Synonyms for God, NOT in the Glossary


Three synonyms for God are not found in the Glossary. They are Soul. Truth, and Love. If one applies the sequence in which the synonyms listed in the Glossary definition for God, the first term that is not defined in the Glossary, is Soul. This doesn't mean that the term is insignificant. It appears to have been omitted to be able to serve a dividing element that separates the "City of God," into a right half and a left half. The division could serve to mentally orient one side towards Temple (with the sense of Ark - exaltation) and the other towards Church, the structure of Truth and Love that affords proof of its utility.

The remaining synonyms  that are not found in the Glossary, may be applied in their sequence to characterize the first and second row. This renders the concept of The Word  synonymous with Truth. and the concept of the Christ synonymous with Love. If one allies the segments of the Church Manual in this context, then the last sequential segment "Church Manual" becomes associated with universal Principle and Truth. (see below)