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A Great Human Miracle Occurred
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Rolf A. F. Witzsche


In a barren landscape blades of green have broken  the hard grounds of a long winter. In order to help a person in dire need I created a fund to enable others to lend a helping hand as a challenge to raise the deemed value of God, and with it the value of humanity. 


Like a miracle in spring the fund received a donation, enough to help a person in severe need along for another week, maybe two. 

In today's harsh climate of inflated inhumanity where the demands of landlords exceed in evermore cases a person's entire pension income, often even without facilities for cooking included, the resulting deficit adds up to a tragedy that paints a black mark onto the face of humanity. It is a mark of shame that should inspire actions to heal the neglect that allowed such conditions to occur, or at the very least, help still the human need. The latter actually happened last week, and it may be called a miracle.

The fund was set up some time ago to simply help a person in need. Since no response was received, as the human being has become evermore considered an item of no value in the world, or less than that, an exploitable commodity for profit, I felt that the fund needed a higher-level focus. Considering that religions are often deemed to be of higher value, or at least give value to a human being, I renamed the fund to include the person's religion in the name. When after a few weeks no response was forthcoming either, I raised the focus once more. I raised it up to the question, what is the value of God? 

With the human being, being the tallest expression of life on our planet - the highest expression of God in the physical world, the being in whom God is expressed to the fullest - the human being should then be deemed to have the same value as God. If this deemed value is zero, reflecting the deemed value of God, then we must raise the value of God at least a notch above zero. And this has happened a week ago. I call it a miracle, because any step above zero is a giant progression above nothing.

The donation that the fund received didn't come from the person's friends, relatives, and acquaintances, nor did it came from her church or any Christian church where the virtues of God are praised daily with aspiring phrases, or from the Muslim background where people kneel to God in prayer several times a day. It came instead from a distant place from a person who appreciated my work of exploration in electro-astrophysics and its relevance to the welfare of humanity. It appears that the value of God is the highest where the concern for the universal welfare of humanity remains alive as a spark of light in the human heart.

This does not mean that the spiritual focus that the numerous religions of the world have developed over the ages was for naught. Its essence may be the force for good that keeps the spark of light in the human heart alive.

Historically the process of spiritual development, when it was nurtured as a cultural fire through religion, resulted in periods of astonishing progress, prosperity, cultural riches, scientific advances, and technological innovations that uplifted the landscape of human living. The Golden Renaissance stands as an example of this type, and likewise the Peace of Westphalia of the mid-1600s on which modern civilization still rests to some degree.

Perhaps the most remarkable example of the uplifting power of spiritual development can be found in American history. America had put the scourge of slavery onto the map in a majestic manner. At the hands of traitors in the service of the masters of the British Empire that ruled much of the world in the early 1800s the USA developed slavery into a big machine. Under the Andrew Jackson Presidency vast areas of the southern states were 'cleared' of their native population and turned into a slave-powered plantation system to service the wealth of Europe. The former President John Quincy Adams warned that this course of utter inhumanity would rip apart the fabric of the nation so deeply that a civil war would inevitably result. But his voice of reason wasn't heard. He wasn't even allowed to speak about it in Congress. And so, powered by the tragedy of 3.5 million slaves, the southern economy became a treadmill where the development of civilization stopped. In the resulting years of hyperinflation of insanity the scourge of civil war did explode in America.

It was a war about slavery, by the South to protect it, by the North to protect itself against it. President Lincoln knew that if the American Union would be lost that was built on the universal rights of man and human development and dignity, all of America would be devoured by slavery and by the masters of empire that own it. Slavery is the hallmark of empire. 

The American Civil War was a hard and horribly gory war, and the stakes were enormous. It was fought by much of the nation for the defence of the nation against the deadly force of empire. Three million soldiers were on the battle fields, 750,000 died there, and over 400,000 were wounded. It was also a critical war. It was in humanist terms the last stand of civilization against the forces of a New Dark Age. The entire nation fought this war and prayed, both to win it and to halt it.

While the history books are full of accounts of how the war was won or could have been lost if events had unfolded differently than they had, it is impossible to estimate to what extent the spiritual development in the nation that stood behind the scene has had a critically contributory effect on the outcome. All that is known about this larger context, is that in the year after the Civil War ended, one of America's own great religion was born. 

It all began with a discovery by a woman in Lynn Massachusetts, who had suffered severe injuries from a fall on an icy street, which the doctors said would soon be fatal. There, on her death bed, by recounting what she had discovered before over many years in the context of God, religion, science, medicine, and healing, she found herself suddenly well, got off the bed, and opened the door to the preacher who had come to 'bury' her. She worked for almost a decade to discover the science of what had healed her, and to document it, which she later named Christian Science. She also established a church to promote the spiritual healing process that became a nationwide healing institution during the span of 35 years till her death in 1910, with branches springing up in many other lands.

The point that I am raising here, is that the spiritual development that had led up to the woman's discovery had evidently begun long before the Civil War had erupted. As a young woman she had married a man from the South, in 1843, who died half a year later of yellow fever. She freed all of her husband's slaves and returned to New England where she became politically, scientifically, and religiously active. She wrote in later years, now known by the name Mary Baker Eddy, that God had graciously prepared her over many years in a chain of development in understanding, which culminated for her into a breakthrough that became her "final revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing."(S&H p.107) Nothing more than this was needed. Her science became a recognition of spiritual absolutes that could not have been accepted earlier in times when the dire human needs had remained unfulfilled.

This principle was illustrated by Christ Jesus two millennia earlier in a parable: A man had become before the altar of God to offer gifts. Here the priest cautioned the man that if he offered these gifts while carrying a debt of unmet human needs, his gift to God had no value until the human needs are met. The priest suggested that he should hold his gifts until the pre-requisites are met. Then his gifts would have value. In 1866 the prerequisites were met for the science of the spiritual absolutes to be developed into a practical institution for healing on a higher platform. The divine Principle that requires the prerequisite is evidently still valid.

The practical aspect of what Mary Baker established over the span of 44 years after her discovery, may have been the culmination of the prayers of a nation for an emergency healing of the slavery crisis, which all the efforts of the abolitionist movements by themselves had failed to heal, and which eventually grew into an existential challenge that culminated into the Civil War that required a scientific spiritual approach to be added to the healing efforts. What followed is history - one of the brightest spots in history.

A sensitive person like Mary Baker Eddy could not have stood idly aside in the nationwide effort to heal the wound in civilization that slavery had become. The human effort devoted to healing this wound was not a small one. Vast informal networks had been established to aid the escape of slaves to freedom, to the free states, Canada, and Mexico. The effort became known as the Underground Railroad, also known as the "Freedom Train" and "Gospel Train" with the destination, "Heaven," meaning Canada, where slavery had diminished after a 1803 court ruling and was finally formally abolished in 1834. 

In the USA, until 1850, when harsh laws against escapees had been passed in U.S. Congress, an estimated 100,000 slaves had been helped to freedom on the Railroad path, often one person at a time, aided by the hands and hearts and money of countless individuals, many risking their own life, altogether maintaining a network of safe houses and meeting places, and communication lines. 

And even after the 1850 clamp-down by law to capture the escapees, the by then famous Gospel Train continued to 'roll' regardless of the greater perils, though at a lesser volume of course, but still being aided by countless human beings both in the North and the South. The train never, ever stopped until emancipation was achieved. 

This universal project that had been inspired in the honour of God and humanity, had become a hands-on effort of vast proportions to meet a critical human need that was also a spiritual need in the defence of civilization.

The development of Christian Science occurred in this atmosphere of intense hands-on efforts to meet a human need that was also a spiritual need. The idea may have developed in this background that God is expressed in man, in countless ways reflecting God - man being the very 'hand' of God in numerous instances as required.

Mary Baker Eddy's contribution to the healing of the nation in times of its greatest need didn't stop with the end of the war, of course. It expanded. It changed the world. It healed the world. The time-frame of her working in this field in which her far-reaching healing movement was established and grew in leaps and bounds, coincides with the greatest period of peace, prosperity, and development that the world has seen in the last half millennium. 

It wasn't until shortly after her death that the train of the horrors of war and inhumanity started to roll again. It hasn't stopped to the present day. Evidently, what she had stood for had become lost to the point that the church itself began to erode, increasingly.

Today, the imperial system of slavery has been fully re-established, even more intensively than it had been before the civil war, and near universally now, though in a slightly different manner. Statutory slavery has given way to monetarist slavery, but the victimization, and exploitation, and the hopelessness is likely the same. New terms now apply, such as homelessness, unemployment, slum living, rent slavery, and so on, and once again we face the threat of a 'civil' war of gigantic proportions, now called nuclear war, as the fabric of civilization is disintegrating on all fronts. The world financial system is disintegrating. An estimated fifty trillion dollars in bailout money, worldwide - to prop up the corpse of the monetarist slavery system that is already dead since nothing works anymore - didn't stop the rapid collapse of the ailing shell of the humanly empty system that is standing on thievery and slavery. It is now in an accelerated phase of collapse. These are they days when the hands of the insane among the stone-hard rulers reach for the trigger for war. 

We stand at a more-dangerous precipice today on this ground than in the early 1860s. It only takes 90 minutes of nuclear war, which is largely automated, to create conditions on the planet that no one can survive. (See: Unsurvivable)

A global financial disintegration can have similar consequences, which evidently are already in the planning stage at the heart of empire that said it aims to collapse the world population from 7 billion to 1 billion.

The crisis is on. There are political solutions possible. People are fighting for those solutions. (see: Restoring the Glass Steagall law.)

But will they succeed in the spiritual desert the world has become where the value of God is deemed below junk bond status, with only rare exceptions? 

Can Mary Baker Eddy's movement have an impact again? The answers to many of such types of questions evidently depends on how fast the losses that have occurred on the spiritual front can be recovered spiritually to become a force to guide the political movement. 

It is here, in the context of today's spiritual crisis, which may be the deepest of its type in history, where the significance of my Fund for Raising the Value of God is significant. While the fund is critical for the person in need for whom it has been created, the challenge to raise the deemed value of God is vastly more-critical for the survival of civilization as a whole, especially today where nearly everything hangs in the balance.

Fortunately, the question is also a question of Truth. The truth that stood tall once before to secure the freedom of the American nation, is the same that it was then. And its Principle is the same. Its effect therefore is likewise the same. The discoveries that once saved the nation are still on the table. The Principle that unfolds as good is valid for all times to come. We do have the power to raise the value of God and our own value with it to infinity. Shouldn't we be able to do this in deed?


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