Levels of Relationships

He smiled more gently now. "Welcome to the real world my friend," he said. "Now since you found me unfair, let me ask you another question that gets us closer to an answer. Tell me, in how many different ways is it possible to prove the Pythagorean Theorem, which states that in a right triangle the sum of the squares over the smaller sides is equal to the square over the larger side?"

"That's easy, Steve," I said. "The answer is forty-four. It is possible to prove the theorem in that many ways. Each one of these proofs is correct. But why did you ask that? You might as well have asked how many paths are possible to get to the top of Mt. Everest."

"You are right and you are wrong my friend," said Steve. "There may be ten times more possibilities to prove the theorem. Some say three hundred ways have been discovered so far, and there may many more that have not been discovered yet. Since this was an unfair question too, with many possible answers, let me ask you another question that is fairer. How many ways are YOU aware of that the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra has been proven to be correct."

"Three ways, Steve, I think. Gauss has produced every one of them. They have all been developed in the complex domain where one begins to explore the universe with the 'eye' of the mind. As you said earlier, there may still be move proofs possible. But I am only aware of those three."

"You answered correctly," said Steve. "I asked you about how many ways you are personally aware of, and you answered truthfully. The way the question was phased enabled a precise answer. Your answer also reflects what I personally recognize, but that's beside the point. That's outside the scope of the question. Now that you understand the pattern, I have one more question for you, a much tougher question. How many different fundamental models do exist for human interrelationships?"

"The answer is two, Steve," I answered like a flash, remembering Helen. "There are only two not four, or forty-four, but just two. There exists a lateral model and a vertical model."

"Do you know this as a fact, Peter? Or do you speculate?"

I paused. "Of course I know this as a fact, doesn't everybody? When we deal with universal Truth and universal Principle, everything is aligned horizontally. Everything is of equal value. Everything is sublime. Everything stands side by side. We cannot say that one truth is greater then another truth, or one principle is greater than another principle. There is only Principle and one Truth. At the level of the Sublime all is standing side by side in a lateral fashion, on a single level that we recognize as reality. There is only one reality in the universe. Every aspect of it is as profound as any other, and our humanity reflects that profound and Sublime reality that is all and one."

"I asked you about human relationships, Peter," Steve interrupted.

"That's what I am talking about, Steve," I replied with a smile. I could see it in his face that he understood what I was getting at. He was drawing me out. "Our humanity is anchored in the lateral domain, Steve," I continued. "It is an element of Truth reflected in the universe and man. It is an element of Principle that is reflected in our humanity. They are the product if Intelligence that is the universe. There is nothing arbitrary. The lateral model is the model of the reality of our being. What concerns our human relationships reflects the degree to which we recognize that our lives are anchored in the lateral domain. What we recognize of it makes a big difference, Steve. If we recognize our humanity as it is defined in the lateral model, then we recognize ourselves as relating to one-another on a lateral basis, existing side by side with one-another as human beings in a Community of Principle, respecting our a common universal humanity and our common universal human Soul, so to speak. On the horizontal platform of our lateral relationships no hierarchical division and isolation is possible. We are human beings, are we not, all of us existing on the same platform side by side? The reality of our being, therefore, is that we live in a lateral world with relationships to one another in which Love cannot be hierarchical, but must be universal. That's absolutely profound, Steve. Can you imagine what this means?"

"Of course I can," said Steve, "but can you?" He began to smile again.

"I can imagine a tiny bit of it," I replied. "However, this tiny bit is revolutionary. Universal Love is a revolutionary concept that still seems almost magical to me, even though it is so profound that it is fundamental element of our being and All Being."

"Are you telling me that this element is so magical that it is not actually real?" said Steve and began to grin.

"I am not saying that at all, Steve. The lateral model is real, though its elements seem magical."

"Can you prove this, Peter? Can you deliver proof that the abstract Principle of universal Love is the heart of the lateral reality and is reflected in efficient physical processes?"

"That's a tough one, Steve."

"Le me help. You have just experienced the proof of it yourself, this very day, Peter."

"At the beach?"

"Yes, at the beach, Peter. This crazy beach is one of the few places on Earth where the lateral model is expressed to some degree, where everyone exists side by side at the same level and is satisfied. The homosexual is satisfied. The lesbian is satisfied. The heterosexual is satisfied. The games seem to melt away, as they should. There are no games being played in the lateral world. That's what I like about the beach. It reminds me of our distant past, which appears to have been built on a lateral platform where all the profound interactions began that we now find so problematic."

Steve sat down and leaned back into his chair. "The development of mankind occurred over a long space of time, Peter, spanning 2.5 million years or more. Much of that, app. 2 million years of it, was spent during the Pleistocene Epoch of geologic time, which is the modern Ice Age Epoch that unfolded as an endless cycle of glaciation typically lasting 90,000-100,000 years at a time, interspersed with interglacial warm periods lasting 10,000-12,000 years. This means that over 80% of mankind's self-development occurred during the deep-freeze environment of the glaciation cycles. The extend of the deep freeze is illustrated by the huge ice sheet that covered much of the North American continent reaching as far south as the State of Wisconsin. The ice sheet is believed to have been several thousand feet thick and may have carved out the Great Lakes in its flow. The English Channel is also deemed to have been carved out of the ground by a similar huge ice mass. These long cycles of extreme glaciation are evidently not conducive to the massive plant-growth that is typically necessary to support large animal populations. Mankind's food resources were therefore mainly derived from the sea during the glaciation cycles, with a few exceptions of course. The supporting evidence exists. The evidence is found in the ruins of ancient villages that are presently several hundred feet under water, but which would have been located at the coast during the Ice Age when enormous volumes of water were stacked up on land in the form of ice. The villages appear to have been fishing villages. It is not unreasonable to assume from that that the fishery in the cold times was also rather meager so that the men 'hunting' the fish might have been away from their villages for long periods of time in the likely necessary process of searching for the ever-moving fish stocks.

"Here a biological factor comes into play," Steve continued. "Modern medical research tells us that sex 'helps' a man's prostrate. The prostrate gland performs the vital task of providing the seminal fluid that supplies nutrients for a man's sperm and also serves as a transport medium in times when the sperm is forced out of the body through the penis during ejaculation and sent on its way to reach a woman's egg cell. In order to perform its dual function the prostrate collects all the special materials that its task requires. It collects especially zinc, citric acid and potassium. All of these are drawn from the blood. The prostrate then concentrates this 'heavy' mix 600 times. Any carcinogens that are found in the blood are likewise captured and concentrated. So it is wise not to let this potentially dangerous mix hang around for too long, causing trouble. Sex gives men the means to flush out the system. Sexual activity provides us men with the only means for flushing out the system. Our biological impulses make sure that this happens on a regular basis. One might say we men have our service cycles to tend to, just like the women have their menstruation cycles to contend with that flush out the uterus in order that its tissue can renew itself. Thus, with the men being alone with themselves for long periods, all having their built-in biological requirement to fulfill for flushing out their sexual system, homosexual interaction would most likely have occurred and have been a major aspect of their biological living.

"Women might have had a similar social requirements for interacting with each other sexually. A woman's cyclical renewal of the uterine lining is often painful. The biological system appears to have created a built-in sexual remedy for the pain. It is unreasonable to assume that this natural remedy had not been discovered already in early times. We are told by medical researchers that during the build-up towards orgasm, the body levels of the hormone oxytocin generally increase, up to five-fold in most cases. In response to the hormones building up, the body releases more endorphins that alleviate the pain of everything from headache to arthritis, including even migraine and of course menstrual pain. Sex is also known to boost the production of estrogen in women. This estrogen is of a type that specifically reduces postmenstrual pain. In a primitive society in which the task of the women were many and often urgent, especially with children to look after, sexual interaction between the women might have been a critical necessity at times and this possibly more often than we might think.

"Of course when the men came home with their catch of fish their arrival would start a time of celebration with the sexual interaction now happening between men and women. My point is that in the early ages sexual interaction was a factor of the general welfare covering the whole ground from homosexuality to lesbianism as needed, and also including heterosexual interaction. In this context the heterosexual interaction might have been the smallest aspect of the sexual interactions. I also think that it is safe to say that the early societies didn't regard any part of these interactions as unnatural since all facets might have been essential for their survival and would therefore have all been practiced within the framework of the general welfare."

Steve paused. "The Principle of the General Welfare really is an element of the lateral model, Peter. I see a bit of that reflected on the beach. As you might have realized the human being isn't primarily an animal. We have biological needs and we take care of them. We also need food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and we take care of these biological needs as well. We meet these needs with the intelligent resources of our humanity. We have also discovered that with our sublime intellect a profound culture has developed that is rich in art, music, literature, theatre, science, technologies and all sorts of beautiful things. On this platform too, we stand laterally with each other, and this not so much as men and women anymore, but as human beings. We have discovered a third sex in our humanity that takes us beyond the sexual division, and unites us profoundly on a platform of beautiful and spiritual things. Researchers have found that there is no such thing as a distinctly female symphony, or male symphony, or art, or literature, or science. We exist totally laterally with each other in the cultural domain where we discover ourselves primarily as human beings, even while we are still bound sexually to the needs of our biology, just as we are bound to the need for food. I see a development unfolding here in which our sense of loving becomes increasingly written in capital letters.

"Is that what you were trying to tell me as evidence of the lateral model being reflected in efficient physical processes?" said Steve and begin to grin again.

I didn't answer him. I couldn't find an answer. "The problem is, Steve, that we are not used to this kind of thinking and living in absolute terms," I replied instead of answering. "We imagine ourselves to exist in an extremely small world that is multiply divided, in which we live universally isolated by countless customs and axioms, and philosophies of shallow thinking. But we are not stuck there. We have a choice. That is why I say that there exists another model for human relationships, a vertical model that represents Science. Science unfolds in progressive stages of intelligent perception. Science is our interface that opens the door to the lateral model. Of course, when Science is rejected, a total loss of scientific perception is incurred. When this is done willful or otherwise, find the resulting loss of truthful perception expressed in fascism, the foundation of empire, and in the war of empire versus civilization. Scientific development is our ticket of getting out of this war, the very war that has turned the entire world into a zoo."

"So you say that developments in Science govern our relationship to one-another," Steve interrupted and continued to smile. "You are saying that the vertical model incorporates two directions: a loss of Science that takes us down into the sewers of empire; and the opposite trend, the development of Science that takes us to the freedom of the lateral model? Is that what you are saying?"

"Of course, Steve," I carried on. I began to smile now too. "In the dark ages when the Earth was deemed to be flat nobody had dared to sail across the oceans out of fear of falling off. Even Columbus, who knew better, had to deal with that antiscientific belief. We still live like that socially, Steve, with a flat-Earth mentality, governed by small-minded thinking and a rejection of scientific evidence. The whole world is still divided sexually into two giant isolated camps. Socially society exists as a vast sea of isolated marriages. In the same manner the a world is divided and isolated politically, economically, ideologically, ethnically, and of course religiously and so on. We got into this mess, because the link of Science to lateral lattice of our humanity has been broken or has been artificially prevented from coming to light. My point is, that what we perceive in the evidence of Science as the reality of our being, or the rejection of it, determines how we relate to one another. Since the rejection of Science now rules the world, which has opened the gates to the sewer called empire, society's natural lateral relationships have torn apart and its intimacy rendered small and narrow. The resulting mess is governed increasingly by insanity. The rejection of Science is insanity, because Science is synonymous with sanity, Steve. Scientific advances may take us out of the current confinement into the prison of insanity and give us our freedom back to the degree to which advances in Science will take us back into the land of sanity. While we have cast away the primitive notion that the Earth is flat, and have overlaid this old myth with the astrophysical recognition that the Earth is a sphere, we haven't made a similar kind of scientific breakthrough in recognizing ourselves as human beings. We still live with the same old 'flat-Earth' mentality in the social domain, which reflects a very low level of scientific recognition, Steve. In other words, mankind is still far from recognizing itself in the lateral model that defines us as human beings with a universal common humanity unfolding in life in the form of being enveloped in universal Love. To the best of my knowledge the faint recognition that we have made of the lateral model represents the leading edge of our scientific development at the present point in history. In this sense, the vertical model that represents our Science gives us both, a gateway to the Truth and a mirror of the insanity that we've gotten in by stepping away from the Truth. Speaking for myself, I am in Love with what I see at the leading edge of Science that is our gateway to the lateral model. I know of some profound cases of healing that have been achieved at the high end of this gateway. Unfortunately those leading edge expressions are rare. Most of mankind lives at the opposite end of the scale of scientific development. It lives in the sewer of empire, which may be defined as ignorance, as in the flat-Earth days, or something still worse, like utter depravity. Insanity is manifest as ignorance and depravity."

"Do you know this as a fact, Peter?" Steve interjected again, and continued smiling.

"I know this to be a verifiable fact, Steve. At the lowest level of the vertical model where insanity rules, the rejection of Science becomes the total inversion of Science and creates a hierarchical model where everything is arbitrary and nothing is true. This is presently the model that most of society lives by. The result is a society that is ruled by money, power, and lies. It also determines that society's perceived relationship to one-another. This inverted vertical model turns everything upside down. It renders Truth as an impossible mythical ideal that is so far off the sale and out of reach that it is deemed to have no practical value. In this inverted model mankind is rendered as living at the bottom of the 'practical' scale, wallowing in the dust of the Earth as a lowly worm, untouched by the Truth. Then in between these two poles, the inverted model that is a hierarchical model, the rulers in the model have placed a mediator or interpreter that arrogantly tells mankind what the Truth is, and what by implication the will of God is. In ancient times the priesthood had put itself into the role of the interpreter, so it seems. It was done for the purpose of gaining power over society to control it. The priesthood probably invented the entire inverted model in the first place, in order that it could cast itself in the role of the interpreter. The setup created an authority that enables the elite to dominate society with lies. All of this has already become prominent in modern days. The song that elite now sing is: 'In Lies We Trust!' At first the church took over the role of the interpreter, as it sang that song, 'In Lies We Trust!' The ruler of empire of course 'owned' the church. In later years still countless philosophers cast themselves into the role of the interpreter. Afterwards numerous types of self-appointed elite were added to the scene. In modern times the financial oligarchy and its hordes of corruptible politicians, took over the song, 'In Lies We Trust!' And so we now face numerous variations on this theme, all actively pursued, Steve, all of them carefully crafted over the centuries on the basis of the inverted vertical model where Science is rejected and Truth is turned upside down. Thus we live in a hierarchical world of arbitrary opinions that are as distant from real Science and Truth as one can get. Is this proof enough?"

I paused. "Do you want more proof, Steve?" I added. "No more proof is required on my part that the inverted vertical model exists. The proof is everywhere. The inverted vertical model is the model under which every hierarchical society in history has operated and still operates. The proof is, Steve, that there is no efficient physical process possible under this model. And that is what we see happening, Steve. The proof is that empire is poverty. It is hate, destruction, vice, crime, inhumanity, chaos, fascism, and inhumanity. Surely, you are aware of that. The proof is that when the sunshine is blocked off, the world is dark. The proof is that empire has no room for the Principle of the General Welfare, but aims to destroy it. The proof is that every imperial society requires the inverted vertical model as a foundation for its looting practice. It requires it, in order to subjugate the masses of society to its looting. The proof is that every hierarchical society requires the inverted model in order to regress human relationships to such deep levels of isolation as are required to enable slavery for the maintenance of imperial processes. The proof is that the inverted vertical model fulfills all of these requirements. It creates countless forms of terror and war for the purpose of keeping society subdued. It creates countless forms of social, religious, political, and economic division for the ever-increasing isolation of human beings from one-another. That's the face of the inverted vertical model, Steve. The proof that it exists is everywhere, socially, politically, and economically. War, terror, poverty, and deep-reaching division are all the hallmarks of this model and its proof. The model is imperial by design and fascist in its nature."

Steve just smiled, perhaps as a teacher would to a well-learned student.

"The inverted vertical model is best illustrated in history by Rome becoming an empire," I continued. "The inverted vertical model is the model that the Roman Empire was built on, Steve, and very other empire that ever existed and still does. The existence of this model is verified in history by its characteristics and its destructive effect on society. Of course the model existed long before Rome. It has ruled the world for millennia under the direction of empire. The inverted model is also verified by the fact that it is basically an artificial model. It has no principle to support its claim. It is the model that Aristotle was hired to popularize. He gave his name to it as it had no name of its own, though it had been developed a long time before him. His brand of imperial inversion that created the inverted vertical model, takes us deep into the sewer of inhumanity and far from the Truth. This it takes us infinitely far from the lateral model that defines the whole of mankind as human beings existing horizontally to each other and united by a common humanity and a common universal Soul. In the lateral realm, in the realm of the absolute, where we are simply human beings, every single one of the imperial hierarchical consideration are totally invalid. But in order to get to the Truth from the imperial sewer that society is stuck in right now, the only tool that society has available for the task is Science. That's the real vertical model. Science puts Truth on the top, but not out of reach. Science unfolds in the natural vertical model of progressive scientific development. The discoveries that we make in this progression, and the understanding that we gain there of the Truth, determine what we acknowledge as the reality of our being and how we relate to one-another.

"Steve, this means that we ultimately have only two distinct models operating. That's the way I see it. A third fundamental model is not possible."

"But why do we have those two models, Peter? Why don't we have just one?"

"Isn't it obvious, Steve? We have two models, because the absolute model is the lateral model that represents the Truth and the Principle of the universe, including us. We know that the Earth is a sphere. We know that the human being is not a creature of empire. We know that we are not mindless ants. We know all that. We know that the reality of the universe and ourselves can only be recognized with the mind's eye that lets us see into the complex domain where we interface with Principles in discoveries of what no eye has ever seen physically. We know all of that. Now we need to move with it and go further than we ever have gone before.

"A tiny example is the recognition that the Earth is a sphere," I continued. "That recognition was made 2,500 years before we could actually see the Earth as a sphere from distant vantagepoints in space. Science gave us that capability to see with the mind's eye what otherwise would remain unrecognizable. Science still does that, even in the social world. Science is a human element that sets us apart from the animal world where relationships are governed by instincts. Science is evidently the most powerful element of our humanity, Steve, which gives us the capability to create a bright New World for ourselves. So, why would we bow to insanity and make a terrible mess of the world?

"The human being is a creature of Science," I continued. "The human being is a creator of worlds that don't exist naturally, a creature of metaphysics replacing mere physics. In this sense Science enables the human being to recognize itself as an infinite being with an infinite mission in the universe. This means that we must recognize Science as a distinct model that determines our relationship to one-another, even while it gives us access to the lateral model which represents the Sublime that is reflected in our humanity. For as long as we have Science we can see ourselves existing in the lateral model. Without Science we drop into the sewer and have nothing at all. Without Science we cannot see the Sublime, we cannot see God, and without that we drop into the sewers of empire and become slaves to the most vile and evil inversion of our humanity. That is why we have to have two models. One represents Truth and Love, and the other our path to them. If we don't recognize this duality we deny ourselves as a scientific spiritual species that is able to recognize and understand Truth, Steve. Surely, you can agree with that."

Steve just kept on smiling. He didn't answer, as if I missed something that I should have thought of.

"I may not know what all of this means for the future of our civilization," I said to him. "I think I have not discovered this part yet. However, I have asked myself that question. The whole concept is still new to me. Nevertheless I do know that these two models exist. I agree, as you suggest, that there should be only one model in operation, Steve. Maybe some day Science will become so natural and far advanced that the two models merge and only the lateral model remains to determine our relationship with one-another. The progressive vertical model of Science would then become obsolete. But we are not there yet by a long way. I certainly am not there yet. I see myself as an explorer in a brand new land. I would say, that until we all become totally familiar with this new land, Science has a progressive and developmental role to play, and that role, really is our only hope that some day society will grow up and put away its childish games that have become so destructive. Until that day, the two models remain. The vertical model of Science will continue to widen our gateway to the Truth and Reality, and the inverted form of it, where Science is denied, will continue to drag society into the sewer of hierarchical abominations. This will go on until society takes a hold of Science, as its lifeline, and pulls itself out of the sewer with it. I don't think anybody really knows how and when this will happen. All I know is that society is presently doomed by the inversion of Science that it allows, which renders it insane. That is why more and more of the insane are elected to high positions in government. The insane tend to elect the insane. It's as simple as that. This will go on until society takes hold of Science and pulls itself out the sewer with it, leaving the mess behind. I also think that nobody truly cares anymore about the answer to my question, even while the future of mankind hinges on that answer and is determined by it. The fact is, almost nobody cares because almost nobody recognizes itself as a human being anymore. There are a few exceptions of course. But in general terms, the tragedy I outlined seems to be the rule and will remain that until the development is Science is back on the front burner."

"Can you prove what you just said," Steve asked without changing his expression.

I shook my head. "I would be lying Steve, if I said that I could. I think the possibility exists that our scientific becomes so progressive that it obsolete the model in which it unfolds. But we might also never get there. Until then, we'll simply have to work as diligently as we can to advance the development of Science in the world and primarily in our own consciousness. That's the best we can do, Steve. I am convinced, however, that as we progress along this line we will discover that all the problems in the world that plague us right now are artificially conjured up under the perverted vertical model, and all the good things, like loving honesty, beauty, ingenuity, and so forth, come to light universally as elements of the lateral model in which we find the reality of our being. I think sex belongs into the lateral model where the Principle of the General Welfare is expressed. I think this includes all three aspects of sex, the male, the female and our third sex that as you suggested is entirely spiritual. I also like to suggest that we need the footsteps of Science to keep sex in the lateral model. You said yourself that you discovered an inkling of that on the beach, but you had to do some deep scientific thinking to recognize what it was that you had discovered."

At this point Steve's perpetual smile turned into a grin. He reached out his hand for a handshake. He almost interrupted me. "Congratulation my friend," he said. "You have answered a question that no one of the entire faculty of the University of Leipzig has been able to even acknowledge as a valid question, much less provide such a profound answer for it, and this with such a clarity. Your achievement earns you the honorable title of Doctor of Humanity." Steve kept his had extended for a handshake and then began to laugh when he finished saying this.

"Actually, I really mean what I said," he said moments later when we shook hands on that once more. "You have not only answered correctly, but you have also done it honestly, especially when you said that you can't fully prove your Vertical-Versus-Lateral-Relationship Theorem. To be honest, neither can I prove it, but I fully concur with you on what you said. It is nice Peter, to know that Ushi and I are not alone at this leading edge. However, Peter, you might want to reconsider that there exist actually two distinct vertical models, one representing Science, and the other the inversion of Science. The currently predominant one, the imperial vertical model of top-down control, or the inverted model as you called it, does not really exist. It claims to have a scientific basis, but it is really an inversion of Science in every respect. But that's not really possible. An inversion has not a single root in Principle. The real vertical model that represents Science is rooted in Principle. The real model of Science is a model for upward progression in scientific and spiritual development, enabling discoveries and understanding. This vertical model renders Science as our gateway to infinity, to the absolute of Truth, as you have said. You are right on the mark with that. That's real Science, Peter. I would even call it Christ Science; or the Science of Man; or Christian Science, the Science of our Divinity as Human Beings.

"Imperial so-called science, which you said is the total inversion of Science, has no substance. A model that has no substance is not a model, really, but is a myth. Empire is not a model. It has no substance and no roots in Principle. It is a myth without power. It cannot even sustain itself. It is an empty shell by its own admission. 'In Lies We Trust!' What a motto!" said Steve and began to laugh.

"Empire is a structure of lies, opinions, and mythologies misnamed Science, which are dehumanizing society and are always changing," Steve continued. The lies of empire are designed to inhibit human development in every possible way. The lies are being taught in the universities today. Our universities have become 'churches' of the insane. The teachings of empire rip the Sublime out of our humanity and call the process education. This means that you want to be focusing on getting out of this trap, and not deeper into it by giving it the legitimacy of a model. This leaves you no option but to focus on real Science and dig deep into reality and its Principle. I agree that we have barely begun to do this, because the imperial so-called model is still very much in control of our lives as if it was a real model. The war of empire versus civilization has inverted the universities. It is hard to get away from the dehumanizing doctrines that were like bombs dropped unto society creating insanity. The combined resulting influences that have ruled society for many decades, if not centuries, such as greed, quest for power, the vilification of Love and so forth, have put the Sublime out of sight. It is extremely challenging for anyone today to think in terms of universal Love, especially socially, and much more so to implement Love as universal Principle. The only useful elements that are still taught in our universities today are those few courses that are focused on practical issues related to the Principle of the General Welfare, such as engineering, biology, physics, nuclear physics, manufacturing technologies and so forth. The rest is inverted Science. It is a war against Science and that is dangerous crap, Peter. Of course one can't even say anymore that the resulting crap is crap. People will hate you if you tell them about the Truth. They may even put you in jail, because you would challenge the foundation of their inverted world. They hate you even if the foundation is rotten to the breaking point. It may take a long time before it becomes possible to talk openly to anyone about the Principle of Universal Love and to implement it. You would challenge Adam Smith and greed-based economics. Those two, my friend, are the most revered gods in the world today. Their insanity is held up as a model. Nevertheless, we have no choice but to respond honestly to what we recognize scientifically as the Truth. That's the only proof that we have that we are human beings."

Steve began to laugh again. "Isn't it remarkable how history repeats itself?" he said. "Here we are back at the same stage in history when the Flemish mathematician Albert Girard first formulated the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra in 1629. He made a breakthrough in extending the leading edge of the science of mathematics. As you know he recognized that an equation with powers of n must have n possible solutions. Up to his time it was believed that a mathematical equation can have only a single solution. Gerard poked a hole in this small-minded concept. While he couldn't prove it, he knew that his theorem was correct. As you also know, nor could anyone else prove it for another 170 years until Gauss came along. I know that our Vertical-versus-Lateral-Relationships Theorem is correct, Peter, as you have described it, except for the division of the structure of Science. I have worked on this theorem for some time already, but how is one to prove it conclusively, as Gauss did. Will the proof for this take another 170 years to come to light, or longer?"

I raised my hand to interrupt him. "I think the kind of proof that you are thinking of might not be possible at all, Steve," I replied. "I think the Vertical-versus-Lateral-Relationships Theorem will have to be proven in countless small ways, which all together add up to an earthquake. For the Pythagorean Theorem forty-four different proofs have been developed, or three hundred as you say, and for the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, Gauss discovered three possible proofs. For our theorem, if I may call it that, there may be an infinite number of proofs possible and they may all be necessary to prove the theorem. Many of these proofs may exist right in front of us. I think we only have to open our eyes to them, like Gauss did in the complex domain. I am certainly looking forward to making some of those profound discoveries that bring the lateral model to life in our world. I bet you are just as excited bout the potential, Steve, for such a project to unfold. I would even say that if the three of us here can't make these discoveries, who have made some mayor strides already into the complex domain, no one will?"

"Wow!" said Steve and looked at me. Then he glanced at his watch. "Let me say this again to you my friend, congratulation! I accept your answer. You seem to understand vaguely what is involved, and that is a lot. It is absolutely amazing, really, what you have discovered already. But let me give you one last question to think about. That may be ultimate question! And the question is: would the universe exist without Love? This also comes with a related question that you as an American should be able to understand."

He turned to Ursula. "All Americans are in love with their cars."

He turned to me. "Here is the related question: Would anyone go to a car dealer and say to the manager, you have nice cars here, I like the red sports model over there; I'll buy it, but first you have to go and hire a street gang of thugs with baseball bats and get them to mutilate the car - do it, and I'll pay the price; do it thoroughly and I'll pay you double - though the warranty must still apply?"

"Nobody would buy a car like this," I was about to protest.

From: The Lodging for the Rose - Episode 1: Discovering Love

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