The Science Stick for our NEAR Ice Age Future
A tapestry of science recognitions for humanity to have a future

More than 100 exploration videos on a single stick

Towards a better understanding of the greatest challenges to humanity in the near term, and the opportunity for meeting these 'existential' challenges in our time with the greatest industrial revolution and renaissance potential, I present more than 100 of my leading-edge science-video productions, complete with transcripts, packed onto a single USB stick.

The videos in this package cover a wide range of explorations of rarely recognized science facts in Plasma Astrophysics - the science of the stars, the Sun, and the Earth and its climate, and the dynamics of the ice ages.

The package of exploration videos offers a tapestry of advanced concepts that are critical for the security and future of all nations, without exceptions.

You may obtain a copy of the science stick as a gift from me in return for a donation of $50 (or more). I will produce a copy of it and mail it to you within a few days. Please forward the ship-to address via e-mail to:

A brief lead-in video has been provided. "The Science Stick of The Future."

The presentation is a major effort, essentially as a gift to humanity. You are permitted to copy the USB stick for educational purposes and to share it freely (a note on copying).

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Rolf A. F. Witzsche



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