Rolf A. F Witzsche
author, researcher, producer, scientist

I, Rolf A. F. Witzsche, the author of this research work produced over many years, am not a member of any funded or special interest group, governmental organization, or academic institution. If I was, I would not be able to present this research.

The research that I am presenting - based on volumes of physical evidence - focuses on plasma cosmology that is essentially 'banned' from the 1920s onward, but is deeply fundamental to the scientific recognition of the climate dynamics on Earth.

The type of research I am presenting, for the above reason, is not taught in western universities where nothing is allowed that stands in opposition to the politically dictated Manmade Global Warming doctrine, and related doctrines. Nor does my research represent opinions of political groups or opposition movements. It is my objective to let the scientifically measured physical reality speak for itself, and for the direction in which it is unfolding.

Much of what I present is revolutionary, though it shouldn't be. It is revolutionary because the supporting physical evidence is monumental. In contrast, the politically dominated mainstream postulates, that are widely honoured, have little evidence in support of them and often resort to 'magic.' Nevertheless, the difference between the two, between mainstream astrophysics, and Plasma Astrophysics, which appears to be purely academic in nature, is far from that, because the physical consequences that come to light through Plasma Astrophysics affect the prosperity of all nations of the world and can protect their future, even their very existence.

If society would allow itself to look reality into the face, instead of dreaming prescribed illusions, it would have a good chance to build itself the needed infrastructures to master the already unfolding climate dynamics towards the start of the next Ice Age in the 2050s, which seems so impossible now that no one wants to contemplate it, much less acknowledge it. If society respond to reality, it would have an extraordinary future, versus having none at all.

At the present stage, as the numerous physical measurements make it rather plain, society, almost worldwide, is rushing towards an existential crisis it cannot see, nor wish to see, which it is largely not even allowed to recognize, while the clock is ticking. Thus the time has come to bring truth back onto the table, even into the academic world, and in the flow of it into the political world, with revolutionary economics becoming possible along the way, intertwined with technologies for infrastructure building.

The existential imperative of the physical reality involved, has the potential to uplift the world, including the landscape of politics. In this context, China has the cultural and industrial potential to play a leading role along this path, as China's pioneering Belt and Road initiative unfolds, and unfolds further towards the realization of the World Bridge infrastructure. Of course, China cannot build a New World all by itself, even while its existence depends on it. The whole world needs to carry this project together with China, which may very well happen, because much is at stake for all of humanity.

That's where we stand.

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