Resurrecting Carmen

  a story by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - Carmen is Humanity


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38 pages (8.5x11")
ISBN-13: 978-1718813274

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Book 10 of the series on 'Active Peace'


In Bizet's opera, Carmen, the romanticized Gypsy girl is being murdered in the rage of an unrequited love. She is murdered by a man who loves her above all else. The scientific background apparently had not been developed at Bizet's time that would have prevented this type of tragedy.

But what about us, in our time? We are in the boundary zone to the next Ice Age that promises once again to render the Earth essentially uninhabitable. In the modern rage for profit, power, greed, terror, hate, deprivation, slavery, inhumanity, perpetual war, and nuclear threats, who will build the foundation for humanity to continue to live, by building a New World with technological infrastructures for agriculture that the Ice Age glaciation cannot touch? Will humanity suffer the fate of Carmen? Or will we yet raise ourselves onto a higher stage with universal love for our common humanity?

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