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NAWAPA 22: Renaissance

 Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

In October 2018 a photographer in Halifax Canada filmed a bee dying after landing on a flower. The bee was one of many dying in a similar manner. Bee colonies have been mysteriously dying out in large numbers all across the Northern Hemisphere since roughly 2006. The phenomenon in which worker bees from a beehive has abruptly disappear has become so dramatic from 2006 on that the term Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) was coined. While such disappearances have occurred throughout history the drastic rise in the number of disappearances since the late 2006 is new.

It interesting to note that 2006 is also the year in which, according to a CNN report, the rate of new lung cancers increased 6-fold in the USA. Here an interesting set of questions arise. Is this natural? Is this a result of what humanity did? Or is this a result of what humanity did not do, but should have done? These questions tie in with the further question: What is the nature of a renaissance?

History seems to tell us that a renaissance has never been created intentionally as a project, but resulted as the dynamic outcome of an intentional uplifting of our humanity to a higher level of perceived value. The cultural and economic processes that flowed from this intentional uplifting of our humanity became the driving force that created a renaissance. The Islamic Renaissance, for example, flowed from the intention to create a new human-focused world in the shadow of the humanist collapse that the Roman Empire incurred in which it collapsed itself. The Golden Renaissance in Europe flowed from a similar intention to create a new world from the dark age hell into which the imperial monetarist system of the Lombard flavor had collapsed itself and all of Europe with it. The intention to snap out of this hell that culminated into the black-death plague that had killed a third of the population of Europe was evidently the driving force that got the ball rolling towards the Golden Renaissance. The re-emergence of Plato and his scientific method of perception that the Islamic Renaissance had revived had created a higher level platform that had even uplifted religion. The Golden Renaissance became the phenomenon of a universal cultural uplift that touched all aspects, from art to science, including economics and other forms of cultural expression. The Westphalian Renaissance of the post-1648 era was similarly built of the universal need to break out of the hell hole of the Thirty Years War that had again destroyed a third of the population of Europe. In none of these cases has the driving intention been to create a renaissance. The intention had been to break out of the hell that humanity had allowed to develop at the time, that it became drawn into. 

In 1648 the big question was, what do we need to do to get out of the endless mess that war had turned into and the causes for war. We are back at this point again. Except this time the world is in a worse mess. We need to build the kind of new renaissance that can pull the world out of this mess. Except the process for doing this needs yet to be developed. The NAWAPA 22 project is designed to serve as a seed kernel for the process. It is designed to lay the physical, cultural, and economic foundation for a process that can lead to a new renaissance. However, considering the depth of the mess we are in, the foundation for building the necessary renaissance needs to be immensely powerful. And this requires a big driver, a driver as big as the Ice Age challenge. The nuclear war threat isn't big enough as a driver. We haven't done anything on this front for 65 years, except digging a deeper hole. We expect time or God to solve the problem for us. But this doesn't work on the Ice Age front where the factor of time stands against us. We have nothing left to solve this challenge but ourselves, and this requires a big renaissance indeed. That is what the NAWAPA 22 project is designed to inspire and serve as a seed kernel for. We should have done this long ago. The dying bees scream this message to us. Yes, their dying is a phenomenon of what we did, but more profoundly it is a sad phenomenon of what we hadn't done, but should have done, which is reflected in a wide ranging mess that developed by this neglect.

It appears that a renaissance is not an exceptional state in human development. The exceptional states are the cultural holes that we inevitable dig and fall into when we drop below the renaissance norm, the normal human plateau. We dug a long series of deep holes from 1913 onward: the Federal Reserve Act in the USA; World War I; World War II; the Cold War; and a string of 'lesser' wars, including the Iraq War, which may have been the cause for the dying of the bees. The turning point may have been the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 that set a new stage for the world towards its own sinking. Building a profound new renaissance was already in progress at the dawn of the 1900s on the wings of the pioneering scientific, technological, and economic achievement that had rendered the USA the city on a hill with the eyes on the world focused on it. This process was shattered in 1901 with the political murdering of President McKinley that brought a traitor into the White House that had served as a nest for traitors for much of the history of the USA, with a few exceptions of course.

Building a renaissance is not an easy thing, and it is more difficult to hold onto, nevertheless both are essential elements of the human dimension and of civilization itself. When this process stops civilization disintegrates. In 1901 it was stopped by the evident intention to re-imperialize the world on the old Roman model. And this travesty succeeded because society had let go of itself, of its humanist ideals. Civilization is a dynamic thing that is built on taking responsibility to uphold and raise the humanity of the human being, which is the greatest asset a society has, which in turn unfolds the renaissance process. This is the force of progression that the masters of empire know they cannot survive. They knew this then. They stabbed humanity in the heart when one of their little hired stooges attacked President McKinley at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo New York, the pearl of a powerful and growing cultural optimism, and mortally wounded the man right in the open in the Pavilion of Music. McKinley wasn't the target; the renaissance optimism was. The message of this act of terrorism was the same as on 9/11/01: "We are empire, you are nothing. We own you, contrary to your dreams of standing at the pinnacle of the world. No one is secure who stands in our way, resistance is futile." Of course it helped to get McKinley out of the way at this so that the stooge of empire already standing in the wings could become the U.S. President. Society mourned its loss, but did nothing more. The Titanic was sunk 11 years later and the world is in the process of sinking now.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt tried to rescue the sinking ship that America was even then, by staging a type of a renaissance in the hearts of America. By the time he died America stood as the tallest nation in the world with the most powerful economic machine, but without his leadership driving the process, what should have become a great renaissance fizzed away into nothing. America wasn't a society leading itself. It was led by the nose into empire territory where it presently rots. President Kennedy tried to reverse this and was killed. President Clinton merely leaned into the FDR direction and was tied into knots with the impeachment affair. The USA never really had a renaissance President. It had war Presidents galore, and the nation cheered for them, or tolerated them out of fear. There will never be a renaissance happening on this type of platform. A renaissance happens when society sees itself as a singular humanity that is committed by its humanity to the welfare of one-another. In contrast the present society acts like a pile of dust with each grain committed to itself, and little else. That's why America has been dragged into the meat grinder of illegal wars, especially since 9/11. 

Under the U.S. Constitution only the U.S. Congress is authorized to declare war on a nation or commit the nation too war, not the President, unless the nation is attacked on its home territory. Only then, when a legal basis exists, becomes the President authorized to act as the Commander in Chief. By these principles the Afghanistan War, the Iraq Wars, and the Libyan War were illegal criminal acts that were neither prevented by act of law, nor prosecuted, by society, as this would have been the case in a renaissance environment. Society acted as grains of dust and got walked all over and stamped into the ground. It is not even allowed to eat its own food. A large portion of its food is burned by the force of law, converted in to biofuels. There will never be a renaissance happening until society picks itself off the ground. The Ice Age challenge may be the last imperative to inspire society to be what a human society is, a singular humanity with a commitment to one another. And this needs to be an honest commitment, not synchronized obedience in a theatre of artificial unity that every military in the world has demanded of its soldiers - see: Scary Chinese Army

NAWAPA 22 may inspire the needed honest commitment to one another in society when the basalt-based industrial revolution makes it easy for society to produce free houses for each other and food in abundance and society begins to see itself as the most precious asset it has, which it is then inclined to nurture and protect. In the present world the very terms, to nurture, and, to protect, are outlawed terms that are said to undermine the market forces, the god of the underworld. While NAWAPA 22 brings these banned terms back into the foreground as a starting point to get a return started to a sense of reality. It doesn't do this gently. It says, the Ice Age is coming; the transition is on; you either move with it or perish. Such a commitment, if it had been made in 2001, might have saved the bees from dying.

The dying of the bees is blamed on many causes except the most likely one that renders them casualties of war. In the Afghanistan and Iraq terror-wars of overwhelming insanity more than 5,000,000 kg of uranium contained in weapons was vaporized into the atmosphere, most of it into particles smaller than the wavelength of light. The Fukushima nuclear power disaster following the Japan earthquake in 2011 in which multiple nuclear reactor units were involved and three reactors suffered a melt-down, some radioactive byproducts did escape into the air and into the oceans. The anti-nuke scare campaign has been whipped up so intensively that all of Japan's over 50 reactors are in danger of having to be shut down, and most of the ones operating in Europe as well. The campaign has become so successful that the photographer who filmed the dying bees blamed their death in part on the Fukushima disaster, though the dying of the bees started 6 years earlier. The point that I am trying to make is that the Fukushima disaster was a minuscule affair in terms of causing radiation damage, in comparison with the radiation damage by war. It would be surprising if more than 5 kg of the reactor's uranium and trans-uranium products escaped in the environment. That's a millionth of the amount that war has injected into the air, and this in the most dangerous form with the most dangerous type of radiation that is physically possible. The radioactive uranium particles from war have become vaporized so finely that they have become invisible and have become a part of the air that people breathe and birds and bees live in. The vaporized uranium particles from the battle fields gradually encircled the northern hemisphere. The bees became a casualty of war, together with a half-million of the war veterans that became disabled, together with the millions that subsequently died of all sorts of cancers, primarily lung cancers that had increased 6-fold in the USA according to a CNN report in 2006, and in addition an increase of worldwide diabetes II occurred, from 30 million cases to 230 million cases. 

While the uranium particles keep on killing forever, with a half-life of over 4 billion years, the resulting horrendous tragedy that hasn't even begun fully has not caused enough concern to get the use of uranium in weapons banned. Only nuclear power generating is being increasingly banned, which has the lowest rate of casualties and environmental impact among all the power generating system in use today. In this context you may wish to watch the video Scary Chinese Army again, because it reflects today's modern society that dances with vigor to its master's tune and with unyielding precision. That's scary.

The entire front of environmental antinucearism has become an artificially-created war front in a war against the potential revival of the renaissance spirit of humanity. NAWAPA 22 is a renaissance project that initially builds on nuclear power, especially the Liquid Thorium Fluoride Reactor (LFTR) that produces high temperature process heat that is ideal for the melting and reshaping of basalt. While this reactor is the safest ever designed, it won't likely see the light of day being smothered under the green mantle of fictionalized environmentalism, whereby the entire renaissance project becomes prevented. When this continues the Ice Age will overcome humanity, just like the alpha radiation from weapons uranium overcomes the bees, alters DNA, affects plants and all forms of life. NAWAPA 22 is a critically necessary renaissance project that has the potential to force the ugly face of war to the surface before it kills us all. While the Ice Age transition plays a role in the NAWAPA 22 project proposal, the renaissance that it would inspire is the key factor for which it is needed now, today, without delay.

Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

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