The Incompetence of the King


"Steve had brought a newspaper to the park where we met. We met at his favorite bench in the middle of a wide-open lawn. He pretended to discuss the newspaper with me.

"Peter, Peter, why did you travel half way around the world just for that?" he greeted me while he looked at me across the top of his glasses and smiled. "Did you come across the Atlantic and across the iron curtain to hear me telling you what you already know?"

He reached his hand out. "It is so nice to see you again," he added. "Still, you could have saved yourself the trouble."

"I'm not here on my own behalf, Steve. The President of the United States of America is in a terrible bind. He is petrified with fear over the financial crisis. My boss wants to have your assessment as to what kind of danger we are in as the result of the financial breakdown in the West. He assumes that you have access to people who know how this development is perceived in the Soviet Union."

Steve broke into laughter and immediately put the paper down so as not to give the impression there was anything that funny in the paper.

"My boss thinks that your network of friends in the scientific world includes connections to high places. Such a connection would be invaluable in this case. That is why I have come. Now, with this said, you can tell me what I already know."

Steve began to laugh again. "Are you sure you are not trained as a comedian rather than as a diplomat?"

"Don't make jokes about this, Steve. That's serious!" I interrupted his laughter. I held my hand out until he stopped. "The President is afraid that the Soviets will exploit the weakness in the West that exploded unto the surface. He is afraid of a nuclear strike. In fact, he is so terribly afraid that he wants to preempt it! The first strike option is on the table, Steve. I am not joking. His advisors are pushing. They want him to preempt a possible Soviet first strike that they fear may be the Soviets' response to our weakness."

Steve shook his head and laughed again. He folded his paper up and laid on the bench beside him.

"If this wasn't so serious, it really would be funny," I said cautiously in a tone of agreement.

"The man is insane and incompetent," said Steve in reply. "There is an economic crisis unfolding, and he wants to turn it into a strategic one too. He wants to throw nuclear weapons around. That is no way to solve an economic crisis."

"I know this, Steve, but how do the Soviets see this thing?"

"They are insane too, but not quite as insane. Remember that the West pushed them into this nuclear-war standoff in the first place."

"I know this, Steve. But that doesn't answer how Soviets are viewing our economic crisis, Steve? The delicate balance of power has suddenly shifted. Will the Soviets exploit it? Or are they afraid too, wondering if we are crazy enough to do something stupid to cover up our inability to deal with the crisis? That's the standard response in the imperial world when things fall apart internally, isn't it? If the imperial's credibility is on the rocks at home, they make war abroad. That's standard imperial practice. That's what usually happens, and that's what should be expected in this case as an American response. Surely, that's what the Russians should be afraid of ever since America became an Empire."

Steve just smile like a father might smile that has to explain to child for the nth time what is up and what is down. "Sure there is a little crisis in the making. I hear a few rumbles in the markets, but that's all, Pete. The situation is not yet acute and won't be for some time. We live in the modern world, Pete. We don't live in the dark ages. The USA is still the greatest economic and military power on the planet. Everybody knows that. It's not an empire yet and will never be one, though many would desire it. The Soviets know this. They are not stupid. The big question is, do you know it? And the bigger question is, do you know what lies in the future if our insane and incompetent President continues to destroy everything that has been built, that we once represented?"

I shrugged my shoulders, silently.

"If America's economic disintegration continues the Russians may have cause to be afraid of in the future," said Steve. "Then they may act rashly, but not now."

I nodded in agreement.

"Tell me, what do you see on the economic front?" Steve asked. "You are an economist as much as I am, in the way we had talked about it before. You understand as well as I do that without love in society, there is no economy. So tell me: How much love do you see? Is there still some love left in society? And how much greed do you see? Greed and poverty corrupt society and destroy the foundation for its physical existence, which love would build. Is greed all that you can see? Or is there still some love left? So tell me Peter, how far has the pendulum swung towards greed, terror, and poverty, and away from love?"

I told him that I saw a lot of evidence for both poles being represented. I told him that I still saw a lot of love in society, even while I saw a strong trend towards greed and poverty, which together threaten to rule the world some day.

"There is your answer," said Steve. "Greed causes people to steal from each other's living, and as a consequence, people die inwardly as human beings and the economy disintegrates as a consequence. Poverty adds to the effect. It impels people to become greedy by the corruption of fear. If a people loose their Soul as human beings, they are bound to become fearful. People then become greedy out of fear that they won't survive in the long run. So they become corrupted. Yes, Peter, I agree, we see a lot of that happening now. We see the results of this trend getting worse bit by bit. The economies are beginning to collapse, and the financial system that represents them becomes more and more a hollow shell. But what do we see on the other side, Peter? Is there any love left in society that reflects the humanity of human beings? Is there any humanity left that powers the economies in which people enrich one-another's existence and their world and their civilization? Is that all gone?"

"It's diminishing," I replied, "but there is a lot of it left."

"So, there's your answer, Peter. Tell your President that he's not facing an acute economic crisis yet. Tell him that the Soviets see this in the same way. But they, like I do, see the trend. So tell your President that he still has time to repair the system. Tell him that he has the opportunity to correct what is leading up to a real crisis that threatens to be greater than anything he can imagine. Tell him that he can make history and become a great President if he is courageous and takes a stand for the truth. This means taking a stand for all humanity. That means scrapping the private world-financial system and building a comprehensive federal-credit system for the redevelopment of the nation, and by the same process the redevelopment of the world. Beyond that he needs to create a gold-standard type fixed-exchange-rate system for the world, modeled after the old Bretton Woods system that the USA stupidly trashed."

"You want him to be staring all the greedy financial pirates in the eye and overrule them," I interrupted Steve. "Our President can't do this. He counts them as his fiends. They paid for his election. I think an honest and courageous person might be able do this, but not our President."

Steve shook his head again and laughed. "You are wrong, Pete. You're concerned with cosmetic issues. The real issue is that our American President doesn't qualify for the task he's been given as is proven by his incompetence. He doesn't even know what is job is. This isn't about small-scale confrontations, Peter, or about his personal ambition to play King. This is about global leadership. This is about doing what needs to be done to save civilization and mankind from a Dark Age that few people, if any will survive. That's what's at stake. His job as President is to preside over a process of dialog, bringing all the best people of the nation and the world together to discover what is needed to resolve the current paradox that has become a crisis. And he has to do it within the guiding principles of the framework of the nation's Constitution, especially the General Welfare Principle. If you ask me, the challenge that he is facing, that the USA and mankind is facing, is way beyond his capability as King. However, if he were to act as a President, setting up a process of universal consultation within the framework of universal principles, this current little crisis wouldn't even have come to a head."

"Are you saying that the current crisis has become a crisis because the President refuses to do his job?" I interrupted Steve.

"Absolutely, Pete! If he wants my advice as what to do, tell him that he must resign and hire someone like me to do the job for him. I know what the job involves. Also, warn him that if he fails to make this critical choice and refuses to resign or hire someone like me to act on his behalf, the economic collapse will continue to grow. It is bound to become critical if nobody acts in time to turn the thing around. This will happen, Peter, as surely as the sun rises every morning. If no one takes the responsibility to shift the focus from greed onto universal love, we will face a major 'civilizational' crisis in an about a dozen years. Then nuclear war will become inevitable. If people are corrupted by greed and by poverty, their life looses its substance, and with it dies the substance of their love that powers the economy and uplifts civilization. As a consequence the American economy will collapse, and the world-economy with it. The financial system will become so deeply hollowed out that it will eventually disintegrate into thin air as a soap bubble pops and blows away with the wind."

"Puff, and it is gone," I interjected, "and nobody will be able to put the fine spray that remains back together again."

"So Peter, tell that to your President. Tell him that the spray that blows away with the wind will represent the fate of civilization if he refuses to resign. Tell him that if he is at all concerned about the survival of his country and humanity as a whole, he should step aside immediately and request society to appoint someone that is qualified to do the job. In this manner he would fulfill his mandate to protect the nation."

Now it was my turn to laugh. "You can't say this to a President, Steve. And what if the cries for nuclear war come not from him at all, but from his Vice President? If the President was to resign under those circumstances, you would have a worse situation."

"In this case, Peter, tell him that he must impeach the Vice President first and fire all the others like him, and then resign. That what you must tell the President."

"You can't be serious, Steve. What you ask cannot be done."

"Even if it is true, Peter? Why can't you speak the truth to your President? If his incompetent, why shouldn't he be confronted with the fact?"

"How can you prove incompetence, Steve?" I asked. "You can make accusations."

"The proof is in the pudding, Peter. You are eating the mess already. It tastes sour. That is why you have traveled across the Atlantic all the way into communist Germany to talk to me, because the pudding tastes sour. Your King refuses to be President because he doesn't know how to be one. He has created an economic crisis that may soon overwhelm the world. Now he wants to turn his economic mess into a strategic crisis of the highest order. He wants to do this so that he won't have to deal with the consequences of his folly that caused the economic mess in the first place, that he doesn't want to deal with. That's not just incompetence, Peter. That's complete lunacy."

"I agree. That's total insanity, Steve. That's more than incompetence. Such insanity always happens when an incompetent fool has pushed himself against the wall. Such a situation would never have been possible in a fully functioning Presidency with the top elements of society participating. Unfortunately, Steve, we haven't had a functioning Presidency for decades in the USA. All we had is a bunch of clowns trying to play King."

"That's what I have been telling you, Peter," said Steve. "The incompetence doesn't lie in the fact that he wants to throw nuclear bombs around to cover up the economic mess that he created. The incompetence lies in the fact that he doesn't know what his job is. He wants to play King. A president is not a dictator, Pete. He is not a King. As I said, the U.S. President is not a hired dictator-king who rules over the nation. According to the fundamental design of the American Republic the elected President is a person that has been hired to initiate and preside over the process of collegial consultation. His mandate is to facilitate the process of dialog and compromise, of bringing the nation together on a lateral plane for the general welfare of the entire nation. His job is not to divide the nation by partisan actions, but to bridge the partisan division. His job is not to dictate to the nation's best people what to do, but to empower them to contribute to the welfare of the nation in the best way they are able. In order to do that he is mandated to stage a collegial consultation process right across the nation's most able professionals, its most experienced scientific and military leaders, and the brightest leaders of its institutions, including the business leaders, spiritual leaders, social leaders, judicial leaders, and so on. In this process of lateral collegial consultation the President is mandated to assure that the fundamental principles that the nation is founded on, its constitutional principles like the General Welfare Principle, are upheld and respected. In this sense only does the President become the leader of the leaders of the nation. The American Presidency is by design a laterally operating institution.

"With the currently sitting President not knowing what his job is, he has effectively scrapped the Presidency and made a dictatorship out of it. In effect he has technically resigned his job and moonlights playing King, which he has no mandate for. I find it absolutely incredible that no one in America has had the courage to point out to him that he has already resigned from the job he was elected for by attempting to play a dictator-King. Instead of bowing to the man's wishes as a king, the leaders of the nation's institution should take him by the hand and usher him out of the door, together with his whole court of underlings and conspirators. That is why our forefathers have created for us a republic with a Presidency to protect the nation and the world from such King-playing nonsense. So, my advise to you is to get rid of the man who doesn't know what his job is. Usher that idiot out of the door, Peter, together with his whole court of underlings and conspirators, and hire somebody who understands the job and will do it."

"What are you saying Steve?" I said and raised my hand. "Do you expect me to confront the President, face to face, and tell him he is incompetent fool, that he doesn't even know what his job is, and that he has in fact already resigned by not doing his job? Do you want me to tell him that the moving van is already on the way to take away his personal belongings? To merely suggest such a thing would end my career that has barely begun, even my remotely hinting at it. The man has wrapped himself in layers upon layers of assumed powers, like every King in history has. Many courageous men in history have had their head chopped off in response to a mere gesture by the King. How can anyone possibly rebuild a republic out of this mess in the shadow of those threats?"

"If you don't do what needs to be done to save the nation, Peter, then you are a greater fool than the President is, and all is lost!"

I held my hand out to stop him. "Give me one shred of concrete evidence that would stand up in court."

Steve hesitated.

"There you see! You can't do it. You have only words. Who is the real fool then?" I said and began to laugh.

"You won't laugh in a few decades from now," Steve interrupted me. "If nothing is done you will see the end of civilization and you will remember with shame that you found it impossible to do what is necessary for civilization to survive. Just look at history. Take a good look at how the great classical civilization of Greece that took hundreds of years to develop, from Homer to Pythagoras, to Solon, was all wiped out in a few decades by one single fool, the fool Pericles. Look at how countless many had died in the endless seeming Peloponnesian wars. Pericles' wars, the Peloponnesian wars, have been called the template for all wars. Now, an even greater fool is poised to cut an even more horrific template with a nuclear signature and a foolish society hails him or cowers in fear as you do. Civilization will end if nobody acts responsibly and rebuilds the Presidency of the mightiest nuclear weapons power on the planet. Our republic has been designed to prevent the kind of insanity that a king-dictator can unleash, and the lateral functioning of the Presidency is designed to assure that."

"And where is the proof that you are right, that civilization will end? Do you have any proof?"

"It is before your eyes, Pete. Open your eyes. It took Greece centuries to recover from the folly of Pericles. Look at where the world is heading. We are heading in the same way, but we don't have the centuries that it takes to recover from such a folly. We may be in an Ice Age environment in less then a century. We will have to get the whole planet ready for that. If we screw up now, it's curtains for mankind. So, it is really an understatement my friend, when I say that civilization will end. Economically, civilization is already being trashed. Who cares about civilization anymore? Nothing works anymore. Adam Smith is in control of people's heart. 'Care for that gold,' he says. 'Steal if you must.' That's what's called economics today. So, what do you see on the economic scene? Do you see any real economics in progress? Do you see people's life becoming richer, more efficient, more productive, more human filled with peace and joy and power? All that I can see is an ever-widening process of grand looting. People are becoming slaves to poverty and depravity. Where is the love-based focus of the General Welfare Principle expressed in society? It's all gone. That's what you see when you open your eyes, Pete. Be honest! What I see is a mounting fury around the world to privatize the last drop of wealth away from society into a very few hands that have amassed the power to steal in evermore-efficient swindles. That is why the economy is collapsing. A society that is robbed poor is collapsing. The term ^economy^ means ^productive activity.^ It means people building and creating products for people. It means building to have a richly human life. If that productive activity shuts down or ends, there is no economy happening and the businesses go bankrupt. Society's industries can't operate if society has become so poor that it cannot afford its own product and therefore stops producing. With the industries shutting down, the machine tool sector disintegrates. When this happens you've got nothing left for society to restart itself with. Then you have lost the physical capacity to create new industries with which to built the products that you need. Also, you loose your skilled workforces when an industry shuts down. It takes decades to recreate this invaluable treasure that is immensely more valuable than gold, but which is thrown away as trash today. That is why we have an economic crisis unfolding, Peter, because in a poor society even the rich are poor as their wealth is in assets that have become meaningless. A functioning Presidency would have put a stop to this march into the sewer eons ago. A functioning President would have brought together the leading producers and creators and leaders of the communities, and would have said to them, what must we do to build ourselves out of this mess and into the most productive society in the world? The first thing on the agenda would have been to repeal the legalized looting of society and to repeal legalized slavery. This would mean to repeal Adam Smith and his greed-based fascism."

"Unfortunately, our country has been run by dictator-Kings for decades already," I interjected. "The last time we had a functioning Presidency was so long ago that hardly anybody remembers. In fact, tell me if you can, what precisely would we be seeing if we had a functioning Presidency, Steve?"

"What we would be seeing instead of calls for nuclear preemption is a universal commitment in society towards the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind. If our society became rich with its productive activity, we would see our Presidency promoting this enriching process globally. It would be a process of people producing essential products for their common welfare. Slavery would end. Financial piracy would end. The commodity traders that leach the life out of society, would be unemployed. Private banking would only be allowed in the form a tightly controlled extension of a national monetary institution. The looting would end, and with that empires would end. The financial means for cultural warfare would also be blocked. As a result of that, wars would end. Society would be conditioned to trash its nuclear bombs rather than its people. Homelessness and unemployment, which is the biggest waste of society's resources, would end immediately. Poverty would end. It would end around the world. Africa would be rebuilt into the bread garden of the world, and society would be uplifted to become a society of creators. In this way we would have a chance to prepare the world for the coming Ice Age. Such a chance doesn't exist right now, because of a lack of universal love for our humanity."

"And where is the proof that this isn't just pie-in-the-sky stuff?" I asked.

"The evidence that you seek lies in what is not happening, Peter. There is your evidence. Our President is married of the privatization mania that is destroying civilization and is turning America into a wannabe fascist looting empire, wielding its terror weapon of nuclear war with the watchword of preemption on the horizon. Preemption means war at will. It means destroying a nation or a continent at will. It's the absolute opposite to creating and building and enriching society and creating a rich, efficient, and secure world. Preemption is a rage of madness without a principle. America should cry for itself, seeing its President becoming the champion of the madness of preemption. He should be the world-champion of the Principle of Universal Wealth, protecting and advancing the universal wealth of the American nation and mankind, instead of championing the theft-style privatization of whatever wealth there might still exist. Such a process would preempt the very existence of mankind in the coming Ice Age. The American President should be the world-leader towards the universal wealth of mankind, and not because he is American, but because it is his mandate to do so. That's his mandate provided by the Constitution. If the world prospers, America prospers. It's his job as the sworn defender of the Constitution of the United States of America to uphold the Principle of Universal Wealth on which the American nation is founded, or the General Welfare Principle as it is also called. To uphold this principle and to fight for its efficient fulfillment is the primary job-description of the US President, and the process of collegial consultation is the process for doing that job. It's a lateral process in which everybody has the duty to be standing side by side with him. That is what the American President is hired for to organize. But is he doing it? No, he isn't. He is doing the opposite. He made himself King. He is therefore technically a traitor acting against the security of the nation. I'll give him the benefit of an insane man who doesn't know what is job is, by calling him merely incompetent. If he were employed in a normal kind of job he would have been fired eons ago. But he is the boss, unfortunately, which means he cannot be fired. He must resign and vacate his office in the full acknowledgment of his own folly and take all the clowns of his royal circus with him. I would even say that anyone who calls himself the man's friend should help to do this as fast as possible in order to save whatever honor he may have remaining. If he had the slightest shred of humanity left in him, he would have had the decency already to stop his clown show and vacate his office, and you of all people should help him to do that, Peter."

"I suppose that's what I would be saying, Steve, if I had a chance to say it," I said to him quietly. "But that is not really possible, is it? And even if it were possible against all odds to say this to the President of the United States of America, that he is incompetent and a traitor, would he be listening?"

"Of course he wouldn't be listening," said Steve and began to laugh again.

"I would never get near him," I said emphatically. "It will all have to come through Fred, and that adds another level of uncertainty."

"So, Peter, educate Fred. Get him to educate the President at least to the point that he recognizes that he must vacate his office," said Steve. "I'm sure that the President can be educated to become a human being. Nobody can sink so low that he cannot be educated to become a human being. Then, once he regards himself as a human being, he will know what is required of him. A human being is someone who is able to reason. He will be capable of some basic reasoning if his humanity is being awakened just a bit, which is native to all human beings."

"Do you think Fred can educate him up to that stage, Steve?" I aked.

"Ultimately, you are not dependent on what your boss, Fred, can or cannot do, Peter. YOU know what needs to be done. Get it done! If the entire White House staff is as incompetent as the President, and all the institutions that make up the Presidency are also incompetent, then you have to go to the Senate that owns the task to oversee the White House and to assure that the Presidency functions. And if the Senate should turn out to be incompetent also, which will most likely be the case, because the disease of incompetence has become epidemic, then you have to go to Congress and petition Congress to declare both the President and the Senate dangerously incompetent and request that their offices be vacated. And if Congress turns out to be incompetent likewise, which is totally possible, considering how far our nations has already sunk into the sewer, then you'll have to go to the people. There you would have to get the idea across that democracy means taking responsibility. Should you find however, that the people are incompetent also, then you'll have to get society to resign itself from the dream that it lives in a democracy. Democracy means taking responsibility. It is an illusion that democracy means only counting votes. That's the smallest aspect. The big thing in a democracy is safeguarding the principles on which the nation is founded. That involves a lot a of responsibility, especially the responsibility that the General Welfare Principle, or the Universal Welfare Principle as you might call it, will not be lost sight of. Civilization is thereby defended and advanced, in the course of defending and advancing these principles."

I shrugged my shoulders. I told Steve that I agreed with him. I also told him about a man that I had learned to respect, a man who understood economics in terms of those principles that we had just talked about, who had rediscovered those principles long before I had and has taken them further than even we could comprehend, a man who has been fighting for those principles for years, a man who is being laughed at, scorned, ridiculed, and vilified for these very principles. I told him that this man has worked for years to inspire the governments of the world to get together and set up a new Bretton Woods type monetary system with fixed exchange rates among nations, the same as we would propose to the President. That single step of creating a new financial architecture for the world, all by itself, would stop the privatization of the nations' wealth into the pockets of a few pirates. It would do wonders for the recovery of the world. I told Steve that this man tells the world that this step forward would create a foundation for equitable trading by which all nations could begin to redevelop again economically into a community of productive societies. I reminded Steve that the old Bretton Woods agreement is a part of our history, which the USA had pioneered. We had created it. We had set it up under the direction of President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, one of the few real Presidents that we had. But it has all been trashed. Under our would-be-King traitors, who never really were King but underlings to the empires, our once noble USA killed it brightest contribution to global prosperity in 1971 on the advise of its imperial masters."

"Not on the 'advise' of its masters, Peter," Steve corrected me. "This was done under the direction of its masters, carried out at the hands of traitors with the full consent of the traitor-King. America had once built the culture of civilization into a great bulwark, which America had inherited at its founding out of the background of the great European Renaissance rooted in the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. America has remained vulnerable to traitors, because society doesn't understand what a treasure it has been given with the founding of the American republic."

"When leadership becomes incompetent the gates open up to traitors, isn't that so, Steve? That's why the man I spoke of is demanding efficient leadership in adherence to universal principles. He name is Lyndon LaRouche, but nobody listens to him. He's the best economist we've got, but if you mention his name in America, people well sneer at you."

Steve just laughed. "You don't know how wrong you are, Peter? His name is spoken throughout the world with great respect. It's the most-often spoken name in my network of friends. His ideas, his discoveries of principles, have become the benchmark against which economics is measured in the real scientific community. That goes for Russia, India, China, Italy, South America, Mexico, and so forth. There isn't a place on Earth where his name isn't known and is held in high esteem and is honored for his stand on universal humanist principles. The most prestigious institution of science in Russia, for instance, has named the leading edge measurement in physical economics in his honor for his contribution. They have called the measurement the ^LaRouche Unit.^"

"Do you know what people are saying to that, Steve?" I interrupted him. "They call him a cult leader, with worldwide cult followers working for him in his cult. If America had heard what you just said they would accuse you as being a slave for him as one of his cult."

Steve burst out into laughter. "I'm NOT working for LaRouche, Peter. That's impossible. Nobody is ever working FOR LaRouche. I am working WITH LaRouche, alongside with his him as do many others to some degree in a worldwide effort to save mankind a horrible tragedy. Everybody should be working with LaRouche to protect and elevate mankind. The man has set a high standard that is hard to live up to. Hopefully, society will some day reach that high. When this happens his name will be associated with far more that just a measurement unit in economics. And that doesn't make him a cult leader, Pete. Johan Sebastian Bach one had s similar influence on music. He changed the face of music single handed in his days. He literally pioneered classical music, and he had many followers. All the great German composers of this particular renaissance period, like Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and so on, reached up to Bach's standard and built on it, just as the leading economist of today reach up to LaRouche's standard and built on it. But did you ever hear anyone call Bach a cult leader, simply because he had many followers, or heard then refer to Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms as cult followers? Each one of these great composers is honored for his own unique contribution to the advance of music, but they are all honored today as children of a renaissance in musical composition that changed the face of music that was pioneered by Bach. I predict that LaRouche's name will stand in future history among the greatest names in physical economics and in mankind's renaissance of universal principles that are reflected in economics. His name will stand in his field like that of Bach stands today in musical composition."

I nodded and smiled, but didn't interrupt him, not this time.

"LaRouche's name will also stand synonymous with Agape, the Principle of Universal Love," Steve continued. "If you want to see what a cult leader looks like, Peter, you have to look elsewhere, but you won't have to look far. You only have to look at today's zookeepers of the imperial zoo of underlings, once human beings, who have laid down their life to kiss the boots of their destroyers. That is were you'll find the cults and the cult leaders, but never in a renaissance environment. Cults are simply not possible there."

"Only America is stupid enough to trash its most able pioneers and slander their name with LaRouche's name standing at the forefront of the slander," I replied.

"Ah, but when you hear slander that's not America speaking, Peter. What you hear is an echo of the senseless noise that comes out of the clown circuses of the traitor-Kings. People latch onto this noise and make a melody out of it."

"That is how we lost all of what we had been," I said to Steve in agreement. "Who in society cares anymore about what we had once been? We were once called the beacon of hope for the world and the bastion of liberty? We've become the opposite, Peter. We've become economic terrorists, the most hated people on the planet. If what you say about LaRouche is true, then LaRouche is the only beacon of hope we've got left."

"Actually, I think we've become worse than the opposite of what we once were," said Steve.

I nodded. "Yes Steve, our present society has become a society of traitors against the very principle that we once fought for and stood for, on which our survival as a nation once depended, even the survival of civilization against the attack of fascism. That was all built on principles that had made America great and the most prosperous in history."

I told Steve that the man that I knew, named LaRouche, was fighting with all the wisdom of the ages to save the present society from the imperial attack against it, which has become a war that society has been coerced to fight to destroy itself. I told him that sadly almost nobody is listening to LaRouche in America. "People call him a fool, but society is the real fool. Those who should support him, most often step on him. We've traitors against our own cause, Steve?"

Steve raised his hand. "Woh, woh! Slow down Peter! If I were the man you are telling me about I would not make this accusation. We, society, are not traitors! We may be fools. That can agree with that, but traitors no. A traitor acts with intent. Society never intends to harm itself. It may do so in an act of utter folly, being misled by people whom it foolishly trusts by not taking the responsibility to discover the truth for itself. But society is not traitorous. As the German poet Goethe has put it in his famous play, Faustus, a good man always has got the divine spark within him regardless of the most foolish acts and desires that a man is duped by blind folly to pursue. Thus society may have become slanderous and riles the man who would save it, and who will save it. In real terms this riling and slandering means nothing, Peter. It has nothing to do with the truth that the man represents and the principles he upholds. Even if the whole of society errs, as it does in rejecting those truths and those principles on which our nation has been founded, the collective error that is involved, no matter how deeply it is accepted as the truth and how widely it is embraced, doesn't cause that error to become the truth. The most tragic error will always remain what it is, but a tragic error. By recognizing that society's deadlock can be broken, it will be broken. Of course people like you, Peter, can prove to be a valuable asset in this fight for the truth."

"Who in society should the President appoint then, Steve, if the corruption of society into utter folly has run so deep that it slander's its most able defenders? If the President were to vacate his office tomorrow, together with that of the Vice President, whom would he appoint in his place? Would he appoint LaRouche, a competent contender, but one who has also become the most slandered man within the walls of the White House? Such an appointment is hardly possible, is it? So, whom would the President put in his place if he were to vacate his office? Isn't society just as bankrupt as he is, by which the field of contenders has become rather narrow? After all, society is complicit in putting a complete idiot into the country's highest office in the first place, and then allows that man to play the role of a traitor-King."

"Don't trash society, Peter. That's all I can tell you. Society is all that we've got. If it is sick, let's heal it!"

"Shouldn't we rather heal the Presidency, Steve? Wouldn't that be simpler?"

"That's not possible, Peter, for as long as society remains sick. Until there is a healing in society the Presidency won't likely function as it is designed to function, but becomes the throne of the self-appointed King of the World that society wants to see." Steve laughed at this thought as if it were the biggest joke of the day.

"So, whom should the President put in his place, Steve?" I interrupted his laughter.

"No, Peter, let me turn the question around and ask you, whom would you put in his place, Pete, if you had the power to decide? Who is competent to do the job when the field of the contenders becomes as narrow as a razorblade? Do you know anybody?" Steve chuckled and smiled.

"LaRouche, of course! But that's like dreaming, Steve, isn't it?"

"No, Pete, that's not dreaming. That's merely challenge. It didn't used to be like that, that the roster of valid contenders is so tragically empty that you find only one single name on it. If the field of valid contenders has become as narrow as a razor blade, then we are facing a tragedy. I can also tell you this, Pete, if I were that man LaRouche, I would feel terribly uncomfortable in his situation. I would scream at society and say to it: It isn't fair that you fools put me into a position like that! What I represent should be the rule, not the exception."

"If this challenge had been met in the first place, Steve, then I would have had no reason to rush half way around the world to talk to you about Russia..."

"There would have been no mad response to a crisis that isn't even a crisis yet," Steve continued my sentence and laughed.

"Nevertheless, Peter, there are still some people around who live by the Principle of Universal Love, and the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind; people who are known for their love for humanity," Steve continued. "Those are you contenders. You will know them by their commitment to the General Welfare Principle that our country was founded on. Search them out! Listen to their heart. Empower them to stand up and be counted as human beings. Make them knows as people standing on the side of universal truth and universal principle."

"I suppose, this criterion is ultimately the measure by which we must judge our civilization and ourselves," I said. "It is ultimately not the task of the political parties to rally the people. The rallying movement has to be a universal movement, brother to brother, man to man, right across the whole of society."

"We are loosing this movement, Peter. We are loosing it fast in the age of television. We've lost it especially in America. The media is abused, and is abusing society. If we continue to loose the humanist factor in our world, as is now happening, there will be soon no civilization left for us, and no economy down the road. Then America will be an empty shell without an auto industry, without an airline industry, without an aircraft industry, with railways that function, without a viable farming industry, and so forth. Nor will America have the resources to rebuild itself. It is fast becoming a country without a machine tool industry, without a steel industry, and without functioning energy and transportation infrastructures. Everything that we needs for our national physical recovery has already been bankrupted by looting. We would have to start from square one. Even education has been largely destroyed. We don't have the skills left to re-industrialize and rebuild the nation. Nor will we have any banks left in existence that haven't collapsed when the financial system disintegrates. That's the future we will face if the President doesn't resign, if indeed we will have a future that isn't preempted by nuclear war of his choosing. The main reason for getting the President-King and his crowd to vacate their office, is damage control at this stage. That's the reason. Nothing less than a complete victory in getting back to a position of sanity will do. This means that the President-King and his entire entourage has to go."

"What if one were to demand the President to change course, such as to cancel all of the free-trade looting that is going on in the world? Wouldn't that take the heat off?"

"That's no longer enough, Peter. The die is cast. It is not that easily uncast. No one in the world would trust us. America needs to demonstrate its complete rededication to what it once represented, such as reforming itself back into a Presidential Republic from its present form of a King-dominated imperial world-dictatorship. The world environment cannot be rescued without a fundamental change in its leading nation, involving a total reversal to sanity."

"Do you want me to demand this of our President for the greater benefit of America and the whole of humanity?" I said to Steve. "Do you want me to demand that he create a national bank, like Alexander Hamilton did, which provides focused financial credits for the reconstruction of our nation's industries and infrastructures, and that he encourage the rest of the world to do the same? If this is what you are looking for as a fundamental reversal, don't hold your breath. Such a pursuit would be political suicide for him, even if he wanted to do that. Our President-King has no power to do such a thing. The private financial empires that are controlling the world own our would-be King. No New President would be free from that, or have the power to do anything except what he is told. Every President elect is destined to become an underling to them. The very mentioning by anyone, of shutting down the private world-financial empires and to replace them with a public financial system would be political suicide, no matter who would say those words."

Steve just laughed. "A President is an underling when he doesn't fulfill the role of a President in defense of the general welfare. Wouldn't you want to see a person in hustings who cares enough for his nation to risk political suicide in defense of the nation? That's better than the threatened national suicide that the present traitor is pursuing by wanting to throw nuclear bombs around all over the place?" Steve asked. "Still, I am not asking for miracles, Peter. I am only asking for the apparently impossible that is not impossible for a human being to achieve."

Steve became immediately serious again. "It would not be political suicide for the sitting President if he were honest with the nation about his incompetence and were to step down. He would be able to do this if he understood his incompetence and the universal principles that he cannot live up to. An honest and sane human being would take that step for the sake of the nation, because nothing less would be sufficient to save it from a potentially great tragedy. If The President were to step down under such conditions he would be honored for it. He would be honored for his love for the nation. The principle of civilization is the Principle of Universal Love. Nothing will ever alter that fact. In any case, that really is the only thing that can rescue us from the doom we are rushing towards as an increasingly insane society," added Steve and paused. "The doom, of course, can be avoided," Steve added. "The gloom, unfortunately, is already here. The time has therefore come to work our way out of it."

"When society looses its love for one-another as human beings," Steve continued after a long pause, "with the President included, society looses its human Soul and becomes fascist. The end of this trend cannot be anything else but another Dark Age in which few of the people living today will be able to survive. It's as simple and as bleak as that," said Steve. "With an ever deeper-reaching economic collapse wrecking the physical infrastructures for the existence of society, overshadowed with tens of thousands of nuclear bombs, mankind will be lucky if as much as a billion people survive in that coming Dark Age. And that billion, my friend, is twice the world-population that was able to exist during the Dark Ages, and only ten percent of that will be able to survive the coming transition to the next Ice Age. That's the bottom line, Peter. That's what's at stake."

"Aren't you just singing LaRouche's song by saying that, Steve," I said to him. "LaRouche repeats this song like a broken record."

"And why shouldn't he, Peter? The truth is the truth. The Principle of Economics is the Principle of Universal Love. It is the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of Mankind made manifest as the principle of the universal welfare of society. If you loose these principles you loose what supports civilization, and with it you loose what supports society's existence. You've got to repeat this song until somebody is listening, because our civilization and our humanity is too precious for one to let it slip away. That song should be supported by a chorus, and the chorus should be followed up with universal action. Why don't you organize such a chorus, Peter? Isn't the welfare of mankind everybody's responsibility, yours included? So, why don't you join LaRouche's song until there is a better song to be sung? If nobody is singing this song, the song on the Principle of Universal Love in its countless different variations, are you surprised that the world is rife with fascism and has become a dangerous place? But you are also wrong about something else, Peter. LaRouche isn't saying anything about the coming Ice Age. The Ice Age transition may be still a hundred years away. Nobody knows for certain when it begins until it begins. LaRouche concerns himself only with clear-cut facts supported by absolute evidence. In this context his main concern is the immediate crisis, and the critical decisions that must be made to get the world out of its mess that is strangling it. If we run away from this task, then we have already lost. If society fails itself at the current critical point in history to reclaim its 'territory' from empire that has become its ideal, by reclaiming its Soul and its humanity, then society opens the floodgates to war, economic collapse, fascism, and greed. Once we get into this there won't be enough left of society for the Ice Age to have an impact and make matters worse."

"Then it can't get any worse," I said and laughed. "I know that LaRouche's goal is to get us through the immediate crisis so that we can rebuild ourselves civilly, economically, culturally, and scientifically. Without that we can't begin to concern ourselves with the Ice Age Challenge. I'm quite aware of that. Right now, there seems to be no room for that on the agenda. If the house is on fire we have to get the fire out before we can think about upgrading the walls. After that we can put the walls on the agenda. His concern is to protect civilization as we have it now, as a starting point, without loosing sight of the larger problem. But that's a tough act to follow, Steve."

"Nevertheless Peter, if we loose that, there won't be a response possible to protect mankind from the coming Ice Age. It won't matter then whether the next Ice Age begins in 50 years, or in 150 years, or in a 1000 years. If we screw up our world in the present time frame, like with nuclear war or economic destruction mankind's potential for dealing with the recurring Ice Age is lost. This means that we don't run away from the needed Ice Age Renaissance either, by focusing on the current mess. Fixing the current mess will then be merely the first step. That is what LaRouche is actively focusing on, the first step. He is trying to put the fire out before the house burns down. He is trying to uphold the Principle of Economics, and promote it in any way he can. The bottom line is that we can't get away from this principle. We live with it or die by it. That's what LaRouche is fighting to get society to recognize. He is really fighting to uphold the Principle of Universal Love. He may be the only person in the political arena fighting for this principle and everything that's built on it."

"I'm sorry, Steve," I interjected. "I didn't recognize that. But you are right. Every advanced society that we've encountered in history has been founded on some form of universal love. Human development, and that evidently includes economic and scientific development, goes hand in hand with the development of goodness. The more we develop our humanity as human beings, the less evil will pervade our society and the richer will our civilization become. I agree, that's a fundamental universal principle. That's something that we cannot get away from."

"Oh, we can get away from the Principle of Universal Love all right, Peter. We've stepped far away from it already, but not without those consequences that I have mentioned earlier."

"That's what I mean, Steve, we can't get away from this principle. One way or another, we are tied to it."

"All of that will be recognized, Peter. I am glad you are beginning to wake up to it."

"Of course it will be recognized. It is the truth, Steve."

"It needs to be recognized in our time, Peter. We cannot afford to loose our civilization. That's the platform for our existence. If that goes, it's game over for 99.9% of mankind, if not for all of it. The problem is that society has become so dull with playing games and putting itself asleep with illusions, destructive entertainment, violence and hate campaigns, that it is hard for society to gain even a glimpse of its potential humanity. I agree, Steve, in the end the truth will be recognized, but right now we are asleep to it. The truth may however, be recognized with bitter tears in the end when we missed the boat and find ourselves defeated."

"Sure it will be recognized with bitter tears," I interjected, "perhaps sooner than we think. Just let our President and his clowns drop even one of our tens of thousands of nuclear bombs, and all hell will break loose. It will be like stirring up a beehive. The bitter tears will then flow like rivers. They are already beginning to flow on the unemployment lines and on the streets of the homeless. Yes, and the tears will also be flowing in acknowledgement of our stupidity when it becomes too late to pull ourselves out of the mess that we have created."

"I doubt that," said Steve and began to laugh. "If society doesn't recognize the principles of its potential now while we still have a highly developed civilization left, though it is fast failing, none of that will be recognized during the next Ice Age transition when mankind is shrinking back to a minuscule presence corresponding to the less than the five million that we had when the last Ice Age ended. What we throw away today will then seem so far out of sight that nobody will even dream about it. They won't shed any tears then over it. They'll be too busy crying over their miserable lot when they're starving to death."

"Why then are we as stupid as we are, Steve?" I asked. "Right now we are on the fast track in that direction, playing mindless games on the train to oblivion and nobody is putting the breaks on. Doesn't that scare you?"

"The human path has always been a path of a progressive development," Steve countered. "It is my hope that this pattern will continue. All we need is a decisive breakout from our slumber. We have the capacity at the leading edge of scientific and technological progress to create the kind of renaissance world in which the coming Ice Age won't have an affect on us. It may take a hundred years project to do that, but we have the potential to carry it out. My point is that if we have that kind of a potential, Peter, to shift the entire world's agriculture into indoor facilities, then we certainly have the potential within us to snap out of our current economic crisis and stage a fundamental reversal before the crisis becomes a nightmare. With the enormous potential that we have within us to achieve the near impossible, like protecting our global society from the coming Ice Age that no species of life has ever been able to do in the entire history of the planet, then we also have the potential within us to do these little things that require so much less, such as applying the Universal Principle of Economics that has already been discovered and proven, and create a New World with it. Compared to that, getting rid of an incompetent President that likes to play King, isn't such a great task at all. That's what I mean with society needing to face reality. It also means that we begin to sin a new song as a people. Our old song, 'what is in it for me?' has to be changed to, 'what is in it for us, for mankind? The second question really answers the first. Ultimately our survival hinges on that question."

"That's really our only hope that we have left at this point, Steve," I interjected. "We have seen many dark ages in the past. Sometimes they have lasted for centuries upon centuries in which large portions of the populations have perished. It really wasn't until the Golden Renaissance that the second question we beginning to be considered. The answer became the Renaissance."

"Forget the dark ages, Peter. Consider that during the previous ice ages seven entire species of human being have already become extinct. There are your dark ages. We could easily become the next human species to become extinct. But instead of looking at any of the dark ages, Peter, look at our brightest achievements. During the few periods of Renaissance, which the imperials have not been able to crush right away, humanity has been profoundly progressive with ever-higher levels of attainment and levels of love. In those bright periods we have seen the true face of humanity. And that my friends adds up to a greater unfolding of good than we have ever seen before. And it does answer the second question. The 17th Century Renaissance was the pinnacle in human achievement. It has put the seal of eternity onto the face of modern times. This Renaissance gave us a vast basis to build on, but we won't build until the second question comes into focus again. The basis for this building still exists. We only have to ask the right question. The answer will change the world once we decide to build on it and create that New World that we needs. Fixing up the White House falls into this category. For this to happen we need to get the White House onto a higher-level footing, along with ourselves, that can support what needs to be done to protect the world food-supply when the deep freeze disables global agriculture. Once we work on that higher level, nuclear war wont be an issue. It will be unthinkable. Our current problem isn't just a question of getting a dangerously incompetent man out of office. As hard as this is, that's the easiest part. The real task is raising the platform for the whole office and the whole society, to a higher level where a lot of those lingering problems can be solved that haven't been tackled yet for thousands of years, like the privatization of society's wealth. We could get easily into an Ice Age Renaissance if we would snap out of the smallness in thinking that is associated with greed-based fascism that has become the present trend, which has dragged us into the deep sewer of sub-moral living, like saying 'what is in it for me?'"

Steve paused. "That's what I am counting on we will happen," he continued. "Society's smallness in thinking is a dangerous trap. I can guarantee you that the historic unfolding of good will happen again and become explosive in its expansion once we get out of this trap of the current smallness in thinking. I am certain this will happen, unless of course, we blow the world up before then and ourselves with it. If we don't snap out of that trap soon, created by our current incompetence in acting like human beings, humanity will not see the next Ice Age coming, except a very few, maybe. That's why I think we will snap out of this trap, because mankind really doesn't want to see itself becoming extinct or drop back into the darkness of an endless Dark Age. The Ice Age challenge of having to provide food for ten billion people from indoor agriculture, in possibly a hundred years time, has changed the whole political geometry of the world. The greatest battle for human survival in the entire history of mankind is before us now. Win the Ice Age timing being uncertain, we have to plan for the worst case possibility, because once it begins there is no possibility for turning the clock back. Our facing that reality now, possibly for our very survival, may be sufficient to stop our small-minded bickering over privatized wealth, shareholders' values, and bankers' profits. For as long as these little things are still on the agenda the real battle hasn't even begun. Cleaning out the rats from the sewer under the White House must be one of the first steps of that battle, and it better happen soon."

Steve paused again. "I am counting on what seems like a miracle," he continued. "I am counting on that humanity will prove to be too intelligent to be suicidal. I think we are coming close to the end of the age of tragedy in which the Renaissance Spirit of humanity is constantly being beaten back into the ground."

"Are you saying that ultimately there will be an end to this evil?" I asked.

"That's not an open question, Peter. That's inevitable. All of these things will happen by the impetus of their own principles. No one can forever prevent this from happening unless the whole of humanity is shut down. But don't forget that whatever will happen eventually can also be brought forward into our time by choice. The advance can be enacted on the basis of the scientific method of discovering the truth about our humanity. The truth has not been so deeply buried yet that it cannot be rediscovered."

"Except who demands this choice today when society is so deeply corrupted by its games, its entertainment, its fear and its greed, and has become spiritually dead?" I interjected. "Who will carry the responsibility to create a real economy, Steve? Who will ask the right question? Who even recognizes the Principle of Universal Love as the foundation for any functioning economy? And beyond that, who will dare to stand up for the Principle of Universal Love and move with it on all fronts, so that we will have an economy again instead of a sewer in which only the rich can live?"

"Who will indeed, Peter?" said Steve and paused once more, momentarily, as if he was searching for more words. "Maybe we have to face the challenge first to implement the Principle of Universal Love in the social domain. Nobody can build a house without a foundation.

"You must understand one thing about economics," Steve continued after a long silence. "Actually, I believe you do understand this very well. Economics is essentially a spiritual process. Everything that we are hoping for proceeds from this basic fact. The human being is a spiritual being, Pete. Sentience, intelligence, honor, love, are all spiritual qualities. You can't touch them, weigh them, and measure them, but when you withdraw them civilization disintegrates. History has also shown that if we express these qualities fully, they enrich our lives, and if we don't, fascism reigns. The manifestation of that expression is reflected in economics. The state of our economy, if you can still call it that, is our report card as a society. A failing grade means no survival. A few times in the past we came very close to failing. A few times we came also close to scoring the high mark."

Steve explained that every one of our spiritual qualities is an essential element in the economic process. If one element is missing, the entire process becomes dysfunctional.

I agreed. But I also pointed out that a lot of people dispute this, especially the idea that love is an essential part of it. "They insist, as Hobbes did in the 'service' of the Venetian oligarchy, that love must be kept out of the domain of business and economic policies in favor of greed and of unrestrained might to rule the world. Hobbes calls greed and might the chief motivators. There are a lot of prominent economic theories built on that. It started in the Hobbesian era. Hobbes practically outlawed love. Then came Adam Smith. He didn't just spit on love. He did something worse. He legitimized it in the context of greed as a love for gold, for your gold. Instead of loving one-another, Adam Smith said, steal from one-another and love that gold! Adam Smith said personal vice, such as greed, makes a civilization rich! Love that gold! That's the train we are on. That's the direction in which society is moving, headlong."

"What a lie they live, Peter!" said Steve. "You are right, those are the prominent economic theories, and many people are riding this train. And the prominence of the lies they live is killing the world's economies."

I interrupted him. "You know as well as I do that none of that changes the principle involved. It only changes the life of the people who become trapped in the dream-world outside the realm of universal principles."

Steve nodded and smiled, and kept on smiling. He leaned back and made himself comfortable on the park bench. He seemed more relaxed now and less hasty in speaking as if he had finished off-loading months of build up discoveries and theories. He said that he was going to tell me an important story now that pulls all of these trends together and puts them into their proper context. He explained that the principle of economics is best illustrated in Christ Jesus' parable of a traveler that fell among thieves, who was robbed, injured, and left at the roadside to die. Steve pointed out that the parable reflects on society's response.

The first person who saw the injured man was a priest, one of the royalty of the time. The royal priest understood the situation, and in response made a detour around the injured man and left him there in his agony of dying.

Steve explained that any person, such as the priest who is focused on status and power, invariably walks by on the other side of the human dimension instead of responding to a critical situation. Such a person acts as if the critical human situation doesn't exist. This sort of thing happens universally when there is no humanity left in a people, as in the case when the goal is to protect empires at all cost. In the parable the priest represents those people. No love is forthcoming from a person when status and power rule the mind. The priest must walk by on the other side. He has no choice but to react in that manner, because if he were to acknowledge the human dimension, everything that he stands for would then become invalidated. The invalidation would happen, because what he represents in his self-isolation by status and power is the opposite of love and of universal brotherhood, which are the foundation of civilization.

Next in the story came a Levite, one of the greedy rich, the self-centered, the sensual slave whose vision doesn't extend beyond his nose that he buries all too often into other people's business when there is money to be made. The Levite responds in the same manner as the priest does and for the same reason.

Steve explained that greed excludes love, honor, even intelligence. He said that it makes people blind to their humanity. The Levite pretends not to see the human dimension of the unfolding tragedy, because to acknowledge it would likewise invalidate what he stands for. It would destroy the imagined glory of his greed and his sensual slavery to it, and so forth, which can only exist without love.

Next comes a Samaritan, a very human person. He is a person without status, or power, or greed, or any self-centered slavery. He comes without anything that denies and hinders a person's humanity. Such a person lives by the Principle of Universal Love. Naturally, the Samaritan, being such a human person, responds in a human way. He cleanses the injured man's wounds and takes him to an inn, and there provides whatever is required for the man's full recovery. He acts like a human being. That's the Treaty of Westphalia, which is built on the Principle of the Advantage of the Other, which is just another form of the Principle of Universal Love. He responds to his humanity, the humanity that we all share, which he evidently values and loves.

Steve explained that by the Samaritan's actions the world becomes a richer place. It becomes a world in which the human being is recognized to be of great value. By his response the injured man's potential contribution to society is not lost, but is honored and restored. Actually, far more than this, the Samaritan uplifts the entire scene and creates a world that anyone would be proud to live in. The Samaritan responds to what is valued in the human heart and Soul, which everyone likewise responds to. This makes the world a rich place," said Steve. Steve also pointed out that the key element, which sets this light apart from the darkness in the world that corresponds to status, power, and greed, is our humanity and its key principle, the Principle of Universal Love.

"All of that, Peter, describes the Principle of Economics," added Steve. "For as long as the key spiritual values are kept in the forefront in the human heart, which are all manifests of the Principle of Universal Love in various forms, the economy functions and life becomes rich. But when that spiritual focus decays, the economy collapses. So it will always be, Peter. It is as simple as that. And the clearest indicator that such a regression towards a collapse is currently unfolding is the loss of love that we are seeing more and more happening."

Steve pointed out that in this context Christ Jesus omitted a vital factor in the story of his parable. "Now, Peter, I want you to tell me what this factor is. As a diplomat you should be aware of it."

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Don't give up so readily, Peter. It is factor that probably wasn't as significant in those days as it is now. There probably was more love in society in those days for one another. We have the Levite, the priest, and the Samaritan in the parable, all reacting to a tragic human situation. Shouldn't there have been more said about it? In today's world there would be."

"Maybe there should have been a representative of the general mass of society brought into this context," I answered cautiously.

"How would you describe the resulting scene in today's terms?" said Steve. "What is society's current response to the kind of tragedy that the parable describes? What would you add to the parable to bring its story forward into today's world?"

My response was to raise my hands and cover my face in shame. "How is society responding to the three representatives that Christ Jesus described? Do you really want to know?" I said moments later.

Steve nodded.

"Today's society responds to the Levite with total support. Every law that has in the past protected society economically has been stricken in America. Every obstacle against financial stealing from society has been removed. In fact, the process of stealing has been glorified. Even high-school kids are now encouraged to play the stock markets where nothing of value is produced, but huge profits are demanded. The days are long gone when the stock market existed for pooling resources to build industries. The market has become a gambling casino of the worst sort. Since nothing of value is being produced by trading certificates from one to another, the huge profits that are drawn from the gambling process are essentially stolen from other investors. This stealing has become rampant. We find this paradigm shift from building to stealing reflected almost everywhere in countless different ways. We find it in the banks. The banks 'kill' you with service charges for a long list of different reasons, while the processes for which the outrageous fees are charged are all automated processes. The fees represent theft. Everybody has now joined the bandwagon of charging fees for which no real effort is provided in return. For example, for every dollar that people spend on the gas pump to fill up their gas tank, half a dollar goes to the pirates called speculators that add nothing to the process of providing a resource. It's all pure legalized theft. We see the same happening in housing. The price gouging has become so enormous that more and more people can no longer afford to have a home and become homeless. We also see this trend happening in healthcare. It is becoming more and more an economic death sentence for many people to become sick. We also see the trend in wages that are forced lower and lower while the executives are writing themselves multi-million dollar paychecks and golden retirement packages. And all of that massive stealing is protected by society. I would have a fourth person included in Christ Jesus' parable. The fourth person would represent society. That person would intercept the Levite that walks by the injured man and impel him to go back to the tragic scene to find out if there might have been something of value at the scene, no matter how small, which the previous thieves have left behind."

Steve nodded. "That takes care of the Levite," he said. "Now tell me, what would that fourth person's response be towards the priest in today's world? What do you see happing in America on this front?"

"The priest represents empire, and empire represents permanent war," I said to Steve. "So what do I see on this front? I see our society, represented by its government, spending 25 to 30 billion dollars per year on covert operations designed to destabilize other nations, assassinate their leaders at will, and to destroy their economy. We arrogantly invade foreign lands and shoot the people living there. We call this an aspect of civilization. We bomb people's villages, blow up their houses, and torture whatever prisoners we care to arrest. We do this to enforce democracy unless they allow us to steal their resources peacefully and surrender their sovereignty at our feet. We've turned democracy into a sham. Many of our most noble institutions now support scores of high-level economic hit men that cleverly cheat the poor nations out of billions to dollars to the point that evermore people are forced to be scrounging the garbage dumps for scraps of food. If a dying child in its mother's arms asks its mother if there is food in heaven, and this happens even in the great food-exporting nations, we have to admit that love is dead in our hearts. We now support the largest slavery operations in all history. We shut down our industries and hire the poverty stricken in foreign countries for slave labor wages and demand from them products at prices so low that the necessary infrastructures for maintaining their society cannot be created. We are using them up as in the olden days of slavery. We are killing those people, just as we are killing millions each year with our shameful resurrection of malaria that we enforced with the DDT ban for purely political reasons. The whole world knows that malaria is an insect borne disease that destroys a person's liver, causing great agonies until a person dies, but we don't care. That's what society says to the modern priesthood. It says, 'we do not give a damn.' We are forcing 500 million people into this malaria trap with our continuing banning of the readily available DDT insect control that had once nearly eradicated malaria. Millions now die each year, most of them children. In Africa alone, a child dies every thirty seconds in great agony under our brutal dictatorship. Of course this death toll is minuscule in comparison to the death toll from poverty that we have proudly created. Estimates range as high as 50,000 needless death per day from poverty related causes. And still society says, 'we do not give a damn.'

"Since we are the fourth person in the parable I see us supporting the priest," I said after a short pause. "I see us asking the priest who made a detour around the injured man to go back to the scene of tragedy and check to find out if there was still some life left in the man laying at the wayside, who in his debilitated condition might yet be useful as a slave for a few days. That is what we are saying when we support globalized stealing and globalized mass murder. That is also what we are supporting as we line up at the slavery product stores."

Steve raised his hand and nodded again. "That takes care of the priest," he said. "How do we respond to the Samaritan in today's world? How does society respond to someone like the Samaritan?"

"We spend 30 billion a year to destabilize the world and destroy humanity, and many more billions to finance wars, and even more than that on games and entertainment of violence and horror," I said quietly. "How much do you think today's society spends in support of those who have dedicated their life to elevating society, to enriching its humanity, and to ennobling its culture. How much do you think, Steve, the American society is supporting its leading pioneers in the development of a wider sense of love?"

I paused, motioning Steve to answer.

Steve just laughed. "A crumb too small for a mouse!" He nodded. "That's how Dr. Zeus described this kind of mentality in his tale of how the Grinch Stole Christmas."

"That's how small society's love has become, Steve," I agreed. "It's become shrunken down to crumb that's too small for anything. Society calls the people crackpots who would elevate it out its unfolding crisis. Society abhors people who don't subscribe to the same petty smallness that it has become mired in. Obviously, it doesn't give a penny. Those who fight for a new renaissance and for a new just world-economic order are called crackpots and nobody gives a crumb that would satisfy a mouse. Society doesn't give a damn, not a penny indeed, except for a very few people that give all they can possibly give, and that my friend, in the global context in comparison with the mounting crisis is a crumb too small to make any difference."

"It's too small for a mouse and an insult for a human being," said Steve. "So, how would the Samaritan of Christ Jesus' parable be met today by the representative of society?"

"The fourth person in the parable would meet the Samaritan with disdain for his daring to endanger the dark world of inhumanity," I said to Steve. "One outspoken supporter of the DDT ban was honest enough to point out that he supports the ban, because DDT enables too many people to live. Strangely, society hails those people who idealize the dark world or human decay, and it meets with disdain those who would lighten the world. Actually, society acts much more harshly. LaRouche was dispelled from society, slandered, persecuted, and cast into prison, where he was set up to be killed, which nearly succeeded. And even from prison he continues to fight to awaken society to the principles for a richer world."

I added that Christ Jesus once indicated what the fate of the Samaritan would be in a world ruled by darkness, empire, and greed. "The response that he saw in this world became reflected in due course in his crucifixion," I said to Steve. "And that's what I still see. The crucifixion of the advance guard of humanity continues to the present day and might not end for as long as the words, 'empire' and 'power' are spoken on this planet instead of the words 'humanity' and 'love.'"

Steve nodded again. Steve pointed out in reply that there has never been a sustained period of time in all the history of humanity in which one finds a richly flourishing world in which one does not also see a profound expression of the Principle of Universal Love bringing our humanity to light. He explained that he has never seen a single case in which a society was focused on the Principle of Universal Love where people were found desperately poor and pervaded with fascism. He said that these two aspects always go together. One can't have one without the other. He also said that the opposite is true as well. Whenever society rejects the Principle of Universal Love it invariably embraces fascism and greed and finds itself desperately poor and dying in agony. Steve pointed out that other combinations are not possible. He said that it is impossible to combine total opposites in the real world. It simply doesn't happen no matter what laws are enacted by legislators that would enforce the impossible with the arrogance of will. A rich fascist society will never be found on this planet, because it is impossible for anyone to sidestep the most basic principle of economics which is rooted in the Principle of Universal Love, the opposite of fascism. "That is why every empire in history is typified by the priest and the Levite, and that is why all the empires have failed throughout history and the Samaritans are feared by the imperial crowd, and are persecuted, and imprisoned," said Steve. "But society, the fourth person in the expanded parable, does not have to react as you have described it. Society has the critical option to banish the priest and Levite from its world and to support the Samaritan. It is critical for society to choose this option, because we are fast reaching the point where nothings works anymore and society itself is beginning to collapse.

"You are saying then that the onus for enriching society ultimately doesn't fall onto the shoulders of government? Is that what you are saying?" I said quietly.

"Of course that's what I am saying," said Steve. "The onus falls on society itself. The governments always reflect society. How strong is society's love for one-another? That is the real question. If society embraces itself in that love, no government can launch a war or impose policies for private stealing and for the death for millions."

"I see very little of that kind of love," I said to Steve after a few moments of thinking about it. "As I said, mostly people don't give a damn about anyone but themselves. And that's not love."

"That's not possible," Steve interjected. "If people truly cared about themselves as a human beings, they would find that living without the Principle of Universal Love is not an option, but is dangerous poverty and inhumanity that will kill them. People cannot live that way. Humanity and its Principle of Universal Love are one. Without this principle humanity dies. While this is not recognized anymore in our time, all isn't lost yet, Peter. We, as society, do carry the responsibility for the world in which we live. This may yet become apparent when the dream world falls apart that people live in and reality reasserts itself again. The dream of fascist prosperity is doomed to end. It is still possible for this reality to be recognized before the consequences of the long dreaming overwhelm society. One way or another, society will determine for itself what kind of world it will live in. If it drops this responsibility it will suffer by default as Germany did by allowing Hitler to rule. Yes, the German nation was trapped by Goebbel's propaganda. In a dream state this is possible, but in an a state of consciousness ruled by the Principle of Universal Love this mental entrapment would not have been possible."

"I agree, the environment of the Principle of Universal Love is a fragile environment in its early stages," I interjected, "but right now one can find hardly a trace of this principle anymore, certainly not as one should find it. Almost nobody cares, Steve."

"That is why civilization will likely disintegrate in due course as it did in Hitler's Germany. In Hitler's Germany, the people were not victims of Hitler. That came later. First and foremost they were victims of their own foolishness. If the people of a nation don't have enough love for themselves as human beings that they take whatever steps may be necessary to remove those defective leaders from power, then society isn't fit to survive, and it won't survive. A fascist leader in power is like an elephant in a china shop. It you want to protect what is precious, get the elephant out. The people in Germany failed to do this. We are failing the same way all over the world now, and that's only the beginning. In our modern world, people have become even more deeply corrupted than the people had been under Hitler. Now people sooner steal from one-another and tear each other down, by which they loose their civilization and the foundation for their existence, than to create riches for one-another by building a richer world. We are far from living in a democracy in which people take responsibility for their existence."

"I know what you're getting at," I interrupted Steve. "You are saying that the train of all the historic tragedies was set into motion, not by men from Mars, but by society itself when it allowed itself to become little people, underlings, paying homage to their empire gods, gods of greed, and force, and destruction. They honor Hobbes and Adam Smith today, the man who outlawed love. How much sadder can things get?"

"Right, Peter. Don't love one-another, love that gold! That's the new prayer song! Are you surprised then that our government reflects this?" Steve asked. "That's what I see happening in America all the way to the top, to the very President of the nation," said Steve, "just as it is happening in many other places. What you see in today's world would never be possible anywhere if society were like the Samaritan or even be supporting its Samaritans. Then society would do everything possible to uplift and defend its humanity anywhere in the world, and heal what needs healing. If there were a deep love in society for its humanity, society would create itself the type of government that would be mandated to provide education for all; universal health care; low cost financing for its advancing industries and its infrastructures for living, such as sufficient housing and efficient transportation infrastructures. Yes Peter, the Samaritan represents the General Welfare Principle, and the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind, and the Principle of Universal Love. This Samaritan isn't supported. This means that society isn't supporting itself. The Samaritan represents all of these principles, the only foundation that exists in the universe with the substance to support a human civilization. That foundation, although it was probably not scientifically understood, was most likely the platform that enabled humanity to survive the many ice ages it had to face throughout its 2.5 million-year history. Otherwise no one might have survived. Ironically our global society is now in the process of scrapping all of that and expects to face the return of the Ice Age without it, with a ten-billion world population that will be running out of food when the cold climate beings and agriculture becomes disabled thereby. Society must be insane to expect to be able to survive that way. Society is in need of a deep reaching healing."

"Are you saying, Steve, that the global society has become truly insane? Or has it merely become incompetent?"

Steve nodded slightly. "I am suggesting that society needs a lot of healing in both respects. Its incompetence is reflected in society electing an incompetent idiot to the highest office in the land. That's clear evidence of universal incompetence, isn't it, if it isn't insanity? The sad fact is that society has become grossly incompetent in the basic requirements for its survival. Our Constitution has all the safeguards included that give society the tools to keep its government on track, but when society becomes incompetent, what good are those tools? Who will use them in a world without sanity?"

"Are you saying that the Samaritan represents what a competent human being is, and that Christ Jesus already understood two millennia ago the deep challenges that we face today?"

Steve nodded again. "Why are you surprised, Pete? That man stood on the shoulders of giants. He stood on the shoulders of Homer, Aeschylus, Pythagoras, Solon, Socrates, Plato, Archimedes, Eratosthenes, and many others. He understood what a human being is. He also stood on the shoulders of his people's countless spiritual pioneers from Abraham to Elijah. He understood the royalty and divinity of mankind. He understood the human being as the Supreme Being in the world. Anyone who lived in this age and was a thinking human being was moved to some degree by the scientific revolution that had been unfolding at this time, that was everywhere like the sand that gets into your hair at the seashore. Do you think it would have been possible for someone like Christ Jesus to emerge on the world-scene outside of this enormously rich humanist environment of scientific competence? That's not possible, Pete. People have always discovered their humanity in the processes of discovering the principles of the universe that the eye cannot see. They found their humanity by living in the complex domain, the stuff that we talked about before, the world that Gauss lived in. Their understanding of the scientifically unknowable that the eye cannot see, made them feel like human beings akin with the God of the principles of the universe, and thereby they became more fully aware of what a human being is. Thus they became more fully human. That's what Christ Jesus carried forward. The figure of the Samaritan in his story is but a minimal image if that. Of course today, even this minimal image is shunned. Who is even talking about universal principles anymore? We don't even recognize the elementary stuff anymore, much less what was one built on it. Who is talking about Homer in today's world, and Aeschylus, Pythagoras, Solon, Socrates, Plato, Archimedes, Eratosthenes, and so forth? Nobody is! That's the rich kind of human culture that the Roman Empire has destroyed with its antihuman rampage through history, that is now being reinvented. They say that the Roman Empire nearly destroyed civilization. I think the reality is worse. The Roman Empire HAS destroyed civilization. What we have left of it doesn't really qualify for the term anymore. How many atomic bombs do we have now stacked up around that world? I hear the count stands now at 65,000. We call this a civilization? It's a horror show. On this tragic platform we want to build an Ice Age Renaissance civilization with indoor agriculture than can support ten billion people. Is that what we want to do? We are kidding ourselves. Anyone who thinks that the needed Ice Age Renaissance to save civilization in a time of the deepest transformation of our planet can be created on the present platform of total incompetence is insane."

"In that respect we may have already lost the game of saving civilization," I interjected. "Society only doesn't know it yet."

"It's not that bad, Peter, our American Constitution represents the Samaritan's principles. We may yet have a chance to reverse course."

"Yes our Constitution has enshrined the Principle of Universal Love to some degree, Steve, but cares about our Constitution? Not even the President does. No President has spoken about the General Welfare Principle during the recent decades much less implemented it."

"I agree," said Steve. "It's sad what we see being done in America in general, with our Constitution? The American people spit on it. They spit on the principle of the General Welfare. They destroy their own industries with the blind and perverted zeal of a Don Quixote as if their industries were a great evil. By doing so, the American people are acting against themselves in the most ferocious fashion, nicely obedient to the demands of empire. Why can't anyone see that? We've become underlings to artificially induced insanity. Everything that we human beings need for our physical existence is produced in a factory, in an industry, or had been produced and delivered by equipment once made in a factory of an industry. But all of this is being shut down in the brave new age of deindustrialization as if industrial production was an evil demon that has to be killed. Then, in order to avoid the consequences of our industrial devolution, America forces other people around the world to produce the goods for it that its demolished industries had once produced. You can't call this competent existence. When the Constitution was created people still spoke the names of Homer, Aeschylus, Pythagoras, Solon, Socrates, Plato, Archimedes, Eratosthenes, at least to some degree. But now, hardly anyone even recognizes the names. We've lost our link as a society with the foundational principles of our civilization which is all that we've got to provide for our physical existence."

"LaRouche still speaks the names of Homer and Aeschylus, Pythagoras, Solon, Socrates, Plato, Archimedes, Eratosthenes, and so forth," I interrupted Steve.

Steve nodded. "I know, Peter, I and fully aware of that. That's why society is slandering the man. Society treats him like an idiot, because it doesn't have an ear to hear a single world of what he is talking about. That's a natural response of a society stupefied by cultural warfare, Peter. A society that lives in the sewer like a rat, and thinks like a rat, will treat anyone as a fool who doesn't 'measure up' to the yardstick of the sewer. It's natural that those who live like rats make a sport of trashing of those people's name according to the common 'courtesy' of a rat. That's natural, Peter. The rats have to treat these people like outsiders, especially LaRouche, because he is an outsider to their sewer-bound world. I would be shocked if the rats would treat him like a brother. He doesn't live there and neither should anybody else. If his name is being slandered in the White House as you say it is, then the White House is advertising to the nation that it has become a sewer. That's a tragedy, Peter, which reflects itself on the whole nation. That is what we need to heal for the sake of the nation and of humanity as a whole. That is why the President should resign for reasons of incompetence. He wants to throw nuclear bombs around while the economy is disintegrating under the weight of his policies that idealize looting, and while the financial system that should be supporting the physical economy has become an empty shell. What comes out of this sewer doesn't smell at all like a civilization to me. It stinks. It stinks worse than a sewer."

Steve paused and shook his head. "What's to become of our country?" he said. "We are throwing our workers on the scrap heap and make slaves out of the rest of the world, and then the President stands up and wants to throw nuclear bombs at the very people who are feeding our empty shell with their lives. The Samaritan would never do that."

"But the priest and the Levite would," I interjected. "We can't allow this in the nuclear armed world."

"Now you are talking, Peter! But get on with it, Peter! Don't just talk! Rescue your fellow citizens from the sewer! Don't think for one minute that government policies can turn the trend around and ennoble society," said Steve. "That leadership has to come from the pioneers of society, and from their heart and soul. The historic Golden Renaissance hadn't been brought to life as a policy of government, Peter. It began with people discovering the truth about their humanity. When society begins to cherish the spiritual qualities that make us all human, that give us our strength, of which love is a vital element, the Renaissance that corresponds with that, simply happens. I don't think we are anywhere near of that happening now. We need to act decisively to get us there. Society should be acting like the Samaritan, upholding the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind. But that's not happening. It isn't even on the horizon, much less on the agenda. I bet, Peter, America is treating LaRouche like a dog, throwing him a few scraps, barely enough to survive on. That's deemed a noble gesture in the mental vocabulary of the sewer rats, which society loves to be. They support him just enough to keep him alive, but not enough for him to be effective in rescuing society from its self-imposed trap. The rats don't want to be rescued. It's simpler to live like a rat than to live like a human being. As a rat, you don't have to take responsibility for anything. You just swim with the sewer. But this hell will 'freeze over' and everyone in it, Pete, long before the Ice Age begins anew."

"What you described is a state of living without love," I interjected. "You have described the Hobbesian world, the Malthusian world, refined in 'aroma' into the world of Adam Smith. But that's not the real face of humanity, isn't it? That's the face of fascism. The face of humanity isn't the face of fascism. The humanity that I have come to know wears an infinitely brighter face. You, yourself are a witness to that and a part of it."

Steve shrugged his shoulders. "What do you want me to say, Pete. Do you want me to tell you a lie that makes you feel better? The simple fact is that there is not enough of it. We are far short off the critical threshold on the global scene. The sewer has been globalized, not the Principle of Universal Love. Without love for our humanity, and I do mean universal love, not privatized love, there is no general welfare focus happening, and consequently no real economic activity. Without even the faintest recognition of the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind, a productive economy can't be unfolding, because an economy unfolds only from the substance of our humanity. In the shadow of the present void governments become fascist by nature. Fascism is a state of living without principle, without humanity, without love, with am empty heart and a life without a kiss. That is where we have come to. That's the sewer, Peter. Nevertheless, we do remain what we are, human beings. We will always be human beings, no matter what mask we wear, or what role we choose to play, and what rotten ideology we devour. We will always remain what we are, human beings, and if we are lucky we will wake up this fact soon. There have been times of Renaissance in the past, bright times of culture, science, love, and humanity, when this awakening happened in a big and universal way. Sure, every trend towards renaissance became smothered again by the darkness of empire, but the fact that those renaissance trends have happened is important even if they didn't last. These bright spots in history in which a bright humanism had flourished with a deep reaching healing for humanity are important Pete, because from them we can gain a glimpse of what a human being is and is still capable of achieving. That is how we learn that a human being is not by nature a sewer rat, but the Supreme Being in the world, the reflected image of God."

"You are saying then that Christ Jesus constructed his parable correctly. The fourth-person addition that we have explored isn't fundamentally necessary in a renaissance world, in the normal world of mankind," I said to Steve. "Someone once told me that the way to extract 'error,' and that's the sewer of the world, is to pour into this dehumanized scene flood tides of love. The priest and the Levite represent the sewer, and the Samaritan represents the process of pouring in flood tides of love to enrich the human scene. Nothing more is needed. If today's society says, and that probably includes almost everyone, people say that the welfare of humanity isn't their business. Most people are saying that. In them we hear the priest and the Levite talking with new faces and wearing new gowns, but playing the same old game. How many holy men, for example, have retreated into passive prayer and meditation as they were seeking healing in their silent isolation from the world where they aim to find unity with their God? And in this passive meditation they convince themselves that their needs are small. They may have a tooth ache to repair. In this smallness they tell themselves that the welfare of humanity isn't their business. They say that the Samaritan principle of pouring into the human scene flood tides of love is irrelevant. And so they fail where they would succeed."

Steve nodded. "This happens in all aspects of healing, because it takes too much honesty with ourselves to pour into the human scene flood tides of love. Who even acknowledges the Principle of Universal Love? But even if society were to do all of this fully, they would still miss half of the story of the parable."

I nodded slightly.

"OK, Peter, tell me what that missing half is. What is a part of this process of pouring into the human scene flood tides of love? It is something greater than creating a richer world. I think the Apostle John had recognized that two thousand years ago."

"John suggested that love brings us into the sphere of thinking where we see God," I said to Steve cautiously. "That's the sphere of coming alive where mankind actually begins to 'experience' God. John suggested that who doesn't love on a universal plane cannot 'see' God and therefore has no part in God. Such a person literally missies reality, even his own reality. That's like saying that without universal love a person doesn't measure up to what a human being is, and therefore doesn't qualify for the term. Consequently civilization disintegrates."

"That's powerful stuff, eh?" said Steve. "That's why all the religions have failed. They missed the key elements. They have become but so many variations of a failing theme. Some have come closer than others, but they are all hollow. They miss the core element, the fundamental substance, the divinely royal way. Love is the royal way. The Principle of Universal Love is the principle of the Royal Dance of humanity."

"That's why I think we need a new renaissance of competent living based on the Principle of Universal Love," I interjected. "Ever since we met, Steve, I was fascinated with this great challenge of coming to terms with the demands of the Principle of Universal Love. We both were."

Steve just laughed. "Right now, I would be happy if you could manage to start an emergency education of your President, just to stop him from blowing up the world so that we might have a chance for a new renaissance to be created that brings to light the Royal Dance. You can't pull a renaissance out of a hat, just as you can't implement the Principle of Universal Love with mere slogans. It takes a deep overturning in every arena of human living, flooding out all the sewer paradigms with the light of what we are as human beings. Here love begins. It takes a great humanist effort to create a renaissance, the kind of effort that Franklin Roosevelt had once made to inspire our nation into living like human beings. If he hadn't done that, Hitler would have overrun the world and most of us would be dead or be saluting the swastika and shouting Heil Hitler. We need the Roosevelt kind of renaissance again that saved us from this potential tragedy, and then create a still greater renaissance of love. We need to flood the world with healing, with love, to be true to what we are as a people clothed with the sun. We need this kind or renaissance again as a starter and build on it the bigger renaissance that enables us to survive the return of the Ice Age."

"Getting our incompetent would-be king to resign appears to be terribly hard, but it is probably the easiest part of what is required. To find a competent replacement from a society that lives in the sewer will be much harder. In a world that is saturated with boisterous priests and Levites, you have to look far and wide to find a Samaritan who understands the principles of economics and civilization, who understands what a human being is. My guess is that this second step will prove to be impossible, because the deeper a society has drifted into the sewer, the harder it is for it to find a way out of it."

"Not taking this step however, no matter how hard it may be, will break the back of America," said Steve. "America will collapse as a consequence of such a failure, such it happen. That's what I fear may indeed be happening, because I see no universal movement happening to rebuild our sense of humanity that would prevent the collapse into a new Dark Age without the slightest hope for a renaissance."

"LaRouche has a mass-movement of sorts," I interrupted Steve.

"I bet he knows that this is not sufficient, Peter. A mass-movement by itself won't do it. It may serve as a catalyst to inspire a universal movement, but nothing short of a universal movement will cause what is required. We need a New Renaissance from the grassroots level up."

"If this is the case," I said to Steve, "what profound idea do you have to offer that can break the barrier and inspire the needed universal movement?"

Steve shrugged his shoulders. "The Principle of the Universal Brotherhood is the tallest moral principle that I know. It reflects the divine Principle of the reality of our being, the principle of our divinity as human beings."

"People would say, Steve, don't bring God into this please. There may be no God."

Steve just laughed. "That's what the rats are saying indeed. I say that the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood stands on a divine Principle that no one can really define, which is all and everything at the same time, a kind of divine spark. We are all human beings, cast from the same mold, reflecting the same inner humanity, sharing the same universal human soul. And still, we are more than just that. We are more than just cast from the same mold. There is a spark in us that drives us to reach beyond ourselves, to embrace and to understand the universe, and to move with it, and to explore and to utilize its riches. You can't measure that spark, but you can bury it so deep under shallow philosophies and doctrines that its light no longer shines. And that's what's been happening for decades now. We've buried it under empiricism, religiosity, and romanticism, and of course the modern irrational monetarism and fascism, but we are nevertheless still bound to this spark, because when it is hidden we cannot escape the consequences that we thereby invite. The bottom line is, Peter, that there are basically no innocent victims in the world. Sure, children and the like may be innocent victims of society's folly, but for society as a whole the concept of the innocent victim doesn't apply. When society allows the humanist spark to be smothered by its actions and civilization vanishes in the resulting collapse process, and consequently the whole world goes to hell in a nuclear war, there will be no innocent victims affected by this. No Martian forces us into this trend. It's all the result of our own doing then, of our own failing to adhere to the principle of civilization."

"No innocent victims?" I repeated.

"The concept of innocent victims is essentially invalid in the world of democracy," said Steve, "because democracy means taking responsibility to live profoundly as human beings, utilizing all the resources within us to create a richer and more secure world. The guilt for the death of children that results from our folly falls on us. It is our responsibility to support them. If we carry out our duty competently, our children will live and enrich our world. If we choose to live like sewer rats and shrug off our responsibility, we will have what the sewer provides, which isn't very pretty or in any way secure. There aren't any bystanders, basically. You are right, Peter. We either live in the sewer or in the light above it, and the deeper we sink into the sewer, the harder it gets to climb our of it and flush out the stench with food tides of love."

"I said the same to Sylvia," I said. "When a village is threatened that is located downstream from a great dam that shows signs of breaking up, everybody is affected. Even those who say that the dam is not their business, are affected. They may insist that they have other business to focus on, like a garden to tend, a wife to marry, a family to feed, but that does no make them less affected by the breaking dam. Everybody that lives in that village is affected and affects the outcome. People either become victims of their incompetence and affect the outcome of the process in which they die, or they become victors by responding as they should and affect to outcome of their effort as the dam becomes repaired or the water behind it becomes safely diverted. In that case they succeed in saving their world by responding in the manner that a human being is designed to respond and is capable of responding."

Steve applauded. "The same holds true for responding to the Ice Age, Peter," said Steve. "When ten billion people perish at the return of the Ice Age, they won't perish as innocent victims, because mankind has the resources within it to prevent this tragedy."

"You don't even have to go that far to recognize the principle," I interjected. "If an economy collapses, and society collapses with it, it does so because of its own self-victimization; its own incompetence. If war erupts, and nuclear war wipes out humanity, there are basically no innocent victims either for one to mourn over. It will be the result of society's long standing self-victimization by banishing the qualities that make us human."

"That's why the development of the Principle of Universal Love is so enormously important, Peter," said Steve. "That's why sexual love appears to be the one remaining arena where a little bit of fire and passion for our humanity and for human living still remains. People want to be honest in this arena, as you know yourself, even if they can't quite get to that yet or only with great difficulties."

"Of course sexual love is important," I said.

"It's one of the most powerful motivators we've got, as you know yourself," said Steve. "The whole world is divided along sexual lines. Love is banned, except in those narrowly defined circumstances that we don't want to let go no matter what. But doesn't that hint to what we are missing in the larger domain?"

"The Principle of Universal Love in the sexual domain is bound to become an explosive issue," I interjected.

"Yes, and it will blow the whole scene of universal love wide open and impels people to deal with it, whether they like it or not," said Steve.

"Doesn't that illustrate how defective the world has become that we need to fix?" I said.

"The sexual division and isolation goes extremely deep, Peter, as you also know. That's why universal love has also been blocked for centuries from unfolding. We have to address that issue as a part of the development of the Principle of Universal Love on the whole front."

"No, I think we have to address the development of the Principle of Universal Love especially on the sexual front where it has been held back almost completely," I countered Steve. "Nothing less than a profound victory there will do any good. The good thing is that it is there where society is most interested in getting out of its box, the box created by sexual division and isolation, and to get back to a platform of competent living."

"That's what I said," said Steve. "The sexual domain is where people want to be honest with themselves. We should promote this already existing trend towards the Principle of Universal Love."

"Haven't we already begun, Steve?" I sad to him and laughed. "Hasn't the process of healing started at the moment when I set foot into your house?"

"No Pete, it started the moment you met Ushi on the beach, remember?" Steve began to grin now, but quickly became serious again. "It really started long before that. It started on the day you were born," added Steve. "That's what we need to get back to, to our natural humanity in which the Principle of Universal Love is expressed, and allow it to unfold."

"But aren't you forgetting the force of imperial domination that is controlling society and is making a mockery of love with nuclear weapons, and is reducing sex to a scam?" I asked him.

"Sure, Peter, the imperials corrupt society, but society complies! It does the imperials' bidding. That's not love. The principle never changes. Where there is no love, society dies. There are no innocent victims, apart from a few small exceptions. If a nuclear war wipes us all out this afternoon, we bear the responsibility for that ourselves by not having done enough in the sphere of universal love to upgrade our world into a world without war. A world without war is a world without empire. Empire is the foundation for war, nuclear weaponry, cultural destruction, looting, poverty, greed, fascism, hate, and so on. Empire is the opposite of love. It is impossible to eradicate nuclear weapons in the world and their intended effect, without eradicating empire that is the key to the opposite of universal love. Empire and love are opposites. They cannot mingle. Empire is a void. It is emptiness without principle and humanity. Love is the opposite. It is the principle of humanity, the substance of civilization. It is the light that can flood out the emptiness of empire, if we care to let this light shine. If society doesn't care to let this light shine the emptiness of empire asserts itself as a default state. If the light goes out, the void resumes. The darkness of empire is the default state. It is a world without love, and so is the slimy mess that creeps in the sewers, like nuclear weaponry and the imperial terror with the intent for nuclear war. The path for society to rescue itself is scientific and spiritual development. Whether society pursues this path, or not, determines what happens to it. No Martian dictates our actions. No force from outside of this world determines for us whether we love universally or don't love. Humanity inhabits this planet. Humanity calls the shots. Humanity suffers the consequences of its folly. And that humanity includes all of us. We are all a part of it. If we get nuked this afternoon, we suffer the consequences of having allowed our world to deteriorate to such a deep point without love that the seal of nuclear war gets broken. We then suffer the consequences of our inaction in loving one-another as human beings. Nuclear war is one of the many default phenomena when our humanity becomes inactive and universal love ceases. We are getting close to that, Peter. We've got 65,000 nuclear bombs to prove it."

Steve explained that it is a rarely recognized fact that humanity is a universal whole, an inseparable singularity united in a universal bond established by our humanity. "If our humanity inspires love for ourselves and for one-another, then we enrich one-another and our world and our society with it, uplifting thereby our civilization out of the riches of that love. That's the economic process. It also powers the needed political processes. No one stands apart from that flow. No one is not touched by it. If we corrupt ourselves with greed and poverty, we all suffer the consequences as our world is collapsing and we become trapped into this collapse-process. And so again, no one remains untouched by it. The bottom line is that were are all bound to each other in a very natural unity that no one can escape from," said Steve. "We are individuals only to the degree to which we explore and apply the fundamental principles of our humanity and of our universe. But we are all bound to the effects of these principles. Sure we can rebel and ignore or deny the principles of our humanity, as we so often do, but we cannot escape the consequences of this insanity. We cannot escape the fact that we are all one in being, and we certainly can't escape the return of the Ice Age that may only be a hundred years away. We can protect ourselves from the return of the Ice Age, by uplifting our world in a human manner, and thus avoid the consequences. That's how the Principle of Universal Love gets us out of the default state that would end in a horrendous tragedy."

I told Steve about the elderly Japanese that I met in the airplane flying across the Atlantic to Germany. I told Steve that he had told me the same thing, only in a still-higher-lever spiritual and scientific context.

"That's just another facet of the same phenomenon," said Steve. "It is reflecting the same principle in a different manner, in different metaphors. We need to look at everything that has inspired and uplifted individuals to enrich society. But there is still another facet that you need to be aware of," added Steve. "This facet lies above all that. According to all available evidence the development of life on this planet appears to be fundamentally non-linear. It comes to light as a voluntaristic process of intelligently directed progression or creation in which mankind itself becomes a part of the creative process."

Steve explained that the most potent force in a physical economy are the small entrepreneurial industries that thrive on the wave of new ideas and advanced innovations. "That's a voluntaristic process. These enterprises depend on exceptional ideas for their very existence. They become synonymous with it. But where do the ideas come from? We don't really know, do we? Where does our humanity come from, Peter? We don't know that either. Darwin calls it evolution, but he didn't really believe that himself, did he? He has admitted that much, cautiously, as much as he dared. He was a member of the Empire. His hypotheses were built on speculation to serve what was politically correct for his time, a time darkened by empire. He had to deliver a rendition what fell within the parameters that were predetermined to serve the Empire. The truth wasn't really relevant at this stage, was it? It still isn't. So he fibbed a bit. But our getting back to the truth, as we must get back to it, changes everything. Life isn't a process of linear accretion through mindless actions. It unfolds in qualitative jumps, in principle-directed intelligent jumps. Can we say that ideas emerge through evolution? We can never say that, can we? Evidently, ideas don't result from the molasses of mental accretion. Ideas are explosive phenomena. They unfold in a bang and are often totally complete. Neither does life unfold by evolutionary accretion. It unfolds like a new idea is born. It erupts in new forms of expression, perhaps even intelligently self-directed forms of expression. Are art, beauty, music, loyalty, honor, and love drawn from evolution? No! I can't believe that they are. Nobody really knows where the cradle of intelligence lies? Evidence suggests that intelligence was its own cradle and is powered by its own development, and that its principles and manifestation that we are a part of, have shaped us. The resulting scientific concept lies a far distance from the deadly passive notion of random evolution. There is more evidence abounding that life is voluntaristically determined, with a creative intention behind it, and is actively unfolding, rather than passively by default random motion. My point is that we know far too little about ourselves, which naturally also becomes reflected in the damned small-minded thinking that is destroying our world today. We are so arrogant in our small-minded thinking, which we call knowledge, that we aim to circumscribe all truth with this smallness."

"If you are correct," I said to Steve, "then we are the ongoing creators of what we call the truth, without knowing that we are creators, and thereby the shapers of life. It is more likely than not that we uplift truth itself as we uplift our civilization, and give pinions to life as we expand our universe. We create new elements of truth that did not exist before us, because the worlds did not exist that these elements of truth pertain to."

"Give me an example," said Steve.

I began to laugh. "Look at the tip of your finger, that's what Fred would say. Who does it point to, WE are the evidence, the example, Steve. The so-called natural world might be able to support a few million people out of its primitive resources, but human intelligence has created a higher level world that now supports five billion people. We created an aspect of truth that didn't exist before."

"Universal love is an element of this truth," said Steve. "Civilization wouldn't exist without it."

"In this we are one with the universe and its infinitely unfolding dimension, just as we are one with each other in the truth of universal love," I said to Steve. "Maybe we command the universe and the universe obeys by its very nature, according to the principles that we create, with which we enrich it. We have already discovered evidence to some degree that this universally enriching process is really happening."

"So, how are you going to tell any of this to the President, and get him to understand where the boundaries really lie?" said Steve.

"How can anyone predict anything with certainty then, when so much about our world and our humanity remains unknown to us, even as we are extending it?" I said instead of answering his question. "I can only judge from what we know."

"From this crude standpoint of our still limited knowledge, from the standpoint of statistical probability," said Steve, "it is an absolute miracle that we are still alive in this world that is brimming with 65,000 nuclear bombs and financial portfolios that are sheer fantasy in physical terms. We live in a world that is super-charged with hyper-tensions, governed by irrational and insane rulers, and overshadowed by a huge pile nuclear bombs that are tied into some of the most complex strategic technologies ever invented. We are vulnerable to computer failures, communications failures, sabotage, coercion, even terrorism, and still we survive. It's a miracle, really, that we do. We shouldn't have survived in that environment for as long as we have, certainly not for tens of years. But we did survive, and we still do. So tell me, Peter, how do you define the operating principle of something that can only be seen by its outcome, which we may have consciously created with our intelligence, and which totally defy statistical probabilities?"

"The answer lies in the Principle of Universal Love," I interrupted him. "There is still enough love left to power this miracle, but it's fast fading. We may see factors of a higher spiritual quality coming to light In this love that are linked to our spiritual humanity, something that we are not even consciously aware of. It's like we are a part of a qualitatively changing universe that is coming to light in progressive cycles of new forms of life and new capabilities with new potentials. Unfortunately we are running away from that."

"This subject involves questions for which we don't know the answer yet, Peter," said Steve. "Still, with all of that considered we can trust the principles that we already understand. In understanding these principles and their potential we also understand that we have failed utterly in the past. World War I was allowed to happen, likewise World War II, and every war thereafter. These utter failures should not have happened. We had gone beyond those stages in periods of renaissance. That we fell back below the renaissance threshold is a sign of incompetence in living. It is incompetence in living as human beings. This incompetence must not be allowed to continue."

"Don't hold your hopes up too high in regard to nuclear war," I said, "because we are still sliding backwards into ever greater incompetence. Don't get too comfortable with the fact that nuclear war hasn't happened yet, Steve. The faster we slide into the sewer, the less likely it becomes that our spiritual qualities and spiritual potentials will continue to keep our heads above the water. Therefore, my answer to the President must be that he shouldn't panic about the economic crisis that isn't a real crisis yet, that he should instead be panicking about us all drowning in the sewer that he opened up with his incompetence."

"The economic crisis," said Steve, "it isn't big yet, but it will be in the near future. The big crisis today is the unseen crisis of society running headlong in the wrong direction and away from the Principle of Universal Love. It is a crisis of incompetence. The crisis of incompetence is reaching critical levels," added Steve. "You must tell the President that the future looks black for as long as he is the captain of this 'ship' that he steering into an iceberg field. From a political standpoint the Soviet Union poses no threat. By what I see happening, the Russian leaders understand the economic reality better than the American President does, which doesn't say much for our President. Also from the standpoint of the higher-level truth that unites us with one-another and the universe, we appear to be even more secure with the little bit of truth and love that we have still left, than the President dares to imagine. Indeed, there is still some love left all over the world, as little as this may be. So tell your President to reign in his horses and keep his missiles at bay. Hysteria is not justified. Tell him that the West will recover quickly from the present glitch in its financial system, even if the system is but a hollow shell. Tell him that the bankers will plug the hole that opened up. They'll do it by hook or by crook, or by all kinds of devious means, but they will recover their system. They will recover their system even if they have to inflate it by printing more and more money. They will do this by these and by whatever other devious devices that they can think of to recover their system. They will patch this dying thing up, because they don't have anything that they can replace it with and still survive as an empire. They will keep on with this, because society isn't prepared to take their dying system out of their private hands and scrap it."

"This lack of universal love in society is also collapsing the Soviet Union from within," I interjected. "That will inevitably lead to adventures in nuclear war, such as the Ogarkov Plan already spells out. Except the Soviet Union will likely collapse before it gets the resources together to do that."

"In the West," said Steve, "the only alternative that humanity has to its present course of letting the bankers' private control over the world ruin the world, is for humanity to rebuilt itself on a platform of sovereign nations with national public banks, a world of nations bound in community of principle, cooperating in a constructive manner focused on mankind's common future. Such a revolution in thinking in the West would also uplift the Soviet Union and save it from its own brand of dark folly."

Steve pointed out that no other options really exist. He pointed out that this one option is the only valid option and not an easy one to implement. "While the platform of universal national sovereignty is not being seriously considered anywhere in the world, it cannot be avoided," said Steve. "The private imperial bankers won't rescue the world form their obsession with empire, and are not about to allow this essential option to be chosen by society. Society will have to overrule them on that count. That's the impasse that we are facing now. The world is collapsing faster than ever before. In order to get off this train to hell we will have to discover ourselves as human beings as we have never done before. We must recognize ourselves with that kind of power that gives us the means to simply overrule the past and create a whole New World."

"Indeed, that's the power that we have as human beings," I said, "that unfolds with the Principle of Universal Love. That's what it means to live competently. That's the Samaritan-Principle."

"The imperial bankers cannot escape the fact that their rotten domain is fast deteriorating," said Steve, "and that the ongoing collapse-process will eventually disintegrate their entire system altogether, including whatever power they claim to have. Wouldn't it be better for them to rebuild themselves on a platform of universal principles, the principles that civilizations are built on? That would assure their survival as it would assure also our survival. The critical choice that lies before them, which they are smart enough to see, cannot be avoided by them either. Their system of private financial control over mankind, which has been built up over the last 250 years, cannot be saved by any means, because it is inherently self-destructive. They do know this, but they lack the competence of a normal human being to save themselves from their trap. We must help them in this, which means helping them to shut their failing system down. We are all in the same boat on this planet."

I interrupted Steve with laughter. "They may not want to be helped. They want to survive, but they don't want to give up their privatization of the wealth of society that they have bullied society to accept."

"Just wait twenty years," said Steve, "and there won't be anything left of what we have today, together with the people that our civilization is supporting today."

"Who needs to wait twenty years?" I interrupted Steve. "The fact is, our economy, our culture, our financial system, our education system, our transpiration system, our healthcare system, are all empty shells already. What we once had as a nation is already gone. We've become an empty shell ourselves, filled with poverty within."

"That empty shell cannot be saved, Peter. Only the nation that is still alive to some degree can be saved. It can be saved by shutting the private imperial bankers' disintegrating process down that has hollowed out our nation. Thereby the bankers themselves might be saved. This option should be chosen today, Peter, before things get worse. It should be chosen now to save us twenty years from now, just as the needed Ice Age Renaissance should be started now to create the infrastructures that we require to survive a hundred years in the future. The whole political and economic geometry is changing. We are in the emd-phase. The turning point has to be now! Recognizing this turning point is the most critical choice before humanity today. Anything else is secondary."

"Is it really necessary to always draw the focus back to the Ice Age and the needed Renaissance that we must built for it, which we will never see in our lifetime?" I interrupted Steve. "Don't we have enough critical problems to focus on?"

Steve shook his head. "The Ice Age focus is needed, because until now all the critical problems haven't moved us. We need a shockfront!"

"A shockfront?" I repeated.

"Yes, we need something explosive that will wake us up. We need something bigger than an alarm clock, Peter. Look at the textile industry in America. It was exported to the slavery world of foreign sweatshops. Nobody cared. We let it happen. We said it wasn't a big thing. Then the same happened with the shoe industry. We looked at it and said that we can live with that. Consequently nothing was done to revere the trend. Then the same happened to the steel industry. Well, we said in those days that we can tolerate the loss of the steel industry, too. But the reality is that we can't tolerate any of that. When the textile industry died in America, the nation began to die, imperceptibly at first. But it began to die. Soon the dying accelerated. Now we face a future in which our entire automobile industry will be on the block, and our aircraft industry, and our machine tool industry, and then our farming. The Ice Age focus is truly needed, Peter, because it tells us that we can't live with any of that crap. The future economic task is too great to be messed around with as we have done until now. The survival of the nation has been put at risk. In the future it will the survival of mankind that is at risk. The Ice Age focus is needed as it might impel us to put our nose back into the real world of universal principles that we cannot ignore without consequence, because the Ice Age consequences are potentially universally fatal if we don't get real. By bringing the Ice Age into the equation we are forced to shift our paradigms back to reality. We need something big, on that order of magnitude as the Ice Age Challenge is, as a motivator. We need a big bang, and an alarm clock, because we've been asleep for too long. We need it badly, and we need it now, because in ours slumber we are moving top speed in the wrong direction, towards a quadruple crisis!"

"A quadruple crisis?" I repeated.

"Sure, Pete! Number One: We are moving towards economic disintegration on a near global scale of an unimaginable magnitude and absolutely devastating consequences, coupled with a corresponding political disintegration. Number Two: We are moving towards the deepest financial and physical disintegration that has ever happened on this planet. Number Three: We are on a high-speed train towards nuclear war. This high-speed train is not towards survival, but towards preemption, the preemption of human life. Number Four: We are facing the possible loss of 99% of the world agricultural potential in a hundred years time with the return of the Ice Age. We need to replace that endangered potential before we loose it, by crating an Ice Age Renaissance World with indoor agriculture. Would you say that what we see happening in the world today is a competent response to these great challenges that are greater that any we ever had to face in the entire history of mankind?"

I shook my head quietly.

Steve laughed. "There you have it, Peter. If the President and those who own him want my honest advise, tell them that he and his entire court must resign and appoint someone who is competent to do the great job that needs to be done in this period of the unfolding quadruple crisis. Tell him that the future crisis that we are moving towards threatens to become the most severe crisis for humanity since the dawn of man, with unimaginable consequences in the wings. Tell him to look for someone like me. Tell him that a sane person needs to be at the helm to steer the ship in these extraordinary times ahead. Tell him that he is 'too little' a man and doesn't qualify by a long shot under the current criterion. Anybody who toys with preemptive nuclear first-strike scenarios and plays silly political games while ignoring that the economy is collapsing financially and physically is insane and has no right to have the authority of the high office of the President of the United States of America. Any man who holds onto this post and is incompetent is a traitor to his country and to humanity. He should be honest with himself and vacate the office. Or failing that, he should be asked to vacate it or be removed by impeachment, or by public demand. or through a recall vote, or..."

"I get what you're saying, Steve," I interrupted him. "But you are dreaming, Steve. As I said before, that will never happen. No President has ever resigned his office for reasons of incompetence. Nor has anyone ever been impeached for this reason. And as for a recall, no laws exist."

"Then you are dreaming, Peter, when you think that the USA and humanity will survive without those steps being taken. There is a first time for everything, Peter. But if you say that this won't happen, then we have already lost. Of course, the reason why the President hasn't been impeached already for his incompetence, or anyone before him, reflects the simple fact that society has become insane and incompetent too. Society thinks itself to be animals. At lest it behaves that way. That's insanity, and insanity is incompetence. Society must be deemed insane, since it allows what is happening today. If the laws don't exist to get an incompetent President removed, then create the laws. Society is made up of human beings, and human beings have the capacity to do this. One way or another, this has got to be done to save the nation, and civilization, if not all life on this planet. That is how critical this thing is trending to become in the near future. So do it, Peter. In any case, that man should have never been elected to the White House in the first place. Still, it happened. So you see, Peter, the impossible has already happened in America." He began to laugh. "So let's turn this thing around and make sure that what appears even more impossible, namely the healing of society and creating a new renaissance, does happen as well."

Here Steve stopped and began to laugh some more. "So you see Peter, America truly is the land of the impossible coming true. The fact is, the President of the United States of America is not by design an elected dictator, but is a hired servant that has a job to do. His job is to assure that the community of principle that is laid out in the constitution, which to some degree reflects the unity of mankind, is never violated, or ignored, or forgotten. This is the leading edge of statecraft. He has to take the lead in defending the fundamental principles that are founded on the Principle of Universal Love, such as the principle of the general welfare. His job is to promote the development of love. This is an extremely demanding job and there are actually few contenders in the present world that qualify. There should be a rigorous screening process established with high standards, for electing a President, especially now as so few qualify and so much is riding on the ticket."

"You imply that the prospective applicant must understand the Principle of Universal Love," I interrupted Steve. "Who even knows that this principle exists? Our present President Elect would take it as an insult if I were to demand this of him. He sees himself as a tough guy, a strong leader riding on a ticket of unyielding resolve to use force. He is a Hobbesian hero. No love is allowed to interfere in his administration."

"Too few people are qualified to take on this high job," said Steve, "and so they fail. They fail, because society fails itself. Society fails, because it doesn't know what love is. Consequently the nation suffers from this universal incompetence. This means that society first and foremost must know the Principle of Universal Love. If it did, its institutions would reflect that. In order to be able to fulfill is role as the universal screening-agent in selecting its supreme servant society requires a broad accomplishment in living in accord with this principle. And so I have to say it again as I said it many times before, the development of the Principle of Universal Love in society must begin at the grassroots level. It is not good enough that nothing is happening at the grassroots level. The world is in great danger because of this lack. That is why the USA hasn't had a competent President, except on rare occasions, because nothing is moving there, at the grassroots level, towards the Principle of Universal Love."

"If society is blind to this principle," I interjected, "then who is left to rally the government around the General Welfare Principle that is rooted in the Principle of Universal Love? Who will rally the government around the cornerstone of the nation's constitution that reflects this principle?"

Steve shrugged his shoulders. "There's no one home," he said and laughed. "That's why it happened only on rare occasions that the American people elected a President that was actually qualified to do the job. Are you surprised? And the reason for this tragedy is that the people themselves didn't understand their role in the process of civilization, and their responsibility towards each other and towards humanity. This role involves upholding the Principle of Universal Love. Society doesn't understand yet the inseparable unity of humanity in which their lives unfold, where love plays an immensely greater role than they have ever imagined. Consequently, by being blind to their role as human beings, they don't give a damn about what they do. In the end they complain bitterly when the clowns they elect don't fulfil their duty and take on the role of a king."

"That's why America hasn't had a real President for decades," I interjected. "The people elect someone who assumes that he has been chosen as their king, rather than their supreme servant."

"Nevertheless society can't escape the consequences of its folly, and those consequences are getting bigger," said Steve. Here Steve laughed again. "The President is scared of the Russians," he said. "He should be scared of himself. I am scared of him. I'm scared of what his insanity might drag us into. I am scared of the American people who allow this to happen. That's what you must tell the President for me, Peter. He asked for my opinion on the present danger. That is my opinion, and more than that. It is the truth. Tell him to do the one honest thing a person can do under the circumstances and resign for reasons of stupidity."

I stood up and shook my head, ready to leave. "You are asking the impossible," I said.

Steve just smiled and motioned me to sit down again. "I've only been telling you what must be done. This is indisputable. Now, let's look at the technical aspects, if you are interested."

Steve put his newspaper down and produced a couple of sandwiches from his brown paper bag, each one separately wrapped. He offered one to me, loaded with German sausage and sauerkraut.

"So, the technical issues," he repeated after we had eaten half a sandwich. "As I said, we are not in a state of economic crisis yet, but we are in a much bigger crisis in other respects. Yes, Pete, the technical issue is, that nobody knows anymore what their job is. Incompetent people that call themselves geniuses, and not just in government, run the USA. I see the same happening all over the world at all levels of society, especially in the sciences. They ignore the fundamental unity that exists in the natural world, and then force the world to move against that. Thus, they create chaos."

Steve explained that in the world of finance and economics the financial aggregates have become isolated from the physical economy from which they have been stolen, so that both elements are undergoing a collapse, and dramatically so. "The two elements, finance and economics, simply cannot exist in isolation," said Steve. "Why can't anybody understand this simple fact? Financial wealth means nothing without a corresponding equivalent in physical wealth reflected in productive processes. If nothing is produced, society is poor and may starve to death no matter how much money it has stashed away."

Steve said that the book value of stocks, bonds, currencies, and derivative instruments has been increasing astronomically. "This has created an illusion of skyrocketing wealth, while the opposite is true. The physical economy, which the financial aggregates are a claim against, is rapidly collapsing under the ever-increasing pressures of stealing and looting and slavery. Instead of creating wealth, the present system is creating debt and poverty."

"The imperial system has always created debt and poverty for as long as this system existed," I interjected, "hasn't it?"

Steve nodded. "Don't forget, Peter, that now in the age of automated processes and hyperactive insanity the destructive processes that create the debt and poverty are carried out more efficiently. This trend, all by itself, should be seen as a greater crisis than the few ripples on the financial markets that the President is worried about. This deep moving trend threatens to collapse civilization. This unfolding tragedy has been especially prevalent since the days when the modern phase-shift began. That happened in the mid-1960s. It began when the flood gates were opened to the sewer of imperial cultural warfare."

Steve turned to me with a serious look as the said this. "People assume that the processes that America got into were chosen for the benefit of America. That's a tragic error. From the day the American republic was born it has been a thorn in the eyes of the imperials. The imperials have therefore tried to destroy it by every means possible and have not ceased in their effort. That's the Venetian method, Peter, the same method the Venetians have used in their effort to destroy the Renaissance in Europe. Ever since the Venetians invaded England that method has been applied against the whole world, especially against America that was built on the achievements of the great European renaissance. The great European renaissance itself was rooted in the achievements of the Greek classical culture pioneered by Homer, the Pythagorean society, and by Solon of Athens. This early cultural spark that gave a profound face to civilization was immediately threatened by the forces of empire and almost put out by the Peloponnesian War. But it was revived again and advanced by the efforts Socrates, and Plato after the Peloponnesian War had run its course. Then, virtually before the ink was dry on the paper of cultural development Rome nearly destroyed it again. The Islamic Renaissance that emerged out of the cultural wasteland that Rome left behind, played a critical role in later years in bringing the Greek cultural revival, especially Plato and Socrates, back into Europe. The Golden Renaissance emerged from this. It ended the Dark Age in Europe that the Venetians had intentionally maintained in concert with Norman chivalry. Ironically, the Dark Age condition in Europe ended when the European economy collapsed and financial empires collapsed with it. Plato was brought back and was revived. The revival created the Renaissance and every renaissance thereafter. The American republic was built on this background and modeled after Plato's republic. It represented the pinnacle in the cultural achievement of mankind that had been carried forward through many ages. The American republic was also seen as a mortal threat by every empire that ever was, especially by the British/Venetian/Liberal empire that had by then achieved a near universal liberty in stealing from society worldwide. Indeed, the American spirit represented not an idle threat to the British Empire, which is our republic's chief opponent ever since it was born. The American threat to the Empire was especially felt in the late 1800s when the American economic model for economic development and its focus on the general welfare was becoming emulated all over the world. The idea caught on in Russia, in South America, in Japan, with interest also developing in China. World War I was instigated by the British Empire as a means to stop the advancing spirit of the American Renaissance from taking over the world. Hitler was quickly financed into power by the imperials to finish the job that the Venetians had started centuries earlier, of destroying the apparently endlessly unfolding spirit of renaissance. And Hitler did his job well that he was hired for. Much of the world was destroyed by the fascism that he represented. Only the American republic itself had survived the destructive chaos of the fascist 'plague.' However, as soon as the imperials had regained their footing after Hitler had done his thing and then killed himself, America was no longer needed to defend the Empire. Consequently America became the imperial target once again. It became immediately infiltrated to be destroyed from within. Truman opened the floodgates for America to become the next fascist state. The nation became subjected from this point on to the most deeply reaching cultural warfare effort ever unleashed against a people. The cultural warfare campaign became so successful that we destroyed our own industries, our own culture, our own infrastructures, our farming, our healthcare system, and even our education system. We are today a defeated nation, Peter. We've been brought to our knees by a cultural warfare effort that our nation didn't even recognize was unleashed against it, which society was embracing rather than defending itself against."

"We were asleep then," I interrupted Steve, "and in our slumber we abetted the enemy. We became the champion of the post-industrial society dogma that transformed us into the no-future society that we have become."

Steve shook his head. "It began long before that. It began when our people were put asleep with the imperial's shock and fear 'therapy.' We were put to sleep so deeply that the whole society became underlings to the creeping morass of empire that corrupts the very soul. However, Peter, this evil wasn't born on our American shores. When I entered the academic world in America the fascist shock had already spread across the whole background. The human being had already been tarred as a cancer upon the earth. And that was just the beginning, Peter. While America slumbered, wrapped up in new-age dreams, there was evil brewing in the halls of empire, the kind of evil that does not sleep. There was evil so black that it reduced the image of humanity into a barren wasteland in which it drowned all hopes in a sea of dust and ashes. Dust and ashes were the metaphor applied to the value of humanity. That metaphor ushered in the years of the depopulation demands. The imperial goal was to reduce the world-population to one or two billion people. America became the chief voice in this song of intent for genocide, but the song itself was not written in America. Genocide isn't in the background of our American culture. The song of genocide was written in the far off hidden halls of empire where the very air was and still is thick with inhumanity like a poisonous fume that echoes the poison pens of imperial pioneers that had hoped for a new black plaque to sweep the world in those days, or a particularly deadly virus that one of the imperials had hoped to become himself if he could in another life. In this deadly environment America declared its intent to target Third World nations for depopulation by genocide through 'natural' means, and then set the process in motion. Africa became the chief target. The stated goal was to prevent the development of the Third World nations living there so that their natural recourses might be preserved for the Empire's future needs."

I shook my head, though I knew that he was right.

"And that tragedy, Peter, was also just another beginning. The evil that came out of those dark halls of empire is still on the move, like a tirelessly rage that creeps without slumber while the world remains asleep. There was one man, however, who understood this creeping evil," said Steve. "He had seen this evil even before it arose and poisoned the modern world. He had been privileged to some degree to have access to the imperial circles of power that were brooding this evil behind their closed doors. The man's name is Tolkien. He described the imperial Empire by its effect in his writings, where he named it Mordor."

Steve paused as if he was search for a link back to the present. "That is how you must judge what you see happening in America today," he said after a long silence. "What you see happening is the result of a clearly coordinated effort to achieve the most detrimental effect that a nation can be subjected to. Russia is targeted in the same manner. Both nations are targeted by the imperials out of fear that one or both might embrace once more the profound American Renaissance that both had seen in action during the war years."

"It seems to me that Russia is more resistant to cultural warfare than we are," I said. "That might be because of their much longer exposure to it."

"Nevertheless, Russia is like America, a defeated nation," said Steve. "Russia has been a defeated nation ever since it accepted the British Empire's Trojan Horse at the hand of Karl Marx, the bearer of the 'gift' of communism. We are now entering an era of great instability in which both of the hollowed out and destroyed nations, and their institutions, cease to function. We may soon come to the point when civilization is beginning to disintegrate."

"Actually the term, disintegrate, is too mild to describe what is already happening as we move deeper into the sewer, especially in the financial arena," I interrupted Steve. "The world-financial system is fast becoming a sleazy casino. Hundreds of billions are now riding the dice every single day. We see blue-chip giants loosing their shirt in this casino-driven world where physical production doesn't count for anything anymore."

"And that's how it is meant to be," said Steve. "When you see America's blue-chip giants loosing their credit rating in the imperial court of money bags, you can bet this is a coordinated effort in bringing the nation further to its knees, rather than to enrich it. And the real target is always the society at large. It always is. Do you know what it means to society when one of its blue-chip giants that was once deemed as solid as the rock of Gibraltar gets downgraded to junk-bond status? That means that all the pension funds that aren't allowed to hold junk bonds must sell their core assets at deep discounts, just to get rid of them, which the vultures then snap up for a song. That, all by itself, will unravel the whole imaginary value system if it continues unchecked. In addition, America, and with it much of the western world, is deeply locked into the imperial's financial-derivatives casinos where the gambling is a thousand times bigger than the physical economy. What we have happening there in comparative terms is a fleabite killing an elephant. The fleabite is the intentionally created financial insanity built on the cultural warfare efforts that America has been subjected to. America, the giant, refusing to defend itself, consequently dies."

"The fleabite could also represent what we are going to unleash against the imperial's Empire to bring their house down," I said to Steve moments later and began to laugh. "If we can inject into this insane world a faint sense of reality it could have the potential of causing huge ripples that will take down the entire financial fairytale bubble, though it may be the biggest bubble of all times."

"Don't dream, Peter," said Steve. "What you propose has never happened before. We are moving towards our self-destruction with breath-taking speed and with an absolute resolve to see this through. Of course, if you are serious instead of dreaming and are willing to devote yourself to actually doing what you are talking about, then great wonders are possible."

"So, we face a paradox then," I said to Steve. "But why shouldn't we do this? The key to doing it is to pour flood tides of love onto the human scene. If love is a universal principle and empire is but the darkness of a void, why shouldn't the Principle of Universal Love enable us to illumine the dark void of empire with the light of our love as human beings?"

Steve changed the subject. "Technically, one always ends up with a paradox, Pete, when one separates two elements that are inseparable by their very nature, like separating the world of finance from the physical economy. One ends up lying to oneself by splitting apart what is inherently one, creating a world of illusions that will eventually cause one to destroy everything that one has built, if not society altogether. But you are right, Peter, it doesn't have to come to the bitter end. The trend can be arrested. Love as a principle can cause people to step away from their tradition in stealing from one another and from looting the poor through slavery."

"Another paradox is that this tragedy can be rather easily prevented while nobody cares enough to do it," I added.

Steve nodded. He said that he continues to be amazed that everybody still clings to these insanely created illusions as to what the wealth of society is, since these illusions have been created to destroy society's real wealth. Steve suggested that it should be obvious to everyone by now that it doesn't really matter whether the financial aggregates that people hold in their portfolios are measured in trillions of dollars, or in hundreds of trillions, or in thousands of trillions of dollars. "If the physical economy is worth next to nothing in terms of its wealth-producing capacity for enriching society that the financial aggregates are a claim against, then all the financial aggregates in the world are likewise worth next to nothing. The simple reason for this is that nothing is being produced when the physical economy is collapsing that the financial aggregates could buy. Thereby, most of the laid-up aggregates have already become meaningless. In real terms that have become worthless."

Steve added quietly that this collapse towards nothing is already happening almost universally. "The countdown has begun," he said. "The train has left the station. It's rolling. If it isn't stopped we can kiss our chances for an Ice Age Renaissance goodbye. In order to be able to survive the Ice Age transition we will have to enter the Ice Age with the most powerful economy imaginable, an economy that has the capacity to put 99% of the world's agriculture into indoor facilities in a hundred years time. For this we need to change our perception about what an economy is, and what wealth is. We have to scrap the notion of creating millionaires and billionaires and trillionaires as we may have some day soon, which are people that have become spectacularly successful in stealing from society and destroying people's living. What we've come to call wealth in the modern world bears the face of fascism. We have to turn this around. We have to create a sense of economy that enables all people to live, and to live richly productive lives, both in terms of enriching society for the universal good, and in terms of people's own living and their development as human beings that unfolds into happiness. We need to develop universal wealth by unlocking the human potential, not privatized wealth that kills the human potential. We must do this, because this universal wealth is needed to upgrade the physical landscape of the global economy to such a point that indoor agriculture can be created as a side-product while society's increasing needs are also being met. No more than 10% of the economic product of society can be devoted to this goal, no matter how urgent it is, or else we won't reach the goal at all. We need to create brand new cities designed for efficient living. We need those new cities in order to develop the creative and productive potential that enables mankind as a whole to meet the Ice Age challenge. Without this kind of ever-growing universal investment into ourselves as human beings, rather than as slaves, the necessary productive environment cannot be created. Therefore we need to create a hyper-productive environment that is comparable to the thermal energy level of a plasma environment in physics. Nothing less will be sufficient in preparation for the coming Ice Age transition."

Steve paused and took another bite from his sandwich. "Tell this to your President and see if he can understand any of it, but mostly tell this to the American people who have elected a whole train of brain-dead Presidents for decades that have all become fascist in their stupidity. If we can't get America out of its present trap, as America represents the tallest cultural achievement of mankind, we can kiss civilization goodbye. If America fails, Europe won't have a hope in hell, and less so the rest of mankind. In fact, humanity have very little left then that qualifies for the term, humanity. In this void we kiss mankind goodbye once the Ice Age begins, especially our children and their children unless they can manage to live without food."

I raised my hand to stop him.

"No, Peter! Just imagine this: All of Canada was once buried miles deep under an ice sheet during the last Ice age, together with the US Northeast, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, England, Poland, and most of Russia all the way south to past Kiev. While these vast areas won't be instantly covered in ice, their agriculture will likely be wiped out quite early in the transition period. It won't take long then until there won't be enough left of the current agricultural system to support mare than 100 million people worldwide. Unfortunately that won't cover more than 1% of the population, and even that is still 10 to 100 times bigger than the world-population that emerged from the last Ice Age. That's the situation your grand children or their children will be forced to face, Peter, if we don't act now. The critical point of decision is now."

"So it all becomes a moral question then," Steve.

"Competent living is a moral question, Peter. Our responsibility as human beings extends forward in time even past our own children, to our children's children, and their children. We have to flood the whole horizon with our love, fully backed up with deeds, starting now. All of that becomes critical for meeting the Ice Age challenge. As I said we are entering a new geometry, and that covers all fields, not just politics and economics. It extents into physics, science, our humanity, and our love, even time. In real terms it's always been the human way to extend our love to embrace future generations. Only now that becomes imperative. Competent living has become imperative."

"Sylvia and I don't even have any children," I said quietly.

"Neither do we, Pete, but that doesn't change anything. All children are our children, the children of our common humanity."

"Ushi and I have explored this in Cozumel to great depth, Steve. Did she tell you about it?"

Steve nodded. "That's the point, Peter. We are not heading that way. Instead of heading that way and regarding all children of our universal humanity as 'our children' and this with the same care we would devote our personal child, we stand still and allow ourselves to be doomed. For the vast task before us to be accomplished we have to create a world of super-intense universal wealth. However, instead of doing that we are heading in the direction of a zero-wealth disaster, Pete. I suggest that instead of kissing our children and their children goodbye, we kiss the notion of privatized financial wealth goodbye, including the 'my property' syndrome that has become the chief counterproductive, counter-economic, counter-humanist, fascist element that ever was, that robs our humanity."


"Right now," said Steve, "the illusion of financial wealth can still be maintained by the manipulators through increased stealing and evermore daring emergency measures, such as printing more money to cover the deficits in the dying system. In the flair-out zone, however, when the financial illusions and the collapsing physical reality become evermore widely separated from each other, which we may reach in a decade or two, the fundamental lie, which rules the world today built on stolen wealth, will fall apart and society will fall apart with it. By then, of course, it may be too late to turn the ship around towards the needed Ice Age Renaissance. It's physically impossible to build such a renaissance onto barren ground in short order."

Steve pointed out that the ongoing physical collapse and the collapse of the so-called financial wealth are by their nature so tightly interlocked that both systems will disintegrate simultaneously with consequences that cannot be imagined, something worse than barren ground. "If you treat the physical and the financial elements of an economy in isolation, and apply different principles for each, then the whole thing disintegrates into nothing like a soap bubble pops," said Steve. He suggested that every competent scientist should know this.

I agreed. "We know this," I said. "Nor does the apparent lack of understand in the world alter the principle of society's inseparable unity from its humanity," I said. "What we understand, everybody can understand."

"Of course it doesn't change the underlying principle, Pete. Still, society can't be lax about it. We are all in the same boat together. We can't afford to loose the ship. The people in Germany found this out the hard way under Hitler. Their collective insanity, no matter who created it, was eventually reflected in their collective tragedy. Millions of people that where shouting proudly, Heil Hitler, ended up bleeding to death in the ditches of Russia. Some of them may have recognized that Hitler was criminally insane, but they have said to themselves, this doesn't effect me, I can work around that. Well, they couldn't work around the principle they ignored and escape the loss of its effect. Universal tragedies occur when people loose their focus on the Principle of Universal Love and drift into utopian dreaming where nothing is real."

"But did the German people really have the option to overturn Hitler?" I interjected. "The Nazis had the whole nation captivated with Goebbels propaganda machine. I think, the German people, in spite of their high culture, lacked the spiritual resources within them to rescue themselves from this trap."

"That's hogwash, Peter!" Steve protested. "That's a cheap excuse and you know it. Let's look at the facts, Peter. The German people had the greatest principles ever created developed right in their midst. The Treaty of Westphalia for example, which became the foundation for modern civilization, was a part of Germany's cultural heritage, including its underlying renaissance principle, the Principle of the Advantage of the Other. That principle had become a part of German culture. It had come closer to reflecting the Principle of Universal Love than any principle ever had. However, society didn't care enough to hold on to it. If society had kept these principles rooted in their heart and soul, especially at the grassroots level, thereby creating a nation of Samaritans, then Joseph Goebbels would have achieved nothing with his clown tricks. He would have stood powerless. So, don't put all the blame on Goebbels. He only worked with what had been handed to him on a silver platter."


Steve smiled and nodded. "That's how we must approach the Ice Age today," he continued quietly. "People are dreaming this wonderful dream that the "reality doesn't affect them," but in the end it does. The fact is that we can't ignore that the Principle of Universal Love or any of its countless natural reflections. This fact is especially profound in economics where the Principle of Universal Love is fundamental to everything. We need a vibrantly productive economy, the kind of economy in which the financial aggregates are focused exclusively on the continuing increase of the power of human labor throughout the entire system. When this happens the economic process becomes secure," said Steve. "Society may legalize stealing in a big way, as it presently does, in order that huge profits may be garnered in the financial gambling casinos where nothing of value is being produced for society. But, Peter, even this most pompous artificial legitimacy of stealing from one another doesn't alter the fact that no legislation, no matter how strongly it is supported, can change the universal principles that are thereby being ignored. That is why the entire present system is doomed to collapse and to disintegrate. We simply cannot overrule universal principles with the arrogance of will, or legislation."

I began to laugh and applaud him.

Steve reached his hand out and began to laugh too. "I see, we understand each other," he said. "If only more people would join us. The present level of insanity is scary that society has drifted into as people began to separate the unity between financial wealth and physical production. They are spitting into the face of the fundamental principles and then complain about the consequences," said Steve and began to laugh too.

"What is happening today is like people jumping into the ocean, expecting not to get wet, then complaining bitterly when they do get wet," I said. "Suddenly they realize that they are drowning."

"That's the kind of insanity that we see today, Peter, which has never been seen or experienced before on our planet with the intensity that we are experiencing now. And if this isn't scary enough for you, consider that the trend has just begun."

"It's more than scary," I interjected. "It's a crying shame! The current trend is the end product of decades of cultural warfare that has been unleashed to keep the looting financial empires alive. People are dying, rather than fighting back. Society has been dragged into this dream of pleasant illusions."

"The imperials are caught up in this dream themselves," said Steve. "This dream is now destroying their empires and their existence likewise, and more rapidly perhaps than an advancing civilization would have."

"That's how clever they are, Steve!"

"Paradoxically, what people can no longer recognize in their convoluted thinking, has been clearly understood more than 2000 years ago when it was said that a house divided against itself cannot stand," said Steve. "The insanity of our President is nothing more than just a symptom of society's own trend as it is sleepwalking ever deeper into the sewer of insanity. The reality of the ancient statement can no longer be ignored. Society is divided against itself, and it finds evermore that it cannot stand. Nor has this tragedy been experienced as intensely and tragically on a global scale before, as we are beginning to experience it and may die from it in the not too distant future."

Steve paused for a moment, then nodded. "That's more or less what comes out of Russia too, according to everyone I know there. They are fully aware that a major catastrophe is in the making in the West. LaRouche has made its amply clear. They also know that this tragedy is getting worse for as long as insanity rules and is allowed to continue to rule. They see this phenomenon happening in their own backyard. The Russians are scared, Peter, but they also know that humanity has a few years grace left, not long, but enough to get its act together. They are struggling to find a way to do this, but their hands are tied. The western emporium has them in their grasp. The Soviets are fully aware that the current tremors in the western markets are telltale fluctuations, but they laugh about what they see. Some love with glee that the Western system is doomed, they just don't know why, and they certainly don't know that they are caught in the same trap. In fact they are hoping that the West will disintegrate in the future, and they are preparing a military campaign to take advantage when this happens. But they also know that the time for that hasn't come. Nor do they fully realize that their own system is even more deeply doomed than the West is doomed, and for similar reasons. They assume that cleverly applied emergency measures can fix the symptoms temporarily, which they do not want to see, both at home and in the West. They see no reason, therefore, to start a war over what is happening now."

"That gets us back to the leaking dam syndrome," I interrupted Steve. "Whenever a leak begins to form, the masters of the dam patch it up. They do it again and again. They know that the dam will come down eventually. The question is when. But Russian politics is peculiar. They are not concerned with what happens beyond the current political cycle."

"Oh, the Russians are more na´ve, Peter. "They think that the real breakdown won't happen for quite a few years yet, both at home and in the West," said Steve. "They don't see the present leak in the dam as being serious enough for the West to do something stupid and blow up the world over it as the imperials may try to arrange in the end. They wouldn't believe me if I told them why you came here. Of course there are plenty of hotheads in Russia, too, whose thinking is as shallow and as insanely deranged as that of our President. Some rouge elements in Russia may attempt to start something on their own perhaps, but this won't be anything big. A vast organizational structure must be activated before something big can be unleashed, and nobody that I have talked to sees any signs of such a thing happening."

Steve folded his empty sandwich bag up and put it in his pocket. "Does this answer your technical questions?" he said and began to grin, then laugh.

"There is one more technicality you need to consider," he added after a few moments of silence. This is the question of America's history of self-provocation. Self-provocation is a serious mental disease. America has been infected with it in a big way. It first surfaced in America when the Joint Chiefs of Staff had conspired to simply blow up one of their own Navy vessels to create a pretext for a war on Cuba. This happened during the Cuban conflicts. Luckily, their plan wasn't allowed to be implemented. The President stopped them. A bit later we had the Golf of Tonkin affair. It was a similar kind of self-provocation. This particular self-provocation was actually carried out. It was completely based on lies. But it got the US military the green light to attack North Vietnam. Close to three million people lost their life over this one. And it was all provoked by a lie. The process of self-provocation will likely be employed again and again on an ever-larger scale, and it will always be based on lies. The point is, when a people become isolated from their sanity as the Principle of Universal Love gets pushed further and further out of sight, anything can happen and has indeed already happened."

With having said this, Steve stood up and laughed again, heartily, suggesting that this concluded our talk.

"So my friend, was it worthwhile for you to have come half way around the world to hear me tell you what you already know and have known for some time?"

I nodded. "It was still nice to see you again, Steve. And yes, it was worthwhile to hear you say these things. Sometimes it is helpful to confirm to one-another what we know to be true. It's a part of the evidence of the unity that exists. We need to see that evidence more and more in order to be able to move ahead with confidence and with authority."

Steve laughed some more and agreed with a handshake.

"That's it!" he said moments later, and reached for his newspaper that still lay on the park bench, and folded it up.


I was surprised at how quickly the matter had been completed for which I had traveled such a great distance. I was also glad that it ended quickly, because of the urgency of the matter. I told him that I would have loved to stay for the evening, for a chat over dinner and to meet Ushi again, to discuss with her what the man on the plane had told me. "Normally it would be OK to do this and then depart in the morning," I said to him. "But with the President going nuts over this issue, any delay seems unwise."

Steve agreed. "You have a talent in understating things," he said. Then he lamented about how shallow the thinking has become among the governing circles that such a little glitch in the financial markets would cause such a great panic that it nearly opened the door to nuclear war.

"I wonder how many times this has already happened in the past," said Steve.

Steve did not smile this time and didn't answer. Instead he accompanied me to my car, walking in silence. "You better get back in a hurry," he added when we were half-way across the lawn, "and tell your President from me that if he has the faintest spark of compassion for humanity, he must shut the presently unfolding world-financial game down and reorganize the entire system from the ground up on a basis that reflects reality, and I don't mean the reality of the imperial's insanity." As he said this he grinned once again.

Steve assured me while we stood by the car that it won't be easy for any President to actually do what needs to be done, even if he were to acknowledge that it is his job to protect society. "In order to do anything meaningful, your President would have to put the present financial and economic system, which is founded on a lie and is destroying itself, though a bankruptcy reorganization. Then he must get back to the principle of universal unity by nationalizing the Federal Reserve system and align the USA with Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, and so forth, to create a brand new world-financial system that is constructed in accord with the real principle of economics, which reflects the General Welfare Principle founded on the Principle of Universal Love. We used to call this kind of an arrangement a community of principle," added Steve. "It reflects the Treaty-of-Westphalia principle of the Advantage of the Other."

"We should be getting back to that," I interrupted Steve.

"That should be happening on the global scale, Pete. Nothing short of an expanded version of the old historic principle will defeat the private feudal monetarist world-order that is putting humanity ever deeper into the grave."

"So you see, it all comes back to the Principle of Universal Love, Steve," I replied.

"And that's what's being trashed today, Peter," said Steve.

I assured him that no President would be able to do anything about this, such as shutting down the entire world-financial system. That wouldn't be possible for as long as the illusion continues that the current system is OK. The President would then be accused of shutting down what appears to be a healthy economy. Consequently it won't happen.

"Are you are telling me then that we won't be able to do our job? Are you saying that we have no hope to ever awaken humanity from its illusions, including the President?" Steve replied. "That's worse than surrendering. It's criminal incompetence. To do nothing on this front with the gravest tragedy looming on the horizon amounts to committing genocide on an unimaginable scale. But you are not incompetent, Peter. You can do what needs to be done. Tell your President that he has no option, but to do what must be done to protect humanity and our nation. Make it his task to achieve that. He has to develop the constituency for what needs to be done. Help him with that too, Pete, or help him resign his post immediately. Failure in either direction is not an option. To do nothing must never be contemplated. The fact is the President has no choice but to comply, and neither do we. He must shut the collapsing private world-financial system down before it disintegrates, or else he must resign and you must help him. He must not be allowed to let the entire world be overwhelmed by the consequences of his failure to fulfill the mandate of his office. We mustn't let this happen."

I promised Steve I would pass his message on.

"No, passing on won't do. You must actively educate the President to do what must be done. Tell him to be honest with himself. You must make him understand what is involved. There is only one type of solution possible and this can only be assured if the underlying principle is completely understood. If he can't understand that, he must go, and he must be made to understand that he MUST go. You must understand this yourself, Pete. Simply eliminating artificial barriers does not create unity between people. The principle of the unity must be understood. Simply firing an incompetent ruler doesn't create a New World. The principle of competent living must be understood for what is. The President needs to understand this in order to comply. Actually Peter, much more than the President, society needs to understand the principle of competent living and comply. In a democratic world, society IS the King. Unfortunately, in our present world this king has become more incompetent than even the president is. That's the bottom line, Peter. Society is the real King in a democracy. Democracy means that society is taking responsibility for its general welfare. In America the real King has become incompetent, which is society. That needs to be reversed. And the first thing this real King has to do, is get rid of the imposter."

I raised my hand. "Now I understand Steve, what you've been saying all along. You've been saying that the real king is society itself and not the President. If society is incompetent then the President is merely following its lead. If society refuses to be King, can you blame the man from wanting to fill the vacancy."

"Now you're getting the idea," said Steve and laughed. "Ah, but now you have a lot of work to do."

"You've also been saying that while we can replace the President, we can never replace society. We can only heal society by educating it in the science of the principle of competent living. That's what is really demanded of us, isn't it? Society, once it is healed, will then be able to deal with its President from its position as the real King and the imposter will remove itself."

Steven nodded and grinned. He motioned me to go on.

"I suppose what you are also saying to me is that it would be the kindest and most affectionate and daring step that anyone of us could take, if we were to go to the President and have a talk with him and suggest an equitable solution to rescue the man from his folly before society acts from its position as the King and forces a solution."

Steve nodded and put his hand on my shoulder. "Didn't I say those very words loud and clear right at the beginning? Didn't I say that the President should be helped to resign? The point is, that we are all in this boat together, the President too. There is no shame for a person resigning from the toughest leadership job that only a few in the world are truly qualified for, and admit incompetence on this ground. But there is terrible shame, Peter, if the legitimate King, which is society itself, is incompetent. This should never happen, because a democratic society, which is the real King, cannot resign itself or be dismissed."

Well, what could I say to that? I had personally experienced in Steve's own home the power of the principle that he was talking about, the power of the Principle of Universal Love that can heal every wound, and the power of the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind that builds civilizations. We can't resign from this responsibility, and why should we? Steve was totally right about those principles. I certainly wouldn't have lasted for more than five minutes in his house without the guidance of these principles that neither of us really understood at the time, but which we had lived by to our highest ability as human beings and thereby had explored together. Without that, my day with Ushi that day when we first met would have ended in short order. I would have ended when I met her on the beach in Leipzig. Instead I fell in love with her, and that never really ended. From that moment on it enriched us all, beginning that very night. I told Steve so.

Steve agreed with a big grin on his face. Then he took a couple of steps back and began to laugh out laud. "You don't honestly believe that your 'incredibly good looks' had anything to do with inspiring Ushi's love?" He shook his head while he laughed. "What happened that day, Peter, happened because of those principles. And that can happen again universally all over the world, my friend. Just look at us. Neither of us is an extraordinary genius. We are human beings. If we can be moved by these principles then anybody can be moved by them. It's as simple as that. Don't make it complicated, Peter."

Well, that's the way Steve was. He had his way of dramatizing things to get a point across. After all, that was his profession as a teacher and leading edge scientist. We had a good laugh together over this as we said good bye at my car, joking about our non-existing "incredible good looks" that had no influence whatsoever on the unity that had developed between us.

With this hearty laughter our meeting was concluded. As I got into the car he wished me farewell with his usual smile and gentle handshake. Four hours later I was back in the Western World where I boarded the last plane leaving Frankfurt for New York, connecting with the red-eye special to Washington DC.

Fred got his initial debriefing within minutes of my arrival in New York, with the full details laid out at an official meeting in his office the next morning.

Fred understood what I was saying on Steve's behalf about the President. He shook his head. He nearly cried since he knew that Steve was right, while he also knew that Steve's requests could not be fulfilled.

"That won't be possible to implement," he said to me privately.

"But we must try," I said after long moments of silence.

"I will prevail upon the President to solicit competent advice, but don't hold your breath. Also, don't expect me to suggest that he resign. In any case, this would have to come from Congress by way of the will of the people, and I don't see any hope for that to happen any time soon. I am sure your friend Steve will understand this. Didn't he admit himself that the real King hasn't yet awoken?"

"Steve understands," I replied. "He also understands that America will not survive in the long run if a new direction isn't taken soon, which we both know the President isn't able to take by reasons of his incompetence. But why should we wait for the world to change, Fred? You and I are a part of society. The awakening had begun. The task falls on us assume the office of the King. This means that the President, who assumed the role of king as an imposter, must go. He must go or the nation will suffer the consequences. Since the consequences may be on a scale that the whole world might not survive them, it falls on us to take on the leading role in society and be the acting King. That is what Steve said in essence. You asked Steve for his advice. This is his advice. Our President asked Steve for his help. Now we must convey to the President Steve's answer. What I told you is Steve's best advice. Also, it is really the only option that we have to help mankind to have a future."

"I suggest that you put it all down in writing," said Fred. "Place every word of it into your report to the President, which he may read. Put it down honestly, just as Steve has said it. Don't water it down."

I reached my hand and promised to do this. My smile seemed to startle him. "One day the President may thank you for delivering such a report," I said to Fred and began to laugh. "Also tell him that Steve and I have decided to fight for America in a big way, to rescue America. We decided to launch the biggest fight in history for the freedom of America. We'll flood the world with love in a commitment to win. If we fail the world is doomed. Will you join us, Fred?"

Fred began to laugh too. "I will deliver your report if you will sign it under oath," he said. That appeared to be Fred's way of saying that he agreed with me but didn't want to admit it. He didn't say anything about joining us either, as if he was saying, thanks for joining me.

"OK, I will sign the report any way you like. That's not a problem. Anything else, Fred?" I asked.

He just continued laughing. "Oh, get out of here and take a few days off after the report is written," he said between bursts of laughter as if the whole affair had become the funniest joke. He laughed and laughed and said something about us finally waking up.

From: The Lodging for the Rose - Episode 3: Winning Without Victory

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