Advanced Developments in Spiritual Science (15/03/2013)


Mental Malpractice & Animal Magnetism
a spiritual exploration presentation

Rolf A. F. Witzsche


The greatest tragedy that has ever come upon humanity is the scourge of mental malpractice spanning a wide horizon of lies thrown into the face of humanity. On society's ability to overcome it hangs the human future, whether is be nuclear war, depopulation, and starvation by economic collapse, or be the boundless freedom in a new human renaissance.


Mental malpractice has many facets.  

Some facets are political in purpose, some ideological, some social, and some economic. Most forms are hidden and seductive. They are typically perpetrated for the type of objectives that a free society would not consent to. They are required to launch wars, to loot a society to the breaking point, to inspire humanity to accept mass depopulation, even thermonuclear war as a panacea. Mental malpractice is also used for religious control and to disable scientific and technological progress, especially the leading edge elements that would end the despotism of the system of empire and oligarchy.

Slanders, too, are highly effective forms of mental malpractice. They are typically deployed to destroy a culture, or an ideology, or a science, from within. For example, when advanced forms of research unfold new aspects of science that challenge an established hierarchy that serves the oligarchic system, the advance guard is stepped on with mentally destructive slanders that most individuals are not equipped to defend themselves against and rarely are able to recover from. The slander, of course, is also destructive to the perpetrator. This effect is often intentional, and is evidently cultivated through the back door to disable leading edge science, and leading edge institutions that would endanger the oligarchic system. 

One example is the science of Electro-Astrophysics. It is so effectively blocked by mental manipulation that determines public opinion, that the electric nature of the universe is deemed not to exist. The blocking effect is imposed, because Electro-Astrophysics holds the key to liberating humanity from the global warming doctrine, the ice age threat, the global energy crisis, the economic collapse, and the depopulation genocide. (See: Overwhelming Electric-Universe Evidence Everywhere) The evidence of  Electro-Astrophysics is truly overwhelming, but more so is mental malpractice on society that keeps it hidden as though it didn't exist.

Another example of this type is America's profound institution of scientific mental healing that its founder named Christian Science, which has largely destroyed itself on the platform of mental malpractice operating from within by slanders and internal 'persecutions' of numerous types, which appear to be artificial and serve the purposes of those who aim to disable its influence and its power to advance the freedom of mankind.

Christian Science grew out of a million prayers that yearned for an end of slavery in the USA. The development towards the breakthrough discovery in 1866, which became a full-fledged science, occurred over many decades as the nation confronted slavery in many ways until it was abolished in 1863.

The Emancipation Proclamation is an order issued to all segments of the Executive branch (including the Army and Navy) of the United States by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863, during the American Civil War. It was based on the president's constitutional authority as commander in chief of the armed forces; it was not a law passed by Congress. It proclaimed all those enslaved in Confederate territory to be forever free, and ordered the Army (and all segments of the Executive branch) to treat as free all those enslaved. - Wikipedia

In the historic sense Christian Science was God's answer for a nation yearning for freedom from the despotism of the mental malpractice that rendered millions of human beings as sub-human beasts of burden, or worse, as property. The discoverer of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, added subjection to depravity, and sickness, and so on, to the list of what constitutes mental malpractice. After 1901, after the assassination of President McKinley when America fell under the spell of the oligarchic doctrine again and its slavery in countless forms, she added the following sentence to her textbook, a kind of 'warning' that's almost a plea, which closes the chapter: Christian Science Practice, saying, "Christian Scientists, be a law to yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm you either when asleep or when awake." It's like she was saying that if one lets this subtle monster through the door, all that we've created and call civilization is on the path of becoming lost.

In today's world this tragedy is becoming true. Almost the entirety of humanity is enslaved again in countless operations of economic despotism and exploitation. How many home owners now keep a few slaves in their basement to help pay the mortgage in a financial rip-off system that is still called economics, mistakenly, that has enslaved vast segments of humanity. When it comes to money and property rights, the precious sense of humanity is set aside and fades into the background where it becomes lost. Those who can't pay the rental ransom end up in the gutter where they die rather quickly. Society hides the tragedy under the sanitized term: homelessness. The use of such twisted language that abounds in the political, financial, and economic arenas, is a form of mental malpractice too. If this is what America's spiritual pioneer of the late 1800s warns about, the warning is justified. The result is devastating.

The effects of mental malpractice 

The mental malpractice that reduces the value of a human being to zero has had a long history already. The oligarchic system is built on the effects of mental malpractice. The rule of empire has had a long tragic history on this ground, especially in India, where under colonial rule and the caste system, together with the tool of famine - deployed with the machine of mental malpractice - the murder of tens of millions of people was committed - primarily to protect the colonial system of oligarchic power. 

Of course, the doctrine of targeted depopulation wasn't invented in India under the rule of the British Empire. Its roots go deep into history. The Trojan War ended with the eradication of an entire people and their culture. Rome developed the doctrine further, and likewise the successor of Rome, the Venetian Empire, the hand behind the crusades, and behind the forming of the British Empire. In this transition to ever-greater imperial despotism, the Venetian inflection point gave rise to a new form of utterly despicable mental malpractice. Venice created the formal depopulation dogma, which was developed as a weapon to counter the freedom of humanity from empire that had begun as a movement in America with the Declaration of Independence by the former colonies. The depopulation dogma, put on paper by Giammaria Ortes, was quickly unleashed as a mental counterforce in the same timeframe in which the American Federal Constitution was created and enacted.

The depopulation dogma is a dogma of extreme mental malpractice. It defines humanity and human development as a poison to the planet and a danger to itself by overgrazing its pasture like a herd of cattle that isn't culled. The dogma reduces humanity to something less than animals, totally ignoring thereby the creative and productive power of the human intellect to create new resources for living that do not exist naturally. This deep mental malpractice that slanders the precious nature of humanity as the tallest form of life on the planet, became the poison pill that stood behind the imperial operation that turned America into a surrogate kingdom of mass slavery.

Depopulation is mental malpractice by intention

The depopulation dogma of Giammaria Ortes (1790), a dogma of extreme mental malpractice, was picked up by Thomas Malthus of the British Empire, who championed the Poor Laws, the work houses, and the ideology that living conditions for the poor should be reduced to such low levels that the people get sick quickly and die at an early age. Charles Darwin picked up Ortes dogma from Malthus and forged from it the idea of naturally inherited social-status discrimination, called social Darwinism, which his cousin Galton picked up and created Eugenics theory from it that opened the flood gate to the sterilization of unwanted races, such as the immigrants, or the black people in Brazil in modern time that is carried out under the guise of a family planning measure. Hitler was inspired from the collective background of this extreme mental malpractice.

Hitler was evidently also 'selected' to serve the empire as a convenient fool for reasons of his extreme mental infliction, called Narcissistic Personality Disorder that renders a person easily controllable with the right 'guidance.' And so, the little man, Hitler, was controlled like a puppy on a short leash. He was hired by the masters of empire to destroy Germany and much of Europe with his demonstrated mastery of the tool of extreme mental malpractice. The German Arian race was termed by him a superior race (a race mastered by empire), and the Jews, the Bolsheviks, the Gypsies, the chronically ill, and so on, were simply deemed worth less than a dog, and were treated accordingly - they were used up and then killed, or killed right away. The imperial ruling masters of Hitler were not disappointed, up to the point when he turned against them too. 

The same masters have now tasked their modern stooges to destroy America from within; first ideologically, then financially, and as of late, with nuclear weapons. America boasts that it now has the technological superiority to 'win' a nuclear war - that is to destroy all the opposing forces in the world, without suffering too much damage itself in retaliation. That nuclear war is on the agenda of America is evident by the fact that evermore preparations are made for it with critical nuclear arms limitations treaties having been rescinded. When a nation makes extensive preparations for war, it means war, even if this means the extinction of much of humanity.

A mental poison

The mental malpractice poison that renders the human being as a cancer on this planet, which Ortes had encapsulated as a doctrine for depopulation, is still being promoted, and evermore intensely so. The great imperial pacifist, Bertrand Russell, stated shortly after the horrors of World War II had ended, that wars are disappointing, even the big wars, as they don't kill enough people to meet the depopulation goals of his masters. Since wars are disappointing, other methods have been tried, such as the development of AIDS, the banning of life-saving pesticides, the post-industrial dogma to replace economic development with murderous poverty, and the mass-burning of food under the biofuels swindle, in a world where 'market forces' have driven more than a billion people into chronic starvation. Against this background of ever-greater forms of genocide, the long-standing depopulation dogma is also being escalated, which flows from the cesspools of the decadence that is inherent in the system of empire.

The depopulation that is now demanded from humanity is the genocidal reduction of the world-population from the present seven billion people to about one billion people. Since humanity is not willing to lay itself down to die - which was amply demonstrated during the Copenhagen Conference in 2009 that failed, which the global warming doctrine was to have assured - nuclear war has been put onto the front burner once again as in the 1950s when the Cold War began (see: Sovereignty versus Nuclear War).

The irony is that thermonuclear war cannot be tuned to stop at the 15% mark, after killing 85% of humanity as the cesspools of empire demand for their depopulation goal. This is not possible. However, this is the kind of gamble that the masters of empire are preparing the stage for. There is nothing rational about it, and why should there be, seeing that reason and humanity have been banished long ago in the deep decadence of the cesspools. Sheer insanity is what the world ends up with when the travesty of mental malpractice is allowed to run wild, unchecked, for centuries upon centuries, without society having developed the means to detect and counter the mental malpractice that is killing it.

The unchecked monster of mental malpractice is killing humanity in every vital arena. It is killing it with slavery in economics, globalized thievery in finance, depopulation in ideology, nuclear war in politics, and persecution in and among the religions and even in the sciences.

An attempt is made by some patriotic forces in the political and military arena to shift the focus away from nuclear war and the assured annihilation of humanity, onto the needed cooperative defence of the Earth against the now expected increase in asteroid collisions with the Earth, and collisions by comets, as the transition to the next ice age unfolds evermore. But is this shift in focus enough at this late stage to break the monster of mental malpractice that has been built up over millennia? Is the shift in focus enough in itself to overturn the consent in society that humanity is an impotent worm against the forces of fate, and the political forces that would impose a terrible tragedy as fate, arranged in the form of collective suicide by insanity in high places? These types of questions are debated, at least by some, in the hope that a change in focus from destruction to protection can tip the balance. (See: Policy discussion March 18, 2013)

Mental malpractice rules by submission

It is sheer mental malpractice, which has imposed such a deep sense of impotence in people that society does not stand up collectively and spontaneously to force an end to the policies of its collective annihilation, such as depopulation, nuclear war, and the planned collapse of the financial system, that, when it disintegrates leaves a wasteland in the wake where nothing works and people starve to death in the chaos where no food is produced and delivered. Why does society submit itself to such insanity that offers this type of future?

The potentially ensuing chaos in the wake of financial disintegration after hyperinflation, is presently in the works. It is actively pursued. It is planned to happen as no alternate plan is possible for empire to exist. The deadly plan has been leaked. The present world-shaking financial crisis is by this leaked admission not a failure, but is a process of intention, and likewise the depopulation that it brings with it, when it happens, is by intention. This is not fantasy. This is in the planning stage. It may be prevented, but it is in the planning stage (see: Intention of genocide leaked by webcast Feb 15, 2013)

As in the nuclear war arena political solutions to the world-financial collapse are possible. For example, an intensive campaign has been running for a number of years to get back to separating the speculative banking that is collapsing the world with thievery, from the commercial banking that is needed to support the physical economy. If this separation was achieved, the great collapse of the speculative system, which is already a dead corpse, wouldn't bring the physical economy down. It would prevent the presently planned chaos towards mass starvation and depopulation. (See: Restoring the Glass Steagall law.)

The big question that society should ask

Society should ask itself whether its feeble efforts to prevent the looming catastrophe are enough to assure its security and its future.

In considering that the horrid triad of terror - economic collapse, nuclear war, and mass-depopulation - is a single interlocked project of intention built on a long train of mental abuses, intimidation, manipulation, lies, sophistry, mental destruction, and slander of all that is good and intrinsically beautiful, it seems unlikely that political solutions can be found to prevent disaster, or can ever be found on the political platform. If the foundation of the triad of terror is not a political one, but the core for it is pure mental malpractice on a wide horizon, then a political solution can never really address the foundation on which the triad stands. The entire triad needs to be addressed together as a problem of mental malpractice. If this core issue is resolved the entire triad of terror falls down.

The mental malpractice of animal magnetism

One of the great pioneers for the Golden Renaissance, Nicolas of Cusa, had attempted to get to the core of this problem. He used geometry to illustrate the point. He compared a square with an octagon, and pointed out that an octagon is much closer to the shape of a circle than a square. He also pointed out that a hundred-sided regular polygon would come quite close to resembling a circle, or even a thousand sided one, but that no matter to what extreme one would take the process, a polygon would never be a circle. In the extreme, both forms might look alike, but they would remain fundamentally different. A polygon would always remain a combination of straight lines, each with a start point and an end point, while a circle would have none of these.

If one applies this example to a human being in comparison with any other form of life, one gains a clearer view of the nature of humanity as something singular, precious, and with a quality that is not derived by accretion, but is divine in reflecting something that has no equal in the universe as far as our observations reach.  

One of the most subtle forms of mental malpractice is the type of 'slander' that renders humanity as just another animal, instead of with a quality that is divine, as represented by the circle, versus animal forms of life represented by the myriad forms of possible regular polygons. This extremely subtle form of this mental malpractice peels away from humanity all its vast distinctive features that makes humanity unique and hides the fact that no animal has ever composed a symphony, created musical instruments, written novels, produced works of art, developed technologies to travel to the moon and other planets, and technologies and infrastructures that enable a thousand-times larger society to exist than the natural world had been able to support on its own primitive platform. In fact, humanity has developed the technological power to protect the biosphere itself from the deep CO2 starvation that occurs during the glaciation cycles of the ice ages (see: Man-made Global Warming IMPOSSIBLE).

This precious nature of humanity is presently slandered as worthless trash and is slated to be thrown away as a nuisance factor in comparison with money and power. If a human being requires help, even in critical situations, most people's response is to close their eyes as if a human being has zero value. Society responds in this fashion. It responds to the mental malpractice imposed on it. It carries out the mental malpractice. It treats one-another as a liability at best. Hitler defined vast segments of society in this manner, as of lesser value than a dog and he killed them. The killing target has since been expanded to include 6 billion people of the global humanity. 

The moment that the precious nature of humanity is slandered as worthless trash and is slated to be thrown away, nuclear war becomes a possibility and is being prepared for. With a correct perception of the value of the human being, nuclear war would be unthinkable, depopulation would be inconceivable, and the insanity of setting the stage for universal collective suicide of any type would be unimaginable. But this is where we stand today. The unthinkable is on the agenda. The inconceivable is already being carried out. The unimaginable is fully set up to happen (see: Mutually Assured Suicide).

The individuals' alertness against mental malpractice, which America's spiritual pioneer, Mary Baker Eddy, had placed before society as a critical factor with a strong warning attached, has come to light as a critical challenge, because the disease of mental malpractice that has festered unhealed for far too long has become an enormously destructive monster that now threatens all life.

Animal magnetism is imposed, not inherent

Perhaps referring to Cusa's comparison, Mary Baker Eddy, uses the term "animal magnetism" sometimes interchangeably with mental malpractice. She defines it as something unnatural that society can defend itself against, individually and collectively. In this context, the term mental malpractice applies to any concept of man and humanity that doesn't measure up to the divine image reflected in man and humanity. As Cusa pointed out, the divine image that is reflected in man is as distinct from anything else as a circle is distinct from a polygon. Here is where the term, "animal magnetism" becomes critical as a special case of mental malpractice. It becomes critical when humanity regards itself as merely just another animal, which is an increasingly popular perception, and a tragic one. 

While there exists no physical animal magnetism that one could detect and measure, the primitive concept of man as an animal has been given artificially, a 'magnetic' attraction. People tend to live accordingly. They behave like animals, often worse than animals. A widely established 'cult' of magnetic  animal-behaviour tendencies has been cultivated that is dragging civilization through the mud in finance, culture, economics, and social relationships, such as for profit, power, fame, control, and so on. In this environment it is rare to encounter people who are even aware of the normal nature of humanity with a higher quality that reflects the distinction of a circle from a polygon.

Society has been carefully taught, especially in the commercial world, to live like an animal rather than a human being would. The few cases in which the divinely human nature is expressed in people, come to light as being so precious that they are remembered for many years thereafter (See: Healing the House of Empty Hands). The environment in which this precious expression unfolds is often also an environment of healing (See: The Lateral Lattice of Love).

Freedom from Animal Magnetism

Nicolas of Cusa, one of the pioneers of the Golden Renaissance, fought against the downward tendencies of the sub-human animal-magnetic attraction that dominated people in every imperial realm, right across Europe. The collapse of civilization had been so deep for so long that Cusa saw little hope for a recovery from it, unless a way could be found to start a new society in freedom from this oligarchic trap on the distant shores of a new world. He suggested that the best and freest thinkers of Europe should venture across the oceans to live like free human beings would.

Cusa never saw his dream fulfilled. Christopher Columbus took the first steps in 1492, supported by Cusa's reasoning that another continent should exist. He set the stage for the pilgrims' voyages of the 1600s that established a new society on the American shores, as Cusa had envision, whose name was long forgotten by then. The New World became the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Here a new human focus was developing that achieved economic independence from empire and became so successful that the King of England, William of Orange, stepped on it. The humanist revolution was crushed from within with the psychological tool of the witch hunts. But the spark of freedom had remained. Other pioneers brought the spark of freedom to light again and started a fire with it that the forces of empire could no longer stop. With the resulting Declaration of Independence the USA was born.

The USA withstood many attempts by the combined forces of the cesspools of empire to break its spirit of freedom, especially its freedom from the animal magnetism of the empire games, such as slavery. It took the nation more than 30 years to break out of the animal magnetism of the black slavery. A period of prosperity followed, until a new form of animal magnetism created the financial slavery that crashed the national economy into a terrifying depression. The Great Depression wasn't broken until Franklin Roosevelt offered a new world of freedom built on a raised platform of humanist values: his Four Freedoms, the New Deal, and nationwide economic development coupled with the protection of society against the old animal-type practices of dog-eat-dog economics, so-called.

Whenever the nation raised itself above the sub-human platforms of animal-type living it prospered, and inversely, whenever it drowned its divine human spirit in it, it collapsed itself economically, culturally, and politically. That's how America became the deadliest superpower in the world, wielding the club of nuclear war, while it is inwardly dying. Its once highly treasured values lay all broken in the dust, destroyed by thievery, economic fascism, ice cold attitudes, hatred, indifference, terror, war. "Where there was love, love is no more."

How far society has collapsed itself into the imperial cesspool of animalist reactions to one another, can be measured in terms of the sheer hell that many tens of millions are now existing in, mired in poverty, meaningless jobs or unemployment, rent slavery or homelessness, and so on, surrounded by a culture that becomes evermore a 'magnet' that is inspiring animalist behaviour. Such a society, which is already essentially dead as a humanist society, the prospect of a thermonuclear war no longer rouses any particular concern, certainly not enough to prevent it. And so it is set up to happen. It allows food to be burned in huge quantities. Society even allows the depopulation policy of the agenda of empire to stand. It hails it. It thereby hails the depopulation of itself. 

The humanist measure of the value that modern society attributes to itself, which by reflection is the deemed value of God, has effectively dropped to zero. In the shadow of the dual attack of mental malpractice and animal magnetism, there is hardly anything left that is of value. If the poor ask for a fish (affordable housing, transportation, food, employment, or just simple help) the soul-dead world gives them a stone, or platitudes, or less, such as slander.

So it is that in the value that we place on God we find an image of the value we place on humanity, that is on ourselves. If this value is zero or negative, we can be sure that we are in the territory of deep mental malpractice and animal magnetism with which we condemn ourselves, as we condemn one-another. On this front society stands in the mental territory of committing gross errors that will in due course rob it of life, liberty, and happiness.

Reversing the trend of mental malpractice

In order to reverse the trend, including the trend of animal magnetism, I have set up a fund for meeting some persons' critical needs. I left the fund open for society to contribute to, towards meeting those needs. The needs shouldn't exist, but they do exist. Likewise the fund should receive the resources to meet the needs, but it doesn't. 

The fund stands as a mirror of how much society values itself as the reflected image of the divine, which is one of the basic measures of the power of our humanity that should be reflected on the larger scale to block the triad of terror from coming to fruition by which civilization hangs in the balance on the platform of the same measure. This platform is perhaps where the healing of mental malpractice and animal magnetism needs to begin, which we as human beings do have the power to bring to fruition. This healing is a task assigned to us all. It should be easy for us to carry it to fruition and to build with it the brightest world ever imagined. So far, it seems, we have barely begun. Still, the potential remains.


The Raising the Value of God and Man Fund 

Nicolas of Cusa fought for his desire to create a society that regards itself of a higher quality than the animal-like self-perception would allow that has been superimposed on humanity by the masters of the cesspools of oligarchies and empires. The Golden Renaissance may have been the result of his efforts and of others whom he had been able to inspire. Great breakthroughs, like the Golden Renaissance, do not spring out of nothing. There is always a major driving force standing in the background. Christianity itself was evidently developed from this type of background. Nor was its dawn a singular event.

Christ Jesus to reverse mental malpractice

Look at the historic context. Before Christ Jesus emerged on the scene, momentous struggles were likely waged in the background in many different ways, with scientific advances intertwined, towards a breakout from the inhumanity, decadence, and brutality of the Roman Empire and its enslaving terror. Christ Jesus provided the breakthrough on this scene, on the wings of possibly millions of 'prayers' for a brighter world. Whatever he did, or may have intended, he gave humanity a higher perception of itself, above society's animal-like self-perception. He gave the human being a divine status, even the status of the Son of God, and he gave society the power to raise its head and stand tall. 

Ironically we know extremely little for certain about Jesus' life and works, and what he actually taught. Everything that has been written about the man, such as the gospels, has been written two centuries after the fact and has been mystified and specifically edited to serve the needs of the church of the Roman Empire, the very empire that had persecuted his followers, burned related documents, and had executed people on the cross, the stake, and in the great arenas in orgies of murdering. It is fairly evident that his teaching of a divine humanity was so profound that the mightiest empire on the planet was afraid of it, and tried to squash it. Probably only a tiny fraction remained of what had occurred in those days, as great efforts were evidently made to turn history upside down in the service of empire with campaigns of mental manipulation. As the result a long dark age erupted, an age of mental malpractice at the deepest level.
Human Focus: The True Story of Jesus - a possible alternate history,
and: Crime of Religion 

After the Roman Empire had destroyed itself with its fascist decadence, it left behind a dehumanized wasteland, a kind of spiritual vacuum that no doubt many of the remaining people and cultures had struggled to rebuild. A kind of longing prayer for the renewal of civilization with the potential for a richer and more dignified living may have begun to sweep the land. It may have begun already long before Rome collapsed. 

On the wings of this longing for a higher unfolding of humanity with a recognized divine dignity, a spiritual breakthrough was eventually wrought in the early 600s by an orphan who had grown up to become a leader, named Muhammad, who revived the original sense of monotheism and with it attributed a new sense of dignity to humanity. From this background the religion of Islam developed that became the second-largest religion in the world. 

Without the Islamic renaissance that followed in due course, which brought science back into focus - including the scientific method of Plato and Socrates, which was subsequently brought back into Europe where it began to break the dark-age thinking there - the Golden Renaissance of the 1400s might not have occurred. It appears, when spiritual history is seen in this context, the spiritual dimension of Islam, which is a combination of science and humanity, had actually revived Christianity and given it a new life and light that eventually ended the dark age thinking there.

Unfortunately, society did not hold onto the new light that had been developed. The mental malpractice that is inherent in any system of empire, no matter what its name may be, collapsed both the Islamic and the Golden Renaissance, and collapsed even science with it. It may have been the scientific method for discovery, a breakthrough in thinking pioneered by the astronomer Johannes Kepler, which broke the dark-age horror-period of the Thirty Years War. A few years later, in the light of Kepler's raised focus on scientific perception, in 1648, the first universal constitution was established: the Treaty of Westphalia. The great spiritual development that stood behind the treaty not only ended the Thirty Years war, but also attributed the highest-ever form of sovereignty and dignity to humanity that was ever awarded by the nations to one-another. The constitution of this treaty still stands to the present day as the backbone of civilization, even while efforts are far advanced already again to destroy it once more in the name of universal war and universal profiteering.  

Christian Science, the next step in healing mental malpractice

As I noted earlier, the prayers of millions in America, for the nation's freedom from the tragedy of slavery that lay like a heavy load on the conscience of the nation, paved the way for the dawn of Christian Science in 1866. Its founder, Mary Baker Eddy, raised the status of the human being once again to its native divine status. She backed up her discovery with some rather amazing metaphysical healing work. Nor did the work end with her death.

In the shadow of World War II, a teacher of Christian Science and former member of its Board of Directors, John Doorly, did some in-depth work in England to counter the madness of this war. In the process he made some discoveries of fundamental elements of Mary Baker Eddy's work that hadn't come to light before. In times of great trials and perils the most able scientific and spiritual pioneers tend to come to the aid of humanity to raise the prevailing dehumanizing self-perception of society to a higher sense of humanity, to its native divine status. The work that John Doorly had started was later carried forward, by a man from Switzerland, named Max Kapler during the terror years of the Cold War period, to counter the dehumanizing sense of the unfolding orgy of nuclear-war threats and terror.

The widening sphere of combating mental malpractice

But the two individuals were not alone in making great efforts to raise the platform of humanity during this horrible war and postwar period. J.R.R. Tolkien's famous novel, The Lord of the Rings, was evidently developed for the same purpose, and it was created in the same general timeframe. That there is a response in society to an uplifting ideology - such as the one that brings out the power of the smallest of people to successfully defeat the mightiest empire with nothing more than profound human qualities - is shown in the fact that The Lord of the Rings became the second best selling novel ever written, with over 150 million copies sold. There is evidently a yearning afoot in society for a confirmation that a human being is greater than just a glorified animal or a resource of labour to be used up in the meat grinder of sweat shop economics, and so on.

In roughly the same timeframe when The Lord of the Rings was written another humanist pioneer, by the name Lyndon LaRouche, come to the foreground with a determination to keep the great achievements in civilization alive that were wrought with the breakout from America's depression of the 1930s - the achievements of the Franklin Roosevelt Presidency in the USA - without which the war of empire against humanity, instigated by extreme fascism, that became World War II - could not have been terminated. When Franklin Delanor Roosevelt died, Lyndon LaRouche understood the danger that the old mental malpractice of empire posed once again, which was on the rise again and had to be defeated once and for all, for civilization to survive (See: honour of FDR). 

LaRouche, now 91 years of age, fought for this goal on the political arena from 1945 on, standing as a U.S. presidential candidate many a time. He remains extremely active to the present day as the leader and mentor of the widening movement for grassroots humanist political actions, currently spearheaded by the world renowned LaRouche Political Action Committee.

The depth of commitment of LaRouche's fight for a brighter universal humanity can be gleamed as an example from his currently ongoing project for Restoring the Glass Steagall law  as a means for recovering the collapsing economies of the world and to avoid war, without which civilization cannot survive.

The most recent breakthrough in spiritual healing development

Later, in the 1980s, at the height of the Cold War, at the time when humanity had 65,000 nuclear bombs hanging over its head, another round of intense scientific spiritual work began that was started in Canada on the West Coast by a man named Howard Meredith. I became involved quite early in this research and development work that lasted more than 25 years. A great wealth of discoveries were made, about Mary Baker Eddy's work that Doorly and Kapler had just seen the tip of the iceberg of. (Most of this work is documented in Volumes 3a and 3d of my research book series, Discovering Infinity)

After much of this work was done I created my series of 12 novels, The Lodging for the Rose, a series entirely devoted to raising the human sense of love from the small, circumscribed, animalistic context, to the divine sense of love that must of necessity be universal. This became the most challenging project I have ever carried out. Perhaps you may gleam a sense of the dimension of universal love in the brief article I wrote recently: The Lateral Lattice of Love

To illustrate the vast scope of divine Love reflected in universal love, I created a short video in which the novels are presented in sequence in the context of a poem: Fantasia in Poetry and Prose 

There is a need for this type of work, the research work, the novels, and also poetry, to overturn those centuries of mental malpractice and animal magnetism that has pulled humanity down from its high throne as the most divine being on the face of the planet with the most profound quality and creative and productive power that Cusa's comparison only faintly hints at, represented by the quality of an endless circle, versus the circle-like polygons that will always be fundamentally different.

Unfortunately I cannot say that the work is complete. We still have a long way to go. However, it appears certain that the steps that have been taken, as steps along the way, will ultimately lead to a bright new world. And this is how my series of 12 novels ends. It end with a story being told of a profound beginning for which the completion is inevitable. I present the story in the form of a video: A Girl Named Lianhua. The video is one of 30 videos, similarly presented, of dialogs from the novels (see: Dialogs for Civilization).

The God-crowned woman of the Apocalypse

There appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. (Rev. 12)

In the context of the end of all evil, John the Revelator presents in metaphor in the last book of the Bible, a sweeping few of the past and the future. Among these is the above verse of the God-crowned woman, a verse that has been given a multitude of interpretations. I would like to add my own in relationship of the subject at hand.

I see the woman representing the pillar of civilization, the combination of science and humanity, upon which the human world rests. Without humanity in the heart, science is an empty house. And without science humanity is impotent and will never be free. The twelve stars in her crown are the stars that lit up the dark pages of the past. Christ Jesus was one of the stars, as were Muhammad, and Nicolas of Cusa, with probably many other names of stars standing beside them through the ages. 

In universal metaphor the number twelve signifies something large and wide, without boundary, even infinity. Thus, the twelve stars in the crown of the God-crowned woman represent not a limit, but rather the opposite of it. Mary Baker Eddy thus was one of the stars in the crown that crowned science and humanity, from before Christ Jesus's time to the present age. These stars represent many names, including that of Solon of Athens, Muhammad, Nicolas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler, and so on. Other significant stars in the spiritual scientific context have evidently the names Doorly attached,. and Kapler, Meridith, and my own among many more, and in the wider arena numerous names of giants in the struggle for a richer humanity, like Benjamin Franklin, Friedrich Schiller, Tolkien, and Lyndon LaRouche, to name just a few. 

The only name that I can think of that applies to the woman herself that represents the combination of science and humanity, is the name Lianhua of the ending story of my series of novels. She presents the spirit of an endless 'ending' in which the scourge of mental malpractice and animal magnetism will fade into the recesses of a history that never was, since they are not inherent in the nature of humanity, but have been erroneously attached. Any error, once recognized for what it is, as having no truth in it, fades into oblivion, without presence, power, substance, nor history.

I hope dear reader that I have succeeded at illustrating the vast gap that presently exists between a world torn by mental malpractice and animal magnetism, and the grand renaissance of our divine humanity that lays before us, which stands not as an empty hope, but stands as a potential to be realized with all that it promises.  


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