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The Noosphere vs. Blogosphere:
Is The Devil in Your Laptop?


You cannot turn our back to that!


The research articles presented here have been created by the LaRouche Youth Movement as an offering of love to the youth of America and to all whose humanity is threatened by the sinister movements in the cyber world. The series of articles was originally presented on the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC) webside.
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We are at a point in the course of history that has been largely determined by what is best described as the "war of empire versus civilization." It is a war has been ongoing for millennia, but intensified since 1763 when the British Empire was formed as the first private monetarist world-empire operated by the British East India Company. 

In the course of the modern dimension of the war of empire versus civilization, we have reached an in social destruction by which civilization has been driven to the point of collapse. Beginning with the Congress for Cultural Freedom (read, freedom from culture, since culture is freedom) we have seen a gradual, almost invisible movement happening towards the long idealized mental mass-enslavement of society that the rulers of empire never had the physical means of achieving in the past, which Orwell, Russell, and Huxley had only dreamed about, but which through the cyber world of computer games and online mass-social networking, has become a reality.

The cyber world seems harmless on the surface, but if one looks deeper a frightening reality comes to light in which we see an entire generation of mainly young people becoming addicted to programmed processes that literally steal their life away while giving it nothing in return in terms of skills that are essential for building a civilization, such as learning the art of making discoveries of universal principles, and experiencing the joys of making discoveries -- the kind of skills on which the future of civilization, and with it their existence in the ever-changing physical environment of the world, depends.

I have developed a web page focused on illustrating the excitement and joy of making discoveries of efficient universal principles (see: The Electric Climate

Recently a group of young people of the LaRouche Youth movement has put together a multifaceted study of the deadening effect of a deeply invasive strategy of the war of empire versus civilization that has hijacked the cyber-world and pressed it into serving the enslaving-objectives of empire. Attached is an index of links to a wide range of studies on the subject. Please follow the links to the complete research articles. 

The resulting studies that are presented here have been originally grouped together into a single pamphlet that has been widely distributed in quantities ranging into the hundreds of thousands, provided for free on college and university campuses, paid for by donations with love for the youth by countless concerned individuals from across the country. In honor of their effort and of the love in society in supporting them, and also in acknowledging the wide public interest in the subject, the study is given a place on this website:

A painting in the living garden of
the invisible shapes
that shape

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Children don't play the games
the games play the children

Lyndon LaRouche


The Noosphere vs. Blogosphere:
Is The Devil in Your Laptop?
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I. Origins of the Disease

    by The LaRouche Youth Movement


The Noosphere vs. the Blogosphere
    by Matthew Ogden


INSNA: 'Handmaidens of British Colonialism'
    by Dave Christie


II. Case Studies: The Disease Spreads

MySpace: Murdoch's Nuremberg Rally
    by Delante' Bess


Facebook: A Tombstone With a Photo Attached
    by Nick Walsh


What IS Wikipedia?
    by Brent Bedford


Video Games and the Wars of the Future
    by Oyang Teng


The Cyborgs of Silicon Valley
    by Gabriela Arroyo-Reyes


Terrorism Comes to the West: The New Cult of the Teenage Suicide Bomber
    by Nick Walsh




Where Your Computers Really Came From
    by Peter Martinson

What, Exactly, Is a Human Being?
Analog, Digital, and Transcendental (PDF) -248KB

by Sky Shields (January 4, 2008)

How Wiener Attempted To Kill Science:
Only Diseased Minds Believe in Entropy

by Creighton Cody Jones (January 4, 2008)


A news item from LPAC (LaRouche Political Action Committee) 

...Video Games Add to Soldiers' Trauma

January 11, 2007 (LPAC)--

Recognition is beginning to dawn in some places that there is an unholy relationship between the combat stress that soldiers are subjected to in Iraq and the killer video game culture that they come out of when they join the military. Steve Robinson, a well known veterans' advocate who is now involved in developing programs to try to mitigate the effects of combat stress on soldiers involved in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, reported that he is now warning senior military leaders to keep soldiers in the combat zone away from video games. Robinson reported that in a recent predeployment training session, he told senior leaders that "The worst thing you can do is let your 19 to 25 year old soldier, who comes off the battlefield, go back to his forward operating base, get off a combat mission and keep his brain in combat mode by playing Halo 3 for the next four hours." He said that what the soldier who does this is doing is continuing to engage and reply in his head the day's events via the video game. 

"What you really should be doing," Robinson said, "is giving the brain the opportunity to reset... to clear from your mind as much as possible the negative effects of what you witnessed that day because if you let it continue to play in your mind, what you end up doing is creating a trough." The effect is like pouring water down a hillside from a bucket. The water will find a natural path down the hill, and the more water is poured from the same spot, the deeper the path and the quicker the water reaches the bottom of the hill. "It's the same thing in creating these neuronal networks" in the brain, Robinson said. "If you get off the mission and go to the video game, all you're doing is reinforcing the speed with which that path travels and the response time that your brain and your body has to what it sees, and it also becomes deeper and more ingrained." 

The next step, of course, is to more broadly recognize that these killer video games need to be banned altogether.

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