An Invitation to Heaven

"I want you to know that I admire the founders of the USA and its European supporters, the cream of the world, who together created the greatest republic on the face of the planet," said Steve when the music ended and the time had come for making a toast. He spoke about List, Leibnitz, and Benjamin Franklin. "I also admire Alexander Hamilton," he added, "and John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Henry Carey, and so forth, and Franklin Delanor Roosevelt. My science hero, of course, is Benjamin Franklin. I admire the man for his contribution to the scientific tradition of America. I really should live in America," said Steve and grinned, "but I can't. Initially I came to this country in part to gain an understanding of how a person survives under an oppressive regime. Strangely, it was here where I found the greatest freedom and one of the most advanced thinkers I know." He was looking at Ushi and smiled. Then he paused for a moment and reached for his glass and grinned. "I found a whole new dimension of freedom, here," he said, "and now this dimension has been expanded again as Pete has come into our lives." He raised his glass of apple juice high. "Let this day never be forgotten," he added and nodded to me.

I couldn't answer.

He glanced at me and smiled as if I should make a speech, too, as in the old scholarly tradition. It appeared to be expected.

"There are people who aim to advance humanity, and people who aim to destroy it, "I said. "There are people who honor each other and work to make the world secure, and there are people who claim to own humanity and claim the right to annihilate it whenever they please. The good that sets the one apart from the other, is found in rich measure in this room," I said. "We, in this room, have the power to elevate the world. The power of right ideas is a greater force than nuclear weapons. By this power of advanced ideas weapons can be defeated together with the forces that would use them, even those that nothing else but right ideas can defeat. This is the great significance of our gathering, here, tonight. This makes it a historic occasion." I raised my glass.

Ushi, too, made a speech, a short one. She asked us both a question. "Which profession provides the highest service to God and to man in God's image? Is it the service of the clergy, the scientists, or the politicians?"

Steve ginned and motioned me to answer. "There can only be one answer," I said. "The clergy speaks about the glory of God, and of man in the image of God. But they speak only words. The scientist puts into practice what the clergy merely hints at. The scientist searches for fundamental principles and applies them to create a civilization in which humanity can live more richly and fully than it would otherwise be able to live. The scientist opens the gate to the truth that the clergy merely dreams about. Thus, the scientist provides a higher service. More important, however, is the work of the politician that creates the institutions, which enable the scientists to work and the clergy to speak. Without creating institutions of government committed to advancing the welfare of the whole of society, the fruition of the dreams of the clergy and the ideas of the scientists cannot be realized. Without the politician dedicated to the highest principles, society remains a collection of slaves. Thus, the highest tribute falls upon the politician. But you left one aspect out," I added. "The supreme tribute falls on the individual human being, on Man the Living the Image of God. The church serves to define it. Divine Science serves to empower it. It is the politician's task to stoke the furnace and protect the church and to protect science, but the power in this world rests with Man for the very glory of God. If that is slandered, God is slandered and civilization diminishes and falls apart. If that happens the Principle of the universe is slandered instead of being expressed. Then the light goes out in the world. Every sting of hate is a slap in the face of God. Every loving thought and gesture is the reflection of God bringing a light to this world that can never truly dim."

Steve approved the answer.

Ushi raised her glass and said something to the effect that whenever two or three are gathered together with a right idea in their hearts, they can change the world. She smiled at me. "Right, Pete, would you agree then that the building of the greatest infrastructures for human living ever imagined has already begun, and is now happening in this room?"

I applauded her remarks.

It seems to me that my whole day with Ushi had been like that. We had poured out our ideas to each other in one continuous stream. I could feel a movement going on that became rich and vital, and beautiful, and Steve now became a part of it. No one complained about anything. We were moving ahead. We had no reason for complaining. Something big was moving us that night, and that was still unfolding.


Dinner had been served in the 'good' room. Their apartment was on the top floor of an old building, on the fourth floor, I believe, or maybe the fifth. The apartment had Ushi written all over it. I could see her touch everywhere. It was spotlessly clean, decorated in a way that said this is home, our home. There were also private 'spaces' reserved in this home for both Ushi and Steve, places to work, places to ponder, places to grow.

The furnishings were of a modern Swedish style. The attic above the apartment had been converted into a library, crammed with textbooks, novels, reference books, and magazines. Ushi had given me the tour almost as soon as we had entered her world. The balcony off the kitchen served as Steve's study during the summer months. A portion of it was set aside for her typewriter. The balcony was one of their private places. And it really was private. One could hardly see out over all the Geranium plants, except upwards to the sky.

For dinner, Ushi had laid the fine china out. And Steve, too, had a surprise waiting for us. He produced a bottle of wine from under the table.

"We really shouldn't," he said with a grin, "it is bad for the mind. It disturbs the delicate chemical balance of the brain that is essential for clear thinking," he grinned.

"He is right," said Ushi and got up to get the wineglasses. "Sometimes he breaks his own rule," she said to me and smiled. "He does this when there are guests around."

"Otherwise people might wonder," Steve defended himself as he started to fight the wine bottle. The cork wouldn't come out. He had some words to say about the corkscrew that had its thread made too shallow. The cork tore into chunks. He struggled to get all the pieces out. Regardless, there were still bits of cork floating on top of the wine.

"We experience our knowledge," he joked as he put the bottle down. He had filled our glasses barely half full.

Ushi looked at me, embarrassed by the half-empty glasses.

"Let's drink to Truth!" he said.

"Truth?" I asked.

"Isn't that what a scientist does every day?" he replied.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Priest's look for God," he said. "By definition, religion is an instrument for finding Truth. But by nature, Truth is absolute. That is something that no man can ever fully reach, because the universe is constantly expanding. Truth is something we can only strive towards and understand its shades and color as we move along and apply our understanding. Our glass is never as full as it could be. There is always more to be discovered, which can be understood. There will never be an end to this process of filling our world with ever greater light."

I raised my glass, smiled at Ushi, and suggested we drink to that. So, we drank to Truth.


Steve grinned at me. "Most priests, religions, and institutions, literally prevent you from filling your glass, but freedom requires that one's glass be filled to the brim and be overflowing. This presents a great challenge," he said, raising his glass again.

We all drank to that, too.

"Our lives depend on our glasses being as full as they can be," he said as he put his glass down.

I must have looked at him with a blank stare. What did he mean? He didn't refill our glasses.

"It's a natural phenomenon," Steve explained. He insisted that we take a moment to think about that.

I shrugged my shoulders. Ushi didn't say anything.

Steve stood up and raised his glass as if it were for another toast. "Oligarchies are very poor," Steve continued, "their glasses are empty; they are never free; they are constantly struggling to manipulate the world in order that they may have their glasses filled for them by the labors of other people. This is becoming evermore precarious for them. They steal, loot, and plunder, but nothing happens that fills their glasses. In a sense, they are desperately poor in spite of their stolen riches, or because of them. This vital point they cannot understand. That is why they steal more and more. They are determined to continue down this road until they own the whole world and everyone else is dead."

He paused and reached for the bottle and filled his glass up just a pinch more. Then he continued his lecture.

"The oligarchy cannot understand what makes humanity truly rich," he said. "What makes us rich is not what we take from the cup, but what we put into the cup out of the riches of our human Soul, our intellect, our ingenuity, wisdom, caring, etc. Our glasses contain only what we create for ourselves, what we discover of ourselves, what we enable ourselves to be and the joy that we find in the beauty and the strength of one-another and of the whole of humanity. Our glasses contain all that. One might call it the substance of Love."

Steve turned to me and said. "You must never forget this little parable, Peter, because it embraces everything. What the world calls God, I recognize as the creative Principle of the universe, the root of its existence. Everything that exists in the universe unfolds from this Principle expressed by Intelligence, from the greatest clusters of galaxies to the tiniest part of a particle of an atom. Everything is ordered by universal principles of that Principle of the universe. And it is all exceedingly intelligently arranged. The universe manifests that one Principle universally in an extremely harmonizing manner. It is the substance of the universe, and Intelligence is the reason for its being and our being. Our universal humanity manifests this one Principle to the fullest as far as we comprehend it. It renders us the tallest expression of Life in our universe. The principle of our humanity is Love. Love is its name. We live it."

Steve put his wineglass down and reached for a slice of lemon that he had prepared for his soda water. He held it high. "If I squeeze the lemon, what do I get out of it?" he asked. "I get lemon juice, right, because that is what is in it? Now if I touch a human being, what do I get? Well, unless our humanity has dried up in the dessert of sophistry, hate, mutilation, and slander, I'll find myself surrounded by expressions of Love. The name of our humanity is Love, among other such elements of the Sublime as I had listed before."

"Elements like Principle, Mind, Life, Soul, Truth, and Spirit?" I interjected.

Steve looked at me for a few moments in silence. "We radiate all of that, because it is the substance of our being," he continued. All aspects of the Sublime are a part of the design of the Intelligence that shapes the universe. If we touch a human being, that is what we get. We get a manifestation of the Principle of the universe, and that Principle is Universal Love."

"This includes a whole lot, I agree," I said quietly.

"We find in it the substance of good," said Steve, "and we rejoice with a great joy over it, which is love. However, in order to live Love, it has to be alive in us. The Principle of the universe has be our Life, consciously, including everything that pertains to it. Then loving will be the natural result. However, this loving must be a joy for what we are. It must manifests the joy that we find in our own humanity. Joy manifests our self-loving as an expression as universal Love. It expresses these in the highest possible sense, as the tallest expression of Life in our universe. It defines us as a spiritual species with near boundless capacities and potentials. There is so much to be in Love with in our humanity, because Love pervades everything, Peter. That is why it's unfolding borders on the miraculous. Our joy in Love, Peter, fills our glasses. Nothing else does. It becomes a radiant sun that enriches the universe around us. That is why I say that what we put into our glasses is the substance of our humanity and our being in Love with it. That's what counts and enriches our living. The rest is secondary."

"Actually the rest isn't secondary," I countered him. "By what you have been saying, there isn't anything else. The world is filled with problems, but they all have one root. The war of empire versus civilization is wide and encompasses many fields and many fronts, but they all have one common factor, which is their denial of the Sublime, the denial of our humanity, the denial of anything that matters. The biggest failure that we make is that we are fighting on these fronts where nothing really matters. We get locked into meaningless single issues if we are fighting at all. When we are fighting little single issues we get lost in the back-alleys without ever hitting the core issue. I think we can only hope to win by developing what really counts on all of these fronts. I don't think there is a secondary front. The one thing that counts everywhere, I think, is our humanity. Bur we must develop it scientifically. When we address all of the challenging issues at once in a fundamental way, maybe we can actually win. But for that we have to be honest with ourselves about everything that pertains to our humanity, even sex, even then when facing the Truth poses a challenge."

Steve just smiled. He looked at me, taking hold again of his still half-empty glass and asked us if we were all satisfied to have our glass only half full. He said that one should never be satisfied with that, because that would dangerous according to what I had just said. Then he continued his lecture, holding up his near empty glass.

"Here comes the part that very few people understand," he said. "If we only embrace science and knowledge and discoveries, our glasses will always remain half empty, because our knowledge, our science, and our discoveries will forever be incomplete. There will always be a higher hypothesis superseding the highest hypothesis that has been created. Our understanding of the absolute is never full."

He smiled at me. "But Love, my friend, has no such limits. Love is boundless at every moment. The Sublime has no limits. God has no limits. No limits are imposed onto our loving in appreciation for our humanity and one-another. Love is an infinite source and a presence that fills our glasses right to the brim and lets them overflow at every moment of our life. This flood, of course, doesn't reflect how well we ARE loved, but how well we DO love. To be in Love, means to be joyous;" he added. "It means to be joyous with appreciation for the beauty of our humanity that we find within and see reflected also in one-another."

"We have much to be joyous about," said Steve to Ushi. "This is what fills our glasses," he said emphatically to both of us, "and our glasses will be overflowing. Indeed, we expect them to be overflowing constantly, to be flooding the whole world with the substance of Love. Naturally, as our glasses overflow, we thereby enrich one-another's existence with the outflow of our loving. This is what happens naturally when we begin to be in Love universally. It is a natural process. This process defines what it means to live as a human being."

Steve then turned to me and smiled. "Be careful, Peter, to never limit the flow of your loving, or anyone else's. Never create the slightest barriers that inhibit the power of your loving, or another person's. You must become sensitive to this requirement, because such barriers are all too easily created, especially against the loving of those whom we profess to love the most. Don't let your marriage ideals create boundaries that would hinder your wife in developing herself to experience the fullness of her being in Love in her daily living."

Steve raised his glass again. "Remember, our cup must be overflowing, because that is what it means to be human. Everyone's cup must be overflowing if the substance of our humanity is to be a light by which the whole world becomes enriched. Then, and only then, can we hope that as we inspire the same flow in others across all boundaries and creeds, and numerous divisions, that the need for nuclear weapons will fall away. Only then can we allow ourselves to feel secure."

He turned to me again. "The worst thing we can do," he said, "is to build barriers against another person's loving, or against our own. If we do this, there will be no light and our world will drift into a Dark Age. This drifting into darkness has already begun around the world."

Steve sat down after his speech. He sat down without taking another sip. "That's why I won't fill your glasses," he said and grinned. "This responsibility belongs to you." He reached for the bottle and gave it to me.

"But no flooding, please," Ushi requested, and laughed. We all laughed at that.

Steve said that his analogy wasn't intended to become messy.

I took the bottle with a smile. I would have been lying if I had said that I wasn't impressed by Steve's speech. Except he stopped short of answering the two questions that puzzled me the most. I put the bottle back onto the table. Its time had not yet come.

"Steve, what really is universal Love?" I said to him as I put the bottle down, looking directly at him. He seemed surprised at the question. "Steve, it has been said that the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia that ended eighty years of war, was founded on a platform of universal Love. But what is universal Love, Steve? And most of all, what is it in terms of our self-loving? Are the two really the same? We've been throwing the terms around too casually. How do we understand them at the leading edge of science?"

Steve looked puzzled.

"I am not talking about selfishness, Steve, when I say self-loving," I added. "You guess you know that. I am talking about self-loving in reflecting the Sublime sense of Love. This puts us at the leading edge, doesn't it?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "Selfishness is usually considered a rotten trait of character, which is deemed synonymous with self-love, but you obviously expect a different answer. You expect a positive answer. You expect an answer that uplifts the human scene as it did in 1648. To be honest, Pete, I don't know what the leading edge answer is. You've got me on this one. I simply haven't considered such a question before in terms of our sublimity. It certainly appears to be a worthwhile project to explore. But what's your own take on that? What do you think it is?"

Steve paused momentarily and then without waiting for an answer he held his hand up. "I know how we can explore that. Let me ask you a hypothetical question, Peter. Let's do some role-playing. That sometimes helps to explore deep issues in a somewhat detached manner, from a higher platform, so to speak. Ushi likes to explore deep questions that way. But don't answer superficially, please. Think about your answer."

"All right Steve, ask away!"

"OK, here it goes. Suppose there was to be a convention in heaven, a kind of competition that involves all the would-be creators of the universe. Suppose you were among them. The grand price would be given to whoever would present the most perfect design for the highest form of Live in the universe. Suppose you wanted to win that competition badly, since it had never really been won before, through many have tried. The previous attempts gave us all the creatures that we know, like insects and animals and so on. So, what would you propose. What would your highest species of Life in the universe be like? What kind of species would you create?"

"What a question is this, Steve? Obviously, I would propose to create a human being."

"Oh, would you kindly describe your creation, Peter. What characteristics would you give it?"

"That's easy to answer, Steve. I would propose for the species of my dreams what I had ever hoped we would be. I would create a species of spiritual beings with qualities so rich that no one has ever seen the half of them before. Also, I would create them so that they would be in Love with each other at the first sight as a matter of Principle."

"What Principle, Peter?"

"The one Principle, Steve, or more precisely that aspect of it that defines beauty, such as ascetic beauty, beauty in character, poise, expression, and countless other aspects like that. They would be in Love with each other on that basis, because they would value these elements of their humanity in their heart, as a matter of Principle, and therefore they would value the manifestation of them in one-another, also as a matter of Principle."

"What do you mean by a matter of Principle, Peter."

"I mean by that they really have no choice but to respond in that manner, because that would be a part of their basic design. It would be in the Blueprint. It would be cast in concrete. It would be that, simply because that's just the way it would be. A principle imposes an imperative that is greater than oneself. Principle is an element of the Blueprint of the Universe. It defines something that is ultimately not an option, Steve."

"But one can't see a principle, Peter. So how can you be sure that your super-humanity will recognize your aspects of Principle?"

"Of course they can't see Principle, Steve. No one can see that with the eye. But that's easy to fix, isn't it. I'll give them a spiritual sense. I give them the capacity so see with the mind. That's revolutionary, right? No animal has ever achieved that, but for my super-humanity that would be a normal way of living, as a matter of Principle.

"Some of that already happens, Steve. No one can see Love, right? Still we respond to its imperative. Neither can you see truthfulness, trustworthiness, honor, gentleness, generosity, and so forth, as aspects of Principle. But you know that there is a Principle behind them when you see the expression of them in one-another, because that expression touches you deeply. You may even recognize it as one of the cornerstones of civilization. My super-humanity would have a keen 'inner eye' to recognize the existence of all the aspects of Principle in the universe. It would have a keen mind to understand them. And it would have the spirit of infinity in its heart to utilize these aspects of Principles as a foundation for building a new world for themselves.

"So you see, Steve, in my super-humanity the mind becomes an extension of the visual senses. That design would be in their Soul. They would be intimate with it, together with a lot more like it. I would say that we are already doing some of this to some extent. For instance, we can see far more with our mind than we can see with the eyes. The eyes lie to us because of their physical limits, but in my super-species the mind would reflect the principle of truthfulness that corrects the visual limitations. How else could we behold the truth? Isn't that a revolutionary design concept?

"Actually it isn't all that revolutionary," I added. "It is already happening. Just open up any dictionary and search for terms that reflect spiritual qualities, the kind that the eyes cannot see, you will find many of them. The very existence of these terms, which describe qualities that the eye cannot see, proves that they have been seen by the mind, or else these terms wouldn't exist, like honor, integrity, gentleness, care. And then there are underlying principles, aspects of Principle, such as the principle of universal sovereignty, universal loving and so on. My species would be endowed with the capacity to bring all of there aspects of Principles to full fruition in their living. They wouldn't merely recognize them. They would understand them and build their life around them and on them, and they would do this universally all across the board. They would all have one universal Soul, one Blueprint that gives them access to the universe itself. Do you think I would win the competition with that kind of a design?

"And Steve, listen to that!" I continued. "They would have all those aspects of Principle, like the principles related to beauty, implanted in the very heart of their being, and this not only as an abstract idea, but also in a quality that is made manifest physically. Then, as the people look with their 'eyes' at one-another, and thus find an echo in the 'visible' world of what is already in their heart, would they not all cherish that? They would cherish one-another. They would be enveloped in Love with one-another. They would cherish in one-another what they already cherish as a matter of Principle? They would be champions of loving and self-loving and unite on that platform in a community of principle."

"They would do this in recognition of themselves as human beings," commented Steve.

"Oh no, more than that, Steve. They would unite in celebration of that recognition," I continued. "They would cherish each other as a precious jewel, and take absolute care not to tarnish the glist and the sparkle, but bring the light of the universe to it abundantly. Indeed, they would constantly endeavor to enrich one-another, as a matter of Principle that they would value as it enriches their life and their world. Wouldn't I win the competition with that design? They would have no need for marriage institutions to circumscribe their relationships to one-another, as they would already operate on a much higher platform, the platform of universal honor, integrity, responsibility, care, affection, and so on. This platform on which they would live is greater than any that institutional marriages have achieved. Dishonesty, distrust, jealousy, dishonor, hate, greed, violence, lust, insensitivity, rape, and so forth, which have no principle, would simply not be a part of the platform of their being. They would recognize their platform being anchored at a higher level, the level of countless universal principles that reflect the absolute divine Principle, the all-in-all Principle of the universe.

"By my design, Steve, whatever has no principle, such as we it expressed as lust, hate, and violence, would have no basis to exist, including enslavement, looting, murder, war, and all the divisions of humanity that manifest these evils. My people would live on a platform above that quagmire, above the swamp, on a platform of principles that reflect our orderly and constantly developing universe. Nor would there be such a thing as sexual division by male and female, or by lesbian, gay, celibate, single, or married, or whatever. My people would operate completely above the level of constant conflicts. They would regard sex in humanity as something far greater than an animal propensity. They would reflect it as something beautiful, and as a rich element of our human individuality that manifests itself in countless beautiful forms and manners of appreciation. They would regard it as a celebration of our beautiful human nature. Their social union would be a community in Principle, a living in Love. That is how I would create us as an ideal humanity.

"I would give the people of my design the mental capacity to discover, understand, and acknowledge all the countless principles of the universe that Intelligence brings to light. I would give them the Spirit of God, the Spirit of the Creator, to enable them to create for themselves in the physical world a metaphysical paradise. They would have energy resources without limits, which already exist, but remain dormant though they can be developed as a matter of Principle. My people would also have in their hands infinite material resources, which likewise already exist but remain dormant, that are bound up in rocks and in the mantle of the Earth. They would unlock these resources with their mind and become builders of worlds with these resources, worlds without poverty and toil. They would even have the capacity to enrich the universe itself with their cultural contributions to the light of Life. Wouldn't I win the first price with that design, Steve?"

Steve shook his head. "Let me tell you about a great tragedy," said Steve. "The tragedy is directly related to your design."

"A tragedy?" I repeated. "I don't understand."

"The tragedy is two fold, Peter," said Steve after a few moments of silence. "The tragedy for you is that this beautiful and supreme species that you have described already exists. This means that no price will be awarded. It exists in all essential aspects precisely as you have described it, as far as I can tell. The greater tragedy is that this beautiful design that already exists is not being recognized to exist, and the little that is being recognized, though faintly, such as the Principle of Universal Love, is denied to be valid to such a degree that it puzzles even you, so that you can't figure out what it really is. My point is that it needs to be understood by being experienced. Instead it is denied to be something real. Indeed, if it isn't experienced, how do you know what its real? So, my friend, what does this make you? You are either a beautiful dreamer, or a great genius who has discovered and fallen in Love with what humanity refuses to see it. Well, I put my money on you being a genius. No one that I know has ever described our humanity in the fashion as you have just done, and I think you hit the mark dead center!"

"I was just giving you my wish list based on what we should be according to Principle, Steve," I replied.

"Well, you couldn't have been more right, Pete. In the present world scene humanity has been drawn into a conspiracy against itself. We deny everything that we are and commit ourselves to being something that we are not. And this, Peter, in a nutshell, is the reason why our world is in such a mess. Unfortunately, it is also extremely difficult for us, after all those years of being trapped into what we are not, to pull ourselves out of this imperial vertical conspiracy and become human beings according to the design that has already been developed. Unfortunately, people have been induced to mess with this. Maybe you will get an honorable mention with your beautiful design in heaven, but not here on Earth. Here people say they want to improve the design that Intelligence has created. Of course, in trying to improve it, they wreck it, and often intentionally so."

"You mean to agree that I wasn't dreaming in what I said, Steve?"

"Peter, I don't think any of us can dream tall enough if we would, to create a better design for our humanity than that which already exists, which we have the power to implement." Steve replied. "However, there are others, Peter, in the design competition who pursue totally different objectives. Think of the masters of empire. How would they design mankind? They would design a people who are a physically strong to work like slaves, but who would have no intimate connection with one another that would make them a powerfully successful species in themselves that would endanger the slavery. By having no intimacy with themselves and one-another the resulting species would be obedient, docile, easily controlled, nicely conditioned for slavery and for living in a zoo. The master of empire would take the humanity out of mankind in their design and turn what's left into a bunch of zoo animals. However, since the masters of empire don't have the lightest authority in heaven to redesign mankind from the ground up, they struggle like hell to modify the existing perfect design. They mutilate it in such ways as meets their desire. It may not meet their desires fully, but it goes a long way towards it. Of course this treachery created a huge tragedy for mankind. This is the tragedy that we must now heal the world of if mankind is to have a future. And where is the best place to begin that healing? I think the healing starts with discovering, acknowledging, and celebrating the wondrous design that has resulted from two billion years of progressive development and self-development in the out-pouring of the Intelligence that is the universe. This means we have to live your design, the most perfect design to date, and celebrate its reality. We have to do this if we hope to heal the mutilations that have marred the face of mankind for far too long, which now threatens the very extinction of our species. The mutilations have taken mankind many giant steps backwards, perhaps to such a level of imperfection that mankind may not be able to meet the great challenges before us from the genocidal insanity of empire all the way to the food-supply challenges that the returning Ice Age will impose. We must therefore respond to these challenges in the best way we can, and not spasmodically. We need a healing power that is several orders of magnitude more potent than the mutilations and their effect, and also the Ice Age. That is why we are together in this room. In the larger context this is also the reason why I came to this country. I came here because Ushi lives here. But I remained here because this place, far from empire, is the freest place on the planet for ones inner development."

Steve turned to me. "You forgot one item in your list of design specs for the perfect species. "How about creating it as a people who keep their eyes and their mind open."

"That capacity already exists, Steve. Don't you think that the creator or designer of the universe has not also included a provision for us to become responsible beings? The universe is not a dictator, but an open door. We have to take the footsteps to walk through it."

"That's what I mean," said Steve. "Your perfect species needs to have a protected environment to work in. I have this here. The footsteps out of the quagmire of violence and untruthfulness, and dishonesty and so forth, which are all forms of slavery, take us through moral, spiritual, and scientific development. These are the footsteps towards becoming human beings. For this one needs a clean mental environment."

"In order to heal the world of its mutilation, the same kind of environment is needed universally," I interjected."

Steve nodded. "It appears to me, Pete, that the greatest challenge that we face in the world right now, is the challenge to recognize ourselves as human beings, with human strengths, and human needs. Once we cross that hurdle in such a manner that all of those needs are becoming satisfied, the remaining part will be easier. What do you think, Ushi, am I right?" Steve added.

Ushi smiled and nodded.

Steve raised his glass and proposed a toast to us all. He likened us to explorers at the leading edge of life, "a rare consortium of geniuses," as he put it, facing a challenge as wide as the world and as deep as the sea. The environment in which the circumcision presently unfolds all around the world is messy, and the issues go very deep, many being interwoven with religion, tradition, myths, politics, arrogance and ignorance. It'll take a lot of clear waters to cleanse this environment before freedom can be won."

"Flood tides of Love, I would say," said Ushi.

"I suppose being in Love with myself is what I am presently engaged in," said Steve quietly a while later. "Look around you, what do you see? You see us living in a low-grade apartment that's heated by a wood stove, burning brown coal. We don't own a car. Still, we get by. And that's sufficient, because the real thing lies outside of that. We choose to live here. We must never suppose that the clear waters and flood tides of Love to heal the world must originate with us. The nations must begin to value a clean and free mental environment, and choose this as we have chosen to live here. The best that we can do is inspire them with our own care and determination, and with our being in Love with ourselves that won't allow us to have any less."

Steve suddenly laughed. "If I was working in Chicago I would be making almost ten times as much money. We would have a fancy house with a Mercedes in the garage. We would go on luxury cruises for vacation, instead of traveling by bicycle with a tent. I could have this life if I wanted to. Ushi could come to America with me. But I won't have it. It's too expensive, Peter. This kind of life would cost me what I value the most."

"And what would that be?" I asked.

Steve grinned. "It's your turn to answer that question. Tell me what it is that I could possibly love more than money and a luxurious life?"

"Your work?"

"You are getting warm. But don't guess. Reason things out. Who am I first and foremost, and am proud to be?"

"A human being?" I replied. That's what a friend of mine seemed to have indicated as being linked to the roots of self-loving.

"Ah, you see, Pete, you didn't have to ask that question. The fact is, in Chicago I would have to sell my soul for the money that gives me a luxurious life. I would have to play the game that scientists are demanded to play for the political objectives of whoever owns them. Believe me, I've been there. I know what I am talking about. And that's too high a price to pay."

Steve explained that bowing to greed is utter stupidity. That has nothing to do with being human. It actually shuts the door to it. Greed and loving are opposites. Greed leads to poverty. The other opens the horizon to a beautiful life.

Steve said. "To be a human being, I have to be free to be honest with myself and with humanity. I cannot respect myself if I cannot do that. If I am forced to lie, I am forced to lie to myself. I love myself too much as a human being to allow this to happen. If I cheat humanity with my actions, I cheat myself, because I am a part of humanity. By the same token, if I elevate humanity as the result of my work, I elevate myself, and that's what is important to me. That's what I work for, because that is what it means to be a human being."

"And that is what you came to a poor country for?" I interjected.

"I came here, because Ushi lives here, but I probably would have come anyway. After Ushi told me what our government had done in Nicaragua, I had no desire to go back to the USA that had become a nation of traitors to the principles that it was founded on. Ushi opened my eyes to that."

"But running away from the problem doesn't lead to a solution, Steve," I interjected.

"I didn't run away," said Steve smiling. "I found a place where I could work more effectively. That's not running away. That's following a key aspect of the Principle of the universe, without which the universe would not exist. I would like to call it the Principle of Protection. It truly is one of the keystones of the universe."

Steve paused, shook his head slightly, searching for words. "Tell me," he said, "considering what I have told you about nuclear physics. Remember I told you that particles with an unlike electrical charge attract each other. What do you think would happen if free flowing electrons and free flowing protons in a plasma stream came into close contact with each other?"

"They would instantly combine, cancel each other out, and disappear," I said with a sense of astonishment. "But this does not happen, does it?"

"It would be chaotic, Peter," said Steve. "The universe would be am empty black void. To prevent that from happening the Intelligence that is reflected in the universe 'created' another element of Principle that causes particles of unlike charge, when they come very close, to no longer attract each other, but to repel each other. It is believed that this aspect of Principle is fundamental to the forming of the atoms. This happens in the extremely strong plasma currents that we find at the center of the galaxies. We see the evidence of this Principle of Protection in many phenomena in plasma physics. In all the strong plasma flows, like in lightning, the plasma forms a protective double layer around itself. In this double layer the electrons and protons are separated and form a protective sheet around the plasma flows. The same thing happens also around the Sun. The entire Sun is encapsulated in a plasma double later sheet that distributes the galactic electric current, which in turn heat the surface of the Sun in a type of electric interaction similar to that an electric arc-furnace. Without the plasma double layer the Sun would not be able to operate. The double layer sheet furnishes both the means for and the protection of the illuminating solar process. Sometimes under extreme local conditions the electric interaction process becomes a bit too strong for the double-layer containment to hold together. In this case the double layer ruptures. When this rapture occurs a portion of the photosphere is no longer protected. It becomes 'explosively' hurled out into space. We see the result of this happening in the form of the famous solar flares that determine our weather and our climate. When the rupturing of the double layer sheet happens, we see a 'dark' spot being left behind on the Sun until the double-layer sheet rebuilds itself and the solar process resumes. At this point the sunspot disappears. It can take several days for the protection to rebuild itself, by which the sunspot to disappears.

"As you can see," Steve continued, "the Principle of Protection is immensely important at the physical foundation of the universe. It appears to be a key aspect in the organization of the universe, which might otherwise not exist."

"Are you saying that without the Principle of Protection civilization cannot exist either?" I interjected.

Steve just laughed. "Of course Peter, it has to be that way. You have to protect the processes that create civilization. You have got to protect the physical foundation for your existence. That's elementary, isn't it? You can't allow intruding forces to wreck what you have built. Society has to protect its farming, housing, transportation systems, science, finance, health, energy, and of course its numerous industries, and most of all its humanity and its mental and spiritual development. Society needs these as a foundation to exist. When the protection for it is well established society prospers. When the forces of empire are allowed to break the protection down, wars erupt, and all too often countless millions perish in the resulting eruptions of insanity until the Principle of Protection is reestablished as society heals itself of its wounds. I have chosen to live in this poor country, because here the forces of empire are somewhat kept outside. Of course the tensions are getting bigger that are being built up to break the protection that is afforded here. For now, however, the protection remains intact."

"It appears then that the Principle of Protection applies in the mental realm too," I interjected. "I know a person who sees the universe of our humanity as a vast lateral lattice of hearts, all interconnected by out-flowing stands of Love being reflected throughout the lateral structure. The person who visualized this vast lateral lattice of hearts did so while helping to heal a critical need of a friend undergoing a long surgery. She felt a need to protect it. She visualized the lateral world in which we all live. She said there is no 'outside' in the realm of the Principle that is reflected everywhere. But she also suggested that this recognition needs to be protected, which she said is often rather challenging."

"Aha!" said Steve. "She is looking for the mental equivalent of the double layer plasma sheet that encapsulates the Sun and enables and protects the solar process. This mental double layer exists, Peter. I have already told you about it. You find it illustrated in Mary Baker Eddy's visual metaphor of the crown and the black cross as two opposites. The crown represents Science and sanity. It focuses the light of the scientifically recognized aspects of Principle. The black cross represents the opposite. It represents the utter void of fantasies of insanity, the void called empire and its countless derivatives. If the protective double layer of Science and Truth versus the black void of empire breaks down, civilization breaks down with it; wars erupt; poverty, chaos, and fascism erupt; prosperity, freedom, cooperation, generosity, all blow away with the wind. People tend to die when this happens, depending on the depth of insanity. More than 100 million people have died in the great rupture of the protective shield that surrounds civilization, termed, the world wars. The rupture already gave us two explosive world wars. But the double layer of protection also needs to be also applied individually. That this hasn't happened sufficiently is evident by the 700 million sexually mutilated people that are spread across many parts of the world that have caused many black spots across the social, political, and economic landscapes. So you see, by living here I am able to protect myself from the current explosive ruptures in the West as much as possible. I merely follow that pattern that I see in nuclear physics and astrophysics."

I nodded slightly without saying a word. What could I say?

"I personally found it too agonizing to call myself an American any longer when I recognized how low the American image has sunk," Steve continued quietly. "When I learned what horrible atrocities have been committed in the American name under the guise of national security, I knew that I had to step away from that madness and find a way to heal America by developing a scientific platform for the needed healing. The trail of murders that our nation has committed in its growing insanity tallies up into the millions already, with no end yet in sight. We speak of democracy in America, but it means nothing anymore. Democracy has become a tool of empire in the hands of sophists that have turned the meaning of democracy upside down. We have tyrants in the name of democracy. We have deposed democratically elected governments when they don't dance to our tune. We have fought wars over oil. We have fought wars to deny communism. We have fought wars to protect the drug trade. We have destroyed entire countries when their leaders that we set up, which were often CIA men, didn't want to dance to the empire's tune anymore."

I was tempted to protest against what Steve had said, but I knew that what he said was true. It appears that millions of Americans also knew this to be true.

"Actually those are all small things, Peter," said Steve moments later. He didn't smile this time. "Do you remember the second last question that I had asked you in my office?"

I nodded and began to smile, but the smile faded. "You asked if anyone would go to a car dealer and say to the salesmen, you have nice cars here, I like the red sports model over there; I'll buy it, but first you have to go and hire a street gang of thugs with baseball bats and get them to mutilate the car. Do it, and I'll pay the price. Do it thoroughly and I'll pay you double - though the warranty must still apply. How can I forget such a stupid question, Steve? Nobody would buy a car like this. Obviously, you were talking about the circumcision, which is a deliberate process to break down the natural double layer of society's self-protection to make them better slaves. Isn't that what the masters of empire demand?"

Steve nodded. "Seven hundred million of such mutilations are on the streets today in human form, Peter. A broken car maybe useless, but a broken person makes a willing slave. A slave has no protection. You are right, the process for the enslavement is the circumcision. The process is called that to hide its real character as a process that causes the mutilation of the human system. As I said, the collective mutilation might have begun in ancient times before the great religions were established and possibly even before the great Pharaohs gained power. The Pharaohs are known to have imposed the process onto their slaves. We see the circumcision depicted in ancient Egyptian stone tablets. It appeared to have made the victims less human and more easily controlled. An intensely human society values intimacy. This is its protective layer. Cut that away and you remove a mayor source of its strength. The result must have been so astonishingly effective that the practice has been continued for five millennia by the world's emperors, potentates, philosophical rulers, priests, and by the greedy kings and modern financiers. The mutilation is deeply debilitating. It is similar to gouging out of an eye, or removing an arm, but it is of a type that doesn't hinder a slave in doing his assigned work. The sexual mutilation that cuts away the protective layer in human society actually increased the slave's 'efficiency.'"

"it is interesting to note here," said Ushi, "that the foreskin of the penis that the circumcision cuts away is a double layer skin, and that it is protective even in the physical sense. Maybe the Egyptians had a faint understanding of what they cut away. The circumcision is certainly a clever mutilation. It was probably derived at through some early form of active research."

"Active research?" I interjected.

"The Egyptians weren't stupid, Peter," said Ushi. "The overseers over the slaves were probably demanded to increase the workload when the imperial projects became evermore ambitions, like the building of their ever-greater pyramids and so on. The overseers probably wondered what could be done to get the slaves less interested in cuddling up to their women and to care for them as normal people do. The probably looked for ways to redirect that 'wasted' attention towards the slavery work. The masters over the slaves probably reasoned that if they removed a large portion of the slave's sexual sensitivity, much of their problem from the ever-increasing the workload would resolve itself on its own that way, without any major use of force. The maters probably tried various methods. The circumcision seemed to have been the most effective one. That's active research, Peter."

"The Nazis are said to have used this type of research extensively," said Steve. "They are said to have wired a mother and a child for electric shock. The child would trigger the shock for the mother, and the mother for the child, and the researcher for both. The child was then commanded to press the button, and if it refused it would be shocked itself, or the mother would be commanded. The process would be carried on until the death of one of them. That's active research, Peter. The research result was later applied to the Jewish community in the ghettos. There, a system of Jewish Councils was set up. When the Nazis wanted more production they simply went to the councils, and the councils would convince the people to comply. Failing that they would themselves be executed. This was carried on to the point that the Nazis demanded a certain number of people from them to be selected and delivered for execution. And that too would be complied with or the council would take their place. This kind of active research is till being used, Peter. It is used in the torturing of prisoners for information, and for the development of evermore effective methods of breaking people's self-protection. Active research is also used in physical science, Peter. America's infamous HAARP project, one of a number of such projects, is an example. The acronym stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project. It's a high-power radio-wave facility that 'tortures' the ionosphere in order to observe how it 'squirms' under unusual conditions. The goal is to learn how small effects can be organized to cause enormously huge reactions in the ionosphere. The ionosphere is largely powered by solar currents. The HAARP project is designed to discover how a small active interference can be applied to cause huge reactions that can be utilized for military objectives such as causing earthquakes on demand, or for triggering weather phenomena, or to locate deeply buried military installations. The Egyptians of course weren't as sophisticated in their approach in active research as modern 'military science' has become. Nevertheless the Egyptians appear to have developed the actively invasive method of the circumcision as a means to increase the efficiency of their slaves. They may have even invented a process. They certainly had a reason for disabling the slave-society's self-protection. They may have also been instrumental in its perpetuation, seeing that it is still being used almost worldwide. Of course the slaves were given no choice. They had to comply."

"The method apparently was extended to the slave's women as well," said Ushi. "When the men lost interest in them, the slave women likely found their intimacy in each other's arms. Consequently the slave women got the same treatment. They had their clitoris ripped out and then their entire external vulva removed. That's what Egypt had became so famous for that the Pharaohs are still 'honored' thereby. The most extremely brutal mutilation of women is still called the Pharaohnic procedure, though the procedure is practiced much less frequently now, far less than the circumcision, and in fewer places. Nevertheless it is believed, as far as I could find out, that the Pharaohnic procedure remains the most prevalent form of the female sexual mutilations that are practiced."

"It is painful just to hear about it," I interjected.

"I find it amazing that it still continues," said Ushi.

"I am not surprised," said Steve. "If you understand its effect, it is not hard to recognize that this invasive process is naturally self-perpetuating in a world of endless wars of empire against society. The circumcision is like a disease that takes away ones sense of color. It only does it sexually. The male mutilation is therefore performed mostly on babies and small children in order that the victims will never know what they are robbed of in terms of their way of living. What they are robbed of is altering their struggles in life, their aspirations, their relationship to one another. The entire society becomes thereby mutilated. The effects are so deep reaching that the insanity that allows the process to happen becomes self-perpetuating. A mutilated society is easily induced to carry on its self-mutilation. The ruling masters use religion for it, tradition, nationality, anything that works to continue the mutilation. In modern times even medical reasons are now cited as an excuse to continue the mutilation. The circumcision has created a society that literally demolishes its male children at the most intimate level, which deeply affects the resulting social scene and thereby diminishes entire generations. It makes the generations hollow and brittle, and strange, even greedy in their dealings, violent to others, and brutally fascist in some cases."

"Most societies don't notice the debilitating effects as they develop slowly," said Ushi. "Or they can't see the difference, because the mutilation has been long-standing in cultural or religious tradition."

"But when a person experiences the contrast, Peter, as in my case, the depth of the tragedy becomes strongly apparent," said Steve. "That's the kind of contrast that struck me here when I came to live with Ushi in East Germany. The difference suddenly stood out like night and day. Sure Peter, I had my doubts about the wisdom of coming from the world's richest country to one of the poorest. It didn't take me long to realize that the actual transition was the other way around. That is when I began to recognize how deeply America has already been ruined. I said to myself, wow, what is the reason for this difference? The answer didn't become apparent for some time. One day I learned with a sense of shock that our USA has been increasingly saturated with the circumcision throughout the postwar period. That's when the decay of America began from a normal self-protecting society, to a slavish self-destructive society. The USA is now being demolished from the inside out by our own people, Peter. Our society is turned into slaves and into becoming the masters of slaves. The common humanity that once made us a great nation has been pushed into the background, if not out of the pictures altogether. If only the Pharaohs could see us. They would be amazed at what they have started. I was shocked to learn that America now has a hundred million of its men circumcised, probably beginning with the baby boomers. In my Home State, the circumcision rate is now over 90% complete. We are far ahead the national average in this insanity in my Home State. We are certainly far ahead when compared with the world, where total figure of the mutilated is roughly 700 million. And even there is hard to find a normal human society anymore that empire has not invaded. It is a real privilege therefore, and a joy really, to be able live in one of those few rare places. This place is an oasis in this regard, one of the few there are left in the world. Why then would I want to live anywhere else?"

"Was this the answer that you had expected in response to your question in your office regarding the mutilation of cars? If so, I would have never come even close," I said to Steve. "But what you said still leaves me with a puzzle. Why would the buyer offer to pay double if the mutilation was 'well' done. That doesn't make any sense."

"Oh, doesn't it?" said Steve and laughed. "If the mutilation serves the purposes of empire by disabling those normal protective features of society that are a threat to empire, wouldn't be buyer, the master of empire, be willing to pay a considerable price to have the mutilation accomplished well? He certainly would pay double. In fact much more has been paid in ever-richer floods of money. Empire doesn't throw away money for nothing. The 700 million lives that have already been mutilated have been well paid for. They are worth far more to their masters. They have become drawn into secondary processes for the deliberate destabilization of nations. Vast operations are being run on this platform. Entire nations are now set up as pawns for starting and fighting wars to protect empire and its continued existence. For this purpose a quarter of mankind has been debilitated with the expectation that they will destroy civilization."

"America once stood as a giant in the world," said Ushi. "How does one disable a giant? That's easily done, isn't it? One simply multiplies the intensity of the attack on society for the mutilation, which deepens the penetration of the process. Thereby the giant disables itself. For this multiplying effect that masters of empire have gladly paid double and more. The effect was achieved by layering the debilitation. First the priests of this craft take the circumcision and idealize it as a holy act. They then built a culture around it that glorifies the resulting debilities, like greed and fascism, that elevates them to the myth of a religious quality. They further idealize the myth as a 'national' advantage to be exploited. The 'advantage' is called wealth building. It has become globalized stealing. It is now called globalism. But you can't do this kind of raping of mankind in a normal society, one with a double layer defense. Even a slightly mutilated society would put up roadblocks. You have to drive the nail deep into the fabric for it to stick. That's called sophistry. You lie. You use the circumcision and build on it. You use the fascism and greed that comes out of its debilitation, and you build on that, and so on, layer upon layer, almost imperceptibly until no one will interfere with the 'progress.' You won't even notice that you are caught up in this flow when you are living in the West, Peter. But me as a journalist coming from the outside can see the difference. The entire West has become an occupied country. That is how I see it. It is ruled by the forces of the circumcision. The Soviet Union is also being destroyed by it. It is not being destroyed by communism. The Soviet Union is being destroyed by the circumcision. The circumcision stood behind the holocaust that murdered the farmers in the Ukraine in the 1930s. It also stood behind the gulag prisons and the holocaust of political madness that filled them. It stood behind the death of forty million people, maybe more. This madness cannot be hidden. In time it will rupture the fragile protection the Soviet Union has set up for itself, which is not a double layer sheet with Science standing as the crown of sanity and polarized against the black void of insanity. Should the steamroller madness of the children of the circumcision not be halted soon, the entire planet will become a giant prison ruled by this madness and the Soviet Union will be gone. The Earth will become one vast prison planet. The USA is already imprisoned."

"The only protection that I can see for mankind," said Steve, "is the double layer sheet being wrapped around mankind that Mary Baker Eddy had illustrated a hundred years ago with her separation of the crown from the black cross. In nuclear physics the phenomenon of the double layer sheet exist because opposite particles cannot mingle. They remain separated to protect their existence and the existence of the universe. Mary suggests that Science remains forever untouched by insanity. It cannot be destroyed by it. The lateral lattice is thereby protected securely. The insanity that lies outside of it has no real relevance to it. It only has the relevance of erroneous concepts. Empire falls into this context. It is a fantasy of insanity. It can never work. Even if it would gain the whole world it would be doomed to collapse. The circumcision also falls into this category. Once it is identified and its symptoms are understood society can be healed of it. Its effects become negated thereby. All the problems in the world lie on the side of the false concepts, the concepts built on the fantasies of insanity. They are not built on constructive realities."

I nodded to Steve and smiled. "Now I understand what my friend meant when she said about the challenges she encountered when standing up for the Truth, saying, what have they got to do with anything, do they change the Principle involved?"

"My point is," said Steve, "that the protective principle of the separation of opposites is fundamental to the very existence of the universe, and that it should be so for us as we are part of it. If we want to protect civilization, then the double layer protection is the way to do it. If we don't want to go this route then we place ourselves outside the universe and on the side of insanity where we blow away with the wind. That's the current course of society. It's a dangerous course. Mary tells us, you don't have to go there. The Intelligence that is reflected in the Principle of the universe tells us that there is a better way. It tell us that there is just one way to go. Can we even hope to improve on the platform on which the universe stands? I suggest that we go that way or else the challenges of not going there will overwhelm us."

"They are already overwhelming us and have been for a long time," I interjected. "As you said, the roots of the circumcision go back to the very beginning of civilization. The circumcision has wrecked the dawning of mankind throughout its entire history of civilization."

"If it hadn't been for that wrecking we might have stood on the moon two thousand years ago," said Ushi. "We also would have developed the kind of technological civilization by now that would enable us to face the coming ice age without fear." She turned to me. "I also think the founding idea of the USA was essentially being wrecked from within before the USA was even fully established as a nation."

"The circumcision gives the masters of empire a power tool for the wrecking process," said Steve. "They used this tool especially against the USA. Ushi is right. The power tool has been created and was put in use before the USA was fully established. This tool was commissioned before the Declaration of Independence was signed. This power tool was created under the name, the Illuminati. It was created in 1775 when the German banker Mayer Rothschild had commissioned a corrupt priest to create a tool that could be used to break the power of Christianity. The idea of the Illuminati existed before, but never as a political tool. The political tool was built on the foundation of the circumcision as a suitable platform to support a Satanist superstructure. The Rothschild Banking Empire evidently wanted this tool as a 'weapon for mass destruction' to wipe out any spiritual and cultural opposition. With this tool it reached out to control the USA. Now the Illuminati are the 'invisible' hand that rules from behind the front of the U.S. Federal Reserve."

"The Federal Reserve is only one of the layers that I spoke of," said Ushi. "As I sad, the Illuminate game is being run on many layers simultaneously."

"Our USA is effectively doomed by these games," said Steve. "Ushi is right, it was doomed before it was born. But mainly it was doomed from the beginning because it was created as an idea without a double layer defense. This defense is still lacking. Consequently the games are still going on, especially inside the USA and in Europe, by which the whole world is now doomed. Whenever one speaks of empire in the modern age, this is what one is talking about. There is no Science governing anything, while insanity rules that day. One is therefore talking about a monstrous superstructure built on the circumcision, layered and layered in its countless form of subsequent mutilations that are all erroneously deemed to be virtue, and even promoted to the point of it being deemed a 'light.'"

"World War I was deemed such a light," I interjected. "It was called the war to end all wars. What a lie! It became the start for endless war."

"The doctrine of endless war is an Illuminati creation," said Steve. "The doctrine was coined for the Rothschild World Empire State, a dream castle that cannot stand on its own and therefore aims to destroy all opposition, especially the scientific self-development of mankind. World War II was just another step. Both wars were totally insane, as every war is including the Cold War that came thereafter. Countless millions have butchered each other in these world wars, and for what? The insanity reflects the depth of society's mutilation from within. It also reflects a glaring lack of an effective self-defense. In the Postwar World the wrecking of America's self-defense, weak as it was, was done with such finesse and in so many divergent ways that even the morally cultured USA caved in and opened itself to the process of the empire's cleverly motivated self-mutilation of society. Everything that is rotten in the world today probably came from these invasive processes that propel the self-mutilation of society. We still have no snapped out of the process that started long ago with a simple invasion into the integrity of the human system by the Pharaohs, which the Pharaoh's had apparently, if not invented, in order to make slavery more efficient. Now much of mankind has been poisoned by this same, still ongoing, deep invasion into mankind's natural integrity against which society has not yet developed a defense. But by scientifically knowing that the process is happening, it becomes possible for society to heal itself. The universe's double-layer principle will becomes society's defense. In the social context it separates Truth from insanity. It separates the crown of Science that focuses mankind's sanity, from the mythical structures of insanity."

"That's got to be the simplest kind of defense," I interjected. "Once this is done, the insanity blows away with the wind."

Steve began to grin at me. "As a diplomat you probably know a lot more about the invasive Illuminati processes in the Postwar World than Ushi and I are aware of. You might have even been tempted to fight these symptoms as countless little single issues without ever having recognized the disease that is feeding them. But you have likely never seen the double layer defense in action. Its manifest will be found in scientific metaphysics that is extremely rate today."

I nodded quietly. "Do you remember Bertrand Russell?" I said moments later. "Russell is revered as one of the great pacifist of the world, a pacifist of empire. 'The man of peace' they call him. He should be called the man of the peace of the grave. He said that wars are disappointing in that they don't kill enough people. He advocated biological genocide as a replacement for war? He published a blood-curdling diatribe along this line in 1951, in the very year when the empire launched its Congress of Cultural Freedom in Berlin to promote the new Illuminati program of 'freedom from culture.' It is an advanced and more deep-reaching of replay of the Sarpi-type Enlightenment. These are all counter-metaphysical processes. They are the most subtle mind-killers."

"I think both projects must be seen as a coordinated attack on our humanity," said Steve. "Culture IS freedom. The development of culture by humanity's mind that is able to discern universal principles and build a world on them is the strength of the human being. That's metaphysics. Mankind is not its own natural enemy. Such a phenomenon as a counteracting manifest of Principle does not exist in the universe. The development of scientific culture has raised us above the myths of sophistry that defines us as animals. It would have regard ourselves as beasts without our profound humanity as the Illuminati see mankind and see themselves. The double layer principle creates a barrier against these myths and all the sophistry that the masters of empire spew forth to make the myths seem real. All the coordinated projects by the masters of empire are focused on this one goal, that of destroying our strength within, our scientific power and scientific self-development. They want to break the double-layer principle down in order to turn the whole of mankind into a Samson shorn of its strength. It was that kind of attack on society that made modern America dumb, docile, and locked into the smallness of games and degenerative pursuits like the Romans has done so with their circuses. The Romans did this ho hide the business of empire from society. The same still happens. That's the business that Russell spelled out. At least Russell was honest when he cried for the massive world-depopulation as a means to give the empire a chance to survive and control what is left of mankind, which the masters believe is ideally done in a weak and collapsing human environment. But they are all crazy in their mad little ways. They can't break the Principle of the universe no matter how hard they hit their head against this wall."

"Then came NSSM200," I said. "The program is still in effect. "Mankind has not yet build its double layer defense to separate the myths from reality. NSSM200 drew a lot of blood."

"Oh yes, NSSM200, the famous policy of intention the empire issued in 1974 as the opening trumpet to begin the depopulation process. The policy of intention was to start the depopulation in the Third World," said Steve. "It was clearly stated to be designed to cause the radical depopulation in the Third World with the goal to prevent any meaningful economic development in the targeted nations. The goal for killing was to prevent the Third World people from using up their natural resources, which the empire claims as its own for its future needs. Five years after NSSM200 was issued AIDS was unleashed. First it was spread across the homosexual community in the U.S. and then across the heterosexual world of Africa. People are dying now like flies, Peter, and often horribly. The graveyards are overflowing. Nevertheless it appears that AIDS isn't deadly enough for the empire's game masters. It appears that the NSSM200 policy that remained unopposed, opened the door to the next step, the mass-sterilization of women of childbearing age in the Third World countries."

"In Brazil, between 40% and 50% of the women of childbearing age have been permanently sterilized, and 90% of the women of African descend," said Ushi. "Did you know that, Peter? I found this out on a recent visit to Brazil. This horrid mutilation was done in the typical empire fashion, though private organizations. The maiming of society still in progress."

"Yes, but the masters of empire weren't satisfied with those results either," Steve continued. "They were looking for a more efficient process, and they found it in genetic engineering, that is the genetic mutilation of food crops. Without utilizing the universal principle of the double-layer defense mankind is extremely vulnerable in every arena where empire bears down on it. Genetic engineering had its beginning in Hitler's Nazi Empire. Fee objected. Now after decades of 'progress' it has become possible with the corruption of science to develop genetically modified food-plant, some strains of corn, that produce a powerful spermicide that disables human conception. The empire has thereby created itself an effective means for sterilizing a targeted society at will. The stuff is out of the lab already. It can be applied to corn. The mutilation technology is sitting on the shelf to be implemented against selective populations as desired."

"Obviously even science needs to be protected with a double layer shield," said Ushi.

"The moral principle is the dividing line," said Steve. "True Science is not destructive. Insanity is destructive. However, insanity is not science."

"True science then does not exist outside the lateral lattice," I said in a tone of astonishment.

"That is why people are vulnerable in their myths, living without real Science," said Steve. "If they step outside the lattice, they step into myths of insanity. The targeted people that empire wants to wipe out won't know what they are getting when they buy the modified seeds that produce the spermicidal plants. If real Science isn't an active part of their humanity, they placed themselves outside that lattice where they won't survive. Science is the key element of the double layer defense. If society has no interest in its self-defense and give the seed companies power over its existence, then the masters of empire who control them will wreck their world and possibly their life. Then the people will buy the modified seeds. They will have no choice. The West is presently on the fast track to cartelize all food production in the world into just a few private hands. Thereby the masters of empire who control them are able to dictate who gets to eat and who doesn't, and who lives and who dies. In this way the empire is about to radically alter the entire biological makeup of the planet. This is extreme villainy. It's insanity. But that is the face of the world, my friend, because the double layer defense that America had once faintly started to build with the Principle of the General Welfare has been taken down and been prevented with slander from becoming rebuilt. There exists no effective defense for anyone at the present time. I see dangerous times ahead, but those are also times of great opportunities."

"Mankind needs the double layer protective sheet around it for the lateral lattice that you spoke of to come to light," said Ushi, leaning towards me. "Without the double layer effect insanity rules so easily because people don't know where they are and their humanity becomes negated by it. Steve is right, there are dangerous times ahead. I heard from many sources that the empire's cartels are now developing patented terminator seeds that produce superior harvests but infertile crops. The goal is to make the entire worldwide agriculture dependent on the empire's seed companies. However, since the terminator plants, including the spermicidal plants, do cross-pollinate with the natural strains, the entire natural biology of the planet might be gradually turned into a 'poison' against human living, and also ultimately into a suicidal plantation that destroys itself. It is being said that AIDS was intentionally created as a slow virus so that people become infectious to others before they know they are infected themselves, thereby assuring that the infections never stop. The same thing is now set up in the biological world. The cross-pollination is slow, but it is irreversible once it begins. Take the case of Mexico. I have been there several times. Corn is their major food. The country is home to hundreds of indigenous strains of corn that have been crossbreeding naturally for a long time and have produced a highly reliable food source and a highly nutritional one. The Mexicans tell me that 95% of their natural strains have already been genetically polluted by cross-pollination. Nobody knows yet what global affect this will all have over time, especially now that the terminator seeds are in the fields. Terminator seeds produce plants that commit suicide. That insanity is a rejection of the Principle of the universe. A gene has been inserted in the genetic makeup of the plants that causes the plant to produce a toxin that renders its own seeds infertile, thereby rendering the strain suicidal. The process has already been patented and can likely be applied to almost any plant. Nobody knows what the long-term consequences will be of that type of genetic mutilation of one of the most critical biological system on Earth. We don't even have to wait for the terminator gene to be transported by the winds across the oceans or to the algae in the oceans. The terminator seeds are already being used worldwide. The stuff is out there. Both, the terminator seeds might turn out to become the 'Andromeda Strain' of the botanic world, and the spermicidal seeds for the human world."

"I think the rulers of empire expect this to happen, Peter," said Steve. "They have plans made to build a vast seed vault in the high arctic that will contain all the seeds of all the natural plants on the planet. They probably need this as an insurance policy for after the natural biology has become self-destroyed and the food wars have taken their course to eliminate nine tenth of the population of the planet. I don't know about you, Peter, but I cannot live in a country that aims to control the entire world and has preparations afoot to destroy it and much of mankind with it."

"I didn't know that we have gone that far," I interjected. "But running away isn't the answer. Surely you know that as well as I do. I can't just run away. America is my home. If America is endangering the whole wold, in this case America needs me to uplift its humanity. It needs my help to shut down its insanity. America needs both of us; mankind needs us."

"And how will you cause this turning around, Peter? You have to start the protective processes before you can start the healing. I don't see any movements happening in that direction. America is fighting itself. People are tied into knots over little single issues. Nobody sees the core issue."

"Of course this can't be addressed as a part of a sea of single issues, or be taken out of the context of the war of empire versus civilization," I said to Steve. "This can only be addressed on the platform of the Sublime. America needs us to get there. It needs to be its humanity comes to light as a construct of Principle..."

"...Yes and Truth, Life, Love, Soul, Spirit, Mind," interjected Steve. That's what I said about the American woman who has brought these concepts to light as the essence of our humanity. She built on these, but she is slandered and looked at as but an old fool."

"But really, Steve, what she represented is all that we've got," I said strongly. "With these we have to confront all issues of empire. If we can't do this then nothing will help us. Of course we don't know yet what this vast structure of the Sublime is. We only know that without it we become slaves in the sewer and will die there."

"I agree, the double-layer principle of the universe, which she evidently understood, is the most powerful structure there is," said Steve. "It holds the universe together. So we have to put Science to work, rigorously, beginning with the smallest aspects, especially sex that is an issue that is closest to home and build a double layer around that too, to protect it. Isn't that what this woman has done with all aspects? On this path, I think, we can begin to win. But that's not running away. We are on the opposite course. Running away won't help anything. Scientific development is the key, and whatever aids it is essential. So you see I'm not running away, Peter," said Steve and began to smile. "I just don't want to get trapped. I don't care about cars and houses and living in America that is becoming increasingly more dangerous. What good is a Mercedes car and a big house, if I have to steal, cheat, or lie, to get it, and possibly be required to underwrite vast treacheries as a scientist? They've already been haunting me to underwrite the manmade-global-warming doctrine. But this will never happen here. I would be destroying myself, bit by bit if I had to commit myself to these insane things. This will never happen, Peter, because it is a far too wonderful thing to be able to be in Love with oneself as an intelligent, honest, and caring human being. I came here to this poor country, because in it I found myself freer and a little bit removed from the world of empire and its war against humanity."

"So you are say you are running away from the madness," I interjected.

Steve nodded slightly. "I have discovered lately another reason why I have to remain here. As Ushi pointed out, our precious USA has become a hellhole of genetically modified food products. For all I know it might have already become a country unfit for human habitation. Some of my friends in Russia did a simple test. They fed some lab rats a diet of genetically modified soybeans. Over half of their babies died in the first three weeks, that's six times the normal rate. As I already told you another researcher fed some lab rats genetically modified potatoes. The result was horrifying. Almost all of their organs were affected. Some where smaller. Some were expanded. Even the white blood cells were abnormal. There were also signs of future cancer risk reported. Are you surprised? In genetic engineering they break the gene, insert a modified piece of DNA, and recombine it. That's extreme mutilation. By this process a new planet is engineered that becomes a patented product. And that is what they do, Peter. They put a patent of life in the name of profit, mutilate it, and then force the world into a crisis. The botanic world is the product of 500 million years of development. That's what they are messing with, and they want me to eat the mess they are producing. No Way! That is simply not going to happen, Peter. That is another reason why I stay here. Here I am safe from that madness. In the USA people don't know what they get shoved into their diet and what the long-term consequences will be. They don't even have the right to choose. There is no labeling required to identify genetically messed up foods. In fact, such labeling is prohibited as I said before. So, my friend I would urge you to move away from America to some save place where you can live securely and work from there for the protection of civilization. If you're sick or dead, you won't be able to help anybody. You need to look for a sanctuary to live in and work from. Maybe you should buy yourself a farm and grow your own food."

Steve began to laugh. "Here I am doing the same thing in essence that the American pioneers have done," he said. "They left the Old World of empire behind and created a New World as far away from the center of empire as anyone could be at the time. I'm doing the same now. Only now the operational center of empire has shifted to America, even while the ideological center remains in Britain from where it has polluted England and all of Europe, except for this little place. The iron curtain gives me some protection, enough to pursue my scientific work. So you see, my being here is essential for helping our good old America. If the iron curtain falls, which it may, then I might have to find another place for a refuge, which means moving again. I think we have no more than fifty years to rescue mankind, if indeed we have that much. I've been told that at the present rate all the agricultural soils on the planet will have been genetically polluted by then, provided there is still a botanic world left by then. So we must work fast, and we need an infrastructure that supports us. I have that infrastructure here, Peter."

Steve asked what greater reward one could possibly find in life than being able to uplift another human being above falsely perceived limits, onto a higher platform of existence, towards greater freedoms and a greater potential to uplift others. "If that is only possible in a place that offers a relative sanctuary, physically, morally, and politically, then living there, which is not always ideal, becomes the price one has to pay."

He challenged me to recognize that no one lives an isolated life on this planet, as we might have done once in primitive ages when living as hunters and gatherers tens of thousands of years ago. He said that we have learned since those days that if we support one-another we can enrich the world in which we live. "We have done this to such a degree that the same planet Earth can presently support 5000 times as many people as it once did in the primitive days."

"That's what it means to be a human being, Peter," said Ushi, "and that, all by itself, is the greatest treasure in the universe. Imagine, we can uplift one-another to such a degree that we can improve our civilization and enrich the whole of humanity. This can't be done with money or with all the gold in the world. That can't help us. It can only be done with ideas, with the ideas that evolve from our discovery of universal fundamental principles that we translate into new technologies, new industries, and new energy resources. That's what we create out of the depth of who we are. And yes, Peter, I love myself for being able to do that, for my capability as a human being to take part in that process, to be able to contribute something to enrich human civilization for all times to come. And that's what I love in others, too. I love to see this quality and capability reflected in other people, because that is what I love and value about myself. And, Peter, that's an exiting way to be involved."

Steve told me that he has friends all over the world who reflect our profound humanity in their own lives. He said that they, working together, by breaking down barriers of outdated perceptions, have all became more effective human beings. "Sometimes we challenge age old traditions, just to establish new horizons that have never been established before. And out of that, tremendous freedoms and capabilities evolve."

"Do you call that self-love?" I asked. "Maybe that's what it is."

He nodded. "In my book, that's called the Principle of Economics that makes the world go round," said Steve. "The real economy doesn't exist to distribute or redistribute wealth. It exists to create wealth. It exists to make the world a richer place, and oh, what a joy one finds in that. It electrifies the very air by one being able to create something great out of the riches of oneself, to create what a human being is capable of creating, which no other species in the universe can match. We have become builders of worlds, Pete, the worlds that we build for each other. That's living in Love, Pete. That's where you find Truth."

"Wow!" was all I could say. What an answer! "And all that stood behind the 1648 Peace of Westphalia treaty?" I asked.

"The essence of it did," said Steve. "The focus, evidently was different in 1648. They had to stop eighty years of warfare. But the principle was the same."

"The Principle of Universal Love?" I asked.

Steve shook his head. "What does that really mean to you? Does anybody really know what that means?"

Steve poured himself another cup of coffee and told us about a dream he had had a long time ago. He said this dream meant so much to him that he still remembered it. He said in essence that he saw himself all alone in that dream, hopelessly destitute and crying for the simple reason that he didn't know what to do.

He related his dream like a storyteller would present a magical story:

"In my sleep a man appeared before me," he said. "The man gave me two things. He gave me a violin and a black coat with tails. He said nothing to me, but I understood what I had to do. Although I had never thought about playing an instrument before, I became a violinist in my dream. I learned to play in the open fields, and when I had learned to love my music, I began to play for others. Later, I joined an orchestra. We all played in support of each other before very great audiences all over the world. Many people's lives became enriched as the result of what we did. I was satisfied with my life that now had a meaning.

"I also observed the life of another man," Steve continued. "Whenever I saw that man he was in a hot tub, relaxing together with his wife. They had a television installed at the hot tub, for their entertainment. The last time I saw them, their hot tub was filled with red wine.

"We all met each other again in St. Peter's realm," said Steve.

Steve told us that he had overheard St. Peter evaluating the man. St. Peter tried to make the man understand what a terribly poor life he had lived. He hadn't loved, not himself or anyone else. He really hadn't lived at all. Moreover, he had enslaved many people to provide for his opulent living, who likewise had never lived at all, who had toiled for sixteen hours a day."

"Sure," said the man to St. Peter, "I haven't accomplished anything, but I have paid those workers for their work. I provided their living."

"Oh, have you now? You have taken their life and paid them a pittance, and a few pennies more for overtime," St. Peter scolded the man.

"Poverty corrupts, and so they were corrupted," the man said proudly to St. Peter. "So what? How else could I keep them working for me, for sixteen hours a day?"

"But nothing was accomplished!" said St. Peter. Thus he rejected the man's answer. "You threw your life away, and they threw their life away at your bidding, and nothing was accomplished as the result of you having lived. The end result was the same as if all of you had never existed. In fact it would have been better if you had never existed, because living as you have done is a crime against Life and humanity," said St. Peter.

The man protested, but St. Peter waved him off. "When will those idiots ever learn?" he sighed.

"So go on, send me to hell," said the man to St. Peter, "what do I care?"

St. Peter replied that he is not a penal institution. Life is not a penal process. "You don't get it, do you? You simply don't get it. If you don't love yourself enough to let life explode into a fountain of fire that lights up the world, you remain as dead as if you were never born. You have earned nothing to your credit that outweighs your mortality. Consequently you will fade into oblivion as though you were never born. Nothing that you have done has put your name into the book of Life."

"And what about those whom I have enslaved?" the man asked. "I have given them employment. I had a brother among them."

"What about them?" St. Peter replied. "Doesn't the same principle apply to them? You didn't give them employment. To the contrary, you have made the divine spark of Life to go out in them. It was their responsibility not to allow that. There are no innocent bystanders in living. They had the same spark of Life when they were born, and the same requirement to set their world on fire with it, to brighten it. That they allowed themselves to be corrupted by you doesn't change the end result, which is, that they have never truly lived. Therefore, I have to disappoint you, and the likes of you, because I don't run an association of dead people up here. Go back to your graveyard where you will rot nicely. That's your style, isn't it?"

"After this encounter, I saw them no more," said Steve. "I awoke from my dream."

"With a dream like that," said Steve, "one finds oneself pondering about ones own life." He explained that he didn't want to play the violin, that he wanted to be a scientist. "I always wanted to explore the universe and help my fellow man to discover what makes the world tick. I also wanted to explore how we can utilize that knowledge to make our world as bright as the Sun with the products of our intellect and our capacities as human beings. That's how I became an economist? I always wanted to do that, just as some boys dream about being a fireman. Now I find myself in a position of having to labor to save the world from its folly of committing suicide. I hadn't counted on that. The world imposed it. The healing needs to be done. The whole of the West is sitting in this damned hot tub filled with red wine, enslaving the rest of the world. I have to rescue them both from St. Peter. For this I became an economist." He began to laugh.

"But you are also a violinist as a theoretical physicist, Steve, and one of the top people in your field, as Ushi told me," I said to him. "You never said before that you were an economist."

"My scientific career is secondary," said Steve and laughed. "Primarily, I am an economist. That's how St. Peter measures us. He measures the result of our life in terms of our contribution to civilization. That's economics, Peter. He measures our love for our humanity and its reflection in the world by our actions that physically uplift civilization. He measures us by how we have enriched one-another's existence as the result of having lived. He measures us in the same way as we should ideally measure ourselves. We should measure ourselves in terms of loving ourselves for our humanity, and for letting that love shine in enriching the world. That makes us all economists, doesn't it, fundamentally?"

"The bottom line is," said Steve. "One cannot be truly living or loving, without also being an economist in the truest sense of the word. Economics is a broad concept, of course. It includes everything that ennobles us. An economist is one who understands what truly enriches our world, our civilization, and one-another. An economist wears many hats and is active in many places and is nourished by many development streams. He needs the Science of church and the temple for celebration. He must always be active in these fields. Instead of 'poisoning' our botanical world with genetic pollution, we should protect it. Instead of engineering super-crops that we shove down the throat of poor nation, we should create a super-environment for the existing crops. Indoor agriculture can do this. We can grow vast amounts of food without chemical fertilizers and pesticides in protected and regulated indoor facilities. We can build then fifty stories high, covering thousands of acres of otherwise useless land. All we need is large-scale nuclear power. Put this in place and hunger will be a thing of history. Presently the chosen path to eradicate hunger is via the sterilization of people and death by starvation. That's the economics of empire. We need to promote the economics of Principle that St. Peter speaks about, which implies scientific and technological progress on the lateral platform of the general welfare. That's real economics. My point is, if one is not an economist in this fundamental humanist sense, reflecting the Sublime, one cannot truly be loving, nor ever truly be living."

Steve looked at me while he said it, in a manner as though he could sense my puzzlement. "Does that answer your question?" he said in the end. "Is that the meaning of the Principle of Universal Love, Peter? It's the Principle of Economics. It was the principle for the Peace of Westphalia in 1648."

"Maybe it so, Steve," I said in a soft tone.

"Isn't that why I have invited you here, Peter? You have told me in so many ways that you wanted to become a great economist, one who uplifts humanity out of the coffin of war, even nuclear war, the coffin of the living dead. That is why you are here. Let me welcome you to the land of the truly living, the land where Love is our Light, and where everything that is associated with it, such as the beauty of the human Soul is on the table with which we enrich one-another in countless marvelous ways."

Steve paused and laughed. "Like St. Peter, I am not interested in running an association of dead people. What you call the Principle of Universal Love appears to be really the fundamental qualifier for being alive. It is probably the most fundamental criteria with which we must all measure ourselves."

Ushi applauded.

Steve raised his hand a few moments later. "I am not finished yet," he said to her and me, and began to smile. "Universal loving also means that we are living in a world without division and isolation in the widest possible sense. It means no political, religious, racial, social, economic, or even sexual division. The reason for this is that we are dealing with universal Principle. That means, we cannot say political isolation is bad, but sexual isolation is good. As a scientist I must say to myself that any form of division or isolation in society is invalid, because no form of principle or truth supports it. Consequently we must treat all forms of division the same, including the sexual division. What is invalid in one case is invalid in all cases. One cannot single out certain aspects and exempt them from the rule if one finds them too inconvenient, or too difficult to deal with. Universal means not only all. It means that it must reflect the quality of the universe and the Intelligence thst is reflected in it. It's as simple and as profound as that."

"But this has never been done, Steve," I commented.

"That is why we are still at war with a feudal empire that exists by the motto, divide and conquer, divide and isolate, divide and rule," said Steve. "That is why we don't live in a new period of renaissance yet and in a bright and radiant world."

Ushi applauded. "This means that we must also talk about a lot of other things," she suggested, "beautiful things, human things, holidays in the sun, trips to Hawaii, flowers in the garden. There is honesty, truth, and love to be found in all the beautiful things with which we enrich our world," she said and smiled, "because it takes a beautiful soul to appreciate beauty, and to create and enjoy beautiful things. We need to nurture that. We need beauty to rescue the world. In appreciating beauty we are at one with our humanity, are we not? We are at one with the whole of mankind? That's a part of loving, too, and a part of living? We create beautiful things out of being in Love with our humanity, because it is our humanity that is reflected in them. Our humanity is reflected in the beauty that we cherish, and in the loving with which we embrace each other. In appreciating beauty, we truly appreciate ourselves. It makes our humanity more precious and richer."

"And that is economics? Wow!" I said astonished.

Steve simply said that it was.

We talked till late into the night in this fashion. Steve referred back several times to the Principle of Universal Love.

"Do you realize what a huge subject you have touched upon with your question about the Principle of Universal Love?" he asked me at one point. "As a scientist I understand the absoluteness of a fundamental principle. Nothing short of the adherence to such a principle could have created the Peace of Westphalia that ended 80 years of war. But can you appreciate the far-reaching consequences for us when you speak about the Principle of Universal Love as a valid principle right here? Universal also means all embracing. It applies to you, me, Ushi, the whole world, without exception, without division. We cannot be selective and exclude certain elements from that universality that we would rather not deal with. We would become hypocrites if we were to do that. We would be lying to ourselves. We also know that the Peace of Westphalia must be established again and again until humanity is totally free of the wars and atomic bombs that the royals of the world, and the would be royals and masters of empire have prepared for our destruction. This means that we must be true to Principle and this without exception. We must do this even it it poses a greater challenge than we might want to face."

Steve added in another context, that he dearly hoped that we would all be up to what it takes to explore that challenge.

"Well, we have to try. We have to take whatever steps are necessary," I said boisterously. I said that it would probably be a great tragedy for the world if we sidestepped that challenge.

Ushi agreed.

Steve just nodded and smiled. "Are you sure?" he replied.

Steve told me at one point in the conversation that I had been right during dinner when I suggested that this night was a historic occasion. He said that we had demonstrated an element upon which rests the highest form of civilization. "We have established a community of principle," he said "This is not a trivial thing, but something rare and powerful. We have established a community of principle in that we share the same perceptions of right, the same ideals, the same commitment to good, the same commitment to the advance of humanity, backed by a common base of understanding of fundamental Principle. Isn't that the most powerful platform we can have for enriching one-another's existence?"

Steve said that the tremendous value of a community of principle was first understood by President Monroe during the early period of the American nation. "The dawning concept of the Community of Principle was the heart of the Monroe Doctrine. It became one of the great defining factors of our nation, by which it had become drawn together into a community of shared values and a common commitment to fundamental principles, which included the nation's commitment to the idea of the common welfare and the common defense of all its citizens. Monroe pointed out that the so formed nation of the United States had no community of principle with the European monarchies. The European powers that are fundamentally feudal in nature, had not the slightest commitment to advancing the general welfare of society. The lacked the commitment that bound the individual States of the USA into one nation. The European powers stood far apart from this community of principle."

Steve added that this recognition had helped him to understand his dream, and the power of it, and the challenges that yet needed to be faced.

Steve also pointed out that individual states of the United States are sovereign in their union. "Only in their commitment to the fundamental principles do they become a union that thereby assures their common welfare based on their shared commitment to one-another. On this platform the USA become a single nation. That's, how our nation was developed. Isn't that what St. Peter signified in my dream, in respect to his heaven? He was always looking for a community of Principle reflected in enriched lives, measured in terms of an uplifted civilization. Isn't that what he represents? He is looking for people being in Love with their humanity, and in ways that are reflected in countless flows of loving and embracing one-another and all. Of course he is still looking. He was looking then and seemed disappointed. I suspect his heaven is quite empty still. I think we need to help him, Pete."

"We are helping him," I interjected. "We are helping him by helping our world. The Egyptians invented the circumcision to enhance slavery. The invention is still being used and for the same purpose and on a wider scene. Slavery hasn't ended on this planet by a long shot. It just shifted and become more hidden and more prominent. But can we not deal with that? If the core of the enslaving process is the destruction of the community of Principle, we can turn the ship around by focusing on our community of Principle scientifically and honestly and right here. Can't we defeat the entire enslaving process that way and establish a platform for freedom? Just look at China. China is currently wrecked by the enslaving process, though China itself has never bowed down to accept the circumcision. China is nevertheless enslaved by the West. It is forced to give its best people to western interests to be used as virtual slaves. This hinders China's self-development. It stifles its economy and diminishes its human resources, all of which are vital to its very existence. This means that we are fighting for China too, as for the whole world, by fighting against slavery universally as the greater expansion of the circumcision that was invented in the first place to enhance slavery. We can win this fight by rebuilding the natural community of Principle in society. Maybe that's the natural outcome of our double-layer protection. On this basis, won't we win this fight as it unfolds on a higher level than biology, a level which the circumcision cannot touch. At this higher level we can all be in Love instead of some being bound in slavery. Nothing is more critical than winning this fight for universal freedom, even the freedom to be in Love. We have allowed slavery to go on for far too long."

Steve leaned deep into his chair as if to reflect on what I just said. "This is the type of bond that binds us three together," he said after a moment of silence. "I know three is not enough, but I just don't know yet what this all means and neither does anyone here, I suspect. I only know that it means something that this something is profound, something big, something that might be significant enough to help us to change the world. We need to explore that New World on the platform that we have built here, and this in real living. We mustn't lose sight of this, because there are not many fundamental principles to be discovered that we can unite under. We have to weigh every one carefully and test it for its substance and to let its substance unfold. If we join hands here in this house at this level, something with a far reaching significance will likely be unfolding. That's the promise of Principle."

"It is already happening," I said. "What we have talked about tonight has already changed a lot of things for me. It made a lot of things clear. It certainly answered my question of what is the Principle of Universal Love. Being in Love is synonymous with being in a community of Principle that includes the entire spectrum of the Sublime. It encompasses all aspects of the Sublime, with none left out or any not recognized. It includes all good, and there is no good apart from it. More than this we cannot imagine. I tried to image more, but I couldn't. Indeed, more than this we cannot ask for, because more than All we cannot have. What a vast spectrum this adds to our being IN Love!"

Steve looked a Ushi. "Didn't I tell you in my office, we have a sleeping giant about to awaken?"

"Well, that's putting it too boldly," I said and begun to smile. "But I think we have begun something. We are obviously moving in the right direction."

"Now that's putting it boldly!" said Steve and began to grin.

Having said this, Steve went upstairs to his study and brought a jar of apricot preserves down, which he said he had saved for a special occasion. He decided that now was such an occasion, an occasion that called for a celebration.


At two o'clock that night the conversation had ground to a halt. I could hear the water dripping in the kitchen. By then I had fallen more deeply into Love with Ushi than I thought possible. Certainly, a blind man would have noticed. No doubt, it hadn't escaped Steve's sensitive perception, but he didn't react to it. I looked at him from time to time. He had yawned once or twice. The last of these was followed by silence, after which he suggested that we should have coffee and cake before retiring.

Time to go, I thought. I went to the window to sniff the night breeze that swept over the park. The drive to the motel would be pleasant in the cool of the night. Steve joined me at the window, but before I could say anything about going back to the motel, he called to Ushi who had gone into the kitchen. He told her that he was going to sleep outside on the balcony. "This means that you could invite Peter to spend the night here," he added, "and share the bed with you, if you wanted to."

Steve spoke about this as though he was talking about the weather.

I stared at him with my mouth open. Ushi had given me a tour of the apartment earlier. The bedroom contained a single queen-size bed. I stared at Steve. I couldn't believe what I heard. He appeared calm, leaning out of the window again in the faded Hawaiian T-shirt that he had put on after work. If he had worn a gray sweater, smoked a pipe, and had looked the image of a professor lost in a world of exotic theories, I might have been able to understand the offer. But Steve wasn't absent minded, or exotic. He was an ordinary man, except he was more alert and down to Earth than anyone I knew.

"I would be delighted," Ushi called back from the kitchen.

He turned to me. "Is that OK with you dear friend?"

I still couldn't answer, except to stare at him and nod. How was this offer possible? He had opened the door to a great incredible good and had reached out his hands to me with an invitation to embrace it. What a man would do this? I nodded again, almost in disbelief.

"Well, that's settled," he said.

I didn't know what to answer. This shouldn't have been possible.

Steve remained with me at the window. Moments later he continued our earlier high level exploration as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. He looked at me and began to smile. "There is something that Ushi said that you have missed, Peter," he said. "I had asked her how we can determine that we have entered a New World, and Ushi had answered me that the proof unfolds when the Old World is conspicuously absent. But how can we recognize this, Peter? What would the Old World look like at the leading edge? People have struggled with this question for a long time already. They wrote songs about it and operas, and great novels. But how far did they reach? It appears that the highest concept of social freedom that society has come up with so far, is free loving and free sex. However, these concepts come with the Old World attached to them. On the surface free loving appears to be a rebellion against the vertical form of privatized, dominated, and dominating loving. In real terms, however, it is but another feature of the imperial vertical model. Society may have changed the form of its relationship to one-another by rallying around free loving, but it hasn't stepped away from the imperial vertical model. The imperial vertical model gets dragged along. Free love solves one problem while it creates s lot of others along the line of the same old flavor. Free loving that defines Love with a small 'l' is like trading in one feature of the imperial vertical model, for another feature of the same model, because nothing has fundamentally changed. It almost has to be that way, because the imperial vertical model is the only model that people know. In time they find out that the new feature comes with all the old problems attached that are the hallmark of the imperial vertical model."

Steve laughed. Being trapped into free loving is like trading in your giant street cruiser with a big V8, for a more agile model with a smaller engine, while you really got your heart set on an electric car. When you finally get your electric car you'll find yourself in a totally different world where nothing remains of old gasoline-powered world. Of course the shift from the imperial vertical model to the lateral model if vastly more profound than this comparison can illustrate. It is indeed like stepping into a New Word. It is essentially an act of celebrating just like you have suggested. This is what is happening right here, tonight. You must judge what is happening therefore with Ushi's criterion and ask yourself if the Old World and all of its features is really conspicuously absent. If it is absent, rejoice. If it isn't, be cautious. Because then you may be looking for free loving that only offers you the same small world that you want to leave behind, redressed in a new flavor. And this is often a trap. It is potentially the same kind of trap as the Congress for Cultural Freedom is, which needs to be interpreted as freedom from culture, since culture is freedom. Free loving therefore needs to be interpreted as freedom for Love, since in Love, life is free. Haven't we all see too much of that already. And now, Peter, if you extend this reasoning to include free sex, you are looking by its very definition for a freedom from its very essence."

"Nobody really wants to go there," I interjected. "There is a lot of movement towards it, but nothing good ever comes out of it. It's always been like that. On the other hand we can't close the door on sex, can we? Isn't that what the ancient Egyptians have taught us? The Egyptians robbed their slaves of their sexual sensitivity in order to make them better slaves by inhibiting their functioning as a normal intimate society. This debilitation has been made a universal religion of sorts, dreaming that banishing sex improves the species. But the Egyptians tell us the opposite. They tell us that their diminishing of the sexual sensitivity of their slaves makes them human automatons with little connection with one-another that would challenge their masters. That appears to be the beginning of the modern human zoo, ruled over by the masters of empire. This tells that we should be going into the opposite direction to the slave-building process. If we did this, we would be on the road to doom universal slavery and to the freedom of mankind. This wouldn't open the door to free sex that culminates into rape. It would pry the subject away from the old 'religion.' It would enable one to be brought into the sphere of universal Love, into the temple of Love that is dedicated to celebrating our humanity. So far only the Hindus have done this about a thousand years ago as we see it displayed in the countless sexual sculptures in the Temples of Kajuharo."

From: The Lodging for the Rose - Episode 1: Discovering Love

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