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Nuclear World War III

Beyond Syria, Iran, then the world


Building towards PEACE
from the potential of thermonuclear WAR
by building on our humanity

In order for the Ice Age to be a concern, we have to survive long enough to see it. This is now an open question. The sky is getting darker, with 5 aircraft carrier fleets committed to what unfolds to become an end game demanded by empire. 

Empire is desperate as its power and wealth is collapsing beyond recourse. The end game is understood to be nuclear war, with the USA serving as the main engine on a path for its self-destruction and the destruction of humanity. The USA owns the largest war machine in the world and more than 800 bases outside its territory. With its immensely destructive power, in a nuclear war, the end of civilization is assured, and possibly the end of humanity with it.

Yes, we face nuclear WAR
but we are not impotent to block it

The powers of empire are determined. The stage is set. The propaganda machine is shrieking. War could happen at any time and begin without warning, and it would be nuclear war. The western economies are bankrupt, too deeply bankrupt to stage a conventional world war. The nuclear option is the only option that is feasible on the scale demanded by empire for its end game. To maintain its dominance, the apparent end game is to destroy humanity more deeply than the the empire is itself collapsing by its unsustainable looting. Nuclear war serves this end. It is inexpensive, radical, and unstoppable once it starts do to the automated systems that are designed to assure its 'completion.' 

You won't likely be reading in the morning newspaper that London, Washington, New York, Tel Aviv, Tehran, do no longer exist, and that this great tragedy could have been avoided by removing the empire's front man, President 'Nero' Obama from office, but that wasn't avoided as no one had cared sufficiently to protect humanity. You won't likely read this, because you too will no longer exist by then, including those who would print the newspaper. If you think that nuclear war is something that you or a tiny minority can survive, read my novel Brighter than the Sun (Its free) of a minimal incidence incidence involving one single missile. The story is fiction of course, because the real thing is unimaginable by anyone. The end game of empire, however, is not fiction. It is deadly real, and has been long promoted by empire under its depopulation doctrine that has become widely accepted.

The intention of empire is this type of 'grand' World War that assures radical depopulation. Of course it isn't legal. No part of it is. Nothing of what is presently staged on this platform and is threatened to be unleashed under the doctrine of keeping the nuclear option readily on the table, is legal under international law. 

Under universally recognized international law, typically all of the wars from 1945 on are defined as criminal acts; crimes against peace; crimes against humanity; war crimes; and genocide. All the US wars, from the Vietnam War on to the present are legally so defined, including those threatened at the present world stage, such as the planned war against Syria and Iran, and beyond those against the world. Article 2 of the UN Charter prohibits both the threat and the use of force, except in cases of legitimate self-defense for which the U.S. wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and so on, did not, and do not, qualify, including those presently being threatened, which instead qualify as international crimes, crimes against the peace and against humanity, including the threats against Iran. Francis Boyle, a professor of international law at the University of Illinois even suggests that that the leaders of the NATO states that aid the U.S. in committing these crimes are all accomplices under this law. (see: "U.S. Threats of Nuclear War Against Iran are a Criminal Act!" - See interview with Francis Boyle on the case of removing President Obama from office, together with others involved in related criminal activities.)

Yes, all of this is happening in the present. This is real. Yes the threats are great. Fortunately for us all there are still a few patriots standing tall who are determined to prevent the dogs of war from having their day that no one may survive. But will the patriots succeed? Are they getting the needed support? Russia has entered the war scene to block it at great risk to itself. Will Russia succeed? Will anyone succeed? Yes, there is still progress happening on this war-front against war. But what about the question that each person should ask individually: Am I doing enough to assure the survival of civilization without fail?

Here are the most current reports by LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC) as the countdown continues.

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December 10, 2011 - World in Review: Obama Sets-Up Hillary  President Obama, in collusion with some of the worst enemies of Russia, set up Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and set back U.S.-Russian relations and ongoing war avoidance efforts.

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Stop the Nuclear Holocaust (by LaRouche) December 16, 2011
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  (by LaRouche) December 8th, 2011 
The End Of World Wars!  (by LaRouche) November 26th, 2011 - The end of the nations’ wars, or the end of man?

December 4, 2011 - China Intensifies Warning Of Middle East Global War Danger China Daily, associated with the Chinese government, and the Global Times... again warned about the developing storm around Syria and Iran.

December 3, 2011  Dagan Forms "Strategic Alliance" Against Netanyahu's and Barak's War Drive Former Israeli Mossad Chief Meir Dagan has forged a formidable alliance of security experts committed to stopping Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak's insane drive for an attack on Iran.
Israel's Struggle Against Thermonuclear Armageddon  The worldwide fight to avert the rapid onset of thermonuclear holocaust now planned and intended by the British empire, the fight for which leading economist Lyndon LaRouche gave the clarion call on October 29, has reverberated strongly in Israel from the very outset.

To break the chain - to create a future

Lyndon LaRouche Emergency Broadcast - December 23, 2011
A Policy Initiative for the Survival of the Human Species
December 17, 2011
Webcast: Live Address to NJ Townhall Meeting
December 11th 2011  Lyndon LaRouche gave a live broadcast video presentation to a LaRouche PAC Symposium held in New Jersey. (99 min)

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Discussion with Kesha Rogers and Summer Shields on Presidential Strategy
(47 min) December 15, 2011

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LPAC Weekly Report
(60 min) MP3 audio - Transcript December 7th 2011 
(Creativity, metaphor, not sense perception to forecast the future)

Jeff Steinberg: LaRouche's Role in Catalyzing Global Resistance to WWIII December 6th 2011 (27 min)

Who do we fight? 

History leading up the present - videos by LPAC


Helga Zepp-LaRouche Issues International Call to Action to Stop World War III


Also see the following related background videos from this site, focused on the Global Warming Doctrine and its terror that has prepared the ground for the thermonuclear war that now looms before us. 

See WAR in the contrast of our power as human beings to step beyond terror and destruction with our profound creativity.

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Note: This page has been dedicated to present the work of the foremost antiwar action organization, the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC), that is operating within the foremost war mongering country on Earth. My presenting of this organization's deep-reaching commitment to stop another world war does not mean that I am an agreement with all policies and statements presented. In fact I am in complete disagreement with a number of major aspects and conclusions. Nevertheless, the cause of peace and the security of humanity and civilization is too critical an issue to let disagreements stand in the way of presenting the views of the foremost activists for peace, civilization, and economic development, unwise as some of the views may be. Avoiding war in the present is a critical requirement for meeting the Ice Age Challenge in the future that won't be a challenge if humanity no longer exists.
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