atom bombs would therefore disperse in the order of 50,000 kg of plutonium that would keep on emitting alpha radiation, like uranium. In this comparison you will recognize that the 50,000 kg that would be added by such a war would would add little to the 2,8 million kilograms that have already been dispersed into the environment with DU weaponry. One is thereby confronted with the awesome fact that the theoretical long-term radiation exposure from a nuclear war has already been superseded 40-fold. And the results from that already existing huge exposure are now beginning to emerge. And they are alarming.

Unfortunately, in order to keep the wars going, it has become politically incorrect to establish standards that define to what degree the already accumulated radiation hazards can be tolerated, or where they are concentrated, and at what point a region becomes permanently uninhabitable and needs to be evacuated. A number of concerned researchers have pointed out that many DU polluted areas have indeed already become unsuitable for long-term human habitation. Entire cities in Iraq, for example, should be abandoned, if not entire regions. It is known for example that over 500,000 veterans returning from Iraq are now sick. And in some cases even returning short-term visitors from Iraq have developed diabetes within weeks of their return, like the people they had visited. So dense is the pollution in some areas. And the pollution cannot be cleaned up. Nor are any efforts made to evacuate the population.

But what about the long term health effects around the world, like lung cancer that can take years to show up after inhaling airborne alpha emitters from DU pollution? If the Aldermaston monitor station in England, which isn't in the path of any major global airflow system, detected measurable amounts of DU pollution within days after the 'Shock and Awe' bombing of Iraq, and the Tora Bora bombing in Afghanistan, one wonders how deeply some European countries  have been dangerously polluted that are much closer to the source. One also wonders how deeply the tropical regions have been effected that are located in conveyor belt of the 'trade winds,' (the Intertropical Convergence Zone). It is known that DU has been detected as far away as Hawaii. What about Mexico, then, and the Caribbean, and so forth, that are some of the world's cherished holiday destinations visited by millions? Have these places become potential death traps, with delayed health effects that won't show up in people for years after their infections? How many DU particles need to be suspended in the air, or in the water that people drink, or in the foods they live on, when only one single alpha emitting particle may be sufficient to infect a person permanently? What does society consider tolerable in all these cases before the danger flags are raised? Also, now the question arises, how does the six-fold increase in lung cancers in the US compare with what is experienced in the tropical regions and by the visitors to them?

Ironically, those potential life and death questions are rarely ever asked, even after the imperial dumping of the equivalent of 560,000 atom bombs' worth of alpha emitters into the environment, which have become a permanent addition to our world. Nevertheless, these considerations might yet be forced on mankind globally in the near term when the large scale use of dirty bombs continues and the high level fallout from nuclear weaponry begins in earnest. 

If the train of horrors that is set in motion now cannot be stopped, and the bombing of Iran happens as planned, not to mention the bombing of China and Russia, which America's "Global Strike Force" is now being pre-positioned for, then God help us! The build-up is already under way in Guam.

It is obvious that the threatened flight-forward wars will also result in what might become a major financial and economic blow-out of the already fragile world-financial and economic system. Being attacked, Iran might shut off its oil exports and blocks the Straits of Hormuz, twenty millions barrels of oil a day will be taken off the global supply. The resulting price shock will wreck the financial system. And even if the doubling or quadrupling of the oil price could be tolerated, nothing would make up for the shortfall in the supply. A universal economic breakdown would likely result that would impose its own tragic Dark Age on the world with long-term consequences on a scale never before seen on this planet. It is being suggested that the global economic breakdown might actually be intended for imperial objectives, for which the coveted war against Iran is 'needed' to serve as the detonating trigger. 

As absurd as this sounds, the unfolding evidence suggests that this outgrowth of insanity is actually the desperate response of the world's private financier oligarchy that is ideologically locked into a long-term commitment to usurp ever more of the remaining elements of the power of sovereign governments. The long term goal has been to break the sovereign governments, since sovereign governments are instituted to serve the general welfare of their nation instead of the welfare of the imperial class. The imperials' long-term goal therefore has been to place the instituted powers of government into the private hands of a far-flung world-empire apparatus. In short, they aim to 'privatize' the nations, their resources, their productive and creative wealth, and thereby dictate the future prospects of humanity in an imperial globalization towards a completely private world-empire. 

World imperial ambitions are actually not a new phenomenon. They are not a sign of the times. History is littered with imperial attempts at 'owning' the world. The attempts all have one thing in common, however. They have all failed. They failed, because in each case the imperial attempts brought on humanity a prolonged Dark Age. 

These civilization destroying effects are unfortunately natural for an imperial world, since the quest for 'world-empire' status is always laced with fascism that is immensely destructive on society rather than being constructive. Many times in history the fabric of civilization has been torn asunder for the imperialization of the world by which the world collapsed into a dark age. This process appears to be happening again now, and the near universal pollution of our planet with long-lived deadly radio-nucleotides, against the background of the potential worldwide financial and economic blow-out, tells us that the historically resulting dark age in response to imperial ambitions  is once again close at hand. Only this time, the New Dark Age promises to be planet-wide and so deep-reaching that most people living today might not survive. The only option that mankind has to get out of this trap that it has slipped into, is to stop its train to hell and then reverse its direction. This option implies nothing less than a complete shift in society's focus from the fascism of imperial greed to the Principle of Universal Love that reflects our common humanity and its universal sovereignty and opens the door to its expression on the form of Our Universal Kiss.

That immense challenge is an aspect of the boundary zone that we have entered in which the forces that act upon us might end civilization. That's what sets the modern attempt at building the private world empire apart from the historic attempts. In the dark ages that followed the historic attempts of building world-empires the destruction of society could be healed, so that after a few generations or centuries the world recovered. In the nuclear-polluted world unfolding against the background of a financial and economic implosion, any form of future recovery becomes highly uncertain, especially now with another 90,000-year Ice Age on the near horizon. 

The already unleashed mass destruction has brought us into a boundary zone (do the math yourself) where the human biological system is beginning to break down so that enormous efforts may be required to find ways to limit the effects of the damage done so far. Also, all of this happens at a time when mankind is facing the near beginning of another Ice Age for which society should marshal all of its strength and resources to meet the immense challenges imposed by a new Ice Age that may be upon us in a hundred years time. To meet this challenge we need to have indoor agriculture on a global scale, supported by large scale nuclear power. Our entire food supply is presently based on the warm climate of the interglacial period that ends when Ice Age resumes. The Ice Age climate has been the natural state of the planet for the last 2-3 million years. The current warm climate is an exception, a brief 10,000 year holiday from the cold, one of many that occur periodically roughly every 100,000 years. The coming transition back to the 'normal' cold climate of the Ice Age is also a part of the boundary zone that we are now in. We know that the Ice Age transition is 'near.'

With the coming Ice Age, as well as with the poisoning of our world and the growing insanities that are now destroying the world's economies, mankind is facing a discontinuity that separates us from the past on an enormous scale. The question is, do we have the capacity to respond to the vast array of challenges that arise in this boundary zone?

At the present the answer appears to be in the negative. It appears that America is fast loosing its capacity to do anything except to make war. It is fast loosing ownership of itself, even the power to determine its future. See: When Americans No Longer Own America. Also see: Estimate $3.3 Trillion Missing From U.S. Treasury

Should anyone be surprised that America is loosing itself and its future? I would say, hardly. A society that lost its love for one-another as human beings has not only lost its soul to the devil of greed, profit, and property, but is also on the fast track of loosing everything else along with it. In this process America becomes a captive society to the master's that it worships. The age of its freedom has ended. 

The only course for a recovery that remains open at this stage is a return to the principle that the USA had been founded on, the Principle of the General Welfare -- the Principle of the Welfare of Man -- and the Principle of Universal Love that is the underlying foundation, and its expression in the Universal Kiss. We can rediscover ourselves in these principles, and reclaim our humanity and build on our expression of it towards a new renaissance. That is the only option that we have for coming out of the boundary zone alive and free, rather than collapsing into a New Dark Age as a captive people without a future, facing doom. The Principle of Universal Love that is the principle of our humanity is ultimately the only principle for an active freedom that mankind has, a freedom based on truth and the development of the human potential as the American economist Lyndon LaRouche has been trying to promote for the last thirty years. (see two examples: The Vernadsky Strategy and 6,000 Nuclear Plants by 2050)


Continue: Part 6: The Boundary Zone

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