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Empire is in a perpetual war with the world


Humanity has been on a path to defeat for more than a century,
still, a faint tracking back from defeat has begun

The USA has become a defeated nation. It was under attack since it was born, especially for its freedom in economics, the National Credit principle. America suffered its first big blow with the 'assassination' of Hamilton, then Lincoln, and later Mc.Kinley. But mostly it was defeated by its own hand, by traitors in its legislature. This defeat started with the Specie Resumption Act that killed its National Credit principle. Then on the day before Christmas in 1913, the coffin was nailed shut when the nation gave its currency away with the Federal Reserve Act. After 138 years of war the empire system had won. America had lost the war. It had lost it for the entire world. World War I and II were but after shocks. These would have been prevented if the primary shock had been prevented - the defeat on the day before Christmas. 

In the final chapter of my novel, Winning without Victory, this tragedy is seen intertwined with a certain sense that a reversal is possible, for which the process had already begun. Thus, I named this final chapter, Resurrecting Carmen. In the opera under this name, the heroin, Carmen, is murdered by her own lover who was stood up for another. She was murdered under the banner of privatization, even the ultimate form of it, the privatization of love and its consequences. Can this tragedy be reversed? Can Carmen be resurrected? Can it be reversed for America, and America be resurrected? Can its resurrection free the world? The answer has many facets that all demand great inner honesty. 

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