In the Brilliance of a Night


Ushi excused herself when I finished speaking. She said that she wanted to get into something more suitable for washing dishes.

"You have missed something," I said to Steve after Ushi had gone into the bedroom. "It appears to me that every form of loving that is not based on the lateral model, isolates society and is fake. Only on the lateral platform where we stand side by side as human beings, without anything else attached, are we close enough to touch. Isn't that what it means to be in Love?"

"I realize that, Peter, but you find this scary."

"You bet it's scary, but it shouldn't be, Steve. It should be as natural as breathing the air that surround us." I began to laugh at this thought.

"When it becomes scary then you have entered the New World," Ushi interjected, speaking from the bedroom. She had left the door open. "But we are not in the New World yet," she added. "The big question is, are we ready to test the waters?"

"That is why we struggle with a million things to weigh them for what is right," I answered her.

"Why should we struggle?" said Steve. "We only struggle when we compromise. But that is not how the universe is designed to operate and is operating. Principle does not compromise, neither should we. The Intelligence that is expressed in the universe in not expressed in compromising Principle, mutable Truth, variable Love, erring Mind, even mortal Life. We've got to stay on track, because that's the road to freedom. The politicians haven't learned this yet. They compromise to get along in a world ruled by insane opinions, and the result is a mess. It gets messy running a train off track. Society attempts that. I think there is freedom in being on track. Principle doesn't compromise. Since this is the case, neither should we. That takes the struggles out of living."

"But how do you know that you are on track?" I interjected.

"That's easy," said Steve. "You look at the universe through the lens of its Science. That is how you recognize that Principle does not compromise. Science has laid out a fine line, as narrow as the railway tracks. It may be obscured in the distance, but it is laid out."

"What fine line?" I interjected before Steve even finished. "What Science?"

"A long time ago back in America a kind old lady gave mankind a puzzle to puzzle out," said Steve. "She said that she had laid out the perfect challenge for the scientific mind. She asked if it is scientifically correct to say that there is but one I or Us in the world. Society couldn't answer her then. Now, a few like us are beginning to move towards that perception of Truth. Sadly, the world lost track of her over the years. I feel that she expected an affirmative answer, the way the question was worded. But even now it seems hard for people to recognize how it should possibly be the case that the I or Us is actually one. Of course, nuclear physics makes this rather plain. But who understands nuclear physics. The 'I' is the Intelligence that is reflected in the universe, including in Us. So, there is no difference. The I is reflected in Us. So why would we compromise on Principle? What for? What would gain?"

"We would have train wreck," I said and laughed.

"Precisely, Peter," said Steve. "When the principle of the quarks was first discovered, the discovery made it rather plain that there exists not a single speck of matter in the entire universe, asserting that everything that exists is exclusively the construct of harmonizing Principle arranged in an incredibly intelligent order. That's when the question was put on the table as to what came first, the universe of the Principle? Or was it the other way around? Was the Intelligence first that created the Principle? Of course nobody could answer these kind of questions then, nor are they answered in nuclear physics. So, how would you answer the question, Peter, from what you know now?"

"The Intelligence that is reflected in the universe evidently IS the universe. There is no separation. The concept of history becomes invalid in this sense. The 'IS' includes all and is indivisible. It is the same, past, present, and in the future. It includes us. We are all a part of the timeless 'IS' that is All. There exists only one 'Us,' because the 'Us' including the 'I' is a part of the 'IS.' And that makes the entire universe a singularity in being; without exceptions; without division, and without a history."

Steve smiled. "The 'IS' is not the New World. It is the True World that we are finally beginning to recognize to some degree. We are part of this world, without isolation from it, being diverse only in our individuality. But that, all by itself, changes everything. The Old World with all its divisions and countless myths of isolation that have been faithfully acted out for millennia, don't hold much water anymore, do they? So, we have to get back to the basics. Principle does not compromise, and neither should we. So, let's not."

"We need to add the IS to Steve's criterion for recognizing that we have entered a New World," I said to Ushi. "That's when the Old World drifts out of sight and the IS is no longer absent."

"We are already there," said Ushi. "That is why you are staying here tonight. Your staying here with us is a part of our self-discovery in the New World of the IS. This is the world of uncompromising Principle. Its Spirit is Love. We might as well face reality. We've been living in a dream world until now."

Ushi handed me an apron for the dishwashing chore while she spoke. "You need this to protect your diplomatic suite," she said and grinned.

I bowed to her.

"Don't bow, you are not a slave here," she said. "We are in the lateral lattice where we are all equals, both in value and stature."

"I bow to you as before the most profound image of Love," I said. "I bow to the Sublime that you express so graciously."

"Now that I can accept," she added and grinned some more. "That's not living in a dream world."

"The Pharaohs of Egypt engineered a dream world in which they became small," I said to her. "Once they had the sexual mutilation inflicted on the slaves, and the mutilations might have been messy, the victims would likely have responded with shame. The probably appeared small and ugly in their own sight of them. They were probably scared to be seen that way, mutilated as they were, so they hid it. There is obviously nothing shameful about being a perfect human being with infinite potentials. I bow to you not out of shame, or like a beggar, but with joy and celebration of that which is greater than us all, that we all reflect in our being. This needs to be acknowledged don't you think? And so I bow to it. We need to look at this as we enter the New World."

Steve now grinned too. "The slaves were mutilated not only by the Pharaohs shredding the integrity of their biological design. This might have been so deeply shameful for them that they were impelled to hide it, both the men and the women, but their mutilation went far deeper than that, Peter. The breakdown of the social unity in society created a further sense of mutilation. The sexual mutilation, and the same it caused, might have become a powerfully debilitating factor in what they perceived as their identity as human beings. I think it is still that way in societies where the circumcision has had a long history. And so they try to compromise. They bow to the mutilation. This hinders the celebration of their humanity, which is ultimately spiritual and perfect and immutable, and should inspire great celebration in the temple of Life. Some who feels small cannot bow in the lateral lattice where all stand side by side. To bow before Life means to celebrate it. Principle does not compromise, neither shout one do so in living. The temple is for celebration, and that's the only place where one legitimately bows. Is this what you are saying, Peter?"

I nodded.

"On the lateral platform, where our relationship to one-another is a reality without distance, or separation, or isolation, what results in the expression of Life has to unfold so naturally that it is like breathing the air, because relating to one-another as human beings is the most natural happening in the universe," said Ushi.

"I hope we can get to this point soon," said Steve. "Nothing should be more natural to us than this, because that's what it is. It's part of the IS. If it isn't, then we must suspect that we are still in the Old World or have slipped back into it."

Moments later I turned to Steve. "My assessment is that the New World can be scary, nevertheless. In the New World we are relating laterally. That is why the Old World is conspicuously absent. We have to make our way without the familiar guidelines and traditions to aid us. Of course we don't want those anyway as most of them belong to the imperial vertical world that we want to get away from. Still, it's scary to be entering virgin territory."

"Pray that this remains so," said Steve. "Has anyone ever benefited from the comfortable imperial hierarchical guidelines that belong to a model for relationships that isolates people? I would say no, because this is not possible. So, Peter, by not having the old guidelines to guide you, nothing is lost. Instead, by standing at the portal to the New World a big step forward has been made. When you step away from the imperial vertical model into the lateral world, you are in virgin territory. You leave everything behind that enforces the imperial vertical model that society has clung to throughout history. But as you, as we all must, find yourself leaving the false behind you, we don't enter the New World empty-handed and blindfolded. In the lateral world universal Principle takes the place of the old arbitrary guidelines, and the progressive vertical model of Science gives you access to the wide world of Principle and enables you to understand its imperatives and the power that flows out from it, and you begin to live by it. In that you find another proof that you have entered the New World of the lateral model. In the New World one becomes literally forced to live by the imperatives of verifiable universal expressions of Principle, which are greater than oneself, which are as big as the universe. Yes, this can be scary, Pete. One has to dig deep into the Truth. One has to be honest with oneself. We are not accustomed to doing that. I agree: It is less demanding to accept ready-made guidelines, even if they are strangling us and are wrecking the whole world. My point is, Peter, that we should be sacred as hell of a lot of crap that we don't find scary anymore, and should rejoice when the vast potential of the New World unfolds before us that is free of all that crap. Unfortunately, we find that New World scary. Why should we?"

Washing dishes in their small apartment wasn't done in American style. They had no dishwasher, large counter, or even a dial sink. The kitchen had just a single tub and that was used for rinsing. The dishes were washed in a plastic bowel on the kitchen table that was covered with a vinyl-type plastic sheet. I chose the washing station in the processing line, Steve the rinsing station, and Ushi manned the towel and put the dishes away.

"But why should we be scared of the New World?" said Ushi. "We are already pioneers in a world where no man has set a norm to measure us by. No one has ventured as far as we dare to go?"

"You are certainly right about that, Ushi," I replied. "However, living without guidelines, traditions, and conventions is scary. We have nothing but universal Principle on the horizon to guide us. What if we screw up?"

Steve laughed. "Of course we'll screw up. We are reaching for the absolute, absolutely. Until we get there we are bound to miss the mark here and there. But I can tell you this, we won't screw up half as badly as the world is already screwed up. But we are in the race at the leading edge. We are the expert skiers on the slalom run. Who isn't scared there at least a bit, is asleep. So what if we mess up. We simply get up and continue the race, and we may still come in winning. That's what it means racing at the leading edge. The conventional concepts don't apply anymore."

"This changes a lot of things," I said.

Steve nodded. "What do you suppose Captain Maui might have said in 232 BC when he set out with a flotilla of ships from the Red Sea to circumnavigate the world? Would he have said that's scary as hell? Or would he have put his hands on the wheel with great joy and excitement over the opportunity to prove Erastosthenes' calculation of the circumference of the Earth? Erastosthenes had calculated the size of the Earth by observation and by the application of unique universal physical principles. Captain Maui was guided exclusively by these discovered principles. He trusted his ships, his life, and the life of his crews to the physical principles Erastosthenes had discovered. He understood them as the truth, because he could see in his mind how they were derived. According to available evidence Captain Maui had been highly successful. He had sailed from Egypt via the Red Sea to Indonesia and from there right across the Pacific to Central and South America."

"He was probably scared as hell in spite of his great joy," I interjected. "He literally entered a New World, didn't he?"

"Yes he did, Pete. And no, he didn't. He understood the New World that he would navigate in, by having already been there in his mind. The amazing thing is that all of our discovered parameters apply to his case. He entered a New World where the Old World was conspicuously absent. He only had those principles to guide him that his friend Erastosthenes of the Library of Alexandria had discovered and applied. Also he didn't undertake the voyage to conquer colonies, but to extend the potential of mankind to recognize itself as human beings. I don't think he saw the project as an experiment, either. I think he simply saw it as the most natural next step in moving ahead on the basis of the principles that were already put on the table for him."

"You mean that was for him as natural as breathing the air?" I said and laughed.

"Of course, Peter. And that is what applies here too, tonight, and for the same reason."

Washing dishes wasn't really my cup, but it was fun in this new environment. Of course this didn't change the physics involved. As anyone knows, the gravy is hard to wash off after it has dried into a hard crust, having sat on the table for a few hours. The potato pot too, was hard to clean. The residue had become hard like concrete. It got stuck in the top edge where the lid fits. The designers obviously never washed a potato pot. But I didn't complain. Complaining seemed so unnatural.

"I think we stand at the Red Sea once again, Ushi and you and I," said Steve. "Before us lies a New World. The conventional world is already conspicuously absent. I suppose our challenge is not much greater than navigating across the Pacific guided with nothing more than the profound aspects of universal Principle that are already known to us."

"The difference is that we face an experiment," said Ushi. "As we find ourselves on the lateral platform where we relate to one-another primarily as human beings, we don't get into a precarious exercise, because the model is the most natural model in the universe."

Steve nodded. "If you had spoken about 'free loving' tonight, or any such thing, then you would be venturing into precarious and scary territory. Of course, in this case you would have been gracefully ushered out of our house long ago. But you didn't talk about 'free loving.' Instead you asked the question, what is universal Love? In effect you probed the deepest questions about Love. You asked, is the lateral model a practical possibility? You asked me if it is possible to move forward with the power of Principle, as far as we know it, and to step into the New World that we have already seen with the eyes of the mind? We already know that Universal Love and its Principle is the foundation of the lateral model and is at the same time the 'Spirit' of the universe, because nothing unlike it is possible in the real world. We don't need an experiment to prove what is real. We only need to understand it and acknowledge it to be able to verify it. We don't need an experiment to see if we can walk on the seashore. We've already been there in countless different ways. We know that we can run along the shore and splash in the surf. Peter, I would even say that You, Ushi, and I stand more securely at the seashore of the Red Sea tonight than Captain Maui had stood there in 232 BC, before he got on board and raised the sails."

"Maybe we can stand more secure on our advanced Science than even Moses had stood when he led the Israelites out of bondage," I added. "According to biblical legends Moses had crossed the Red Sea with the whole Israeli nation with him."

"In a sense they were all in Love together," said Ushi.

Steve nodded. "What should have been a strategic trap for them as they as they came to the waters of the Red Sea with Pharaoh in hot pursuit, became their path to freedom. The legends are vague on this account, but something along this line appears to have happened. It appears that the Red Sea got its name from being a Sea of Reeds, meaning a shallow sea. Under certain tidal conditions and wind conditions a natural passage might have been possible in those days. If it had been possible, a keenly scientific thinker, a man of Moses' reputation, would have known about the principles involved. He would have dispatched the most alert of his people to discover the details. Moses lived in the beginning of the scientific period, Peter. The entire period of the great Egyptian engineering projects had been rich in scientific discoveries. The real resources for these projects evidently lay not in imperial power, but in the mind of the people, in their humanity, and in the people's development of it, except for the slaves. Moses appears to have understood this."

"It is being said that Moses scientific background was rooted in Egypt's ancient spiritual history," I interjected. "Moses is said to have been a student of Hermes Trismegistus, the triply divine being. He may have acquired some scientific understanding of the natural face of the human being."

"Regardless of what may have happened back then," said Steve, "it appears that the Moses legend illustrates an important fact that has long been forgotten. The fact is that the lateral model, which represents the unity of humanity and the divinity of the human being, represents the Sublime. This is the only model in the universe that represents real power. Moses used this power, he got access to it through scientific development, and he proved it to be superior to the power of Pharaoh. This is what tonight is about," said Steve. "The power of our humanity is a power for good. The imperial vertical model, in contrast, represents the supposed power of lies, threats, and deception, which have no real power. That's the weak flank of the imperial vertical model. It literally parades its inherent bankruptcy before the world, which it cannot hide. If the imperial, vertical model had any real power, it wouldn't have had to resort to lies, threats, deception, and brutal domination to enforce its goals. Its paper-thin flank reveals the impotence of the entire imperial vertical model. That is what the imperials are committed to hide with fascist atrocities. That's how the imperials hide their nakedness. If you look closely, Peter, the world's social structure still reflects this characteristic, though it was started in ancient times. Only now we begin to realize that there is no power in this imperial vertical-model-type of living. It is hollow. It fosters dishonesty by denying universal Love that is a native element of our humanity as human beings."

"Don't you find the challenge exciting to be able to live like a human being?" said Ushi. "What is more natural than breathing the air, and brighter than standing in the sunshine? Its terribly sad that society doesn't give itself the opportunity universally to live like that, to live like human beings, as we aim to do in this house."

"Wow!" was all that I could reply.

"Did you know that what we are doing in washing the dishes is a recommended exercise?" said Ushi moments later. "We are told that Christ Jesus washed his disciples' feet as his last act before his crucifiction. It is said that he took a bowel of water and a towel and went around to all of them and washed their feet. He commended this to all of them as a service to one-another out of the depth of their loving."

"The feet is what one stands on," said Steve. "They should be clean. It helps sometimes to get some help in washing the crap of the world off."

"We are going one step further here," said Ushi. "We are cleaning for one-another the plates that we eat of."

"That's what Judy Chicago has done," I said. No one reacted to my mentioning the name, so I didn't take the subject further.

"We wash the dishes every day here for each other," said Ushi. "We do this physically and symbolically, in order that we can start each day with a clean plate. We have to have a clean plate to put something new and vita on it that we intend to eat. A clean plate is also like a clean library. A library should always be cleansed of useless junk-scripts in order that what is vital does not become polluted. One needs to protect the leading edge. If we don't do this the world becomes scary."

I began to laugh. "Can you imagine this kitchen after two weeks of no dishes being washed? Or after a month?"

"The whole apartment would stink," said Ushi and laughed with me. "That's scary."

"Let me tell you what is really scary in this world," said Steve. "If anyone dares to be honest with oneself as you do and then fails to step out of the imperial vertical model of living, the forces that reign in this model will threaten one with all kinds of hell. It will bear down on one with imposition upon imposition until one gives in and looses the courage to stand up for oneself and for universal Principle. When it comes to that, that's scary. Fortunately for us all the imperial vertical model does not rule in this house, at least to the extent that we are able to assure that. This assurance opens up a rich and beautiful New World for us, which is a world of real power, the power to live like a human being guided by universal Principle alone. That's the power of the natural vertical model, the model of science where sanity rules and progressive scientific development is the mark of the day. Of course, outside of this house the imperial vertical model of the fantasies of insanity continues to rule and darken the Earth."

Steve turned to me. "This means that for tonight at least, you are on pioneering territory in a country that enables greater freedoms than any other place on Earth. You and all of us are on pioneering territory together. So, my friend, reserve your being scared until tomorrow."

"Wow!" I answered again.

I just stood there with my mouth open and glanced at Ushi and said nothing. Nothing more came out. What Steve had said was bewildering and at the same time crystal clear, but overpowering.

"Pete, when I asked you earlier to describe your most ideal being in the universe, if you had the power to create it, you answered me truthfully. Without being aware of it then, you gave me a description that reflected not just your wildest dreams of what humanity should be like, but what we both knew it actually is like. Remember, I told you afterwards that what you described is already the reality of our being. You simply nodded and smiled. I wasn't joking either. I also told you that the greatest problem that we face in the world today is to be truthful with ourselves, because we constantly deny who and what we truly are. We don't allow us to regard one-another, ourselves included, as human beings in the highest sense as you had truthfully defined it. We see ourselves divided instead of being bound to one-another by our common humanity in a community of Principle. That's a tough habit to break out of, Peter."

"Will we ever get there, Steve?" I asked.

"Fortunately, the reality is that we are already there," said Steve. "We only need to be truthful with ourselves about what we have discovered as the nature of our humanity. We have discovered that no one lives outside the sphere of our humanity that is common to all, which we share as one, which we already acknowledge to some degree in a community of Principle. We may pretend that we live isolated and solitary little lives, but we don't. We play this role as required by the imperial vertical model that isolates everyone from one-another and oneself, but there is no such thing as truly living outside the lateral model. The supposition that we can live outside the lateral model is a lie. Principle supports no such notions, no matter how much we believe them to be true. A lie is a lie that looses its validity when we raise our perception of ourselves to a higher level of truthfulness where universal Principle furnishes the foundation for truthfulness, rather than deceptions and lies. What remains left behind when this happens becomes irrelevant, while the true idea of ourselves encircles the universe and one-another with the Light that is Love. I propose to us all that we allow ourselves to become human beings in this higher sense, and make an effort to actually live as human beings. This something we have not allowed ourselves to do for thousands of years. That's the tough challenge, Peter, which I am posing tonight. It is tough, because countless contrary traditions and axioms stand in the way like insurmountable hurdles, though they are irrelevant on the platform of universal Principle where our humanity is truthfully defined. I propose that we take up the huge challenge to be always truthful with ourselves in our life, and with one-another. And I mean not just tonight, but always. If we three can't do this, who have already come to recognize this challenge as the result of our leading edge scientific development, who will? And so I asked you, Peter, will you accept that challenge? We have left the theoretical world behind us as we are now moving into the scientific world of profound realizations in great understanding. That first step of the task is done. The task before us is to become scientifically truthful with ourselves on an ever wider horizon."

"And so we face the temple for celebration," interjected Ushi. "As we enter, the celebration happens as the result of it."

I simply nodded for an answer. The question seemed overwhelmingly big, and so did Ushi's comment. I was invited by both of them into a world I had never lived in before, that I had dreamed about, but had never dared to expect that it might actually become real.

Steve said that the best way to discover the Truth is to deal with the paradoxes of our world. "So, here we are," he said. "Ushi is deeply attracted to you and you to her. This much is plain to see since you couldn't keep your eyes off each other all evening. So, all that remains now to deal with is this barrier that our marriage imposes, that prevents both you and Ushi from responding more fully to your being in Love with one-another, which is anchored in something that is totally truthful. The Light of Love that encircles you is natural, since it unfolds from the universal recognition of universal Principle, an aspect of which is the recognition of beauty unfolding into loving. The natural outcome is a union based on a community of Principle. You didn't invent the Principle of the universe that unfolds into Love. You merely responded and still do, and this honestly. Your response leaves me with two options," said Steve to me. "I can ask you to go home where you will dream about your Love that was blocked and a union of hearts that cannot be, and send Ushi to bed by herself with her own unrealized dreams. Or I can open the door to the fuller realization of what you both want, and evidently need, which the Principle of Universal Love literally demands us all to embrace. That's the real nature of our humanity. It urges us to respond to its principles and acknowledge its reality, isn't it? The universality of our humanity is defined by universal Principle and not by personal traits. Knowing this, gives us the ability to rouse ourselves to ever-higher perceptions of ourselves on the boundless scale. That's the way it is, and that's the way it comes to light, Peter. There is no world outside the world of Principle, which is supreme. Principle is greater than any one of us. It is reflected in the universality of Love that invalidates all the countless divisions that we see in the world. So what is the sane thing to do?"

Steve said there is a point put forward in one of the great history books of a people's spiritual development, called the Bible. He said that this point is directly applicable to a situation like ours. A disciple of Christ Jesus, named John, who is said to have been the most spiritually advanced of the disciples, has raised the point that if a person who has this world's goods and finds his brother in need, and shuts up his compassion so that he doesn't respond to the need, how then would the Love of God dwell in him? Isn't he saying to mankind, you fools, open your eyes to the nature of universal Principles or you will never know what Love is?

"Love makes great demands on us," said Steve, "it also gives immensely in return, and so should we to one-another. That's the Principle of the universe. We can do this by acknowledging the lateral platform. So what should I do tonight? Should I heed the demands of tradition that drive us into poverty and self-denial? Should I dance to the songbook of ancient priests who demand this, and demand that, and whatever, in their cold, heartless hypocrisy?"

He laughed. "Listen to those songs," he said.

(A) Thou shalt not allow thy wife to feel any affection for another person, or be held in affection by another person, man or woman.

(B) Thou shalt not allow thy wife to deeply love another person, or to be deeply loved by another person, man or woman.

(C) Thou shalt not allow thy wife to be seen naked by another person, or to see another person so, man or woman.

(D) Thou shalt not allow thy wife to touch or regard another person intimately, or to be so touched or regarded in return, man or woman.

(E) Thou shalt not allow thy wife to be in bed with another person, sexually, or have a sexual affair with another man or woman.

"Can't you see how utterly stupid those songs are?" said Steve and began to laugh. "I am not the priest who demands off with their heads if those rules are not obeyed. We are sovereign human beings in this house, Peter, or at least we endeavor to be. We are not a hierarchical society by the nature of our being. We are a human society. Sure, that takes some getting used to. The bond that binds Ushi and me is founded on Love, not on rules of withholding or blocking Love. Love means that we enrich one-another's existence universally. That's the natural Principle of our humanity that brightens our world. Ultimately nothing else can do this. Isn't that also the real model for marriage? The marriage of humanity is that wide, Peter. It is as wide and universal as its principle. Universal Love is a reality that already exists on the lateral model, the models of the universe, the model of Intelligence, the model of harmonizing principles and their power. We don't have to make this model true. It is true already. Nor could we make it true if it didn't already exist as Truth. So why shouldn't we invite universal Love to be our sunshine? We don't need to change the design of the universe to make this happen, we only need to respond to what is real and universal and move with it in its boundless domain. Just because the whole world denies this reality and its opportunity to experience it, as society has turned itself into a hierarchical society, doesn't mean that we have to live by the imperial hierarchical vertical model, the model of poverty. Starving ourselves emotionally behind barriers doesn't fulfill the demands of Principle that unfolds as Love. Love is our commitment to one-another, universally. This commitment is anchored in the Soul of our humanity. This is the light of the lateral model as you have already recognized. Naturally, it embraces you too. Why shouldn't it? Why should anyone be excepted from the light of love, or from any of its aspects? The hierarchical world ends at the doorsteps to the real world, the lateral world, the boundless world, our world. And the gateway to it is science."

Steve lowered the tone of his voice. "The truth is, Peter," he said, "that what I suggested to you and to Ushi is not some social nicety offered by me, but is an imperative of Principle, the Principle of the universe. Ushi and I see it as the Principle of Universal Love and so do you. It's natural to move on from there. My offer to you has nothing to do with you being a nice and intelligent person, which you are. Nor has it anything to do with me going out of my way to be nice to you and Ushi. It is a matter of the imperative of Principle that is greater than oneself and offers greater freedoms than anything else ever had. Love is the Light of that Principle, for starters, and sovereignty is a facet of it. These are not mine to give, or mine to forbid. I am not running a private zoo as you might have noticed." He began to laugh. "I am a part of a union of sovereign individuals governed by our common respect for our sovereign universal humanity. We live in a community of Principle, so to speak. Surely, you are familiar with the concept of community of principle. It is a part of our national heritage. Your advanced understanding of the nature of Principle and our humanity makes an expanded community possible. And so, I'm not nice to be nice. I'm celebrating with you that what is happening here is really possible. I see the Light of Love unfolding in your eye, from the depth of the Principle of our humanity, as Love comes to light in you and in all of us. I saw it in your eyes the moment we met. So what should I do in your case? Should I stamp it out, or should I rejoice in its unfolding? Love is the Light of our Life. That's what we need in this house, and in every house. The sanest thing that I can think of to do, is to promote its unfolding, shift ourselves squarely onto the lateral platform to let its Light shine in our heart to brighten our world. And so it will shine, Peter, and it will shine as always by its own terms, not by mine. I have to respect love's universality and the infinity in its expressions. Love is Principle that can be gleamed only on the universal platform, the lateral platform. It can hardly be seen in the vertical-hierarchical domain where people stand over one-another, where in fact it has been officially banned by Thomas Hobbes and the likes of him."

Steve began to laugh. "The Principle of Universal Love poses the severest threat to a vertical, hierarchical society. That's why Hobbes banned all loving. In the vertical domain loving is severely limited for that reason, almost extinguished. In the lateral domain, however, no limits are imposed against loving. That's the difference. That is what is hard to acknowledge. The concept of limits does not apply in the lateral domain, which is boundless. The lateral domain is built on a spiritual platform that reflects the reality of our being as a spiritual species; or more precisely, we are an expression of the universe of 'Spirit.' In other words, what we are facing here, tonight, all boils down to a question of scientific honesty about us being human, about us being a spiritual species, and about us being true to our ability to see with the mind's eye the principles of the universe that are reflected in the lateral domain. This capacity to see with the mind's eye to behold the Principle of the universe and its Truth reflected in its countless expressions, is something that is unique to the human being. No other species of life can match that ability. That is where the root of truthfulness is really anchored. If we can't be truthful with ourselves about what we are, what's the point in living?"

"Scientific honesty?" I repeated, questioningly.

"That's a tough one, right?" Steve responded.

"That's something we haven't practiced for thousands of years in respect to what is involved here tonight," said Ushi. "The preacher in ancient days speaks of God as saying to humanity, 'bring yee all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house.' Metaphorically, that's a call for science. We are just beginning to fulfill that request."

"I have to ask myself what is the 'meat' of our humanity, without which we couldn't exist," I said. "That's Love, isn't it? Science is an aspect of Love. It is an active expression of us being in Love with our humanity. That's my acknowledgment of the Truth and of the Principle of our humanity. I have to say to myself, let there be Love in my house, that is, let there be Science in my house, because the greatest Christian who ever lived has defined God as Love. We've been trained to deny this at every turn and in every respect. Consequently, one of the greatest problem that we face in the world, and have faced for a long time, is greed, called economics, by which the rich garner up the material goods that society has created and privatize them. People now privatize even themselves. The rich cleverly steal from society and stash away their loot under the assumption that they thereby have gathered riches. What fools. They fail to realize the simple fact that only the process of expanding the productive capacity and powers of humanity enriches society. There are no riches possible outside this lateral lattice. That is why our economies are collapsing. Society has privatized everything and is thereby blocking what it aims to achieve. And so that the world has become a dark place. Society has even privatized Love as Hobbes demanded. It has been made exceedingly small. Would society then also privatize God, as is Love? The whole privatization concept makes no sense to me. God, Good, Love, Life, Truth; these cannot be divided and privatized. They are a part of our humanity, of our being, of all being. We should embrace them universally. Humanity is one indivisible whole in which God or Truth comes to light. We should not exclude one-another and ourselves from the universality of the reality that defines our being. There should be good in the world in great abundance, and universal loving, and living a rich life in universal truthfulness. I think this is what this is all about. Do I make any sense?"

My own words came to mind suddenly, that I had spoken earlier on in the cafe to Ushi when I felt ourselves being "enveloped in Love."


Steve was leaning with his back against the edge of the window frame while he spoke, as though he were leaning against the frame of the blackboard in his lecture hall, as I had observed he would do when a long dissertation was required.

Steve continued talking. "Pete, I didn't say that the task of changing ourselves is easily accomplished. This is possibly one of the most difficult and frightening things a person can do, because the inner isolation from what is really true goes very, very deep. But just as deeply rooted is the freedom that we are fighting for in this room, the freedom to love and to be enveloped in love, as you said. The seeds for isolation were planted a long time ago. These seeds have been bearing their ugly fruit throughout history, but they have never done this with such intensity and scope that humanity cannot survive their poison as we have this poison now forced down our throats now in the nuclear age. And so, unless we find it possible to reverse the entire history of errors that has shaped our perceptions and may therefore be doomed by own folly. That's where society stands today. This is the challenge that we all face in a world brimming with nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, and biological weapons. We have no options left anymore, but to become honest with ourselves about what is fundamental to human existence in order to create a platform for relationships to one-another where nuclear weapons have no place. But, Pete, we have nothing to fear if we pursue the building of unity intelligently. What we might fear is nothing when compared to what we stand to gain."


All that I could think of in my suddenly confused state of mind, was that Steve had been probing this problem for a long time already, while I was somehow swept up into this stream and had to deal with all of that at an instant. It wasn't fair, and yet it was easier to go through a door that has already been opened, than having to pry it open myself.

What was offered through this open door promised to be immensely beautiful. I knew I had to say something to tell Steve that I agreed. But what to say? I even had a feeling that Steve's long explanations were largely for his own benefit, as if he was fighting the same battle against worn out traditions, and axioms, and beliefs, that I had been fighting without actually realizing that I was engaged in this fight. I felt that he needed to reassure himself that the course before us was the most logical option, and was in fact the only option.

"You should realize, Pete," Steve went on, "that the marriage bond that Ushi and I have established between us reflects to some degree what a marriage bond appears to have originally represented. We regard our bond as a commitment to each other to enrich one-another's life, but not to limit it. Here we find a basis for an expanded community of Principle. Marriage means coming together. On the universal basis it is a sacred bond, Pete. It is built on Science and opens consciousness to the Sublime or God, to the infinite, to the boundless, to that which stills the human need and takes us to a higher unfolding of good than the merely sensual can provide. It takes us towards trust, honor, integrity, joy, boundless affection. It offers a renaissance in living. It has nothing to do with owning one-another, but with enriching one-another. That is where the key lies. We bring to each other our expressions of Love to brighten our world with them. That's economics. It is a commitment to moral freedom, not to slavery. It represents a unity based on sublimity instead of limitations. It doesn't exist because a priest has sanctified it. It exists because it reflects a commitment based on leading edge science and finds a reflection that comes from the heart as an outflow of Love. This outflow can only be universal. If it isn't, it is fake. It needs to be unlimited and be progressively unfolding to remain beautiful. This cannot happen behind a boundary of confinement that isolates people from one-another. Human development doesn't happen on a confined and encumbered platform. Every scientist can tell you that. Marriage signifies to me a bond that unfolds towards the Sublime, a bond that inspires people to grow and embrace one-another universally, to enrich one-another, because those spiritual riches enrich us all. Maybe that's what universal love is. Maybe that answers your question that I couldn't answer when you asked it earlier."

I bowed to Steve. "I feel deeply honored by your offer," I said. "I am in awe of it. I am in awe of the genius that enabled it."


I got away from the window as Steve spoke. I sat down. I needed to sit. Steve remained where he was, at the window and turned around briefly and began to grin again.

"So, tell me Pete, why shouldn't you and Ushi spend the night together?" he said. "I'm not blind, you know. It hasn't escaped me how you couldn't avoid smiling at each other all evening. What then is the sanest thing a person can do in this case? Isn't it to extend to you both an invitation to acknowledge in deed what you honestly have already acknowledged in your heart and soul? Life is a beautiful thing, Pete. In fact, beauty is the very essence of Life, and the human being is the brightest star in this universe of beauty. The whole of humanity should be in Love with each other for this fact alone, instead of being isolated from each other. This means, Pete that you will find no one in this house who would command the two of you to deny what is in your heart. In this house humanity is not divided into sterile little camps. Life in this house is built on the lateral model as far as this is humanly possible. One day the whole world will follow us, if we survive that long. Then wars will forever cease."

I nodded. That was all I managed to do. I simply nodded. Only two days ago, if Erica would have invited me to spend the night with her, I would have jumped for joy and embraced her without reservations, and that would have been it. But this here was different. The overflowing joy was the same, but with it came also a great challenge to establish a platform that would last forever, not just one night, that would alter my life without recourse. "This is the beginning of a new course, a new direction, a New Life," I replied to Steve. "As necessary as this moving forward may be, it is still scary to contemplate, even if it comes with an immensely beautiful promise."

"I am a scientist," Steve responded after some moments of silence between us. "I have realized a long time ago that there is no hypocrisy possible in science. Everything is based on total honesty with oneself. The truth is the truth. And the truth that I see is that we all live in a wonderful universe. Every now and then, when I face my students and see the incredible response that I get, sometimes even as the result of my teaching, I feel greatly enriched. I feel as though I am enfolded into the riches of the universe itself. I feel grateful for the intelligence that I have been given, that has been given to all of us, and I feel grateful that I am able to give something back to enrich my students with it, and through them enrich the universe. This unbounded dynamic process gives meaning to living. That's what gratitude is, Peter. It causes us to acknowledge what we have. And what we have is so rich that when we open our eyes to it, we feel impelled to give some of it back to the universe, to one-another, to brighten our world. In fact we need to give more back than we have, be cause the human being is a creator and producer. That keeps the flow of good alive and growing. How else can we enrich the universe, which the human being is fully capable of. We have become creators, not with power over the universe, but with power to enrich the universe by utilizing its universal principles to let its Light shine ever brighter in our world. This is how I must approach loving as a scientist. Love enriches our world, and on this road it enriches the world as a whole. I cannot avoid being enriched by its principles, nor can you. What is happening here, Peter, is not a political process that I am promoting. It is the natural process of the unfolding of Life that we cannot avoid if we live with open eyes and honest hearts. Thus, we must acknowledge the universe of Principle in which Love comes into our life. The time has come to do this, though this has never been done to any significant extent for thousands of years."

"Wow!" that's all I could say. I said it with such a sense of awe that it caused Steve to raise an eyebrow.

"My friend, there is hope for you yet," said Steve and grinned.

Maybe Steve didn't expect an exuberant reply. I wondered about that. Maybe that would have been the wrong response. No one who could measure the immensity of the kind of proposal that he had put forward could have responded instantly other than saying, 'this will do!' Anything else would have been a denial of Love as something as natural as breathing the air.

After moments of silence Steve asked me to follow him upstairs to his study. "Let me show you something," he said, "something that will knock your socks off."

The upper room was dark, except for two reading lamps that had been switched on from downstairs. He took a book from the bookshelf. The entire back wall was covered with rows upon rows of books. He handed the book to me that he had brought and sat down by the window. The book was a leather-bound volume of the Bible, a very old book. It was printed in English. He asked me to read 1st Samuel Chapter Eight.

I complied. I read about Samuel, a spiritually sensitive person who had counseled the Israelites for a long period. But Samuel had become old. So the people had asked him to give them a king. Samuel counseled against that. He told them that a king would rule over them a take their sons and their daughters to be his servants, and would set captains over the people, and take their harvests, their fields and their vineyards, and would demand that everybody serve him. But Samuel's warning fell on deaf ears. The people demanded to be given a king who would judge them and fight their battles for them. They kept on urging Samuel until at last he consented.

I gave the book back to Steve. "That was a warning against mankind becoming a hierarchical society, a warning against the vertical model, a warning against the Pharaohs' system. The model was clearly identified as imperial and fascist in nature."

Steve didn't answer me. He waved me off. "Hush," he said, "I want you to read another story." He went back to the bookshelf and brought another Bible to the table, a modern paperback version. He handed it to me. "Read from the Book of St. John, Chapter Eight, Verse One to Eleven."

I located the Book of John, the chapter, but I couldn't read the requested text. It wasn't there. The chapter in the book started with Verse Twelve. I told him so.

He nodded and then asked me to read the title page of the book that he had handed to me. The title page indicated that this was the Study Edition of the New English Bible published in 1976 by the Oxford University Press. I closed the book, and without a comment I gave it back to him.

He nodded approvingly, and without the lightest change in his expression he handed me the old leather bound volume once more. It contained the complete text of the chapter that I had been requested to read. I read the text. It tells the story of a woman who had committed adultery. She had been taken in the very act. The scribes and the Pharisees had brought her to Jesus for judgment in the hope that they might entrap him. The entrapment appeared to be a sure thing. The law of the land, according to Moses, required the death penalty by stoning a person to death for the offense that she had committed by having has unauthorized sex. 'But what sayest thou?' the accusers demanded. They demanded that he judge the woman, knowing full well that he, the renowned healer of the people, would never agree to the death penalty. But if he didn't agree, he would speak against the law of the land and that was treason. It was a perfectly contrived frame-up that they had developed, designed to destroy him one way or another.

According to the story, Jesus acted at first as though he hadn't heard them. Still, since they pressed the issue, he had to react. He looked up at them and suggested to those assembled that whoever of them was without sin should cast the first stone. At this point the story revealed that they were all convicted by their own conscience and left the scene, one by one. Neither did Jesus condemn the woman.

I put the book down.

"Why did they impose the death penalty for such a human act?" Steve asked. "Who or what did they protect with this cruel law?"

"Certainly, they didn't aim to protect the woman," I replied. "They wanted to kill her. Nor would her husband and family have benefited by her death, as they would have suffered a great loss. Nor would society have benefited from it," I said to Steve. "Society doesn't benefit from murdering one-another. I suppose, only the scribes and the Pharisees stood to benefit by it."

"Why?" Steve asked.

"Because this cruelty increased their power."

"How so?" Steve demanded to know.

I felt like being interrogated to the deepest level of my being.

"Take your time," Steve counseled, "this is important. This goes very deep."

"I suppose they had to protect the grassroots platform of their own power," I said to Steve.

Steve reached across the table and congratulated me with a great big smile. "You are almost correct," he said. "The death penalty wasn't imposed to protect anything. It was imposed, and if need be enforced, to block the development of the Principle of the General Welfare in society. That's the same effect the Pharaohs had as their goal by mutilating the slaves. Except the Pharaohs did it more gently. Under the cruel Hebrew law fear and the death penalty imposed the blocking effect. Here the entire community was demanded to do the execution, lifting up stones and causing injuries to the victim till the victim would be dead. I can't think of a more effective method for preventing the natural intimacy in society for blocking the Principle of the General Welfare unfolding in society. Towards this end their interpretation of the marriage bond was largely centered on property rights."

Steve explained that under this law a husband owned his wife as property. "She was deemed to be his property in as much as the rulers of that society owned the people who were deemed the property of the church, so to speak. The rulers realized that the idea of people being hierarchically owned had to be established at the very grassroots level of society for the notion to be effective as an instrument for maintaining power over society on a feudal basis. It had to be rooted in the ground, so to speak. This was required in order that it could serve as a foundation for the entire hierarchical power structure that the priesthood was a part of, or the ruler of. How else could an oligarchy create and maintain its private zoo? This structure of the ownership of people as property supported the status of all feudal rulers. Everything rested on this foundation. It legitimized the power that the church had assumed over the people, which literally owned the lives of its subjects as the cruel law amply illustrates. It also legitimized the self-assumed rights of kings and emperors, who claimed to own the whole society to do with as they pleased. And this worked. The people complied willingly under the rule of this terror."

Steve said, "The rulers of the empires couldn't possibly allow the foundation of their power to become eroded, certainly not at the grassroots level. The slightest challenging of the notion of people being owned as property, especially at the grassroots level, had to be regarded by the rulers as an act of the highest form of treason that they were obliged to meet with the death penalty. This harsh penalty reflected the severity of the danger that an expanding sense of unity represents to the feudal system. They imposed the death sentence to protect their own illegitimate status, even while they were spouting out Moses' law, 'thou shalt not kill.' That duplicity is still going on as you may have realized. They even found it necessary to put the blame on Moses, for dishing out this cruelty. Evidently, their blaming Moses for it served to obscure the real issue, as nobody would question Moses. This gave their political cruelty the desired legitimacy."

"The story of the adulterous woman follows the imperial vertical model, the black-cross model of fantasies of insanity," I said to Steve. "All the elements are there. The story defines a process that is clearly imperial and fascist in nature as one would expect it to be. Still, the Decalogue forbids adultery, doesn't it?" I replied to Steve.

Steve shook his head. "Axioms, axioms, axioms!" said Steve. "People blabber out slogans without being aware of what they mean. Adultery, democracy, these words are used so loosely. They have become twisted into stereotyped images. In the West, democracy has become the rule of the rich who are able to finance their own servants into positions of power in order to protect their looting enterprises. The concept of democracy has been adulterated. It has become corrupted. It no longer signifies the rule of the people by the people for the people, that the original idea stands for."

Steve laughed. "Just try to stand for election for President in our home country on a platform that is not approved by the establishment. Just try it, and you'll get shot down. You will most likely be killed before your name even gets onto the ballot. That's what it means to adulterate the idea of democracy. You introduce elements that have nothing to do with the original idea. It's like a gas station that mixes diesel oil with gasoline and sells that adulterated stuff as high grate fuel. It means that you take an idea and twist it and distort it, to make it suitable for your agenda. Often the outcome is such a gross perversion of the original concept that its underlying idea becomes totally lost. That's what it means to adulterate. The very concept of marriage has become adulterated, Peter. It has been grossly adulterated by the priests, and not by the people. The concept has been turned upside down."

He paused and sighed. "I wish you could read German," he said and brought another Bible from the bookshelf, an old German version.

"My specialty is Russian," I replied. "I know some German, some Spanish that I learned recently. I must admit, my German isn't great. It's adequate for most occasions, but not for interpreting ancient Biblical texts."

"These are very old texts," Steve said as he found the Decalogue. He said that the Decalogue is first introduced in the Second Book of Moses. It's called Exodus in the English Bible. "Here it is, Chapter Twenty." He said that there are four fundamental principles presented among the Ten Commandments of the Decalogue. These are in essence simple statements of the principles without which the human society cannot function. He said he would like to read them to me, translated from the German, with a slight change in the sequencing to illustrate the nature of the commandments. He read the last four commands: "Thou shalt not kill; thou shalt not steal; thou shalt not lie against thy neighbor; and thou shalt not 'ehebrechen.'" He explained that the term "ehebrechen" literally means that one mustn't break what is honorable. It means that one mustn't negate and interfere with the bond that Love has forged or is forging. One mustn't adulterate that bond. "And that is all that the Decalogue says," said Steve.

"It doesn't say a word about married loving, or unmarried loving, or homosexual loving, or lesbian loving," I said astonished.

Steve nodded and smiled. "In the German language the term 'ehe' implies the marriage of a man and a woman, It is understood that way. It is understood that this type of union makes the bond of Love honorable, which it is. But in the lateral domain there are many forms of honorable bonds of Love possible and natural. Why would one put shackles on the Love as Principle? Would one limit God? Would one limit the all-harmonizing Spirit of Intelligence that we term Love? We cheat ourselves by de-capitalizing Love into something small. There is no such thing as lower case love. Love is capital term, and universal in its application. Sex doesn't change that. It includes the male, the female, and our third sex that is defined evermore by our spiritual identity. The Decalogue seems to say that one mustn't break any of that."

"The Decalogue says that one mustn't interfere with whatever the bond is that unfolds in Love, which brings people together, whether this be sexual or otherwise. The Pharaohs tried to break this bond with the circumcision, and they were quite successful. If this bond is broken it becomes a bond of slavery."

"Then the Pharaohs violated the Decalogue," I said astonished.

"Three quarters of a billion people still do today, Peter. They violate the bond that the Decalogue protects, or they live as victims of the crime," said Steve. "The bonds that Love has put before us, and still is putting before us and always will, should be honored to the fullest possible extend as the most precious gift that they are. They are all honorable bonds. Isn't that what the concept of marrying really means, bringing people closer to one-another enveloped in Love? If that isn't honorable in all its forms, what is? The result is a community of Principle powered by Love. It literally demands the recognition of the lateral platform and opens the landscape to the joy of it."

Steve picked up the old English Bible again. "Let me read what Christ Jesus said about the First Commandment. It's from Matthew 21." He began to read. "There was a lawyer who asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets." Steve closed the book and put the book down.

He paused and then continued. "Didn't Christ Jesus say the same thing that we've been saying all night, Peter? Be in Love with the Intelligence of the universe with all your heart, consciously reflecting the intimacy of Soul and the sovereignty of Mind. What is the Master of Christianity really saying then? Isn't he saying that being in Love is greater than just living, that Love makes us into what we are? Isn't he saying that one is not a complete human being unless one is in Love? This means that one must be in Love to come to light as complete human being, for Love is the Spirit of the Principle of the universe, and therefore is our Spirit."

"Shouldn't this reflect itself in economics?" I interjected. "If so, then the value we place on Love should determine the value of money."

"Love is mankind's currency, not paper or gold," said Steve. "The value of money naturally reflects that. This means that if Love is taken out of the equation, then our money looses its foundation. In this case its value disintegrates and the economies disintegrate with it. Then money will become scarce and unemployment will go through the roof. People will die in this quagmire of a world without Love that is then as empty as society is insane. Money will be extremely scarce without Love, because then all the money will have been stolen by the masters of empire, and they will find that their stolen loot has no value either. Stolen money is inherently worthless money. Value does not exist without Love being reflected in economics. That's what economics is. It is Love creating physical value. It is also called metaphysics. Economics is the utilization of the currency of Love."

"But this is something no one of mankind can ever be deprived of," I interjected.

"Poverty flees from the light of Love," said Steve. "This means that you are correct, Peter. Love is reflected in economics. In fact it is the essence of economics. Take away Love and the richest economy grinds to a halt and disintegrates just as the universe would disintegrate without Love, or would not even exist without Love. We have experienced disintegrating economies before, and so will go through this hell again and again. This will go on until sanity dawns with Love. Sanity spreads the wings of Science. Roosevelt's New Deal was economics reflecting Love. When society puts Love back into its world, its civilization will invariable flourish again and become the brightest ever."

"Economics is Love," I said quietly, as if the idea seemed almost too good to be true.

"Shout it from the rooftops," said Steve. "Shout it in the streets. It needs to be heard. Love is economics. One reflects the other. So tell me, Peter, how poor are you then that you can only whisper this fact?"

"Poor?" I said. "Not poor, Steve. On the platform you have outlined we are all richer than we can possibly imagine."

Steve nodded. "This will do as an answer," he said. "It will do, because the name of mankind, first and foremost, is Love. This makes us richer than we yet imagine. But we will experience those riches. Love should be reflected in our being, and it is so reflected if we give ourselves the chance to have it. The Sublime is the essence of God the Intelligence of the universe, the IS that is reflected in universal humanity. God and the Sublime is one. And the Sublime that is reflected in our humanity is multifold. As Mary said, it is Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, and Love. Nothing is greater than these. In them we are defined. The Sublime is our humanity, and what is more worthy a celebration than the Sublime, especially the celebration of Love. We truly embrace our humanity when we are in Love. We embrace it in all its manifestations. Thus we celebrate that which is greater than us but is reflected in us. We are not the authors of Love. We are celebrating the ultimate that is the essence of our being. We find its light in the flow of loving. We are celebrating the all-inclusive, IS. But we can't celebrate this truly unless we include all mankind universally in that celebration. That is why I invited you to stay tonight. A celebration is mandated to fulfill the two laws of which the Master of Christianity said, that on them hang all the other laws and all the wisdom reflected in civilization. We really have no choice in this matter, do we? The alternative is to let it all go, whereby we drop into the sewer and become slaves to the sewer rats, or become the rats ourselves. The way I see it, celebrating the Sublime in all its vast dimensions that are all knowable and understandable, is the most natural thing to do for a human being. So I asked you and Ushi if you want to celebrate what we have talked about all night, which in fact you had already begun to celebrate much earlier, probably when you met at the beach and fell in Love, when you became submerged in it -- wasn't that a celebration right from the start? You probably weren't aware of it, but that's what it was. I am asking you therfore, why should the celebration end? You have celebrated all evening. Why should it end now? In fact, it should never end. As the Master of Christianity said in essence, on this kind of celebration hangs the whole of civilization."

"Aren't you taking this a bit too far?" I interjected.

"This can't be taken too far, Peter. Everything hangs on the Sublime, from economics to politics to social structures. Everything hangs on the Sublime. If we let go of it, everything drops into the sewer including our economics, politics, relationships, everything and all. Then people become traitors to themselves and slaves to empire. Then the economies collapse, the world-financial system collapses, and the social system becomes a maze of barriers, betrayals and tragedies in which the light of intimacies becomes extinguished and the Principle of the General Welfare becomes lost. That is also why the world-financial system is in the process of collapsing already, and will disintegrate without fail. I don't know the day when this will happen. I only know for certain that it will happen. Whenever a system is created, such as the present one that is far from the Sublime - which defines the Principle of the General Welfare as pivot - the disintegration of that system is assured. The collapse of society is assured thereby as a consequence, unless the defective system is scrapped and replaced with a new one that is rooted in the Sublime and is born in celebration of it. We had such a system once, Peter, a system that was rooted in the Sublime and born in the celebration of it. Our country was founded on it and prospered by it. It was so different from any other system that it was called the American System of Political Economy. The American System is a system of economics that is intentionally rooted in the Sublime. The evidence is that it reflects in its design the Principle of the General Welfare. That is its beacon-light, its music, its profundity for celebration. America was founded on this kind of system in the form of a federal credit society -- a society uttering itself financial credits that are directed to the building of infrastructures for civilization. When America let go of that on the day before Christmas in 1913, America joined the rats in the sewer. With that act the American people became slaves to the liberal system of private monetarist looting. America is still in that sewer, together with much of the world. If we don't get out of it before the whole thing blows up, we may die and civilization becomes gradually drowned in the resulting gore that will likely persist across a long-extended New Dark Age that will them likely overlap with the start of the next ice age cycle."

"A New Dark Age?" I Interjected. "Something like the hell of World War II? The coming Ice Age wouldn't make things worse."

Steve shook his head. "World War II was nothing. It affected only a hundred million people and lasted only half a decade. World War II wasn't anything like a Dark Age, Peter. It was faint shadow in comparison with the black of night. When the present world-finical and economic system disintegrates, which is totally run by the rats in the sewer, the entire sewer will explode in a orgy of insanity and smother civilization. Then, my friend, you will have a New Dark Age beginning. It's already beginning. We see it to a small degree in mass-unemployment, homelessness, poverty, hunger, increasing slavery and hopelessness. But this isn't anything like a Dark Age yet. When the Dark Age comes closer you will see the financial fabric being torn and shredded as you can't imagine. And that's the fabric that society depends on for its living. You will see banks collapsing one their investments become worthless paper. You will see the banks attempting to forestall their demise, making things worse. You will see the flooding of the real estate market with fictitious money in an effort to drive up the prices. They'll see teaser mortgages that are unrepayable in a collapsing physical economy in which less and less is being created that is of any real value. With the mortgages becoming unrepayable, foreclosure evictions will explode into the tens of millions. You will see tens of millions of families being thrown out of their houses in the name of money, which then become forced to live in tents if they have one. You will see the same in the consumer-loans market. You will see car repossession by the tens of thousands monthly in every county in the USA. You will see food prices going through the roof as money becomes increasingly worthless. Then you will see food shortages following, and I mean real physical shortages as transportation systems collapse and farming is shut down by the cartels that demand profits where none are possible. When you see these things happening, then you will see the beginning of a New Dark Age similar to that of the 14th Century. And when the insanity is stopped then, it gets still worse. In the 14th Century, after the Lombard banking system collapsed, a third of the population of Europe perished in the aftermath. This might look like paradise in the world to come, because two thirds of the population survived. It took society a hundred years to build itself out of that collapse. The modern collapse threatens to be much worse. It might reduce the entire world-population to less than a billion people without even starting a nuclear war or biological war. If that is how we prepare ourselves for the next Ice Age, the world population might collapse back to the ten million level where it was when the last Ice Age ended ten thousand years ago."

I shook my head. "This won't happen if we get serious about the double-layer defense," I said quietly.

"I am serious. I'm not joking," said Steve. "The double-layer defense is the kind of barrier the universe has invented that prevents such a collapse into insanity. Without the double-layer phenomenon in plasma the universe would not exist. If society dreams it can do without it and builds its life on this myth, it will reach a point in the collapse cycle where it ceases to exist. Of all the existential threats that mankind is facing the world-financial collapse might be the worst. It is the hardest to stop once it begins in full force, but is the easiest to prevent with scientific sanity. That is why we must develop scientific sanity. Nuclear war might be a lesser threat, because it tends to be held back by patriots. Also, if it was to happen it would likely remain localized. Nuclear war is more likely stopped along the way when sanity prevails among the military who have not all lost their humanity. The food wars are more dangerous, Peter, because they are run by the sewer rats that have foresworn their humanity. However, there is also a mounting opposition developing against their machine, against the genetically mutilated foods and cartelized agriculture. The mounting opposition has the potential to shut the whole empire thing down before it is too late. Unfortunately the same thing cannot be said about the collapsing world-financial system, because almost the whole society has been diligently taught to love the smell of its sewer. From the politician on the take all the way to the man in the street, almost nobody opposes that dying system even though it stinks already to high heaven and threatens society's very existence. People today, don't oppose the system that is killing them, because they don't believe that there is an alternative available that is rooted in the Sublime. They have been smothered with sophistry that 'eats' away their sanity. They don't know how to celebrate their humanity, or know that there is so much at hand to celebrate. If we can make a breakthrough on this front and change the course of society towards the Sublime, Peter, this breakthrough will ripple through all the other fronts of empire and close them down. You are right, the double-layer effect is urgently needed here."

I shook my head again. "You want society to celebrate with a looming existential crisis on the horizon that threatens to shut down not only civilization, but mankind with it? Is that what you are saying?"

"Forget the crisis. What has this got to do with anything," said Steve. "Forget fantasies. Focus on what has real power. Focus on Science. Focus on Principle. That's sanity. That's the only way, Peter. Nothing else offers any hope. When people loose their anchorage in the Sublime, they drop into the sewer. Don't let yourself be tempted to do this. War consumes them who do, and they become lost to society. Focus on the enduring. Wars always end when the strength of society gets drained away. Then peace resumes. Peace is enduring. It is rooted in Principle. War isn't inevitable. Peace is. War can be prevented by people discovering, and acknowledging, and celebrating their anchorage in the Sublime. That keeps them out of the sewer. The double layer effect fastens the lid. Peace is inevitable, because the Sublime is the only thing that is enduring. Every empire in history has collapsed. The structure of empire has the 'genes' for its termination built into its system, its ideology, its fantasy. There is nothing enduring in the sewer. No matter how black the world may become around us, we always have countless reasons to celebrate that which is enduring, the IS that is the Sublime reflected in our humanity."

"If this is so, why hasn't God, the Sublime in our humanity, prevented World War II?" I interjected.

"What has this got to do with anything, Peter?" said Steve. "How often must we get back to this? The Sublime is not a dictator. It is invariable, sovereign Principle. If people mock it and choose the sewer, they commit suicide. And they did mock it be choosing fascism. Hitler stood on a wave of fascism. He wrote a book, Mine Kampf, in which he declared himself a fascist. Society should have said, 'No way!' It should have supported the patriots of humanity who were determined to block Hitler by means of celebrating the Sublime. But that support wasn't there. The celebration of the Sublime was thin around the world. It didn't carry the day. Mankind let the sewer overflow and died in it. But the Principle that was mocked then, still remains, and will always be there. The Sublime endures. That's what we celebrate. That is where all what is of value is rooted. That is our native home.

"We are married to the Sublime and to nothing else," Steve continued. "That's what is worth celebrating, isn't it? This house has two functions. It functions as a scientific institution of a profound Church, the ultimate workhorse of mankind. And it functions as a temple for celebration where the spark of sanity becomes a fire. Both functions are essential. The more we understand and celebrate our being married to the Sublime and thereby to one-another, the more secure and rich and precious our civilization becomes, and our existence with it."

"That's what we celebrate tonight?" I interjected.

"The celebration is the artists brush," said Steve. "It is also the key element for reversing the onrushing world-financial and economic crisis that threatens to knock the global house down. If society is asleep, let's make some noise to wake it up. The reversal of the current train to hell isn't primarily a technical issue, Peter. Sure, there are technical steps involved in re-staging the lost American System of Political Economy that is rooted in the Sublime. The technical steps are needed that serve the general welfare instead of the welfare of the sewer rats. But the key issue is the celebration of our humanity, the celebration of the Sublime that inspires us to take these steps. Of course there are technical steps needed to bring the whole world up onto the platform of the Sublime. These technical steps might include laws for stopping foreclosures, and for putting the bankrupt financial system through a bankruptcy reorganization from which it put back onto the platform of the historic American System of national banking and national credit creating, shutting down the private monetarism that exists for profiteering and looting. Those are steps of celebration too, including the steps for shutting down the financial derivatives gambling that has become a looting monster that's unimaginably larger in volume than the gross domestic product of the entire world. The technical steps of celebration in creating a new financial system that serves the welfare of society instead of some rats in the sewer would also have to include a new platform for fixed exchange rates between nations and the restoration of price-equity in farming and in the energy-supply sector, and so on. These things must unfold as aspects of celebration of the Sublime, or else they would be feeble steps on hollow legs. Of course all of these technical steps, as necessary as they are, will always be secondary in nature, Peter. Celebration is secondary to understanding what IS, and that is big, and wide, and profound. The horizon for this celebration is as wide as the world. We have a wide world of celebrations of the Sublime before us, Peter. It is sad that society is so strongly inclined to put countless roadblocks in its way to prevent all that and close its horizons. We have taken a few roadblocks away in this house, as many as we can in order that there will be a celebration. Do I make any sense?"

"Are you saying that marriage has nothing to do with the creating of boundaries and barriers, and shutting other people out, that would prevent that necessary celebration of the Sublime from unfolding?" I responded.

"The concept of shutting other people out has never been a part of the celebration of the Sublime, Peter. You can't find a word of it in the Decalogue. All that stuff of barriers and boundaries has been added later in a mutilated version of it order to cast a veil over the Sublime," said Steve. "The evidence is quite clear in scriptural history. The veil that hides the Sublime appears prominently in a later version of the Decalogue; a politicized or mutilated version that turned the Sublime, the 'essence of God,' the Principle of the universe, upside down. The mutilation reshaped the Decalogue into an artificial imperial vertical construct of fantasies of insanity that some priests dreamed up and paraded before society as the Law of God, or Truth. The result became an adulterated version of the natural principles, a mutilated version, an arbitrary imposition in which the original idea of honoring the bonds built in Love, which brings people closer together, is overturned and strangled. This resulting distortion has changed the very concept of what adultery means. It's original meaning appears to have signified the tragedy of adulterating a profound idea of universal Truth, such as the tragedy of overlaying the lateral model of human relationships with the contortions of the model of empire, the model of the sewer, the model of the black cross. That's what it means to adulterate a profound idea. In the real sense, Peter, the vast majority of the institutional marriages that we find today are adulterous in themselves by design as they represent a perversion of the natural model of human relationships. Did you ever consider adultery in this sense? The adulterated marriage model doesn't honor the bonds forged in Love that unfold in the sphere of the Sublime. The adulterated model ties them into knots."

"But what does this mean to you, personally, right now, Steve?" I interjected.

"Steve leaned back into his chair in the study, opposite to me. "In this house there will be no adultery allowed in the highest sense."

He turned his head aside towards the stairs. "Isn't that so," he said to Ushi who was coming up the stairs.

"Don't you think you have beat this subject to death," she said. "Is there anything left that you haven't said already before. Let's call it a night, gentlemen. It's late."

"No I was just getting to a vital point that changes almost everything," said Steve. "That's a point we hadn't touched on previously. So bear with me, please. We have a rare opportunity here to touch on something that is absolutely vital. My point is a challenge, really. The challenge is that the lateral model won't be diluted with hypocritical trash in this house. In the true marriage process, which enables people to live closer with one-another, whatever adulterates that idea is banned. Nothing is accepted that hinders the unfolding of Love and thereby corrupts, denies, obscures, or distorts the lateral reality of our being. That's crucial for tonight. Also the whole of civilization hangs on this thread of celebrating the Sublime versus strangling it. The strangling of a profound reality is basically what adultery really means. It means tearing down love with rape, dishonesty, exploitation, jealousy, domination, neglect, confinement, theft, hate, degradation, distrust, dishonor, vice, drunkenness, squandering, jealousy, and so forth. That's an example of adulterating the Sublime. It is an act of invading the universe of love with the sludge of the sewer, with elements that have an inhibiting effect on love. These adulterous elements drive a wedge between people. They have no place in the Sublime universal 'marriage' that brings people closer to one-another. That's what preventing adultery signifies in the scientific context. It signifies what is destroying or diminishing the face of Love. It won't happen here, Peter. None of it will happen here. Not here physically or in science. Of course we probably haven't fully discovered yet what the adulterating of the scientific process ultimately includes. And I might add that celebrating the Sublime is a scientific process. We have to become sensitive to the faintest degrading imposition that would close down our gateway to the Truth. We have to be like a tightrope walker crossing Niagara Falls who needs to be sensitive to the slightest movements of the wind. Nothing must be allowed to stand that endangers in the slightest the Sublime in human relationships or anything that degrades and thereby hides our lateral relationship to one another as human beings. The lateral lattice is real The door is open. The challenge is to take the first step beyond the threshold."

"That looks almost like an impossible task." I interjected.

"No, Peter, we don't face an impossible task in preventing this kind of adultery," said Ushi. "This is so because the real task is to respond to the active Principle that defines the lateral model that is so natural that even the ancient societies were delighted with it and evidently celebrated it. The lateral nature of Principle makes sure by its own imperative that the 'sludge' of the 'sewer' stays in the sewer and doesn't enter the flow of Love in our relationships."

I had to laugh, because not a single one of the elements of the 'sludge' of the 'sewer' such as rape, dishonesty, exploitation, jealousy, domination, neglect, confinement, theft, hate, degradation, distrust, dishonor, vice, drunkenness, squandering, jealousy, etc., are commonly associated with the modern concept of adultery. It seemed that all of these were purposely left out of what is deemed adultery since they are elements that define the imperial vertical model of insanity that turned the Sublime upside down. I commented on that and added that the only thing that one isn't allowed to do under the old concept of adultery is to love another human being. "All the rest is OK," I said, still laughing.

Steve had to laugh, too. "Actually, this isn't a laughing matter," he said. He pointed out that by creating an extremely narrow image for the concept of adultery, especially one that has nothing to do with the original idea, the real meaning of the concept that stands in defense of the Sublime becomes lost. Thereby rape and other types of abuse are allowed to flourish in marriages. Steve said that it is a sad state indeed that all the abominations that the original concept appears to have been designed to prevent are now permitted in the small private sphere of society's marriages, and are often even desired. He gave examples of aspects of perversion that are tolerated and at times 'desired.' He mentioned marital rape, marital domination, spousal neglect, hate, degradation, violence, cruelty, theft, dishonor, and many more. "The only thing that you are not allowed to do under the grossly corrupted concept of adultery that allows this sewer sludge to soil society, is to establish a bond in Love with another person that institutes real marriage and brightens the world with a spark of the Sublime."

"The sewer sludge is OK for society," said Ushi. "Yes, Peter, that insanity would be laughable if it weren't so sad. Unfortunately that is the naked face of the imperial vertical system of insanity where everything that is scientifically essential in civilization is turned upside down. Of course we see this reflected in the political world, from international looting to world wars. We see the abomination fully accepted in the economic domain where the scene has become that of an orgy of economic rape. And why shouldn't it be rape when the platform of raping is firmly established at the grassroots level in the social domain by a mutilated sense of marriage where rape is allowed?"

"Can you now see why the corrupted concept of adultery has been imposed?" said Steve. "It is designed to corrupt society at the grassroots level, never to elevate it there. It is designed to condition society for its compliance with external control, and to allow the same ownership-sanctioned cruelties that one finds in many marriages to become carried out politically and economically on a massive scale. The only thing that's banned today in marriages and in the political and economic world as well is the Principle of Universal Love and the General Welfare Principle. These are banned. Everything else, which tramples on the Sublime, is apparently OK."

Steve laughed again and suggested that this is the reason why the West is crying, "Democracy! Democracy!" He said that the concept of democracy has been so intensely narrowed down and adulterated that it means nothing more than counting votes. "As long as you count votes everything else is allowed." He said that even stealing the votes is allowed. The rule of money makes the worst legal, such as the corruption of power, the self-prostitution of the leaders to the wealthy, the destruction of the economies and of justice, and the staging of wars. By the narrowing down of the definition of democracy little remains of the original idea of democracy. Thus, the very concept of democracy as the rule of the people by the people and for the general welfare of the people has become lost. Now we have democracies that are essentially imperial structures that enforce the looting of society and the murdering of its people by the force of adulterated laws. We need to get away from these corrupted, narrowed down definitions of every one of our vital concepts."

"Maybe that is what the ancients had in mind when they spoke about adultery," said Ushi. "The concept then became mutilated in the serve of empire and narrowed down to hide its real meaning."

Steve paused. He picked up the old leather bound German Bible again and looked at me without opening the book. "Should I break the honorable bond of Love, the gentle strands of Love that bind you and Ushi together?" he said quietly. "If I do, I break the commandment which urges us to honor such bonds then I would be committing adultery. That's what it means not to adulterate, not to narrow down the Sublime and its manifest, not to dishonor the unfolding Love that binds us all together as human beings. That's what I meant, Peter, when I said earlier, we must be careful. If we screw up we dishonor the Principle that is Love, without which the universe would not exist. This is big."

Steve paused again. Then he suggested that the other commandments of the Decalogue, such as not to kill, not to steal, and not to tell an untruth to one-another with the intent to deceive, are all fundamental elements of civilization that need to be honoured. He added, "And so is the commandment not to break whatever is honorable, such as the bond that Love has forged between people, which is a bond of the marriage of hearts, is an imperative one the one must never break."

He handed the old Bible to me and repeated that in the German translation the Decalogue instructs one never to break what is honorable. Steve said that this element of the Decalogue is just as much an essential element of civilization as are all the others. He said, the directive not to lie, steal, or kill are fundamental to civilization, but one needs to go beyond the fundamentals, to the higher levels and embrace the Sublime that builds our civilization and uplifts us to were we begin to enrich and develop one-another. The demand for active steps includes a lot of elements that make us sensitive to one-another and ultimately defines us as human beings."

He suggested that those higher elements might be those that set us apart from every other living species on the planet. "Most animal species fulfill the directive not to kill one-another, not to steal from one-another, and not to deceive one-another. But at the higher levels we stand apart from the animal world as a higher species," said Steve. "The distinction begins as we embrace the Sublime, as we honor and enrich one-another's existence as a matter of Principle, when loving becomes an active process for explore the universe in order to discover principles we can utilize to enrich our world for one-another. This active involvement with aspects of Principle is what defines us as human beings. This is what creates our civilization, what defines our humanity."

Ushi said that all of this comes to light through bonds of Love that bind us to each other for the common welfare of us all.

"The recognition of the fundamental unity as an active principle is what the marriage process is built on," said Steve. "The key word here is 'active.' It brings to light a new concept, even for me. It is something I hadn't realized until now."

Steve pointed out that society's common notion about marriage, the one that allows Love to have a place only within tightly confined boundaries, is really a travesty of what fundamentally defines us as human beings. He said that we should therefore be careful not to regard the Decalogue as merely a collection of passive demands that instruct us never to do this and that. He said we must search for the active principles that will impel us to a higher-level thinking where these things that we shouldn't do don't exist anymore as an option. He suggested that our apathy in this regard, our failure to look for active, underlying principles, is one of the main reasons why the vital concepts of civilization have become narrowed down and become corrupted, for which our world is in such a mess and is collapsing.

Steve said, "In our narrowed down world, even the killing of human beings is presently accepted. It has become accepted for countless reasons that all fall outside of the narrow definition that we have created for the concept of the sanctity of human life. Theft, too, has been made universally legal in modern times, except for an extremely narrow range of circumstances. And being untruthful," Steve laughed, "has become so widely accepted today that the idea of Truth itself is being denied to exist. Truth is an active element of the Sublime. Truth and Principle is one. Principle is the key to action."

Steve also pointed out that the Decalogue defines a platform for active principles. "There is one fundamental principle that needs to be especially explored," he said. "It is only vaguely reflected in the Decalogue. It is the final commandment and the hardest one to deal with. It is the principle that puts one above coveting property. The Decalogue includes a directive against coveting property, especially one's neighbor's property. It is interesting that the list that defines property in the Decalogue includes one's neighbor's wife. This presents a paradox, and this paradox sets the stage for perceiving this directive correctly. It establishes a higher focus than the directive against stealing. "Indeed, why would the Decalogue focus on stealing twice?" said Steve.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well, it doesn't address the issue of stealing twice," Steve continued. "The second focus makes perfect sense if it is seen as an exclusive directive against coveting property. That's something more deeply rooted than stealing. The entire commandment stands almost as a dire warning for one not to go down this road and live on Property Lane, because as soon as one goes down this road, people do indeed become property. Thus, the commandment contains a solemn warning as it lists a wife under the category of property. I see this commandment as a warning against the scourge of privatization. And what is the active principle that makes that impossible?"

I suggested to Steve that this particular commandment might be seen as a statement of principle that invalidates the very concept of privatized property, or owning property as this denies the Principle of the General Welfare. A wife cannot be property. A wife is a person with the freedom to develop her potential as any other human being for the greater welfare of mankind. The footsteps are secondary, but the principle isn't. The very thought that a person can be property, or that a wife can be property, is repulsive and dangerous. I siggested that this principle applies also to everything. If one lives on Property Lane, one destroys what defines our humanity. One destroys the Principle of Universal Love by which we enrich one-another's existence as we develop one-another's potential. Living on Property Lane also destroys the Principle of General Welfare as it dims the light of Love. By this process one destroys humanity as a bright, honorable, and spiritual species. The principle that is described by the commandment should snap us out of this trend and call us back to our senses to restore our humanity."

"Ushi is my wife," said Steve, "this is true, but she is no one's property. She lives her own life. People must get the idea out of their head that a person can be property, or that society can be an empire's zoo to be 'managed' at will. The whole notion of coveting property is fundamentally counterproductive to human development and the development of civilization. It is 'treason' against Principle no matter what type of property one would covet, whether it be money, land, businesses, an empire, a wife, and so on. The scene would become a disaster waiting to happen if the Principle of the General Welfare, or Universal Welfare, would not propel us in the opposite direction. That's why society should pull itself away from that. Of course that is extremely difficult, since we have been almost drowned in property related notions that an oligarchic hierarchical society depends on."

Steve suggested that Moses was evidently well aware of these dangerous axioms and their destructive effects, and of the essential nature of the opposite principles for elevating human existence.

Steve said that this point is so important that he must read the texts again, and this time in the original order. He also asked me to take note that the law of the Decalogue, where it is first presented in Scriptures, contains not a single cruel element. He asked me to take note that all the hype that defines a person as property, even a marriage property governed by rules against transgressing the property rights, and the imposition of the death penalty for that transgression, etc., is not found in the original text of the Decalogue, but is brought into the context of the Decalogue at a much later date in another book about Moses. Steve said that all the gory stuff begins to surface quite suddenly in the third book written about Moses, called Leviticus, the book of the laws of the priests, the book that is believed to have been authored by the priesthood itself, which of course used that mutilated law to dominate society.


Steve suggested that during the ensuing interval between the introduction of the Decalogue and the time when it was turned upside down and the cruel law was put in its stead, the gentle law of the Decalogue had been turned into political tool for the purpose of maintaining a hierarchical power structure. Steve said that this hierarchical power structure has no basis to exist, and would not have existed without the authoritative notion that legitimizes the ownership of people as property under the law of God. "The last commandment, therefore, which warns about coveting property, becomes tremendously important when it is scientifically understood," said Steve. He paused and turned to me. "Can you think of a better way for maintaining a hierarchy of power than to attribute the authorship of this hierarchy to God?" he said. "This ghastly trick includes all the distortions that the masters want to promote for their imperial purposes. I don't think one can sink any deeper into insanity than treating human beings as an acquirable property. When society turns itself into property, civilization ends. I can't think of anything worse. Can you?"

"No, I can't, Steve," I said. "However, it seems to me that Moses' moral law could not have been so radically abused and distorted by this kind of treachery that its underlying principles have become totally lost. The various aspects of Principle that the ancient pioneers had recognized and ascribed to Moses, obviously continue to exist to the present day regardless of the distortions. The power of Principle cannot be contained forever. No one can stay the imperative of Principle or obsolete its relevance to human living. That much I do understand," I said.

I told Steve about Erica. I told him that she was telling me that God's standard is Love. "One cannot escape that," I said him. "One cannot pass it up when it touches one. One cannot change the fundamental reality of being. Still, I agree with you that one can easily get caught up in the fantasies of insanity. And that appears to be a hard one to get out of. Is that what you are saying about the Decalogue? You are saying that responding to reality cannot really be avoided, no matter how hard it seems, and won't be avoided when one understands the active principles that bring it to light? Are you saying that passive obedience affords no power? Are you suggesting then that society actually cannot avoid war in a passive manner, so that war can only be avoided with a strong focus on the active principle of peace? Are you saying that this is the only path on which war becomes impossible and then won't happen? Are you saying that anything less won't do? Is that what you are saying?"

Steve nodded. Then he began to smile. "Here is another surprise for you," he said. He took the old German Bible back from me and opened it. "Pay attention to the sequencing of the last five commandments," he said. "In their original sequence the commandments are arranged in the order of their difficulty and in the order of their severity in consequences."

Steve read them in the original sequence. The commandments counsel us not to kill, not to break what is honorable, not to steal, not to lie, and not to covet property. He said that I should pay attention to the active principles involved.

"Not to kill one-another is a basic element of civilization," said Steve. He placed the old Bible back onto the table next to his reading lamp as if he didn't need it anymore. "The principle that is involved in the directive not to kill, is to respect life. That is an active principle. Most people understand this principle. They understand that it is a basic element of civilization that one respects one-another's right to live." He said that we were fast moving away from this understanding in the political arena, but he also said that most people today still understand this principle to some degree. "It is generally recognized therefore to be fundamental to civilization," said Steve. "Not many people have difficulties with this. It is also by far the easiest requirement of the Decalogue to understand. For this reason, I am convinced, the masters of empire will ultimately fail in their depopulation drive," added Steve.

Then Steve said that the next requirement is a little more difficult, but is still one of the easy one's to understand. It is the requirement not to break what is honorable. "Most people have no difficulty in honoring the bonds of Love that bind people to one-another. They even celebrate these bonds with ceremonies in spite of the fact that the concept has become adulterated and corrupted. In the natural setting, this requirement extends to all bonds of Love. That part is evidently more difficult to understand, but not too difficult. People who scientifically understand the natural setting have no problem with this. So you see, the original, universal marriage principle is not really that difficult to comprehend. As you can see, it is one of the easier ones. Its outcome is beautiful and enriching and it provides great freedom."

Steve paused and then said that the next commandment of the Decalogue is quite a bit tougher, both to comprehend and to implement. "Not to steal from one-another is a tough assignment if it is to be a passive requirement. The entire world-financial system is presently built on the platform of stealing from one another. That is the only way possible for making money without producing anything of value for it. The commandment literally demands that society puts its entire financial and economic system through a bankruptcy reorganization and give up stealing for producing. While those steps cannot be avoided, the turnaround will likely not happen on a passive basis. Nothing will happen in this arena until the underlying principle for this requirement is understood. Only then will things begin to move, and we might see this happening some day, Peter. In any case, it is inevitable to happen. Since an understanding of the underlying active principle is possible, the end-result is assured."

Steve repeated that the Decalogue should not be regarded as a collection of passive requirements. He explained that this change in focus changes everything. "It makes the passive, active, and in such a way that the directive not to steal is really the requirement to develop a deeply seated commitment to Principle. When this happens, not only will stealing become impossible, but the expression of Principle will envelop society. Love will then become the impetus for enriching the world and enriching one-another's life. The impetus for enriching one-another's existence always reflects an active principle. When it is understood, this principle for producing and creating a vast scene of good is unrelenting. That is what civilization is built on, even to the extent that all human needs are thereby met."

"Are you saying that this commandment not to steal actually promotes the Principle of Love-based Economics? Are you saying that this commandment's principle is overlaying in consciousness the imperial perversion misnamed economics that is nothing more than greed-based fantasy?" I interjected. "Greed is a key element of the insanity that is presently ruling the world. Are you saying that without an active principle powering civilization, the rule of the day will always be a mad fantasy expressing insanity?"

Steve nodded and said that a lot of people have great difficulty with that. "They can't get themselves to accept the Principle of Love building a world without greed. They try to be honorable. They even try not to steal, but without the active impetus of Principle they find themselves caught up in the treadmill of financial stealing that has become one of the worst scourges in modern times by which society itself is doomed."

Steve paused and then added, more softly spoken, "and still the principle that is involved in this commandment demands more than simply stepping away from stealing. It demands that an active commitment to enriching one-another. This unfolding action becomes expressed in developing one-another's cultural, scientific, and spiritual potential that is inherent in a human being. It includes the call for scientific development. When all of this happens in the light of an active understanding of this particular aspect of Principle, society will find itself rich and secure. If society fails in this, the stealing from one another throughout society will continue until a total economic collapse occurs or a dawning understanding stops the trek to hell. In order to avoid the collapse it will never be sufficient to try not to steal, the focus must be on the principle of wealth building that is expressed in creating and producing, and on developing all the great qualities that make us uniquely human. If this development is blocked, what has society got left but to steal from one-another? In this case people steal from themselves as the steal from the world by preventing the great universal riches that might have been established. So you see, Peter, it is actually possible to transgress the law against stealing without even laying a finger on another person's property. To block the development of civilization is an act of stealing from the future. All of this together makes the law of the Decalogue, not to steal, much more difficult to understand."

"My experience has been that there are not many people in the world who aim to enrich society right across the globe with universal economic development, on every level, and in every country," said Ushi. "I know a few people who qualify, but far too few. Most are committed to outright stealing, as Steve has said. They steal from one-another with trickery and cunning. The madness has become a worldwide epidemic all across the financial and legal arena, and not only there."

"The resulting degradation of our world and society has already brought such severe consequences that the world's entire financial and economic structure is collapsing as we speak," said Steve. "The USA may not go under for decades yet. The giant is still strong. But the collapse process is under way."

Steve leaned forward and added quietly, "That is what I meant by society being doomed by its obsession with stealing from one another."

Steve paused after that and looked at me again, and smiled. "It gets tougher, still," he said. "Much more difficult than the commandment not to steal, is the next commandment in line, the commandment not to lie to one-another. On the surface this appears to be a passive directive. It demands one not to tell an untruth with the intent to deceive. But this commandment too, reflects an active principle that takes us beyond the passive level. The commandment that demands one not to lie should be seen as an active requirement. The active requirement evidently is that one is honest with oneself. The principle includes scientific honesty. If one is honest with oneself about the worth and the beauty of a human being, as this is due to the tallest expression of life on the planet, then the unfolding respect for oneself and for one-another automatically prevents one from ever intentionally deceiving another. It just wouldn't happen, because we would see each other from a higher standpoint that inspires honor, support, and respect."

Steve paused and sighed. "Unfortunately society is willing to regard itself as the private zoo of hidden imperial owners who have appointed over them zoo-keepers. Society allows itself to be spoon-fed in this zoo, with a thick diet of lies that would make any self-respecting person gag and throw up, or revolt like children sometimes do who don't want to eat broccoli."

Steve shook his head. "Unfortunately, modern society is far from recognizing the true standard of its humanity. It has been dragged away from it to the point that it is no longer allowed to focus on Truth much less experience its essence."

"In Lies We Trust!" I interjected. "That's what the banners tell us that empire parades before us day after day in its war against mankind."

"Lies mean nothing to the inhabitants of the zoo," said Steve. "The zoo mentality has become what might be called, a 'privatized public mentality.' Society's mentality has been designed by the zookeepers, to be applied to the zoo, that is to force people to follow the script of what has been 'imposed' on them as public opinion. Outright lying to one-another has become a worldwide pandemic. People lie to their friends, their spouses, their neighbors, their peers, their governments, but mostly they lie to themselves. They thereby dishonor the very image of the human being in every case. This has horrendous consequences, Peter. Out of this dark background of lying to oneself about the nature of man, came the Eugenics theories that define certain people as scum. This is the idea that Adolf Hitler had been mobilized to accept for the purpose of doing away with the Jewish people and others who didn't fit into his new world. He no longer defined them as human beings, much less as the tallest expression of life on the planet. He defined them as 'useless eaters.' The empire's modern depopulation demands are built on the same types of lies and involve similar consequences. The lies all involve the same rejection of the fundamental principle that is reflected in the Decalogue with regard to lying. This means that we must honor every effort that is made by people to be honest with themselves. And I mean 'every' effort. Yours included. We have a long way to go, my friend, before society can even think about meeting this demanding directive to be truthful with oneself and others."

Steve paused again and grinned. He said that the next commandment is even harder to implement, saying that it is the hardest of them all. "That's the requirement not to covet property," said Steve. "This, too, must be seen as something far greater than just a passive requirement. Right now, the whole world is property oriented. The quest for property has fractured the whole human society with countless divisions for economic gain and controlling interests. We have fought wars for these objectives, and we are ready to do so again. We are even willing, in this quest, to risk the destruction of our entire world, including ourselves, in a holocaust of a nuclear war or something much worse. We are willing and quit ready to suffer all of this, but we are not willing at this time to deal with the root cause of this insane issue that we have offered our lives to. Like the monkey in a Malaysian monkey tap, we are not willing to let go of the nut of the property mythology that stands behind the privatization processes of everything. In the name of the private property mythology people cheat, lie, steal and kill, and enslave one-another. It is as if Moses understood the tragic outcome, should humanity go down the path of property lane, so that he warned urgently what would happen if we won't recognize the fundamental principle behind that commandment."

Steve laughed. "You realize of course that the priests who have perverted that law understood the principle well. They knew what they were doing. The way in which the doctored version is arranged we find the very next chapter dealing with rules and consequences related to property rights. The mutilated law establishes human slavery as a legitimate process. It regulates it. It legitimizes the killing of people in property oriented conflicts. It also introduces the infamous 'eye for an eye' concept, and the 'tit for tat' concept that leads to endless cycles of war, retribution, and counter-retribution, which some day may kill us all. The corrupting appendix that highlights the property issues has been added to the mutilated Decalogue in such a manner that it makes a law out of a perversion. That's cross corruption. It, all by itself, should stand as a warning for humanity. If one opens Pandora's Box pertaining to property rights, the whole human scene is set up to disintegrate and collapse, just as it is in the process of doing right now. The only thing that the priests hadn't included in their corruption of the Decalogue was a direct reference to nuclear war, and to war itself that is always drawn from property related issues. The New World Order is a quest for ruling the world to make the whole world the private property of empire, including mankind who are reduced to act as slaves in it."

I smiled. "I suppose we can count ourselves lucky that it may not come to that," I said.

Steve looked at me with his penetrating look and shook his head. "Tell me," he said, "what is the active element of Principle for the commandment that counsels against coveting property? What fundamental principle counteracts the property mythology? What principle is being denied when people become captivated by this mythology? What principle do you know that can counteract the madness that is presently driving society towards its doom?" He looked at me. "What is that one aspect of Principle, Peter, which makes that quest impossible to succeed?"

I shrugged my shoulders.

"You should know that," said Steve.

"The counteracting aspect of Principle has to be nothing less than the Principle of Universal Love and its expression as the General Welfare Principle," I said cautiously.

Steve nodded. "Our nation has been founded on these principles. They are the fundamental element of the Preamble of the US Federal Constitution. The Southern Confederacy changed that Preamble. It created its own version where it replaced the 'right to pursue happiness' with 'the right to hold property.' With the stroke of a pen one of the key-aspects of Principle that is reflected in the Decalogue was being denied. The driving force was the war of empire against mankind. The end result of this insanity was a civil war that destroyed the Confederacy."

"All of these principles remain to the present day to be implemented," said Ushi. "And since we can't accomplish much more tonight, we should stop," she added. "It is late."

"Let's not stop just yet," said Steve. "I'm coming to the point that counts in a big way. As I said before, our precious USA was founded on these principles. There were a few periods in our history when people actually implemented these principles, even if it was done only to some degree. My point is that those were the richest periods for our nation. Right now all of these principles are completely rejected, though they should be the central element of our nation's policies. And that is really my point for tonight. The taller these principles are that we are facing to implement, and the more completely they are implemented, the richer the outcome is for individuals and for the nation. Let's not sacrifice anything at the altar of time and expediency. We need to come out of what is unfolding tonight with greater riches, greater security, and an active peace that can open a portal of light for the world."

Steve paused again.

Ushi sat down with us at the table instead of heading for the stairs.

Steve asked us how all this relates to us individually, that very night. He didn't wait for me to answer. He leaned across the small table in the study with his hands folded, looking at me over the top of his glasses. "We must make every possible effort to implement every single one of those directives," he said in answering his own question. "The principles that the directives represent provide us great riches and great freedoms," he said. "I intend to honor the bond of Love that has unfolded between the two of you, and I am sure so do you. In this we are secure. But is this enough. This first requirement was an easy and joyous one to fulfill, because I respect the honesty that stands behind it in your endeavor to enrich one-another. That's evident in your regard for one-another as beautiful human beings with a great potential for uplifting the world. So I must help you both. I must nurture that unfolding of Love in your life in any way I can. I must do this in order to help you realize its potential for the sake of us all. You are dealing with this concept now. I also respect that you are beginning to understand that the only thing that is left for us all to do is to bring to each other our Love with which to enrich one-another's existence."

Steve turned to me while he spoke. "So you see, the Decalogue that you spoke of so contemptuously, Peter, impedes nothing that would open the door to a more joyous existence with great freedoms. In fact it inspires it to happen. It is an active demand. It demands it. But is this enough?"

Steve paused and smiled. "All these elements put together," he continued, "bring us closer to experiencing the Sublime. Moses' Decalogue really is the gateway to the Sublime. If it is scientifically understood it is a gateway to incredible freedoms and riches. It appears that Moses, or whoever might have authored the Decalogue, had understood to some degree these important scientific principles, which sadly, society no longer understands, or doesn't want to understand as it has been taught the opposite for centuries. This means that we have some specific work to do to let go of all the false dogmas and axioms that we have been preached for centuries."

"The scientific recognition of Truth causes us to let go of the old as we rebuild our lives on a new foundation," said Ushi.

"All scientific discoveries are rooted in Truth," said Steve.

"This makes the process quite demanding," I interjected. "No wonder the masters of empire keep screaming, 'there is no Truth.' They deny Science, consequently everything becomes reduced to be just opinion. They open the door to freedom, but behind the door stands impotence."

"You bet Science is demanding, Pete. It is not an easy matter for one to give up all of ones long cherished notions if the active principles behind that demand are not scientifically understood. Then the tendency is that one would rather not venture into the unknown, like Shakespeare's pathetic Hamlet did. Wisdom, however, demands that one face the reality of the fundamental principles that one can't avoid without dire consequences. This is what we are committed to in this house. This is what tonight is all about, scary as it may be."

Steve went back to the bookshelf and exchanged the German Bible for another old English one. He handed it to me. "Read Matthew 22:36," he said.

The text that I read describes Christ Jesus' reply to a lawyer's question. He asked which is the greatest commandment is in the law. Christ Jesus' answer was that one should be in Love with God, with Love itself, and this with all the intimacy that we find in Soul, acknowledged in Mind, and that one include ones neighbors in this loving and oneself.

"The point is," said Steve, "that ultimately one has no choice in the matter. One really has no choice except to value the human being, including oneself and all, as the tallest expression of Life on the planet, as the very image of God so to speak. We have no choice, because that's the reality of being in Science. To do anything less in practice would be dishonest, hypocritical, and dangerous."

I raised my hand.

"The requirement has nothing to do with religion," said Steve. "It is a requirement that is reflected in all the principles that elevate society. It is also fundamental to all prophesy, even to forecasting our future in terms of human development or disintegration. Right now, we are drifting towards economic disintegration and nuclear war. There is no willingness to deal with one-another as human beings according to the principles of civilization."


Steve took the old Bible and put it back to its place on the bookshelf. He returned with another, very old, leather bound book. "This one is only a hundred years old," he said. "It was written near the end of America's renaissance." He handed the book to me. It was Mary's book that he had kept earlier on the balcony. I remembered the title. The title was printed in golden letters: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, President of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College and Pastor Emeritus of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Boston, Massachusetts.

"The title isn't important for now," said Steve. He began to grin. "I have a surprise for you," he said. "Turn to page number two and read the last of the marginal headings."

Wow! There it was in print what Erica had talked about. I read the marginal heading, "God's standard. God is Love."

"Read what it says half way down the paragraph," Steve suggested.

I read, "Do we expect to change perfection? Shall we plead for more at the open fount, which is pouring forth more than we accept?"

"That open fount is Love," said Steve. "God's standard is Love. Without the harmonizing Spirit of Love the universe would not exist. Obviously, this is not the shallow kind of love that is emotional. The harmonizing effect of Love is both essential and powerful. All the difficult commandments are like that when they are understood scientifically. They are fulfilled by the Principle of Universal Love that is an element of the all-encompassing one Principle that is reflected in the universe and in us. Does this answer you question that you had asked me earlier?"

Steve took the book back without further comments and returned it to its place on the shelf while I pondered over what I had just read. I placed what he said in conjunction with his invitation for me to spend the night in his home, in his own bed, together with his wife, - enveloped in Love which he said is pouring forth more than we accept! Was he saying that conventional wisdom is not looking high enough, far enough, and enables our hopes to be not tall enough?

"Are you saying that the distorted, politicized Decalogue will not keep humanity forever tied to its distorted notions?" I asked. "Are you saying that it is possible for a person to step beyond the fantasies of insanity at the moment that the individual recognizes the fraud and begins to understand in science the real principles involved? Are you saying that a breakout is possible instantly, and is inevitable universally? Are you saying that this breakout can be intelligently and scientifically advanced?"

Steve said yes, but shook his head. "What you are saying is correct, Pete, but you are still not looking far enough. I am certain that when the Principle of Universal Love becomes more fully understood, which moves us to enriching one-another's existence as it unfolds in our hearts, we will experience it as a powerful force that can change the world in every single aspect that has become destructive. And we can go beyond anything that existed before. We can go right to the heart of the harmonizing freedom that is already established in Love and claim our liberty. The footsteps have all been laid out in the pathway of Science. Of course it will be challenging to take those steps, but we can take them, and we will take them, when we understand the principles and utilize them to enrich our lives. Perhaps we may not change the whole world instantly that way, but we can certainly change our immediate world in this house right now, tonight. And we are doing this. We should celebrate this breakthrough. We have much to celebrate."

Steve paused for a moment, than he went on. "If the Principle of Universal Love had been understood by humanity at the time when this book was written that you just read from, World War I would have been avoided, and World War II would not have been thought off," he said. "Then a hundred million people that have been killed, and many of them horribly, would have remained alive and productive, and would have continued enriching civilization. It is our challenge to take on the responsibility to do this now in the larger world in order to prevent far worse tragedies from happening that are already looming on the horizon. We must achieve the necessary breakthrough, step by step if need be, but we must achieve it, because it is the only option we have for staying alive in a nuclear and biologically armed world."

Steve stood up and went back to the book case.

"How can this be done?" I said in amazement. "Don't you expect too much?"

"I give you one year to find the answer," Steve said from the far side of the room where he had placed the book back and now searched for something else.

"We have come full circle," said Ushi. "We began with the question, can the universe exist without Love. And we've come back to that."

"No, we have begun to answer Peter's question, what is the Principle of Universal Love?"

"I think this will do us for one night," I interjected.

Steve turned to Ushi. "It's time then for the celebration to begin."

He came back with still another book in his hand and motioned us to follow him downstairs.

He told me on the stairs that he had recently found a great treasure at one of the flea markets. The way he was holding the book, it was obvious what he referred to. The book was another very old leather bound volume.

"Let me read to you from the American Declaration of Independence," he said as we were seated downstairs near the open window with the cool air blowing in from the park. "Keep in mind the isolating models that turn people into servants to the deepest depth of their being. This is what this declaration counteracts. Also keep in mind the principles that we have just discussed. If you do this then you may begin to understand what civilization is founded on as it has been celebrated in countless ways, specifically with the founding of the New America. Benjamin Franklin had largely authored the American Declaration of Independence. He was a scientist like you and I. He was always searching for elements of Truth. With his Declaration of Independence he rammed a knife into the heart of society's oligarchic zoo mentality. He challenged not just the British Empire, nor did he merely challenge the legitimacy of the oligarchic zoo altogether, he challenged the whole of human society the world over to celebrate itself as human beings. You will be amazed what Franklin had urged society to comprehend. Keep in mind that America was largely a society of farmers at the time. And yes, they did comprehend what he said. Thy acknowledge something profound about themselves. The kind of development in thinking that stood behind the Declaration of Independence may have uplifted everyone's thinking, reaching to the deepest depths. What they understood of it was enough for them to stand their ground and defeat the mightiest military force on the planet of an empire that commanded near infinite resources. They faced that force in a spirit of celebration of something greater than themselves."

Ushi was pouring us all a cup of coffee while Steve was searching through the book.

I was puzzled by what he might have meant when he said that it reached to the deepest depth of their thinking?" Did he mean with this that it reached to the deepest depth of their identity as human beings? Was this not the same identity that was also reflected in my honesty towards myself and Ushi, as Ushi had already recognized on the beach, or my feelings towards others, or everything together?

While Steve searched through the book, I dared to ask what the focus would be. He shook his head. Then, he asked whether I thought it possible for one to acknowledge oneself honestly without violating the distorted marriage model of the third book of Moses, the book of the politicized law, the adulterated or mutilated law that the priesthood had created, the law that sets up boundaries and penalties.

I said no, and suggested to Steve that the devotion by humanity to fit itself into that narrow mold must have caused incalculable damage to its development.

Steve shook his head. He suggested that an honest person invariably breaks such a law, because that law is not based on reality. He suggested that Christ Jesus understood this, and that this understanding gave him the assurance of success in his case of defending the adulterous woman. He said to the people that whosoever had not invalidated the false law in their own conscience, that is, who had not felt the substance of the Principle of Universal Love in their own heart - that is whoever had not felt the Principle that is reflected in our humanity even to some degree - should be the first to throw a stone.

Steve pointed out that in real terms it wasn't the woman who was on trial in this case, whom Christ Jesus was demanded to judge. "This must have been plain to him," said Steve. "It was the Principle of Universal Love, represented by the model of the lateral lattice, that had been on trial in this case. That is what he had to uphold," said Steve emphatically. "Obviously he understood that a human being, from the deepest depth of our common humanity, has no choice but to uphold the most basic universal principle that is rooted in every human being's very Soul. He understood the lateral model. Thus he celebrated all the way through the trial. He evidently knew that all he had to do was ask each one of the accusers to be honest with themselves. He was evidently certain that their honesty with themselves exempted everyone from the fascist duty that the corrupted law had imposed, that of stoning the woman to death. With that he won. No one picked up a stone."

At this point Steve had found what he was looking for. He opened the book to the American Declaration of Independence. He read it slowly and solemnly. "This is a great text for starting a celebration of Principle," he said. He stood up to read:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Steve looked up and grinned. "Now listen to this," he said and read on.

"...To secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. However!" Steve raised his hand at this point. "When any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience has shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

Steve closed the book and looked at me with his large brown eyes.

"The time has come, Peter, to allow yourself to be honest in your loving. The time has come to celebrate the Sublime that includes in itself the whole of our universal humanity."

He was looking at Ushi also, as he spoke. "There is honor in that, and security, because the honesty in Love involves taking responsibility to cause no harm."

I said something to the effect that this night would be long remembered, even if it stopped right now.

Steve grinned and said that the best part hasn't even begun. "A principle is of no value unless it is translated into life to the fullest extent to which one dares to explore it. That's where its power unfolds and the peace and joy it holds for us all."

I felt tears coming into my eyes. A mere thank you wouldn't have made the grade, I knew that, and anything else would have seemed phony.

"There you have it," Steve said and grinned, "this is it!" Without adding another syllable he stood up and turned all the lights out, and went outside onto the balcony.

But what about sex, I thought, as I sat in the dark? And what about AIDS? Gosh, the situation became more complicated with every step. Behind the tangle of a tangled up perception of marriage loomed the next deeper mythology, with possibly more beneath that. I began to question myself. To answer these questions seemed to be an infinite task, but to be in Love, at the moment, was to honor. With this in mind I didn't even try to puzzle things out any further.

"Why are you still sitting around?" Steve called back after a while. "Did I invite you too far into the unknown land of science? Science is build on understood principles, the principles of the Sublime. I invited you to understand what you are celebrating, or else you have nothing to celebrate. Science opens the door to incredible freedom of movement, but if your thinking is mired in the mud of mythologies, you may not have the foundation built for the freedom you see. This puts you into a dangerous position, and everyone else too. In this case you should heed Christ Jesus' counsel about marriage, when he said to society about the small marriage model ruled by traditions, 'suffer it to be so now.' It was a warning, Peter. If you don't have the foundational skills established for where you are going, you are treading dangerous ground! So beware! Are you ready then to face the challenge? Only you can answer that."

"I am ready. I am ready to honor," I said.

"Honor is a manifest of respect, and respect is a manifest of Love. Love is Principle," I heard a voice from within.

"I have a deep respect for everything that I am as a human being, that Ushi is and stands for, a respect for her autonomy," I said to the voice within. "Out of that unfolds the gentle appreciation of an aspect of beauty in which we enrich one-another. Nothing will be allowed by Principle that defiles that respect. The sludge of the sewer doesn't enter this scene. Principle is my double layer defense. The sludge of the fantasies of insanity has no place in the realm of Love, rich with respect, and honor."

"But what is Love?" the voice spoke back immediately. "One can't produce it; one can only feel it."

"Love is real," I said, protesting. "It takes hold of one when one opens oneself to Life. I feel sad that people don't open themselves more fully to Life. I feel a pity for them in their struggle with themselves as they endeavor to deny the force of their own existence. I know all about this struggle. I have been a champion of that game." I began to grin now. "All this is fading history now and is about to be left behind and become forgotten."

"Surely, I am dreaming all this," I said to Steve as he was getting his bed rearranged on the balcony.

"No, Pete, you're not dreaming," I heard Ushi reply. Her voice came thinly from the bedroom.

"No, no, I'm sure, I must be dreaming this," I replied to her. "This shouldn't be possible! I should have been kicked out of the house the moment Steve noticed me falling in Love with you."

Steve came back from the balcony in the dark. He stopped in the kitchen. I heard him pour another glass of soda water. He brought me one, too.

"I know you feel uncomfortable," he said, handing me a glass. Mineral-enriched soda water appeared to be Steve's favorite drink. We had gone through three bottles that night. He would add slices of fresh-cut lemon that he crushed with a spoon, squeezing the last drops of juice out of them. It made an excellent drink for a hot night. I joined him at the window where he stood, sipping at his drink.

"Be careful," he said. "Remember the comment Christ Jesus had made about the adulterated marriage-model. You might want to consider it as an alternative to freedom. 'Suffer it to be so now!' was his comment. Is he not saying with this, 'Be certain your cup is full to the brim before you dare to break out of this age-old confinement and step into the New World?' If your cup isn't full, then you break away only from the form of the doctrine, but not from its enslaving mythology. Doing that makes things worse, much worse, because it confuses your identity as a human being. And as for sex, our sexuality is embedded within the oneness and wholeness of all being. We can't get away from facing its demands, or the demands of Love. No one can step away from that. But it is easy to get tangled up in the poverty of denying the demands of Love. If you tread the path of universal Love without the progression of Science to support your freedom, the poverty in your heart will likely destroy you. What comes out of poverty always degrades and hurts people. It can even cost you your life. So be careful!" He put his hand on my shoulder as we stood by the window in the dark. My heart was pounding as if it was trying to pop out.

"We have talked about the two models all night," he said to me moments later. He spoke calmly. " We have explored the vertical model of Science and the lateral model that it opens up. We have explored them in terms of human relationships as we discover them in Science discovering the Truth that is reflected in the lateral domain where we all exist side by side as human beings in all respects. The lateral model is the model of Truth. Truth is absolute. In truth everything exists on the same level and exists side by side without hierarchical differentiation. This is the real domain of our living, the domain of the IS. It is the domain of Life, of Love, of Mind, of Spirit, of Soul, of Principle. There is total freedom in that domain, which is so richly illumined. And this freedom is constructive. It is safe. It is not precarious, because the Sublime is not a vague thing that issues puzzles. Some call the elements of the Sublime the attributes of God, and of course also by reflection the attributes of our humanity. But you can't see them. You can't see Love, Truth, or Sprit. You can't even quantify them. Sill, you know that you have them in your heart. You experience them. You can get no more away from them than you can get away from the reflection of the Principle of Gravity in the physical world."

Steve suddenly laughed. "Are you aware that no one in the entire field of theoretical physics and nuclear physics has the faintest idea what causes the force of gravity and the phenomenon of mass? At the leading edge of nuclear physics the entire universe is recognized as the construct of patterns of energy intelligently arranged by harmonizing principles, so that there is nothing there that should give the resulting construct its mass. There exits not a single speck of matter that would give an atom the mass that we know it has. Mass is tangible, and so is the gravitational attraction between every phenomenon of mass in the universe. Every atom of the Earth exerts a force on every atom of the Moon right across this vast distance, and nobody knows what causes this attracting force. It just happens."

"It happens by Principle," I interjected. "Do we need to know more?"

"That's my point," said Steve. "It happens everywhere, unfailingly. We can rely on it. In fact we cannot get away from it. This is a reflection of living in the lateral domain?"

Steve took a long zip from his glass of mineral water, looking out into the dark towards the park. The park was sparsely lit by a few dim lanterns. "Tomorrow you go back across the border," said Steve, "where you will live as you must live according to your customs, but in this house, maybe only for once in your life, you will be able to step beyond the world's poverty and gain a glimpse of the Truth and the power of Principle that few people in society give themselves the freedom to see and experience. What happens here may change your life. In fact, I know it will change your life and add profound new challenges. It may even change the world. Life and Love are not something shallow. They are like Gravity and Mass. They are deep and profound and unavoidable, so who cares what causes them. One day we will know. Right now we trust them as we can't avoid them. It's the same with Life and Love. We all have it within us to move forward with the higher levels of spiritual perception that unfold in Science, including the profound demands of Life and Love. From this day on, Peter, a New World is beginning to open up for you, a world that you can trust, which you can no longer avoid anyway. It will be an exciting world beyond measure. It will also be a challenging world beyond measure when you realize that the Old World no longer applies."

I was speechless. I said, "thank you."

"Thank me for what?" he asked. "What is happening here should be regarded as the norm, rather than as an exception. We bring to each other the gift of Love. We enrich each other's existence with Love. Love is the outflow of our joy in the beauty of another's being, which rests deep in the mind. Just look how rich we are in this! We are incredibly rich, Peter. No thanks are needed in this unfolding of expanding freedoms that is built on scientific recognition, that make us all richer. The expanding freedoms in caring for one-another should be the hallmark of civilization in every regard, Pete. These freedoms have the potential to make our civilization the richest thing in the universe. I should thank you for your daring to join hands with us. I am certain that I can say this for Ushi, too."

Steve paused after this remark and drank some more of his soda water. "What is happening here, Pete, should not be seen as exceptional, but as natural." Steve turned to me, remaining at the window. "This may all seem strange to you, Peter, because such an opportunity probably has never unfolded before. Indeed, nor has it ever unfolded in this house before to the extent that it is happening today. This is completely new. It might become a new tradition that will widen the horizon of the unfolding of Love. Love is like the Principle of Gravity. We can't get away from its hold on us. We have no option but let its flow proceed. In terms of Love, this has been the hallmark of our entire evening together. So, why should the flow now stop? Instead of stopping it we should pull out all the stops. We bring to each other a touch of our humanity that has the potential to create a brand new civilization for ourselves and for the world, based on Science. Should we no wear this crown? Could we possibly aim for a richer goal? I can't see how we could. We don't need to thank each other for what Love lays before us. Its unfolding needs to be celebrated. This is what Love demands of us and all. It needs to be embraced with joy."

While Steve was still speaking, Ushi had joined us at the window. She had her nighty on now and had brought chocolate milk from the kitchen. She invited us back to the table. Oh, she appeared even more beautiful now in the dim of the night with its gentler contrasts. Indeed, this was a celebration already unfolding with a promise for a night long to be remembered. The idea of spending the night still more intimately with her had all the flavor of a modern day fairy tale, an Alice in Wonderland rewritten for the modern age. Its promise was as rich and beautiful as Steve had so boldly said our living ought to be.

After a while Steve yawned and said good night, and left. I heard him arranging his cot and climbing into it. Ushi left also. I remained and finished my drink. The only sounds to be heard now came from the rustle of leaves outside the window.

Some moments later I heard Steve's voice again. "Do you want to know what the answer is in respect to self-love?" he said, speaking from the balcony. "The answer is simple, Pete. Self-love is a reflection of universal Love, which is all-inclusive. Principle is all-inclusive and all-enabling. Principle is the enabling impetus for all that is good. Principle enables the universe to be. It is all-inclusive. Universal Love is Principle. Our self-loving cannot be excluded from Love as Principle, which is all-enabling. Without Love being also reflected in our self-long there can be no peace in the world or in your heart without it."

"You mean, us all enveloping ourselves with the light of Love?" I said. "No, we can't exclude ourselves from that all-enabling impetus."

"Now tell me, has anyone ever said anything like that to you?"

"No Steve, not that I can remember. This means that we have probably both gone bonkers, or the whole world is asleep."

"Maybe not, Pete. There may be plenty of people out there who have come to the same conclusion, but have not articulated it yet, or have not found anyone listening. I'm sure, Ushi understands all of that."

"She does," I heard her voice come thinly from the bedroom.

"So, don't keep her waiting," Steve urged. "Love yourself for being too honorable to allow that to happen."

Oh, it was easy now to follow Steve's advice. I could only marvel at Steve's words, his invitation, his caution, and his comprehension of Science. None were totally clear, but clear enough. It was all too new, too daring, but what a promise it all held!


I looked towards the bedroom. I knew Ushi was waiting there for me to join her. Something was happening that seemed too good to be true, but it was happening. I wondered if even a pioneer like Helen had fully understood the vast dimensions of what was unfolding here. I wondered if she realized what struggles are involved at every single step forward. I wondered if she knew what difficulties one must deal with and resolve in order to resolve even the simplest paradoxes that one encounters in the flow of loving universally. Would she be proud to know how far we have progressed in this single day towards embracing the universality of Love?

Of course I knew I didn't need to ask. I already knew what her answer would be. If I was to tell her about the difficulties, she would laugh and ask, what have the difficulties got to do with anything? The difficulties don't change the principle involved, nor are they a reflection of them. She would say that they are merely a reflection of our belligerence against the Principle of Love and its Light, and our refusal to become enveloped with it. That's what she would most certainly say. And she would be right in saying it.

It suddenly dawned on me as I remembered Helen, that something far greater was unfolding at this moment than a mere gesture of a great generosity on Steve's part and on Ushi's part. When Helen spoke about universal Love, she also spoke about universal sovereignty, the sovereignty of Mind.

"So, this is what this is about to some degree?" said the voice within to me. "Wherever there is Love, sovereignty is respected."

Wow! I bowed before Steve's and Ushi's genius. I stood up quickly now and went into the hall towards the bedroom. The door was partly open. The light in the room was turned off, except for a small bedside lamp. Ushi was facing away from the door, already undressed, looking out of the window into the dark of the night. It wasn't that hadn't seen her undressed before. I had seen her naked at the beach for hours in the bright sunshine and had cherished the sight of her. But what was happening now was different. At the beach she was 'distant.' Now that sense of distance was no longer present. What a promise this realization held! The sense of distance had vanished by brushing the artificial boundaries aside and replacing them with the Principle of Universal Love and Sovereignty that can be trusted fully to establish its own security at the leading edge of its unfolding.

I hesitated. Then began to undress likewise.

I realized that the Principle of Universal Love and Sovereignty would not allow a violation of Ushi's openness and the slightest exploitation of it, or any injurious intrusions, nor anything dishonorable by acts what wouldn't enrich one-another, holding back what isn't part of Love's gentle Light. I also realized that Principle is an active animus and would therefore invite everything to the fullest that is enriching in human existence all the way to the most intimate aspects of our sexual dimension. I began to recognize the Principle of Universal Love and Sovereignty to be a fulfilling principle and not a passive restriction at all. In fact, I saw it as having a doubly fulfilling function. On one hand, I saw it as a force inviting the infinite sharing of our sexual dimension as one of the beautiful dimensions of our humanity. On the other hand, I saw that it as a guardian that would protect us from anything that would lead towards shame or guilt, or degrade a person's identity. It would invite only what is worth to celebrate unreservedly as aspects of Love.

Suddenly I understood Steve's answer, "Thank me for what? Let the celebration of the Sublime begin!"

I also understood for the first time, perhaps in my life, Christ Jesus' answer to the woman who had been charged with adultery, whose innocence Christ Jesus had defended and established before all her accusers. After he had won his battle with the law that had denied the Principle of Universal Love and Sovereignty, and he found himself alone with the woman, his comment to her was, "sin no more." What sin did he talk about if no condemnation had been announced? He evidently was talking about the fine points in establishing and respecting the aspect of Sovereignty. Was he referring to scientific honesty? Was he urging her to keep the sludge of the sewer in the sewer and not adulterate the intimacies of Love with it? The woman may have been guilty of failures in her scientific understanding and acknowledgment of what she had been involved with. Perhaps she hadn't dealt wisely in keeping the sludge of the sewer out of the domain of Love. But then, she hadn't been on trial for that. She couldn't have been on trial for that since all the sludge was legally allowed in institutional marriage and still is.

With this thought I celebrated Steve's way of looking at the commandments of the Mosaic Decalogue, as he saw them as something greater than just passive demands: as active facets of Principle becoming alive in human consciousness unavoidable outcomes to fulfill the law. Steve saw the directive not to dishonor the bond that Love has forged as actually meaningless to a person who embraces the Principle of Universal Life and Love. I began to realize that the Principle of Universal Sovereignty is a part of it and is likewise an active facet of Principle, and that its manifestation is invariably enriching the human scene with the greatest possible good unfolding with the greatest integrity, while affording the greatest possible protection in an environment of the greatest possible freedom. I felt like I was walking on air when I stepped into Ushi's bedroom.

I paused after the first step. I saw Ushi standing by the window looking out into the still warm night. I saw her just like I had met her at the beach. I hesitated, so as not to disturb the peace that was now added to the scene. I drank in the wonderful moment. But with it came doubts. If only Sylvia and I had talked about these eventualities. But how could we have ever imagined that such a thing could happen? How could anyone have foreseen this? What I had held sacred as a taboo had suddenly been set aside as a fantasy of poverty. Erica, Helen, Ushi, and Steve had each in their own way turned my world upside down and made it more real and infinitely more beautiful.

As I took another step forward, I said to myself that if all reality is an inseparable whole, and I am a part of it, any denial of it is self-denial and is ultimately a denial of the unity of Love that binds us all into one. I had never realized this before. But that's exactly what I had done for much of my married life. For years I had hated myself for being attracted to other women besides Sylvia. I had believed this attraction to be immoral, a 'black' trait of character, which I hadn't been able to shed no matter how hard I had tried. It dawned on me now how lucky I was that I hadn't won this struggle; that I had maintained enough honesty towards my deep inner feelings to prevent this destruction of myself from becoming total and complete. I might have rendered myself dead to the heart and soul of my own existence, had I won this fight. It would have been a form of suicide. Now the threatened self-destruction has been put aside for a new horizon with the validity of a glowing self-loving as a universal element of being in Love that has a hold on us that we cannot really avoid anyway, just as Steve had put it with his analogy of the Principle of Universal Love with the Principle of Universal Gravity.

I knew that I had always wanted to be loyal to Sylvia, that I had always loved her and always would. But something greater than this small aspect was unfolding before me and before all of us in that unfolding bright night, a loving build on bonds forged by Love on that higher level which Sylvia and I had both ignored before, which as unfolding on a level on which we all become more human, more spiritual, and more richly endowed. The old 'law' suddenly became invalidated thereby, which says that an additional love must be seen as poison? Steve was right. There is no valid law in the universe that decrees this 'poverty.'

It was amazing what was unfolding, and was unfolding evermore rapidly. More and more of the Old World now simply vanished out of sight.

"And what about taking responsibility for causing no hurt to Sylvia?" I heard my voice say from deep inside, as if it was protesting against my highest thoughts. "Don't do this!" the voice said. "Be careful, this is not a hypothetical situation!" the voice cautioned. "You can still back out!"

I brushed aside the notion. "I cannot paint Sylvia with the same brush with which Erica had pictured her husband Fritz," I countered the voice from within.

"But will Sylvia be able to understand the imperatives of the higher Principle of Universal Love and Sovereignty?" the voice argued back as if in an attempt to keep the Old World alive.

"If I can understand these principles and their imperatives, why shouldn't Sylvia be able to?" I countered the voice. "I have always respected her intelligence and her keen insight into the deepest spiritual matters, even those that hardly anyone else could comprehend. So, why should I not have the same respect now?"

"But what if this step is beyond her comprehension?" said the voice within. "You are entering an unknown country with consequences that you cannot foresee."

"No, the unknown country is defined by Principle," I argued back. "Its imperatives are known. They cannot be ignored without sad consequences. If we ignore the imperatives of any of the universal principles, then this ignorance that will hurt us." I said this forcefully to myself in order to silence the voice. "It doesn't happen the other way around!" I added.

"Oh, what do you really know about Love and its Principle that assures that your actions cannot cause harm? Isn't honor all about assuring that no harm is ever done?" said the voice within. It continued to argue. "The sage says, I see a god in you, and the god in me honors the god in you, even though there is but one God. Can you resolve that puzzle that defines honor?"

I replied to the voice instantly. "The poet calls this universal God by the name of Love, so that that I can say that Love unfolding in me, for our common humanity, honors all reflections of Love, including those that envelop also Sylvia and everyone else, as they are a part of our common humanity. By this we are bound to one-another. And as a scientist I can call this awareness of Love an awareness of Truth. By Truth we are bound to one-another, as there is but one Truth. This means that I honor Sylvia's intellect, her understanding, her beauty, and her awareness of the one Truth that demand our universal recognition of it. I can love Sylvia in this fashion, and I do," I argued back against the voice within. "I know this to be the Truth. I can see the reality of it in myself."

I said to myself that I see this one Truth expressed in Sylvia, and Ushi, and in all the others in whom I see an echo of myself, of my own loving, an echo of the universal deity that brings us to light as Sublime human beings, which is a reality that we find in one-another.

"There is only this one Truth," I said to myself again.

"But sex isn't an element of this one Truth," the voice within argued back and continued to pester me. "Every holy person will tell you that sex is flesh. The flesh doesn't promise anything, and it doesn't profit anything; why then would you dishonor Sylvia for that?"

"The appreciation of the beauty of the human being, in all its vast dimensions from the infinitesimal to infinity, doesn't dishonor anything," I argued back. "To the contrary, it honors all that is good, including the sexual element of our humanity. Sex is a spiritual quality, and Spirit is Truth. Sex is a valid part of us. The beauty that we cherish exists in us before it is echoed in the object of our loving. Its bond unites us universally for the common humanity that we share. The flesh has no part in that. The flesh lacks the intelligence to be sentient. That's why sex is not an aspect of the flesh, but a spiritual aspect. Love is a spiritual element, born in universal Truth from which no one is excluded or exempted. Love unfolds with the gentle touch of Soul in its intimacy where the Sublime is laying bare the heart of our humanity, including ones whole self. This forges the honorable bonds born on the wings of Love with a joy to honor, like 'brother birds that soar and sing and on the same branch bend,' as an old hymn proclaims."

The nagging voice went silent after my strenuous rebuttal. The struggle was won. I had felt a great urgency to stop the argumentative chattering from within that impedes the celebration of the heart. The moments before us were far too short as they were for me to argue things out in scientific dialog. At this moment the peace of Helen's lateral lattice of human hearts came to into view. I saw us all being bound to one-another laterally by strands of Love that seemed like strands of Light. Suddenly I understood what Steve had been talking about all night. Steve had suggested that if sex is unfolding on the lateral platform where we stand side by side to each other as human beings, boundless on the universal plane, sexual sharing and sexual intimacies can never contain a single element that degrades the Light of Love or diminishes it.

The reality of Helen's lateral lattice came to light that night bright and clear, illumined with the Principle of Universal Love that uplifts, purifies, protects, cherishes, ennobles, and honors. The Principle of Universal Love came to light as an enabling impetus for good, and not a barrier to deny sex. It would never deny it, but affirm that we are a sexual species. It would uplift the sexual dimension beyond the limiting concept of individual incompleteness in sex that requires a union to still a sexual want. It became a demand to uplift sex to the point where it stands as a rich asset of our humanity for enriching one-another with the kind of honor, integrity, and sublimity with which civilization as a whole becomes uplifted and enriched. With this unfolding realization, lifting sex into the universal domain, the image of Helen's lateral lattice changed once more. What I saw now was not a lattice of hearts anymore linked with stands of light. This image seemed too limited, too 'small' as a metaphor. The image became raised up to a new vista with much greater brightness. Each individual in this boundless universal lattice appeared with the brightness of a sun.

When I looked at Ushi standing by the window that night, I beheld her like a precious gem that sparkled in my sight like a sun indeed. The vista seemed to indicate that I had learned a step in celebrate the Sublime, or that I had at least taken a step in celebrating what was unfolding before me. I marveled at how infinitely far we had progressed that day together, away from what society has conjured up in order to encumber itself with in the social domain. I saw in the brightness that was unfolding a greater sense of Love as if it were an echo of that great smile that Helen told me she had seen in her friend's face in hospital after the 'victory' had been won that day. That smile had seemed like a miracle to her for a person coming out of a lengthy surgical procedure just a few short hours earlier. But it hadn't been a miracle. It reflected the natural outcome when the scene of trial with cries for help becomes flooded with Love and Light and universal support. The brightness of that smile wouldn't have been possible otherwise. Likewise it shouldn't have been so natural, but it was that too. Now the same kind of sparkle was unfolding anew in a new way, and underneath that sparkle lay the same model that in Helen's case had contributed to a healing. Indeed, it seemed to me that I was caught up in a healing of myself.

I felt now free to move forward, I felt free and joyful with a sense of celebration. I joined Ushi at the window. The small bedroom that we were in was fast becoming a world of unceasing wonders, a world of 'miracles' unfolding that weren't miracles at all, but were as natural as the sunshine, or the light when a match is lit in a darkened room. This light reflected the sanity of Mind and Love that had bought us both to this stage.

I also saw Sylvia in this boundless lateral lattice, bright with an intelligence that was building a foundation in her own thinking for this boundless reality that is manifested in the Principle of Universal Love and Sovereignty. I felt that this grand aspect of Principle, which once had uplifted humanity high enough to end eighty years of war back in the 17th Century and had built a new stage for civilization, could be trusted to also uplift the loving of one-another and establish a new stage for the unfolding of Love in us. I rejoiced in the certainty that what we were celebrating would also open the door to a New Renaissance in my association with Sylvia. In that sense I celebrated Ushi, Steve, and myself without reservations for the breakthrough we had made together towards that New Renaissance. It seemed we were indeed entering a New World. And what a promise this New World now held!

With my clothes now put aside, I felt an even greater sense of freedom, joy, and celebration unfolding than I had thought possible. I felt enveloped with a totally secure knowing that Ushi would never stand between Sylvia and me, or vise versa, but that this new unfolding of Love, which had begun and promised not to be stoppable anymore would grow and enrich all the old bonds too, even those of our long-standing marriage. It would enrich it with a richer and fresher sense of the vitality of living in which marriage is not a dead end encumbered with boundaries, but is a seed kernel for the expanding process of embracing humanity universally and laterally, uplifting civilization.

In this dreamlike feeling I felt a great peace that was at the same time infinitely exiting. It enveloped us all.

Ushi and I remained at the window for a few moments after I joined her. She stood in the dark, tall slender, beautiful. We begun our embrace each other. She was the most satisfying person to behold and to be with at this moment, and to embrace without a hurry in an embrace that seemed to have no end. In Ushi, I was embracing so much of what I had always treasured about human existence, though it was in many ways like it were a reflection of an embrace of myself that I felt up welling. I saw it as something rich, something that was being acknowledged, which I realized was being acknowledged by both of us. It came to light as a multiply interlaced process of loving laced with joy, like a spiritual symphony.

Oh what joy this was indeed, being there with her. I felt a joy that would have made the air sparkle had the bedroom lights not been turned off by then. I embraced her and treasured her deeply as a wonderful, beautiful, gentle friend and generous lover! I almost cried in our embrace, and yet, there was no rage, no lust, no hurried emotion, only a gentle appreciation, an appreciation of her and her generosity, reflecting the natural generosity of Love. Here again my own words from the cafe came to mind, "to be enveloped in Love."

Also Helen's words came to mind, and her concept of the universal kiss and its associated element of our peace. This was a night of joy unfolding in complete peace in which the concept of the universal kiss was redefined with an even more beautiful meaning than Helen had given it when she saw it as merely a theoretical abstract. Now it was supported by the power of Steve's discoveries in Science.


A feeling of satisfaction came over me that night. It was drawn from the long hours of our sharing ideas and of our being in Love that those ideas had been focused on. I was satisfied that these patient steps had made it possible for us to experience this total embrace, an embrace that back at the beach had seemed so totally impossible even to contemplate. The new unfolding embrace in its countless dimensions seemed fuller and more beautiful than I would have imagined than that such an embrace could possibly be.

I was tempted to ask her at one point if she was familiar with the music of Richard Strauss, specifically the Rosen Cavalier. She must have been. This opera is one of the finest tributes to the generosity of Love ever produced. The opera had come to mind once before. This had happened a long time ago in a strip bar when a dancer had embodied this quality of generosity in a rich measure. There had been a large stage at the center of the bar with seating all around it. The dancer at the time had been the most generous towards her audience. One could see the satisfaction in people's faces, beaming with smiles that she had caused so easily and so freely.

My night with Ushi was fast becoming a night of still greater satisfaction by virtue of her generosity in letting Love lead the way. Erica was right. There can be no pardon if we fail to be in Love fully, because then we invariably cheat ourselves, and the resulting tragedy remains a tragedy until those failures are corrected.

I smiled, realizing that this was then. Ushi and I had moved forward into realms that Erica hadn't dared to enter. In our Science-enabled daring Love was now generously allowed to take the stage on which we enrich one-another, bound by Love into one borderless whole in which the concept of I or Us had lost its conventional meaning. It had no isolating meaning against the magic of the Truth of Love and its beauty that seemed to have no end.

"Oh, how rich our human world is in beautiful things, and in beautiful people, too," I said to myself at one point.

I almost felt poor in the debt which I now owed to Ushi and Steve for my liberation that I had experienced with their help; a liberation from living with a closed off mind! This evening continuing all through the night brought a healing of a lifetime of self-doubt and self-condemnation to which I had unjustly sentenced myself. Their openness to Love was restoring in its precious flow everything that had been denied for decades. Oh, how I loved Ushi for being such a wonderful woman by whose loving and generosity I was now receiving this amazing reprieve. Had I merely embraced her as a friend, the struggle would have continued, but she allowed me, even urged me, to embrace her as a lover and as a woman and without reservation to as far as the principle of respecting one-another's sovereignty allowed. Thus, she was nurturing me gently on.

"Shouldn't Steve be with us?" I asked quietly at one point. "He shouldn't be ending up short in this hour of celebration."

"And he isn't left short, Peter. This night is meant for us," she replied quietly. "Us being together is the gift of his generosity, the gift of his soul. He is not being left out of anything. He finds peace in his ability to let us be. His being in Love has many dimensions. We don't know the half of them. I'm till discovering Steve after all these years and find myself constantly amazed. I also think he is still discovering himself. Besides, let's not disturb his sleeping. Listen to him gently snore as he follows his own dreams."

The honesty in these moments of an evermore-unfolding joy had broken the spell of my poverty. Ushi must have known that this would happen, and that it was needed. Steve must have known this, too. Our being together that night was filled with a great calm -- a kind of calm that I had not known to be possible, a peace of the Soul amidst the joys of celebration. Those moments were rich.

The street lamps projected shadows of branches on the ceiling, dances of shadows of a midsummer night's dream. Nothing was in any way ordinary. This night was so rich. Nothing in the world; not the Ogarkov Plan, not nuclear rivalry, not communism, not capitalism, or anything else, appeared in any way significant compared to the great good that was unfolding. Steve was right, Life demands that we live it completely, just as Love demands that we are loving unreservedly in the highest sense possible, and envelop one-another with the Light of that unfolding of Love and the sparkle of the joy of it.

This kind of loving was unfolding till sleep came upon us. We were discovering in each other the beauty that we found in our Soul. We found it reflected in one-another. This was the jewel that we embraced in our sharing, an aspect of grace, of a great good, something rare and precious.


Naturally, an atmosphere like that is not conducive to sleeping. I was immensely grateful to be with her. I was grateful for her existing and Steve's existing with me on this planet. Helen's version of the flower garden came to mind many times in the context of a song that I now remembered again: A grateful heart a garden is in which there's always room, for every lovely God-like grace to come to perfect bloom. I loved the magic of that realization, and the magic seemed true. But in the spell of this magic the border to the world of slumber is easily crossed. Only this time the dreams that followed in slumber had nothing to add.


I woke the next morning to a gentle kiss, accompanied by the most beautiful smile and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Steve was already up and dressed when we came into the living room, arm in arm. He had breakfast ready. There were freshly baked buns on the table, hot from the bakeshop, wrapped in a cloth, a whole basket full.

As we joined Steve at the table he stood up and closed the curtains the moment we sat down. He blocked the morning sunshine that was streaming into the room through the open window.

"What is that supposed to mean?" said Ushi with a smile.

Steve stood in front of the window, in front of the curtain to darken the room further and grinned.

Ushi shook her head.

"No, no, you two should look at each other," he said and began to laugh, "you are both beaming like light bulbs. No, you are beaming like the sun. It's getting too bright in here."

"Oh, you!" Ushi protested, "Please open the curtains again."

"OK, have it your way," said Steve and opened the curtains again. "Still, I am right," he said. "What happened last night was a breakthrough into the complex domain, as Gauss would say it. Life unfolding in the sphere of Love takes us into the complex domain. No eye has ever seen Principle unfolding into Light. But it has, hasn't it? Did I promise too much? What happened last night is of historic significance!"

Ushi punched him gently. "Don't make fun of this."

"I am totally serious," he said and began to grin. "Your beaming faces are a part of the proof of it."

"Sure, sure," said Ushi in reply and laughed, then shook her head.

"Of course you are right," Steve replied. "I agree, we didn't get very far in proving anything. Still, a huge breakthrough was made."

From: The Lodging for the Rose - Episode 1: Discovering Love

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