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Escape From Fiction to Freedom

NAWAPA 22: Society

 Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

Just as the Sun is NOT an invariable constant in the climate equation, so society is not an invariable factor in the balance of civilization. Society can become injured and suffer consequences with far-reaching debilitating effects that deeply cut into the strength of its culture while it is rarely ever aware of its wounds. An example of such a wounding can be found in the USA. And more than this, the USA stands as a perfect example of how deeply damaging the most-widely inflicted psychological wounding can become, which cuts so deep that a nation's entire future hangs in the balance as the result of it. Since this is the case, the subject is of critical importance for the successful realization of the NAWAPA 22 Project on which the food security of the USA and ultimately the whole of humanity depends.

I am talking about a form of psychological wounding with roots leading back to the earliest stages of civilization, which is inflicted constantly anew and on an ever-wider scene, with corresponding wide effects. The wounding is a subject that has become taboo. It is sexual, and is called, the circumcision. The wounding has inflicted nearly a billion people around the world, which directly affects nearly half of humanity through family relationships, and indirectly affects all of humanity by way of the consequences. This is how the currently failing world was created, and America was turned into a failed state.

The tragedy of the circumcision is build on fiction. The grand fiction here is that the circumcision procedure is totally harmless. Well, it isn’t. In recent times rigorous research laid bare the deeply debilitating consequences the process has on individuals and society, which basically amputates a critical aspect of the human design that had developed over the long history of humanity, possibly spanning several million years.

The circumcision is bodily mutilation. It is an amputation. And, because the amputation affects an element of our humanity that is the center of numerous deep-reaching and highly valuable psychological responses in society to one-another, the effects of the amputation reach correspondingly deep. 

Living without color

It was said by one of the few people who subjected themselves to the circumcision later in life, one who has experienced the difference, that living with the circumcision is comparable to living in a world without color. Some, who find themselves in this situation say they would give anything to get back what they lost - they would even give their house for it. Since the tragedy cannot be reversed, occasionally a victim commits suicide. That’s how deep-reaching psychological wounds can cut. But here the tragedy just begins, because the whole of civilization is affected by the consequences through the effects of the psychological wounds on politics, economics, social dynamics, with demands for war.

Modern research, most of which is still only in the beginning stage, presents some rather surprising discoveries of deep-reaching and often hidden effects, resulting from the circumcision. The effects are said to include learning disabilities, helplessness, tendencies towards sado-masochistic behaviors, impotence, loss of trust, avoidance of intimacy due to fear, both developing into rage, domestic violence, rape, child sexual abuse, suicide, and a vast range of other psychosomatic disorders that are only now becoming associated with the Post Dramatic Stress Disorders caused by the sexual mutilation that is most often imposed on children at their earliest stage of life with lifelong traumatic consequences. (For more details see: The Circumcision )

Narcisit syndrome

While the circumcised wear no badge, the long-term victims are recognized by researchers to generally suffer from what they call, "culturally inherited mass psychological disorders." The recognized symptoms also closely match the syndromes recognized for “Narcissistic Personality Disorder,” of which Adolf Hitler, the Nero of the 20th Century, was a typical example, just as is the U.S. President Obama in our century. Nero destroyed Rome; Hitler destroyed all of Europe from the depth of the trauma of his psychological disorder; and President Obama with his lust for killing and war and his flaunting the terror of nuclear war, may cause humanity itself to become extinct in a nuclear winter. The impaired are not normal human beings with normal reactions, governed by the principles of our humanity. Nor are they impaired by a disease of the biological system. They are impaired by inflicted wounds that are intentionally designed to have deep-reaching psychologically debilitating effects, forging ‘better’ slaves who have been robbed of the highly developed humanity of the human beings, resulting into fascism, barbarism, and worse. That’s where we are today. Such persons should be barred from the offices of the leadership of nations, and indeed they would be barred if society itself was not similarly impaired by the same deep-cutting psychological wounds. America is 70% to 90% impaired. And so, the chances are high that the impaired President Obama will become reelected for his very fascination with fascism for which he would normally have been removed from office by an unimpaired society. Unfortunately, an unimpaired society no longer exists in the USA. The kind of society that had supported Franklin Roosevelt for his new deal and his four freedoms for America has gone with the wind, or more correctly, was destroyed from within by the circumcision. 

Modern research tells us that the victims of the psychological wounds resulting from the circumcision are inflicted with a wide range of the related disorders: "The victims are recognizable by typically having a grandiose sense of self-importance; by being preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideals of love; and by believing that they are unique and special above all other people, cultures and races. They are also recognized for seeking excessive admiration with a strong sense of entitlement - and even while they almost demand slavish attention, they are interpersonally exploitative and lack empathy to the point of being arrogant and haughty in their behaviors and attitudes." (Composite from a number of studies).

The Narcissistic Personality Disorders

The Narcissistic Personality Disorders, or Culturally Inherited Mass Psychological Disorders as some researchers refer to them, are actually not uncommon in modern society where they have deep effects on marriages, families, social relationships, and business relationships, though it is rare that the disorders are being recognized as linked to a wide-spread underlying cause. Treatments and support forums typically deal only with the symptoms.

The disorders that presently affect the entire world evidently have at their root the vastly applied circumcision-trauma that causes the same symptoms as the officially named disorders, though, as for the circumcision, the symptoms are evident to varying degrees ranging from mild cases to extreme cases. 

It is tempting to label the widely reflected symptoms, the result of a disease, because of their widespread nature. But this would be erroneous, because no matter how wide-spread the infliction is, the causative wounds that are suffered are intentionally inflicted wounds under the ‘spell’ of a wide range of fictions that are typically religiously and politically motivated for reasons that were already evident in ancient Egypt. Evidently it was recognized there that the diminished sexual sensitivity imposed by the circumcision inhibits the deep social bonds and social trust that normally develop in a human society, which are naturally echoed in the development of the creative and productive capacity of the individual mind and its expression in the improvement of the general welfare. Empires don’t like this humanist development. They cannot exist in the face of it. Since empires cannot coexist with a normally developing society, all sorts of fictions have been invented to inhibit the normal existence of humanity. Some of the fictions are political in nature, religious, or financial, and those are many, the single thread that binds them all tells us that the circumcision was imposed in the service of the system of empire.

The bottom line is that any society that imposes this tragedy on its people is destroying itself from within. It thereby becomes a failing society, such as we have seen far too many of.

The diminished sexual sensitivity leads to further debilitations in the intimate social context where it inhibits the deep-reaching social bonds, and social trust, that would normally be developing between children and parents, and between men and women, and men to one another. This inner lack has an impact on the development of the creative and productive capacity of the individual person within a family environment. The diminished sexual intimacy becomes further reflected in diminished political and economic intimacy expressed in the loss of the general welfare principle being expressed, and in all other related areas as well, such as the loss of the intimate sense of a nation, even the loss of the principle of sovereignty and the loss of an intimately cooperative international civilization for meeting the common aims of mankind. 

When the diminishment of the natural intimacy that is built into the human design is widely expanded, relationships become hard and hollow. The national identity becomes correspondingly artificially forged and is easily torn down, as this is demanded by the masters of empire. In this morasses of the dwindling humanity in society the death penalty begins to reign, including the death of nations, and death of productive economics, which yield to monetarist stealing. This is where we are today in many areas of the world. Any society that imposes this tragedy on its people on a national scale is destroying itself from within. On the universal religious scale the tragedy has directly affected a third of humanity, which is indirectly destroying the entire world.

What Egypt may have started was carried forwards into other lands and cultures on the plates of evermore religious and historic fiction serving the various systems of empire. Today, the composite of these fictions still affect society as the unbroken result of people clinging to these fictions, believing them to be true.

The role of Russia, China, and India

It is tempting to assume that the healing of humanity will flow from the un-wounded nations, such as China, and the non-Muslim populations of India and Russia. This isn’t likely to happen. The healing has to come from within every wounded culture itself, and the potential is great that it will flow from there, because after all, beneath the fictions and beneath the psychological wounds, lies the immutable human spirit. No matter how deeply wounded a victim has become, a human being will always be anchored in the fundamental universal humanity that all nations and cultures share. The artificial fictional impositions cannot cut through the invariable natural barrier that protects an aspect of our humanity that has the power to reassert itself. The great evils in the world, which presently span the globe and touch many nations, are essentially superficial in nature as fictions always are. And they are global - globally asserted fictions - but this doesn’t make the fictions anymore real, and any less vulnerable to the truth that typically vanquishes even the most convoluted fictions.

Once the circumcision is recognized for what it is, and wounds are recognized for what they are and intended for, it becomes possible for a society to raise itself above both. What the sexual intimacies inspire in the natural unfolding in civilization, such as the intimacy of society at the economic, national, and universal level, expressed in the modes of the general welfare principle, society has the power to step up to intentionally. When of the front stairs of a house the lowest step is broken, people simply step above it until the breakage is repaired. It is inherent in the human cognitive system that development doesn’t depend, or even is, a linear process. Science can enable society to take three steps at once when the principles for it become scientifically recognized and the underlying truth is acknowledged.

Global circumcision

Today the circumcision is deeply cutting and spreading impotence. This is so, because of the ‘density’ of the fictions, and them having become widely spread.

Under ‘dense’ religious fictions that are adhered to primarily by Islam and Judaism, the circumcision has become so widespread that the intended sexual amputation of humanity has presently wounded more than 750 million men and over 120 million women worldwide. Unfortunately the intended impact doesn’t stop there. The resulting debilitation is affecting as many families by marriage as there are affected men, whereby the circumcision is directly affecting a third of the world population. And further than this, indirectly by the interaction of society, the circumcision is affecting entire countries and large portions of entire continents, and the whole world by war and economic collapse. This is how the currently failing world was created, and America was turned into a failed state.

America circumcised

The social, economic, and political impact that the circumcision has on any society where it is prevalent may be at the root of America’s transformation since World War II from a non-circumcised society to it becoming 70% to 90% circumcised in this relatively short time span. In just a few decades, America, the latest victim of this psychological wounding, changed from being the most prosperous nation on earth with the most powerful economy, to being a wreck on all fronts, except that of making war. America has become the perfect slave to empire, not just a ‘better’ slave. This was all perpetrated quietly in a brief time-span on the fictional notion that the circumcision is improving personal hygiene. The world at large, of course, has been trapped by more primitive, religious and historic fictions that have ruled the ages. Still the door to freedom remains open. The key to it is the truth.

Religious fictions

The largest religions in the world with adherents that comprise more than half of all people of the world, are all built to a large extend on historic fiction. Tragically, on this fictional platform many customs were forged that still shape the world with dire consequences, but which are rarely linked to their root in fiction, though they cause enormous suffering and damage to civilization. A historic exploration of these fictions take us back to very early times, to the Abraham legends that many cultures and many religions, including Islam, are build around. The Koran of the Islamic religion does not require the circumcision, but Islam recognizes Abraham as a prophet, consequently the Abraham legend that demands the circumcision as a requirement by God, has caused all men of Islam to be circumcised, which today inflicts more than 500,000,000 men worldwide. That’s how fiction affects civilization, because the Abraham-inspired circumcision-legend is evidently pure fiction.

The Abraham Legends

The patriarch Abraham is one of the earliest leadership figures in the Hebrew religion. The Christian Bible contains many legends about this historic leader. These legends that are fiction have shaped the course of nations as though they were historic accounts. They couldn’t have been historic accounts as they pertain to a timeframe before written languages came into general use. The Abraham legends pertain to the 2000 BC timeframe when nothing was written down. Thus, the history related to Abraham remains necessarily shrouded in mystery. The mystery is carried by stories that were perpetuated in fireside chats for centuries before writing was developed. The end-result is necessarily historic fiction.

Although a written language, the Sumerian archaic cuneiform script, had existed in Mesopotamia as far back as 3,000 BC, predating Abraham, it was long forgotten at the time of Abraham. It is thought that the first consonantal alphabetic writing appeared around 2,000 BC in Egypt where it was created as a form of language developed for the Semitic slaves. In time the language became more developed and the filtered back into Mesopotamia in some form to become the New Sumerian written language. This takes us into the 1,700 BC timeframe, the earliest that the Abraham legends were likely preserved. 

Ironically, what was written at this stage and was promoted as the great Biblical truth, even the very word of God, does not reflect historic facts. The early Biblical compositions are essentially fictional scripts, or even theatre scripts, that had developed over a considerable time of oral preservation. In the course of the telling and retelling, and also performing the scripts, many of the details have evidently been constantly ‘politically’ shaped towards producing desired dramatic effects that are useful for tribal or ethnic imperatives. Thus, many of the Bible stories became a type of fiction composed or molded for politics. The Abraham legends are evidently of this category. 

The Abraham-demanded circumcision

One of the Abraham legends tells us that God forged a covenant with Abraham’s people, a covenant that promised divine support. However, the covenant required that all men and male children, including infants from the 8th day of life on, become circumcised (Genesis 17). From the legend developed a tradition that for some cultures became a religious law. It makes no sense, however, that God, the creative animus of the universe would require ‘his’ people to become sexual amputees in order to become acceptable, and that their children must be debilitated for life, at birth. These type of demands are evidently pure fiction.

Many reason for the circumcision have been proposed by scholars, such as to give the people a national identity, or develop in them a spiritual closeness to their God. But that’s all speculation and historic theory. Theology is by its nature theoretical. While the origin of the circumcision in Semitic culture remains shrouded in mystery for this reason, there exists a high probability that the circumcision covenant might have been connected with a cataclysmic astrophysical event. These type of events are known to have occurred, and a people’s reaction to them would likely have reflected the scope of the event seen from a religious standpoint.

The cosmic explosion

The Abraham Legend may have had this kind of background. Preceding the circumcision demand, the Abraham legend speaks of the destruction of the cities Sodom and Gomorrah. Large cosmic-electric discharge events from meteorite explosions, also triggering seismic eruption, can easily alter the landscape to the point of causing major settlements to vanish. For example, the Tunguska explosion in 1908, in Siberia, knocked down 80 million trees over an area of over 2000 square kilometers. Wouldn’t this have scared a primitive people? An event of this magnitude could have occurred in Abraham’s time in the Dead Sea area. The psychological impact would likely have been tremendous, to say the least. (For more details see: Religion: Abraham Legends)

It is reasonable to assume that Abraham commanded the circumcision of all his people in the shadow of the cataclysmic event, in order to humble himself and his people before God, driven by fear. Abraham may have remembered the circumcision from his travels to Egypt. 

Evidence in a cave

The circumcision appears to have been applied in Egypt to slaves or persons of low rank, as it is shown here in the petroglyph found in an Egyptian tomb built into a cave, for Ankhmabor in Saqqara, dating to around 2400 B.C.. This tells us that the circumcision was practiced in Egypt long before Abraham’s time. (See image) Abraham may have encountered the practice during his travels.

Remembering the slaves of Egypt, Abraham’s request to his people to do so likewise, would likely have been a deeply humbling response to a ‘divine’ cataclysmic event that changed the landscape of the Dead Sea area. He may have aimed to appease ‘the wrath of God’ by humbling himself and his people - rendering themselves lowly in status, as lowly as a slave, before God. Such a response would have natural in considering the magnitude of the circumstances. Nor would anyone likely be allowed to regress from Abraham’s humbling covenant that forever after became a tradition and eventually an ethnic symbol and religious law. 

The fallen star

Babylon had most likely been almost completely circumcised by the time the Prophet Isaiah referred to the city 1,300 years later. He spoke of it as the star that fell from grace and became Satan. He was likely referring to the effect of the circumcision in terms of its deeply debilitating impact on a people's culture.

Historic in Egypt

It is not known why the ancient Egyptians applied the circumcision to their people. Theories abound. None can be verified. It is suggested that the circumcision was a ritual that ‘lifted’ the youth into manhood, allowing them admittance to the divine mysteries. It may also have been that the circumcision was a method for a people's self-purification. The body’s openings were considered portals through which impure and malignant spirits might penetrate. It might also have had a much more simple practical reason.

The diminished sexual intimacy, which becomes reflected in diminished social intimacy, creates a fragmented, isolated and controllable society with a diminished focus on the general welfare principle. The circumcision may have been developed simply as a means to create willing slaves, or ‘better’ slaves as it might have been intended. Evidently the project backfired for the Egyptians in later centuries after the circumcision was more massively applied, especially to the slavery.

The great exodus

Some scholars suggest that the circumcision was brought into Judaism by Moses through the great exodus of the Hebrew slaves from Egypt. This event happed a few centuries after Abraham. The story surrounding the exodus event, however, has all the features of a colorfully mysterious and magical fairy tale, as a fairy tale typically is. By the way it is presented, it is most likely a grandiose historic fiction composed as a critical cover-up project.

In considering the deeply debilitating social effects that modern researchers have associated with the circumcision process, it is more likely than not that the great exodus was an expulsion of the Hebrew slaves. It may have been that the Egyptian Pharaoh at the time was worried that the inwardly disconnected and mutilated slave society, which had no intimate ties to Egypt or to any other culture, might help Egypt's enemies, especially when Egypt came evermore under attack. They may have recognized that they couldn’t simply kill the slaves, as their own society would be damaged by the violence. An exodus would solve the problem without causing further problems.

The real exodus

It is highly likely in this context that Moses was given the task to carry out the expulsion. He was a member of the Egyptian priesthood. The easiest way for him to carry out the task would be for him to pose as the slaves liberator. A few theatrics and honed speeches go a long way towards earning the people’s trust. This trick still works in modern politics, where almost everything is fiction that is dished out to the public as political fact. In Egypt, with the resources of the priesthood at his disposal, it would have been easy for Moses to plot an ideal path to the great desert on the other side of the Red Sea. He might even pre-position the necessary logistics along the way, such as water and food. Once there, he would have left them to fend for themselves, which only a few would like have survived.

With the priesthood being involved, Moses would likely also have been tasked to convey to the Hebrew leaders the priesthood’s most cherished monotheistic beliefs and principles; those that may have been handed down to them by the very ancient cultures that emerged from the last Ice Age. The Ten Commandment conveyed by Moses may have originated from this background, which may have been referred to as “the gods.” These early beliefs and principles were evidently fast eroding in Egypt, which the priests may have aimed to preserve through the Hebrews. Thus the expulsion may have served both the Pharaoh politically and the priesthood’s objectives to preserve and spread some treasured sacred knowledge.

As it was, Moses’ hopes were evidently not completely fulfilled. In the aftermath of the exodus, those who survived the long and perilous expulsion had quite a story to tell, and to convey, and to remember. Some of the survivors no doubt spun exquisite tales around the event that likely became more colorful with every retelling until they were eventually written down in a manner that would serve the Hebrews national objectives. They would speak of a great liberation by a powerful God.

Inverted Commandments

Even the Ten Commandments that Moses conveyed, became fictionalized and in the process turned upside down. The Bible presents two versions of the “Ten Commandments.” It presents a gentle version that simply lays out some basic principles of civilization, such as not to kill one another, not to steal, lie, deceive, covet, and dishonor the bonds love has forged. This simple version likely reflected what came from Egypt through Moses. This simple version, published in the book of Genesis, was later taken over by the Hebrew priesthood and turned upside down. The inverted version is a gory piece, interlaced with death penalties and the legalization of slavery and people as property. This gory version is published in the book Leviticus, the law of the priests. It became the active religious law of the land. The stoning of women to death for engaging in unauthorized sex, termed adultery, emerged from the inverted perversion of the Decalogue. And to make the crime legal, it was all attributed to Moses, the conveyor of the word of God. This law that is complete fiction, enables a terror campaign that gave the priesthood near total control over society, and still does. The stoning of women to death for adultery still happens, though rarely. Worse terror campaigns have replaced the practice.

Naturally, in the colorful tale of the great exodus the circumcision would be prominently cited as the key element for the peoples’ liberation by virtue of their covenant with God. The implied terror is that if the circumcision is stopped, a far worse fate than slavery will come upon them by the re-kindled wrath of God.

Fiction upon fiction

It appears that the entire exodus story in the Bible is essentially historic fiction. The circumcision threads through the historic fiction as possibly the only real element. The circumcision is real. It still happens, tragically. It connects the Abraham Legends, and the great Jacob tales, and the exodus expulsion into one gigantic fiction of tragedy that has become the foundation for nearly all the major great religions in the world. These terror fictions are enshrined in Christianity, in Islam, and in Judaism.

One of the religious fiction in the Bible, with the circumcision at the root, is presented in the manner of a play that makes a point, perhaps as a warning. It doesn’t even pretend to be a historic account. This is the story of the Biblical Jacob who later took on the name Israel, who apparently had a change of heart about it. 

The Jacob story.

The Jacob story is told like a fictional tale. The protagonist Jacob is presented as a rat of a man when the story opens. He conspired with his mother to badly swindle his brother and deceive his father in what was evidently an unspeakable treachery. He cheated his brother out of his birthright. And when the treachery was discovered and the consequences became too hot for him, instead of facing up to his deeds, Jacob fled to his mother’s brother Leban who deceived him in return. That’s family background.

In his exile Jacob fell in love with Laban’s younger daughter Rachel. He agreed to work for seven years to receive her as his wife, only to discover on his wedding day that he had been given the older daughter Lea instead, which by tradition needed to be married first. Thus Jacob worked seven more years to finally obtain his beloved Rachel also. But Rachel turned out to be barren, while Lea was fruitful. Out of this double marriage and rivalry between the two wives Jacob obtained 11 sons and one daughter - 12 children. This number all by itself renders the story fiction. 

Citing a story of 12 children can be seen as a hint by the writer that the story is not a historic account, but is philosophic fiction. Whenever anything big is noted in the Bible, it is always 12-fold in number. This convention is massively used in the Bible covering a wide range of applications. It is applied 103 times in the old Testament and 62 times in the New Testament. It is always 12 of this or 12 of that, or 12-thousand, and so on. 

Historic hexagram

The numeral 12 appears to be related to the extremely ancient mythical symbol, the hexagram, which represents full-orbed abundance. The hexagram is a geometric composite of two triangles, one pointing downward, being overlaid by the same shape pointing upwards. See example

The earliest example of it appeared in cultures as far back as 10,000 years ago. See: - part 1 - part 2

The downward triangle could have been seen to symbolize the sexual region of the human crotch, which in the hexagram is overlaid with the same symbol pointing upwards, representing a higher level perception of the human sexuality, giving it a spiritual and divine significance. The composite is then surrounded by a circle in some cases, suggesting that there exists a unity between the physical and spiritual aspects of sexuality, and that the two together represent symbolically the full-orbed blessing of humanity, or the fullness of good. If one considers the quality of thinking that evidently existed in ancient societies, the hexagram could have had this kind of profound meaning.

This complex symbol has survived the ages and is found widely applied to churches and temples of nearly all denomination and nationalities, evidently representing the full-orbed nature of good..

As geometric construct, the hexagram has 12 sides. This may have been the reason why the number 12 has come to symbolize abundance. This means that the Jacob-story that speaks of 12 children, is pure fiction, which is deemed by many cultures to be the story of the historic root for God’s chosen people, such as the children of Israel becoming a nation that inherits the earth. But the Jacob story as a fictional story, suggest that a circumcised society is a dying society that is collapsing itself and society with it. Indeed, the Jacob story is constructed as a fictional theatre piece that illustrates profound concepts and tragic failures.

Deception to slay a city

Oh yes, the Jacob story would make a fine TV drama indeed. It is well researched, well written, and it builds up to a dramatic punch line. The punch line comes out of left field as it were when we are told in the final pages that Jacob’s daughter fell in love with a man from an uncircumcised ‘city’. This love with an uncircumcised man enraged her brothers. They refused to allow it. However, they pretended their willingness to make a concession. The fraud became their strategic move. 

The brothers, technically the children of Jacob, suggested as a solution that if all the men in the city would become circumcised as they were, then mutual loving and intermarriage would be possible. In the story the men of the city agreed to the demand and circumcised themselves. However, the children of Jacob used this compliance as a strategic opportunity. While the men of the city were in pain and physically incapacitated, the children attacked the city and killed all the men and then plundered whatever there was, which left the women of the city without any means to survive. Jacob, who had changed his name to Israel prior to this point, wasn’t pleased. “What have you done?” he said in essence. “You have made my name to stink throughout the lands.”

In the story, the healing that took place in which Jacob took on a new name, the name, Israel, was the result of his personal inner progression, which his children hadn't achieved, just as humanity today still largely lacks this healing achievement.

Whatever the original intention might have been, this is how the story paints the mental background of the Hebrews, as the children of Israel that came into Egypt during a time of famine. It was their descendants who later became slaves in Egypt. It appears that the writer of the Jacob story wanted to put on record the type of social and political effect that the debilitating circumcision has on a society, before he placed them into Egypt, perhaps to illustrate why the great exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt would likely have been an expulsion rather than a divine liberation. 

Racial mass expulsions have occurred several times in history and also racial mass-elimination in grotesque murderous holocausts. The author of the Jacob Tale may have seen the writing on the wall by observing the debilitating effects of the circumcision on entire cultures, so that the tale may have been intended as a warning. If it was that, the message has become lost. In today’s world we have the potential most devastating war-drive of all times unfolding in the Middle East where four circumcised cultures are crying war, the Jewish, Muslim, American, and British oligarchic cultures, who are evermore reaching for each other’s throat, with nuclear war now being threatened. 

Nuclear war

Of course, the writer of the Jacob Tale couldn’t see this far. What the children of Israel did with the sword to kill all the men of a city is now staged to happen worldwide with thermonuclear war for which the Middle East is being set up to become the trigger. Thermonuclear war, no matter how it starts, ends with the extinction of humanity. The fallout from just a fraction of the worldwide nuclear arsenal will be sufficient to reflect such large portions of the Sun’s energy back into space that a nuclear winter results that would span several years where nothing would grow in most areas on earth. When nothing grows, there is nothing to eat, and humanity dies. It only takes an hour and a half of thermonuclear war, if not less, to set this extinction process into motion.

The intention behind the modern cry for war is the same as it was in the Jacob story. The intention has been promoted since the 1950s to massively depopulate the Earth from the present 7 billion world population to less than 1 billion. This is the often stated objective of the decadent cesspool of the self-corrupted world empire. The strategic thrust behind this cry is clearly evident. Its goal is to eliminate Russia, China, and India along the way - the remaining great nations who refuse to dance to the tune of the dehumanized culture called empire. 

If the war-drive isn’t halted, not just the men of a city will perish, as in the Jacob tale, but humanity itself will perish and become extinct. The writer of the Jacob tale couldn’t have imagined that weapons would ever be created and be deployed that have the power to extinct the human race. Nor could he have imagined how few people in the world are committed today to turning the ship around in order to prevent the extinction outcome. In the Jacob Tale it probably didn’t take more than an hour for the Children of Israel to kill all the men of the targeted city. In today’s world it wouldn’t take much longer than that to set events into motion that no one can survive. Whom the blasts don’t kill, the nuclear winter will.

In the Jacob tale, the father of the murderous children had previously regained his native sense of humanity by a deep inner struggle with himself, with an angel evangel, we are told. As the story goes, he had taken on a new name in acknowledging his victory. His new name became, Israel. The struggle that stands behind this advanced human identity is an individual’s effort of stepping up to higher ground from the morass of a debilitated existence. Israel was enraged by what the children had done - by what he himself might have hailed in his earlier days or might have done himself. 

Jacob to Israel

The profound step the story tells, of Jacob stepping up to becoming Israel, a stepping up to higher ground, has not yet been achieved in the world by any nation or any culture, even by the nation that bears the high-level name. A nation or culture merely assuming a high-level name does not mean that a humanist renaissance is unfolding. Anything can be assumed, but the stepping up from fiction to an understood truth that represents something real in terms of profound achievements requires a great deal of honesty and insight and commitment. Unfortunately this is rarely found in the world today.  Therefore, this is where the crucial healing needs to begin, individually, and by society as a nation. And this healing is possible. It is possible for individuals and for society to step up to the plate of higher-level principles, powered by a dawning scientific self-awareness that supersedes all historic fictions and takes us consciously to realms far above the entry-level of natural impulses that open the door to the principle of the general welfare.

The great principle of the general welfare that the USA is founded on, and the historic principle of the advantage of the other that became the foundation for modern civilization in 1648 with the Peace of Westphalia, are both indispensible for the realization of the NAWAPA 22 project, which is critical for the strategic defense of humanity in the already advancing new Ice Age transition. Society's self-healing of its circumcision wounds will bring these two principles, that presently stand defeated, back to life again.

Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

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