The Primer Fields and Christ Science (April 15, 2013)


 The God Fields
a spiritual exploration presentation

Rolf A. F. Witzsche


One single Principle governs the physical and the spiritual universe. 


The evidence is amazing

A Radical New Theory in Physics: The Primer Fields; was published on Dec 17, 2012 by David LaPoint is a series of videos (example above). 

The Primer Fields - Part 1

The Primer Fields - Part 2

The Primer Fields - Part 3

With David LaPoint's  radically advanced perception of the fundamental forces in all matter, verified with experimental demonstrations, the currently accepted theories of physics and astrophysics are shaken to the very core. More amazing than this is the close coincidence in principle of his discoveries with the long known fundamental perceptions of the spiritual universe.

David LaPoint discovered that from the smallest scale to the largest all basic physical structures consist of a nucleus from which extend two complimentary electromagnetic fields by which the nucleus is enveloped as it were, and for all practical purposes surrounded by them. In this arrangement, all external forces interact with the electromagnetic fields. Nothing touches the nucleus directly.

When this interrelationship is translated into the spiritual dimension, the complementary fields surrounding the nucleus would be called, God Fields, and the nucleus, of course, would be an individual human being. In other words, whatever would touch us, has to deal with the 'God Field' first. That's the fundamental design of the universe. In the 'God Field,' God is being expressed. We individually shape that expression. We give it form. If we make the God Field strong, it will protect and nourish us.

In the physical universe, whenever the the nucleus moves, as in the case of a photon of light, the primer fields surrounding the photon, move with the photon. Each photon in a stream of light has its own fields surrounding it that reflect its characteristics, which all flow with the stream of light.

Ironically, the photon that is the heart of light, is invisible. What we see as physical light are the electromagnetic primer fields that are the effect of a photon's existence. Likewise can it be said that no one has ever seen a human being with the visual senses, because what really defines humanity is the expression of the spiritual qualities that reflect God, that blossom in us individually into an impenetrable 'God Field.' It is in the 'reflection' of these qualities that we can discover the divine idea, man, that cannot be seen with the physical senses.

The 19th Century spiritual scientific pioneer of America, Mary Baker Eddy, discovered the existence of seven unique spiritual prime-qualities that no one can see with the eye, but which can be discerned by their effects. These seven qualities, or complimentary 'God Fields', are Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, and Love.

Love, for example, is one of those qualities that we cannot see, weigh, measure, quantify, etc., but love is well known by the effect it has. It has also been experienced that when love is withdrawn, which happens in a big way before war and in times of war, civilization disintegrates.

This happens not because the 'God Field' no longer surrounds us then, which isn't possible. However, if we choose to no longer hitch our living to the divine where Love is reflected in love, where Mind is reflected in mind, and so on, where the divine qualities that are inherent in our humanity come to light, then there is little evident of our divine humanity. In such a case there remains little of us to be seen. 

Of course if we reach this stage of regression that there is little of our true image to be seen, we have lost ourselves indeed. We have lost our substance, our power, and the recognition of the blessings we have. At this stage, as we resign our spiritual self, cut ourselves off from God, and quit being a divine reflection, we will stop acting as a divine nucleus that shapes a 'God Field' around it. Then, should we be surprised in our agonies as we perish in war, poverty, starvation, violence, terror, and so on? Billions of people have perished that way.

Inversely, a spark of love in the heart can relight the dark void and rebuilt our humanity, and with it open us to the 'God-Field' that is surrounding us where God is Love that is reflected in love. In the divine universe each individual human being, as a profound idea of God, is surrounded by the full complement of the seven 'God Fields.'

Just as it is impossible in the physical universe for a single photon of light not to be surrounded by its complementary electromagnetic fields through which light becomes visible and its warming energy is felt, in like manner is it impossible in the divine universe for a single human being not to be surrounded by the complementary fields of God through which our divine identity becomes tangibly manifest. We may, in our small-minded perception not always 'see' ourselves in this 'light,' but this is no proof that it isn't there. It appears to be in loving, reflecting divine Love, where the breakout from small-minded thinking is most likely to begin.

Love for one-another, the human spring
Mankind is afloat in a sea that is Love
Seeds germinate, become plants
Roots break the ground
Love lifts the barriers, patiently
Silently waiting, reaching for the sky
Rolf Witzsche - from the poem, Harvest is Seedtime


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