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Part 1: Lord of Rings: Empire & Money

Tolkien's ring saga has at its core humanity's long-lagging commitment to purge the foulest pollution of all the ages from the landscape of the world - the one scourge, the one disease that has never been healed - that has choked humanity to near the braking point far too often and still threatens its very existence. The disease is named, empire and money. 

The modern equivalent: Restoring the Glass Steagall law.


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The Lord of the Rings' Metaphors
Volume 2b of the Series, Discovering Infinity

When the future determines the present with love,
we discover the heart of our humanity.
Thus we discover the emptiness of the 'fire' that would destroy it.
We also discover a brighter 'fire,'
a flame that glows with the light of universal love? 

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