Three Keywords: Soul, Truth, and Love


Ray's at the River turned out to be a neat restaurant with large windows looking onto a park-like setting of trees larger than the building itself. The only thing that I couldn't see was the river. Maybe the river was behind the trees, but who cared? We, ourselves, were they key attraction. I expected to meet Nicolai dressed as a naval officer, through that wouldn't have been appropriate in America. Instead he came dressed in a black suite, white shirt, a bow tie, his hair neatly combed. He bowed to Heather when I introduced her in the dim light of the restaurant, surrounded by a sea of green that provided a most intimate setting for a restaurant, that is, though it was still widely open to the outside. It also came with that puzzle in the air of where the river might be. Heather blushed when Nicolai bowed.

"I am glad you are not one of those perverted gangsters of the Warming Earth Society," said Tony to Nicolai and began to laugh.

"Ah, I see, you noticed that I am not wearing a pinstriped suit," said Nicolai and began to laugh.

"Nor do you qualify for the modern day Flat Earth Society," Tony replied. "You are smiling. Those people don't." Then Tony started laughed as if this were a joke. He told Nicolai that the Warming Earth, or Flat Earth, Society has been very successful in getting the people of the world to believe in their lies that they desperately want the world to subscribe to. "Like the people of the Flat Earth Society in times past, they are fully aware of the truth, I mean about the coming ice age, but they don't want anybody else to accept it," he said. "In real terms, this mean they are scared of the consequences when humanity begins to recognize the truth and respond to it in economic terms. This would mean, good bye oligarchy. It would mean humanity would marshal its resources to prepare itself for the changing conditions brought on by the natural astrophysical cycles of the universe. Thus the Flat Earth people of today have created a set of double lies. They draw the public's focus unto a myth so that people won't be tempted to even talk about the coming problem of an Ice Age. In fact, they have forbidden discussions on the subject and related subjects. The second lie, of course, is the myth itself."

Nicolai liked Tony's analogy with the Flat Earth Society. "The reality is, there is no global warming, and there won't be any for the next 100,000 years until the next interglacial period comes around again. The Warming Earth Society may be successful in achieving the economic austerity it wants to create by convincing the world to voluntarily shut down most of its fossil fuel energy production on which people's livelihood depends, and to burn food as fuel. But no matter what they do in their lying insanity, the Warming Earth Society can't alter the fact that humanity cannot live without energy, and that the only resource for energy right now exists in fossil fuels until nuclear energy is more fully developed. Nor can the Warming Earth Society people alter the fact that they are forcing humanity to lay itself down to die at the very moment when its economic mobilization is essential. They want us to believe that this is the right thing to do. They can lie about the truth, but they can't change its reality. Neither can we face the fact that we have to live up to our responsibility of facing the truth. We can't run away from the Ice Age, but we can become intimate with it, and finds ways to live in its shadow."

"And that means real living," said Heather, looking Nicolai in the eye. "It means intimate living. Economics is an intimate thing. No one stands alone. We either work together and support one another in developing our individual potential, or else we die together."

"We've been given eleven millennia to build ourselves up to the task," said Nicolai. "Now it's exam time. In my book that means action, decisive action, powerful action, the kind of action that enables us to face the coming Ice Age and say to it: Where is they sting? That, Heather, is economics. But will be pass the exam? That is the question that interests me. If we confidently answer, yes, based on what we do, then what we do qualifies to be called economics. I see no evidence of this happening. I see mankind walking in darkness at the edge of a precipice. The sooner this condition is healed, the greater are our chances for survival."

"Are you saying that without this healing these no survival possible?" interjected Sylvia in a note of astonishment.

Nicolai said that this was a good question that everyone should consider. "Is it possible to build the vast infrastructures that are needed without a highly developed platform of economics?"

"The answer cannot be, Yes, in the face of empire," said Heather. "That has been my personal experience. That's not a theory."

"But neither can the answer be, No," said Ross. "If we say, No, then we forfeit our future. And this leaves us only one option, to let go of empire, to shut it down, to purge it from our thinking and acting. Then we can answer, Yes!"

Nicolai nodded and smiled. "The Warming Earth Society may well be able to impress most of humanity with its lies," said Nicolai, "but it's lying won't alter the astrophysical facts that determine the Earth's future climate. And that is where the curse of empire begins. The curse of empire is its lie. It spews out lies about manmade green house gases that it says threaten a catastrophe of global overheating. But 97% of the greenhouse effect is caused be water vapor that is enormously effected by what happens in the galaxy. The carbon gases that the empire lies about add only 3% of the total, and of that the man-made contribution amounts to only 5% at the very most. And that's too minuscule to be even measurable, in comparison with the galactic influences that are large and always changing. The Ice Age cycles are one of its unavoidable cyclical effects. The Earth has been in an extended Ice Age for two million years. The glaciation get interrupted periodically, with warm periods as we have now. But this one is ending. Our climate is in the transition zone to getting back to normal. Normal means that Ice Age glaciation is the predominant state of our planet. The brief spells of warmer climates that interrupt the glaciation are the anomaly. This means we have to become an Ice Age Truth Society. And in a remote sense we have been that all along until the global warming doctrine was interjected to disrupt our growing intimacy with the universe. People have been searching to discover the cause of the Ice Ages since the mid-1800s. It was around this time when it was discovered that the eccentricity of the Earth's orbit around the Sun is shifting back and forth by about ten million kilometers in roughly 100,000-year cycles. It was thought that this causes the Ice Ages. Some time later three other major astrophysical cycles were discovered with a duration of 43,000 years, 26,000 years, and 22,000 years. The famous mathematician Milutin Milankovitch added these to the 100,000-year cycle to further explain the Ice Age cycles. So, we've been at this for a long time already. But these are merely baby steps, which reflect not the actual cause, but side effect of it. And nobody has so far seriously considered how we get through a hundred-thousand-year deep freeze with the global agriculture failing, which is barely sufficient now, mostly because it is badly managed. If we blow this one chance that we still have to prepare ourselves for the coming cold climate, human civilization as we know it will be lost, gone, and be forgotten. The challenge that we face is that serious, folks."

"We either win this one together, or no one will," interjected Sylvia.

Sylvia had come with us. She rarely does for 'diplomatic' business. But this one was special. Nicolai had sort of summoned us. Fred didn't even complain about having to find backup personnel. Ross had come, too. Sylvia wore a dark blue dress, and I, of course, wore the standard pinstriped suit. Ross merely wore a sports jacket, no tie, as though he was on his way to each a class in nuclear physics.

"We won't get rid of the global warming hoax for as long as the Big Bang Cosmology rules," said Ross. "The rulers of empire need the Big Bang nonsense because it breaks up the whole cosmos into isolated little planets and suns which are bound together only by gravity, the weakest fore of them all. They need the Sun isolated, and the Earth isolated from it, so that human activity is the only factor they can blame for our climate changes. They need this in order to be able to stop out human development, thus to prevent another renaissance that would end the rule of empire forever. The Big Bang theory is the cancer in science that is killing mankind."

"The Big Bang is a lot of hot air," said Nicolai. "Do you want me to demonstrate it?"

"What did you have to eat before you came here?" Heather interjected and smiled. "You don't have to demonstrated it, but I do hope that the masters of empire will let the Big Bang go with a bang and blow the door open for science to explore the plasma universe, which is far more interesting any Bib Bang ever could be. Plasma makes the universe an intimate place."

"Actually the Big Bang theory explains nothing at all," I interjected. "It suggests a primordial explosion that created and expanded the universe. But where did the principle come from that caused it? Did the principle come first? Then the principle would be without its expression, and so it wouldn't exist. But the universe does exist. Since the principle and its expression are one, they both existed forever in a constantly self-developing fashion. One might say that a wind of change swept the universe and change happened spontaneously. The Physicist David Bohm once described the visible universe as but ripples on a vast sea of latent energy. And we are all part of this ever-changing pattern of universal rhythms. Life is a step in its unfolding. Mankind is another step in its unfolding. Love is still another step. And so, the more we know, the more intimate we become with ourselves and one another. The galaxies and clusters and clusters of galaxies aren't rushing away from each other, but are bound in a continuum that has no beginning in terms of a beginning before which there was nothing."

"It's the same with economics," said Heather. "There is one principle and one expression, and the outcome is a vast development of good. Now, we've scrapped the principle of economics almost everywhere, and the outcome is a big zero. Nothing works. Living becomes a pain. Wars happen."

"That is the reason why we have to get ourselves moving again, scientifically, like Steve did," I said to Nicolai and us all. "We have to be at the leading edge and bring humanity up behind us. Nothing less will do. We have to act with our highest perception and literally change the world. That is what's required."

Tony, who overheard my words of wisdom to Nicolai, simply laughed. "Didn't I hear this before?" has said and grinned. "Didn't you tell me the very same thing a dozen years ago at the Sand Castle, on the morning when Heather walked out on us? You spoke those fancy words then, about scientific principles, about leading edge perceptions, about taking the lead, but your bus got stuck even then, and it has remained stuck, hasn't it? You never really got it moving again? Not even the party on the rooftop is as lively anymore than it was. Sure, I agree that we have to get the bus moving again, but how?"

"This, my friend, is what I am trying to figure out," I said to Tony.

"Figure out?" Tony repeated, in a sarcastic tone. "You need to get back to the drivers seat. That's what you should do, for starters. Just do something, and do it right for once."

I just shook my head.

"Oh, is it too hopeless?" Tony replied. "Nobody is responding to us anymore? Who wants to be on a bus that is stuck, Pete?"

I didn't answer him.

"The world has need of us, hah!" Tony said sharply and laughed sarcastically. "I think it is the other way around," he added. "Do you remember our time in Venice? You had something to give to the world, then. Where is the fire now, Pete?"

Ross agreed with Tony. "In those days we had a tremendous response," he said to Nicolai.

"That's just the point," I argued back. "The principle that was involved is still valid. It will always be valid. Nobody owns it. Universal unity is as valid as the Sun that is always shining. We can choose to go out into the sunshine and enjoy a rich life, or we can isolate ourselves from this principle and pretend that it doesn't exist in the real world, as we seem to have done. And unity does begin with intimacy, and this means digging down to whatever is actually real. No Big Bangs, no miracles, just science looking for reality. Once we find it, we will find that we all live on a lateral plane. And if we want the world to be brighter, we simply have to make it so."

"If empire impedes us, lets heal ourselves of this cancer," Heather interjected. "Let's clear the landscape. But what about us? We sometimes behave a lot like mini empires. Maybe the principle of intimacy is an impetus for clearing the landscape. What stands in the way should be let go."

It seemed that we weren't talking to Nicolai anymore.

I suggested to Tony that he was wrong. "The bus didn't get stuck when Heather walked out. The bus got stuck the day I came back from Russia. It got stuck when my affair with Anton had failed and Steve and Ushi had moved away."

I said to Ross that I had held on to the little that has been accomplished in Moscow, but didn't go further with it out of fear that even this would go away.

"Including Heather?" Ross asked.

I replied with a nod.

"Is she that precious to you?" Ross inquired.

"She is all I have left of what was built up in those days. The intimacy, the little there was, is all gone. There isn't enough remaining for building anything on, much less the kind of movements that are needed to change the world."

"There has never been enough there!" Ross corrected me.

"It's like you said," Nicolai replied who had overheard all of this. "You can choose to isolate yourself from the real world and wrap yourself up with dreams where nothing is real and nothing is moving you ahead, or you can take the faint spark that you still have remaining in your heart, and use that spark to light a fire so that humanity will discover its riches. What you evidently had discovered was a touch of great riches. Even a spark must have seemed like a miracle. But you forgot the principle of economics. A spark is nothing if it doesn't create a renaissance."

Deep down inside me I knew that he was totally right.

"Isn't that also the fate of our country?" Sylvia interjected. "Our country was born on the spark of the universal commitment of the nation to promote the general welfare of all. But this spark ahs been attacked so many times, there is little life left in it. The constitution is dead. The heart of America is dead. We have a President and Vice President who lie, steal, and rape the nation with terror, who make war, destroy the economy, and have committed so many crimes in our name that our language has no terms to adequately describe the criminality."

"Get rid of the men," said Nicolai.

"We can't," said Heather. "Our country has cancer, and that cancer boils down to just two men. Those two have already millions of dead corpses to their credit and the destruction of our country and several other countries around the world, but we can't get rid of them. The road is blocked. We cannot get them out of their seat of power. We cannot heal ourselves of that cancer. Maybe we have a rotten Constitution, Nicolai, which makes it too hard for us to unseat them."

"No, you have a good Constitution," said Nicolai to Heather. "It raises the bar for you. If the nation becomes intimate with itself in what its stands for, nothing in the world can hinder its self-determination. You are only impotent, because your people are all isolated from one another. That is the cause for which the Soviet Union fell. The Soviet Union had no nation standing behind it. The Union had become a club of complainers, not builders. America may fall for the same reason. It is already falling. Just look into yours streets. Look at the homeless. An intimate society cannot have homeless. America is far from being an intimate society. In Russia, America has become regarded as a joke. You have a criminal running the country and nobody cares to step in to correct the situation. Your Congress won't act, because it's owned by the empire. So, why don't you get rid of the empire? In an intimate society empire cannot rule. That would free your Congress to act. If we had built a platform for intimacy across the Soviet Union, the Unions would still stand, and stand taller than ever before. The Soviet Union fell in what might be described as a mental ice age environment. America is its mirror image. So, don't blame your Constitution, blame yourself. Blame your lack of intimacy as a nation."

Heather almost has tears in her eyes when Nicolai said these things, but then she smiled. "We lost our country when we let go of our industries," said Heather. "That's when it started. My husband had been a process engineer in a steel mill. They shut the mill down. We lost everything we had, and finally our marriage too when the stress became too great."

"They did the same in science," said Ross. "Science exists mainly to rubber stamp imperial policy."

"It won't be easy to get this back," I added.

"Unless we pull out all the stops," said Sylvia.

"If intimacy is the principle we should be fast learners," said Heather and smiled. She looked at me. "We had experience once along this road."

"In this case, let's get back to it," said Nicolai. "But let's raise the bar. Let's take a five-day trip to Smoky Mountain. I hear they have a great network of trails there. It will be three days of tough hiking. Are you up to it? We can rent the camping gear."

While we made plans as our meals were being served.

"The blackened steak, Sir," the waiter said as her served us.

"Did you ordered this?" Heather asked Nicolai.

"It is customary for the host to supply the meal. It also a challenge under the principle of intimacy," Nicolai replied. He turned to Tony. "It's pepper steak, Tony. They make it as fine here as it gets."

"The blackened steak, Sir," the waiter said as he served Tony.

"The wine is red, a Cabernet Sauvignon," said Nicolai as the waiter opened the bottle.


Long before the meal was concluded, the fading daylight became intermixed of with a thousand tiny lights mounted in the tries outside the great window wall. Candles augmented the dim and cozy atmosphere of the restaurant. It gave Ray's at the River a private mood. The stakes were followed up in due time with dessert, Vanilla Caramel, more drinks, and more conversation. The conversation became more inwards oriented.

Nicolai picked up a napkin and began to draw on it. "We face the greatest challenge of all times, to heal mankind while there is time to do so. Before I left Russia, a friend from Germany gave me three keywords. She said that these three keywords had actually been developed into a single complex in America, more than a century ago. She said that on these three hang civilization. If we let go of them civilization is lost. If we move with them the healing of mankind is within reach. She didn't say how this would be. She just gave me the keywords. She said I needed to develop them in my own way. The three keywords that she gave me are, Soul, Truth, and Love." He wrote the words down.

"Now what is this supposed to mean?" said Tony.

"All right, let me hear suggestions," said Nicolai. "Give me synonymous terms for Soul."

"Heart," said Tony. "If I do something with the utmost devotion to the task, I do it with my heart and soul. If I understand something with my whole heart, nothing can overturn this understanding."

Nicolai wrote the term down beside the keyword, Soul. "Anything else? Anyone?" he said and looked up.

"Intimacy," said Heather, turning to Nicolai. "If I look you in the eye I see behind it a beautiful soul, a heart aglow with wonderful qualities that appear so real that one can almost touch them."

Nicolai smiled and wrote the word intimacy beside the word heart. He looked up. "Is this all?" He looked at me. "There is one more, Peter. What is Anton struggling with?"

"This has to be sovereignty," I replied.

Nicolai nodded. "Anton was raped by three uncles and also sort of by her mother. She knows what it is like to live without sovereignty. Being raped rips ones soul out, and more so if one is a child and the thing goes on for years."

I raised my hand. "Say no more," I said. "She told me. She doesn't know how to get her sovereignty back."

"Sovereignty prevents rape. This means she was doubly raped," said Nicolai. "And that is what the uncles of empire want to do to all of Europe with the Lisbon treaty. The treaty is designed to create a World State Empire in Europe without sovereignty for any nation so that the nations can be raped at will by the uncles of empire. The goal is to eradicate the very principle of the sovereign nation state, to eradicate the national parliaments, the national constitutions, and democracy itself. The treaty is designed to do to Europe what Anton's family did to her, and to do it without recourse. The treaty may fail in Ireland, and in Anton's case the uncles didn't fail in their destruction of a person's sovereignty. Anton has been struggling with this ever since I've known her. She wants to marry me, but she is afraid of loosing her sovereignty again."

"This means that she never really found it," said Sylvia. "If one understands ones sovereignty with all ones heart and soul, one won't be afraid of loosing it, because then it cannot really be lost."

"So you see, there is a lot attached to the keyword, Soul," said Nicolai. "But the big thing is that you cannot have one without the others. Soul, heart, intimacy, and sovereignty all flow together into one, and the keyword, Soul, as a capital term covers them all." He turned to Heather. "If you loose your intimacy with yourself you loose your sovereignty, and vice versa. But there are also opposites. Sovereignty prevents rape. What are the others."

"Intimacy prevents fascism," said Heather. "That is why the Dictator State dehumanizes and terrorizes everything. Blocking society's intimacy enables the general acceptance of fascism."

Nicolai nodded and wrote fascism under intimacy, and rape under sovereignty. "What blocks the heart?" he said.

"Hate blocks the heart," said Ross. "But hate is prevented by spiritual and scientific awareness."

Nicolai wrote, hate, under heart. "And what is the opposite of Soul? What does Soul prevent from gaining a foothold?"

"Soul prevents Zion," said Tony. "Doesn't everybody know this. Zion is the term for inner emptiness."

Nicolai wrote the word Zion under Soul. "All right, let's do the same for my friend's second keyword, Truth. You know the pattern. I want to hear three synonymous terms in the same sort of order so that they can be interrelated. So, what's synonymous with Truth." He looked at Heather. "You should know that," he said.

"I would say, economy, honesty, and integrity. All of these qualities express Truth. What do you think?" said Heather.

"What I think is not important right now. I'm just the scribe. This is your exploration," said Nicolai. "But do the three terms match the above?"

Heather changed the sequence. "Honesty goes with heart," she said, and economy with intimacy. Integrity reflects sovereignty. That's a good match."

Nicolai wrote the words down. He turned to Ross. "Give me their opposite."

Ross smiled. "Under Truth write lies," he said to Nicolai. "Under honesty write property. Under economy write profiteering. And under Integrity, write deceit."

Nicolai wrote the words down. "That's interesting," he said. "You are correlating Zion with a lie, hate with property, fascism with profiteering, and rape with deceit. That's interesting. How about the third keyword, Love?" He looked at me.

"Write generosity under heart and honesty," I said to him, "and write healing under intimacy and economy, and for the third one write freedom under sovereignty and integrity. I don't think we can speak of love without it being expressed in generosity, healing, and freedom."

Nicolai nodded. He turned to Heather. "What about their opposite? What do these qualities block or prevent?"

"Love prevents empire," she said cautiously. "In this case Zion, the lie, and the empire are all related. This means that they all must be blocked together, or else we won't get rid of either one." She pointed to Tony.

"The opposite of generosity is poverty," said Tony, "because generosity prevents poverty. And that puts poverty into the context with hate and property. That's interesting," he said and pointed to me.

"Put injury under healing," I said to Nicolai. "Healing prevents injury. And that puts injury into the same category as fascism and profiteering. Yes, that's interesting. It means that we have to deal with all three, or else we'll get nowhere." I pointed to Sylvia.

"That's easy," she said. "Write imprisonment under freedom, because freedom makes imprisonment impossible. And that puts imprisonment into the same category with rape and deceit. That's interesting indeed."

"There should be a forth keyword," said Ross. "There has to be something there that represents the hell we made on Earth."

Nicolai wrote down, Hell on Earth as another keyword. "Can you define it?" He said to Ross. "What should its attributes be?"

"We have already defined them," said Sylvia. "These are the attributes that have written underneath all the attributes of the keywords. These are the elements of our hell on Earth that the attributes of the keywords block and eradicate. We have taken them out of the hell so that they can be scientifically dealt with in conjunction with the powers that can block them. Nothing more is needed. The task that Nicolai has put before us is complete."

Nicolai nodded and signaled the waiter. He handed him the napkin. "Do you have a copier in the office? Could you make me five copies please?"

The waiter wore a big smile when he returned when a few minutes later. He handed napkin back to Nicolai with an addition he made on the napkin in his own handwriting, which appeared also on all the copies. Bedside the keyword, Love, he wrote, "Love is omnipotence." Beside Truth he wrote, "Truth is omniscience." And beside, Soul, he wrote, "Soul is omnipresence. Bedside, Hell on Earth, he wrote, an opportunity for scientific omni-action."

Nicolai looked at the addition, nodded and smiled. "That's interesting," he said as he gave us a copy each.

"And will there be anything else?" said the waiter to Nicolai.

"Oh yes, hot chocolate as a nightcap for everyone," said Nicolai and handed the waiter a credit card. "Please put it all on that, and add yourself a tip as well. I leave the amount to you."

The hot chocolate promptly came, and so did the bill for Nicolai to sign. The tip the waiter had assigned to himself was not excessive.

"What would you have done if he had charged you twenty percent for a tip?" asked Heather.

Nicolai smiled. "This never entered my mind. When he served the steak he addressed me as, Sir. When he asked if there would there be anything else, he omitted the Sir. He spoke like a human being, and so, I treated him as one. A healing had taken place that made this possible."


We were late getting back to the hotel that night. As Nicolai had promised we were off the next morning for the long four-hour drive to Smoky Mountain National Park. We decided not to go camping. There were plenty hotels in Getunburg. That's where we stayed for the entire duration, but we loved the trails nevertheless.

The trail that we liked started at the highest point, the lookout point called Clingmans Dome. The Dome isn't a dome really, but a 54-foot observation tower at 6,643 feet. It is accessible by car, of course, except for a steep half-mile train to the top. That is where the Appalachian Trail crosses at the highest point of its 2,144 mile length. We came both for the hiking and the view. They say on a clear days one can see 100 miles in every direction, across seven states. But there wasn't a clear day among the few days we had. We had to be happy with a viewing distances of only 25 miles. But what did this matter? We were hiking on top of the world. The trail follows the rest line of what seemed to be the continental divide. It took us on a tour in the wild open, scenic, pastoral, landscapes of the Appalachian Mountains. We were in forests, with open spaces, at times high above the clouds, sometimes at the edge of a precipice.

"We have three days on the mountain," said Nicolai in the car. "We have three keywords to explore, and three columns of their attributes. We explored the model last night that holds them all together. Now we have time to explore the details."

The exploration began that very evening. We all stood together on the observation platform of the tower on Clingmans Dome, watching the sunset. Right in the midst of the peace of the gentle evening Nicolai reminded us that we hadn't come for a holiday, but had come in response to what appears to be the gravest situation in the history of the world, a situation that needed a thorough exploration. "The world needs our help," he said. "It needs the help of everyone who calls himself a scientific pioneers, who is able to stand at the top of the world and is able to see what few people ever bother to look at. As scientists we are mountaineers. We stand in the sun, defy the weather, brave the winds. Few people do this, or even care to do this. They live in their small house, with their small concerns. They say what I can't see won't hurt me, and so they take no interest in protecting themselves. Germany was destroyed that way. Hitler wrote is famous book, 'Mein Kampf,' which means, 'My Fight,' or more correctly, 'My Project.' He spelled out in this book his policy of intention. The writing wasn't just on the wall, written with almost-invisible ink. It was printed in black and white and mass-produced. But tragically, few people stood in his way when the madman was set up by the Illuminate Empire to become the 'king-pin' for creating their coveted World State Empire of Europe. They saw in him the little fool whom they aimed to control. They failed to do so. But the German people saw even less. His dream was to steal all the lands of Europe and build an empire with the force of raw power. He should have been stopped in his tracks, but he wasn't. If the people would have stood on the mountain top like we do, he would have been stopped. He wasn't stopped, because people lived with nose to the ground. Germany was being raped by the Versailles Treaty, and then they were raped again by Hitler's sophistry and by the money flowing into his coffers from the Illuminate Empire. World War II was started in 1933, not 1939 when the first bullets started to fly. The world is standing once again at the 1933-type precipice and nobody can even see it, or dares to look at it. The writings have all been written. The ink is black on white. The policy of intention of the Illuminati Empire is known to every man woman and child. It spells out a horror infinitely greater than what Hitler dreamed of. It spells out a future so radically unrelated to human living that most people close their mind to it, just as they did in 1933. And so the doors remain open for this unimaginable future to unfold.

"We are standing in the sunset today," Nicolai concluded his little speech. "What remains for us to decide, is whether the sunset is going to be the prelude for the coming night, or the prelude for the dawn of a new day. We have the power to decide that there shall be no night there in which civilization would likely be lost forever. But will we step up to the plate? This is the question."

Nicolai's little speech had the effect of pouring a cold chill over the happy atmosphere at the end of a long journey. We had stopped twice on the way to the park, once for lunch and once for an ice cream cone. Finding a nice Motel turned out to be not a problem. Everything had gone our way. We even had enough time left to drive to the top for the sunset. Nicolai sensed the effect of the shock he had caused, so he said nothing more on the subject, not over dinner, nor in the morning over breakfast. He didn't touch the subject again until we were on the trail. Of course we all expected it. After all, that is why we were there.

"The empire is in a crisis," said Nicolai after we were fifteen minutes away from the parking lot. "Last July the empire's global financial system started to unravel. It wasn't unexpected for those who had eyes to see. Nor is the empire ruled by blind men. The unfolding crisis forced then to accelerate their program to consolidate the world domination that they know they must achieve in order to survive. The timing of the unfolding crisis might not have been expected by them, because it was caused largely by their own madness in the financial games they forced upon the world. The accelerated timing forced them into a type of end game before they were ready for it. Now they are desperate for winning to avoid losing everything. The situation is that critical for them. Their desperate effort to ram the Lisbon Treaty through in the parliaments across Europe must be seen in this light. But they are loosing control. Their financial foundation is crumbling under their feet. As soon as that began, they hastily reached out to start a big war that we might not have survived, but that failed too. It was spoiled by American patriots. On the financial front they face LaRouche's call to the nations to take their currencies back and put the entire, already bankrupt, imperial monetarism through a bankruptcy process to save the nations and the chartered banks, but not the gambling houses that are also called banks. And now, their last straw, the Lisbon Treaty, their most desperate effort to consolidate a World State Empire, is in trouble. It may be rejected. That is the light in which you need to look at the oil price increase in the empire-controlled speculative system, from $50 to almost $150 per barrel, which occurred in that critical timeframe, and the even larger increases in the price for basis foods. With the empire fast loosing control on so many of their vital fronts, their end game becomes evermore paramount for them as their last hope to save themselves. And that my friends looks ugly for us, because there are far too few people opposing them on this front, which makes it critical for us to block them, because nobody can survive their policy of intention. Their policy of intention is, and they have stated this many times in many ways, printed in black and white, to depopulate the planet to less than one billion people. With their end game unfolding, their policy of intention is in the beginning stages of being implemented."

Well, Nicolai, succeeded once again in delivering another shock, because nobody spoke after that. It took half an hour at least before Sylvia broke the silence. "I never heard of any attempts being made to start a big war that we might not have survived," said Sylvia quietly to Ross.

"Oh, you would have read about it in the papers if the plan had succeeded," said Ross. "Of course you can't expect to read about secret operations in the newspapers before they happen, and even then you only get told a bunch of lies. But LaRouche warned strongly all they way through July last year, urging the immediate impeachment of the war makers. But nobody acted. The empire had blocked the impeachment process. The military buildup against Iran went into high gear. Then the word came out near the end of August, first from Britain, from the home ground of the empire. An 80-page report was released that America has the military might in place to wipe Iraq off the map in three hours, or in three days at the most. It said, everything was in place, waiting only for the President's command. The very next day the President made a speech before a high level foundation in America, saying that, because of Iran's refusal to dance to the empire's dictate, the Middle east is now in the throws of a nuclear holocaust. The following day a B-52 bomber had 12 long-range stealth cruise missiles mounted under its wings as Minot AFB, six of then fully armed with nuclear warheads with the combined potential of 90 Hiroshima fires in destructive force. The bomber was flown to Barksdale AFB the next day, which it's the strategic jump-off base for bombing runs into the Middle East. The next day LaRouche delivered a radio address to the nation, appealing to people's patriotism and for society to step away from partisan politics to save the nation. He spoke in the context of the financial crisis that is always driving the strategic crisis. He never mentioned the B-52 affair. But somehow the message was understood. The B-52 was blocked. Five days later its appointment with Armageddon was called off. The official story is that it was all merely a mistake made by a few airmen. Of course, these things that violate dozens of interlocked regulations and safeguards in the extreme, don't happen by mistake. Of course mistakes can happen, but not so many in a cascading fashion and all perfectly timed to huge political events. These things don't happen, unless they are ordered to happen."

"It shows how desperate the empire has become to advance its end game," said Nicolai. "Since patriotism had blocked their game on this round, they launched the Lisbon Treaty to achieve open dictatorship across Europe. But this too isn't going well. That is why they are so desperate now that they are going all out in reaching for the throat of mankind by the few things they still control, which are the commodity markets. They are falling back to what they said from the beginning is their prime policy of intention for assuring their survival, the policy of depopulation. What is happening on this front is a clever imperial attempt to achieve mass-death by profiteering. As soon as the Lisbon Treaty was staring to falter, they launched this new madness to assure mass-genocide under the cover of profiteering. After all, anything is allowed in the name of profit. This is a lullaby that society has been put to sleep with for decades already. Now the killing has begun. 900 million are presently starving while the oil and food prices are driven up and up. There are food riots going on in 33 countries. But this is only the smallest part of the game of empire. Death by profiteering is only one of three elements that we identified according to our three keywords. The other two elements are death by injury, and death by fascism. The masters of empire are moving full steam ahead on these two fronts as well. What we are seeing now in the price-gauging arena is not a natural trend in demand and supply imbalance. The world hasn't changed ago enormously in so short a time to justify these vast increases. What we are seeing is an intentional process to cause depopulation by genocide on the full front on which this is possible. It's mass-murder on a gargantuan scale, all legally implemented for saving the empire. It's legal, because the empire now owns the law and society believes itself to be impotent in the face of it."

Nicolai stopped walking after he said this and put an arm around Sylvia. "We can block these games if we are of one mind," he said to her. "It only took a few people to block the B-52. We are enough right here in our group to change the world if we are of one mind - the mind of Intelligence - because by this the world will feel the substance of its own link to this universal Intelligence and become inspired by it to act accordingly. We are not impotent as human beings. No human being is impotent. Together we are a power that can change the world."

"If it is intentional, we can block it," said Sylvia.

"We can block it in any case," said Nicolai. "There is nothing we cannot do, if we put our Mind to it. It is really the empire that is impotent on this issue. They made their intention known already half a century ago. But they filed to implement it. In 1951 the empire's great 'pacifist' Bertrand Russell wrote that war is not enough to achieve the goal of depopulation, that other means must be found. Some time later the empire's prince, Prince Philip, the Royal consort to the monarch of the British Empire began saying in many ways that he wants 80% of all people in the world eliminated. He wants them gone, killed, starved to death, ravished by diseases. He published in a foreword he wrote to a book that if it were possible he would ask to be reincarnated as a particularly deadly virus in order to be able to effectively contribute to global depopulation. Since such a re-incarnation is evidently not possible as everyone knows, he is in effect saying to the world: sorry folks we have to do this in some other way. And that is what we see being implemented by the policies of the empire that owns him as one of its top agents. It's the empire that wants 80% of the people of the world killed and is now pursuing its goal through death by injury, death by profiteering, and death by fascism. All of that is now on the fast track, but it will fail as it must because no fundamental principle supports that kind of madness. And that is why it hasn't succeeded yet, and never will if we keep our heads held high and assure that those planes continue to be blocked."

"The prince speaks like Malthus once spoke," said Ross. "Except the policies he projects go far beyond anything the deadly hand of Malthus had ever caused to be implemented."

"Oh yes, we identified the princely process last night," said Nicolai. "The empire has moved far beyond Malthus, but so have we. The empire is presently implementing the model that we defined as the third category. They are not stupid. They know what principles support civilization, and how to undermine them to destroy it. But we know the model too. The empire aims to achieve the death of five billion people by means of implementing the counter-elements that we identified last night in our third category. This means inflicting death by injury, death by profiteering, and death by fascism. The process has already begun. But we identified the keyword attributes of the Intelligence that powers the universe. These aren't our keywords, as though we invented them. But we can use their attributes to block the empire's murderous project that goes far beyond Malthus. Malthus has failed, and so will the modern Mathusians fail. We will assure that, because we can see through their game and draw a line that they cannot cross."


We had planned for three rest stops that day, picnic stops actually. A Deli down the block from the motel had readymade snack packs advertised, made to order. All we had to do, was to oven the wrapping and eat. Rye bread, sausage, lettuce, whatever we had specified, everything was there. Juice, extra water, lots of water had been added. Water was said to be scarce at the crest on the high trail of the Continental Divide. The lack of water was made up by plenty of spectacular vistas.

We found a meadow of sorts for the first stop, with a ledge to sit down near the edge of a cliff where nothing was beneath our feet so it seemed that were precariously dangling over a wide-open space. A breeze of cold air came up from the forest below.

"Don't you love the fresh clean air?" said Heather. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"I would be cautious if I was you," said Nicolai. "The air may not be as clean as you may think. The air around the entire world has been poisoned and may never come clean again, at least it won't be for a long time. The world has changed since the DU wars began. DU is uranium. When packed into bombs the uranium explodes on impact into a violent fire that vaporizes the stuff into radioactive dust that is smaller than light so that no eye can ever see it. The dust becomes invisible and becomes suspended in the air. When a DU bomb is dropped and explodes the uranium simply disappears as if it was taken out of the world. But isn't taken out of the world. It becomes an invisible part of the air that people breathe. The radioactive stuff gets stuck in the lungs, causing cancers, and pollutes even the cells, right down to the reproductive cells where its damage results in the most unspeakable birth defects. This invisible gas-like radioactive poison remains suspended in the environment forever and keeps on killing for billions of years. This means that fresh air that you enjoy may not be clean air. In fact it ma be deadly air. Of course, it is more deadly not to breathe at all. Unfortunately, that's what we're stuck with for not acting soon enough to prevent this global pollution."

"I didn't know that," said Heather, trying to hold her breath, which she couldn't for long. "We can't just leave the planet. The planet is our home. That's all we've got. How can they poison the only place we have?"

"How can they?" Nicolai interrupted her. "That's easily answered. Their intention is to kill you. The DU wars intentional. The masters of empire knew exactly what they was doing when they packed 2.5 million kilograms of uranium into bombs and dropped then onto Iraq and Afghanistan. They knew that this amount is the equivalent amount of uranium that would be contained in 400,000 atom bombs. They expected large consequences to result from their poisoning of the world. They expected all of the kinds of horrors, cancers, and diseases that we now see. Except they expected much more of the same. They were disappointed not to get what they hoped for. They only got a ten-fold increase in diabetes from 30 million cases worldwide to 230 million cases. It has been suggested that they expected twenty times that many. They were even more disappointed by the number lung cancers that have so far resulted. They only achieved a six-fold increase in the USA where such records are kept, rising from 175,000 new cases per year to 172,000 new cases over just two months. I have been told they also were disappointed that the global presence of radioactive dust in the atmosphere didn't have radically mutating effects on airborne viruses. They expected a great variety of new infectious diseases to result, such as the bird flu. The bird flu was expected, since the birds live in the air, but they expected more of the kind. They also expected a greater debilitating effect on insects and bees, and also on plants, such as the emergence of new types of wheat rust. Of course all of these things might yet happen."

Nicolai paused for sip from his juice container. "This thing gets really ugly from here on," he said. "I've been told through links across the grape vine that the empire had demanded its various agencies to launch the Iraq and Afghanistan wars primarily as an experiment to explore what one can 'achieve' with the radioactive poisoning of the atmosphere. I was told that they had expected the poisoning effect would be more regionally contained, but at the same time be more widely spread at the local level. They expected it it to be more tractable as a regional weapon. To get an idea what they mean with this, just picture in you mind a wide circle drawn around both Iraq and Afghanistan. These circles overlap across India and reach deep into China, central Asia, and Russia, and of course cover all the oil fields in the Middle East. They were disappointed that these regions didn't end up being largely disabled. This is the most likely reason why they now have a hundred-times larger dose of the poison put in place for the next war centered on Iran and North Korea. In this case the circles shift a bit, but their geographic coverage remains essentially the same. Or it might even be a bit wider. So the game gets evermore insane the more one looks behind the curtain, meaning that Iran is now set up to be destroyed as a convenient target to defeat Russia from the outside without attacking Russia directly. Doing this would blocking Russia from retaliating. Korea has been set up in the same manner to become the target for the destruction of China. We know that the empire has 65 million kilograms of uranium built into weapons pre-positioned at its three Air Force bases in South Korea. If that is the pattern there is probably ten times of that pre-positioned all around Iran. What's stockpiled at the three USAF basis in Korea is equivalent to the uranium content of ten million atom bombs, and in the Middle East there might be ten times more. All of that adds up to a huge time bomb in the empire's war against life itself. While this sounds insane to a normal person, it doesn't in the empire's mind as is evident in their physical preparation for injuring the very principle of life itself. That falls therefore under the category of death by injury. However the empire says: that's not enough."

"Of course we can block this madness," said Ross. "If this chance didn't exist we wouldn't be here. The B-52 affair has been blocked, probably by quite a few patriotic elements working together."

"Much more than this remains still to be done," said Nicolai. "The empire won't end its war against mankind for as long as the empire exists. If we remain as complacent as we all have been for far too long the empire will take us all down into the grave to be joined by them. Where insanity rules no one is safe. We have to prevent this. Russia and America must join hands to end the age of empires, or else we'll be sharing a common grave."

When we continued our hike, Ross pointed out to Nicolai that America and Russia had joined hands on many occasions, or else neither nation would exist anymore. When America was in dire straits in the Civil War, Tsar Alexander II offered Lincoln the command of the Russian Navy to prevent the British from entering the war. The British were kept out thereby and the Union won. And when Russia was under attack by Hitler, America provided logistical support to Russia. In each case the common enemy was the British Empire that had arranged the conflicts. To block the impending injury of mankind we need to revitalize the principle of healing and that starts by finding our common ground as human beings."

"Aren't you forgetting something?" said Sylvia to Nicolai when we reached our next picnic spot.

Nicolai just laughed. "That's not possible," said Nicolai. "I am not your guru, instructor, teacher, or anything of the sort. We are all in this together. We all face the same threat, the same challenge, the same responsibility, as does every human being on this planet. I share what I know about the threat, the challenge, and the responsibility in the hope that we get something set up to build on. If you have a contribution to make, tell us about it."

"The process of causing death by injury appears to have another vital aspect to it that needs to be looked at here as a parallel process to the radioactive pollution of the atmosphere," said Sylvia.

"Are you referring to the genetic pollution of the world food supply?" Heather interjected.

Sylvia nodded. "Nicolai had mentioned this earlier, briefly, but I think he knows far more."

"Don't we all know far more about it already than we are willing to admit?" said Heather. "To admit this puts us to shame for not having done enough to heal the world of this madness. We know for example that the huge food cartels, which operate like empires, have created certain variety of grains with special characteristics, which they were able to register a patent for. We also know that these grains have been genetically engineered to cause infertile harvests, so that the farmer can no longer use his harvest as a source for seeds for the next crop, but has to buy them from the cartels. We know that this breaks the foundation that the entire world-food chain has been built on since the beginning of agriculture. We know all of this, but we don't do anything about it. Where then do we find the greater madness? When the cartels withhold their seeds, the entire grain harvest can be collapsed. We are insane to allow the cartels of the empire have that much power that can starve billions of people to death at will. Grains happen to be the world's number one food source. It something interrupts the grain harvests, billions will die. We have literally given the empire a weapon to kill us with. Tell me we are not insane?"

"We are not insane," said Nicolai. "That is why we are here."

"I see far greater dangers than those," said Sylvia. "I am a gardener, and as a gardener I know that cross-pollination happens on a far wider scale than we suspect. We know that these terminator seeds cross-pollinate into the wild grains and plants. Are we looking at a time bomb here?"

"I have asked the experts at home," said Nicolai. "They are scared, but nobody really knows. But they do know one thing, and they all agree on that, that we shouldn't tamper with the integrity of life that ripened to perfection over hundreds of million of years. Sure, we have power over nature, should we used it? A single person with a single match can start s fire that can burn an entire forest to the ground. Fortunately nobody is as insane yet to do this, but we are allowing this very thing to be done with our food supply, and potentially with the entire botanical world. There is a massive healing required, of this insanity. Re-engineering the botanical world is insanity. We have no idea how many Pandora boxes we allow to be built with these arrogant processes. Once they are beginning to break open, there is no stopping what comes out of them in terms of calamities. Some people in the intelligence community believe that the masters of empire do this madness on purpose as a part of their unyielding plan to eradicate over five billion people. The plan is officially called population reduction to a level below the one billion mark. They believe that a permanent feudal system can be maintained at this level of poverty. The intelligence community sees evidence for this in the empire's huge effort in building the Svalbard "Doomsday Seed Vault."

"The project is called the "Svalbard Global Seed Vault," Ross interjected. "It a seed bank built inside a mountain on Spitsbergen Island a thousand kilometers from the North Pole. Svalbard is one of the world's most remote spots, a barren rock in the Arctic Ocean ceded to Norway. The seed bank has blast-proof doors with motion sensors, airlocks, and walls made of steel-reinforced concrete one meter thick. The vault contains three million different varieties of natural seeds from the entire world so that crop diversity can be restored following a disaster. It has room for 50% more. The seeds will be specially wrapped to remain fertile for a century. There will be no full-time staff. The required temperature for the vault is passively maintained by the arctic climate inside the mountain in which it is located. This leaves one to wonder what kind of future the seed bank's sponsors foresee. What would threaten the already well-protected national seed banks around the world?"

"If this was a U.N. project controlled by all nations on the planet, I would hail the effort as an assurance for the future," said Heather. "But as a private effort, run by the same empire that produces the terminator seeds, it scares me. My former husband's dad what a farmer who was ruined by these people. Their fascism destroyed our family. Now they are about to do the same thing to family of mankind. It scares me to even think of it."

"It should scare you," said Nicolai. "My contacts in the intelligence community tell me that the arctic seed vault might be a part of the empire's biological warfare project for their war against mankind. The empire presently operates over 500 bio-labs with the mandate to develop new diseases that can used for biological warfare, for which countermeasures can be applied to protect selected populations. It appears that the project isn't going too well, so that genetic engineering might be pursued as a backup option. It appears that tremendous 'progress' has already been made on the genetic front. Some varies of corn, I was told, have been developed that excrete a germicidal substance to render the men in selected populations infertile for purposes of population control. But does anybody know what happens if this genetic mutation that is applied to the corn cross-pollinates into other plant species and is carried with the wind over long distances. This all by itself could wipe out over 80% of mankind, and it might become irreversible. Nor does anybody know what effects on the human body the genetic mutations have when the genetically mutilated plants are digested. In a study where rats, and those are hardy creatures that often live in sewers, were fed the standard commercially used genetically modified potatoes. The test subjects were found to have smaller livers, hearts, testicles and brains, and had damaged immune systems, and even showed structural changes in their white blood cells making them more vulnerable to infection and disease compared to other rats. And it got worse after that. Researchers found enlarged tissues and intestines; liver damage and a proliferation of stomach and intestines cells that suggest risks for future cancer. And all of this happened after 10 days of testing. Are we surprised that more and more health problems are erupting all over the world? The genetically mutilated foods saturate the global diet. Most foods sold in supermarket now contain genetically mutilated substances. Officially its called the Green Revolution, but in real terms it is an open-door policy to an early grave. In a study in Russia, pregnant rats were fed a diet of genetically modified soybeans. Half of their babies died in their first three weeks of life. That's six times the normal rate. Maybe the food-wars genocide of mankind has already begun. And those direct dangers are only a part of the food wars. The empire has also been exceedingly successful in modifying the soil microbes, most of which are essential to plant life. Again, that's a part of the Green Revolution, but in the background the genetic mutilation also developed antibiotic properties which continue to propagate even after the microbes die. We may be seeing another time bomb in making here."

"The big question then is, do the masters of empire know that they are playing with potential time bombs in all of these areas?" said Heather.

Ross just laughed. "Of course they know. That's their game. What they dreamed off fifty years ago, reaching for ways to wipe out 80% of mankind, is now becoming possible. I would say the process has started."

"When one destroys the integrity of a well-developed complex system, one destroys the system," said Nicolai. "That's elementary. Even kids can understand this. Countless films have been shown in recent years how entire areas of the oceans can be devastated by over-fishing a single species that is a part of a large complex system. The empire merely applied the same process to destroying the integrity of the biological world that is our food supply system."

"How long will it take than for the time to hit us when people can no longer buy food at any price, or would even want to?" Sylvia interjected.

Nicolai smiled. "If we do our job, this question won't need to be answered. However, for the moment, with the masters of empire being as insane as they are, and mankind being as indifferent to their madness as it is, which is insanity in a different form, I would say the empire is succeeding. So the day may come. But we can also block the process and heal the world of this madness. Since nobody knows how far the game has already progressed in destroying the integrity of the natural system, I was say that an appropriate emphasis on the needed healing is absolutely essential. And the keyword here is Love. We identified death by injury as one of the challenges for healing as an attribute of love. Without this attribute of love we cannot survive."

"As I recall we have listed integrity as an attribute of Truth," I said to Nicolai, but glancing at Heather. "We have put this attribute of Truth into the third category together with sovereignty as an attribute of Soul, and freedom as an attribute of Love. And I also think that the attack on the integrity of the natural system that we are a part of is as old as the hills. It's not a modern phenomenon. We have evidence of it happening already in the very earliest of biblical times. Only then it may have happened unintentionally. Nevertheless it happened, and we still feel the consequences of it. In fact the phenomenon of empire itself may have been a consequence of it."

"What on Earth are you talking about?" Heather interjected.

"I am talking about something that appears to have happened in the tri-river valley of Mesopotamia," I said to her. It may have happened in the aftermath of the great flood, of which there were probably many in the early times during the interglacial optimum when we had rivers flowing in the Sahara. As the people were recovering from one of those floods, having been devastated, loosing everything they had, one of their spiritual leaders, perhaps a person like Abraham, might have counseled to move to higher ground, and not just physically, but also spiritually. He might have pointed out that the human being is something greater than a breeding machine or an animal that is limited to certain resources for it living. He might have suggested that the human being is a highly intelligent being and they therefore have the capacity to develop other resources for living that are more secure. He might have counseled them to let the old ways go, to cut them off, to start a more spiritual type of living, and he might have added that this would please God and would make them special to God. Except the leader appears to have created a grave problem with that approach. It appears that the people were not sufficiently spiritually minded to hear what the leader was really saying. They perceived themselves as material beings in search for spirituality, rather than as spiritual beings with the capacity to uplift their material surroundings with spiritual ideas. By perceiving themselves as material beings in search for spirituality they went into the opposite direction and sought spirituality by cutting away the most treasured aspects of their material existence as a sacrifice to their God. I believe this is how the practice of the circumcision started. As Nicolai pointed out, cutting away the foreskin of a man's penis turned his sexual dimension into a world without color. It takes away something that goes very deep and is a part of a much larger complex system. The resulting mutilating incision into the integrity of the human system evidently had large ripple effects in social relationships, sexual relationships, family relationships, even national relationships as the circumcision became a national trademark. It appears that the destroyed integrity of the human system caused some enormously ugly fascist reactions. The first victims of this trend of self-mutilating cultures were recorded in the Bible to have been viciously violent."

"Oh yes, I remember that story," Ross cut in. "I remembered it well. It has always puzzled me why a spiritually minded people would commit such horrible atrocities as have need recorded. I remember the story of a family of twelve children. One of the girls fell in love with a man from another village were circumcision wasn't practiced. This so enraged some her brothers that they went into that village and slaughtered all the males and ransacked the village. This wasn't the result of political conflict. This was sheer madness, caused my something much deeper. A deep breakdown of the integrity of something as complex as the human psychological system might have caused this, and is still having the same effect."

"Isn't this what the movie, Serenity, is all about?" said Heather.

Nicolai shrugged his shoulders. "I'm not familiar with that."

"It takes us five hundred years in the future," said Heather. Serenity is the name of a spacecraft filled with a ragtag crew that makes a living by taking jobs of varying legality in the Outer Rim. The plot is a long story that takes us to a planet whose existence has been carefully stricken from the archives, and for good reason. The planet had been colonized, but being somewhat remote the people there had been subjected to an experiment to create better and more efficient human beings. They did some deep incision into the integrity of the people there, and the results were devastating. The last record that people from the planet left behind indicated that most of the people lost all interest in living. They didn't come to work anymore. They stopped eating. They simply died. But a small group was inversely affected. They became immensely violent and went on rampages raiding other planets and killed and presumably consumed the killed people as food. Isn't this the same as what Ross has just been saying, except for the eating part? The movie is saying loud and clear that it is insane to mess with the integrity of a perfect design that developed over billions of years, trying to improve it. But that is what the circumcision does."

"And the results are still being felt," said Ross. "Look at the 1948 Deir Yassen massacre that shaped the State of Israel into what it became, I see the same pattern there as I see in the biblical story. I see absolute brutality and depopulation. And again, the circumcision stands behind it. I see both reflected in the term Zion. The term had been defined long ago as emptiness and desolation. I couldn't understand the definition for a long time. Now I can. It reflects perfectly what Nicolai described as a world without color, without humanist color, without a basic sense of humanity. It pains me when I read about the holocaust in Palestine. Some say the Deir Yassen massacre hasn't yet ended after sixty years. And how can it end when the destruction of the human integrity at the deepest level continues to be maintained and even celebrated. The Israeli clergy now calls for an even greater massacre: an act akin to a service to God, to kill Palestinians. They call for the bombing of Palestinian cities, as if this wasn't done already. It should surprise no one that the Internet blogs are blaring about those many misdeeds attributed to the Zion mentality. The mutilated integrity that Zion represents stands firmly behind the Illuminati, the very center of the modern empire, with its vast reflections in national catastrophes from the war of 1812 to the very day, including the founding of all the counter cultures from communism to today's globalism and the open-society dogma. The Zion mentality that demands the deep destruction of human integrity also demands the elimination of protection against incursions from without under the Open Society doctrine, especially the destruction of the integrity of the farming system. This two-pronged approach of destruction from within and without has always been central to the war of empire against mankind. It is the key element in H. G. Wells' cherished concept of a World-State Empire, perceived as a state without true human beings, except for the ruling elite. This is about as deep as one can drive the intended destruction of the integrity of the human system. I think this is the war we are facing, and the challenge we are facing. The Zion mentality now rules our governments, certainly the White House, the Congress, and the Senate. We have become a nation of disabled people ruled over by a brutal empire."

"No, we've become brutal ourselves," Tony interjected. "A disabled people tend to become that way. Look at the holocaust in Palestine, the holocaust in Iraq, the holocaust in Afghanistan, the ongoing holocausts in parts of Africa. War breeds holocausts."

"That's just the surface," Nicolai interjected. "Look at your own legislature."

"Yes, we have 300,000 people kicked out their home every month now, in California alone as the mortgage rates are jacked up," Tony agreed. "That's a holocaust too, protected by government. Nobody protects the people anymore. We loose our industries, but nobody protects the workers. We loose our hospitals, but nobody protects the sick. We burn our food, but nobody protects the hungry. Protection has become a crime almost."

Nicolai nodded. "You are looking in the right direction, but not far enough," he said. "The brutality that comes with the mutilation of the human system pervades everything. It rips apart the human bonds at the deepest levels, especially where the mutilation has been going on the longest, where it has gone on for so long that it has become tradition that nobody even remembers how it started, while it continues to tear the human fabric apart. Look to Africa, the dark continent that is still struggling in a dark age environment, or parts of the Middle East. 'Sunna' means tradition in Arabic. For women this tradition is sometimes called the "Pharaonic" cut. It's not just a simple mutilation. It's an unspeakable brutal one. The operation was already recorded in Pharaonic times in Egypt more than 4,500 years ago. Just to remove the prepuce of the clitoris is a very delicate operation, and more so when it is done on a child. It requires great surgical skill, good light, surgical tools, an anesthetized, motionless body, and an extensive knowledge of anatomy. But that's not available in rural Africa and the Middle East. The scene there is a scene of struggling, screaming children held down by force, often onto the ground, with the cutting performed with crude knives in dark huts and without anesthesia. And those aren't simple operations. The most frequently done operation throughout Africa, consists of the removal of the entire clitoris, usually together with the adjacent parts of the small lips and often all of the external vulva with the exception of some parts of the large lips."

"I read a story of someone who observed the circumcision of a little girls in Somalia," said Nicolai. "It took place in the home among women relatives and neighbors. At the time all girls, without exception, were required by tradition to undergo this mutilation. It was a requirement for marriage. This wasn't a ceremony. This was torture. It was butchery. The naked girl was put on a stool. A number of women spread her legs apart, wide. Then one of the elder women sat down facing the child with a kitchen knife in hand, separating the girls outer and inner lips. She pierces the hood of the clitoris and cuts it open. Then she begins to cut the clitoris out. Another woman wipes off the gushing blood with a rag. Then the older woman puts the knife aside and digs with her sharp fingernail a hole the length of the clitoris to detach it and to pull out while the little girl screams. Scream is all she can. Being held down, she can't move. All she can do is scream, but no one pays attention to her pain. Every one of the women in attendance have been on that stool. They know that the procedure must be done no matter what the cost, and they know why. They know that the pain must be endured somehow, and will be endured though it seems unendurable. The other women keeps wiping the blood away while the elder woman finishes her job, pulling and cutting the detached clitoris out of the girl than making the last cut to the bone with her knife. Once done she removes the remaining flesh, digging with her finger to remove any remnant of the clitoris among the flowing blood. Eventually the neighbor women are invited to put their probing fingers into the bleeding hole to verify that every piece of the clitoris has been removed. But this isn't the end. The most important part of the butchery is just beginning. The women cuts off the inner lips of the child's vulva and discards them as the helpers continue to wipe the blood away with their rags. Next the older woman begins to scrape the skin away off the inside of the large lips of the girl's vulva until the remainder of the bleeding lips can be tied together and be held in place with thorns that must remain until the wound is healed. The operating woman leaves only a tiny opening, kept open by a small tube of bamboo, just large enough for urine to pass through, and later the menstrual flow. At this point the girl can't scream or cry any longer, being too exhausted, but only vomits. A concoction of plat juiced is forced down her throat. Then she is made to sand up. The women in attendance pour water over the wound and wipe it with their rags. Then other women immobilize the girl's thighs by tying them together with ropes and apply a bandage of goat skin from her knees to her waist, which must remain in place for two or three weeks while she remains lying on a mat.

"This kind of torturous tragedy has been the fate of many of those hundred million girls and women that are now living in a sexually blinded world," Nicolai continued. "Many of them are now struggling with various complications that frequently leave them crippled and disabled for life. The mortality is evidently high, but no records are kept. Death in childbirth later on, due to obstructed labor, is never admitted to be caused by the mutilation, nor will the depth of the woman's psychological trauma that is lifelong ever be known to anyone but the woman herself, if indeed she can fathom the depth of it. Many the countless reasons given for this supreme sacrifice are as cruel as the procedure itself, which deepens the psychological trauma even further. It is said that a woman is considered dirty and polluted unless she has been mutilated, and that a woman is incapable of controlling her sexuality so that a girl who is not mutilated will run wild and disgrace her family. Women who have not been mutilated are considered prostitutes. It is also said that women's external genitalia are ugly and must be removed to make her acceptable to a man. It is hard to imagine this mental torture.

"While some progress has been made to halt the practice, much more needs to be achieved," said Nicolai. "Too much secrecy, too many myths and games of status, and plain economic pressure still prevail that keep the blood flowing. Female genital mutilation has been outlawed in some countries, but while infractions are rarely prosecuted doctors and clinics shy away, which drives the practice back to the woodshed. The extent of the procedure has also become reduced over time. Some forms are far less radical, although the full infibulation is still on the agenda and is generally admitted as the only guaranteed means to make sexual intercourse impossible. Because of the importance that Muslims attach to virginity, infibulation continues to be performed primarily to guarantee that a bride is 'intact.' The smaller her opening is, the higher will the price be that can be demanded at the sale of a bride. The girl is often inspected before the price is paid. Many African men continue to refuse to marry girls who are not excised, at least in part, and for many women being married is still the only career available in most parts of Africa."

"That is absolutely insane," said Tony. "Why would anyone want to marry a severely damaged girl? Would anyone go into a car lot and say to the car dealer, you have nice cars here, I like the red sports model of there; I'll buy it, but first you have to go and hire a street gang of thugs with baseball bats to get them to mutilate the car - do it, I'll pay the price; do it thoroughly and I'll pay you double - but the warranty must still apply. Nobody would buy a car like this."

"Nobody you say?" Nicolai interrupted. "Didn't you listen? A hundred million such mutilations are on the streets. A broken car maybe useless, but a broken person makes a willing slave. Let me illustrate how this works. There was a Jewish boy living in Hungary at the time of the Nazi holocaust. In order to protect his family his father persuaded a German friend to adopt the boy as a member of his family, by which he escaped being a victim of the persecution of Jews. However he didn't escape the holocaust entire, he still became a victim of it. His new father was being recruited into the 'economics' division of the SS where it became his task to confiscate all Jewish properties; anything from land, to jewelry, to gold teeth, even people's hair. They boy was required to help. He was later asked about his involvement in the deadly looting of his own people. Did he find it disgusting, agonizing? Did he feel remorse? His answer was that these concepts didn't apply to him, because as he said, it wasn't he who was doing these things. He said he got caught up in the Nazi machine. It was the machine that was robbing and killing the victims, not he himself. He said that if he refused he would become a victim himself and somebody else would do the work. So he did what he did to stay alive, and he said that he found a great deal of freedom in the realization that the machine was ding the crimes, not he himself. He said he became absolved from feelings of remorse and the like. He even said that these years of his newfound 'freedom' became the happiest years of his life. He the experience changed his character. It evidently stood him in good stead, as he joined the masters of Western Empire and their 'machine' after the war, where he continued his craft of looting society without remorse. In his new position as a slave to a machine he spearheaded the destruction of industries and national economies, the looting of currencies, creating financial crises. He achieved for his maters what no un-mutilated person would ever dream of doing. And he was only one of many of such slaves that are now destroying America and the world. So you see, Tony, mutilated persons are in high demand today, and are sought after by the masters of empire for their qualifications of remorseless slaves. Of course the process wasn't invented by them. They merely made use of it. This is the process that the infibulation women were serving too, who were crouched at the feet of little girl, knife in hand, to inflict the infibulation. They had no remorse. They were serving a machine. The cultural 'machine' was demanding the infibulation. The machine demanded the process. They were serving the machine, which absolved them of remorse. And so it will always be for as long as people are willing to surrender the humanity by contribution almost no value to it. On this path civilization itself is being destroyed, and not just cultures and nations."

"But this isn't a case of economics," said Heather.

"No, no, you are wrong, this is very much a case of economics," answered Nicolai. "The economics are in a different context than you expect. Just look at the parts of the world where this is happening. Female mutilation happens mostly in North Africa, the Southern Sinai, and in Indonesia. Look at the economies in those areas. This is all crisis territory. A mutilated civilization does not function well. It's been hollowed out and made unproductive. Then look at male circumcision in the same way. You find the major male mutilation again in North Africa, the Sinai, with additional territory extending north to Turkey and all the way to Kazakhstan, including the entire Middle East, and again including Indonesia. There is a complete overlap. The female mutilation falls into the same area where the male mutilation is prevalent in a big way. The entire area where this is happening is economically barren or nearly so. The only difference is that the male mutilation is bigger in scale and covers more nations including the USA, and covers more religions and tradition. The most male mutilation victims are Muslims, some 500 million of them. The USA comes in second with 100 million, with the big upswing happening during the time of the Cold War. The Philippines are third with a quarter of the U.S. total. South Korea clocks in with 14 millions, and the Jews with half that. And guess where all the political trouble spots are and where the economic breakdown cuts deepest. You will find that the mutilation of society and the decay of civilization go hand in hand. Do you know when the political and economic disintegration of America began? Do you realize that it began when the circumcision began? A broken people are far more readily enslaved by the empire than a whole people. That is how the USA has been lost, and how Africa has been so easily turned into becoming an imperial playground, which it became. And so I must ask myself what happens when the next glaciation cycle begins that is already overdue? Will America have the strength to survive? The evidence stands against that. Will the Muslims have the strength to survive, or Israel? That's highly doubtful. Then look at the map again and observe where you won't find that mutilation of society in progress. This gives you Europe. It gives you Russian, China, India, Malaysia, South America, Mexico, and possibly also Canada and Australia. That, Peter, is where we will likely find the economic strength in society that will enable it to survive the next Ice Age, provided that these countries won't be destroyed by the madness of the masters of universal Zion, who are projecting their raging emptiness in waging wars across the world. The USA doesn't have any strength left. It only can kill. A 100 million mutilated males in the USA adds up to 70% of its entire male population, and that covers all those who should be economically active. The uncircumcised male population is dying out in your country, Peter. The circumcision isn't optional anymore. It's universal. It's automatically applied at birth."

"In this case the economic and political decay in our country and the growing madness to become a world empire, matches the growing ratio of mutilated people in our society," I said to Nicolai. "The Jews in the world lived a for a long time under the shadow of their religiously mandated male mutilation at the near 100% level. The resulting cultural degradation has opened the door to the kind of total fascism that America now aspires to emulate. The more that this tragedy unfolds, the more will economic development and the general welfare principle fall by the wayside. Israel is already totally dependent on handouts from us for its very existence, jus as we have become dependent on looting the world for our existence. But now we are stuck. With nothing left in the world to loot, the entire empire apparatus is collapsing, including its American extension. America is no longer a world of producers. The American society has become thieves. We are in a war against ourselves and we are winning. What else did we expect? What we see is natural reflection of the near mandatory male mutilation in America. The closely-knit society that Franklin Roosevelt had been able to inspire to rebuild the nation no longer exists. The intimacy that inspires cooperative economic development and a sense of a nation with a general welfare focus has been torn away from America society by the mass-circumcision of its people."

"What worse thing could anyone do to a baby in the first week of life than to impose the immense pain that is associated with the circumcision?" Sylvia interjected. "Babies are often deemed too young for anesthesia, consequently they are operated on without it. It is deemed that babies are too young to feel pain. The opposite is true. They feel pain more intensely. The reason they don't scream in pain is simple. They go into shock, into a coma, but this has lifelong consequences. It demolishes the deep sense of intimacy the baby would normally feel towards its mother and later towards society. Instead of closeness and comfort the baby feels torture. And why shouldn't the baby feel the torture of this invasive processes that is so severe in nature that even the surgical procedure in some cases has caused death. Also, in the few cases when anesthesia is used for the circumcision, the torture is still felt severely by the infant, because anesthesia doesn't cover the weeks-long healing process. The Post Dramatic Stress Disorders tend to become a lifelong burden with effects that are even now barely understood. They are said to include learned helplessness, tendencies towards sado-masochistic behaviors, impotence, lost of trust, avoidance of intimacy due to fear, rage, domestic violence, rape, child sexual abuse, suicide, and a vast range of psychosomatic disorders that only now beginning to be associated with Post Dramatic Stress Disorders and the sexual mutilation that caused it. In later life, the diminished sexual sensitivity also inhibits the deep social bonds and social trust, and the development of the creative and productive capacity of the individual mind. Any nation that imposes this tragedy on a national scale is destroying itself from within. Of course, if the goal is to impose religious domination with a society locked into slavish obedience and a cultured brutality towards other people, then this inner destruction is a perfect pathway to get there."

"Most empires, as far back in time as the Egyptian dynasties, going back almost 4,500 years, including most of the great religious empires in later millennia, have used this tool to develop a slavish society," said Ross. "A vast range of myths were created by the 'enslaving' rulers to justify their desired demolition of the integrity of the human system. Even a lot of medical myths have been created for this purpose. I would be very much surprised if the modern rulers of empire wouldn't impose this social demolition process on our society in America since they have been trying to destroy our USA as the greatest threat to empire since the USA was formed. So, am I surprised that circumcision in America has become increasingly universal in the postwar period, to the point that it is barely optional anymore? No, I am not surprised. Am I surprised that now 100 million American men have been sexually mutilated? With the empire bearing down on us, I am not surprised. Am I surprised that in some cases the saturation has reached over 90%? I am not surprised. The effects are clearly visible. We see our industries being destroyed, and nobody stops the process. We see millions thrown out of their homes and the leaders protect the system that tears the social and economic fabric apart. It appears that any atrocity is now possible in the name of private profit or private property, and no one protests, because most people don't feel themselves as being a part of a nation anymore. The connecting intimacy is gone. We see our Constitution torn to shreds and trillions poured into war to destroy foreign nations, while nobody holds the criminals accountable. We have become isolated from our humanity and sense of society. It seems the reason why the rule by terror is so effective in America, may be its power to reawaken the dramatic terror of the circumcision. We see our soldiers coming home from war so physically and psychologically disabled that more veterans commit suicide at home than are a killed on the battlefield. None of these are normal symptoms, but they are symptoms of a mutilated society, the very symptoms the masters of empire desire."

"I think the reason why the effects are so dramatically visible in our country," said Heather, looking at Nicolai, "is our historic success in illustrating to the world what a normal society is able to accomplish. We were once the bastion of freedom, the technological innovator, the economic pioneers, the moral giant that stood against slavery, the champion for the general welfare. Having been there, the loss of that achievement is more painful as if it might be if we had never seen what a normal human society can accomplish. Other societies don't have this history of humanist achievement. In Judaism it became a religious command that assured near 100% compliance over long periods. And so, should the world be surprised that Judaism has had a rocky past with its people becoming victims of persecution for countless reasons and in more modern days becoming the masters thereof themselves, but it rarely has been a champion for economic development. Judaism of course is loved in the halls of empire, if indeed it didn't become the driving force of empire itself, and at the same time becoming its victim."

"Russia has had its share of social consequences of this mutilation, far more than you may realize," said Nicolai. "So, am I surprised? No, I'm not. But I am surprised how Islam became infiltrated. The holy Koran demands neither male nor female mutilation. The way I understand Mohammed, the practice of mutilation violates the prophet's high standard of spiritual integrity. It became gradually adapted in the Muslim world as religious edict built on the long standing Arabic tradition that goes all the way back to the Pharaohs. What I find really surprising is that the practice of sexual mutilation occurred in several isolated cultures in very ancient times. The aboriginal Australians are known to have circumcised long before they had any contact with the outside world. Likewise some aboriginal cultures in the Peruvian Amazon had practiced Pharaonic infibulation of females long before the Spanish conquest. In either case there is no known trace of contact that one can point to explain these practices, other than original developments. And that includes the female infibulation. Of course we have no way of knowing if or not it was practiced for the enslavement effect that the sexual mutilation brings with it, that the rulers of these societies, just like the Pharaohs, might have valued, and which the modern masters of empire still value. In any case, the general pattern if fairly simple. The male sexual mutilation developed as a means for social control and domination by inflicting injury. The resulting loss of the natural intimacy and social isolation gave rise to homosexuality and lesbianism. Researchers now suggest that lesbianism is a safety valve to enable the expression of intimacy that is no longer found in the male-disabled world. It is also suggested that the female infibulation was imposed as the increasingly insane response in the male dominated world to suppress the unfolding intimacy among women in order to keep the women under male domination and enslavement. The bottom like is that where circumcision is prevalent, homosexuality and lesbianism are also prevalent, and where the prevalence is extreme female mutilation is added to the scene of social mutilation and enslavement. In most cases religions is not the driving factor, but stands in the background as the enabling factor. The driving factor is always empire. Religion, of course is often used to heap shame and slander on the victims who struggle to live the best way they can in the mutilated environment that is imposed upon them, with the slanders and persecutions making an already bad scene worse, increasing the psychological victimization and control over people the mutilation enables. In the past, America stood apart from this scene. Now it is dragged into it in a big way to enable the economic disintegration that normally follows. So, it's all a game of empire. It would be surprising if America wasn't dragged into this. The sexual mutilation of society is one of the empire's most potent weapons."

"And so we have become a Samson shorn of its strength, lured into this trap by deception," said Heather. "As soon as Franklin Roosevelt was in the grave, they got to us, gradually and imperceptibly. Now the mutilation of the entire society is almost complete, and I mean the entire society, because when the social integrity becomes undermined all women are dragged into the disintegrating social world where intimacy is rapidly disappearing and can't be gotten back. No counter-legislation can reverse what has been lost. The natural foundation on which our nation has been built is blowing away with the wind."

"It seems we were as ignorant about what was happening to us," I interjected, "as the woman likely was in the infibulation story. The woman probably thought she knew why she was crouched before the trembling girl, holding her kitchen knife in her hand, ready to cut the clitoris out her body. In real terms, the woman didn't have a clue why she was imposing this torture that would remain with the girl for entire life. The woman was as ignorant as we were in America. She did it for religion most likely, just as we are still controlled by religion. Sexual myths used for social control have caused the death of millions already. After all it was sexual blackmail that brought America into World War I at the time the empire had lost the war. It wasn't after that the war became the horrid mess that it ended up with and in addition enabled the great flu epidemic that killed 50 million people worldwide, and also enabled the Bolshevik Revolution against which World War II was fought and the Cold War. If Woodrow Wilson would have been half a normal man he would not have yielded to the sexual blackmail. He would have laughed and said, so what? Then none of the horrors that followed would likely have happened. That too is a part of understanding history and revolution. If World War I had stopped when the empire was defeated in 1916, the Bolshevik Revolution would never have happened. Lenin waited until there was chaos on the streets due to hunger and economic collapse. He said power was laying in the streets. He merely picked it up. If the critical chaos had been prevented, the world would have unfolded totally differently, perhaps starting a new phase of development instead of a new phase of destruction. An entire century was wasted this way, by just a little thing. We are back to that with America trapped 75% into circumcision. And this trap is deeper and harder to deal with. But we must deal with it and affect a healing, or else we loose everything and the empire wins its war against us."

"Yes, I hear you," said Nicolai. "It appears you are saying to me that once the recognition is made, which you just made, a consciously directed scientific approach for society's individual self-defense can block most of the consequences that now endanger us. Yes, I agree. Intimacy can be built up on a scientific foundation. It doesn't all have to originate biologically. We are human beings. We are not animals that are stuck with instinctive reactions and whatever controls them. We can become our own controllers. It may take a bit more effort to break the barriers that the mutilation has erected, but we, as a society of human beings, can gain our freedom from those artificial barriers. Can't we do this? America can reach back into its past and use it as an example, and thereby scrap its slavery to empire and build itself an economy again. With this it has the resources to face the next Ice Age without fear or deprivation. When this happens, Russia, China, India, and even Iran will be standing at America's side as fellow human societies, regardless of the fact that the masters of empire now threaten those nations with extinction. The principle of intimacy and the general welfare are universal principles that any society can resort to if it is serious in healing itself on a scientific platform. It can heal on this platform even its most deep-cutting mutilations."

"This won't be easy," said Heather.

"I didn't say it will be easy," said Nicolai. "I said it is possible with the right dedication and effort. Zion is not an ironclad trap as some have made it out to be, or even want it to be."

"Who could possibly want to be in this trap?" Heather interjected.

"Whoever gains from it," said Nicolai. "And this includes almost the whole empire. Look at the empire's financial front man, George the financier. He was 13 living in Hungary when the Nazi overran his country. As a Jew he would have been shipped off to the concentration camps with the rest of the Jewish people, but his father bought his children a way to freedom. In his case that was done by convincing one of the none-Jews to make George his adopted son. Under this cover he served his new master, who in turn served the Economics Department of the Nazi SS. And so he helped his new master and masters in confiscating all the Jews properties in Hungary while his fellow Jews were being sent to their death. He was later asked if felt any guilt for supporting the notorious Nazi thugs that stooped even as low as breaking out the gold filling of the dead Jews' teeth, that collected their body fat to be made into soap, and cut off the women's hair to be shipped to mattress factories. He said that he felt no guild whatsoever in taking part in this department since it was him doing these thing, even the things he had a hand in, but that instead it was the Nazi machine that was doing these things. He said he felt totally free from any guilt, and that this freedom had made those years of his Nazi involvement the happiest years of his life. Now he no longer serves the Nazi machine. He serves the machine of empire instead, but with the same freedom in swindling enormous profits out of the enslavement of mankind globally. The oil-price gauging, for example, that is killing so many people now all over the world with hunger and economic deprivation is a huge source of profits for his maters by his hands, but he sees himself guiltless of the pain and death he is causing. He sees himself totally free in doing that, since it is the imperial machine that stands behind the atrocity. Without the intimacy of humanity the debilitating and murderous process is expanded without limit. When an IDF pilot was asked if he felt anything that night when he dropped a 500 pound bomb onto 5 story apartment building in the middle of the night in order to assassinate one single man, his answer has that he felt the plane lurch when the bomb bas released, but nothing more than that. He was free of guilt. The war machine was guilty. That is how Hiroshima was wiped out. And this how a woman can squat before a girl, knife in hand, to cut her clitoris out off her living body while she is screaming in pain. The woman is able to do this torture, because she tells herself that the 'machine' instead of she herself, is doing it. And so the horrors will likely continue until the deep human intimacy in society is restored, by which the horror would be blocked. Until then we will likely see the horror-shows getting worse and worse, and bigger and bigger, especially in the age of nuclear war."

"Of course the specter of nuclear war won't go away on its own, but will be increasing for as long as America remains locked into a war against itself," I interjected. "We are loosing on all fronts since America became showered with the circumcision. The humanist quality that America was founded on no longer exists. The cause for America's deep loss is the mutilation if its people. The effect is correspondingly deep. And I agree it was done on purpose. Why would anyone intentionally rip into the integrity of the human system that has been developing and self-developing over millions of years across twenty ice ages with an 'economic' strength that has enabled mankind to overcome the greatest obstacles that the natural world has imposed. The deep-reaching tempering with the integrity of this highly successful system is evidently not intended to improve it, but to subdue it for social, political, and economic control. In many areas in the world this tampering can be traced back to almost the very beginning of the recorded history of civilization. None of the affected areas ever saw any progressive social and economic development on a platform of freedom, sovereignty, and intimacy as a people and a nation. What other nations has suffered since time immemorial, gradually imposed by the various empires, was imposed on America only with the end of World War II when the British Empire reestablished its control over America. But this is also the timeframe when the nuclear war madness began. The American commitment to this kind of universal holocaust coincides with its loss of intimacy with its humanity and with one-another as a people and a nation in the shadow of the circumcision. This trend is getting worse. I see no healing. We are now singing the same old 'woodshed' song that disabled many a girl in the dark places on earth with the knife of the infibulation. This song is now sung by the mightiest of the rulers of the vulture funds, and by the grand masters of speculation, the masters of the greatest rings of organized crime the world has ever seen, and by the architects of the greatest now impending economic and financial collapse in history. The circumcision was imposed on us, but we are now singing its song just like the empire is singing it. We have become culturally one with the empire. We are singing its song. We are not victims of empire in this sense. We are victims only in the sense that our society allowed itself to become mutilated at its deepest level, which has dragged us down to the level of insanity that the empire is built on. We were once the light of the world and the beacon of liberty. These descriptions no longer apply. We have become the world-example of a broken people. The world should rightly fear us. We ourselves should fear us. We are the champions of the chariots of nuclear war, and biological war, and the champions in DU-warfare, the global warfare against mankind and all life with radioactive invisible dust that we are prepared to poison the world's atmosphere with for all times to come in a pointless war. This train of horrors won't end until we heal ourselves of the mutilation that has caused it."

"Society's spiritual strength can be rebuild," said Nicolai. "We can build it up again with the resources that are mankind's forever-existing spiritual foundation. The debilitating effects of the still increasing biological circumcision, which itself cannot be reversed, can be negated by overcoming the loss scientifically. This can be achieved as people begin to reclaim their natural humanity on a ground above biology. The deep cuts into the integrity of the human system can be overcome by society recognizing how deeply it has been deceived and injured in the war of empire versus civilization, thus making the requisite scientific efforts in stepping up to higher ground for the recognition of itself as human beings no matter what, seeing itself as a society of workers, artists, engineers, creators, builders, the builders of civilization on a platform of intimate sharing, cooperating, manifest in mutual support and the principle of the general welfare."

"This higher platform has always been the traditional platform of mankind and a constantly expanding one," said Ross. "The tragic exceptions from this rule that are presently endangering the whole world are the anomalies no matter how far back in time they originated. The science for rebuilding the platform of humanity is a spiritual science that stands on higher ground than mere intellectual proficiency and is therefore within reach for all mankind to recognize, to acknowledge, and to express, uniting and uplifting all religions, cultures, and aspirations."

"Ultimately there is but one Truth, and one Soul and one Love," said Nicolai. "The Truth that we are all human beings, the tallest development of life on this planet with an integrity, honesty, and economy, second to none, cannot be disputed. The Soul of mankind, not the emptiness of a trashed Zion, defines the future on this planet, expressed in intimacy, sovereignty, and a spiritual understanding that comes from the heart. Our Love is forever a principle that eradicates poverty with generosity, injury with healing, and the world's countless form of imprisonment with freedom. My friend who gave me these keywords also gave me a verse of a poem that sums it all up:

No blight, no broken wing, no moan,
Truth's fane can dim;
Eternal swells its music-tone,
In heaven's hymn.



"For causing death by injury, the prince's empire is implementing its program by inflicting large scale biological injury onto the world's agriculture by means of genetic engineering on the entire front of life, re-writing its blueprint, re-engineering plants, animals, and even genetically re-engineering soil microbes. They are leaving no stone unturned. They are staging a time bomb of unimaginable proportions. This is one of the fronts where thy are inflicting injury beyond repair.

"Their second front for inflicting injury is also already staged in large measure. The goal is total genocide by means of total war. Of course you already know where this type of injury comes from. It is inflicted by DU weapons that vaporize uranium into an invisible radioactive dust that

"In its rage it implements the next deadly attribute in the same category, which is death by profiteering. The prince's empire is committed to making food inaccessible for large segments of the world population. It is being done by means of price manipulation, causing mass starvation, pandemic diseases, and with all of this the inevitable biological collapse in the population. This particular part of the project is already in progress. We have at this very moment food riots happening in over thirty countries as the result of the people's utter starvation. With the oil price manipulation added, the deadly effect is multiplied. The current four-fold oil price increase has a huge debilitating effect on food availability, affecting the access to fertilizer, impacting agricultural production, with ripples going down the food chain all the way to transportation. The oil inflation is deadly. But the supposed right for private profiteering excuses it, even genocide. And still there is one more form of genocide possible that we have identified last night.

"This third form in the category is death by fascism," Nicolai continued. "This one is immensely strongly promoted. It is implemented by burning food in a starving world, and by actively preventing more food to be produced. The empire demands the wholesale burning of food in the form bio-fuels. The amount that is presently being burned could feed 130 million people. And even this vast murder by intention is evidently not enough. The empire demands more genocide. It is presently on a intensive campaign to prevent large scale water development projects for irrigation. Mexico, for example, has an enormous potential to increase agriculture by a water development project to bring the stuff of life to the dry regions. Prince Philip, as head of the Worldwide Fund For Nature demands that no water is taken from the rivers, but must remain in the river to be flushed out to sea, unused. And so, the food production remains low. That's death by fascism. And so the war continues for eradicating 80% of mankind. That's all a part of the end game now. They are desperate and unrelenting. They are committed. But how committed are we to block their game and save mankind? We have already identified the attributes that are the blocking factors for each of the deadly processes. We identified the principle of healing for blocking injury, and economy for blocking profiteering, and intimacy for blocking fascism. Do we need more? I think the time has come to implement what we already have at hand for the task, instead of holding out for more."


The fifth day of our excursion was reserved for driving back to Marietta where our journey had begun. We arrived just in time for a swim to freshen up and then to meet at the bar for happy hour. Happy hour was a weekdays only event that catered to the local after-work crowd, the people who needed a drink, a snack, and a get-together with friends. Some snacks were free. The drinks were sold at a discount. And there was live music, at least that night there was. The feature artists of the evening were a drum trio, all playing simple conga drums, no percussion. The music was rhythm, but a rhythm that had its own subtle melody, a rhythm that one could dance to, with a melody that would not be discovered unless one actually did step onto the floor to dance. Then suddenly, as the rhythm provided the movement the subtle melody came to the foreground that gave expression to the dancing. Another dinner at Ray's at the River followed the happy hour. Ray's had no dancing. It was an oasis for quiet moments for reflections, recollections, making plans, commitments, celebration of achievements, even achievements yet to be made.

"We came here with a commitment to terminate the age of empire," said Nicolai for his pre-dinner speech that promised to have the same kind of rhythm as we had just danced to an our earlier, which was still echoing in the mind: a commitment to terminate the age of empire, wow! What an opening sentence! What power! There was a certainty carried in his voice that gave the unmistakable expression he meant every word of it.

"It has been reported that by looking a tiger fearlessly in the eye, a great naturalist had sent the tiger that threatened him cowering back into the jungle. A man's gaze, fastened fearlessly on a ferocious beast, often causes the beast to retreat in terror. This is what we are about to do with all forms of empire. Such action represents the power of Truth over an intrusion into the order of civilization. It represents the might of intelligence exercised over empire-lies to destroy them. Empire is powerless. Empire is not an intelligence to dispute the sovereign Intelligence of the Mind that is the order of the universe, or to dethrone that Mind that is alive in every human being and to take the government of the world into its own hands. Empire is not a God-given. It believes itself to be a self-constituted power as it copes astutely with Mind in an attempt to conquer it. But God never endowed empire with such power as it claims to disable Life and to chill harmony with a long and cold night of discord, terror, war, and genocide. Such a power, without divine institution is inconceivable, since discord, a phenomenon of failure, is not an element of harmony or a force to overturn it. If God would give empire such power as it claims, then this divine government would manifest less wisdom than we usually find displayed in the worst of human governments. Empire has never wrought one iota of good in all the history of mankind. From whence then would it derive its authority? The real jurisdiction is derived from Infinite Mind, reflecting the harmonizing principles of the universe and their expressions in the minds of men. If empire could attack and control civilization without the consent of society, then the universe would have no law and no order, but be a sea of errors that supposedly existed from the beginning. And here is where we begin to unravel all false claims. The scientist who is also a Christian, meaning a person devoted to expressing Soul, Truth, and Love, finds authority only for effects that reflect these key-qualities of humanity. There are no ther real causes. The real jurisdiction of the world is in Mind, controlling every effect and recognizing all causation as measured in universal good and as vested in infinite Mind.

"Many years ago an alert scientific researcher made a spiritual discovery, the scientific evidence of which has accumulated to prove that infinite Mind, or universal divine Mind, produces health, harmony, and immortality in society when rightly reflected in the minds of mankind. This evidence has gained momentum and clearness, and our determined healing action will enhance this momentum until it reaches its culmination in absolute scientific statement and proof, meaning a world without empire. Empire is a disease, the worst disease ever invented, but its hydra-arrogance does no exempt it from the apostolic duty to mankind to eradicate disease of every sort and to heal society of it. And so, I would say, let's get serious. We do have the power to heal and the warrant to heal, no matter what form this process may take. Nothing is more disheartening than to believe that there is a power opposite to universal Intelligence, or God, or good, and that God endows an opposing power with strength to be used against it, against Life, health, harmony, against Soul, Truth, and Love.

"God is the lawmaker. Ignorant of its God-given rights, society submits to unjust decrees, and the bias of education enforces this slavery. But this shall be no more. It shall go no further. The puck stops here! The Intelligence of the universe is not the author of barbarous codes, so why should anyone obey them. There is no circumcision, emptiness, desolation, isolation, domination, murder, or genocide engendered in infinite Mind or authorized for human society. In the realm of Soul, Truth, and Love, no space exists for empire and its fascism, and death for mankind by intention. Let us banish these as outlaws and abide by the universal rule of perpetual harmony, which is after all the law of the universe. It is man's inalienable right to oppose and to annul the unjust sentence of it having to live under the thumb of empire, a sentence never inflicted by divine authority. Mankind's birthright is boundless freedom. Never surrender this birthright. Isn't that also what Christ Jesus counseled? He must have counseled this routinely in healing disease of every sort, including the worst of the diseases, that of empire, because he is quoted in Revelation as having said to the churches, to him who keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nation - to heal and uplift the nations - and I will give him the Morning Star. The Morning Star did not fall from heaven as the Illuminati claim, and become Satan, their God, by whose 'light,' which is darkness, they claim the right to rule the world. There is no fallen star, no power in darkness, no might in an illusion, no luminance in a lie. The Morning Star is and remains the Christ, the spiritual idea of God, of universal Intelligence. And so, we can look the would be tiger, empire, fearlessly into the eye and have him coward before us and retreat into its jungle, its native nothingness."

When Nicolai finished speaking we applauded, but there was no discussion, or any need for it. He spoke as how we also felt. He all had felt its rhythm and danced to it and discovered its melody. We had danced for five days and had touched the pinnacle of the world. Now we could go no further, but rejoice in the achievements and take them with us. Nothing more needed to be said or was said.

"How about the Blackened Fish?" said Tony to the waiter.

"A fine choice," said the waiter. "And a glass of Gewurztraminer?"

"Make that a bottle," said Nicolai. "That should do for six."


Nicolai was the first of us to leave the next morning. He had to be on the nine o'clock flight to Kennedy airport to make the connection with Aeroflot's flight back to Moscow. We all came to the car with him. Before leaving he rolled down the window and handed an envelop to me from which he had removed one page.

"Let me recite to you a poem about Love that my friend had sent to me who had also sent the keywords," said Nicolai. "Her poem, she said, isn't really her own, but is an old poem that she merely added to. She said that this is how culture unfolds and civilization. We take the brightest ideas of the past and build with them, and build on them, and as we do this, our entire civilization becomes a brighter heaven, taking on evermore the shape of Love. Here is her poem, a poem abut generosity, healing, and freedom:

Our Universe is Love, unchanging Love,
How could we ask for more?
Our prayer for Love's increase is vain;
It's infinite as before.

Ask not the heart of Love with breath of praise
For more than we accept;
The open fount is free to all,
Love's promises are kept.

Our Love is Mind, the perfect Mind,
Intelligence divine;
Shall mortal man ask Love to change
Its infinite design?

The heart that yearns for righteousness,
With longing unalloyed,
Is love's desire that is a prayer
That ne'er returneth void.

O loving Love, well do we know
That words alone are vain,
That those who seek Love's will to do,
Love's intimacy shall gain.

Then may our deeds, our love's desire
For growth in grace express,
That we may know how Love divine
Forever waits to bless.

"We will see each other again," he said, and drove off.

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