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The Great Collapse
of the USA, Christian Science, and Man

a spiritual exploration presentation

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Former First Church of Christ, Scientist, of Jacksonville, Florida - dissolved
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The collapse of the nation is rooted in the spiritual collapse that was quietly and intentionally orchestrated in the 1960s, that became accepted worldwide like the Trojan Horse deployed in the historic process that eradicated an entire culture. 


The poison pill?

It was a poison pill against the deepest spiritual value of a society, its own human value - a pill from the darkest sludge of the oligarchic cesspool. Its poison was put on the plate of humanity at the U.N. World Conference on Population in September 1965 in Bucharest. The poison that was served up was the slogan: "The Earth has cancer, and the cancer is man."

Actually, the poison pill was invented much earlier, in 1790, by a monk at the heart of empire who brewed up the lie that the Earth has too many people. Thomas Malthus, another stooge, stole the lie and cried: kill the poor. Darwin and Galton built on the lie the Eugenics theory. Huxley and Wells loved the lie and built on it the religion of anti-science. In 1951 Bertrand Russell, another one of the arch-stooges of empire, picked up the lie and lamented: Wars don't kill enough people. All this set the stage for the first U.N. World Conference on Population held in 1954 in Rome where the old Malthusian song was repeated, recomposed in a more modern style. Nine years later the modern poison pill was tested, beginning in 1963 with the murdering of President John F. Kennedy that opened the flood gates to war, followed by the murder of Malcom X in 1965.

Against this background the poison pill was put on the plate of humanity at the U.N. conference in 1965 with the slogan of the year: "The Earth has cancer, and the cancer is man." The world has not recovered from the 'disease' spread by this viral poison pill.

That the target behind the poison pill was the spirit of humanity, especially human development, and technological and economic progress, was demonstrated in 1968 with the murder of Martin Luther King, and Robert F. Kennedy, in case some people hadn't understood the message.. 

The great cultural optimism that President Kennedy's space program had generated in 1969 with the historic moon landing project - which was one of the greatest technological achievements in all of human history up to that time - was quickly lost and eradicated in the gore of the Vietnam War. The USA was on the fast track to its collapse from within, from this time forward, including the cold war period that hasn't really ended, and has remained on that track.

A poison that targets the spiritual heart

That the poison was swallowed all across the nation, at all levels, including at the tallest spiritual center is evident in the statistics of the collapse of the Christian Science churches in the USA. According to a recent study conducted, from the beginning of 1971 onward, till the end of 2009, as the poison was taking its toll across the world, the number of Christian Science practitioners and teachers has collapsed from close to 5000 to a mere 333. The number of churches has likewise collapsed, from 1,829 in 1971, to 867 at the start of 2013, and those that still remain, stand largely as empty shells. (Study by Stephen Barrett, MD)

In roughly the same manner the U.S. economy collapsed. Industry after industry dried up and vanished, including many flagship industries. From standing tall as the most powerful economy on the planet, the USA collapsed into becoming the world's biggest debtor with a currency that is itself about to blow away with the wind in a hyperinflation chain reaction. The culture of the world was also dragged onto the same path. The beautiful heart has become increasingly interlaced with violence, killing, stealing, war, inhumanity, and mind-destructive ideals and games, resulting into social fascism and injustice. When people are forced to live on the streets in ever-greater numbers in the midst of conspicuous wealth, the once beautiful heart is dead. The face of society has become largely cold and hard, with indifference ruling on one side and hopelessness and depression on the other side. 

How to undo the poison?

Political solutions are advocated to cure the collapsed physical economies and the financing for them. However, it is ultimately not possible to create a purely political solution for a problem that isn't a political problem, but has a deeper root. For this reason the political processes tend to fail. If the poison targets the heart, and does so across the world, the heart needs to be healed, and the healing needs to be on the universal plain. A resurrection of the spiritual face of humanity is needed, across the board in all arenas. It is needed in business. It is needed in Christian Science and all other churches. It is needed in governments, the sciences, the institutions, and in ideologies. And the turnaround is needed fast. Each day now counts, of the few we may have left before the collapsing world financial system blows out, which stands at the precipice, and then takes humanity with it to its death.

Rebuilding humanity

Some people say the failure is not mine, God is failing, or their is no God. But even with God taken out of the equation, what value do we place on one-another as human beings? What value do we place on spiritual values? In order to help a person in dire need, I created a fund for her, in support of a person in need, and linked it from my web pages. The response was zero. In cases of personal appeals the response was no different: I have business to attend to in another city. I have to travel to a meeting at the far side of the world. I have to travel to another continent. Thus, the excuses were. 

Since the human being apparently is deemed to have no value in society I raised the focus and named the fund in honour of religion. Still the response remained what it was, zero. So I raised the focus again, to the honour of God. I named it, "Raising the Value of God Fund," since every religion on the planet professes to honour God. 
Raising the Value of God Fund 

But even then, with the new name for the fund applied, with one single exception, the response remained zero. 

The pill of poison truly has poisoned the heart, universally.

The healing, therefore, can only happen on a basis that is fundamental and universal, though the universal has to begin individually, like individual prayer for the universal good. Nothing short of it hones in onto the nature of the poison to neutralize its effect. If we say the task is too great, and thereby fail on the platform of these individual efforts, small as they may be in comparison with the great need for the common good, then we may have already lost and the enemy of mankind that has brewed the poison has won and will collapse what is left standing of civilization. In this case the planned collapse of the world population from the present seven billion to about one billion, which the masters of empire demand, will happen, because no one stands in the way to reverse the trend, as it is deemed too expensive to honour God and contribute any value to God and humanity in God's image.

We stand at the crossroads as it were.

Spiritual recovery is still possible. A spark of love still remains. Some churches still stand. The Christian Science churches still have an item of discipline on the book that all prayers in church shall be for the congregation collectively without exception and exclusively since no other form of prayer, than the universal form is possible. Christianity still listens to the counsels of Jesus, and the Muslims of the world still kneel to God several times a day. If those sparks that remain can be brought alive and become a fire, then the ice may be broken and the modern dark age can end. That's one of the options we face, standing at the crossroads, may be the only option, as any other apparent option has consequences that are unthinkable.

So it is up to us to choose, individually, and to choose wisely - to make this one choice that can neutralize the poison pill - and then move forward with it. Shouldn't we be able to do this?


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