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"Image of the American Patriot"

history of the elegant solution and its harmonizing principles

Introduction to the series of articles

A series of articles of articles is being published by LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC), beginning in 2007 on the American patriotic tradition, and its historical enemy, the European (British/Venetian) oligarchy. 

The purpose of the series, Image of the American Patriot, is to inject the issue of the American System, and the quality of republican leadership and culture that must be revived, into the political process. 

LPAC states that of now, none of the purported Presidential candidates of either party has exhibited the quality of leadership required to deal with the onrushing collapse of the global financial system, the persistent war danger coming from London and from such London assets as Dick Cheney, and the myriad other crises confronting the nation and the world. We are going to need a quality of leadership from the next President that is so far lacking among the current crop of contenders. - Through this effort, we intend to create the conditions for a genuine American patriotic candidate to emerge. Who is the now-unknown American patriot? That question cannot be answered at this moment, but we have the longstanding tradition, promoted by Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, of the wide dissemination of patriotic writings, that we will draw upon. Of special relevance is the period of the early 19th Century, when patriots had to fight the treasonous role of the Jackson-van Buren gang which had sabotaged the American System model of economics. 

The following are a part of the series:

The Patriot File, Unearthed

The American Patriot
What Is an American Patriot?

November 9, 2007 EIR The American Patriot

This article is part of a series aimed at unearthing the real
history of the American patriotic tradition, and causing
its revival. The purpose is to create the political and intellectual
climate in which a genuine American patriotic
candidate can emerge for the 2008 elections—a candidacy
which does not yet exist.

Of special relevance in this fight is the period of the
early 19th Century, when patriots had to fight in the context
of series of poor, or even treasonous Presidents (viz.
Jackson, Van Buren, Pierce, Polk, Buchanan). The fact
that our greatest President, Abraham Lincoln, was produced
from this political environment, testifies to the effectiveness
of the network of republican forces from this
period, many of whom are totally unknown to the American
public today. The LaRouche movement has worked
for decades to uncover the original writings and other
evidence of this network, materials which will form the
basis for many of the articles in this series.

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