Flashlight Parties


I was stunned by Anton's question: "What do you see for our future?" What future did she mean? Did she mean our future together, a union of hearts without end, an acknowledgment of a love that would never fade? We had known each other for just a two days, and met for just a few hours really. I was going to answer that I saw a bright future. We were both beginning to honor the gentle bond that love had forged, a bond that brought to light a vast common ground where our hearts were in touch with one-another as through they were one, but remaining sovereign.

But was this really what she was asking? Luckily, we were just leaving the tower lobby for the subway station. The changing environment seemed to excuse my lack of an answer. She seemed patient with my reluctance.

"Peter, what do you see for our world's future?" she repeated her question while we were waiting for her subway train.

I found myself jolted back to the drab reality. The political question was easier to answer, though with far less joy. "I see doom, Anton." I answered quietly.

"I thought you saw hope," she replied.

"I always have home in my heart, Anton, and I can find many reasons for it, but I also see doom on the present path the world is on, and to be honest, my hope for a new path is wearing thin. The world is moving backwards at an amazing pace. The map of its future might be one without a Soviet Union in it and a United States of America. Our countries are both set up to be destroyed by the ruling imperial fondi that have amassed enormous financial power. With that power they have turned once noble halls of government into whore houses, especially in the West, where politicians prostitute themselves for a penny and to their masters bidding. The imperial fondi want the Soviet Union broken, and it will likely happen for the lack of patriotic leadership. The fondi want to break Russia for two reasons. As far as I could determine from what they boasted to me in Venice while they tabled their death threat, they want to eradicate the economic power of the Soviet Union that could set the stage for a new renaissance in Europe. If the Soviet society were to discover the power of its humanity a new renaissance would be inevitable. It would come into being together with a totally transformed perception of communism. The fondi fear this renaissance potential. They want it broken, and they boasted to me that 'I and my pathetic little friends' as they put it, would be powerless to stop them. They also want the Soviet Union broken up so that the individual republics can be ravished and looted. The fondi are running out of countries to loot. They looted Africa, South America, all the Third World Nations. They looted them dry. They need fresh 'flesh' to sink their teeth in. For this they have their eyes set on Russia and the Soviet-block nations. I am afraid for your country, Anton, because your people don't realize in what great danger they are. That's why I see doom. Nobody is interested in defending the country from within, where the greatest danger lies. The irony is that there are actually countless people inside the Soviet Union, both in Russia and in all of the republics of the union, who want the union to be broken up. They see gold in the West. They can already hear the jingle in their pockets. But they don't realize that the jingle that the fondi parade before their eyes is stolen loot and that they are the intended target to be looted next in line. They are literally setting themselves up to be raped by the fondi. That is why I see doom, Anton. The West has captured the hearts of too many in your society. They want out of the union. They want the union to be broken up. They want to have the right to enter the whorehouses of the fondi and to be raped by them. They don't see it that way, but that's what they are asking for. They are asking to be raped. They want to experience the democracy of the whorehouses. That's what they deem to be freedom. And the fondi will open all the doors for them, just wait and see. It will give them their freedom of hell. They've placated the gates of their whorehouses with gold. And they will be raped. I can guarantee you that. That's what the whorehouses of the fondi are for. Those who enter will find no pleasure therein, but hell. They may convince themselves at first that they like their life of being slaves to the fondi as they get praised and rewarded for their compliance, but many will find that it costs them everything they have, even their life. By then it will be too late. The bridges will be burnt. When the Soviet Union is broken up they will suddenly realize that their home is gone so that they cannot return and find support in it from one-another. This is the face of doom, Anton. The doom can still be avoided, but I don't see the movement that would prevent it. All that I see is an ever-greater glorification of the vertical imperial system, the Byzantine system that the fondi use to dominate their victims that they intend to rape. They do it mentally at first, then physically. That's what you are celebrating, Anton, when you celebrate Russia's Thousand Year history under the Byzantine strangulation. You are celebrating the glory of the whorehouse. You will find no joy there, no life, no freedom, only a silent pain, the pain that Russia hadn't been able to free itself from for a thousand years, because the whorehouse gates are painted golden colors. Russia could not see the trap, much less a way out. Many women find themselves in this kind of bind, and so do many countries today."

I had fully expected an avalanche of protest from Anton about my "brutal honesty" as she had put it earlier that prevented us from dancing. I expected her to cut me off when the pain became to sharp, to yell at me to stop. I was trashing her country and her people again. To my great surprise she said nothing as if she could sense that I was right as she was beginning to see the danger, even feel the hopelessness because the challenge to find a way out was immensely great. When I was finished she simply nodded.

"You wanted me to predict the future," I continued. "I really can't do this. Nobody can predict the future. Predicting the future would imply that we are not human beings with an intelligent free will and the power to direct our destiny. I can only explore the inevitable results of certain critical choices that have been made and still are being made. I gave you my assessment honestly. You didn't want me to lie to you. Looking into future I had to draw conclusions from what I see in the present. For example, if a person chooses to jump into a sewer, he or she wouldn't likely emerge from it smelling like a rose."

"But if one is dragged into a sewer, that's not by choice then, isn't it?" Anton interrupted.

I shook my head. "There is still a critical choice involved. It is always possible to avoid the environment in which this likely to happen. It is possible for example to stay many miles away from the whorehouse if one doesn't like to be raped."

"I always thought that the prostitutes willingly allow themselves to be raped for a penny, which they earn for giving pleasure to their clients," interjected Anton.

"That's how it seems to work," I answered. "But does it really work that way? The whorehouses gives their clients sex without a soul, sex without love, sex without joy, sex without a lateral relationship. They gives 'empty' sex. And that's just the beginning. They gives their client a sex-slave for hire. It drags the client into a vertical relationship. They gives him a human being as temporary property for him to dominate and command to his satisfaction. It makes the client a slave master. That's not freedom, Anton. Far from it. It takes away a bit of the client's humanity. That's a rape on his soul. That's why the imperial world champions its whorehouses, its financial and political whorehouses where the clients are likewise being raped of their humanity. Sure, the prostitute gets raped physically in the process, and she does get her penny. That's sad what I see. It's a tragedy to be sure. But the client in this setup gets raped much more deeply. The client gets raped by the setup, and he even pays for it. The setup diminishes a bit of his humanity. That's extreme rape, Anton. If a person's humanity is diminished, that's extreme rape. The client gets raped in the whorehouse, and the girls are used for the process to be discarded when they are worn out."

I expected some protests from her again. But as before, to my surprise, no protests were forthcoming.

"I've never seen it that way," she said quietly a few moments later.

"It always involves a critical choice by everyone involved. And the choice should be to stay away from this environment," I replied. "However, it takes a keen awareness of the nature of the process that the choice is about. This awareness is universally discouraged under the vertical system that dominates almost the whole world. And so, the victims find themselves helpless, like innocent children. You'll have to search far and wide to find a man who would agree with me that there is no pleasure to be found in the whorehouse, but rape. They would tell you that they find pleasure in this rape upon the soul that they engage in, in those houses devoid of humanity. Everyone is a victim in those empty houses of emptiness. Many might at best find the pleasure empty, but few would sense the rape upon their soul. The emptiness makes them come back to the whorehouse. But they come back as lesser men. They come back increasingly, hoping to find something. But what they seek isn't there to be found. It becomes an addiction, like that of a gambler that can't get unhooked. That's why I fear doom for Russia, because too many of its people have their eyes set onto the whorehouses of the fondi. And the whorehouses are getting bigger. The world's hedge funds now boast trillion in assets. They erected golden gates, but the investors do not sense what awaits them behind the facade. The Soviet Union is drawn into this process like helpless children. This gross ignorance is the apparent result of Russia's thousand-year subjection to the most subtle rape in the hole intimacy within the Byzantine whorehouses. It's hard to step away from this trap, especially when the gates are suddenly golden. Russia really did want to become the Third Rome at one point. I fear for the Russia people as they are reaching out for their doom by their own choice. I fear for them, because I don't see enough pioneers with open eyes like yourself and Nicolai, and Steve, and the few academics in his network who dare to challenge society's dangerous choices. There are far too few of them, and too few with ears to hear them."

"But how many people does it take to see the truth, Peter? If one person sees it, nine tenth of the revolution has already been accomplished. If a woman that is subjected to constant rape is told that there is a way out, wouldn't she grab onto this helping hand and allow herself to be rescued?"

"Sure that's possible. There was a time when this worked. The famous painter Rembrandt, all by himself, made a profound contribution to the movement towards the Peace of Westphalia. He painted the biblical scene from the book of Daniel of Susanna refusing to be raped in her own garden by some elders who came upon her having a bath. The elders revenge for the refusal was sharp. They accused her of adultery, to which the death penalty applied. Daniel rescued her from this fate by proving that the elders, the elite of society, were pathetic liars. With his painting of that story, Rembrandt put the mark of the liar on the war philosophers and all the elite's that kept the Thirty Years War going. It seemed that everybody knew what the painting was saying, because they knew the story. That kind of broad-based awareness is missing today in our world where the watchword has become, 'In lies we trust!' It seems that society became aware during the Thirty Years War that it was being raped indeed, by its elders, both with war and with lies. But what if society didn't know that she is being raped as we have it today? During the Thirty Years War the people of Europe seemed to have a sense that they were being raped. They were dying by it. A third of the population of Europe perished in that war, many towns were depopulated, entire villages simply disappeared. The situation is different in today world. The new Thirty Years War is raging beneath the surface. For Russia, it's the Cold War. But in this hidden war countless people are crying out with a sincere longing to be given the freedom to join the whorehouses of the West, hoping that it will stop the Cold War. No sane person would do this if the knew the game. But in Russia the people have been conditioned for a thousand years. It's become a normal way of living. Who will tell them about the rape and that they are reaching out for more of it? Who will tell them what freedom is so that they would desire it and grab the helping hand? Who will tell them that the golden gates of the fondi whorehouses in the West don't lead to freedom? Is one man enough?"

"Who can answer such a question?" said Anton quietly.

"This question is as old as civilization itself," I replied. "It's been explored even in the Bible, in its opening pages. I remember a story about the patriarch Abraham, a metaphorical story, a story of irony. In the story God warned Abraham that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were about to be destroyed as the result of their wickedness. The cities were located in the salt plain of the Jordan Valley near the Dead Sea. Their commerce had made them filthy rich. Rape was probably written in capital letters. They seemed to have wallowed in it. And so Abraham feared for the people of an empty society. We are told in the story that he suggested to God that the cities should be spared for the sake of the righteous. How many righteous would it take to spare the city, Abraham had asked of God in the story. Would fifty be enough? We are told that God concurred that fifty would be enough. But Abraham was a realist. What if fifty cannot be found, would thirty do? But he hastily inquired again, what if there weren't the thirty to be found? What if there were only twenty, or ten, or even just one single person? We are told that God agreed that even one might be sufficient. It seems to have been understood by the ancient storytellers that a single human being has the capacity to uplift an entire society if that potential is fully realized and brought to bear as a light in a dark situation. We are also told that this didn't happen. The cities were utterly destroyed."

"That's just a story," Anton interrupted.

"Yes, it's just a story," I agreed, "but what does it tell us? We know today that two major tectonic plates meet in the area of the Jordan Valley. It is also believed that the two cities of the plain now lay buried beneath the waters of the Dead Sea. A seismic catastrophe must have occurred with such intensity that the people saw it as the hand of God in action and stayed out of that era for centuries. Abraham, as a sensitive person, might have felt the early tremors and might have tried to persuade the people to get out of the city, to flee it for their life. He might have hoped to find a fifty that would have listened and taken the lead and persuaded the rest of the people. Evidently those hadn't been found. It appears to have been realized by the ancient storytellers that a single leader might have sufficed to save the population if there had been a willingness in society to listen to reason. But in a world ravished by rape the humanity of the people had grown thin. The foundation for reason had been eroded. For all we know, the people might have been subjected to their own brand of a Byzantine system for a thousand years before their demise. They might have been already dead as human beings before they died in the cataclysm that they might have escaped from, but had lost their ability to do so."

"And you say that you see our country in a similar situation," Anton interjected.

"Not just your country," I countered her. "I see the entire West fitting into those shoes as well. Those shoes fit the feet of America as perfectly as they fit Russia's, maybe even better, and we are certainly wearing them. America is lining up at the gates of the whorehouses of the fondi. We brought our democracy into it, which now no longer exists. Our society has become raped into becoming greedy, and to become eager in its greed to be raped evermore. America has brought almost everything that it once had and stood for into the whorehouses of the fondi, and never got any of it back. We lost our textile industry. We lost our shoe industry. Much of our steel industry has been lost. Our shipbuilding industry is all but gone. Our electronics industry now put on the same track, soon to be followed by our aircraft industry and our automobile industry. Even our farming industry is fast fading into oblivion by neglect and impotence while the nation rallies around the fondi's whorehouses. The imperials want the USA destroyed. That's what I had been told in Venice, not in so many words, but I understood what they were saying. The fondi empire had always had the goal to destroy the USA from the day the USA became a nation-state republic. They feared its renaissance potential then, and they still fear it. As surely as they foisted their Trojan Horse unto Russia in the guise of communism as a new form of rape, they foisted an equally deadly Trojan Horse unto America in the form of raw greed that unleashed a different form of rape. Russia had its Trojan Horse delivered to it by Carl Marx. America received its equivalent delivered at the hands of Adam Smith. But both of these horses came from the same stall, Anton. They were both grown in the sewer of the British Empire and in the same general timeframe. This means that America is as doomed as Russia is. Both of our nations are victims of a monstrous rape by which both are doomed."

"Nevertheless the critical choice remains by which our societies can free themselves from their entrapment to being raped," said Anton. "Is that what you were saying when you said that hope remains."

"While hope remains, it's wearing thin," I said quietly. "For our global future I see the odds stacked up against us as high the Ostankino Tower stands. The global future looks bleak because of society's assumed impotence. It looks bleaker by the day, Anton. A great deal of change is needed for us to be able to survive, but we are moving backwards on all fronts, not forward. We've been raped so badly that we lost the desire to move in the right direction. We find ourselves impotent as a society to make the needed effort. Under those circumstances, who can change the direction in which the world is moving? Right now the world is on the fast track towards an ever-deepening crisis that promises to become both a financial and economic crisis on a scale we have never seen before, unfolding against the background of a worldwide up-surging of fascism with evermore deadly wars on the horizon that are another phase of the deepening rape. My best estimate is that the world is racing towards a New Dark Age. I see doom for the world, because there is no recovery possible in the West until Adam Smith is dethroned, and I don't see any signs that this will be happening any time soon if it happens at all. Scrapping Adam Smith is what the survival of the Soviet Union depends on too. Adam Smith is the world's champion of the whorehouses, its saint, 'inspiring' mankind's hopeless race to hell. In the West, the hell is greed-based fascism. In Russia, the hell is a sense of poverty that corrupts a people and results in greed that unfolds into fascism. Communism makes a people feel small and society impotent, a rape that is fascism. Fascism is not a thing, Anton, or an ideology. It is a war against humanity, the outcome of an ever-deepening rape on the human soul."

"So what are our prospects for our future then, Peter?" Anton interrupted.

"The likelihood for the current race to hell to be overturned into a victory for humanity sometime soon is next to zero in my estimation," I replied. "This doesn't mean that I'll stop fighting for the needed new renaissance of truth and love, and I am encouraged to know that you will be fighting the same fight over here in Russia. But it all comes back to this one question, will this be enough? Like Russia, the entire Western World is locked into a Byzantine-style system with universal rape imposed by the system's absolute top down vertical control over society. It seems virtually impossible to get out of this trap in the short run. Nevertheless, I'll keep on kicking and screaming, and hoping that someone will listen. Maybe if I'm lucky enough I'll find those fifty in America that Abraham couldn't find in his day to inspire the societies of the endangered cities to rescue themselves."

"You are grasping for straws," said Anton.

"I'm hoping that I'll catch somebody's attention with the Principle of Universal Love," I said and began to grin.

"That seems hopeless," said Anton.

"It might not be hopeless," I said. "There is one flank that remains open. This flank is sex, and I mean lateral sex, sex experienced in a bound of love, not empty sex, but sex rich with the joys of a beautiful soul that we all embody. Sex is something that every human beings is responding to in some form and needs and wants, from the pauper to the king alike. People are willing to give up anything for it if there is the slightest chance that there is something great unfolding from this deep human intimacy. The lateral platform, which is the complete opposite of Byzantine platform, seems to promise what people seek. Of course, the lateral platform and the Principle of Universal Love are one and the same. The lateral platform rests on the Principle of Universal Love. There is no rape possible on this platform. It's the platform for a new renaissance. Rape is inherent in the vertical imperial system. It's an element of it. But sex is not bound to rape. It can be rich if it unfolds on the lateral platform. Maybe that will inspire society to pull itself up to a higher level platform, way above rape, so that every aspect of it is left behind. It seems that one doesn't need to fight rape and the system that is a part of. One only needs to step up to higher ground, the level of the lateral platform. Indeed, is appears to be impossible to fight rape to defeat it, because in attempting this one would have to lower oneself to its level. One would thereby have already lost before the fight begins. That's why it is impossible to fight fascism with a gun. To attempt this would create more fascism. Our only option is to step above this hopeless scene by simply stepping out of it onto a different stage. If sex is staged on the lateral platform of the Principle of Universal Love, it offers an incentive to society to step to the lateral platform and its principle. Maybe then those fifty people might be found that Abraham had looked for in vein. Maybe a thousand or a million might be found. Maybe the fire of sex, when sex is placed on its natural platform, the lateral platform, can spark a revolution of light!"

"You devil!" said Anton and grinned. "See, I had figured you right, you have sex on your mind."

"But not to rape you," I said. "I had honorable intentions and my intentions remain honorable."

"I didn't say they were dishonorable," Anton interjected. "If I had thought that I would have walked out. You were surprising though and caught me off guard." She continued grinning while she said this. "But you are wrong on one count, Peter. You are wrong when you think you are standing on this ground alone. It seems to me that the artist of the 'Dinner Party' stood on that ground before you. What was her name, Chicago?"

"Judy Chicago," I replied. "Yes she made quite a few waves and caught the attention of quite a few people, and maybe few did understand what she laid out before them. Still, in the world of so many closed minds she was but one lone voice crying in the wilderness."

"And now with you saying the same thing, there are two," said Anton with a smile. "But do you really think that this is enough to inspire society to turn its ship around?" she added and began to laugh.

"Ultimately everything depends on this turnaround," I said. "And this has to happen fast. Not only do we have to gain a victory over war, urgently, because we can't survive war any longer. We also have to develop the power to create a profound renaissance-economy in order to survive the next Ice Age that might be upon us in a hundred years time. We might only have one single century left to create an economy that can implement a new global food supply infrastructure based on indoor agriculture. We are facing the return of the Ice Age in possibly as soon as a century from now, with reduction in temperatures that makes traditional agriculture unsustainable. This means that we have to protect our agriculture in indoor facilities. Of course the facilities cannot be created in the kind of world-economy that we are operating right now all around the world in the shadow of universal rape, especially economic rape."

"Maybe if I put you onto the podium, Peter, to cause a political earthquake, some people will rally around you."

I shook my head at the thought of presenting the great challenge that we had explored in a half-hour speech on the podium. "I don't know if I have the skill and the wisdom to pull this off," I said quietly. "The perversion of the principles of our humanity under the Byzantine system is not that easily recognized. To speak against it might be construed as an attempt to rape Russia that celebrates its soul being anchored in this background in which it had been raped for a thousand years. Even you were getting a bit edgy about it when I first spoke against it. It's not a pleasant subject that people kindly respond to. People don't want to be reminded that they had been raped and are still being raped. Would you want to be reminded of this?"

She shook her head and looked away. She turned her head back moments later. "Didn't you say earlier that there is no limit to what a human being can accomplish?" she said quietly. "Now you are saying that America, the champion of the world, is impotent, and that its most daring pioneer can't make a speech that will shake the world out of its slumber." She began to laugh again, but the laughter seemed artificial, a bit forced.

"Do this more gently," said a voice within. I loved the openness that was beginning to unfold between us, but it had its limits. I was proud to be with her. In fact, for the first time in my life I was glad that the subway trains were running so infrequently now that we had to wait an hour, may be more. I hoped that the train would never come. I even dared to hope that the trains had actually stopped running for the night. It was late enough for that. I relished that possibility, even though the hall of the station was cold. What was unfolding between us made the cold seem insignificant.

"You keep forgetting that the world is married to the Byzantine system on both sides of the Atlantic," I said cautiously. "There may be differences in form perhaps, between its expression in Russia as compared to America, but in principle, on both sides of the Atlantic, the people's humanity has been largely destroyed by the prevailing system of top down vertical control that echoes the Byzantine system. Russia celebrates this system and so does America in a differed way. Considering this, who would understand a word of my speech? In politics much is controlled by trained emotions rather than intelligent awareness. There might be more openness to sex, but I can't touch this subject until the Byzantine system is understood that makes it into an ugly thing, interlaced with rape. If you were to put me on the stage, I wouldn't know what to say except to cut deep into the Byzantine system in order to shake people out of their dream. Unfortunately, there is no easy and polite way to say those things. It can't be done gently, to snap people out of their dream to realize that their illusions are build on the theme, 'In lies we trust!'"

"I see a faint glimmer of hope that you might find it possible to rebuild the lost humanity around the world, even in America, if you explore the foundation for it in a manner that is totally unrelated to the sphere of the Byzantine system, if you go directly to the Principle of Universal Love," said Anton.

"That would be a wonderful approach if it were possible," I countered her. "But it can't be done. It would be like speaking about sex without distinguishing sex from rape. In a world where rape has become the norm, sex is equated with rape. Unfortunately that is the world we are living in politically. We are living in an environment of near universal rape, especially political and economic rape, but also a lot of other kinds of it. And so, if I talk about the Principle of Universal Love people don't know what to think. I would be speaking a foreign language. They would translate the Principle of Universal Love it into an open door to universal sex, meaning universal rape, and shy away from it in disgust and rightfully so."

"This they must, Peter. Rape is a terrible thing. For their own protection they must close the door to anything that looks remotely like rape, which very few actually do. But, Peter, what would your answer be to my invitation to give you the podium if I could assure you that there was one single person in the audience that would be able to hear you? Would you still turn me down?"

"I know what you're saying Anton. In this case, for this single chance, as faint as it may be, I would be willing to take the risk and stand on the podium and tear the mask off the Byzantine system. I would do it for this one person. This means that my answer has to be yes. Yes Anton, I'll do it!"

"Maybe I won't invite you onto the podium after all," said Anton, cutting me off. "You are right, you might botch things up. It's painful listening to you speaking against the Byzantine system, and how it tore our country down to the ground. I already cried over it inwardly. I might cry again, and chances are that you'll lose me completely the next time. I think that would be too high a price to pay for you. So, I won't let you do it. On the other hand, my life is at risk, as is everybody's if nothing is done to reverse the present course of the world. Somebody has to take those daring steps and stand up against the flow of the world and say stop, backup, go the other way. So, I might just give you that chance to help mankind, which includes me too. I might give you that chance if you value it so highly that you are willing to pay the dearest price for it that I can ask of you, that of loosing me if things go sour. Are you willing to risk paying this price, for what is at stake?"

"The answer is, Yes!" I said immediately. "I don't mind loosing you for the slimmest chance of saving your life."

She nodded and smiled.

"But I wouldn't do it for anything less!" I said.

"Be careful, Peter! Are you sure?" she asked as her smile faded.

"The answer has to be yes," I almost cut her off. "Saying, no, is not an option. If I said no to this chance no matter how slight it might be, I would loose you for sure. I would loose you out of my heart. That would be worse."

"Why, Peter? Why would this be worse?"

"It would be worse, Anton, because the moment when our love becomes so small that it diminishes into indifference, what have we got left of ourselves as human beings. What have we got left then of our humanity when love diminishes one strand at the time into nothing?"

Anton nodded ever so slightly.

"People say that the opposite of love is hate," I continued. "That's a deception, Anton. The opposite of love is indifference."

"Oh is it?"

"Look at this way, Anton. If a full glass of wine stands as a metaphor for our love, what's the opposite of it? I would say that the opposite to a full glass of wine is an empty glass. That's life without love. It's emptiness. An empty glass is a perfect metaphor for indifference."

"Why isn't the opposite to love, hate?"

"Because if it was, the opposite of a glass of wine would be a glass of poison. But that doesn't work. A glass of poison is a totally different thing. Its fascism. It's an intend to murder. That's totally alien to anything connected with love, even though the effect maybe similar. Aren't we essentially dead as human beings without love?"

"Indifference is also the result of rape," said Anton. "Whatever robs us of our humanity diminishes our love and is a form of rape. When we hit rock bottom, indifference is all that we've got left. Indifference then isn't a Byzantine thing at all. It appears that the Byzantine thing unfolds on a lower level where we enter the world of poison."

I responded with applauding her, but the applause soon turned into a kiss.

"That's really quite simple, Peter. Why didn't you tell me about this distinction before, and that kiss demonstrates the opposite to indifference? It's so simple."

"If that is so, I rest my case," I said in reply. "This means that I won, that I have achieved something, because now you won't celebrate the Thousand Year Rape of Russia, you'll celebrate love instead and Helen's concept of the Universal Kiss. This means that you've got lots to celebrate, because your new celebration has its root in 2.5 million years of human history. Mankind wouldn't exist on this planet without love, without its universal kiss. It appears that our journey from the dawn of mankind took us across twenty Ice Age cycles, some lasting 100,000 years. Without living for one-another, side by side with one another, supporting one another, mankind wouldn't have made it through those hard times. In comparison with that all the vertical imperial models and their Trojan Horses, from Marx's communism to Adam Smith's greed, are a sad joke and its time is ending. It is right for us to feel convulsion whenever these ugly things pop up, because they engender a tragic loss of love and its grace, the grace that should brighten our world right now as never before. My point is that once we have 'tasted' the sewer and discover that we don't belong there because we are human beings and not sewer rats, we become evermore inclined to get back to the free world and find this world worth fighting for. I would even say that any person that found its way back to the free world will respond to the Principle of Universal Love and become a pioneer for it."

Anton nodded. "I can agree with that," she said. "But I still won't come to bed with you, Peter. I'm not that free!"

"Maybe you won't physically. But what does this matter? What's important in love, what really counts, is that I have you in my heart. Apart from that you may be in bed with me already politically, as we support each other to enrich our common world. I think that's natural. Don't you agree? In any case, I'm glad to know one extra person now that's fighting in this arena with me. There are not many such pioneers left in the world, as you and I, and Nicolai and Steve, and a few others. The rest of the world is married to Adam Smith and Carl Marx, and through them to the vertical imperial system that they represent and gave their soul to. Bur we, I think, we have determined not to allow ourselves to be raped any longer. That makes us pioneers for a renaissance movement to unfold."

"Maybe you can help America some day, which you say is being badly raped," said Anton. "I can't, but maybe you can."

"America remains solidly locked into its self-destructive system of Smithian greed by which it is doomed to become the foremost fascist power in the world. To reverse that would go a long way towards saving Russia from its doom. But our insanity has become deep. Fascism breeds insanity. In its insanity America may very well destroy the entire planet on which we live, if America can't be healed of its insanity."

"Our hope then rests on you," said Anton. "It rests on you taking that entire fight right back to the roots of the global problem, the Byzantine system of vertical domination: the Adam Smith system, the Hobbesian system, the Aristotelian system. Every name applies, and many more, as the Byzantine system seems to combine them all."

"Did you hear what you just said?" I interrupted her. "You spoke the B-word that gave you so much pain all evening."

"Yes, and I mentally choke every time on every name that goes with it, because of its impact on Russia that I love."

"Wouldn't it be wonderful, Anton, if I could get everyone to that point with my half-hour speech from the podium?" I said to her. "If they find themselves gagging on the stench of the sewer they might discover that they are not sewer creatures after all, but human beings. That would be a great achievement."

Anton's smile faded as I said these things, as if a light had been turned off in a room.

"Yes, that's what I must be fighting for from the podium if you put me there," I replied. "I must be fighting for their humanity. I must give back to them what the rapists have stolen. I must say the B-word loud and clear and repeat it until everyone gags on it."

"How can you even hope to succeed with that?" she said softly. "But that's probably the only way."

"To be honest, Anton, I don't know to do it. I only know that it needs to be done. It's a great challenge, and I may fail," I said. "If I don't succeed I may not only loose you, but also a bit of myself. I only know for sure that this is the only option that we have on that platform to accomplish anything at all. We have to reverse the loss of humanity in the world that the global imperial rape has incurred. We have to fight it on all fronts and link the fronts together."

"How can I help you?" she said even more softly now. "I can barely help myself." She looked at me questioningly, but didn't say a word.

"We face a great challenge," I said to her, "and I feel so impotent to get people to respond."

She seemed relieved when her subway train arrived. We could already hear rumbling far in the distance. She had stepped back, away from the tracks, anticipating its arrival.

She looked me into the eye when the train rolled into the station. "Why is it that you Americans always want to have power over other people?" She said in a serious tone.

I raised my hand objecting.

She shook her head and put a finger over my lips. "You know that I am right," she said. "It's always about power. You say you feel impotent. You've been trying to seduce me all evening, and you couldn't do that either. You couldn't keep your eye off me. Your were waiting for me to cave in and say yes to whatever it is you might have had in mind. Does it make you feel good to have that kind of power when you succeed? Maybe saving the world is just another power-game for you, even though you feel impotent. Or is it just some quirky need that men seem to have, which they need to fulfill in order that they don't feel like little boys anymore? Maybe that is why you build big airplanes with big engines and big bombs to terrorize little defenseless countries that can barely keep their head above water."

"Now wait!" I interrupted her. "Where is this train going? You've got this all wrong. This isn't about power. Yes, I feel impotent, but I'm not here for power. The power has to come from the principle involved. If anything I would love to help people to empower themselves to become more fully human and to help build that rich world that they desire in their heart. I would have loved to stay home and work on my house. That would have been the easy way out to get around the challenge. I certainly don't want to have power over you. I love you. Sure, I'm captivated by your beautiful presence. Why wouldn't I be? If one finds a marvelous rose in a great garden, shouldn't one admire it and relish it with the joy that such wonders exist? And as for America terrorizing the whole world, that's not the American people's doing. They are the victims too. Power over other nations is not a part of our history. We've been seduced to play the lackey for some empire that has no name, and no power of its own, but which does want to control the whole world. Ever since our country was born we've been seduced with cultural warfare to give up our sovereignty as a people, and with it to give up our right to develop ourselves out of our own resources. America caved in to this seduction way back in 1913 on the day before Christmas. America said yes to the imperial seduction after 138 years of holding its ground against their constant nagging and seducing. We were subjected to a deadening form of warfare on a gigantic scale. That's when we lost our innocence, Anton. The real soul of America, as you might now, was never focused on dominating anyone. Dominating people is not a form of power. You may call it power. But this isn't real power. Real power has to do with a society being able to create a new and brighter world than has ever existed before. That's power, creative power, power to uplift the world. Creative processes are reflections of real power. The ideas behind the creative processes are the source of that power, and so is the commitment of a society to itself, which is a commitment to develop advanced ideas. We've lost much of that in 1913. We lost a large part of whatever real power we had. We have become a defeated nation in 1913, Anton, and never restored our freedom."

"I think I know what you mean," said Anton quietly.

The rest of what she said I couldn't hear. The squealing of the steel wheels from a second incoming subway train on the opposite track drowned out her voice out. Anton stepped back still further, but oddly she didn't step forward towards the incoming train when it stopped.

"Isn't this you train?" I asked.

She nodded. "There will be other trains," she said. "We need to talk some more about power. Let's go for a stroll along the river."

"You man now? It's late, Anton, and its cold," I interjected.

"We are dressed for it, aren't we?" she said. "Sure it's late. But what does this matter. Something bigger is happening here. I won't write my report tonight. I want to explore something with you that more important, and for that I need to tell you something that I never told anyone in the whole wide world, and which I can't tell you here in the subway either. Judging by the way you talk about the principle of power seems to me that you night be able to understand what I went through during my childhood. My experience reflects in a way what our whole country went through. While it was difficult for me tonight to talk about the tragedy that our country has suffered, it is much more difficult to talk about an even deeper tragedy that is of a personal nature. At the personal level a much lesser tragedy can become suddenly so difficult that it becomes impossible for one to say a word about it to another person out of sheer shame. That's because there are too few people around that can understand those difficult things."

"Oh, I see now where this is going," I said. "What you accused me of having intended has actually happened to you before, and not just once, I suppose. And now you think that I am the exception among the many so that I can comprehend the incomprehensible? I am honored that you think that highly of me."

"I think it's about power, Peter. It least it was about power in my case."

She said nothing more about this 'case' until we had left the subway station and were walking towards the river in the quiet of the snow-muffled night. Some fresh snow had been blown onto the path earlier, but the wind had stopped. Before we reached the river I looked back at the tower. The three-story restaurant where we had dinner a few hours earlier nearly a thousand feet above us, appeared rather tiny from below. "It's all a matter of perspective," I said to her, pointing to where we had been.

She didn't answer or say anything more until we came to the river that wasn't a flowing river at this time of year, but a wide band of snow. "It's about power, Peter," she repeated."

"The world is not ideal," I said, just to say something.

"There are times when one finds oneself in situations in which people have power over one," said Anton quietly. "I am talking about situations without options for one to escape, especially when one is a child. As a child the family can have great power over one, and more so in times of poverty."

"Were you abused in some way by your family?" I interrupted.

I couldn't see her face to watch her reaction. She kept looking straight ahead with her head covered almost completely by the fur-lined hood. "You spoke of cultural warfare and the effect of lies, 'In lies we trust!'" she said quietly. "That's what happened to me. Subjection becomes guaranteed thereby. The power trip becomes apparent later. It starts with lies, terrible lies, lies by my uncles. One of my uncles told me that I have a worm in my belly. I was little then. 'Worms are not dangerous,' the uncle said, 'but they eat some of your food and food is scarce. We should get the worm out of you.' I was terrified by what he told me, Peter. He said that he would help me. He said that he knew of an effective way to lure the worm out. He also said that he would need to blindfold me so that I wouldn't be afraid, because those worms don't look pleasant. He also cautioned me never to tell anyone that I had a worm, and never speak about the treatment. He suggested that I should think about his offer very carefully."

"And did you?"

"He asked for an answer a week later when my mother was out. He blindfolded me and said that he needed to look into my mouth with a small flashlight. He showed me a small flashlight. Then he said that he would need to put some special food down my throat that the worm likes, to lure it out. He also warned me while he did the procedure that it wouldn't likely be successful at the very first try, so that it might have to be repeated it in a week. It turned out that it needed to be repeated for many weeks. My other two uncles offered their assistance at times in what they called their 'desperate effort to lure the worm out.'"

"Didn't you realize what was going on?" I interrupted her.

"Eventually, I did. When I confronted them, they said that it is natural for a family to help one another, and that I was helping them tremendously. When I told them that I didn't want to do this anymore they stayed away from our house. But with them staying away, we lost their financial support. We needed their help. My dad had been injured in the Great War and could no longer work. The uncles' help was our only hope. My mother soon realized what had happened. She demanded that I ask the uncles for forgiveness and invite them back. They reconsidered. Thus, in an indirect fashion the uncles wielded great power over us without ever raising a hand."

"Couldn't your mother fulfill their needs and make them welcome?" I interrupted Anton again.

"Mother was a lesbian," Anton replied quietly. "It would have been worse for her. She just couldn't. That's why she went to church on Wednesdays when the uncles came. She couldn't even watch. She told me to always realize that we were fortunate to have the uncles' help. But I think it was hardest on dad when he left the house with mother on Wednesdays. He confronted them once. I heard them talking. Dad pleated with them: Don't do this! But we need to! We have needs and we are not hurting Antonovna. One of the uncles said that they needed this to keep their sanity and that they were sorry for the complication it caused. Another uncle said that they would sooner have a boy perform the service, but since there was no boy in the family I would do. He reminded dad that things aren't perfect in the world and things that shouldn't happen, do happen. He suggested that dad just step aside. This confrontation must have torn dad's heart out, knowing that he was so absolutely powerless to stop the process, which no reasoning seemed to deter. It seems that I was the one in the end who stopped the process. This happened sometime later, but at what cost?"

"You told them to stop?"

She shook her head as far as I could make out. "No, it was less direct, Peter. Every time they came for their flashlight party I wished them to be dead. It didn't take long after these terrible thoughts first came over me that the uncles were called up to serve in the army, all three of them. A month later they were all killed. I felt like I had killed them myself. Their company was ambushed. No one had survived. My wish had come true. I cried more over that than over all the pain that they had caused me before."

"You had nothing to do with their death," I interrupted her sharply.

"I was old enough to know that, but I didn't feel that way, Peter. I felt like I had caused their death. I cried many a night. Mother cried too. I think she cried for me."

"But at least you were free," I added quietly.

Anton said no. "When mother and I comforted each other over this tragic turn of events a different phase of the flashlight parties began. With the family sinking deep into poverty mother's need for comforting intimacies became stronger. Actually, desperate, might be better word. Her need became desperate. Her birthday fell on a Wednesday that year. Her only birthday wish was for a flashlight party with her and me. How could I say no to my own mother? I found myself compelled to fulfill her wish. I thought it would be just for one night, so I let it be. Her idea was that it would be for every Wednesday night thereafter. Dad went alone to our tiny little village church from then on until he died two years later. Mother died a year after that. The peace that resumed, like it does after every war, felt not like a victory to me. I felt empty, impotent, small, cheap. How could I not feel small? I had been utterly impotent in the face of that power that had been coming from all sides so it seemed. I think it was compassion that made me feel compelled to be kind towards my mother and not say no. So you see, for all my life I stood in the shadow of people that had great power over me. The uncles wielded their power over all of us. When the uncles were dead, my mother took on this power without being aware of it. She wielded the same kind of power. So it was all about power, Peter, wasn't it? My whole childhood unfolded under the thumb of power."

"No it wasn't about power at all!" I interrupted Anton. "It was a case of a lack of power, Anton. There is no trace of power evident in the entire story that you told me. The uncles had no power. They wielded stupidity, but not power. But you were not alone in this tragedy, Anton. Much of the world is in the same kind of trap right now and has been for a long time. As I sad earlier, rape has become exceedingly popular. It's now called the American Way."

"Don't joke about this," said Anton quietly.

"I am, mot joking. I wish I were. Rape is on the official agenda in America. They don't call it that. It's called the Project for the New American Century, PNAC for short. The plan is to rape every nation on the planet. America has the stupidity to do this, and America has its uncles that act on it. Its uncles are its multinational corporations and non-governmental institutions, and also national institutions like the National Security Agency and the CIA which together carry out the rape upon the world."

"But those are small fish, aren't they?" Anton interjected.

"Small or big, what does it matter, Anton? Rape is rape. Some may be small fish, and some are giant sharks. They key thing to remember is that they all grew up in the same big pond, the pond that spawned Adam Smith. Smith was an British imperial agent that glorified raw greed and made raping one-another the number-one national sport and then inspired all the nations to play along. Now, people steal from each other in such clever schemes that they've become totally transparent. It started small at first with hideous swindlers that swindled people out of their hard-earned money. They were once called con-artists. Now the swindlers are revered in the pond. They are given high status. They call themselves the neocons, the new con-artists, the transparent rapists. They are raping the whole world and are hailed for their cunning. They call it globalism. They are brining entire countries to their knees. Compared to them, your uncles were crude. I bet it didn't take you long, even as a child, to realize what your uncles were up to. Your uncles were amateurs in comparison with the neocons that are professionals, backed by the leading psychologists. As I said, they are hailed around the world for their ability to rape people and nations with such finesse that the victims don't shy away, but line up at their whorehouses applying for the privilege to be raped."

"Wow, that's power," said Anton.

"No it isn't," I said instantly. "It's insanity, not power. The rapists have been made insane by a mentality that stole their humanity, which is an act of rape itself."

Anton shook her head in a kind of protest.

"I know I am right," I said to her. "And I can prove it."

"Peter, how can you prove what one cannot see?"

"You can prove it yourself, Anton," I countered her. "I bet the most important thing in your life after the rape finally ended, was to get your humanity back that was stolen from you. So you isolated yourself to feel save, but that didn't work. I also bet that you haven't discovered yet what will get your humanity back, because that takes time. We have seen it twice in history what it takes for society to recover its soul after a grand rape. Your tragedy wasn't anything new. It all happened before on a vast scale. The first grand rape of European society was carried out around the 13th and 14th Century by the financier oligarchy of Italy. Europe was raped by the banking empire of the Lombard and their offshoot the Venetian financiers, the big moneybags of that time. They wrecked the economies of Europe with interest rates ranging upwards to 40% and the like. They were your uncles. They had 'power' over everybody. They had the world at the throat. Dante Alighieri warned the banking crowd in Florence that their practice was insane, that it was rape and would lead to a general economic collapse of Europe and to a New Dark Age. They didn't listen and the Dark Age came. And with it, delayed by two years, came the Black Plaque. Half the villages and towns simply vanished off the map in those dark times. The entire European population was reduced by a third. The people were drained of their humanity in almost all respects, and the great question became paramount: How do we get our life back as human beings. It took them a hundred years to answer that question, and the answer became the great renaissance; the Golden Renaissance; a renaissance of scientific and technological discoveries; a renaissance of art, beauty, music, grand architecture; a renaissance of love and truth, and so forth, in which emerged a bright new image of the human being. My point is that while you may be tempted to seek isolation after the rape to clear your mind of the injustice involved, you won't likely recover yourself until you immerse yourself in discovering what is truly human, such as the process of creativity, the development of beauty, art, music, the discovery of principles that give you real power to act productively and creatively. This has to be your focus, a burial of the past in with the darkness is put out of your mind in conjunction with your active submergence in the healing waters of our humanity in which all that is truly human is coming to light.

"This happened twice in history," I continued. "The second case was when the Golden Renaissance Europe was raped to near extinction. This time society was raped by its 'mother;' the church, the religion that had nourished it. Venice had arranged the raping of Europe to crush the Golden Renaissance that had nearly defeated the Venetian Empire. It created a religious war by instigating the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation at the same time. And it did crush the Renaissance. It became a rape by insanity that culminated in the Thirty Years War in which again a third to half of the population of Europe perished. And the recovery from that rape started another renaissance. The first evidence of this new renaissance was society's victory over war that culminated in the great Treaty of Westphalia. But the renaissance didn't end here. In society's determination to regain their humanity that the century of rape upon them had stolen, another beautiful cultural renewal began that gave the world such musical geniuses as Bach, Haidyn, Mozart, Beethoven, all in rapid succession, followed by Brahms. The fact is, Anton, nobody writes the kind of music anymore that these geniuses of that renaissance period had created. The beauty and the intricacy of principles and their precise interaction that these geniuses had understood simply isn't found anymore in modern music. And the reason isn't that we have moved beyond that kind of beauty. The fact is that we've lost the renaissance background. Our culture has become ugly again. Beauty has been replaced with war, murder, theft, and so on, which is reflected widely in modern culture. We are as empty today as a society as you were when your mother died and the raping finally stopped. The stopping of the rape didn't bring your life back, did it? It will likely take many active steps on your part to accomplish that. You might want to consider for this recovery the music of some of the renaissance geniuses from Bach on, and also the works of similar geniuses in literature and art and science. We all have to do this again today, because there is no simple political solution possible for society to recover itself from the currently ongoing grand rape of humanity by the policies of the neocons. A new cultural renaissance must begin and go hand in hand with the political process to restore justice. That's why the neocons' cultural warfare has been so devastating. It prevents the recovery of our humanity and advances the raping of it. That is also why we are now living in the most terrifying period of all of history. We are living in a world of war brimming with killing machines that we cannot survive, and in a mental state of indifference that borders on insanity that the neocons have engineered to destroy America, and with it the world. The world-situation is now so tragically severe that the existence of civilization is in doubt, and the continued existence of mankind with it."

"Doesn't anybody see through these hidden schemes of cultural warfare by the new cons in your country?" said Anton cutting me off.

"Sure, Anton, many people have seen through the gilded front that leads into the whorehouse and the rape of humanity, because it is a lie. There have been public demonstrations in the streets against is globalism, but they have become outlawed in many places. The victims aren't allowed anymore to protest against the rape, just as you weren't allowed to protest the uncles doing. Some people, I think, did protest anyway. I heard a person complain about this rape at an international conference, but even while he did a gang of trained intimidators ridiculed the man so badly that he crawled out of the meeting hall to save his soul, figuratively speaking. Still a few people are waking up. It was said at the conference that I spoke of after the man was driven from the hall that the strong players in the market have every right to be successful by taking advantage of whatever weaknesses exist in the market place. They said it was ridiculous to think otherwise. Somebody countered the speaker, shouting from the back like a town crier, without standing up, asking the man at the podium if he was proclaiming that a person that owns a sledgehammer has the right to break down his neighbor's door, and that by exploiting the weakness of the door he has the legal right to steal his neighbors belongings?"

"I wouldn't be surprised if the speaker said, yes," Anton interjected.

"Actually he didn't," I countered her. "He would have ridiculed himself. He changed the subject instead. As I recall the analogy ended the entire discussion on that theme, because everybody knew the answer. By some miracle, the little episode made it onto the back pages of a major newspaper, probably because it was so rare that it was newsworthy. Many people know about it now, but the game goes on regardless. However, it did define the neocons as rapists, and this so clearly that they had no defense against it. Still, nothing happened, Anton. The world rolled on unchanged in its steamroller rumbling. Rape has become adapted as the American way and people simply accepted that. What you experienced was nothing different in a way. You uncles came with a sledgehammer. You were helpless as a child. They stole from you what they would never get otherwise, because you had no defense. They resorted to this rape, because they couldn't be bothered to build a proper relationship with a grown woman by which their needs would be met. Instead of building, they stole. That's not power, that's weakness. America is doing this now to every Third World Nation on the planet that isn't big enough to defend itself. Sometimes they rape a nation for oil, sometimes for bananas, sometimes for drugs, sometimes just to make war to silence their voice. They call it, fighting communism. They call it national defense. Soon they'll find new watchwords to keen the raping going. Did you know that America's hated CIA is the policy enforcement arm of an institution created after World War II, called the National Security Agency. The policy is rape. We call this national defense. How weak can a nation get?"

"What kind of world are you building, Peter? In comparison with that, our Soviet Union is a saint."

"We are not building a world, Anton. The West is an empire, not a world. The term world refers to a place for human living where the focus is on uplifting the welfare of society. The neocons are agents for building something quite different. The focus is on building the empire. The policy is on stealing to enhance the welfare of the rich that make up the empire. The West is an imperial welfare institution in which the human dimension is not a factor. That's the nature of empire. The tools and methods are chosen as needed to enhance to empire. Rape is one of its methods. Nobody cares who gets hurt in a rape. Did your uncles care? Against this gross indifference there is no defense possible. Whoever stands in the way gets ground into the dust. Most are simply killed in today's world. President Kennedy was killed for that. He had fought to give his nation its power back with the Apollo Space Program. He had fought for cultural optimism. The empire disposed of him. It disposed of many elected officials and whole governments, killed the country's leaders, replaced them with puppets that they keep in power with the terror of secret police agencies and mass torture and death squads. Our American empire-institution, the NSA/CIA, killed between five to ten million people in over 9,000 major operations since the end of World War II. What they do is essentially mass rape of little countries. Sometimes the operations are a bit bigger as in the case of Vietnam and so forth. When Vietnam was raped in war, the Apollo Space program died. But mostly we rape the little people that don't have the resources to fight back. They are easy to rape, as you have experienced. It's always the defenseless that get raped, like children or lone women coming home from work, or the captive Palestinian people. And the rapists are always empty persons that have lost their humanity, whether they are called neocons, or economic hit-men forking for the NSA and the IMF, called financiers..."

"Or the military that rules with the fist of force," Anton interjected.

"Yes ,the pattern is always the same, and the victims that get hurt are the little people that are easy to rape. We even rape our soldiers, Anton. The neocons call them stupid animals that one uses up for geopolitics. They are sent into war, hyped up with lies. They kill and get killed. They maim and get maimed. And those that survive come back as broken people. War is rape upon humanity. Even society ends up loosing a part of its humanity as it witnesses the ravishing of war. War is rape that leaves behind a trail of 'empty' people, people that grow indifferent to the beauty of life and of our humanity, and indifferent to one another. Rape does this. It spawns indifference. That's what the neocons want and spread across the world."

"You are right, Peter, rape spawns indifference," said Anton in a quiet voice. "I became indifferent to anything, I was drained. If someone had given me a ton of gold, or a rose, or a chocolate bar, none of that would have caused me any joy. Sure, I would have eaten the chocolate bar, but it wouldn't have meant anything as a gift. Nothing meant anything anymore that gives a person joy. I don't think you can know what indifference is, Peter, unless you've been there and have experienced how empty it can make one feel. I've been there. It took me a long time to recover. In fact, I still haven't recovered fully. But how does the victim get out of this trap before it closes on one completely? I saw no way out, Peter. I tried to say to myself that the physical thing is tolerable, which it was, but it doesn't work that way. The helplessness is far worse, which makes it intolerable. I felt so small, so worthless, so insignificant, like a crumb on the floor that one steps on without care. I would have crawled into a mouse hole if I could and would have been happier there."

"But in time the healing began, didn't it?" I interrupted her. "Our humanity isn't that easily broken. Maybe that's what gives me hope for mankind. When the rape stops a recovery is possible, even a new renaissance appears to be possible as unlikely as this may seem now. A friend once told me that when a diamond falls into a puddle of mud it remains a diamond still. I told me that a thousand times and told it to many people. The mud doesn't become a part of the diamond. The moment that one picks the diamond up and rinses the mud away it shines as brilliantly as it always has. I told you that, didn't I? You are that diamond, Anton. The mud that you have been dragged into is not a part of you. It never has been a part of you or a part of your life. Your life unfolds within. No rape can touch your soul unless you rape yourself. Only by raping yourself can you become an empty and bitter person, and that started when you felt helpless and small. Nevertheless the fact remains that a diamond that is dragged into the mud remains a diamond still. That diamond is our humanity, Anton, yours and mine. That's something precious and enduring that nothing can ever really defeat. Our humanity always remains what it is, no matter what happens, so it may take time to wash the mud away. It's brilliance remains always with us, to be lifted up, to be rinsed clean, and to be polished to a shine that makes it sparkle in the sunshine of the sunshine of our life."

"I think the healing begins by recognizing that the rapist is an empty person that has no real power," said Anton. "However, it took me years to get even close to this point."

"That is also how we need to see America, and Russia, India, China, Germany, and all of the great nations of the world," I interjected. "Which nation hasn't been dragged into the mud by empires in the service of their universal rape of mankind. America's neocons are a perfect example. They are hired imperial stooges that have acquired the ability to steal from mankind what the empire, which they serve, lacks the intelligence to build. But they don't have the power to defend themselves in a humanist world where a rich sense of humanity begins to reign. A diamond remains a diamond still, no matter how deeply it gets buried into the mud of empires by their fascism. And it can be recovered."

"This is true, Peter. I can understand this now as a grownup, but it is a hard realization for a child to make that is being raped. I would put it into the realm of the impossible. Children are too innocent to think in such complex terms. They should never be put into a position where they have to do this even remotely."

"That's not true, Anton," I countered her. "All children should be taught to see themselves as diamonds and to love the sparkle of their humanity and its endurance, and its resilience, and its power. Of course they shouldn't be raped, Anton, especially not within their own family. Unfortunately that is where 80% of the rape happens. Eight percent of America's population falls into this category of the innocent child. Those 80% of society are the simple people that keep our society going. They are the workers and teachers; the mothers and nurses; the store clerks and bus drivers and engineers. They are all being raped into poverty by the neocons, while the remaining twenty percent that have hired the neocons snatch away eighty percent of the national income. The 'innocent' are being raped to death in our country, Anton. That wouldn't be possible if they saw themselves as the diamonds they are. The greatest resource that a society has is its people. Everything that is of value has been created by human beings. Our humanity is the diamond that sparkles in the sky. The neocons have made it their national goal to trash society's humanity; to make people small; to drag the diamond into their mud; to bury our humanity. They aim to keep the nation's unemployment high in order that that the working people are forced to work for peanuts. They even keep homelessness high in order to make the poor appear like scum. That's rape, Anton, carried out on a national scale. That's today's America, Anton. Nevertheless the diamond that we are as human beings remains a diamond still. However, that fact needs to be discovered. It needs to be discovered by every child, and man, and woman, because the cure for the rape isn't 'to rob the rich and give back to the poor.' The cure begins when we disable the processed and make rape impossible to happen. The Principle of Universal Love involves bringing the diamond back onto the surface. The only possible outcome that would result from that would be the building of a humanist renaissance such as we have never seen before. In this world any kind of rape would not only be unacceptable, but be impossible to happen. It simply wouldn't happen. Society would be so rich that there would be need for rape or even any thought of it. Rape only happened in a poor and small-minded society, not in a world of diamonds."

"There have always been rich thieves around, even in the best of times," said Anton.

"But that doesn't have to continue, Anton. America's most leading religious leader had called on society to level wealth with honesty. Wealth has no place in a rich society. Wealth is a product of rape. For eons society had been taught to adore wealth. Every King that ever was has paraded his pomp. He took the diamond out of society's heart and pinned it on himself and demanded society to bow to it. And that's how its was for thousands of year. Now, of course, the raping of society has become an epidemic as everyone has been induced to join the game. Everyone has been invited by the robbers to join the game and get wealthy in the financial markets. Society has become robbers, robbing from each other, because the markets don't actually produce anything of intrinsic value. It's going to be tough getting out of this trap of universal rape, but it has to be done, because the rape has become globalized and the rapist has grown into a monster that also wields nuclear-weapons of unspeakable terror to enforce the raping. As of late we've added other forms of governmental terror that mankind ultimately cannot survive."

Anton began to laugh. "How can a child rescue itself when the whole of mankind cannot, and free itself when it is trapped into a rape that it lacks the means to resist? How can a child do that if the whole world stands helpless like so many children?"

"Don't laugh, Anton, and don't say the child is helpless. A diamond remains a diamond. That's what a human being is from the moment it is born. It's a matter of being aware of it. The helplessness of the child is assumed. That's what gives the rapist a sense of omnipotence. But even a child is a human being, and a human being is not helpless. Suppose you had dared in your predicament to stand up for yourself and said to anyone who was breaking down the door of your childhood that this is unacceptable, that you are a diamond to be honored as such. The uncles might have stopped. Your father might have supported you in your fight. Failing that, somebody in the community would have stood by your side. Somebody would have understood that in a human world it is unacceptable for someone with a sledgehammer to break down his neighbors door and steal his belongings. People can understand this even now. I must assume that there is enough of our universal humanity left in society that a loud enough appeal would have been heard. I would like to think that even a child has the power to make this kind of an appeal, because after all, a child is a human being."

"That wouldn't have happened, Peter. Nobody would have stood up for me. What's the world of a child against three adults?"

"It's a question of how much the truth is worth," I answered Anton. "Where your uncles Jewish?" I asked.

"What has this got to do with anything?" she snapped back. "It was rape, not a religious thing. My uncles were Russians, like I am."

"It might have been a religious thing, Anton," I countered her quietly. "I have been told that the Jewish Talmud, the most holy book of the rabbis, allows sex with boys under nine and girls under three years of age. The reasoning is that children don't know what sex is at this age, which renders pedophilia not a sexual act according to the rabbis."

"How convenient, Peter! They can rape a baby then, free of charge. How low can one get? But that wouldn't have applied in my case, Peter. I was five. And even if I had been only two, it still would have been rape."

"It still might have been the Talmud, though," I countered her. "Once one opens the gates to hell all kinds of devils slip out and they keep on growing. It's amazing how the devils grow. I knew an engineer a long time ago who worked in the electronics lab of a major service company. The company signed a contract with an advertising agency to install a PA system throughout the office building. But there was a twist. The PA system was to be designed to also act as a vocal surveillance system. The boss wanted to listen to people's conversations. It was an interesting technical challenge for which an ingenious solution was found. The system was build, installed at night, and it worked beyond expectation. Then came the glitch. A time later the workers became suspicious. Questions were asked. Allegations were denied. One of the secretaries kept asking the technicians that were working at the place if they had heard that a listening device installed for the boss. She asked in a friendly cozy type of fashion. So how were the guys to answer? They were all kids still, in their late teens. Would they betray the lady's trust? Would they betray the company that was their customer? Would they betray their employer? Would they betray themselves? They took the easy way out. They betrayed themselves and lied to the lady as they were instructed by their employer in protecting the secrecy of the installation as required under the terms of the contract. More time went by. Then one day the boss of the agency went on vacation without locking up the access to the surveillance equipment. A scandal erupted. Half the staff quit. But worst of all the word came through the grapevine that the lady that had asked all the questions earlier, that had been lied to by the technicians whom she had trusted, had committed suicide. The kids that had lied to her were devastated by her death, probably more so than anybody, except the woman. So who was at fault in this tragedy, assuming that the suicide wasn't for some other reason?"

"Everybody was at fault," said Anton. "The whole thing was a comedy of rape upon rape that nobody even consider to be rape. The customer was at fault in requesting the secret device, he requested the supplier of the equipment to lay down its soul. The employer was at fault in accepting the order and demanding secrecy of its employees, without saying the words, 'In lies we trust!' The employees were at fault by installing the equipment that would steal the sovereignty of their fellow being. The boss was at fault by leaving the equipment accessible. The teens that lied to the woman carried the least blame. They were pushed against the wall and saw no option available to them that wouldn't involve a denial of somebody. I guess that's how the devils multiply. Suddenly one finds oneself boxed in with no way out in sight."

"You missed the biggest culprit of them all," I said to Anton. "You missed the woman."

"The woman was the victim," Anton interjected.

"Yes she was that, but she was the victim of her own inhumanity," I said to her. "The woman had an option to act like a human being. She didn't take it. She suspected a secret device. Assuming that to be the case, she should have never asked the technicians that were just kids and put them into a position where they had to betray somebody, including themselves. It was probably painful for the kids to betray her trust in them. She literally forced them to lie, because they had no better option. She should have known that the kids were bound to secrecy in protecting a secret device. But she kept asking. She forced then to lie. She could have prevented the very betrayal that she committed suicide for later on. Wasn't she the biggest rapist?"

"Isn't it the same kind of rape when a patient begs a doctor to commit euthanasia in order to he end his suffering, rather than enduring his agony till death. We had a case like that," said Anton. "The doctor was charged with murder and was executed for his crime of killing a human being."

"It wasn't a just decision, was it?" I interjected. "The patient was at fault. He raped the doctor and himself. The patient should have never requested the doctor to commit murder. A human being doesn't make that kind of request. Besides it was illegal and the patient knew that he put the doctor's life at risk. Nothing can justify this treachery. But in that case too, the biggest culprit hasn't been identified. Who was the ultimate culprit?"

Anton remained silent.

"The biggest culprit was society," I said to her. "In the case of the listening device the customer might be excused for wanting a surveillance device. In a world were society is locked in competition in stealing from one-another, contracts are easily stolen, customers are unhooked, work is sold under the table. If society had valued its humanity it would have created an environment of trust so that nobody would have dreamed about installing secret surveillance equipment. That's where society had failed itself. That's how it opened the hell's gate and the devils came pouring forth in flood tides until the whole environment becomes dehumanized. Likewise euthanasia would be unthinkable in an environment where life is more precious than comfort. When society steps away from that it opens the gates to hell for which the consequences will never stop. In this type of sense the Talmud might have stood behind your uncles. It opened the gate. This always happens, Anton, when people step away from their humanity even a bit and the heart becomes empty and cold. So, what's the point then in laying blame, when the task is to close the gate to hell? Laying blame is passive, Anton. Repairing the cause is the active approach, and that means rebuilding our humanity. That's why I think the Talmud is wrong. Children are aware of their humanity, and since that is the case they have the power to defend it, unless, of course, society drains their humanity out of them by pounding the demand into their head that they must be obedient."

"It's a tragedy then, that we are taught to be so obedient, Peter. Children, obey your parents, we say. Isn't that what we've are been taught? We are placated with rules. Obey, obey, obey the rules! The parents demand it. The teachers teach it. The church preaches it. And the state will incarcerate you if you don't obey its rules. We've been trained from childhood on to become pliable victims rather than actively living human beings."

"Wow!" I said and nodded. "In this sense, obedience is a tragedy. But if obedience to a universal principle is a people's inner response then it becomes a liberating power. That's by no means a self-betrayal. That's the power that the USA had been founded on way back in times of a great renaissance sweeping across Europe. Our National Declaration of Independence, Anton, states this profoundly and with great clarity. It states that all people tend to be obedient to long established customs, but when this obedience engenders abuses that violate a person's humanity, it becomes a duty to oneself to shed the tyranny and establish a new platform for living. That's our declaration of freedom. It stands tall as our defense against rape. That's the freedom that our nation was founded on. It took a lot of guts to implement this ideal of freedom, and it took a lot of sacrifices to defend it. But we did it. And we did it as children. Children do have power."

"So you say that this is where real power is located," said Anton quietly. "It's located in the power of principles. Are you implying that we should overthrow the Soviet Union that has become a rapist in many cases and a murderer of millions in its past? What would we replace it with? Even America has lost its soul and fared no better?""

"No Anton. Don't overthrow what your nation has built, no matter how perverted its foundation has been and its practice has been or has become. The key is not to lay blame and wreck anything, but to take the best and uplift it to a higher platform, powered by our humanity, and then to build on that. Don't let the Soviet Union fall on its own sword. Regime change doesn't elevate anything. If there is rape in the family, don't scrap the family. Lift it up. Put it onto the highest platform of its universal humanity that you can perceive."

"Why isn't the West doing this?" Anton interjected.

"Because the West hasn't discovered yet what power is, Anton. They think power is in guns and tanks and bombs and terror. That's not power, Anton. And so the people delude themselves. The word, power, has been sadly abused in modern times, especially in the sphere of cultural warfare where it has come to mean forced dominance. Thereby the very meaning of the word, power, has become corrupted. The term, power, should only be used in connection with active processes that create a richer and freer world, a New World built on advanced productive ideas, on love for one-another, and on uplifting and enriching one-another. Power is that which creates a renaissance. It is that which enables us to create what never existed before. That's power. Creativity unfolds into power. Your uncles had no trace of this renaissance power in their heart. That is why they resorted to dominance. However, dominance in not power. It's stupidity. It's utter stupidity. It's destructive stupidity. If your uncles had had any humanity left in their heart they would have given themselves the chance to relish the opportunity they had of watching a wonderful kid growing up, and of being touched by your joys as a child and by your reflection of their love for you that you would have reflected back to them. That would have resulted in a great renaissance in you family. That's the kind of power that builds. You would have gone to hikes together, played games, learned songs, gone to movies together, and things like that. They would have created a world in that manner that might have become the envy of the village. I bet that many grown-up women would then have loved to share their life with your uncles and their sex with them. Love is a great power for building a world of light. Their dominance that they chose instead wrecked everything. It destroyed the most precious that they could have had that makes life bright and wonderful. In time, the resulting loving relationship might yet have led to some sexual intimacies also with you that would then have meant something. They destroyed all of that too. Dominance makes everything small. It narrows the sunshine down to the small beam of a flashlight. Your 'flashlight parties' certainly have been appropriately named. But there was not a trace of power in any part of it."

"The power that the uncles wielded was real, Peter," Anton interrupted. "When I didn't comply, they made us all suffer. They told me that I have the power to make them feel good and that I should use this power for the good of the family."

"And so you complied, Anton. But nothing good came from this dominance, did it. The family perished. And that is how it will always be, even for entire nations. All the big wars in history were fought on this platform. The goal was always to gain dominance. This kind of raping still continues, but nothing good ever results from it or will result from it in the future. The last three millennia have been a string of utter tragedies that have kept the whole world mired in poverty. And it was all nothing more than a string of rape upon rape. It became a string of dark ages interspersed with a few bright interludes."

"I was forced to comply with the uncles' demands," said Anton. "What option does a kid have? The price for saying, no, was too high. My mother cried. We had not enough food with my dad being unable to work. Hunger is a high price to pay in comparison with what seemed like a reasonable request. It seemed like my whole family had surrendered to this rape and become a part of it. Mom and dad left the house each Wednesday to facilitate the uncle's demands, and they both knew, more than I did, that this raping wasn't right. What's a kid to do in the face of that power?"

"Not power, Anton. Dominance is the term. Nevertheless the answer that you seek is not a simple one. I will let you know what the answer is when America finds that answer, because we are suffering the same fate and haven't found an answer to it yet. America has been under the thumb of imperial dominance for most of its existence. We were given this great gift of freedom by our founding pioneers. We had even been able to hold onto it for 138 years, but bit by bit we were coerced back into submission to imperial domination. That's how our own flashlight parties began. The civility that pervades the atmosphere of the party game, which is really rape, tends to hide the ugly stuff. When America surrendered itself to imperial rape on the day before Christmas in 1913, America lost the war against war for all mankind. That's the real face of the tragedy. All the world wars of this century are the direct result of our defeat, our openness to the rapists. Yes Anton, we are a defeated nation. The consequences are proof of that truth. We lost World War I before it officially began. But we also have opposite proof. The birth of our nation started long before our nation was officially formed. It started with a bright innocence in the Bay Colony of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, more than a hundred years before the USA was formed. It had been recognized at this innocent time that a society has no need to go begging to the imperial moneybags for its financing, but has the sovereign power to create its own financial credits for building the things that are necessary for its existence and well being, such as an ironworks. Massachusetts had built the world's greatest ironworks on this basis. The community of Massachusetts had issued to itself scrip as legal tender to build the ironworks. It had become a credit society on this basis. The idea of a sovereign nation pursuing its general welfare on the principle of sovereignty and the general welfare was probably imported to us from Europe as the result of the great renaissance that was unfolding there based on the Treaty of Westphalia.

"The Massachusetts scrip, in turn, that had been issued for advancing the general welfare of that community, had subsequently been put into general circulation as a form of new money that could be used by society to buy things from each other. The principle of a credit society is such that the more credit is issued to build necessary things, the richer a society will become in the process as people have more and more money available to build each other up and run businesses and farms and so forth. The value of the money in turn was kept fungible by the physical value of what was created. That is how a credit society works, like a family building one-another up. In this manner, by the sovereign credit principle, the wealth of society is self-created. The USA has been built on that principle. Our founding fathers said to themselves, who needs the monarchy and its imperial monetarist system? They realized that private monetarism is essentially a form of feudal monetarism, a brutal for of rape, and stayed away from it. Rape isn't an ideal platform for society's self-development. So we broke away from the feudal system and became independent and became a nation. The idea for our independence, of course, came from Europe where a new humanist age was dawning with its roots going back a couple millennia, all the way back to Plato and Solon and the Pythagorean Society of Classical Greece. The founding of America as a sovereign nation state republic was quite literally a love-gift of humanity to itself. It was created with the support of the most pioneering thinkers of Europe and with a lot of logistical support from Europe, even from some kings, during its independence fight. The kings of France and Spain had supported us. In this manner our republic was built on the highest ideals and the most advanced principles developed by humanity in its entire history in order to establish a nation than can serve as beacon and as an example that would empower society globally to free itself from imperialism.

"Naturally the imperials fought to prevent us from reaching that goal. They fought us on the battlefield, but lost the fight there. Then they fought us with Adam Smith's weapon of free trade, which means 'trade free of fairness.' They almost bankrupted us with free trade. But ultimately they lost this fight too. Our first Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton, defeated the imperial free trade assault. The imperials assassinated Hamilton for it. Then the imperials tried again to take the nation back by force, by mobilizing the southern slavocracy into a war against the Union Republic. They unleashed a terrible civil war that brought enormous casualties. We nearly lost that war, Anton. We wouldn't have won it if it hadn't been for the industrialization that became possible on the basis of operating as a credit society. The same process had also enabled the 'industrialization' of agriculture. Abraham Lincoln was the leader at the time who empowered us into winning this war, which became for us a war against war. The imperials assassinated Lincoln for winning this war. Then, after their last major defeat on the battlefield the imperials began to fight us from within. They took our credit system away and foisted a Gold system on us in 1875. Gold is limited in quantity and is expensive, which largely disabled the credit system idea, or at least it severely curtailed it. Congress did this treachery for the imperials with the Specie Resumption Act. It was the first major rape that we submitted ourselves to. We opened our mouth and let the imperials in with their flashers. That was the beginning of a trend towards our eventual total surrender. The total surrender came at Christmas time in 1913, as I said. With the Federal Reserve Act our Congress gave the nation's currency and control over its credit into the hands of an organization of private imperial central banks. We literally gave the nation away on a platter, tied up with red ribbons. We had nothing left. We had become little obedient children after that. That's when we lost the war against empire, as I said, and lost it for the whole world too. We remained stuck in this trap ever since with no end in sight and we continue to be raped every day.

"World War I, as you may know, started a year after we lost to the empire our soul as a nation. World War I was an imperial war, a war organized by the British Empire to eradicate competing powers. World War II followed in the same course. So, Anton, to answer your question as to what you should have done to free yourself from being dominated by your uncles, I would say that there is nothing that you could have done. America achieved this freedom only once, and then only with the support of the whole world, and even that was a miracle. Our republic was build with the support of the leading edge intellectual elite of Europe on the platform of the Principle of Universal Love. All of that had already been destroyed again long before your time came about. At the time of the founding of the Soviet Union the Principle of Universal Love was totally discredited. In fact it wasn't even known to exist anymore. The age of the pioneers had ended. The Soviet Union wasn't founded by pioneers, but by imperial agents, by hired rapists. It is a miracle that Russia survived. Few counties, if any, has suffered as much as your country has, and it was one of the most resilient in the world. So I would say that the resources simply didn't exist at your time, that would have empowered you as a child to claim your freedom. Those resources barely exist today. As I said, America is presently miles away from escaping its own flashlight parties. America will most likely disintegrate before it can regain its freedom and become a credit society once again on the basis of the Principle of Universal Love. The principles that our nation was founded on, of course remain still valid, and can be reapplied at any time. However the imperials have too tight a grip on America's soul to let it have its currency back and thus to let it escape from its imprisonment into the imperial monetarist sphere. The imperials won't allow the development of love. The neocons are hired to make sure of that. The imperials won't allow any movement that is without stealing, raping, and hopeless poverty. The imperials had allowed America to escape only once from its prison, for a brief period. That happened during the days of Franklin Delanor Roosevelt when the imperials needed America to bail them out of the mess they created by financing Hitler into power. As soon as Hitler was dead, this open door was closed again, and the raping resumed. In their world-empire-dream the imperials have hired the neocon team, a team of rapists and assassins, to destroy the USA totally and wipe it off the map of the future for all times to come, together with Russia, China, and India."

"Our Communist Society was built as a credit society, wasn't it?" Anton interjected. "We issue our own money as a sovereign people. We never had to borrow from anybody at any time."

"That's essentially true," I interjected. "But there is a second element associated with the credit-society principle. This second element is missing in the Soviet Union. It is missing by design. Communism was designed in the workshops of the British Empire. Communism was designed to be destructive to itself. For this reason it includes the one element that keeps the population of a feudal society impotent by rape. The resulting general impotence is necessary for an imperial society to maintain itself. The Brahmins in India had discovered a particularly effective type of rape a long time ago. They had kept themselves on the throne for 2,500 years without interruption, on the basis of that grand rape. It was a double rape. It combined a religious system of 'forced' female genocide with economic looting that was tied into it. It was a kind of rape that drowns society in poverty and robs its identity as human beings. Once that was accomplished is was but a small step to treat people as less than dirt in the quest for property. In imperial ideology only property is regarded as wealth. The human being is just a laborer that works the land for the landlord. Later, when land became limited, money was substituted as a new type of property, but the ideology remained the same. In total contrast to that, in real terms, the wealth of society is its productive and creative power, and that power is primarily located in mankind's genius for creative ideas drawn from society's scientific and spiritual development. In other words the human being is the greatest treasure that a society has. You might call the development of our humanity the highest form of cultural development that is possible. Much of that element has been left out in the design of the Soviet Union by intent. In the Soviet Union the creative humanity of the human being is denied. The entire Soviet World is under central imperial-type control. The state dictates, and the shapeless mass of society carries out the orders. The Soviet Union is therefore fundamentally designed as a flashlight-party society."

Anton protested. "You are terribly cruel," she said.

"Is a person cruel that wakes someone from a deep slumber while the house is on fire? Your country is in great danger, Anton, and the whole world is in danger with it. The Soviet Union is doomed by its system. It is still not too late to change course, but time is running out. Your house has been on fire since 1917 when the Bolsheviks took in Lord Palmerston's Trojan Horse, delivered at the hands of Karl Marx, and made it Russia's most prized possession. When the Soviet Union falls, the Western Empire will be without any effective opposition. The whole of mankind will thereby be doomed. America has already surrendered itself in 1913. Our nation has lived in a flashlight-party environment for many decades already, except for the brief span of the Roosevelt years. You in the Soviet Union still have the potential to do what we should have been doing, which is to end your flashlight parties. Unfortunately, time is running out for you too."

"Are you saying that before America can save itself you need to learn the process from us?"

"No Anton, you need to learn what had once been achieved in America, which we lost, and build on that and save yourself while you still can."

Anton laughed. "Are you comparing yourself with the fabled King Arthur's Court where for a brief shiny moment a bright humanism ruled the day that stood as the hope of the world and a beacon-light for mankind? Are you saying that this is what you once were before you surrendered in 1913?"

"Actually our defeat began 1901. It began small, with the assassination of President William McKinley right in the middle of the world's fare that had been a showcase of the power of scientific and technological progress."

I spoke with a smile now. "We were the light of the world then, Anton. The uncles from Europe killed our President right in the brightness of that light of the world-fair stage. That's when the light of our nation began to be snuffed bit by bit and the flashlight parties began, one at a time, quietly. In a productive society, the state, which are the people themselves, extend to themselves the financial means to develop the nation's real wealth, to bring out their creative genius. The flashlight uncles raped us on that. They took our freedom away from us. There is no substitute possible for that. Once you open the door to universal scientific and technological development in society, you open the door to the most productive economic processes you have ever seen. That's what had made America the envy of the world during the few periods in our history when this had been allowed to happen. And it made us also the chief enemy of the imperial world. The imperials knew what was precious to us. They took it stomped our society into submission. The process had been so devastating. It had destroyed what had been our heart and soul.

"What was taken from us in that rape was something so powerful that it had inspired almost the entire world to emulate it for its creative and productive power. Russia was inspired to move with it under the leadership of Count Witty, and Germany moved with it under Bismarck. That's why the imperial rapists organized World War I after they raped us into submission. They organized a global war to stop the global expansion of the humanist system of economics that we had pioneered, that made us great, that had inspired Russia. That's when they brought out their Trojan Horse that had been readied for years. The conjured up communism to prevent Russia from ever realizing its human potential. The Soviet system is therefore a hidden imperial system. The human being is used essentially as a laborer while the focus should have been to multiply the productive power of the human being with advanced scientific and technological processes. The empire's communism had been designed to close the door to that, but Karl Marx was allowed to impose it until after we had betrayed ourselves to the empire and closed the door to the most precious we had. And so, both of our countries are now stuck, just as you were stuck being trapped into your uncles flashlight parties. The imperials still have their free run and their flashlight parties are being expanded and intensified on a scale that supercedes the tragedies of both the world wars put together. And that train to hell, Anton, will never stop until mankind dies or someone sabotages the engine or blows up the tracks"

"You don't know that, Peter. Couldn't it be that once the imperials own the whole world their attacks on humanity will stop? Maybe we should surrender the Soviet Union to them? An internal coup would do this. Maybe if we did this we might finally be able to get rid of our nuclear bombs."

"My God, don't even think of it! Look at what happened to America. We surrendered in 1913. We gave the imperials free reign. The very next year they became power-mad and unleashed a shooting war that destroyed all of Europe. Then, once they had Europe wrecked, America was torn to the ground. It took them less than ten years to drag us from the height of a powerful industrial society into a depression that we didn't recover from until Roosevelt shut the imperial system down to some degree and gave us a breathing spell. The Soviet Union may have its problems, Anton. It has deep structural problems. Nevertheless, those problems can be solved by understanding the principles that are currently being violated. But if you open yourself to the fondi and their rapists, you'll loose everything. They'll stick it to you. If the imperial system takes over Russia, millions of people will die of starvation. That's an absolute certainty. They'll impose economic austerity and hunger on a scale that you never imagined would be possible. They'll shut down your industries when they can't compete with world market prices established by slave-labor economies. You will loose far more of your industries than Hitler had been able to destroy during war. And worst of all, you will do the destruction yourself with your own hands. The imperials will offer you loans for reconstruction, but with those loans come the conditions that you privatize everything that you have built. Privatization means that you sell at auction your national industries, infrastructures, and resources, for the price of a song, and then pay through the nose for the privatized services. The process has already begun in America. Huge money funds are being formed in the West that have enormous financial resources amassed to buy up the controlling interest of rich corporations. They will take them over and asset-strip them and shut them down, and then walk away with a profit while hundreds of thousands loose their employment. And so, each imperial country looses its productive potential bit by bit. They also take over public corporations as they urge the government to sell, especially infrastructures, which they milk for profit, jacking up the rates, while they let the physical systems decay on minimal maintenance. That is how America is being destroyed right now. Russia will be subjected to the same process only more intensively. They will offer you the world, while they take the world from you. Whatever you do, Anton, don't let the Soviet Union collapse. Do whatever needs to be done to repair the problems, but don't hand your country over to the imperials rapists. They rape the life out of you."

"I'm touched by your concern, Peter, but that makes you a paradox. Isn't communism hated in America? Hasn't America fought a bitter war in Vietnam to contain communism? Doesn't every American want communism to fail?"

"Communism is designed to fail, Anton. Communism was designed by the British Empire to destroy Russia. I told you that. I said this earlier. Communism has deeply located structural flaws that assure its ultimate failure. You have demonstrated you're ability to repair the flaws to some degree. That's why the Soviet Union still exists. But you have repaired just a few of them. There are still many flaws left. The cultural 'flashlight parties' haven't stopped yet creating more and deeper flaws. The word communism is now used to capture all the horrors of their rape. They rape, and pin the effect on communism. In order to survive you have to find a way to stop the cultural warfare that is raging within, powered from the empires that your leaders so innocently court. You have already discovered from personal experience what this does to a person. Now project forward o fathom the pain of a nation. I sincerely hope that you succeed on the national scale to end the flashlight parties, both for your sake and the sake of humanity as a whole. If you succeed, maybe your success will encourage America, which is deeper into this mess to follow suit."

"Are you saying that the survival of America depends on the survival of the Soviet Union?" Anton interrupted.

"Not on just the survival of the Soviet Union, but on the rebuilding of the entire Soviet Union into a humanist renaissance-world, powered with grace and love, financed by a state credit structure that is totally focused on developing the creative potential of it people. The key element of an economic system must never be to employ human labor. It must always be scientific and technological progress that multiplies the effectiveness of human labor so that the labor becomes light and worthwhile while it is powerfully transforming the world. That is what makes us human! That is what empowers a society to exist that is no longer a mass of beasts of burden, which labor-intensive slavery is, but become a society that is a creator of a new and brighter world with powerful technological processes. If the Soviet Union would achieve that high-level kind of humanist development mankind would have a beacon for hope again. It might even inspire America to rescue itself."

"Why don't you take the lead and inspire us?" Anton interrupted.

"I wish we could, Anton," I replied and laughed. "It should be easy for us to get ourselves out of this trap. The General Welfare Principle is still the fundamental principle of our Federal Constitution. It's the closest formal acknowledgement of the Principle of Universal Love that one can find anywhere in the world. But it has all been trashed in America and been replaced with the glorification of greed. I think that we in America are more deeply mired in the mud of the Byzantine imperial rape than you people are, and I see no one making any effort in either country to get anyone of the sewer that we've all been dragged into. The Principle of Universal Love appears to be as dead in Russia as it is in America. This means that we are in a race with each other to the bottom to see whose country will disintegrate first. You may win that race, Anton, even though you have a better chance to rescue yourself. America is too far gone. We have no strength left to rescue ourselves with. I'm sure you've been at this point personally where everything seems hopeless."

Anton nodded. "I know what you're saying. But don't count on Russia. We haven't got any strength left either. There is nothing in our history that would give us this strength. As you said yourself, Russia has never experienced a great renaissance."

"Maybe Mexico will come to our rescue," I said to her. "The Mexican people have a long history of pulling themselves out of the quagmire of imperial strangulation. They were raped by Aztec and survived, then by the Spaniards that they freed themselves from. We raped them too. They were raped badly by the USA, Anton. The entire southwestern USA had been Mexican territory. We had invaded Mexico in the mid 1800s, and by the force of war stole from them the present states of Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona and New Mexico. The US-Mexico War was an imperial conquest of vast proportion, a gigantic rape They survived that rape too. Still, to the present day we never gave them their territory back. Some day we will. Maybe at this point we'll become a renaissance nation again to which the possession of land and domination over a people is no longer a big thing. Right now we are miles away from that. Can you see now how far we've sunk into the imperial sewer? We may never get out."

"Now you are lying to yourself," Anton interjected. "You don't need any other nation's example to get out of your own rut. You only need to look at your own example, your founding principles, your historic achievement. You were the first nation on this planet to climb out of the imperial sewer where everybody is routinely raped. You fought like hell and you succeeded. That history is still within you, and always will be, because there is a truth in it. It demonstrates what can be done. You are the diamond of the world, Peter, that fell into the mud, which remains a diamond still. Your history demonstrates what can be achieved by human beings on this planet. Reclaim your history, Peter. Climb out of the mud. Give Mexico their territory back. Heal the rape that you inflicted on your own soul by raping Mexico. Treasure your history as a renaissance people. If you made mistakes while growing up, correct them, and then treasure the brightness of what you have accomplished. Cherish your history; celebrate it in deeds; teach your founding principles in the schools; teach the Principle of Universal Love; preach your principles from the pulpit; explore them in dialogue on the streets of your cities; thread them into art, movies, songs. I wish we had such a richly profound history like yours. Don't through away this rich thing that you have. Cling to it. Dig deep into it. I had to dig deep into what I am as a human being to get my life back, Peter. Do you think it was easy to pull myself out of the sewer after those years of being raped? It was hard, Peter. It was a struggle. And even now, I haven't won everything back. I'm still fighting. I need your help in this fight. And most of all I need your patience. I also need you to be patient with yourself."

Anton was silent after that. I felt a deep chill in my soul as I suddenly remembered what she really said. She had said loud and clear that she never freed herself from her 'forced' subjection to being raped. The rape ended only when the rapists died. She had never experienced the power of a human being to build a free life. Maybe that is what she meant when she said that she was still struggling to get her life back."

"I think we should turn around," I said to her after we had been walking in this chilly cold of the ice-fog that came drifting from the snow over the river.

"I agree we should turn back," she said. "I'm freezing. I'm not used to these long walks in the cold."

"Oh, I thought you Muscovites are used to the cold," I said in order to get a different kind of conversation going. "I'm sorry in this case for having dragged our conversation out for so long. We should have turned back sooner. Maybe what you need right now to help you recover from the cold is a long hot bath and a glass of hot Rum to get warm again."

"You're dreaming, Peter. We don't have such luxuries in Russia. Maybe in America all houses have built-in bathrooms, but not here. We are a poor country, Peter."

"You may be poor, Anton, but you treat the tourists well. May I offer you a bath at the hotel? We've got all the luxuries in the world there."

"That's a sweet offer, Peter, but I can't accept that. How could I possibly have a bath in a room with two men staying there?"

"One man only!" I corrected here. "You had booked two to a room for the conference, but my boss Fred, wouldn't have it. He asked for a room of his own and paid for it himself. Nor would you have to contend with me being in the room at all. I would wait for you in the bar downstairs while you have your bath."

"I can't accept that either, Peter. It wouldn't be proper."

"You would be able to extend you bath out for as long as you would like, with no strings attached. You can stay in the tub for an hour, if you like, or two. I don't mind. I'll listen to some music in the bar," I said to her and began to laugh. "I have kept you in the cold. I owe you! What do you say?"

She said nothing in reply. Hurray! This means she didn't say NO!

While walking back the way we came, she remained mostly silent. I didn't press the issue of the bath. Also the sudden silence was welcome. It gave me time to look at the landscape. It occurred to me during those silent 'moments' that the Volga was much wider than I had imagined it to be. I also found the lack of tall buildings on the skyline surprising. The Ostankino tower with its flashing light stood like a lone thin needle against a sky that appeared black and empty against the white of the snow that surrounded us. A few lanterns along the path faintly illumined the channel that was cut through the snow for people to walk in. The dim light also revealed a few snow-covered shrubs in the distance in what appeared to be a park-like setting.

Anton didn't say anything except for a few brief remarks until we had turned away from the river, back towards the subway station. Only when we came near to the station did she finally say yes. "I think I'll accept your offer under one condition," she added quietly. "The condition is that you'll give me the keys to your room."

I stopped and reached into my pocket and gave her the keys with a smile. "I have no need for the keys in the bar," I said with a smile. I stopped when I gave her the keys. I stopped to be able to face her, to see her smile in return. And it was a beautiful smile that I saw. It was a different smile than I had seen before. Something had touched her. Something had touched her more than just superficially. "There is no need to be afraid of me," I said to her. "I offered you an open door. It's up to you step through it if you wish, even for sex if you wish, for playing soap bubbles that float away with the wind, or for having a drink with me afterwards in the bar. I make no demands. The horizon of the world is yours to explore as far as you want to go or not at all. Whatever your choice is, its fair with me. You fear sex. Obviously you do. I respect that. But maybe you shouldn't hide from it. It's a part of life too. The only thing that is completely unfair about sex is that we made a great dam out of it, behind which everything gets piled up so that nothing moves and pressure builds up. That's when rape happens and people get hurt. But taking down the great dam is also scary, especially if one doesn't know how. If I've messed things up for you in that respect, please forgive me."

She nodded and said nothing more in return until we got to the hotel. The hotel was within walking distance.


As I had promised, I waited for her in the bar. When she joined me nearly an hour later, her hair still damp, I ordered the hot Rum that I had also promised. I did so with her consent of course.

"There is something that puzzles me about all of this," she said after she started sipping the Rum, smiling at me. "I had time to thing about it in the bathtub. You compared my uncles' flashlight parties, which I got forced into, with America's entrapment. I can agree that the end-result was the same in both cases, but I also see a fundamental difference. In my case, I didn't submit myself to these orgies by my own choice, whereas you in America did so in 1913. You said yourself that your submission was a willing act, an Act of Congress. Your own people voted for it. It was totally voluntary then. You could have easily said, no! I didn't have the option to say no, Peter. I tried, but the consequences were too painful. Of course we have laws in Russia against this kind of rape. But which court would have taken the word of a child against the word of three adults? And even if I had succeeded in getting the uncles convicted and have them sent to a gulag, I would have committed our family to starvation. When America submitted itself to imperial domination at Christmas time in 1913, your country didn't face those kinds of overpowering factors. This tells me that your comparison is flawed. The two situations are totally different. Why didn't you stand up for yourself in 1913 and said, no? You could have easily said, no, no, stop!"

"You are right," I said, after sipping on my own hot Rum. "It certainly appears that way. You described some apparently fundamental differences. But if you look deeper, the differences become blurred and disappear. As I said, the imperials have been set at war against America for over 130 years, aiming to get us back under their thumb as their willing slaves. They tried everything from open warfare to the assassination of our brightest leaders. Nothing worked. Force simply didn't work. As their last resort they implemented cultural warfare. Just as they gave communism to you at the hands of their agent Karl Marx, as a Trojan Horse to destroy Russia from within, so they foisted greed-based fascism on us. They gave us greed with their Trojan Horse, presented at the hands of Adam Smith. They called it the ideal system of economics. In 1913 we had already been defeated by a century of subtle rape. Adam Smith had said to America that greed makes a society rich. He said, 'never mind scientific and technological progress for the general welfare. Open your heart to greed.' That's what he said. Never mind building and creating. He said that wealth is property, and property can be stolen from others by clever means. He inspired society to put itself in competition with one-another and steal from one-another. Become rich! He said that private monetarism built on the rage of greed is the road to riches. Then in 1913 the kind uncles from Europe said to us, you have a worm in your belly. Federal money takes your initiative away, inhibits greed, and makes you sick and lazy. Too many regulations stand in the way. Let us help you to draw those worms out of your belly. We can tell you exactly what laws you need to enact to draw those inhibiting things out of your economic system. Just open yourself to us. Open your 'mouth.' Let us in. But keep the treatment a secret. Let's not have a public discussion until the cure has been accomplished, until the laws are in effect. That's how it was in 1913 and still is in many ways. And so, as you can see, the differences blur. We got raped, we got robbed, just like you did. And then, soon afterwards we realized what happened. But it was too late."

"You should have been wise to them," Anton interrupted. "The imperials had been trying to rape you ever since your country was born, as you said yourself."

"Empires exist by stealing. Yes, we should have known that, Anton. But Adam Smith made the process sound so sweet that everybody wanted to take part in it and become rich. A few people did indeed become highly successful in stealing from society, and everybody was taught to admire them for their wealth. Their success in stealing from society had made them 'great' men in the eyes of society. Society celebrated their success. Stealing became the new principle of economics. Nobody looked at the decimation of society as a whole. They just saw the glitter. This deep reaching perversion of our culture, Anton, was carried out over a long period by the best professionals in cultural warfare that have their roots anchored deep in the 'achievements' of the Venetian Empire, which is itself rooted in the cultural decadence of the Byzantine Empire and the Roman Empire that created it. The disciples of Adam Smith were so clever in their raping that we fell for it. We trusted them. They succeeded. That's how America fell, after 130 years of cultural warfare that had succeeded making the old imperial system look sweet and wonderful that had once been despised. That's what we capitulated to. Sure, we could have said, no! But who was there to say no to it? The trap that we fell into was a far more cleverly thought out than the trap that your uncles had set up for you. They might very well have tried to convince you that sticking their flashers into you, after you found out, was actually for your benefit and that their flash floods are good for you. You may have even believed them at first and might have gladly swallowed their stuff as it still promised a cure. You didn't know that you weren't sick. Did you. You probably didn't know that for quite some time, maybe several months. So you let them do what they wished for the promise that it would cure you. It was the same with us. We didn't know in 1913 that we weren't sick. America was put in a trance by the 'imperials' private monetarism. America evidently convinced itself that it was wise to swallow the bitter side effects in the trance that glorifies riches, that cures poverty, which we didn't really have. Who realized in 1913 that only a few could ever achieve those riches that are built on stealing from society? Evidently it takes many slaves to support a single master in opulent living. And so, 80% to 90% of America swallowed the bitter side effects that come with the imperial monetarist thievery system. It's hard to say, no, for a society that is axiomatically put into a trance. It would have been easier for you to say no to your uncles."

"Perhaps not, Peter," Anton interrupted me and began to laugh. "We women gave you men plenty of training to beware of the lure of a trance. We are a bit of a paradox that way. We wear deeply cut dresses or blouses that show off our breasts, but when men stare at them in the trance that we create, we feel uncomfortable and mentally scold them for it."

I shook my head in disbelief. Was I hearing her right?

"Don't deny that you enjoyed looking at my breasts, Peter. You did so all night. You did a poor job in trying to conceal your interest. But you never said a word. This makes you a paradox too. You were in a trance, and you couldn't escape it, but you had enough self-control to keep your response from going any further than just looking. Why couldn't America have responded in the same manner to the imperial's trance of greed, which they called economics? Why couldn't your people keep their hands off it?"

"Probably for the same reason that your uncles couldn't keep their flashers zipped up. Probably the very thought of them sticking their flashers into you created a trance that made them feel good. They evidently felt they had to follow this trance. And it probably worked for them. In their trance they probably never realized that at the moment when they surrendered to the trance they that they had put themselves in, they lost the most precious opportunity they could possibly have, namely their experiencing the love of a beautiful little girl, which you obviously were. America had surrendered in its trance under the spell of greed probably in the same manner as they did. America lost its humanity in ever-larger measures and still continues to loose it. I pray to God that I never make this mistake towards you. The loss would be too great. But you are right about America. That happened to America, but America was a victim in that just as Russia had been a victim of top-down domination by the imperial system, the Byzantine system of social mind-control that Russia gave its heart to for a thousand years. Now you are celebrating the Thousand-Year Anniversary of the longest-duration rape on your nation. You are celebrating a tragedy. That is what I really wanted to say. You were enticed and took part in it. It's the same in America. We are raped by greed. But this isn't native. It has the same roots, only more intensely eveloped. For 130 years we have been the victims of a war of rape by the very empire that we stepped away from when we created the American Unioun of free states. The empire his us with war after war. He held our ground on the battle field, but they defeated us in our own Congress in 1913. They defeated us with traitors that gave the nation away into the hands of empire. With that the nation was lost and mankind lost big-time from then on."

"Are you saying that 1913 was just the beginning for America demise?" Anton interjected.

I nodded slightly. "We've been on the loosing street ever since. We've been raped from then on. Every year we sink deeper into the sewer that the empire opened up for us as we loose more and more of our humanity under the resulting trance of the fascism of greed. That's what happens when a people are being abused by a trance. I am sure when your uncles stuck their 'flashers' into your mouth and filled you up with their 'juices' you felt a bit of your humanity ripped away from you. Luckily, you got out of this environment before the damage went too deep. America was not as lucky. When this kind of rape happens to a whole nation over a long period of time and the raping doen't end, the nation becomes cold and hard. The Principle of Universal Love recedes far out of sight when this happens. The general welfare focus that our nation was founded on became lost. And so, what the nation stands for today is ugly and becomes uglier by each passing day. Some day, I hope, we will end this trend. But we are not there yet. We are still stuck in the imperial trap, just as you were trapped with your uncles. That is why America refuses to give up the death penalty, or its fascination with torture, or its nuclear terror weapons, or even its first-use policy, and refuses to ban land mines and uranium munitions. Our dirty uranium bombs that we are now toying with are the most efficient weapons of mass destruction ever created on the planet, because they literally keep on killing forever, and we plan to be using them in a big way. Nobody knows what the long-term effects of the resulting genetic mutations will be as alpha radiation fills the Earth's atmosphere. Hardly anybody cares anymore about protecting people. The uranium bombs, the DU bombs as they call them, are the dirties of the dirty bombs. They should never be used. But that's the way we are going. We plan to be using them by the tens of millions to destroy Russia with them, and China, and India, and large portions of ourselves too. That's what the imperials had long hoped we would do. They want mass-genocide. They have been crying about depopulation since the 1950s. They want to see a world of less than one billion people, a world they can control. That is at the end or the rainbow of the Byzantine System that you are celebrating. You should stop the celebration and wake up before it is too late. The intended rape of all mankind goes beyond genocide. The imperials in America are toying with weaponry that might exterminate the whole of mankind in the space of a few generations, with no recourse for the victims once the damage begins to manifest itself. You said yourself that you didn't get out of your in-family rape situation until all the rapists were dead. The whole world is now moving in the direction that you couldn't get out of, and there is no indication that the rapists will go away before all will be dead, Anton. That's how insane we've become, Anton. Now tell me that the world doesn't need the Soviet Union's help. It needs everybody's help, or else we will not survive. We are in mortal danger even without nuclear war. Sanity and humanity must be rebuilt and be re-established, and you must help. We must all help each other on this front where our very survival is at stake."

Anton shook her head in response with a disgusted look on her face and started to get up to leave. "I have to get out of here," she said. "This is getting too scary. I also find it disgusting that you are saying these horrible things about your own people."

"This has nothing to do with our people or the British people," I cut her off. "This is the result of the universal response around the planet to the universal rape of mankind by the imperial forces of this world that nobody wants to face up to, much less counter. In fact you are celebrating those very forces. I am saying that we have to stop this apathy. I am saying that this has to begin with each one of us before the consequences get out of hand. I am saying that the Principle of Universal Love is the only platform we have to win this fight with. Every other platform is an imperial platform in some fashion and will get us nowhere. I'm also saying that we won't likely understand the depth of the trap that we are in until we understand the Byzantine model of top-down domination in which truth and love have no place and life itself is becoming exceedingly discounted to zero. Yes, Anton, all of that is ugly, and scary, but we can't walk away from it, because we can't walk away from the consequences."

I reached my hand out to her. "I don't want to scare you, or entice you, or trap you. But I do want your help with this. I know you have to go home. It is very late. At least allow me to get you a taxi as a way of saying thanks for sharing the evening with me."

"No Peter, I'll take the Metro," she said sharply. "I don't want to be in anybody's debt."

With that said, she turned and left the bar. She walked away without looking back.

I felt the urge to run after her. I felt urged to reply to her cold departure that if we become so extremely self-isolated that we don't want to be in another's debt for helping one-another, then we have already lost and all hope is gone.

As it was, I didn't run after her. I let her be. I felt that she needed to learn this lesson herself, and that she would make the needed discovery soon and realize in her own way that my proposal by which we can actually win our freedom and thereby end the imperial rape upon the world.

From: The Lodging for the Rose - Episode 4a: Seascapes and Sand


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