Without Love, the universe would not exist


Ursula suggested that we sit in on Steve's last lecture of the day, something related to quantum theory that I knew nothing about. Of course I could learn, but that wasn't the point. The point was to be there, to speak to Steve once more and to make an impression that would open the door so that we could meet again.

As expected his lecture went way over my head. Integral calculus was like a foreign language to me. There was a lot of it interwoven into his lecture.

Steve seemed pleased to find us attending. He came up to us afterwards, to the last row where were seated. He seemed happy to see us together. He greeted Ushi with a kiss, even though she still hugged me close to her. He reached his hand out to me for a handshake. "Would you like to have supper with us?" he asked.

I was surprised at Steve's reaction. "Please take Ushi home, and stay and have supper with us," he said. "We would be honored by your presence."

Before I could answer, one of the students had taken him by the shoulder and commandeered his attention. He disappeared with the student towards the blackboard. "Seven-thirty, tonight," he called back.

I was stunned. Something big had been set into motion, which I didn't fully understand, but I did understand Ushi's arm that was still holding me tight. I remembered my own words from the cafe, "...something real, something that envelops us in Love." This Love surrounded us, and united us.

"Seven-thirty," Ushi replied to him in confirmation.

Now I was faced with the task of drawing the pieces together. How did they fit? How could I correlate his response with my attraction to Ushi and her deeply honest response that could not have gone unnoticed by Steve? Maybe it was her loving that had been the moving power at this moment?

Eventually I gave up puzzling this out. I had never been good in drawing ambiguities into one. I simply took Ushi by the arm and invited her to show me some of the sights of the old university.

Still, Steve's generous invitation continued to puzzle me.

Ushi said not to worry, "he overpowers everyone until they get to know him." She paused, then continued, "I am ashamed, though, that I hadn't invited you first."

"I never expected that," I replied, "but let's not have any political talk tonight. If I start, shut me off."

She squeezed my hand.

In this manner, hand in hand, we strolled through the old campus. There were only a few students visible now. She was a delightful guide. Also, she showed me one of the old buildings that finally, fully met my expectations. She brought me right to it as if she had read in my face that this was the kind of history that interested me. The building wasn't exactly the kind of large granite building that I had imagined I would see. It was something in the style of an old castle, like a fortress. It took some effort by the care taker who knew Ushi to open one of the heavy doors for us that was carved with a crest of lions on each panel. The halls and rooms were sheathed in dark wood. Creaky stairs led to a large upper room that occupied the entire floor. It was dimly lit. There was an odor of stale wood-polish in the air, mixed with the smell of dust and old leather.

I sat in a hard leather-covered chair at the head of the large table that dominated the middle of the room, then leaned leisurely against the high back. With my arms crossed. I imagined myself transposed into the age of King Arthur's court, an age renowned for its own renaissance, one of a few spots of hope in the landscape of mankind's long night called the Dark Ages.

I drove Ushi home as Steve had suggested, with a stop for groceries on the way. The question that I had asked myself on the beach came to mind again. Was she just as beautiful with her clothes on? I embraced this thought as a welcome relief from the tensions that are invariably associated with political discussions. The answer was spontaneous. YES, she was just as beautiful with her clothes on, perhaps even more so. The type of clothing one wears reflects an element from deep within, and what I saw was beautiful. She seemed beautiful to me in any situation. Even choosing cabbage with her was beautiful and exciting, as if there was a connection between her, the Earth, and things Earthy. I kissed her right there in the grocery store. The proprietor saw it, smiled, and looked away.

I found myself uplifted by the recognition that she reflected something profound that I felt deeply about. My being in Love with her seemed more and more an acknowledgment of myself that had remained dormant until this time. I kissed her two more times in quick succession. I think she somehow knew why. She responded shyly. Afterwards I felt ashamed.

Actually, it was Steve who intrigued me the most. I could understand Ursula. I respected her immensely. Also I was loving her deeply in a way that this loving was different than haw being in Love is generally understood. It wasn't the type of attraction that becomes possessive, but one that sprang from an up-welling joy in the beauty of being in Love. It flowed from an appreciation of the moments that we had shared.

Steve touched me in a different way. I found in him a rare mix of humor and a depth of perception that had made our conversation appear like a game of chess. We both expected the other to comprehend what we barely comprehended ourselves, and to find in that a limit that we could challenge and move beyond. In addition to this, Steve was sensitive, gentle, kind, and secure in his feelings. He appeared untouched by what he understood was happening in the real world, though Ushi has said he was scared of what he knew. No political activist that I knew had ever been like Steve. Furthermore, Steve was a family man. He cared about Ursula, his students, his university, and his world. To me, he was a puzzle, because of this. I felt like an intruder in his world. Why had he invited me to his home? A blind man would have seen how much I cared for Ursula. Still, here I was, at his request, alone with Ursula in his own home. Together, we were getting dinner ready.


Steve arrived precisely on time. The dinner was late in getting ready. Ushi and I had everything prepared up to the stage of cooking it. The meat was marinated. The red cabbage was sliced. The potatoes were peeled and cut. The carrots peeled and sliced into long strips. Everything that we had bought on the way home was now ready for cooking. A faint sour sweet aroma filled the apartment from the marinating sauce.

I was still in the kitchen helping Ushi when Steve came home, helping to finish the final preparation.

Steve took his coat off, washed, changed his shirt, and then kept us company. He stood in the open doorway. The dinner table had already been set up. The good plates had been put out.

Steve just smiled and shook his head. "Is the Ogarkov Plan real?" he repeated my earlier question. "I wonder if there is one person in the entire Soviet hierarchy who would agree with us that it isn't?" he said. He turned to me and added, "when we met in my office this afternoon we weren't on the planet Earth at all. Our kind of thinking was more like the kind of thinking that one finds associated with advanced species from outer space in science fiction movies, on rare occasions. On still rarer occasions, if one is lucky, one might also find a trace of it here." He grinned as he said this. "How many people can understand what we talked about in my office, Pete? Hardly anybody even knows about the Ogarkov Plan, and those who do, like the military planners who carry it out, can't imagine that it isn't what they believe it to be. But let me ask you a similar question," he added. "Our precious societal values, are they real?"

"Do you mean our moral values?" I asked.

Here we go, I thought. Was his question a subtle hint about my affection for Ursula that I couldn't hide?

"Steve, you chose to invite me here of your own free will," I reminded him. "I hope this doesn't make you uncomfortable."

"Uncomfortable," he laughed. "No, you're like a breath of fresh air." He stepped into the kitchen and made himself comfortable in a chair next to a small table that Ushi had used for getting the dinner ready. "I couldn't have had this kind of conversation with anyone else on the planet," he said, "I can tell you this with certainty. There isn't another person in the entire university that would even acknowledge our Vertical-versus-Lateral-Relationship Theorem, much less understand it. There may be just a few people in the entire world who are willing to acknowledge what we have talked about, but you are committed to proving it. This makes you an extremely rare phenomenon, did you know that?"

Steve suddenly began to laugh and reached his hand out for a handshake. "You are like a breath of fresh air indeed. I would even say that your being here is a tiny bit of this infinite body of proof that you expect will add up in time to an earthquake. Are you prepared to acknowledge this, Peter?"

"What choice do I have not to acknowledge it, Steve? I am here. That proves something. But what does it prove? Does it prove that we understand anything? Is my being here the result of some sense of duty to prove a theorem? I don't think so. Or is it the result of a privilege that we extend to one-another to explore the limits of the as yet unknown? I doubt that too. Or is my being here the most natural thing in the universe, based on what we both have already acknowledged? I think this must be it. But is it?"

Steve just laughed. "Your being here is as natural as breathing the air that surrounds us. That's what I think."

"What do you think?" he called out to Ushi. She had gone into the 'good room' to arrange the silverware on the table. "Is Peter's being here not the most natural thing in the universe, like breathing the air that we simply cannot avoid?"

"I would say that this is a correct assessment," Ushi called back from the good room. "But can we prove it?"

"How can we prove that we have entered a New World?" Steve called back to Ushi.

"That's easy," Ushi replied. "The proof becomes obvious when you find the Old World conspicuously absent."

Steve looked to me again and grinned. "So what about society's moral values, are they real?"

"No Steve," I answered quickly. "What moral value is there in building bombs for one-another?"

"That's not a part of my question, Peter. Forget about that stuff. Look at the grassroots level. Look at the way we relate to one-another as people. Look at our social values, sex, marriage, the way we isolate each other, the stuff that society defines as its values. Are they real, or are they like the Ogarkov Plan, something totally different in purpose from what they are claimed to be?"

I shook my head. I had a speech all planned out with all sorts of smalltalk, of things that I would say to him when he came home. I would tell him that I admired the view from his place, across treetops, towards some faint lights in the distance. I had a thousand items for idle conversation prepared. I hadn't expected anything like this. I answered, NO, to his question. Obviously that's what he expected to hear.

"How are our social values not real?" he asked.

Oh God, I had no excuse left now! "Our social values aren't real, because they force one to become dishonest with oneself," I replied slowly after a lengthy hesitation. "They literally force one to live in the inverted vertical domain while our humanity demands that we live in Science and in the lateral domain."

"Why is this Peter? Why do our social values do that?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "It's always been like that, Steve."

"So you say our social values don't reflect the Truth and haven't done so for a long time."

I nodded.

He reached his hand out for a handshake. "I fully agree with you," he said and smiled. "In the 1440s the Golden Renaissance brought about some rather revolutionary advances in the way people looked at themselves and each other as human beings. They did it in a philosophical kind of way. But the grand revolution that had started this advanced thinking hadn't filtered down to the social level. Even now, this still hasn't happened. We still live by the old axioms in the social domain that were created thousands of years ago during the early imperial ages in support of imperial goals. We live by imperial axioms, which we call our values, because they have been imposed on us ages ago and are still being promoted. These axioms reflect imperial values, not human values. They reflect vertical values, not lateral values. Therefore our social values don't represent at all what they pretend to represent. They don't represent us. They don't represent what we truly value about ourselves. They don't represent honesty. They certainly don't represent Love. They represent the games of empires. They are actually at war with us."

Steve paused. There was a deep silence now between us. A cool breeze swept through the apartment. The sun had set. Sounds of children filtered through the trees from the park below.

I wondered what Steve was thinking.

"Do you remember the last question that I asked you in my office?" Steve soon broke the silence.

I nodded. "You asked me, 'would the universe exist without Love?'"

"Right! So what is your answer, Peter?"

"Will there ever be a definite answer possible?" I replied.

"Ah, I got you on this one," said Steve and grinned. "The answer should be obvious to a scientific man. Without Love, that is without the harmonizing quality of Intelligence, the entire universe would not exist."

"How can you say this with such certainty, Steve?" I said and grinned as if he was joking.

"I know, what I said is hard to accept at first glance," said Steve. "Equally hard to accept is the evident fact that we too can't exist without Love. But the more we look behind the scene at the Intelligence underlying the universe a harmonizing order comes to light that becomes evermore amazing and beautiful in its design the more we discover of it. It's bordering on the miraculous, Peter. Since you are not a nuclear physicists, let me tell you a bit about the amazing details."

"What does nuclear physics have to do with Love?" I interjected.

Steve smiled benignly. "As you know an atom is empty space in which a miracle unfolds," said Steve. "Nuclear physics tells us that the entire universe contains not a single speck of matter, not even in the smallest part of the smallest atom. What we see is essentially the construct of energy and its forces that have been arranged in a complex array of harmonizing principles without which the universe simply would not exist."

"Wow! Rewind this a bit and then play it back slowly," I interjected

"As you know, at the center of the empty space that makes up an atom is a grouping of infinitesimally small 'particles' located that we call a nucleus. This tiny center is surrounded by an orbiting 'swarm' of even smaller particles. Their movement is so fast that they appear to be everywhere at once, creating the appearance of a solid sphere. However we also know that these so-called particles that give an atom its shape don't exist either as solid entities, but are themselves constructs of energy patterns that are known in advanced nuclear physics as, quarks. The quarks are recognized to be essentially fast moving points of energy. Therefore that bottom line is that nuclear physics tells us that there simply exists no such thing as basic matter or basic particles. Everything that we see, hear, or touch, even the world we live in, is but the construct of patterns of energy organized by harmonizing principles that altogether reveal an underlying arrangement by an incredible Intelligence. If one of the harmonizing principles was missing, or was to be antagonistic to the whole, the universe would have no foundation to stand on. Therefore it wouldn't exist. But it does exist, Peter. It exists as the product of an incredible Intelligence and its harmonizing 'Spirit' that can be termed 'Love.' Outside of this construct there exists nothing. The only basic building blocks in the universe that can be recognized in nuclear physics are an incredible Intelligence and its harmonizing 'Spirit.' Ultimately, there remains but one. This one is Intelligence reflected in Principle and its 'Spirit' that is Love."

"Isn't that stretching the envelope a bit?" I interjected.

"Not at all," said Steve. "Let's look at the atom again with your question in mind. As I said the atom's tiny center is called the nucleus. The nucleus is made up of particles that have a positive electric charge, a charge of + 1. We call this kind of particle the proton. At a 'large' distance from it another type of particle is found that has a negative electric charge, a charge of -1, which we call the electron. While the proton at the center remains stationary, the electron is in constant motion, orbiting around the center with such a tremendous speed that it appears to be everywhere. It thereby creates the appearance of solid matter when in reality there is nothing there but empty space and some particles that are not particles in real term, and which are so small that their minuscule 'size' defies the imagination. For purposes of comparison, think of the central nucleus as a baseball. On this scale the surrounding electron could be likened to an insect that is flying circles around the entire stadium in which the ball is located. The insect would be moving so fast, Peter, and so far away from the nucleus, that is from the baseball, that this tiny insect would create the appearance that the entire stadium is encapsulated in a solid hard shell.

"Now answer me this, Peter," Steve continued. "Why doesn't the electron that is moving so incredibly fast around and around in its orbit, simply fly away? We all know from experience that anything that is spun around a center wants to fly away by an effect called the centrifugal force. Since this effect reflects a universal Principle, nothing is excepted from it, not even the electron."

"What are you saying?" I interrupted him.

"I am say that the electron would indeed fly away, and would have no atom and no universe, if it wasn't for a harmonizing element of Principle that the universe has 'invented' that keeps the electron in its orbit and thereby enables the atom to exist. The harmonizing element of Principle, in this case, is the well-known principle of electric attraction between particles of an opposite charge. All oppositely charged particles in an atom are drawn to each other by the effect of this principle. They attract each other. They have a hold on each other just like the Sun has a hold on the Earth. In the solar system the attraction is by gravity. In an atom the attraction is caused by an electric force. Evidently the attracting force has been designed in such a manner that it balances precisely the centrifugal force by which an electron would escape from an atom. If any of these two principles didn't exist, Peter, or didn't precisely harmonize, we would not have a single atoms in the universe, and no so-called matter, and thereby no universe. The universe would not exist."

"So you are saying that the harmonizing Principle is Love?" I interjected.

"I am saying that Intelligence and its Principle is one, and I am saying that its 'Spirit' is Love," said Steve. "We see this 'Spirit' reflected everywhere in nuclear physics. As you might already know, the atom comes in a hundred different 'sizes' according to the different elements that exist. Each 'size' contains a different number of protons in its nucleus, and correspondingly a different number of electrons surrounding it. A carbon atom, for example, has 6 of each, and uranium has over a hundred of each. Can you imaging how crowded it gets in the orbital space in an atom with over a hundred electrons? Wouldn't one expect to have some major collisions occurring in this crowded orbit? Indeed, one would expect that, by which the atom would likely disintegrate. But that doesn't happen, does it? In order to prevent the collisions that would destroy the universe, the universe has 'invented' yet another aspect of its all-harmonizing Principle. This aspect comes to light as the also well-known principle of electric repulsion by which particles of like charge repel each other so that collisions cannot occur. However, this very principle of repulsion of equally charged particles, which maintains harmony in the orbit, would create a catastrophic crisis at the core of the atom. There, in the nucleus numerous protons must exist side by side to form the nucleus. They all carry a positive charge. In order to prevent them from repelling each other the universe has 'invented' still another type of particle, called the neutron that has no electric charge at all, which acts as if it were an insulator that fits neatly in between the protons to keep them out of each other's hair so to speak. With this 'invention' incorporated the core of the atom can now exist in peace and does not fly apart. In real terms the 'insulator' acts more like a 'glue' of amazing complexity. The end result is that the atom becomes a stable entity that functions literally forever. It doesn't wear out, nor does it ever loose its energy without external causes acting on it. The electrons in this equilibrium just keep on swirling around the nucleus for billions upon billions of years by which the universe remains perfectly intact, appearing as a conglomeration of shapes that are in essence simply created out of empty space by a tiny group of swirling electrons and a tiny central core that keeps the electrons in place."

"That's elementary, isn't it?" I interjected.

"Yes, Peter, but as I said, neither of these so-called particles really exists in solid form either. They are created abstracts themselves. And so I put it to you Peter, seeing that this complex of interacting aspects of Principle works so amazingly well that a vast universe results from it, only one term comes to mind to describe what is happing here. This term is Love. Thus I would say, Principle is Love. I would also say that Principle is One. There exist no antagonistic aspects in Principle. The Principle of the universe may have many facets and many aspects, but they are all harmonizing with one-another so that the end result is one universal harmony determined by one Principle. The universe is not made up of multiple independent principles, loosely connected. Intelligence and its Principle is One, and its 'Spirit' is Love. There are no multiple principle reflected in the universe, only multiple aspects of one Principle. This takes some getting used to, doesn't it? The reason is that we are not accustomed to think in terms of the singularity of Principle, and with it, the allness of Love."

"But can you really say that harmony is the result of Love?" I interjected.

"I am saying that the essence of Love is reflected in harmony, because harmony is the outcome of Principle," said Steve.

"If that is so, Steve, then we expect far too little for ourselves from Love," I said with a sense of a sudden amazement.

"This is precisely what we have been learning in nuclear physics," said Steve and began to grin again. "The harmonizing Spirit of Love that I have come to recognize is evident everywhere. As I said to you, in the same manner as a perceived solid atom doesn't really exist in solid form, the perceived solid particles that construct it, do not exist either in solid form. They are themselves the construct of fast moving points of energy. The physicists call the construct quarks. In real terms, there exists nothing solid at all. Even the electrons are merely a type of quark made up of fast moving points of energy, and even these don't always exist as such, but become a wave at times and then reappear in a different orbit. The protons and the neutrons, in turn, are made up of two different types of quarks. These quarks become assembled in different combinations as required for the needed effects to create the so-called particles. The protons and the neutrons are both assemblies of "up quarks" and "down quarks." The "up quark" has a charge of +2/3, and the "down quark" has a charge of -1/3. The sum of the charges of the different quarks becoming assembled make up a perceived nuclear particle's effective over-all charge. The protons therefore contain two up quarks and one-down quark (+2/3 +2/3 -1/3 = +1) The combination results in a total charge of +1 as I stated earlier for a proton. The neutrons in turn contain one up quark and two down quarks (+2/3 -1/3 -1/3 = 0). The combination results in a total charge of 0. As I said is the effective charge of the assembled neutron. In this tiny realm of quarks -- of 'dancing' points of energy -- the construction of the nucleus is being held together by something that is actually much stronger than merely an insulating effect that also acts like glue. It is held together by what is called the 'strong nuclear force.' This is the force that also hods the quarks together. It is one of the four fundamental forces in the universe, such as gravity, and electromagnetic force, and the nuclear 'weak force.' The 'nuclear strong force' is the 'glue' of the atomic nucleus. It is acting in such a manner at the level of the quarks that their combined effect counteracts the positively charged protons repelling each other."

I shook my head in amazement.

"Of course quantum physics takes us still deeper into the subatomic world, which from a point on can no longer be perceived in diagrammatic terms. It takes us into the world of the photons that are theorized particles that have zero mass, which therefore propagate at the speed of light, but are quantifiable particles of energy that are recognized as the carrier of electromagnetic radiation of all wavelengths, ranging from gamma rays, to X-rays, to ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared light, microwaves, and radio waves. The photon is also recognized to have both wave and particle type properties, interchangeably, in a manner similar to the electron, to fulfill the requirements of the harmonizing Principle of the universe. The universe is inconceivable without the photon, though the photon itself is difficult to conceptualize, having no mass, no form, moving at the speed of light, for which it appears to be the determining factor of in the first place in its interacting with the propagating quality of the sea of latent energy that the cosmos is, in which the universe unfolds. In theoretical physics the photon is a conception that is a part of the Boson family of theorized 'particles' of the super-exotic world of the 'sub-infinitesimal' domain. Another such 'particle' that is perceived in this domain is the 'Higgs Boson' that is deemed to be attached to the protons, neutrons, and electrons, giving them the phenomenon of mass and gravity. Mass and gravity are presently the greatest enigma in nuclear physics, because the protons, neutrons, and electrons that make up the universe should have zero mass as they are themselves but assemblies of points of energy that are theorized to have no mass. It is also possible that the "Higgs Boson' does not exist and that its theorized effect is merely a casual effect of the organization of the points of energy into the quarks that make up the protons, etc.. In this case the phenomenon of mass and gravity in the universe can be perceived as a casual quality of organization rather than as particles, just as the speed of light reflects the casual propagating quality of the latent sea of energy of the cosmos. Thus the photons and the Higgs might be just aspects of organizational quality, so that the cosmos of energy becomes translated into a cosmos of assemblies of qualities. Energy then becomes quality, which of course cannot be perceived in a diagrammatic manner. I propose that this is how the phenomenon of Love might ultimately be conceived, as a quality, without which the universe would not exist, which is difficult to conceptionalize in any diagrammatic manner, but comes to light wonderfully as a quality that is powerfully evident by its harmonizing effects."

"Isn't it amazing how far we moved away from the old concept of solid matter," I said to Steve.

Steve nodded. "As I said, in real terms there is not a single speck of basic matter in the entire universe. Everything that we call matter exists entirely as patterns of quanta of energy in motion that might ultimately be nothing more that organizational qualities, all intelligently arranged according to harmonizing aspects of a unifying universal Principle. Even the electrons that give the physical universe its shape are quark-like structures of energy in motion that constantly oscillate between being a wave and their functioning as a particle, thereby fulfilling a vital purpose in the all-harmonizing flow as they interact with other electrons from other sources, or from other atoms, to create the vast world of elements, isotopes, and chemical molecules that make up the worlds, the stars, and all life. The electrons furnish the interface in the stuff that the stars and worlds are made of and all life. It is infinitely more correct, therefore, to say that the universe is a universe of Intelligence, than to say that it is a universe of simply matter. The bottom line is, Peter, that the entire universe is nothing more than a construction of extremely intelligently arranged harmonizing aspects of Principle, without which the universe would simply not exist."

"There would be no universe," said Ushi from the good room.

"We also know that the 'Spirit' of the harmonizing effect that is inherent in Principle, that is its quality, such as we find it expressed in the atomic and sub-atomic world, is also apparent at every level of the universe in ever-widening spheres all the way to the functioning of entire galaxies, and clusters of galaxies, and groups of clusters of galaxies."

"Of course what is reflected in the universe is also reflected in us," said Ushi, "with us being a part of the universe and an element of the quality that is reflected in it. It stands to reason that the all-harmonizing and all-pervading Intelligence that powers the universe, or actually IS the universe, must be reflected in all mankind and in mankind's humanity. If this weren't so, we wouldn't be a part of the universe. If, therefore, the universe is a construct of Love, expressing the quality of the harmonizing Spirit of Principle, then in order to perceive ourselves correctly, we must also see ourselves in the same light."

"Are you saying that since the universe wouldn't exist without Love, we really can't exist as a society without Love either?" I said to Steve.

Steve just laughed. "Most of the world goes to great lengths to test this theory. Society is determined to prove that it can exist without Love. It is trying to prove that it has no need for a foundation. However mankind's historic experience along this line has been correspondingly catastrophic, hasn't it? One day society will stop this insanity and accept Love as the Spirit of the universe and begin to reflect it in their own living. Once Love comes the spirit of civilization we will build on the Principle of Universal Love. I think it is not unreasonable to say that this outcome is inevitable, as improbable as this may seem. Of course it leads to some challenges along the way."

"Some challenges, Steve?" I replied. "That's an understatement. The kind of reasoning that is involved would put a face on mankind that supersedes the brightest image for humanity yet imagined. That's a huge challenge to come to terms with."

Steve nodded. "It puts a future before us that is not encumbered with historically accepted limits, but reflects the nature of infinity that is the nature of the universe, that reflects its continuous and harmonious unfolding that we are a part of. But I like to suggest that the challenge is not unmanageable, Peter. I saw a poster once a long time ago in a church that simply said, 'God is Love.' Now we are saying the same thing in the nuclear physics lab. The harmonizing 'Spirit' of the Intelligence of the universe is best described as, Love. I can't think of a more correct term for it. Can you?"

"This tells me that we've merely discovered anew what we have always known," I said to Steve. "Except we now realize that without Love, we simply would not exist, and the universe itself would not exist without it. So, I would say that Love defines the highest aspect of our humanity. Or might I call it, our 'third sex,' so to speak, the 'sex' of our spiritual identity."

"The highest aspect of our being has to be Love," said Ushi. "With this in mind ancient wisdom suddenly makes sense, as when the Apostle John declared two millennia ago, 'Without love we cannot see God.' (I. John 4) He might add today, 'neither can we truly see ourselves outside the sphere of Love.'"

"Scientifically speaking there is no 'outside'," said Steve. "This means that every step away from Love is a step away from ourselves towards emptiness, insanity, and want. And by the same token, every step in embracing and reflecting Love is a step in healing the growing emptiness and insanity, and in stilling the want in the world. It all adds up as a step towards ourselves as children of Intelligence and its infinite Spirit."

"This takes us far beyond the mere atom, to higher-order aspects of Principle and the Intelligence reflected in it," said Ushi. "The Principle of Economics is one of these that are not reflected in an atom. It is reflected exclusively in human beings. A seed becomes a tree. The growing-process reflects the principle of creativity. Life is a creative dynamism that has its highest expression in the human being where it is called economics."

"That's a good definition for the Principle of Economics," said Steve to Ushi. He turned to me. "Give me an example of an inefficient and of an efficient economic process," said Steve. "Think of how efficiently our human potential is being utilized in such cases."

"Serving a cup of coffee in a coffee shop isn't exactly a highly efficient utilization of a person's creative and productive capacities," I said cautiously.

"It's a near total waste," said Steve. "The effect of that person

s labor is short lived. It is a good example of an inefficient process. Now compare that to the effect of a person's labor in an automated industrial process, like that of a worker in an automobile plant. The benefit from that labor is immense. It provides freedom in transportation for a long period of time, possibly a decade. While there are many factors involved, the high technology automated industrial process vastly increases the productive capacity of human labor. This illustrates to some degree the Principle of Economics. Humanity stands alone in this realm of economics. It maximizes the good resulting from manual action. The utilization of the Principle of Economics enabled the building of a civilization that makes it possible for us to live four times as long as we once did, with greater freedoms, greater security, and a society a thousand times as numerous than the primitive Earth could support by its own resources. We have become creators on a vast scale with cultures that are unimaginably rich."

"We have also created unemployment, poverty, slum living, even homelessness on a vast scale," I interjected.

"That's the result of society stepping away from Love, but it doesn't reflect our potential," said Steve firmly. "Our potential is unassailable. Look at homelessness, it doesn't have to be. There is no need for homelessness. We have the technological and economic capacity to provide free high quality housing for every person that is presently homeless in the world or living in slum conditions."

Ushi raised her hand to stop him. "There isn't enough wood in the world to meet the need just in America itself, not to mention the rest of the world. And who would pay for it?" she interjected.

Steve just laughed. "Who said anything about building wood houses. That's inefficient as hell. You have to cut down trees, haul them to mills, saw them into boards and lumber, then shape and nail the lot together on site, laboriously. Then, a few months later you might have a finished house. And the house, because of the huge labor cost involved in the entire process, becomes so expensive that it takes a family a long time to pay for it all. That's inefficient as hell. Obviously, that's not want I am referring to. I am thinking of automated production of housing, made with the best building material in the world, a material that doesn't rot, corrode, scratch, that is an ideal insulator -- several times better than asbestos -- and which is stronger and more fireproof than steel. And best of all, the material exists in such huge quantities that one could cover the entire landmass of the planet deeper with it than a man stands tall. The material is called basalt. Basalt is a stone with an extremely fine grain. It melts at 1,400 degrees. It can be extruded into micro-thin fibers for insulation, and be cast into molds to create fully finished housing modules in automated processes. The material exists in surface deposits and is process-ready as it sits on the ground. It doesn't have to be preprocessed for it to be made useful. All you need is nuclear energy for heating the material in an efficient manner. It shouldn't cost more than $2000 to manufacture a house that way. The USA could build these houses by the millions and give them away for free, and it would cost the nation less than it presently spends on a single Air Force weapons system, which is essentially a total waste. For the price of a single bomber system which has been built to kill people, America could build fifteen million free houses for its citizens, and the maintenance cost of the bomber system that would then not be built would easily pay for the utility infrastructures for these houses."

"You are dreaming," Ushi interjected. "The land costs would make the project impossible."

Steve laughed again. "The dessert is free," he said. "America could start in Arizona and New Mexico. Ultimately land doesn't cost anything. The price that people put on land is artificial. Why would society want to nurture a bunch of greedy slumlords anyway, or greedy landowners? That game ends. Automated industrial production can also be applied to erecting apartment buildings, redeveloping the cities."

"Our cities certainly could stand a major renewal," I said quietly. "What you suggest might indeed happen. I believe the technical aspects are probably already being discussed at your university. I believe there was a paper published in Novosibirsk about a research project on that very subject. So, this isn't a dream scene. It appears to be technically feasible, and economically too. But will the money bags allow it to happen?"

"Peter is right," said Steve to Ushi. "There is such a paper. I read it. The project is doable."

Steve turned to me. "This will happen," said Steve. "It is inevitable that it happens. The Principle of Economics demands it, and it enables it. It can't fail to happen, unless we blow the world up first with the weapons of war. Short of that, what I said is inevitable. Eradicating homelessness and slum living is the most powerful boost one can give to civilization. Quality housing is essential for the mental and physical development of society. The greatest treasure that society has, is itself. The creative and productive potential of the human being is society's greatest asset. This asset needs to be protected and developed. On this path, culture is developed. Unemployment will be history when this happens, and so will empire, war, and poverty. Mark my word, we will see this, Peter. Love demands this to happen. In Love we stand side by side with all of mankind. So it will happen. It will happen on this platform because it is possible. It will happen for this reason, even though it is absolutely essential for the security and the advance of civilization."

I reached my hand out to him. "Is that what you had in mind when you asked me in your office whether the universe would exist without Love?" I asked and began to laugh. "You flatter me too much if you thought I could come up with this answer. But I think you didn't really expect me to come up with that, did you?"

"I had hoped you would somehow know how important this is," said Steve. "One can always hope. Still, to be honest, you did far better than all the learned masters of nuclear science that I talked to had. Most of them had told me that I'm nuts. Speaking of a world without matter as a physicist, that's crazy talk, right? Speaking of the universe as being nothing more than a construct of harmonizing aspects of Principle, that even crazier. When I spoke of the universe as made of two basic elements only, Intelligence and Love, the learned masters of the university suggested that I've gone mad. They would probably have me committed to an insane asylum if they hadn't respected me otherwise. It is very hard, Peter, for today's scientists to get out off their flat-Earth mode of thinking. And that goes for most non-scientists too. You will find that most people think you are crazy when you speak of the Principle of Universal Love. They think that Love is something small and confined, something that one can reserve for special occasions. It is hard to step out of this box. Of course, now that the box has been opened, the real challenge only begins."

Steve paused and began to laugh. "Am I nuts or is the universe real, Peter?" he said.

"It is real," I answered. "The proof lies in that we are able to reflect Love, that we are touched by it. How could we experience Love if it wasn't real? That makes every other aspect that reflects Love real as well. Of course you are not nuts, Steve. The Ogarkov Plan isn't real by that definition, nothing about it proves anything. I see nothing in terms of Spirit of Love reflected at any level. Love proves the universe to be real. What else but Love could make this complex universe tick that we are a part of, and this as timeless and as flawless as it does function? As you said, Steve, if one was to take away Love, what would guide the Principle of the universe to be harmonizing in all its vast forms of expression? What then would organize the atoms to combine into the many elements that harmonize in countless amazing ways, especially those which enable Life to become manifest of which we seem to be the leading edge expression on the planet Earth. Yes, I agree, the universe is real, Steve. It is so, because Love is real. So, I would say you are not nuts."

Steve nodded and smiled. He excused himself and went onto the balcony to get a book. He came back with an old looking book. "This was printed a century ago, written by an American woman," he said. He thumbed through the pages. He gave it to me, saying, "here you read it."

I read the tittle of the book, "Science and Heath with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy."

"Remember this book was written a long time ago, long before nuclear physics discovered the existence of quarks," said Steve. "The amazing thing is that the discovery of quarks now proves in experimental physics what this woman had already understood a century earlier from a spiritual vantage point. Go to page 275. Go to where it says the staring point is."

I read as he requested. "The starting-point of divine Science is that God, Spirit, is All-in-all, and that there is no other might nor Mind, - that God is Love, and therefore He is divine Principle."

I gave the book back to Steve.

"The amazing thing is that this woman has put Love at the center of the stage of Intelligence," said Steve. "She wrote this a hundred years ago. She said in essence, the Spirit of Intelligence is Love, and therefore its divine Principle reflects Love, so that Love and divine Principle is One. Principle is meaningless without Love being its Spirit."

"Is this really true?" I interjected.

"How could it not be?" said Steve. "Without Love being expressed in Principle there would be no universe existing to express anything. Principle and Love is one. All aspects of Principle harmonize for one purpose, that the universe exists. Without it, it wouldn't exist."

"In this case Love is also the power of the human economy," I interjected. "Wouldn't this follow? Without the Spirit that is Love the human economy, and therefore civilization, would not exist."

Steve nodded his approval. "You are on the right track, Peter. The Principle of Economics is the Principle of Universal Love," he added quietly. "We find this fact historically manifest as the Principle of the General Welfare. The tallest expression of the Principle of Economics, at the current stage, is the Principle of the General Welfare. That is what all the empire's stooges, and all the empire's 'slaves' try to stamp out in the service to their masters. They are doing this for one purpose, to protect the very existence of empire. Empire is insanity. It has not a single element of Principle. It exists by looting and by slavery. In order to maintain its existence empire must steal and enslave, because it is not productive itself. Empire produces nothing. Its foundation is a myth that is challenged by the Principle of Economics. For this challenge the masters of empire must defeat the Principle of Economics wherever it come to light. They must do this in order to save their system that has no foundation. They must do this, because the Principle of Economics goes against the very grain of empire. Thus every person who is staking the claim of the Principle of Economics drives another nail into the coffin of empire in a process that will ultimately relegate the very notion of empire into the dustbin of history."

"Don't the masters of empire see this?" I interjected.

"They try to avoid it," Peter, "but they can't. They try to run away from the inevitable demise of their system of insanity. But they also know that they really can't succeed. This puts the entire complex of empire into a hopeless struggle to maintain itself. In this struggle the maters of empire slander the Principle of Economics and sometimes assassinate every person or country that stands up for it by standing up for the Principle of the General Welfare that is an element of it. At the present time our beloved America is the foremost stooge in this war of empire against mankind. America has become a hotbed for precisely that kind of slander and for the worldwide assassinations that go with it."

Steve paused as if this would ease the pain that comes with saying all this.

"Just take the case of America's leading economist, Lyndon LaRouche," he continued moments later. "The man is probably the foremost representative of the Principle of Economics in the world today. And what do we see? No man is more viciously slandered by the masters of empire than this man presently is. He has been slandered for decades already, ever since he stood up for the Principle of Economics. But, Peter, is anybody who respond to the slander aware that the real target for the slander is society itself? I don't think anybody has the faintest sense of this. By slandering the man, the masters of empire slander the Principle of Economics that he represents. In this war against him society is the actual target, which cannot exist as a nation without the Principle of Economics and its expression as the Principle of the General Welfare."

"Ultimately the target is the Sprit of Love, without which civilization simply cannot exist," said Ushi.

"Then the real goal for the slandering is to create an empty society in which empire finds a ready hold," I said astonished."

"And so, my friend, when you hear slogans of slander, take note, because the target is you and your welfare and ultimately your very existence," said Steve. "By listening to the slander and responding to it, society shoots itself into the foot."

"Wow!" I said. "I wonder why nobody has discovered this before?"

"The reason is that nobody cares to understand what the Principle of Economics is," said Steve. The Principle of Economics is so simple that a child would understand its basic premise if it was scientifically taught. It is not difficult to understand that the subject of economics goes far beyond finance and money. LaRouche would say to the child that the basis for economic development and progress is the power of reason, the power of the human mind. It is the ability of the human mind to create processes that transform the universe, which is the true source of our wealth as human beings. It is therefore society's human minds that are the most precious asset it has. The Principle of Economics is a platform for developing this asset to its full potential. In order to function at its best, a society must therefore be organized to develop the potentials of all of it citizens, socially, culturally, scientifically, and economically."

"Is this the essence of the American System of Economics and the reason for our country's amazing success?" I said astonished.

"Whenever we have turned our back on it we have always failed miserably," said Steve.

"Compare this with the three mayor aspects of oligarchic system," said Ushi, "and you will recognize that Steve is right. The first aspect is that wealth is presumed to lie in the land, in human labor, or in money. The feudalist landed aristocracy has always believed that wealth was derived from the ownership of land and of the peasants on it who have provided the labor to grow the crops and manage the livestock. The financier oligarch, in turn, believes that controlling money is the key to wealth, that wealth lies in the profits from financial transactions. The third kind of oligarch is the Marxist who believes that the enslavement of society to human labor is the source of wealth. The Marxist is a Trojan Horse created by empire to wreck industrial development. The Marxist system is therefore intended to fail by design. And it will fail, because it treats people as cogs in a machine. It will fail, because raw human labor is inherently unproductive. The real wealth of society lies in the creative and scientific potential of the human mind as a resource for building industries and energy systems. These vastly increase the productive power of human labor. The ideal is create the needed products with as little labor as possible, which leaves society free to advance its potential. That is how real wealth is created. The common thread among the three aspects of the oligarchic system is that the existence of the ruling elite depends upon the subjugation of the masses. It depends on keeping people down, who would otherwise develop and eradicate empire. Today's British system today, is a combination of a financier oligarchy and a landed aristocracy oligarchy. In both aspects profit financing dominates. The Soviet Union is the third type of the oligarchic system. It operates in the framework of the Marxist trap. As you can see, none of these three systems find their wealth in the human mind. All three come together as the most powerful parasite on the planet. Of course the parasite protects itself by slandering the Principle of Economics or whoever represents it. I think this is what Steve is saying."

"One doesn't need to be a LaRouche to recognize that the parasitical British financier system has brought the United States, and the world, to its knees," said Steve and began to laugh. "It is as plain as day that this is a highly poisonous and therefore deadly system. In this deadly system the financial claims, misnamed profit, are treated as being more important than human life. It dehumanizes society. Anyone who understands the Principle of Economics knows instinctively that this parasite must be eliminated if mankind is to survive. The current trend is in the opposite, to save the parasite. This trend only keeps on making matters worse. It is impossible to save the tumor without killing the patient, by which the tumor dies anyway. The goal should be to save humanity. That's a part of the Principle of Economics. It's as plain as day to all who have eyes to see. That is why the masters of empire slander the Principle of Economics."

"The parasite is already doomed," said Ushi and began to laugh. "But we needn't to go down with it. That's the LaRouche doctrine. "Why can't people see that simple logic? LaRouche says that the current system is already dead. He says let it go, put it into the bankruptcy process in order to save what society needs to exist. He says governments should do this in order to assure that there remains food on the shelves of the grocery stores, which would not happen when the empire's financial system disintegrates into a chaotic mess. He says he isn't kidding! The issue is to keep people alive; to keep the essential goods and services flowing; to make sure that people will not be simply left to die when the ongoing collapse takes the house down as it did in the 14th Century. Only this time the mess is bigger. The consequences promise to be far worse. The issue should not be money, but people. These crucial points at issue is what the masters of empire slander when they slander LaRouche."

"Society hasn't discovered this yet," said Steve. "It had been blinded for decades by the media so that it won't realize that an expression of Principle is being slandered here, instead of a man," said Steve.

"What else is in a name which the slander would target?" said Ushi. "At birth a name is given to an individual. But the name has little meaning except to identify the individual's family background and the like. Most people don't care to add any additional meaning to their name in terms of their contributions to mankind's cultural and historic achievements with which their name would then be forever identified. Just look at the case of Johann Sebastian Bach. The name of Bach has been enriched by Bach's achievement as a pioneer in the art and the science of musical composition. When one reads the name Johann Sebastian Bach in a concert program one instantly knows what principles and quality of musical discovery, and also rigorous implementation of the musical principles, stands behind the composition that will be presented in concert. Thus the name Bach represents a distinct quality and characteristic in music that one can trust to be the finest expression of the particular type of music that the man has pioneered. Even today, after hundreds of years have passed, Bach's name is still honored for that. Johann Sebastian Bach has thereby become a world historic person in the sense that he pioneered the implementation of a set of harmonizing universal principles of which there exists only one in the world, and he has done it outstandingly."

"Of course it matters little to the musical principles, which Bach represents, that his name had once been viciously slandered in the world of his time, ruled by small minded arbitrary opinions, which he had challenged," said Steve. "It had even been said in those small-minded days, and this referring to many others of the great works of the greatest musical geniuses like Mozart and Beethoven, that their music 'stinks to the ear.' That is what the slanderers have said about works that now rank foremost on the concert stages around the world."

"Can you imagine that, Peter, Beethoven's music being called, 'music that stinks to the ear?'" said Ushi. "But whom did the critics cheat with that assessment? They cheated themselves mostly by flaunting their small-mindedness. And they cheated society that fell for the slander. But they couldn't cheat the Truth, which really cannot be cheated."

"No amount of slander can ever alter or block even the smallest element of Principle and any aspect of Truth that the scientific pioneers have discovered and implemented," said Steve. "By its very nature Principle is singular and universal. It is not arbitrary, multiple, and contradictory. Principle does not allow an arbitrary choice to suit ones convenience. For example, the Principle of Gravity is universal. There exists only one single Principle of Gravity, not three or four that one might chose between according to ones wishes. In the same manner there exists only one Principle of Economics, not three or four from which one might select one that accords with ones willful demands. It is not possible, for example, for society to overturn even the slightest element of the Principle of the universe with the arrogance of legislation, or to create laws in opposition to the Principle of Economics and expect the outcome to support civilization. In pursuing such arrogant actions society shackles its own future. Freedom is not arbitrary, nor is it a gift from heaven. Freedom is the effect of Principle being translated into life. The same can be said about society's prosperity, which is the effect of the Principle of Economics translated into efficient processes that advance the welfare of society."

I applauded Steve.

"Historically the Principle of Economics has had a long path of scientific development that has been interrupted many times by the willful eruptions of tragedies," said Ushi. "One of the earliest faint expressions of the Principle of Economics has been associated with the name of Solon of Athens and others like him. In later centuries the more advanced expression of the Principle of Economics became associated with the pioneers of the Golden Renaissance, and in still later centuries with the names of the pioneers of the Peace of Westphalia became known by it, and other pioneers of still farther advanced developments."

"Our country, Peter, was founded on the shoulders of the greatest of these historic pioneers of the Principle of Economics," said Steve. "The Principle of Economics was later advanced by the work of America's own pioneers. It became our principle, the American Principle. The list of the names that stood in this line is formidable ranging from Alexander Hamilton to President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt with many outstanding patriotic pioneers standing in between, all of them applying and advancing the scientific development of the Principle of Economics."

"Many of those names of the historic pioneers have been slandered over time in the halls where history is distorted in an effort to hide their contributions to the freedom of mankind," said Ushi.

"In today's world the Principle of Economics is targeted as it has never been targeted before," said Steve. "The reason behind the slandering, such as of the name of Lyndon LaRouche, is that in his example the man is today's foremost pioneer in promoting and advancing the Principle of Economics. The name of Lyndon LaRouche is being dragged so deeply through the mud of slander that anyone who identifies the Principle of Economics with the man's name is by association dragged through the mud with him. Of course, as I said, the real target in slandering the name of Lyndon LaRouche is not the man himself who bears that name. The real target in this case is the whole of mankind, which can have no freedom, prosperity, or even a future without the Principle of Economics being implemented, which he represents. The real target in the slander operations therefore, truly, is all mankind. The objective is to isolate mankind from its essential principles for freedom and to drag society thereby into the trap that empire has created for it in its desperate attempt to maintain its illegitimate existence. The slandering of the name of LaRouche is therefore the clearest example that I can see in the world today of a great tragedy that mankind has allowed to come upon it. All the forms of terror, war, economic destruction, poverty, starvation, and social and financial catastrophes are secondary effects of society's primary folly in swallowing the slander. Of course the secondary effects will not be overcome for as long as society's primary folly is maintained."

Steve paused.

"I would say then that the world is presently living in a real life expression of classical tragedy," said Ushi after a few moments of silence. "How long will it be, Peter, until people recognize, as Shakespeare has pointed out in so many ways, that the tragic element is not a single fool that suffers in the end, but is society itself which greatly suffers by its collective folly."

"The world is in the final act of such tragedy," said Steve to me. "So ask yourself: How will the tragedy play out before the curtain falls? That's to-day's important question. If LaRouche's name remains mud, and thereby the Principle of Economics remains buried in this mud, then the ending scene in Hamlet may foreshadow the likely outcome of the universal experience of mankind. Fortunately the final lines of the current real-life tragedy have not yet been written. The ending can still be changed because we are after all human beings with a sovereign mind and are thereby endowed by the power of this mind that gives us the freedom to direct our destiny. Therefore only one critical question remains standing before us at this point. The question is crucial for us all to consider. The question is simple. It is: Is my own personal contribution to reversing the currently onrushing tragedy sufficient, so that it will assure the survival of civilization? This question includes also the related questions: Am I, as an individual person, impotent? Am I a fool? Am I a tragic figure? On the answers that we give us for these questions hangs our future and to a large measure the survival of mankind. So, what is our answer going to be? Will we stick with the standard answer that is so often heard? The standard answer is: I don't care! Unfortunately that is the kind of answer that one would only expect to get from a rock in the field whose destiny is shaped exclusively by the world's forces bearing down on it. A rock has no power in itself. But this is not the answer that one would expect from a human being, because a human being has the power to shape its destiny and to command the 'winds' of the times with the power of the mind to respond according to Principle that nothing ever can deter."

"And that involves the factor of Love," said Ushi. "It involves the recognition of the profound quality that is reflected in our humanity."

"Oh I know what you mean," I interjected. "I've been there. This has been my experience."

"You have been there? You have already experienced this? That's interesting. But what do you mean by saying you have been there?" said Ushi.

"I mean nothing extraordinary with that," I said and began to smile. "Let me illustrate it. Let me invite you. Consider for example that you are sitting in a concert hall listening to a great classical performance. The performance is reflecting the majesty of principles that took ages to unfold, drawn from the successive contributions by the brightest minds of mankind. Consider also the numerous musical instruments that are used in the performance, and consider the instruments' cultural history and the quality and insight that are reflected in their construction. Then consider further the hall itself as an architectural construct that exists as a blending of beauty with functionality. Consider even the clothing that the people are wearing, who are attending the concert. Consider the richness of the scene and the elegance of it. The entire scene reflects to a large measure the quality of respect by the people for themselves and for one-another. Then let your gaze reach up to the ceiling and to its décor. Let your mind explore the reflected ingenuity of construction that is often a marvel in itself. Then let your thoughts take you farther still. Let it reach far above the ceiling and even above the atmosphere of the Earth, reaching far into space. As you consider this in your mind wouldn't you wonder how many trillions upon trillions of miles you might have to traverse the vast expanse of space before you might encounter anything comparable to what we have created for ourselves right here, or anything even remotely as rich as that? Now extend this comparison to all the real riches that we have created for ourselves in our human world and consider the incredible folly that society permits itself in the interests of empire to put all of that at risk. And it is currently at risk for the lack of the requisite care in protecting it, or for the lack of finding value in it in comparison with the world's distorted values for which society is willing to destroy the most precious it has, which is itself, a society of human beings."

Steve nodded. "The Principle of Economics contains all the discovered resources that mankind has within it for getting itself out of the trap of its small-minded folly," he said quietly. "Should we not honor then the name and names of those who have dedicated themselves as pioneers and patriots to help mankind to step away from its small-minded senseless folly and to relish and further advance the riches it has within itself?"

Steve turned to me. "In considering what you just said, what would you say, Peter, about the Principle of Economics? Is it real?"

"I would say it is real, because Love is real," I answered. "Apart from Love, what would inspire us to create and build and perform these wonderful things that make our world the richest far and wide, and this in spite of all the errors we tend to make along the way? The Principle of Economics exists because Love exists. Civilization is the paradise it is, because Love is real. We didn't create the Spirit of Love. We just move with it. I think that's the Principle of Economics."

"We do this if we are wise," said Ushi quietly.

We were still standing around in the kitchen, Ushi and I still wearing our apron.

"Don't underestimate the effects of sophistry. This is the opposite of wisdom," said Ushi to Steve.

Steve nodded.

Ushi turned to me. "The Pharaohs didn't need any of that sneaky stuff that mutilates a society's conscience, like slander and outright lying," she said. "The Pharaohs were straight forward in their approach. When the Pharaohs decided that their slave societies needed to be disabled as human beings in order for them to be turned into better slaves, the Pharaohs simply spoke the word and it was done. Modern research credits the Pharaohs with having pioneered the practice of the sexual circumcision. They applied to the male slaves, and also to the female slaves. The purpose evidently was to enhance the slavery process. Ancient pictographs show that they did it by robbing the slaves of their sexual sensitivity. The Pharaohs might have recognized that the cutting away the slaves' sexual sensitivity would shut down their social intimacy and take away their sense of unity and their natural caring for one another, and with it their native expression of the Principle of the General Welfare. Apparently the mutilating intervention worked as expected. It made the victims 'better' slaves. The pictographs of the male circumcision that have been discovered have been dated back to a time more than 4,500 years ago."

"If anyone had the power to enforce such a process, the Pharaohs did," said Steve. "They wanted it, so they had it done. It was as simple as that. But not all of the rulers were able to simply command these things. In this case we need to ask ourselves how would other rulers with less dictatorial authority have managed to get their society to inflict the brutal, deep-reaching mutilation on themselves voluntarily, in order to make them 'better' slaves. The circumcision is a brutal form of mutilation with lifelong consequences. Only a fool would dispute this. So, how then would a ruler motivate its society to mutilate itself so deeply by its own choice? Well, Peter?"

"This was accomplished with the art of sophistry," said Ushi since I didn't answer. "Sophistry is the most highly sophisticated process of slandering the Truth that has ever been invented. In the case of motivating people into sexually mutilating themselves for the purpose of turning them into 'better' slaves, the sophists proclaimed that in order for a person to be able to consider itself as a whole human being it must first become mutilated. The hired sophists proclaimed that no one who is not mutilated can be deemed to be whole."

"That's insane," I interjected.

"It was accomplished by defining the mutilation as a demand of God," said Ushi. "No one would refuse God."

"The sophistry, of curse, was set up in such a way that any refusal to comply was met with fearsome consequences," said Steve. "But mostly the master sophists build their song around the supposed glory of whatever it was they wanted the society to simply follow. Soon society was 'singing' their song with its whole heart, all the way to the point of really believing that a person is not whole unless it is mutilated."

"That's utter insanity!" I protested again.

"Oh yes, it is that," said Steve. "Unfortunately the sophist is so well educated in the art of distorting reality, and society is so well conditioned by the sophist, that the people will accept anything as the truth, since the real Truth is for them no longer on the horizon. In this manner the Truth becomes slandered. This process works well when Truth becomes deemed not to exist and becomes redefined as personal opinion. The sophist says, 'there is no Truth! Truth is what you belief it is!' And so the great lie becomes public opinion masquerading as something real. The discourse of scientific exploration becomes replaced in this process with demands to accept dogma and tradition. In the resulting mental mist, myths are easily created and denials of Truth are pushed to the greatest extend on order to achieve the deepest self-mutilation of society that is possible. This goes far deeper than the merely sexual circumcision. Just look at our precious America, how it has fallen from its high standard. America has been circumcised in numerous ways, and not only sexually. It has been circumcised intellectually with the devolution of education, language, and culture, with then with the devolution of music to match. America has also been circumcised with the devolution of science. Real science has been essentially scrapped. A new 'Flat Earth' mentality has been imposed, which is now called science. That's like calling darkness, light. Of course America has also been circumcised politically. America's people will soon recruit their presidents from the insane asylum, and destroy their economy and their currency while they shower the thieves that loot them with gratitude for being robbed by them of their physical foundation for living. The politically circumcised are killing the real world while they feed the fantasy world of money estates and money power. America has been circumcised in every way imaginable, Peter, and the western world in the same manner. In order to heal this disease, one has to address the entire scene of the circumcision along its vast front with no exception."

"And how would one do that?" I interjected.

"One begins to read H. G. Wells, the scribbler of empire, who laid down the blueprint for society's universal circumcision," said Steve. "One also needs to study the platform of the Fabian society that H. G. Wells loved, which is named after the Roman general Claudius Fabious Maximus who defeated Hannibal with a strategy of attrition, grinding Hannibal's superior forces down and down, into the ground, thereby defeating Hannibal without ever really facing his vastly superior forces. The Fabian now apply this strategy to grind down the humanist strength of society towards creating a social welfare state for the rich and the super rich at the heart of the empire. Wells loved the Fabians for this reason, except he thought they were not radical enough. When you understand Wells and the Fabians you are then sufficiently grounded in understanding the game that you would benefit from travelling to Switzerland and visit CERN, the world's biggest physics lab located at the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva. That's where the Large Hadron Collider is being built."

"What has this got to do with Wells?" I interjected. "You are speaking in riddles."

Steve just smiled. "The collider, when completed after twenty years of construction at the cost of many billions of dollars, will be the world's largest particle accelerator ever created, a technological marvel that challenges the imagination. It is going to consist of a circular vacuum chamber twenty-seven kilometers long, located a hundred feet underground. In this chamber, focused by superconductor magnets, the experiment will accelerate two beams of hydrogen protons to near the speed of light and then smash them into each other. The goal is to recreate the high-energy conditions that are deemed to have existed at the moment of the Big Bang that is believed to have caused the creation of the universe. One of the goals is to discover the Higgs Boson, a hypothetical particle that is deemed to give a proton its quality of mass and its gravity-force. In today's world at the leading edge of theoretical physics the existence of gravity and mass is an enigma that cannot be explained, much less proved. The Large Hadron Collider is being built to verify a possible theory. The collider experiment is funded on the premise that this immensely huge experiment is necessary to advance mankind's scientific knowledge. And that is where we find its connection with H. G. Wells."

"You lost me," I interjected. "You are still speaking in riddles."

"That's the point," said Steve. "The entire huge effort that is being built at an enormous cost makes no sense unless one understand H. G. Wells. It makes no sense otherwise, because the Big Bang Cosmology that the experiment is built on has long been left behind by the far more rational Electric Cosmology for which mountains of evidence exists, most of which in fact disproves the Big Bang Cosmology. And that is where Wells comes to the foreground. What we see here is that in today's world the actual leading edge science is intentionally opposed, suppressed, and ridiculed, while the modern 'Flat Earth' so-called science is promoted at all cost. The tune is simple. The bigger the cost, the more the world becomes latched to a type of science that is in fact a circumcision of the process of scientific discovery. The resulting devolutionary process is presently an intensely-pursued policy. It is aimed at blocking the development of actual science. The underlying policy of intention completely reflects the Fabian/Wellsian policy-platform with the one exception perhaps, that Wells might not find it radical enough. What we see happening here is in effect a circumcision process that is designed to inhibit mankind's natural ability to make fundamental discoveries and move with these discoveries. Once you recognize how this expanded circumcision process functions, and how it is driven, you will begin to get a sense of the deadly effects of the imposed cultural circumcision, and political circumcision, and economic circumcision that is already disabling so much of mankind's civilization. Then add to this horror story the spiritual circumcision that has an even deeper root, and the world gets blacker still. Of course the Fabian/Wellsian policy is not actually a new direction itself, but is rooted in the old Venetian Empire and in every variation on the theme of empire throughout history. The theme is born out more widely now, with circumcision being layered on circumcision, multiple layers deep. This is what you hopefully see when you enter the CERN complex where the Large Hadron Collider is being built. The sheer size of the thing hopefully will give you a chill. The chill will come from realizing that what you see before you illustrates how deep the circumcision has already cut into the fabric of science and the fabric of mankind."

"I feel the chill already," I said quietly.

"That makes you one out of a million," said Steve. "The vast majority of mankind is fascinated with this particular adventure into insanity, which is served up for their entertainment. And that is what this really is. It's fundamentally built for entertainment. Physically the project cannot work. Any honest scientist knows that, though few react honestly. The rest don't know any different. The Big Bang theory has been drilled into them as the only possible reality, or as consensus of reality. It's been taught in the universities for decades upon decades, and has been supported by some of the biggest names in physics that money or ignorance could buy. But now that the evidence is wearing thin and the reality is shining through, CERN is dragged onto the scene to come to the rescue. It caters to people who have dedicated themselves to the project to countless private reasons. I don't know how many are aware that the project is aiming for the physically impossible, attempting to break the principles of the universe. I would guess that many are there for the fun and the excitement of being a part of a gigantic project, and the money and fame that comes with participating in it. Some may even believe that the project will succeed. Those who lived all their life in the shadow of the Big Bang theory might not see it as unreasonable that they are trying to use the force of mass, which like gravity is the weakest force in the universe, and aim to utilize this weak force, though amplified a bit, to overpower a fundamental force the that is many magnitudes greater than the weakest force in the universe that they are able to play with. They are trying to overpower the electric force of attraction and repulsion that keeps the universe in order. The overpowering won't work of course, because the principle of the universe is designed to prevent this very thing, or else the universe wouldn't exist. In the actual universe the plasma particles simply flow around each other. Even a direct head-on approach is always deflected by the actions of the electric force. No exceptions have been observed. In some regions of space large plasma flows have been found moving near light-speed, which the Large Hadron Collider is aiming to duplicate. But nothing extraordinary happens in these fast moving plasma flows in space. The resulting deflections when the plasma particles flow around each other, merely cause a wide range of x-ray and gamma-ray emissions, just as one would expect. And that my friend is all that the giant proton collider will ever produce, a bunch of x-rays and gamma-rays. Of course, even if the expected miracles would happen, if a head-on collision of protons would actually take place, the weakest force in the universe, no matter how much it is amplified, would simply not be sufficient by a very long shot to overpower the strongest nuclear force in the universe. Nothing overpowers the nuclear strong force that keeps the quarks combined in the form of protons. The proton is the most stable thing there is. Even neutrons become protons in isolation. This nuclear strong force that makes the proton is orders of magnitudes stronger than any force in the universe, including the electric force. It is simply not possible to smash open that nuclear strong-box that a proton is. That's one Pandora's box that nobody opens. Of course, being successful or not, doesn't really matter in the case at hand when Truth isn't a factor for which the Large Hadron Collider project is launched. No matter what happens in the experiments, the masters of the project will be sure to announce with fanfares blaring that they have discovered the Higgs Boson, and that the discovery of it proves the Big Bang Cosmology. That's the key issue, Peter. The masters of empire know that their key issue that they aim to protect in this case, which is the Big Bang, is a lie. In reality our universe was not born in a giant bang, but is a continuously existent dynamic universe that is always unfolding and is electrically powered in its eternal processes by vast electric currents flowing in galactic and intergalactic space. With the modern instrumentation we can now see the vast flows of plasma, flowing in similar channels in which the lightning bolts flow. The plasma currents are called Birkland currents in honor of the man who first explored them in depth in the laboratory some decades before they became visible in space. The electric flows of Birkland currents are now visible in great abundance pervading all space. They are huge. They are so huge that a tiny whisp of them powers the luminance of our sun. That's the real universe, Peter, that CERN is devoted to hide behind its smoke and mirrors."

"And they are spending billions of dollars for that, for a deception?" I interjected. "What you are saying doesn't make sense."

"Oh it will make sense to you when you realize that the object of the game is not to search for the Truth, but to hide it. In this case what do a few billion dollars matter that are spent in defense of empire? And why shouldn't this insane project be pursued? Society no longer shies away from the circumcision process in any form. It loves the Big Bang theory. It fantasies about it. I fact, some even fear it. Some people fear that the Large Hadron Collider will create a super-dense black hole that will suck the entire planet into itself. Of course this is impossible for the simple reason that the basic principles of the universe don't allow black holes to exist. They are fantasy phenomena that do not exist in the real world, which exist only in the 'Flat Earth' - so-called science - cosmology. No one has ever seen a black hole. They exist only as theory based on falsely recognized evidence and assumptions that are not physically possible. But in latching itself onto these baseless fantasies society shoots itself in the foot. The Big Bang theory, and everything that goes with it, comes with a deadly message attached. The message is that what has a beginning must also have an end. The message is that all things must end. Civilization must end. Prosperity must end. That's the goal of empire and the tune of its song. The message is simple: Devolution is natural. That is also the message that Wells insisted is crucial for an empire to circumcise its society with in order that empire may exist forever. And, Peter, the project is working. Society is singing that song. Whoever insists otherwise is slandered or eliminated. The circumcision is tremendously effective in every arena, Peter, and not only in sex and science. It is especially effective in the financial and economic arenas."

"In practice the sexual mutilation is often forced upon the children of families shortly after their birth or at an early age," said Ushi. "The mutilation is thereby enforced without the victim's consent and without the victim ever knowing what has been eradicated by the excision. The sexual circumcision is typically imposed by the choice of the parent, the controller of the child, in response to the prevailing sophistry that over time became a tradition and an aspect of culture. Under this smokescreen no one calls the excision a mutilation. No parent has ever been asked, 'would you like your baby be mutilated?' But that is what the circumcision is. It is a mutilation whether it is applied to science, culture, or economics. This trend has now become a big thing, Peter, in every arena. It has grown into a monster in the timeframe of several millennia, and much more so over the last decades as the masters of empire become evermore desperate in their attempts to maintain their illegitimate existence."

"Actually it is now bigger than big," said Steve. "It is huge. At the present time 700 million men and 100 million women are living as biologically mutilated victims of that same insane song that has been invented so long ago, that a person is not whole unless it has been mutilated. Religion has added similar songs, such as that God has ordained it, or demands it, or it's for sanitary reasons, or it's a symbol of a cultural identity. But it remains a mutilation of the human system and continues to create more efficient slaves, just as it has been intended to do from the beginning. After Wells, and primarily after World War II, the mutilation has become applied also to science, education, culture, politics, and economics. The circumcision of society is now nearly complete. Of course sophistry was the tool used to achieve this near total inner destruction of society."

"Pericles of Athens was a great pioneer in that art of sophistry," said Ushi. "His 'black' art had enabled him to launch a long and devastating war with it. The Persian Empire had most likely desired the war, and might have hired him for it. It might have wanted its enemy to wipe itself off the map. It might have set Pericles up for that."

"That old trick is still being used to the present day by the masters of empire," Steve interjected.

"Even the old song is still being used," said Ushi. "One of Pericles' insane songs was that an individual's death in the service of Athena -- the goddess of Athens -- is not a tragedy for the individual. Instead it is the greatest liberating good that a person could possibly experience. We still hear countless versions of this song. Pericles assured himself an endless supply of fierce warriors with it. History records that he had many such songs, enough to keep the flames of war lit for decades. The flames of war burnt even after Pericles himself had died from the consequences of his war. The war ground on until Athens itself collapsed in a devastating military tragedy."

"Of course the aspects of Principle that are reflected in civilization, do not collapse," said Steve. "Or else we would have no universe. Principle does not collapse. However, the silver-tongue song of sophistry will take people into the dream world of myths, if they follow the music. In this way, by stepping far away from Principle, society looses its foundation for living and falls apart while the Truth remains standing as it always has. That's been the fate of Athens, the once great pearl of Greek Classical culture."

"Why hasn't anybody seen that, if its still going on?" I interjected. "Of course the masters of sophistry have to slander the Truth in order to cause their intended victims to let go of the Truth and thereby fall into their trap."

"That's the same in every case," said Steve. "We see the same pattern still repeated. We see sophistry slandering the Truth. The slander is spewed forth in order that society becomes motivated to shoot itself into the foot so to speak, and this by its own volition. That's the trick of empire. That's why empire still rules. The master know this, consequently they protect their trick. They keep the fog coming in ever-wider steams. They own all the media in the world. Of course society will fall for it, and as it falls for the ruse, it cannot avoid the consequences of its yielding to a grand folly. A society that tries to exist without Truth and Love has no foundation to exist on. The resulting void becomes its doom."

"Now in modern times still another type of sophistry has been added," said Ushi. "It would be surprising if this wasn't so. The added song is that society can get rich by stealing from each other, or by killing one-another for the loot. Naturally this is sheer insanity. But countless people fall for it. The wording has been sanitized to the extreme in the modern world in order to make the insanity desirable. Just as the male mutilation has been sanitized by giving it a clinically sounding name, 'the circumcision,' so the looting song of empire has been sanitized for society by its being called 'globalization' and 'free trade' and free market economics. Of course the fact cannot be avoided that today's grand looting of the world, no matter by what sanitized name it is known, mutilates the nations and destroys their physical economy. It should come to no ones surprise that the outcome of this highly sophisticated form of slavery is intended."

"Don't you love the modern song, 'Being rich is beautiful?'" I said to Steve and began to laugh. "Soon people will be so rich that they will soon carry wheelbarrows full of money to the store to buy a loaf of bread with, provided the unemployed, which they will then be, can afford the wheelbarrows. If the Pharaohs could see us today they would be surprised how easily the dehumanization of society is now accomplished in the modern world, requiring almost no effort at all to create an endless supply of willing slaves."

"In today's world the art of sophistry and the art of slandering become intermixed," said Ushi. "So be careful, Peter. I have seen a lot of that in my travels. Fortunately the telltale is not as hard to detect as you might think. The telltale is always dishonesty and a person distancing itself from Truth and Love. This is what gives the sophist away. Leroy didn't even know that he was a victim of the process."

"Was Leroy circumcised?" I asked. "You didn't invite him to come to the beach to answer that question?"

"I didn't need to," said Ushi and began to laugh. "He was a mutilated man in so many ways. He was playing these hidden games. I had the strange feeling that he was like one who was dancing to the Pharaohs and was 'educated' by Pericles himself to become the perfect slave. Leroy couldn't speak a single sentence honestly. He didn't own himself. I couldn't ask a single question that didn't have a game standing behind it. He always tried to convince us that what he stood for is the Truth. If anyone didn't swallow what he dished out, he made it clear in a thousand ways that whoever opposed him has no integrity, no intelligence, and no right to even open his mouth. During the time when he thought he was dealing with the underground, not once did he show any respect for another person. He always laid down the law, his basic law, that he is the boss. Everybody who questioned is wisdom was an imbecile. He had his ways to make sure that no one would challenge him again. He was so effective in this putting people down that some of the men that he had worked with, grown men, had actually cried. The only person that I felt he had some respect for was a fellow who went consistently out of his way to explore ideas with him. He called him a stupid ass, though an enthusiastic ass."

"I know the fellow," said Steve. "Leroy gave him an A for effort and an F for everything else." Steve and laughed. "I was a part of the groups that he dealt with, but only for a day. I couldn't stand more. There was only one perception that mattered, and that was his perception. Every other perception he labeled invalid. I come across people like that now and then in the university. They all tell me that the greatest educator alive has educated them. They probably meant Pericles or his later brother-in-arms, Aristotle. However, I think the underlying disease is more common in the CIA than in the universities. It is hard to reason with those people that have become mutilated by sophistry. I actually felt sorry for Leroy when I met him. He might have been a likable person if he hadn't been imprisoned by his masters of the CIA before they sent him into the field."

"In real terms he was never imprisoned by us in the East," said Ushi. "The few weeks he had been incarcerated in Leipzig were probably the only few weeks of relative freedom that he has had for a long time. He had no role to perform in jail, no one twist, no one to straighten out as he used to say when he deemed himself to be the boss."

"I know a lot of politicians and scientists like that," I interjected. "For example, there is one fat guy that I know who keeps harping about global warming while the evidence is to the contrary. Of course he couldn't care less about the climate, except to use the climate as an excuse to starve tens of millions of people to death by massively burning mankind's food, which he said has to be done in order to avoid global warming. He takes sophistry to the extreme. But even with this extreme insanity running through and through all of his games like a river of madness, society allows itself to be captivated by his sophistry. It has become so imprisoned by it that is now motivated to even fight for it, while it is shooting itself into the foot in doing so. That's hard to beat for an extreme example, isn't it? The fat man applied his art of sophistry in a vast multifaceted intervention against science and against sanity using the religion of environmentalism, ecological terrorism, financial looting, depopulation, entertainment, education, corruption, and of course politics. He is a man driven by insanity. He overlaid every layer of his sophistry with every other. The end result is a ravishing and murderous game, which he plays gleefully for his masters. He probably gets well rewarded for his service, while society goes to hell."

"It might not be possible to concoct a more effective poison for disabling society from within and creating armies of slaves," said Steve.

"That's the sad state the world is in," said Ushi.

"Isn't it amazing how much simpler the world had been during the age of the Pharaohs," I commented.

"Actually the Pharaohs played a hidden game too," said Steve. "The Principle of Economics was evidently unknown to them, nevertheless they appeared to have had an inkling of it, because they suppressed the development of the Principle of the General Welfare by all means possible. They did this in order to assure the smooth running of their slavery. The circumcision was probably applied in response to the slaves rebelling once or twice or running away. The Pharaohs might have discovered that slavery is not possible in the long run without his captains first removing from the slaves whatever develops in their society the Principle of the General Welfare. In order to achieve this the captains had to target the harmonizing Spirit of Love that is promoted in the natural biology in the form of sexual intimacy."

"What is happening here?" I interjected, interrupting Steve. "You are presenting same idea that I had presented to me by a woman that I met in a pub two days ago. She two linked sexual intimacy with the Principle of the General Welfare. Now you are presenting the same idea. Also I never heard of this before. Is this something new? I find it strange, coming from two different sources, and so close together."

"In this case you must have met Helen," said Ushi. "Everybody at the University knows Helen. When she speaks in a lecture hall she electrifies everybody, but she mostly speaks about subjects that are not popular, consequently many people pretend not know her. Of course Steve knows her. She and Steve did some research together on this subject. Helen probably started this train of inquiry."

"Actually, I got the idea form Benjamin Franklin," said Steve.

"The one and only Benjamin Franklin of the founding fathers of our country?" I said astonished.

"The very same," said Steve. "Benjamin Franklin said many profound things in his days. When asked what kind of a country the USA would become, he is quoted to have answered, 'I give you a republic, if you can keep it.' The idea of a republic was dear to him, but it was also a challenge to society to maintain it. the success wasn't automatically guaranteed. He might have added the one can only maintain a nation as a republic when one understand what a republic is. Benjamin Franklin also apparently said something else. He said something to the effect that every person has the inalienable right to the necessities of life, but that everything else will be determined by the community."

"Why would he say this?" I said to Steve.

"He evidently was keenly aware of the fact that the physical welfare of the individual person depends on the cooperation of many in a community of a human society were people join hands to create and produce for one another the goods that no one can produce individually. A society is rich and successful in this way in proportion to which its intimate cooperation functions. It appears to be a fallacy to believe that sexual interaction exists only for procreation. The evidence suggests that sexual intimacy also provides an impetus for the necessary intimate sense of community without which human existence is extremely precarious. This appears to be true from the most primitive society onward to the most advanced nation-state. Very few people realize in the present age how many thousands of people have to cooperate to produce the simplest things we take for granted, not to mention travelling between continents. Even our food comes from hundreds of miles away, on average, if not thousands of miles, and to produce this food, tens of thousands of additional people are involved in providing and maintaining the inputs for it and the infrastructures. We live in a complex and intricately interknit world. But in spite of the complexity, all aspects of it harmonize amazingly intimately. Our society has become a vast sea of tied together processes that came out of a long history in intimate cooperative development."

"If an empire seeks to destroy or subjugate a society, then the best way to do this is to wreck the harmonizing intimate sense of social and communal bonding," I interjected.

"Sex plays a role in that," said Steve. "Of course we don't know yet how big that role really is. The evidence suggests that in a normal society sexual intimacy becomes reflected in social intimacy that unfolds outwards, expanding unto the larger scene with a sense in tribal intimacy, ethnic intimacy, and national intimacy, and so forth. The sexual intimacy, as a starting factor, may be a greater factor than we think. The Pharaoh's might have thought so too. Their captains took steps to eliminate this factor in the slave society as a means for eliminating the Principle of the General Welfare. The captains might have recognized this factor as a critical aspect inhibiting slavery. It appears to me that the Pharaohs went directly to the core of the problem by surgically removing the sexual sensitivity in men and sexually 'blinding' the women by simply cutting and scraping away almost all of the women's vulva. Apparently the process worked so well for the Pharaohs, for maintaining their slavery, that the process has become continued to the present day in many parts of the world. In fact it has become a monster. In the Muslim world 500 million men have been drawn into this tragedy. In our precious USA 70% of the entire male population has already been mutilated by some policy of intention, where before there was almost no mutilation. This huge rising wave of male sexual mutilation appears to have turned the USA largely into a nation of slaves - slaves without bonds - slaves in the grasp of empire. This tragedy evidently has the same effect it always had, darkening the world from the times of the Pharaoh's on to the present. Except it is bigger now in is expanse, extending across a third of all mankind."

"What we have here may some day be acknowledged as the blackest of all the human rights abuses that has ever been perpetrated," said Ushi. "The only aspect that sets America apart from the Pharaoh's empire is that in America the women are not being infibulated. This brutal practice is apparently deemed to be not necessary. With the males being mutilated, the sexual intimacy in society is already largely lost anyway. The women then become isolated into lesbianism and feminism, and the men become isolated into their own homosexuality and other games, or heterosexual marriages that become increasingly shallow and functionally superficial, or are forged for financial reasons or mere convenience. Also some of the marriage games are entered into for achieving dominance and power over one-another, or for purposes of status. Anything appears to be on the agenda now in America, so long as it has nothing to do with deep intimacy reflecting Truth and Love. On this path the Principle of the General Welfare remains far out of sight and society becomes disconnected. It is impossible to rule out that the entire tragedy may be the outcome of a policy of intention by empire, with the intention being to disable the one nation in the world that has historically stood in the way empire and has threatened to cause it to cease."

"I think the Pharaohs would praise us?" I interjected.

"No Peter, they would laugh with amazement that the old trick they invented still works," said Steve.

"They would laugh at our stupidity, with society now mutilating itself on its own accord," said Ushi.

"So tell me, Peter, what do you say? Is Love real when so much is lost when a single one of its expression is blocked, or is even slightly blocked?"

"Of course it is real," I said to Steve. "How could it not be real. The proof is before us. When America closed its eyes to Love as the sophistry of empire turned our county upside down, the once most powerful nation on the planet was turned into a zoo of slaves for foreign masters, the very masters that have said many times in the past that they aim to destroy us. If that is the scope of the tragedy when Love is lost sight of, then you can bet that Love is a real and powerful impetus. Without Love we are destroying our own country, and our own civilization, while the masters whom we serve gleefully cheer us on. This proves something, doesn't it? In fact, the masters laugh at us. They laugh at us every day. They own us as their little puppets. We even pay them money and pay them well so that they can laugh at us justifiably."

"Are you referring to the news media?" Steve interjected.

"Well, isn't that the biggest hotbed of sophistry there is?" I said to him.

Steve nodded. "In the ancient world of the Pharaohs, a Pharaoh's word was deemed the word of God. Then the priesthood and the churches came along and said, we speak the word of God. In modern times the empire comes along and says to society, the word of God is determined by us. Truth is what we say it is. Stalin had once said this too. Of course we all know that every word that he spoke was a lie. Hitler had said the same and he had made sure that every German citizen would hear his words and obey them as the Truth, though his words were all lies heaped on lies. Hitler 'owned' all the newspapers and all the radio stations. His propaganda minister had said, as it were an inside joke, the bigger the lie is, and the more often it is repeated, the more deeply it will be accepted. Now the empire sings the same tune. 'In Lies We Trust!' As Hitler once did, now the circumcised empire that owns all the newspapers and the news media and determines the thinking and the culture of society. Society no longer owns its own thinking, and thereby no longer owns itself. Every morning millions of well-trained citizens pick up the newspaper, which they pay their hard-earned money for, and read the Gospel of the Day. For them the Gospel of the Day becomes the Gospel Truth, the word of God. But there is no truth in any of it except on some trivial issues. It's the same with the TV newscasts. We are given the word of empire, the word of the New World Order, as the word of God. The word of this new 'God' is that we must have war; that we must kill our economy; that we must burn our food to prevent global warming; that we must accept more taxes in return for less health care; that we must love poverty, tolerate violence, ignore homelessness and unemployment as irrelevant, and that that we must get used to sky-high prices and to endless terrorism as the new wave. The now word of 'God' is that we must admire the millionaires and billionaires who are paraded in public as models for success. Of course there is not a single aspect of Truth in any of it, or even a hint of the Principle of the General Welfare."

"Isn't that the biggest sophistry operation that ever was?" said Ushi. "People have been disowned of the right to be governed by the Truth. Are you surprised that they commit themselves to evermore deep-reaching forms of slavery voluntarily."

"That's how the empire keeps its zoo-slaves captive," said Steve and laughed. "People have been conditioned to say to themselves, if it is printed in the papers, or shown on the tube, it must be the Truth -- case closed. That is how society shoots itself into the foot. And how else can society react when the song is heard everywhere loud and clear, 'In Lies We Trust!' The New World Order trend has become so universal that you hear the same song everywhere just like the song of Hitler was heard everywhere, day after day, for a dozen years in Germany. This modern unfolding horror scene poses one of the hardest problem that society is facing: how to regain its humanity and to shed its slavery to lies."

"The tragedy is that society thereby puts the most insane people into positions of power, because society is itself insane," said Ushi. "My question is, how does on cause a healing in society that ends this tragedy?" She spoke quietly as if this was too much to hope for.

Steve looked at her and smiled. "So you haven't heard my question either that I put to Peter in my office," he said to Ushi. "Let me ask it again. Which is the most deep-reaching conspiracy that has ever been invented in all the history of sophistry? The answer can be given in a single word. What is the word? One word..."

"I think I know what you are getting at," I interrupted Steve. "And the word that you are expecting to hear is, time. Time is the poison pill. Time is the conspiracy that binds all perceptions into a framework marked by a beginning and an end. According to the astrophysical nature of the universe the concept of time is invalid. I personally could never believe in the Big Bang theory of the universe. It is insane to believe that a giant explosion started the universe, so that the universe is now deemed to be winding down towards its inevitable collapse in the far future when its energy is supposedly used up. I agree with you that this model of insanity is religiously promoted by all the departments of astrophysical science that the empire owns and promotes. The song that I hear in today's western political world is the same song, Steve. The song is that everything that we regard as modern civilization is coming to an end. They say the principle of protection is outdated, antiquated, they even say that the age of democracy is over; that the very concept of the nation is archaic; that the ideal of self-government is a thing of the past; that national parliaments have no place any longer in the New World Order; that the concept of social welfare has run its course and has become unaffordable, and should be scarpped. Political power is said to be shifting towards the new age of oligarchism, which is pure corporatism, complete autocratic dictatorship, invincible military force, and unchallengable imperial resource ownership. Even peace is deemed to be an archaic ideal that is fast being replaced with universal terror and universal war as the new norm. The song now is that it is natural for all good things to end, including prosperity, freedom, and scientific development. According to what I hear in the western political world, the one factor that is threaded through this entire scene of a rapidly collapsing humanity is the tyrant of time, the one tyrant that makes it seem inevitable that everything comes to an end. But this tyrant is a fraud. As far as I tell from the little I know, and what you have been saying, the real universe doesn't run that way. I see a universe that is developing, and goes on developing endlessly. The poison pill of time is a lie against the universe and God. That's what I see. That is what makes the sophistry of time the most potent poison pill for the destruction of civilization that has ever been invented. Am I right?"

Steve reached his hand out for a handshake. "You are getting warm, Peter. In fact you are close enough though for an A+ in my books. The ultimate price, though, depends on what you are doing with what you know. You are perfectly correct in saying that the Big Bang theory is nonsense. The leading edge in astrophysics is found in the long-standing science of the electric cosmology. As one would expect, this science has been slandered and inhibited by the masters of empire for over half a century to minimize its impact. In electric cosmology the universe is understood to be self-powered, a cosmos of plasma streams that carry enormously large electric currents that light up our Sun and every other star in our galaxy and any other galaxy. In its dynamic processes the universe is constantly developing and expanding. Nothing is winding down, and that's the honest to goodness astrophysical reality, Peter. That's the reality of the universe. The only thing that is destined to fade from sight is the insanity of a perceived human world that is willfully existing without science or with bad science as we have it now. Bad science has become a black hole that sucks into its pit all the good that has been achieved in real science throughout the ages. That's the only real black hole in the universe that I know to exist. There certainly exists no such thing as an astrophysical black hole in the universe."

"So what then are the so-called black hole phenomena?" I interjected.

Steve just laughed. "They are all black holes in thinking. They are myths. Nobody has ever seen a black hole in the black environment of space. They are assumed to exist in order to explain certain observed phenomena, such as pulsars. They are deemed to be the remnants of stars that used themselves up and collapsed into a super-dense state existing of only densely packed neutrons. Some call them neutron stars. These supposedly collapsed stars are deemed to rotate extremely fast. This is supposed to explain the pulsating radio-wave emissions that have been observed. But that's just a theory, Peter. I call it a myth. In real terms these kinds of phenomena are physically impossible as we understand nuclear physics. As far as we know, neutrons can exist only in conjunction with protons within a functional atom that thereby becomes an 'island of stability.' I gave a lecture on this subject recently. If one plots the number of neutrons against the number of protons in the nuclei of all of the existing elements the ratio between them is typically 1 to 1 for the light elements, and 1.5 to 1 for the heavy elements. Any atomic nucleus that falls outside this range will spontaneously decay until it gets back to a stable configuration, its equilibrium. This means that whenever there are too few neutrons in an atom, the atom will emit protons to stabilize itself. The same happens in reverse. Whenever there are too many neutrons in an atom, the atom emits its excess neutrons to become stable again. Outside of the atom the ejected neutrons decay into protons. Neutron stars are therefore not possible, and as a consequence black holes are not possible. That's elementary, Peter. Modern economics utilizes those emissions of neutron that create stability. They are the source of nuclear power or of the power of nuclear bombs. These practical uses prove that neutron stars are not possible. An entire star composed of tightly packed neutrons can never exist. Such a phenomenon would be so completely unstable that it would instantly decay into protons that would repel each other. The neutron star would then simply 'vaporize.' Even its gravity would decay with it. But it doesn't happen that way. Black holes exist only in dreams. The universe is not self-defeating. It is not winding down. The millions of continuous H-bomb explosions that are deemed to be taking place at the core of stars to make the stars luminous, are not happening at all. There is no nuclear fusion furnace burning at the center of a star and no fuel being used up by it. Stars are typically gigantic balls of plasma that exist as anodes in a galaxy-wide electric circuit. The flow of the galactic electric currents causes the plasma balls to blaze in an electric arc mode fashion. All observed data to date support this conclusion. The observed data actually disprove the existence of black holes. The universe is not winding down, Peter. If anything, it is progressively developing."

"The concept of a winding-down universe would be synonymous with a universe without Love; without Principle; without Intelligence; and so forth," said Ushi.

Steve nodded. "In the real world nothing except insanity is winding down," said Steve. "Insanity is the only aspect that I know of that is doomed to end. What ends in this case is the mythology conjured up by insanity. Principle cannot end. If it could end the universe would not exist. It would have disintegrated long ago. Likewise the all-harmonizing Spirit of the universe, the reality of Love, does not end. All that the masters of empire can do in order to hide this universal fact, is dream up a world that is totally alien to the reality of the universe and wrap up this myth of insanity with the garments of sophistry. The masters of empire do this well. They created their biggest lie of sophistry so thick that society swallows the poison pill and allows its development and its entire civilization come to a grinding halt. The poison pill of 'time' has been created for the single purpose of maintaining the structures of empire that have not a single leg to stand on in the real world of sanity. The modern song that I hear being sung in the West, which uses this poison pill, is a song of lies that has been concocted in essence a hundred years ago by one of the most famous scribblers of empire, the author H. G. Wells. Wells sang the 'time' song so loudly that it has poisoned the world in a single the century to the point that empire is now able to lobby with almost no opposition for a world without democracy, without nations, without self-rule, and without the development of sanity through science, ruled exclusively by lies and fascist force. The imperial scribbler H. G. Wells called for the reshaping of the entire world into an Empire World State that imposes depopulation and poverty for the dehumanization of mankind. His dream is of a uni-polar axis of tyranny that would turn the entire Earth into a prison planet. Wells dreamed of a world that is controlled via the empire's elitist financial ownership of everything, which when fully implemented with legalized private fascist corporate force, would create a hell that even Satan would envy the empire for. Wells sang a song that may be termed the end of history, Peter. He sang of the erosion of civilization and its collapse into empire. He sang of a social black hole with empire as a super force ruling a largely depopulated, lifeless, green world. Well's end-of-history sophistry might well be the most devastating concoction of sophistry ever invented in the workshops of empire. And so you are right, Peter, the modern name of this sophistry is 'time.' I would add here only that society no longer shrugs, but now bows in submission by its own volition."

Ushi raised her hand. "You still have not answered my question," she said to Steve. "How does one cause a healing in society that ends this tragedy? The sophistry of time is an ancient one. Mankind has been fighting this battle against empire almost since civilization began. We haven't won a complete breakthrough in four millennia. What causes you guys to think we can win the breakthrough now?"

"Alright," said Steve. "The answer is simple. If one is going for the gold medal, one would be wise to learn from the most accomplished champion in the field. Doing this would give one the best chance for winning, Ushi. That's also the best path for all of us. If we don't stand on the shoulders of the tallest pioneers in facing the modern challenges we don't have much of a chance for winning."

Steve turned to me. "I had said something else to you in my office," he said with his eyes virtually sparkling. "I had said to you that winning the gold medal in this contest is synonymous with staying alive. And that applies on the whole front. The present world-financial and economic system is a concoction of the sophistry of empire. It is as empty as empire itself. It is therefore domed to collapse. Nothing can prevent its collapse, because it never had a viable foundation to stand on. It is not possible that it will not collapse. It will collapse. Its collapse is assured, because Principle does not collapse. And when it does collapse, civilization disintegrates and people will die as a consequence, with most of us among them."

"Principle assures its collapse?" I interjected. "But you are saying that sanity can take the wind out of the sail of empire and shift economics back onto a scientific footing before the collapse becomes explosive."

"Sure, Peter," said Steve. "The present world-financial and economic system will collapse, because it is a system of empire that has no element of Principle to uphold it. On the other hand, the Principle of Economics and its corresponding financial system can never collapse. It reflects the power of Principle. The Principle of Economics remains standing. It can never be defeated. People can refuse to eat and die of starvation. Likewise the Principle of Economics can be sidestepped for a season, but when this insanity yields to Science the Principle of Economics is back on the agenda again. If Principle could collapse, and I mean any aspect of Principle, we would have no universe."

"Are you saying then that a worldwide economic collapse is impossible?" I interjected. "Are you saying that such a collapse cannot happen, because it is ultimately impossible for Intelligence not to be manifested? Are you saying that this is the promise of the black cross, because there can be no void in the universe nor on Earth by the same token?"

Steve nodded. "Wars always end and yield to peace. Sanity is the norm of the universe. The economies may be torn by greedy fools, but when there is no way out of the pit of the fools, except sanity, sanity prevails. Many people may die with the fools as they slander the Principle of Economics in their folly, but the design of humanity is taller than that. The human being is not a fool, and so the folly of empire always ends and yields to prosperity. The cycles of folly may repeat themselves with many dying in the processes, but no law exists that requires these cycles of hell to continue. They can be stopped. However, that day is determined by the strength of mankind's scientific development and the day is potentially near.

"Winning the gold medal here means that one replaces the illegitimate system of empire that is a dream built on dreams, with a system that reflects the Principle of Economics that develops the creative and productive potential of humanity," Steve continued. "Herein lies freedom and security of mankind which is ever within reach, because we are human beings. Winning also means that one takes the steps that cause the switchover to sanity before society dies of the consequences of not taking these steps soon enough. So, Peter, if you win in making the breakthrough towards taking these steps you'll live, and live abundantly. That's the gold medal. If you don't win that breakthrough, you'll likely die. That applies to all mankind. The amazing message of the crown is that we as human beings are all potential gold medal winners by being a part of the universe, reflecting the universal Principle that is reflected in all."

"You mean that if WE don't win the breakthrough this will happen," I interjected. I emphasized WE!

" No, Peter, the word is YOU," said Steve. "It is your life that hangs in the balance. This is therefore your problem. You own this problem. We all own this problem individually, but you must fight for the breakthrough as if your life depends on it, because it really does. So, who is the champion pioneer that you and we all must learn from? Who has had the best run so far towards winning the gold medal?"

"Learning from a champion requires a lot of discipline," I interjected. "The words disciple and discipline are closely related."

"Every champion is a disciple of discipline," said Ushi. "Nothing is arbitrary at the leading edge."

"I think this is what the American woman understood who wrote a hundred years ago that the universe would not exist without Love," said Steve. "In the real world every element of the Principle of the universe harmonizes with every other element, without exception. The essence is Love, the Spirit is absolute discipline. Discipline is key to the existence of the universe. It is the power for its being. It is its very heart. The American woman had created four major ways of addressing the great problems of the world that we now face evermore. At the lowest level she instituted a board of lectureship that owns the task of speaking the truth to society about the divine reality of man's being. When this process functions it will halt the grinding down of society by the forces of sophistry. The woman stipulated that the funding for this function has to come from the community where the lecture is given. The lecture presents to the community the platform for its freedom as individuals. Correspondingly, the process should be funded by those benefiting, the people in the community.

"For the higher-level approach the woman created a committee that she made responsible to specifically search for lies against the Truth in all public publications," Steve continued. "This tough task includes the additional challenge to have corrections published in the publications that published the lies. The committee that is charged in this manner operates on the moral line. Its function is to create a clean mental environment universally. Since the process is for the universal benefit it is funded by her institution that is focused on the universal welfare of mankind. However, considering the importance of this function, the woman assigned a five-times-greater salary for the manager of this committee than she had assigned for the directors of her institution. The high funding level seems to reflect the critical importance to nations and civilization to have the fundamental error corrected immediately before their consequences will harm or destroy society.

"For the third-highest-level approach to solving the problems of mankind," Steve continued, "the pioneering American woman established still another committee with still another function. This time the committee functions as a building committee. As you can see, Peter, the woman has addressed all the critical steps that we know of. She focused her efforts on protecting individuals and society against sophistry, then correcting whatever fundamental errors are infesting society, followed by the function to actively build the vitally needed structures of Truth and Love that afford proof their utility. She said that the building committee is a critical one and must have a minimum of three members."

"Like the three of us?" I interjected. "There are three of us in this room, two men and a woman."

"I think, Peter, she had something much more significant in mind. She put on record three types of discipline. She arranged them all into a lateral context with that building committee. The three types of discipline are: discipline in honoring oneself; discipline in honoring the human mission to advance the culture of mankind; and discipline in honoring our divine humanity that is reflected in the universal expression of the Spirit of Love, reflected in the Principle of the General Welfare and the Principle of Economics, the principle of advancing, producing, creating, discovering, constructing, and providing the funding for it all. The building that comes to light by the work of this 'committee of three hats' is, like the universe, built on the platform of real power, the power of Principle manifested in the sanity of divine Science.

"The woman didn't stipulate a specific level of funding for the building process," Steve continued. "It seems that she said to all mankind, 'How much is your life worth, and your having a future?'"

Steve pointed a finger at me. "What do you think the current funding level is?"

I shrugged my shoulders.

"You are absolutely right. The whole of mankind shrugs. The funding level is as zero," said Steve. "There is nothing moving on the entire front. There is nothing protected anymore anywhere. Sophistry has free reign to rule the world. There is nothing is there to stop it. Nothing is being corrected anymore either, nor is any scientific building going on to build a brighter civilization. The perceived value of mankind has dropped to zero, if not below zero into negative territory. Of course the result is that anything that has potentially any real value for society is thereby being dragged down to zero with it."

"Still I think the model remains for society to heal itself with," I interjected.

"Oh yes, the model does remain," said Steve. "So, tell me Peter, what is the actual value of Love? The universe would not exist without it. Mankind has proved to itself that it cannot exist without Love either, and that it cannot have an economy and a civilization without it. So, what is its value then? If civilization means anything at all, Peter, then the building committee has to function and get on with its task and be funded accordingly."

"You are asking me 'What is the value of Love?'" I repeated.

"This is not a trick question?" said Steve. "Asking this is the same as asking, 'how does one raise the value of Love?' How does one build a foundation for the fuller implementation of the Principle of Economics? How does one bring the Principle of the General Welfare ever closer into the foreground? Where does one start?"

I shrugged my shoulders.

"That won't do," said Steve. "We need a real answer. Consider that the Pharaohs had committed the crime of the circumcision on their slaves in order to prevent the Principle of the General Welfare from unfolding. Shouldn't we go in the opposite direction in support of the Principle of the General Welfare? They mutilated both male and female in pursuit of their goal. The Pharaohs were evidently aware that a non-mutilated society is invariably moved by the Principle of the General Welfare that is a part of a human being's humanity and would thus be moved to reject slavery. The Pharaohs were scared of this principle and its outcome. That's what I think. They might have already experienced that the slaves natural response to this principle wrecks the foundation for their slavery and their power. It might have been for this reason that the Pharaohs mutilated the slave society. They did it to protect the slavery. Shouldn't we go into the opposite direction and be scared of the mutilation that wrecks a people's natural response to the Principle of the General Welfare? The crime of the circumcision is still being committed and essentially for the same reason. Except the Pharaoh's crime is now perpetrated on a much larger scale than it ever was in ancient Egypt. We now have 800 million people living as victims of this crime. That adds up to a large battering ram against the Principle of the General Welfare and the normal functioning of mankind. It prevents economic development wherever the crime is committed, and enables the destruction of economic processes through looting and war. It prevents cooperation between people and nations and opens the gate to fascism and murder. America is a relative newcomer to this sea of victims, but a vigorous one. A hundred million of its men have been victimized so far. Now look at the consequences. Look at how deeply and how radically America has changed under this victimization. Everything is being destroyed that America once stood for. This deep-reaching transformation of America was accomplished in less than two generations. Then look at other cultures that were subjected to this victimization for centuries upon centuries. Some have yielded themselves to an almost total compliance in the near 100% range. Can you find any massive economic development there? No you don't. You can't. It doesn't happen under this deep victimization. You find wars, hatred, fear, and misery there. Some of the victimized cultures have totally vanished from sight. Then look to other cultures where the mutilation of the people goes even further back in history, in some cases extending for millennia. Many of these people have been hated and persecuted throughout history for their deep inhumanity and criminality of the type that invariably develops in the victimized cultures living in the shadow of the circumcision."

I turned to Ushi. "You've been around more than I have. Do you agree with Steve's assessment? I tend to agree by what I see developing in America that takes away all the pride we once had in our country. But I never heard anyone connecting that with the circumcision."

"That's because you don't listen," said Ushi. "Or more correctly you don't know what to look and listen for. The circumcised wear no badge; still the long-term victims are identifiable. They suffer from what one might call a culturally inherited mass psychological disorder. The victims typically have a grandiose sense of self-importance; are preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideals of love; they believe that they are unique and "special" above all other people, cultures and other races. They seek excessive admiration with a strong sense of entitlement. But even as they almost demand this slavish attention they are interpersonally exploitative and lacks empathy to the point of being arrogant and haughty in behaviors and attitudes. This seems to be the general consensus of a wide range of people that I interviewed, who had dealings with the victims of this inherited mass psychological disorder. It turned out to be much more difficult to interview the victims themselves."

"And it won't be easy either to heal the victims of their debilities," said Steve. "It will take a great deal of being in Love with our humanity to even begin a healing. America has been especially hard hit. Seventy percent of its men have already been turned into victims to this process that creates a hidden mass of involuntary slaves, slaves to empire. America has been shorn of what used to be its strength, which in America created a cultural wasteland of fraud layered upon fraud that destroyed everything, from education to science to economics to finance, including politics and our social structures."

"Don't cry so loud," I said to Steve. "America has only been 70% victimized by the mutilation, with 30% of its male population remaining whole. And those 30% are the majority. They are the remaining potential giants that constitute a vast majority in comparison with the 70% that have been lost to become impotent slaves serving the masters of empire. The potential giants outweigh them by a long shot. If they would awaken to their potential they would find a vast field of natural allies in the world that they could awaken with them, who would stand side by side with them, such as Russia, India, and China. These large blocks in the world have remained untouched by the circumcision, and so have Japan, Mexico, all of South America, and almost all of Europe. There is enough giant-power in this block to turn the tide against empire forever. But does it really take a giant to stand up in public and say to the insane we are not a British Colony; we are not slaves, servants of empire; derivatives gambling is over; the people come first; let the quadrillion dollar gambling casino go, and put the rest through bankruptcy reorganization to save what is necessary for people's living. If the growing fraud becomes a bomb that threatens to blow the global house down, as we have it now, it is time to let it go into bankruptcy before it explodes and blows up the world. It doesn't require a bunch of giants, really, to take those simple steps. It requires only a few alert human beings with a heart filled with Love, embracing mankind."

"Those who are in Love with mankind may appear like giants in a cultural wasteland," I said to Steve. "I real terms, though, it shouldn't even take an extraordinary person to recognize that one can't revive a dead horse by dousing it with blood, the blood of civilization."

"But what activates those little people to fall in Love with mankind and become the apparent giants that will redirect the path of the world to sanity?" said Steve. "They are presently all asleep in the dreams of sophistry, lulled by illusions that may yet kill them. How does one activate the giants in a world that has its cultural scene increasingly devoured by hate and fraud and senseless destruction, which is already so intense that the world turns dark. There is only one power that can turn this tide, as far as I can tell, and that power flows from the Spirit of Love, which is the Spirit that is reflected everywhere in the universe. The universe wouldn't exist without it. Neither can civilization exist without it. That is also the natural spirit of the giants. So the answer for the healing is simple. The answer is to move with the all-harmonizing Principle of Universal Love."

"Simple, you say?" Ushi interjected. "It is hard even as a journalist to find out how deep the mutilation actually goes, much less to reverse it," said Ushi. "Most of the victimized men have been mutilated at birth in order that they may never really experience the difference and know what they lost. They simply don't know what they might have had. Had they known this, I mean had society known what it would loose, the mutilation would have ended long ago. But how could society know, if the victims don't even know. Only in a few rare cases, when individuals have chosen to be mutilated in their later years, whereby they've been able to experience the difference, has the extent of the loss been experienced. Those few, of course, are hard to find, Peter, and most of them don't want to talk about it. They a ashamed for having made the tragic decision. The few men who have talked to me about their experiences say in many different ways that the difference is like stepping into a world without color. What angers them most about their decision to become mutilated, is the growing awareness that they can never get back what they lost. A very few admit with some hesitation that they actually lost far more than just the 'color' in life. They admit that over time a deeper sense of loss came to the foreground as their life became colder, and harder, and their living emptier. Some say that they focused on wealth as a diversion, which often meant stealing their wealth in numerous ways. Some also became focused on personal power, political power, and all too often criminal power. Only a very tiny minority among them hailed their newfound detachment from the normal human dimension. They hailed the mutilation, because the detachment it creates enabled them to impose on other people the hard choices that are associated with the processes of wealth building, which would normally be called stealing. Some say that when the human feelings are diminished it is far easier to impose the fascist measures that looting involve without to deal with the nagging feelings of remorse hitting them in the back later on. Some of these victims see themselves pre-absolved of any crimes they might commit, because morality no longer means anything. Some religions and masters of empire cater to this travesty and exploit it. Surprisingly, many who could recognize and understand the changes in their life could also understand the deeply rooted abnormality that they saw widely expressed in other victims. This too was almost a universal response that I got. I heard the same in Egypt, in the Middle East, in some parts of the Soviet Union, in Africa, and in Indonesia and Malaysia. One honest soul in the South of the Soviet Union, a university professor, coined the term 'inherited mass psychological disorder, to describe the effect that results from the mutilation. You would probably have heard similar stories from the victims in America if you knew how to find the few who have experienced the difference."

"Surely you see a lot of that openly reflected in America?" said Steve to me. "America is no longer the land of the free. It has become a land of the slaves, a land of the mutilated, a land of the tragic victims of a growing insanity, together with many other victimized lands. What Ushi discovered should be reflected in America too, considering the magnitude of the onslaught. But you are right, that not what we should be focusing on. The recovery has to begin with the giants starting awaken. Of course the mutilated people can be uplifted by this process too, once it starts rolling, because the real key to freedom lies beyond the biological dimension. The mutilated people can get there on the same scientific platform when it becomes advanced enough, which will awaken the giants. They may get there by a slightly different path perhaps, but by the same principle and the same light of Love."

"So, what are you saying?" I interrupted Steve. "If what you are saying is correct, what hope have we got in America where Love is written in very small letters, almost too small to make out in the overriding wasteland of fraud that our culture has become?"

Steve just smiled. "We have the hope of the black cross," said Steve.

Ushi raised herself up. "And what is that supposed to mean?" she said to Steve and shook her head. "You shouldn't be joking about these things," she said to him, shaking her head while she spoke.

"I am deadly serious," Steve defended himself. "The only real hope that we have is metaphorically represented by a huge black cross that the American woman that I spoke of has put on the plate of mankind. The woman has created a 16-verse illustrated poem. The illustration that corresponds with the element that pertains to the building committee shows a large black cross in the foreground of the illustration for the verse. In the middle of the illustration we see another cross that is overgrown with a flowering vine and is surrounded by nine birds. And high above it all, in the illustration, she presents a crown that focuses beams of light that touch the base of both of these crosses."

"Why are you saying that the black cross in the foreground represents the hope of the world? Shouldn't our hope be the light that is focused in the crown? Should'nt that be deemed the hope of the world?" said Ushi. "It doesn't make sense, Steve, to say that the black cross represents our hope."

"It would make sense to you if you were a nuclear physicist," said Steve. "But let me ask you this. Since I have already presented to you the basic facts of nuclear physics, let me ask you what the universe would look like without the numerous intelligent arrangements that reflect its Principle and its harmonizing Spirit that brings everything into a harmonizing relationship and thereby makes the universe able to exist? I challenge you to remove in your mind the harmonizing Spirit that shapes the universe, the Spirit which we call Love, and tell me what the resulting universe would look like."

"The universe wouldn't exist," I said.

"The universe would be a big black void," said Ushi.

"That's the significance of the black cross in the foreground," said Steve. "The black cross represents the black void that the universe would be without Principle, without Spirit, without Love, and so forth, and without the Intelligence that is reflected in them. Take away even a single element and the universe would be a black void. This is significant, because the universe does exist. The very existence of the universe therefore tells us that there has never been a single moment in which Love stood not at the center of everything, or that its Spirit and the Principle of the Intelligence that is reflected in all was not expressed. We gleam from this fact that the black cross, no matter how ominous it appears to be in the foreground, is nothing more than an illusion. That's the basis of our hope. The universe is not a black void. The black void doesn't exist. We do not have to bow to it. Nor do we have to create the Light and the Love and universe that is expressed in it. They do already exist and are a powerful force to be activated. That's the logic of the black cross."

"We can take from there and focus on what does exist," said Ushi. The American woman tells us that Mind cannot be unconscious. The black cross therefore represents nothing more than a lie, an error in perception. This means that the hatred of mankind, of itself and of one-another, has no foundation. In fact it has no foundation to become a trap. The trap has no power. This kind of un-consciousness that would be reflected there is not possible. Likewise, indifference is not possible, because intelligence is manifest in consciousness. Intelligence is Mind. There is no such thing as unconscious Mind, or lying Truth, or mutable Love. Accidents are not possible in Mind. Denials are not possible in Truth. Isolation is not possible in Soul. Death is not possible in Life. Discord is not possible in Spirit. Indifference, looting, and fascism are not possible in Love. Impotence is not possible in Principle. That is the universe of Intelligence, the universe where God is All-in-all. The black cross is not possible. We don't have to labor to make it so. This is our hope. Every aspect of the universe demonstrates the fact that what the black cross represents is not possible. The evidence is that the universe is undeniably real and its qualities are inherently reflected in us as a part of it, as it is in everything else."

"Since this is the bottom line," said Steve firmly, "we now have a basis for building up a Science that enables us to come to terms with this incredible reality; a science that bring us into alignment with it. The crown in the woman's illustration represents the absolute of Science, or divine Science. Science doesn't create the light. Science doesn't create reality. Nor does it create sanity. But it focuses the light of sanity into a powerful beam that illumines the human scene. The beam touches the base of the black cross. It also touches the base of the central cross that is overgrown with a flowering vine. The central cross divides the entire scene into two halves: an upper half dominated by crown that focuses the sanity of Intelligence, and a lower half that is dominated by the illegitimate black cross that represents all that is insanity. The woman, Mary Baker Eddy, who had commissioned this illustration has divided both halves into 56 parts each as an aspect of her structure of Science. She arranged them into four columns so that each column contains seven parts twice. She tells me with that, that all seven of the great aspects of the universe, synonymous with God, which Ushi had referred to, apply here. She termed them Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, and Love. And since she provided for seven terms twice he seems to say that these terms symbolically also correspond with the seven days of creation. She further tells me that these altogether come to light in Science as rays of light, or rays of sanity that open the gateway to Truth. In the light of Truth the black cross looses its supposed significance, being an impossibility that can exist only in the fantasies of insanity."

Steve picked up the woman's book again. "Listen this," he said. He began to read: "Divine Science, the Word of God, saith to the darkness upon the face of error, 'God is All-in-all,' and the light of ever-present Love illumines the universe." He closed the book. That's the definition of sanity. Love is absolute sanity. Without it the universe would not exist. It's light is reflected in us, but Science is what brings it into focus for us. She says that through divine Science, Spirit, God, the Intelligence of the universe, unites understanding with eternal harmony. That's how the universe operates, doesn't it? The rays of infinite Truth, when gathered into the focus of ideas, bring light instantaneously. That's the light of the universe and our light. And it is our peace. The calm and exalted thought or spiritual apprehension is at peace. The peace unfolds as Spirit, God, gathers unformed thoughts into their proper channels, and unfolds these thoughts like the petals of a holy purpose in order that the purpose may appear. Thus the dawn of ideas goes on, forming each successive stage of progress. That's in essence what the woman is telling us. Progress is the Principle of the universe. Principle doesn't fail, nor does it compromise. Light doesn't compromise with darkness. It shines right through it and asserts it vitality."

"It's amazing what this woman has put on the plate -- a hundred years ago, you said?" I interjected.

"And more amazing than this is that society has lost sight of it," said Steve. "Of course this is not an easy thing to come to terms with in the conventional sense of intellectualism."

"I hear her saying that if the black cross was real we would have no hope, because we would have no universe either. Since the universe is real, and its timeless Principle is real, we find in it the substance for our hope."

Steve nodded. "I think we find far more than just the substance of hope in it," said Steve. "We find in it the assurance of ever-present good. And that's a tough one too. The universe is not passive, but dynamic. Principle is not passive. It is active. Creation is dynamic not historic. In order to illustrate this point the woman has set up a Science that proves unmistakably that the black cross has no relevance or power and should not be brought into human living by any means of attempting such a folly."

"The challenge to undo the black cross that she laid before our feet doesn't end, dos it?" I said quietly.

Steve nodded as usually. "It doesn't, Peter," said Steve. "The woman made her vital point rather clear. She made the black cross the central aspect of the symbol of what she stood for. She made it the central element of her seal that she placed beside her signature. She made it thereby the very signature of her life so to speak, but even there it stands in the context of the rays of light, the rays of Truth. This she did from the very beginning. She put a giant seven-pointed star on the front cover of her illustrated poem and highlighted the seven-sided star with 56 rays of light emanating from it. The star emits the light. The star symbolizes the seven fundamental aspects of reality, such as Principle, Love, Spirit, and so forth. They are the light of the universe and of our world. The woman then applies this combination of the star and its light as the central feature of her personal seal. The seal is made up of a crown surrounded by rays of light, with a broken cross placed in the center. She placed this seal on the cover of her books of Science, as if to say to society, this is I a scientist and a founder of a new form of Science. This is what I stand for. She placed the large cross through the center of the crown on the seal, but in a slanted position indicating that it has been cut off."

"Where did I hear this before?" I said. "Maybe I have dreamed about it. It certainly makes sense. Rays of light are a perfect metaphor for representing rays of sanity: 56 rays of light, 56 rays of sanity, all focused by the crown of Science, the crown of our scientific and therefore spiritual humanity. The rays of light certainly wouldn't be a part of the black cross. Even I can see this. It would be insanity to think of light in terms of rays of insanity or rays of blackness. There is no such thing as rays of insanity. Insanity is not an element of Principle. Insanity has no quality. However, the light of Science does show that the black cross, which is insanity, has no foundation. That is like saying that sanity, which is coincident with Science, dooms empire as being totally impotent, showing that it has no foundation to stand on. That's elementary, isn't it? Even I as a little diplomat can see this."

Steve nodded and smiled. "You are wrong on one count," he said. "Your being a diplomat has nothing to do with being able to understand what is actually scientifically real. You can understand these things, because you are a human being. It is not possible that a human being is cut off from understanding the Truth that is reality. This applies to all mankind. There has never been a moment when insanity was real and has deprived mankind beyond recourse, or that insanity was actually possible," said Steve. "In later years the American woman, who was by then known all around the world by her name Mary Baker Eddy, scrapped a lot of the features of her seal and simplified the design, thereby making it more powerful."

"I think she wanted to affirm something that was being missed in society. She removed all the rays of light that had been surrounding the crown of Science and placed the seven pointed star into the crown, as if to say that the light focused by Science means nothing by itself without the seven aspects that reflect the nature of the Sublime, or God, that emit the light, as if to say that without the source of the light, we and the universe would not exist."

"So don't ever say or think, Peter, that there is no hope," said Steve. "Whenever you come into a situation where all hope seems lost, remember the black fallen cross that now stands in conjunction with the seven-pointed star, and note that the cross has been uprooted by the action of the crown. In the new seal the angle of the slanted cross matches the angle of the light that Mary Baker Eddy had previously presented in her illustration of it in her poem."

"I think she tells us that we can deal with the circumcision problem by raising the human scene scientifically above the biological level," I interjected. "The biological scene may look hopeless since the circumcision and its consequences are lifelong in duration and extend across a quarter of the world. But we can step above that hopeless scene to a higher level of Love, to an advanced sense of intimacy that is ultimately more powerful and productive and harmonizing than the biological sense is that merely puts us in the right direction."

"Isn't that also what Jacob's story in ancient Scriptures is about?" said Ushi.

"I believe Jacob's story is the first major story in the Bible that gives us a sense of the deep-cutting tragedy flowing from the circumcision," said Steve. "How the circumcision started is left to speculation since no written language existed in the early timeframe when it started. The 'official' story of how it started is likely the remnant of many stories being told and retold, which were obviously shaped and reshaped according to the 'political' trends of the time. The circumcision was most certainly not ordered by God, the Intelligence of the universe, as the official story would have one believe. Would God have said, 'Oops I goofed, I need you to apply an engineering change to yourselves in order to become better slaves?' The answer is obvious. Thus the real story of how it all started will never be known. But it is important to know what caused an tragic turn in history? Isn't it far more important to recognize that a wrong turn has been made and to deal with what resulted from it? Isn't it enough to recognize that the circumcision is the root of the now vast spread of countless forms of what may be termed culturally inherited mass psychological disorder that is causing great havoc in the world? Stepping from that recognition to the advanced elements of Science that can take the world out of this trend to hell is far more important than knowing where the trend began."

"Jacob's story might also be nothing more than just another a collection of similar politicized stories that are merely symbolic of the trends in those early days," said Ushi. "At least I like to see the story that way. Still, it is interesting to explore what the story is telling us. In the story Jacob was a rat. He conspired with his mother, deceived his father, cheated his brother, and when things got to hot for him, instead of facing the consequences he fled to his mother's brother where he was cheated in return. Then, years later, he managed to cheat his brother-in-law back. He married two of his daughters who were constantly locked into a rivalry with each other for his affection. In this environment he had twelve children, which made him a rich man, since human labor powered the family economy at the time and also provided security. We are told that after Jacob had cheated his brother-in-law he stole away one night with all his wives, his children, and everything he had. But he also got word on his way back home that his brother whom he had badly cheated was on the way to meet him with two hundred men. Thus Jacob found himself trapped. He couldn't go back, he had burnt that bridge. But he was also scared to go forward. So he stopped and struggled, perhaps for the first time in his life, with a sense of scientific sanity reflecting on his identity as a human being, and obviously everyone else's as well. In the depth of this struggle he assumed a new name for himself, the name Israel. A new name was customary when a man had changed. In real terms Jacob had emerged from his struggle as a new man. We are told that when he finally faced his brother the next day he kissed him and said to him that he saw his face as though he had seen the face of God."

"Can't this scientific transformation become also our story, even at this late date?" I said to Ushi.

Steve nodded. "But one can't get there without a precise struggle in scientific perception, and without a breakthrough from the heart," said Steve. "We are told that Jacob's achievement did not rub off onto his sons. When one of Jacob's girls fell in love with a young man from another village, her brothers threatened the villagers and said that they could not allow this to happen unless the villagers became circumcised like they were. If they did comply, the brothers suggested, they could intermarry. As it was the villagers had complied, but the brothers have had deceit in the heart instead of a sense of intimate affection. They came with swords and killed all the male villagers and destroyed the village and stole everything the people had. The woman that may have survived had nothing to live on."

"We have seen too many such scenarios threaded through the pages of history to the present day," said Ushi. "We see this very story reflected for example in the holocaust in Palestine."

"Be careful, don't become anti-Semitic," I interjected.

Steve just laughed. "That's not possible. How can we become anti-something that no longer exists? Which people today can trace their lineage back to the Semitic people? Who has a direct link back to the Akkadians, the Eblaites, the Aramaeans, the Ugarites, the Canaanites, the Amorites, the Ammonites, the Edomites, the Moabites, the Phoenicians, the Sabaeans, the Aksumites, the Bedouins, the Gindibu, the Lihyanites, the Thamud, the Ghassanids, the Nabataeans? I did a lecture on the subject not long ago. As far as I can make out most people throughout the entire Middle East don't even recognize the names of the ancient Semitic people. The ancient Semitic people are all gone, Peter. They apparently all became victims of the fascist type environment that is typically resulting from the long-term consequences of the circumcision. Most people in the State of Israel today appear to be converts, mostly to Zionism that is basically an artificial creation for the advance of fascism under the cover of religion and is built on the tradition of the circumcision. There may be a few Semitic people left in the Middle East. If they are they would most likely be found among the Palestinian people who have lived there for centuries upon centuries."

"That renders the State of Israel as the most anti-Semitic state in the world," said Ushi and laughed.

"That's not a laughing matter," Steve interjected. "Anti-Semitism is hate mongering; it's racism; it's the hallmark of a little mind; it's a slap in the face of God. I have great respect for the Jewish culture. The Jewish culture is one of the longest running cultures that I know of with a history that may precede the Pharaohs of Egypt and some of the Hindu cultures. Biblical tests suggest that it also had the longest continuous history of the circumcision being applied to its men, which makes it possibly the longest-running deeply victimized culture of Earth. The sexual mutilation may also have had multiple echoes in other types of mutilating victimization, which appears to be reflected in the far-flung bitter hatred, endless persecutions, and repeated holocausts as during the Spanish Inquisition and the Nazi Holocaust, which the Jewish people had been subjected to and been a part of. In the shadow of a such far-flung victimization, hate stinks! Compassion and devotion to healing would be the proper response. And this applies universally. Would anyone hate a cripple in a wheel chair as the American Negroes might have seen themselves in the shadow of the Ku Klux Klan? It took a long effort of patient compassionate healing in society on both sides of the fence to put this history out of sight and out of mind, but to a large degree that was accomplished and more is still to come. The Jewish history, especially the early Jewish history, in fact contains elements of universal significance with a potential for the larger healing of mankind."

Steve paused as if to search for where he might go with this.

"My historic friend Mary Baker Eddy had recognized the modern tragedy already a hundred years ago and laid a foundation for healing our deeply mutilated world," said Steve firmly. She focused on what appears to be the circumcision issue, and did son in the modern context and in a big way. The nine birds that she placed in conjunction with the central cross that I had mentioned earlier, the cross that is overgrown with a flowering vine, represent a link between the past and the present. Metaphorically the nine birds represent nine definitions for nine of the names of the children of the historic Jacob who gave rise to the name Israel. Mary Baker Eddy defined the names according to the perspectives of the two wives of Jacob who were struggling to find their identity and humanity in a Love-devoid environment that appears to be typical in the shadow of the circumcision in which deep intimacy can't flourish. In the wives' struggles there were times in which profoundly successful development of inner peace and security were achieved in spite of the multiple marriage in a Love-lean setting. This is significant for us in today's world as we find ourselves in situations similar to that of the two wives. While the two wives achievements were unsure and were hard to hold onto, Mary Baker Eddy put all of their struggles onto the plate for humanity to consider as a mirror for dealing with the multiple kinds of circumcision today that continue to create as similar kind of environment and on an almost the global scale. Mary Baker Eddy is therefore saying in essence to society, 'you deal with this scene scientifically and honestly, and if you do this successfully you will be able to survive the onrushing hurricane and block the march of global war and destruction that the ancient storms, left unhealed, have now brought upon us. She is telling us that although the details may be different today, the essential scene remains yet to be healed.'"

"Why hasn't she healed the scene herself?" I interjected.

"Oh she did heal it to a large extend," said Steve. "From the time that she made her first scientific breakthrough in 1866, till her death in 1910, the world had experienced the most extensive period of peace, humanity, and economic development, possibly of all times, certainly going back 600 years. The Civil War had ended in 1865, the year before her scientific work came to a breakthrough point. And even a few years prior to that, the British Opium Wars against China that had taken almost ten million lives, had ended just o her breakthrough in spiritual science. I believe the Opium Wars ended. Likewise the horror show of the Spanish Inquisition was shut down in the run-up to that timeframe, which had blacked the face of mankind for 350 years. It was as if the train of horrors had suddenly lost steam and stopped in that general timeframe. A new era had begun, that became the brightest for much of the world. Only after her death in 1910 was the train started up again in a big way. The startup appears to have been driven by the forces of the circumcision. This starting up should have been prevented, Peter. But it was allowed to happen. Actually the turning point had already been paraded before the world with the terror of event of September 1901, the black-day event when President McKinley was assassinated in the Pavilion of Music at the Pan American Fair in Buffalo New York. Mary Baker Eddy changed her seal to the simplified version in the shadow of this terror event. As I said, the new seal takes the focus right to the fundamentals. This shift, that might have come as an intentional response, appears to have kept the world's peace intact for another dozen years, lasting until three years after her death. Then all hell broke loose again. Today, after two enormously destructive world wars, the price is still being paid for society keeping its eyes closed. The lesson has not yet been learned, even while we see the next world war already looming on the horizon. The lesson that she put before us needs to be learned, Peter. This is becoming evermore urgent."

"It wasn't her fault that society couldn't open its eyes to what lay before its very eyes," said Ushi. "Don't blame the pioneers if society doesn't care to follow. If indifference is one of the symptoms of modern sophistry, we seem to be even more stuck in this 'mud' today, up to our eyebrows I would say, because we still seem unable to move, except moving backwards. America's mass circumcision didn't take off until the start of the Cold War. It may still be increasing. The storm surge that she warned us about is drowning us."

"We are about to change that," said Steve. "We are about to get real. The American pioneers said loud and clear that Love is the Spirit of the universe. Nuclear physics now tells us the same thing. So, when is it a good time to move with that and put Love on the front burner? How long would we want to wait and wait for what? I think the time for corrective scientific action is now."

"Oh' it's high time alright," I said. "We face 65,000 nuclear bombs for a war that might end all human history. Yes I think it is time to do something meaningful? Yes, the time has come. Having 65,000 nukes hanging over our head is scary."

"Is this what you think the emergency is bout, 65,000 nukes?" said Steve. "That's not the worst of it by far, Peter. There is still too much sanity and strength left in the world for the nukes to be our worry at this stage. There are worse things on the horizon with more unpredictable consequences."

"Worse things?" I repeated in a questioning tone.

"The sexual mutilation of society and what comes with it is just the beginning, Peter," said Steve in a tone as though he was delivering a lecture. "There are three worse projects under way. The one that is the most advanced of the three, though it is still in the beginning stage, might bring the whole house down. Officially it is called the Green Revolution. We need an honest Green Revolution for better food production. But hidden behind the scene we find the hands of empire forging horror projects with genetically mutilated food-plants and animals that can be used for debilitating purposes similar to the Pharaoh's circumcision. One of these are the already patented infertile grains that cannot be used as seeds for next year's harvest. The terminator seeds, as some call them, mutilate the natural agricultural system of self-sustaining harvests. When one single private company controls 80% of the world's seeds that produce harvest that cannot be self-perpetuated then the natural system on which agriculture has so far depended, has been mutilated. In addition, the mutilated plants with terminator seeds may spread their disease into the natural biota through cross-pollination that may cause many natural species to become self-terminating. Since plants are our primary food source, mutilating them may result in run-away genocide. Mutilating food, of course, offers a great long-term potential for depopulation, when placed in the hands of empire as we already have it. Genetic mutilation of food plants might also become abused for mind control and for targeted sterilization. Mutilated foods have already been engineered to become spermicidal, which can be applied on populations without anyone knowing it. Your food plants might even be engineered to alter the way you think, like drugs do. They might also be engineered to slowly kill you. An American researcher sent me a copy of his research notes on genetically modified potatoes. Even he suggested that they should really be called genetically mutilated potatoes, because their very purpose for supporting life has been mutilated. His institute had raised a group of baby rats on a diet of genetically mutilated potatoes. Half of the rats died in the first three weeks. The researchers performed an autopsy to determine why they died. Believe me you don't want the read the report or else you'll never eat potatoes again. Maybe they improved them somewhat since then."

"Steve, we are having potatoes tonight," I interjected.

Steve just laughed. "Don't worry, Peter, we don't grow GM foods here in the East. The Soviets won't allow it. They do want to keep their populations alive and well. Unlike as you have it in the West, monetary profit doesn't rank high here. Monetary profit certainly doesn't rank high enough to damage the population's health for. Money isn't that important here, especially sine nobody has a lot of it. Of course, when you are going back home again to the USA, you won't ever know what you eat. The product labeling laws prohibit the identification of GM foods, or even non-GM foods. The laws only allow the labeling of biologically grown foods, meaning foods grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. But the labeling of genetically mutilated foods is not allowed anywhere, as far as I know. They say the GM labeling would be bad for business. And, Peter, don't drink any milk, or eat beef."

"How can a person get by without milk?" I interjected. "Milk goes into everything. It's the same with beef."

"Believe me, that's a challenge you want to solve," said Steve. "Cows are subject to genetic engineering too, for the sake of profit. An artificial growth hormone for cows has been invented that is being fed to cattle. The manufactured hormone has been implicated in a wide array of health issues including some serious ones both for the animals and for anyone who consumes anything from the animals who are fed the hormone. That includes milk and meat products. The artificial cow hormone that gets into the products is said to be responsible for premature puberty in children, colon cancers in adults, prostate cancers, and of course breast cancers. The hormone is also said to cause increased antibiotic residues and elevated levels of a potent cancer tumor promoter. I would call it a crime that this manufactured hormone is sold to dairy farmers where it forces the cows to increase milk production by about 10%. For this small increase the animals are exposed to genetic changes that tend to cause lameness and reproductive issues, and other diseases. The manufactured growth hormone is also said to cause serious issues with women who consume products pervaded with the hormone. The artificial hormone tends to interfere with a woman's complex and sensitive hormonal system. It is said to affect even human reproduction, such as causing increased fertility as has been experienced. Of course, Peter, you can't live without beef and without milk in your diet. The human body needs animal proteins. But you can't live with them either when they come from mutilated animals. This means you have to stop the mutilation."

"But that would hinder the war of empire against mankind," Ushi cut in.

Steve nodded. "Oh yes it would. That's why no one stops it. And that is just the beginning. You may not know this," he said to Ushi quietly. "There are two more forms of mutilation in the works that will wreck the integrity of the human system even more deeply than genetically mutilated food. These additional forms are forms of psychological mutilation. The electronic hardware for these advanced projects doesn't exist yet, but it will exist soon. The plans are presently hanging in limbo, but the time will come, Peter. And when the time comes, the targeted kids and young people will go out of their way to subject themselves to the projects that will mutilate them, and they will do it by their own volition and pay large sums of money for it. Both projects will be targeting the young minds of society for the deepest-ever psychological mutilation. One of the projects pursues its target with mind numbing video games, and in some cases killer-games. Some researchers are already so strongly opposed that they want to shut the project down before it gets off the ground. They fear that the effects of the mind-mutilation might be lifelong and be so deep-reaching in its cutting into an entire generation that the consequences are potentially unimaginable. They've seen evidence that the victims tend to become increasingly disconnected, and not just from each other as the slaves in Egypt, but from life itself. The project is designed that they will loose interest in living and caring, in creating, producing, exploring, and making discoveries. They become addicted instead to having their minds taken away from them, including the responsibilities for their development and so on. The game becomes everything to them and reality fades out of sight. The addiction to this mind-mutilation is expected to become so deep that the victim soon won't have enough sanity left to step away from it if they wanted to."

"It appears that the mind-mutilation process will create perfect soldiers," I interjected.

"And perfectly controllable citizens,' added Ushi.

"It may even create mindless criminals," said Steve. "If you consider that the circumcision has created a sea of youngsters that are psychologically impaired and are living typically with post traumatic stress disorders, as medical searchers suggest are common among them, and then add intensely demanding games to the mix of traumatic stress disorders, even killer games that are directly keyed to this environment, and you open the scene to those ethnic cleansing holocausts that have become common now in more and more places, such as Palestine, the Balkans, central Asia, and many parts of Africa. The mutilated then become stone-cold killers, as well as liars and deceivers. Wherever there is an insane wave of killing going on, you'll find the mutilated victims driving the show.

"In addition there is still another project planned that will take the mutilation of the young people one more step down this road," Steve continued. "This next step is designed to mutilate the youngsters' sense of individuality as unique human beings. The reported goal here is to turn them into drones. The project is still vague. It may be implemented by means of wide-ranging social networking projects that will replace the kids' native individuality with a form of mass conscience and mass identity that is focused on maximizing personal popularity and popular opinion - all artificially engineered to be 'politically' correct, while being socially inhibiting. This project for this mind mutilation appears to be designed to function in a manner that the kids won't want to live without it while they loose their Soul as individuals in the process and become slaves to mass manipulation. They literally give away their heart."

"This may not happen," I interjected.

"It won't happen if we prevent it," said Steve.

"I wonder if the Pharaohs had any sense of the depth of the horrors they had started for mankind?" I said quietly.

"Not in their wildest dream they did," said Steve. "But today's masters of empire do know what they are doing. They are fully aware of it. But we are aware of it too and are fighting back. We are not rocks in the field that can't control their destiny. We can uplift ourselves on the wings of Love onto a whole new platform for living. It may take a bit of an effort, but we can do this, can't we?"

Steve said nothing more after that, as if nothing more needed to be said. After looking at me for a few moments in silence he stood up and went from the kitchen into the living room, the good room. I followed him briefly. He had gone to the window and leaned out, sniffing the wind as he might have done on any other day. He took up the entire window.

"Don't you think, Pete, that the time has come to start a renaissance in the way we regard one-another socially as human beings?" said Steve quietly. He spoke to me from the window without turning around. "Just as the proverb says that all roads lead to Rome, every thread of Science leads us to Love as the Spirit of the universe, a quality of Intelligence without which the universe would not exist. Since our precious societal values aren't real anyway that aim to keep Love small and confined - as you said they won't allow us to be honest with ourselves - what do we have left then that is real? What do we have, but the Truth of the universe, the Truth that we discern in Science? The Truth is also what we find reflected in our humanity and reflected in our loving of one-another? If we follow this trail, Peter, I think we stand a good chance that it gets us back to something that is real. This something that is real, at the center of it all, is Love. We always come back to that."

Wow! "But what is Truth, what is Love?" I said to him after pondering the question myself for a few minutes. I spoke to him from the kitchen by then, from where I had gone back to help Ushi.

"Society developed the most advanced concept about Love in 1648 with the Treaty of Westphalia," said Ushi to me in the kitchen, loud enough for Steve to hear. "That has put the concept of a broad universal loving on the table."

"Yes, but that was applied only at the political level," said Steve from the living room. "This leading edge concept never filtered down to the grassroots social domain. The social domain hasn't had a real renaissance in the entire history of mankind as far as I can tell. Mary Baker Eddy achieved a great thing religiously and scientifically, but even she didn't create a new renaissance at the grass roots social level."

"Are you surprised, Pete?" said Ushi. "It wasn't her job to do this. Living at the leading edge is our task, Peter. It is everyone's task. She created a higher level platform for it. But the living on it has to be done individually. Being in Love is an individual thing. The current social-value system defines loving as a collective thing by collective rules that predetermine every aspect of social living. When this happens Love is reduced to a theatre script for role-playing."

I shook my head. "Still, you may be right," I said.

"Now tell me," said Steve, "how many people do you know who would agree with us on even this simple point that our modern day societal values aren't real and haven't been real for a very long time? How many people do you know, Peter? A hand full?"

Steve came back to the kitchen where leaned against the doorframe again. We were still waiting for the potatoes to soften up. Everything was ready now to be dished up, except the potatoes. Too much talking had interrupted the final stages of getting the dinner started.

"For years I've puzzled why World War I was not avoided," Steve continued while we waited. "The facts should have been obvious. The goal was to destroy the industrial capacity of Central Europe. The people at this time had dared to draw up plans for a railway link that would have connected Germany and China across the vast expanses of Asia, and another link reaching down to Baghdad. The British Empire quickly destroyed this hope. World War I was fought primarily to prevent this project as it would have challenged the British Empire's dominance. You probably have heard the phrase, ^Britannia Rules the Seas.^ The Empire couldn't allow its dominion to be broken with such long-ranging internal developments over which they had no control, and on such a vast scale. For this reason the empire destroyed the European and Russian industrial machine. World War II was fought to make the very idea of a Eurasian economic development an impossible dream to even contemplate and for a long time to come. The empire nearly succeeded. But why didn't anybody see this coming? The Empire's goal should have been so obvious. Everyone should have recognized what the nationalist rampages were all about that had set the nations at each other's throat. It started in the shadow of Palmerston's Mazzini youth movements that danced to the fiddle of nationalist sophistry. My point is, the people of Europe and Asia had become trapped into a narrow-minded nationalist self-isolation that was thrust upon them just as society is still isolated socially into a sea of tiny little empires that they aren't allowed to see beyond under the dictates of social values."

Steve continued after we checked the potatoes. "The Second World War was probably fought in order to depopulate the European part of the world of its finest men, and of course, to destroy the nations' economies once more. The Empire knew that after a really big war the Trans-Eurasian Railway project would not become feasible again for a long time. The oligarchy couldn't have been more blunt in forecasting their intentions. Every element of their plan had been out in the open in some fashion. Still, nobody had seen past the facade. Nobody moved against the unfolding madness. Everyone was focused onto the tiny little enclave of their domestic concerns. Thus the world was set up to be destroyed for a second time without anyone touching the core issue."

Steve came to help us drain the potatoes, though anyone of us could have done this alone. "The three of us together would have prevented World War I if we had been around, then," he commented and laughed. "People didn't see past the glitter of nationalism that had been whipped up by the Mazzini networks. The German people imagined that there was a totally different plan in progress than the one that destroyed their civilization. They were like lambs ready for the slaughter, and they were slaughtered by the millions. The same happened again when World War II was staged," said Steve. "People didn't react. This time they were slaughtered by the tens of millions. If they had only opened their eyes, they would have discovered the real game. Of course, can we say that we are any better in our present world?"

"We are just as blind in our present world," said Ursula while she was bidding us to be seated. The food was now the table.

"Why has nobody seriously considered the world's nuclear weapons in this manner?" said Steve? "Are we facing today's danger of a nuclear war and the dangers resulting from biological mutilations any more intelligently than the people had faced the developments towards the previous world wars? I think the answer is, no! It is a miracle, actually, that we are still alive," he added as he was filling our water glasses.

"Then tell us by what miracle is it, that we are still alive?" I asked. We were getting seated. "What did we do? We must have been doing something right," I said. "But what did we do?"

"We haven't done anything right," Steve answered my question. "We can't say that we have done anything right until this game is over and the world is at peace. Remember that it won't be over until it's over. The war danger won't be over until the foundation is eradicated on which it is founded. No miracle has occurred. The game is still on. In fact, we are teetering at the edge of a cliff."

As we were helping ourselves to the food, the conversation was still going on. Ushi urged us to help ourselves generously. The table before us was a festive scene. It was decked with a white embroidered tablecloth, with real silverware, crystal water glasses, and two white candles in the middle.

"The war danger won't be over until we see a new renaissance unfolding throughout the West," said Steve. "Only then can we say that there is hope on the horizon."

"Ah, but I see movements towards this happening in this room," I countered Steve. "Things are moving everywhere here."

"Especially in this room," Ushi added. She urged us once more to help ourselves while the dinner was still hot, and wished us all "guten appetiet."

This wish was not required. Nothing could have spoiled so lovely a dinner, except a lot of scary talk, and this was now suspended.

The focus was changed. We drifted back into the polite world of meaningless smalltalk and lovely little gestures portraying a scene of imagined serenity. Steve got up and put some music on, a Mozart piano concerto. The music created an interesting and gentle atmosphere.

From: The Lodging for the Rose - Episode 1: Discovering Love


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