Divine Science Economics (28/02/2013)


God's Money, not My Money 
a spiritual exploration presentation

Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Value isn't inherent in money, but in the productive and creative process, which national credit as money for the purpose of universal good - God's money - enables, whereby the debt of society to itself - to meet the human need - becomes extinguished and the obligation - the debt to Love - is fulfilled.


What is the value of money?

Money isn't essential to operate an economy for building a civilization. Other means can be created for the fair exchange of goods and services, such as trade without currencies between nations on the basis of agreed-to market basket value indexes. A system of this sort would be somewhat complicated, but it would work, especially in the age of computerized data management. 

However, there is a better way possible. The use of money as a universal standard for the exchange of value is ultimately far more efficient. This has been recognized eons ago. It appears that the idea of money is as ancient as civilization itself. When it is rightly directed it can 'electrify' an economy like nothing else can.

In ancient days the idea of fair exchange wasn't trusted, so that gold or silver were used as money, which are rare metals that have an industrial use and thereby a commodity value. The problem is here that the money supply cannot be expanded efficiently, by the limited supply of the metal. 

The choke point was overcome with the creation of paper currency, or the equivalent, which was created as a form of credit extended by society to itself for the building of industries and infrastructures and so on, for the production of products that meet to human need. On this basis money gains its value by the products that the created money, called credit, enables to be produced. 

The process is infinitely expandable, and as it proceeds and expands, it enriches society with evermore created products and infrastructures and industries that meet the human need, including the need for quality food, housing, closing, and also cultural advances, and scientific and technological advances, and so on, which altogether add up to a richer and freer living for all.

In this process, it isn't the money that flows in it that creates the riches that society produces for itself. Money merely represents a bond of trust in an enriching purpose. On this platform of trust, reflected in an organized system for a mutually enriching purpose, money unfolds as a spiritual idea. One might call money a divine idea that opens the human scene towards universal good.

On the divine platform no debt is created to facilitate the development of universal good that gives money its value. The more money society creates for itself on this platform of purpose for the production of universal good, the richer society becomes. The only real debt that society can ever owe, or burden itself with, on this platform, is the debt it owes to one-another and to God in the form of unmet obligations toward meeting the human need in all its vast dimensions.

The resulting debt is not a monetary debt, but a debt to Love. When the industries and infrastructures are built, and human needs that should be satisfied are met, the debt to Love, is extinguished. A lot of credit may be required to extinguish the debt by building the needed infrastructures and industries. One may call the credit money, God's money, because when the human need is met, the debt to Love is gone. No obligation remains. The world then has  become a richer place. The more of God's money is spent, the richer, freer, and more powerfully productive and creative society becomes.

Civilization enters into a phase of collapse when the money used is not God's money, but is borrowed money that results in monetarist debt. The creation of monetarist debt for the price of profit is fundamentally an act of thievery. It is a theft from God, from Love. The accumulation of money as wealth, the MY-money value system, falls into this category of committing the crime of theft against God.

All forms of monetarist speculation fall into the category of the crime of theft against God, including the super-gigantic monetarist derivatives gambling 'market' that is presently drowning the world in evermore genocidal poverty resulting from the crime. The my-money ideology is fundamentally a cry for poverty - it' is the cry of empire, the master thief - while the God's-money ideology is an open door to development and infinity - the song of sanity, the song of civilization.

The fundamental difference between these two types of systems is enormous, and so is the effect or consequence, and also the intention to exploit the destructive consequence for political objectives. The effect is well demonstrated in the below LPAC video, including the acknowledgement that the  current economic collapse of Europe that results from the crime is not a failure in the system, but is instead the intention that unfolded without fail for the purpose of genocide and control. 

Hyperinflation: A Graphic Presentation by Dennis Small
February 23rd 2013

As a result of the crime, for a small example of it, humanity has become so poor that an effective defense of the Earth, and humanity with it, from potential asteroid collisions, isn't deemed worth the few dollars needed to develop an effective strategic defence against the cataclysmic disasters, even while the potential for collisions is logically increasing as the result of the changing astrophysical electrodynamics of the ongoing Ice Age transition.

See: Where is America in Defense of Earth?
February 27th 2013

While the world abhors the notion of spiritual values in the scientific physical age, it nevertheless cannot avoid the consequences that result when these values are lost. In order to recover from the current deep loss, a major research effort has been presented that brings back into view the principle of credit economics that is amply manifest in the spirit of the United States Federal Constitution. The research is presented as a newly released Draft Legislation for getting out of the trap of crime economics.

See: Draft Legislation to Restore the Original Bank of the United States

Also presented is an extensive discussion in LPAC's Weekly Report of February 27th 2013 that focuses heavily on the newly released Draft Legislation.

In today's world of the globalization of economic collapse, erupting hyperinflation, and the evermore-deadly economic crimes of empire, the now dawning recognition of the essentially spiritual nature of the principle of economics is increasingly necessary to prevent the total collapse of civilization that is inevitable on the present course and may in fact be intended by the masters of empire who have stated repeatedly their goal, to 'reduce' the human population of our planet from the present seven-billion to about one billion.

While the tools of legislation can implement statecraft solutions to prevent the inevitable catastrophe on the present course, the legislation by itself, as a technical intention, may not have the power that is needed for a victory, without the spiritual underpinning that can assure that the needed power is developed, and the needed speed, for the required implementation.

It may no longer seem ironic in this context that, science, especially astrophysics, has a leading role to play in bringing the spiritual dimension of the intellect and it power for discoveries back into view.

As an example I would like to link you to a short video (below) that deals with the fundamental breakthrough made by the astronomer Johannes Kepler, which ultimately defined the essential nature of modern science, provided it is free to unfold its wings unimpeded.

Kepler’s New Astronomy – Relaunched
February 27, 2013



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