Lord of the World

  a story by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - Will Truth Rise Again


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64 pages (8.5x11")
ISBN-13: 978-1718812673

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Book 8 of the series on 'Active Peace'


The title, Lord, is enabled with sophistry. The sophist king has no human face, but the face of a void. In Tolkien's saga, "The Lord of the Rings" the Lord is only represented. People cower in fear to him whom no one has ever seen. The corrupted who were once men rule in the name of this ghost. In modern time many a would-be rulers of the world gave the ghost, that is a void, their name, who have gained themselves thereby a prominent place in the halls of infamy, because no good was ever accomplished in a void, where society perished again and a again.

Now that we face the return of the Ice Age on the near horizon, potentially in the 2050s, the time has come to create us a New World with a worldwide renaissance, a renaissance of 6,000 new cities afloat in the tropics, with new agricultures attached that enable the continued existence of humanity. An Ice Age world is a world without food. While we can build us out of this looming crisis, we are not doing it, and won't start the building process for as long as the sophistry rules that doing nothing is beautiful and is environmentally friendly. The leader on this front will have to be humanity. Drilling holes into sophistry is its most urgent task.

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