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Rolf A. F. Witzsche


This little church edifice, built in 1894 embodies the most remarkable breakthrough in spiritual science, unsurpassed to the present day.

It is known as: The Original Mother Church of Christ Scientist.



Before I can get to the latest developments, which is of great significance to the whole of humanity, a bit of historic background is required to situate the new developments.

It begins with the little church above. While the edifice is called the Original Mother Church of Christ Scientist, it does not embody the beginning of Christian Science as it is often regarded, but represents the dimension of a future that is yet to unfold. It was used to house Christian Science church services, and still does so to a limited degree, but even at the time when it was built, it was designed to stand as a pinnacle-monument of Divine Science, which itself, at the present time, is still deemed not to exist.

Allow me to shock you, because the revolutionary concept that Mary Baker Eddy introduced is basically rather simple, though to common perception it seems to be incomprehensible.

Let me get back to 1894 when the edifice was built. It was a revolutionary time for science in general, and of a near unparalleled economic development in America and in many parts of the world. The Civil War had ended in 1865, slavery was abolished, and Mary Baker, a farmer's daughter with a keen interest in science made a remarkable scientific breakthrough discovery of her own, in 1866, of the dynamics of spiritual healing, which she later called Christian Science. By the time the above edifice was dedicated in 1895, nearly 30 years of scientific development had taken place, which all appears to be incorporated into the design of the edifice. Thus, the edifice stands not as merely a functional building, but as a monument of the scientific development that had taken place in those preceding almost 30 years.

The revolutionary element of the edifice is its shape. It is a structure built on a triangular plot. Because of the remarkable effect in spiritual healing that her discovery had, the number of people that became attracted to it had swelled so much that the local halls became insufficient for the growing community of Christ Scientists. It became evident that an edifice needed to be built. Mary Baker Eddy purchased the property for it and deeded it to the association of her followers for the express purpose to built an edifice on it. Thus, the triangular plot was evidently not a default choice to save money, but an intentional choice.

Here the question arises: What is so special about a triangular plot?

A triangle has a unique geometric shape. It is a geometry without opposites. This geometry reflects Mary Baker Eddy's most profound discovery in divine Science, which sets it apart from every other religion. The difference is that in the real world, the world beyond illusions, no opposites exist. God has no opposite, Truth has no opposite. Love has no opposite. Good has no opposite. Christian Science healing demonstrates this profound reality to the degree it becomes comprehended. A century of Christian Science healing bears witness to the profundity of this revolutionary recognition. Mary Baker Eddy literally created a revolution that enabled humanity to escape the tyranny of disease and the terror of old religion where evil is deemed real and even God ordained.

Here a related question arises: Did Mary Baker Eddy regard such concepts as geometry important to illustrate spiritual facts?

Oh yes, she did.  It is reflected in the rarely known fact that she had ordered her entire life-work in a geometric form with great precision. Such a thing doesn't happen by chance, but reflects an intention that is carried through with great discipline to the finest detail. Let me briefly illustrate how all-encompassing her building on a geometric foundation is.

Let me point out to start with that her geometric building begins precisely where the Bible ends. In the last pages of the Bible, in the ending chapters of the book of Revelation, an inspired writer envisions the end of all evil. He envisions at the end of this process a great geometric construct flowing from God to humanity, described as a city that is laid out foursquare, which the "kings of the earth" would "bring their glory and honor into it," and likewise all nations. This is precisely what Mary Baker Eddy has done. She has brought everyone of her works into this city and made them a part of it, thereby crating a majestic city of interrelated concepts that are all defined by its basic dimensions.

A foursquare geometric construct is a structure of 16 elements. This basic form became the ordering foundation for Mary Baker Eddy's entire lifework. Everything that Mary Baker Eddy has created is ordered into 16 parts or multiples thereof. There exists nothing of any major significance, which she has created, which has not been built on this foundation.

Although Mary Baker Eddy has laid everything out in the open, she didn't flaunt the foundation that she built her science on. Evidently society hadn't been ready at her time to comprehend its significance. Thus she left it in the hands of future ages to make the relevant discoveries. She even said so, that future ages will declare what the pioneer has accomplished. And this is now slowly happening.

The pace of the unfolding discovery was slow, probably because no one had expected to find anything as monumental as she placed before humanity. All of her numerous scientific works were deemed to stand in isolation. Against the background in thinking that nothing remained to be discovered after her passing in December 1910, nothing was discovered for a long time.

It took more than 30 years, until the 1940s, that it was discovered by an alert teacher that Mary Baker Eddy's textbook on Christian Science, Science and Health with Key to The Scriptures, is made up of 16 chapters, and that thereby it matches in its structure the basic feature of the biblical city foursquare from Revelation 21. 

It took another 40 years after this initial discovery was made, till the 1980s, that the recognition finally dawned that everything else that Mary Baker Eddy has created, is likewise ordered into 16 parts, or multiples thereof. Then, during the thirty years following the 1980s breakthrough discoveries, a number of further discoveries were made. Of course, even at this stage, the process of discovery still continues.

Mary Baker Eddy brought 10 major contributions into the city foursquare. Each one is a pioneering accomplishment in its own right.

Of course none of this happened by chance. There is an intention reflected here. It reflects a type of intention that has a profound purpose. 

I have written extensively about these momentous contributions on my Christian Science website where a major summary appears in the article Sublime Science.  I have also written several books on the subject in the series "Discovering Infinity" (look for the Volume 3 series). 

For the purpose on hand one of Mary Baker Eddy's above listed contributions is highly important. It is probably also the most important of them all. It is certainly the largest of them. This is the structure of Mary Baker Eddy's glossary in her textbook on Christian Science: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. 

Unlike a conventional glossary that provides an index of terms used in a book, Mary Baker Eddy's glossary provides a high-level index into her science itself. Of course, before we can get to the top, it is best to start at the rudimentary aspects.

The basic foursquare city of profound concepts

For this exploration some of the most-basic aspects of the foursquare foundation that Mary Baker Eddy built on, need to be considered. 

It is made up of 16 elements, or four elements square. This kind of structure can be seen in terms of four rows of horizontally related elements that can represent levels of thinking or perception. It can also be seen as a structure of four columns in which progressive development is represented. Mary Baker Eddy presented three sets of basic definitions for the foursquare city in the last pages of the last chapter, of her textbook, "The Apocalypse."

She uses almost the same sequence of terms for both, the four levels of perception and for the four columns of development, with the exception of the last term.

Mary Baker Eddy used the term Christian Science to define the lowest level of perception. This is not a paradox, because the lowest level defines the deepest depravity in the world, a deprivation so deep that the resulting human tragedies cannot be addressed for healing with any other resource that humanity has available to it, except Christian Science. This is so, because the bottom row refers to the physical and material domain of the human dimension. That is where most of humanity's problems are located, because the higher elements that are located above that level, that should be reflected in the physical domain, are not recognized or are not understood. In this context the three higher rows carry the resources for the needed healing in the physical domain.

In this context the row above it, labeled Christianity, represents the moral domain where the tragedies are less severe and can be resolved in a moral manner, where Christ Science, the spiritual science above it, can provide an uplifting impetus, and this together with the resources of the still higher row, the top row, labeled the Word (the word of Life, Truth, and Love) that represents the divine domain.

A similar process of identification comes to light when the foursquare structure becomes seen as a structure of four columns.

To define the structure as four columns, Mary Baker Eddy uses the same three basic terms again, "the Word; Christ; and Christianity" though with different verbiages attached, although this time the sequence ends with the term "divine Science" in last position, which represents the science for spiritual development.

Other descriptors can also be found in her glossary, in Science and Health, the Christian Science textbook. There she defines the names of the four biblical rivers mentioned in the opening pages of the Bible. The names are: Pison, Gihon, Hiddekel, and Euphrates. She uses the names of the rivers as a metaphor to define the four development streams represented by the four columns. In this context, Pison (the love of the good and beautiful and their immortality) go hand in hand with the concept of the Word (the word of Revelation), and so on.

Of course, the foursquare structure can also be seen as a combination of both, the idea of columns and rows, drawn together. This is how Mary Baker Eddy's glossary structure comes to light, which is made up of 144 parts.

Mary Baker Eddy's Glossary and its Dual Definitions

By going back to the Bible reference in Revelation 21 where the foursquare geometry is introduced, we find that its encompassing measure is stated to be 144 parts (144 cubits in the Bible). 

The measure of 144 is a historic symbolism. It reflects the measure of infinity. In historic usage, the number 12 represents abundance. Throughout the Bible, whenever something of abundance is referred to, it is always described as 12-fold, or 12-thousand-fold, etc. This convention is used 165 times in the Bible. Whenever something is big, or profound, it is always described as 12-fold. Now 12 times 12, that's really big and profound.  Of course 12x12 adds up to 144. If one applies this to a 16-element base structure, one ends up with 9 parts for each element.

It should be noted here that Mary Baker Eddy did not provide 144 glossary terms. She has fewer terms listed in her glossary. However, she has provided a number of terms with dual definitions, which reflects the fact that some terms in general usage often have different meanings depending on the context in which they are used. There are 5 different types of dual definitions included in the glossery.

(See the glossary online)

For example, a term can have two opposite meanings. 

This type is used for the terms: Jerusalem, Rock, Seal, Sword, Wind, Wine, Zeal, Zion, etc. These terms have a profound meaning in the higher (^) sense, and depraved meaning in the lower (v) sense. One might call this type a vertical differentiation

In some cases the differentiation isn't in the form of a stark contrast, but is a soft one, as we find it for the terms: Believing, Benjamin,  Children, Jacob, Lord, Tithe, Wilderness, and Will. In these cases the contrast is only between 2 rows, instead of 4 rows.

A related type uses a superimposed qualifier that gives the dual terms a specific meaning.

This type provides for a superimposed differentiation that narrows the meaning by imposing a third concept that applies to both of the diverse dualities. It is used only once, for the term, Son. 

Another type of dual definition, presents dual concepts related to the same plain.

These types of dual definitions provide for horizontal differentiation. The type is used 3 times in the glossary, for the definition for the terms Adam, Ark, and Church.


A fourth type is a type of dual definition that is logically inseparable.

This is a type that cannot be separated at all, into two distinct parts, or else the meaning of the concept becomes lost. It is used twice for the terms, Burial, and Euphrates.

The fifth type is a type of dual definition that is only directional

Here the duality is presented as a singular concept that leads into opposite directions depending on one's perception of the term (~). It is used for the terms, Evening, Temple, River, and Earth.

If one deals with the science of perception, all 5 of these types of dual definitions must all be included. And this is what Mary Baker Eddy has done. She even highlights the 'dimension of 5' in the design of the crown on her seal.  It carries 5 jewels. Thus, with all the dual definitions properly accounted for, her glossary does contain 144 unique definitions.

This close view is important. It is important, because by looking closely one discovers that something is missing in the glossary that should be there, but isn't. This missing element comes to light as a part of the fundamental geometry of the entire foursquare city that Mary Baker Eddy brought all of her works into it.

Mary Baker Eddy appears to be saying, please pay attention here, because if you don't, you can't see the glossary correctly, and without that, you can't see the full scope of the science that I have discovered, as I have discovered it. What I have created has resulted from a long process of discovery, and unless you follow the footsteps of discovery as I have done, Christian Science will be to you nothing more than a religion taken by faith.

Of course, before the missing aspects stand out to be recognized, one needs to look some more into the fundamentals.

To begin with, the glossary is alphabetically ordered. This means that Mary Baker Eddy has challenged us all to go down the road of discovery, in order to discover how the 144 glossary terms relate to the 16 elements of the foursquare matrix. Naturally, she helped us along the way. In the same manner in which the Bible opens a new door to scientific progress in its last pages with the introduction of the foursquare form, so Mary Baker Eddy included in the last pages of her textbook a number of descriptions of the foursquare 'city' as a high-level outline of it for four levels of thought or perception, and four columns of rivers of development that have already been pointed out. In the same manner she gave us some hints in regard to the glossary of how the nine elements might be seen. Many such hints are found in visual metaphor in her illustrated poem Christ and Christmas. One metaphoric hint is found in the scene below.

In this scene the spiritual messenger of science, knocking at the gate of humanity, is standing in the middle of a carpet that has two concentric squares woven into it. This may be seen as a hint that the 9 glossary definitions may be applied to each of the 16 main elements in this manner, as shown below.

With this type of representation one would have 4 terms representing in the small context the 4 levels of the foursquare city, and 4 more vertical terms representing the four development streams in the small, with one term left over as a central identifier.

The end result of this work, when applied to all 16 elements, becomes rather complex, but it does open up a window into the dynamic function of the processes in divine Science. A possible end result is shown in the form of a completed image. (pointed to by the link) Here the missing aspects suddenly stand out and become significant. 

Mary Baker Eddy has defined 7 synonyms for God, a kind of multi-part spiritual spectrum that together defines God, just as the white 'color' of solar light exists as a composite of a spectrum of 7 base colors that blend together into one. Mary Baker Eddy defined the divine spectrum as consisting of Principle; Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love. But if one looks at the glossary closely, one discovers that only four of these terms are defined. The defined terms are obviously the top elements for the four columns. But what about the rest? Aren't Soul, Truth, and Love a part of the divine spectrum?

The answer is surprisingly simple. They are not included as glossary terms, because they fulfill a larger role, that of defining the entire foursquare structure itself.

The glossary mapping of Soul, Truth, and Love.


If one applies the seven synonyms for God in the sequence of the glossary definition for God, and one does so in the manner of a platform, the divine aspect of Soul falls onto the dividing line between the right and left columns, with Truth becoming an additional defining concept for the entire top row, with Love remaining as an additional defining concept for the entire second row. This renders the two top rows as having a profound divine significance, with the rows below being of human significance.

The concept of Soul is significant in that it divides the foursquare structure into two areas of concern, with the first have being inward oriented, and the second being outward oriented. 

Two of Mary Baker Eddy's horizontal dual definitions apply here to define the halves. "Ark" defines the inward dimension for the left half, and "Church" the outward dimension for the right half. The term Temple also lends itself to define the inner dimension, in contrast with Church for the outer dimension. I have applied both concepts.

In this context the three 'missing' synonyms for God, though they are not physically a part of the glossary, are the most central elements of it, which together define the entire structure.

Here a link presents itself for us to get back to the triangular plot that her church edifice is built on. 

We have three sides in a triangle, and we have three critical terms to be represented as sides, the terms Truth, Love, and Soul. These are the crowning elements of that structure that actually exists without opposites. 

Indeed, the entire upper half of the foursquare structure, represent the divine fundamentals that do exist without opposites. Whatever apparent opposites may be recognized to exist, exist as fiction only, instead of as reality. This is significant.

A tripod, as any photographer will testify, stands securely on any ground. This renders Mary Baker Eddy's structure, a bastion of stability.

Of course if one leg of a tripod is collapsed, evidently the whole thing falls down. This makes it important for civilization that the three concepts, perhaps more than any other, do not become polluted with erroneous concepts, and thereby fade our of sight.

Civilization cannot exist without the three concepts, Truth, Love, and Soul, being expressed. 

Take Love for example. It isn't something that is visible and tangible, and still everyone can feel it, express it, and be touched by it, and historians tell us that whenever it becomes lost civilization does fall down with it. Inversely, Mary Baker Eddy tells us that by the extend to which these three elements become developed, civilization stands secure and develops with it.

While the three terms for the three sides of the triangle are equal, a triangle, by its orientation, can be seen as pointing into a specific direction, with the direction depending on how one perceives the overall concept. For example, it can be seen as pointing downward towards the Earth, or upwards into the heavens. In ancient cultures both orientations were typically overlaid above each other to form a star.

In scientific perception, however, it is more useful to explore the symbolic orientation separately, as only the upward orientation represents reality, and the downward orientation, which should mirror it, is often clouded with errors and illusions. Christian Science does not ignore even the deepest downward orientation. It is a science that scientifically brings to light the nature of the illusion that has beclouded the reflection of God in humanity and its physical world, by pointing upwards to the Truth. It thereby clears up the illusions with what is real, and thereby causes healing. 


Mary Baker Eddy's foursquare structure, as a pedagogical structure, represents both aspects. 

The foursquare structure can be seen as having an upwards orientation in the upper two rows, and a downwards orientation in the lower two rows where the divine brings its light into it, lest we block it. This renders "prayer" in science, not a process of pleading to God, but a process of 'pleading' with oneself, or more correctly,  a process of taking the correcting footsteps that science maps out.

Of course, the concept that Mary Baker Eddy has introduced with the building of her church on a triangular plot, can also be applied to relating the nine glossary terms that Mary Baker Eddy has provided definitions for, for each of the 16 elements, according to their orientation.


Nine terms can define three triangular structures, each of which then becomes a side of a larger triangle, with a common orientation. This means that not a single aspect stands in opposition to another. This process also provides a much clearer representation of the functions of these glossary definitions. 

Click here to see the completed example of the glossary expressed in triangular structures.

Naturally, the completed structure with all 144 glossary terms so represented becomes somewhat complex and overwhelming, but it is a far clearer presentation of the healing dynamics of divine Science than the concentric illustration.  

The completed example presented by the link above resulted from simply reapplying the terms from the concentric structure that had been previously developed over a long period spanning almost two decades, to the more profound triangular structure. 

In addition, the entire complex is also externally defined by a wide array of further descriptive concepts that describe the foursquare 'city' as a whole, and with it also every other major work that Mary Baker Eddy has brought into this structure. It can even be said that everyone of the works that Mary Baker Eddy has brought into the 'city' foursquare, relate to each other, element by element.

The question presents itself, why would one be bothered to explore these complexities?

It has been said that Christian Science is so simple that a child can apply it. This is true. This is why the institution of the Sunday School exists. However, Mary Baker Eddy evidently saw a need for continued development, as her own experience illustrates. Her textbook, for example, has seen many revisions that were required to present more clearly and more fully the vast extend of the power of correct perceptions. Nor did she hold anything back. Every footstep of her own development appears to be reflected in the complexity of her vast scientific development structure, which itself became constantly developed by her. 

For example, the glossary term, "Night" ("darkness, doubt, fear") wasn't added until quite late in her development (sometime after 1901), probably reflecting the tenacity with which illusions are defended in society that cast their shadow of 'night' where light would otherwise prevail. When she said on the first page of her preface to Science and Health that future ages must declare what the pioneer has accomplished, she was saying in essence that society in her age hasn't seen anything yet, so that the development of the power of divine Science hasn't even begun to take off. 

This appears to be what she had provided for so extensively by laying before humanity the entire foundation that she built on for her own development. Of course she challenged society to take up the work. To judge from the way the world stands today, a great regression has resulted instead of a profound progress.

When Mary Baker Eddy passed on in December 1910 she left behind her a world that has been at peace and seen great economic development for the entire period of her own scientific spiritual development work. While no means exist to empirically prove or deny that her scientific healing work that quickly became a worldwide phenomenon was reflected on the wider world stage, it is a fact of history that the train of horrors, war, and inhumanity had stopped for this period and was started to roll again after her passing. It was soon put into high gear and hasn't stopped to the present day. 

In the gathering storm the Christian Science church movement faded into the background and dwindled in numbers and significance. What Mary Baker Eddy had presented to the world is now laughed at. Her concept of a divine reality without opposites - for God can have no opposite - is regarded as a joke. Nevertheless her stand is correct. The Universe is her witness. The Universe is a construct of principles without counter-acting principles opposing it. If counteracting principles were a part of the Universe, the Universe would not exist. 

Mary Baker Eddy has pioneered the concept in divine Science that evil, as a counteracting reality, does not exist. She defined it as but a void in perception. She defined all that is real, as good. This includes the human being and every aspect of our humanity. The church edifice that she purchased the triangular land for and evidently also had directed its design and construction, stands as a monument of the concept that there exist only good in the divine design without opposites.

The monument that Mary Baker Eddy created may yet shock you. 

Look at the edifice again. 

The triangle of the land that it stands on can be seen as symbolic for the shape of the part of the human crotch that include the groin and genitals. The church edifice that was built on this triangular land, was built in such a manner that its bell tower became located near the lower tip of the triangle. And adjacent to it, at the very tip of the triangle, a special room was constructed that became known as Mother's Room.

The small special room at the tip of the triangle is prominently located at the foremost point of it. However, as a room, it fulfills no specific functional purpose. In fact it was ordered to be closed to visitors shortly after it was built. The room appear to be special primarily for its location in the larger context where it fulfills a symbolic purpose as a sexual symbol together with the tower. Both are located anatomically correct. The tower symbolizes the penis of a man, and Mother’s Room the vulva of a woman. The evident message is that in the domain of Science and Truth there exists only good, so that the design of humanity is inherently good no matter how convention and tradition has defined it otherwise.

Thus, Mary Baker Eddy placed the two following quotes on the very first page of her textbook on Christian Science: Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures.

Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
      -John viii. 32

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

Is she saying with her monumental symbolism that all aspects of our humanity, even those that are traditionally hidden in shame, and deemed instruments of sin, are aspects of God’s creation that are intrinsically good and profound in their purpose, from the least to the greatest? Is she saying that sex, even as an element of our humanity that is shunned and often offends society, is a divine idea with a profound purpose, so that what of it is shunned is a false perception that must be healed so that the divine purpose that it unfolds, including the universal singularity of all humanity, comes more fully to light.

If one looks at all the triangles of all the sixteen elements in this context; some pointing upwards to the divine design of universal good, representing the sacrament of unity with the divine; and some pointing downwards to the emptiness when this sacrament is lost in human hearts; then the profound dynamics of the entire structure and its vast range of related aspects is more fully coming to light too.

Of course it can be argued that the entire symbolism just happened to come together by chance without the slightest intention involved. However, it is far more likely that a leading-edge thinker that Mary Baker Eddy was, who was extremely particular in choosing the right words to convey critical concepts, that nothing likely had happened that hadn't have her intention standing behind it.

The sexual issue has worldwide consequences

While she couldn't have known how deeply tragic the sexual issue has become in our time, she may have been aware of the trend and its evermore destructive effect on society. I am talking about the practice of the circumcision that has similar effects for both men and women. And this goes deep, and is big. The circumcision is a mental platform of a gross denial of the fullness of God as good and of God's reflection in man and humanity. The circumcision is a mental poison, the proverbial snake that says that a human being is not complete and fully human until a person is bodily mutilated to improve the divine design. It is a gross denial of man, woman, and God. Currently nearly 800 million men have up 80% of their sexual sensitivity amputated with the circumcision process, and more than 100 million women, many of whom had their entire external vulva cut and scraped away, and in most cases without their consent. But the tragedy doesn't stop there. The resulting loss of close natural intimacy and the consequences of the trauma involved affect social relationships, national relationships, and international relationships, including war, and even thermonuclear war that stands ominous on the horizon. The indication of how deep-reaching the consequences are is evident in the Middle East where three major circumcised cultures are facing each other, reaching for each-other's throat. The details are too many to list here.
(see: NAWAPA 22: Society (circumcision) - also see:
The Circumcision)

The point here is that the entire scene of sexual relationships with oneself and in society cries out for a healing that cannot be achieved on a superficial, political, and simply physical manner, which ultimately only the process of spiritual healing can achieve. This is one of those cases that I have mentioned earlier where only Christian Science can provide the needed basis for healing. Political and purely cultural solutions are not possible for such cases. No political and cultural healing of humanity of the circumcision 'plague' has been achieved in the more than 5,000 years, since the 'plague' began. Much the same can be said of the 'plague' of war, that has not diminished but grown more severe, with thermonuclear war now standing ever closer in the wings that threatens the extermination of humanity. 

Neither has the 'plague' of empire been diminished in those more than 5,000 years since it began. It now sings the tune of world depopulation from the present population of 7 billion to less than 1. And the tune is not just sung. The lyrics are carried out. Under the biofuels regime, the amount of food that is burned in the process every year, would normally nourish 220 million people - this adds up to a vast silent holocaust of genocide in a world that has close to a billion people living in chronic starvation. Political and cultural efforts have so far failed to stem any of these genocides. Nor is a solution in sight other than one of the type that Christian Science can provide, because the circumcision stands in the background of the entire landscape of horrors. It has a widespread dehumanizing effect with unimaginable consequences when the leaders of the most powerful nations are inflicted by the most extreme psychological personality disorder, the Narcissistic Personality Disorder, that flows as an extreme form from the circumcision background, like in the case of Rome's Emperor Nero, or Germany's Adolf Hitler.
Mutually Assured Suicide - part 3 of the Kepler series.)

Society elects its leaders from among the inflicted, because it is itself so inflicted. The result is tragedy, a loss of sovereignty.

There is no solution in sight for any of these tragedies on the level where the problems are created. Society needs to be lifted out of the mental mud that rules at the lowest level. Mary Baker Eddy appears to have recognized already more than a century ago that deep down below the mud, the underlying problem is an identity failure with a sexual face. This has been noted long ago. In the opening pages of the Bible a 'theatrical' allegory is presented that deals with this very same sexual identity issue that leads to the expulsion of the protagonist (Adam) from the garden of harmony (Eden). Mary Baker Eddy seemed to be determined that the puck shall stop! It may have been in this context that Mary Baker Eddy designed her church edifice in such a manner that the congregation faces directly in the direction of the church's male and female sex symbols, while the services themselves are conducted from the position closes to the two sex symbols, which is the position of the truth that in the divine creation all is good, and no real opposite is possible. (see more on the subject: NAWAPA 22: Sex and Spirituality)

Evidently Mary Baker Eddy understood the depth of the challenge more than a hundred years ago already. She even highlighted the challenge in her illustrated poem Christ and Christmas.


Note, the angel of science who is knocking at the door of humanity has her fingers on the clapper that hits the doorknocker at the genitals.

Her symbolism has a profound meaning 

It means that there exists ONLY good in the Universe. This universal perception that also covers a wide horizon sets Mary Baker Eddy's contribution to humanity apart from every other religion, ideology or philosophy. She stands on the platform alone, saying that all that is real is good, and that everything else is fiction or delusion. There is no evil possible in her perception of reality, or of the nature of Principle. Evidently only one Creator and creative power exists in the Universe. Antagonistic principles would be a contradiction to each other, whereby the Universe itself would collapse. And so, her perception is, that a singular purpose is inherent in all Principle, manifest as all harmonizing good. As I said, if this wasn’t so, the universe would not exist. A self-countering universe or creative principle or power is not possible in the real world. It exists only in fiction and fairy tales. Humanity exists on a platform of power. On a mutually defeating platform nothing would be created.

The world is currently at the threshold to an extreme collapse-crisis. The crisis is the most extreme in its potential, with the greatest insanity standing behind it, such as economic collapse by globalized stealing; and cries for depopulation with mass murder already being implemented by the burning of food, and not least the specter of thermonuclear war looming closer and closer that threatens the very extinction of humanity. But amidst all this hubbub of chaos and tragedy, one needs to ask with her: what is this that unfolds as a crisis when there is no evil possible, only good? She would likely answer that whatever appears contrary to good in all its aspects, by its divergence from the standard of good, is self-defined as nothing more than a far-reaching game of fiction, an error in perception, a delusion and self-delusion. While the apparent evil often seems dangerously real, the fact remains that there is only good existing, because good is singular and is All, so that nothing apart from it is possible and is endowed with power. Humanity is good. It is good in all its aspects, because God is all there is. This definition is scientific. 

The recognition of the reality of universal good and the utter emptiness of evil is scientific prayer. Mary Baker Eddy's foursquare city of profound concepts and their interrelationships is a prayer for the recognition of Truth, the eternal nature of Love, and of the heart of humanity that reflects the divine universal Soul. Here, on a higher level than the one where the problems are rooted and solutions seem elusive and almost impossible, the universal healing of civilization begins with a power and certainty that unfolds a grand new renaissance with such a momentum in human development that the Ice Age transition that is already in its beginning stage will pose no danger to human living or hinder the advance of civilization. 

On the wings of Truth, and Love, and Soul, humanity unfolds its power to transform the world. The physical resources already exist for a greater uplift of civilization to happen now than may have ever been imagined, with society providing itself free houses by the millions as an uplift of itself for greater things to be possible, built on the shoulders of a new industrial revolution with unlimited new materials and new energy resources, brand new cities afloat on the tropical oceans, and new unlimited agriculture with unlimited food for a humanity that finds the most precious in the world in itself. (See: NAWAPA XXII) This is the 'sky' that opens up with blessings yet unimagined when humanity finds its wings of Love, Truth, and Soul. The physical resources already exist for the greatest civilization to unfold, only the footsteps remain yet to be taken. Mary Baker Eddy provides us with the resources for them. That's the significance of the little church edifice above, built in 1894.

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