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Crime of Religion

 Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

Are the Roman Gospels of Jesus a huge campaign of historical fiction?

The canonical gospels stand as the centerpiece of the New Testament of the Bible, but they were written 200 years after the fact, and they were written by the church of Rome, which is the very church that serves the Empire that had killed the man whom the Gospels deify, and which had persecuted his followers wherever they could be found in an effort to stay the force of that single man whom some refer to as the master of Christianity. 

Would you trust such a church - a church that is so steeply rooted in conspiracies in an effort to stamp out the truth? Would you take its written documents as the truth?

When it became evident to the rulers of the Roman Empire after more than a century of bitter persecutions, that persecutions cannot quench a profound spiritual idea, the very ideology that the empire had fought to squash was suddenly officially taken over by the empire and made into a state religion, though in an inverted form that would serve the empire better than all the persecutions had, and ever could. Towards this end the gospels were evidently written by the Church of Rome to serve a political purpose, first and foremost. 

As one would expect, the project to create a church designed for psychological warfare had worked exceedingly well. It had created a terror campaign that culminated into what became the Dark Age of Europe. In many respects the Dark Age Project has not yet been defeated. It had suffered some setbacks, such as during the Golden Renaissance and the renaissance of science, culture, and humanity, centered on the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. 

It was during these rare brighter days that the USA was founded to stand as a bastion of freedom from empire. But all of this too, became lost again when the nation increasingly failed itself and allowed empire to resume its dark-age role. The fight to reverse this trend has yet to take hold in the population. But how does one heal a failing civilization? And how does one heal a religion that by its self-appointed authors was designed to fail?

It appears that the best way to achieve such a feat, and to discover behind the artificial facade the real nature of Christ Jesus and his teaching, a more modern story needs to be brought into view for comparison. This story is the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington in 2001. The official story that is told is miles off track. The story, as it is told, is physically not possible. Even the cover-up evidence, as presented, is physically not possible. An entire 'truth' movement developed around the false evidence. This development may not have been the intention behind the project. It may have been sparked by some honest persons among those hired to produce the manufactured cover-up evidence. Quite a large number of tell-tale signals were imbedded into the evidence that an alert person would recognize, and thereby recognize the fakery.

If one looks at the New Testament of the Bible in this manner, one can see signs of the real story shining through the official cover-up story. Some people suggest that the official story of Jesus, that the gospels present, has about the same trustworthiness as a CIA report. No historic documents exist that can corroborate the stories of the gospels. 

However, like in the case of the 911 cover-up, some honest persons among the gospel editors had evidently managed to sneak some items of truth through the barrier of the official censorship. More than just a few of the major important points may have lingered on in public thought, or had been kept alive in stories told, or sayings remembered, which may have been cleverly inserted into the official version that was evidently political fiction, even terror fiction. At the time the gospels were published, more than 200 years after the fact, no one would have dared to refute the official story, or could have refuted it. Thus, the terror element that Rome depended on, became a strategic element inserted into the gospels.

Terror is one of the critical elements that causes a civilization to fail.. Terror breeds impotence. This simple secret was probably known, if not pioneered, by the Oracle of Delphi, the leading psychological warfare institution in Roman time. Terror, thus became the mark of the ruling force of the Roman Empire and the mark of every empire thereafter. It became the religion of Rome, as it were, and as one would expect the religion became canonized by the Church of Rome. Many new religions sprang up since the Roman circus of terror had nearly destroyed civilization, but the Church of Rome remained in control through the back door.

As one person said to me, all that is known today about Christ Jesus, presented in the New Testament, primarily in the gospels, has been produced by the Church of Rome that later became the Catholic Church.

In modern time, the British Empire became the New Rome. It, in its turn, organized terror in the form of fascism, designed to destroy Europe, which had actually succeeded three times in a row from World War I to the Cold War, and may succeed again in the thermonuclear war that may yet destroy civilization and humanity together. Also there were lesser wars of terror added along the way, like the Global Warming terror, and depopulation, deindustrialization, bailout-hyperinflation, which are forms of terror that society became used to, and as of late the burning of food that no one seems to care enough to stop. 

These are all terror campaigns. And terror does indeed breed impotence. The impotence has become so dense, even in the sciences, that the now unfolding new Ice Age transition stirs no one into action to defend civilization and humanity from the collapsing food chain by the transition dynamics affecting the climate around the world, and with it the global agriculture, especially the northern agriculture. Defending humanity simply isn't on the agenda, as if the next Ice Age transition is still a thousand years distant, which science, sadly, having been made impotent, suggests it is. The impotence on the entire front is so dense that the greatest potential danger to humanity receives not even a mention, though it rivals nuclear war in consequences when it occurs and no preparations are made for maintaining humanity's food supply. 

This is what the difference between NAWAPA 21 and 22 signifies. NAWAPA 21 represents a denial of reality, based on fiction, and the proposed counterpart NAWAPA 22 represents a project for responding to reality. One represents the terror of the impotence of small-minded thinking. The other represents a new renaissance, a new opportunity for freedom, and a chance for humanity to continue on living regardless of the ice age transition.

Since the front of terrorism is enormously wide that breeds the modern impotence, it may be useful to explore the historic roots where the train of terror began to roll forward in a decisive manner. This takes us back to the church of Rome.

The Church of Rome

The Church of Rome may be referred to one day as the original terrorist organization. Its gospels of Jesus created a divine person in human form who it built up as the very Son of God - born by a virgin mother in an event so profound that even the Star of Bethlehem stood still during the birth event - as we are told. Now, with this all established, in the fictional story, God hands the man over to Rome to be executed by Rome. The gospels tell us that Rome had nailed the Son of God onto the cross, and has done this with the express permission given by God, whereby Rome with all its terror, officially, became the hand of God. And then, in order to extend the terror campaign still further, the Church of Rome chose the icon of the cross and the crucifixion as its official emblem, lest anyone forget that resistance to empire is futile. 

The cross

The emblem of the Christian Church from this time forward became the symbol of state terror, as if to say to the whole of humanity; ‘we are empire, resistance is futile to the extreme, because as you can see we even have power over God’s very own son; we are all-powerful; you are nothing.’ This type of song, that is a form of terror against the very soul of humanity, which inspires fear and a sense of utter impotence, is still repeated by every terrorist in modern time. It is absurd to assume that this terror event was the plan of God, the Principle of the Universe. However, it stands tall and powerful in its design as political religious fiction.

Today, most of the Christian churches still flaunt the Roman terror symbol, the crucifixion, instead of a symbol that celebrates the risen Christ that the gospels say had also occurred. There was evidently a subtle reason for this choise, because behind the crucifixion stands the doctrine that says to society that the Christ has suffered his tragic fate voluntarily in order that in his suffering he could take on himself all the sins of the world, absolving humanity thereby for all times to come, and freeing it from ever having to suffer for its mistakes. 

What a terrible fiction is this that says to society that reformation isn't needed, because Jesus takes the consequences onto himself and the suffering that comes with it? The fiction leaves society free, including Rome of course, to perpetuate its atrocities. It even legalizes them.

If one takes away the religious fiction,  a different story unfolds. 

The most-likely comment by a scientific person about the crucifixion would have to be, that Christ Jesus was murdered on the cross for the lack of a sense of humanity in society that should have prevented the murder. This, of course, is the very fact that Rome had tried to cover up, and which the Christian Churches continue to do so. Sure, there is some honest interpretation filtering through relating to the resurrection, because when the Christ ideal will rise in human hearts, the world will erupt into a new renaissance so that wars will cease and the brotherhood of humanity will become established. This remains yet to happen.

I know of only one church in America that has made the symbol of the risen Christ its emblem. This is Mary Baker Eddy’s church that she called Christian Science. She shows the cross hewn down and falling, and being surrounded by the crown of our humanity, of the spiritual idea of God, of Principle, that she termed the Christ. Indeed, where the Christ, the spiritual idea that humanity is risen, no war can be happening or is possible.

Goya - 3rd of May

The world is far from such a stage. The Spanish painter Francisco Goya illustrated this well, and why war still rules. he did so in his painting “Tres de Mayo” - the Third of May. (See image) The scene is that of the massacre on Pio Mountain in Madrid by Napoleon’s forces in 1808. In response to an uprising, many people had been selected at random on the streets of Madrid to be executed. We see one of the victims in a white shirt, his hands stretched out in a pose as if he was nailed to the cross. We even see a nail mark on his hands. This is what the executioners aim at, as do all masters of war whose hands are guided by the masters of terror. They aim at the Christ in humanity. The executioners in Goya's scene see what we see, and they pull the trigger. It is an act of the ‘dead’ killing the living while society is biding its eyes. Goya asks humanity; where do you stand, what do you respond to? This scene is not fiction. This is the scene of the war of empire against humanity, the war of depopulation, and in the larger context, thermonuclear war. But who is the tragic element?

Rome claims to represent God

The Roman Church took its terror campaign one step further than saying we have the power to kill the Christ. Rome included into its fiction Gospels a statement in which Jesus tells the Roman representative of state authority that he would have no power over him unless that power was granted to him by God himself. Thus Rome says to humanity as it displays its crucifixion icon as the emblem of its church that its horrific barbarism fulfills a divine purpose, so don't resist, lay yourself down to die, this is the divine will. 

This subliminal terror used by the masters of empire against humanity, was one of the types of psychological warfare games that the oracles of Delphi were famous for, who whispered to the Romans with 'silver tongues,' for a fee what they wanted to hear, to kill and kill. They probably had a hand in writing the gospels too.

Peer reviewed gospels

The masters of the Roman Church could have published anyone's fiction and labeled it a historic fact. Who in society would be able to tell what is real after nearly two centuries had passed. Who would remember the man Jesus, and what he had said and had done, or how he was born and how he passed away? Thus to give the impression that everyone knew what he had said and done to be a fact, the Church of Rome published not one, but four Gospels, that all say essentially the same thing, corroborating each other, just as this has become modern practice, called peer-review in the sciences.

Manmade global warming

This old psychological trick is still used in a big way today in the religion of manmade global warming where numerous scientists and scientific studies all say essentially the same thing. They all tell the same fictional story that they are told to tell, of a phenomenon that doesn't exist because manmade global warming is physically impossible. 

The physical fact are rather simple that prove that manmade global warming is not possible. The religion of manmade global warming is a fantasy of political fiction. It blames CO2 as a villain by virtue of humanity’s addition to it in the global atmosphere. But if one compares where CO2 really stands in the global greenhouse dynamics, a totally different picture comes to light, because CO2 absorbs radiated heat energy in only three narrow bands, and even in these few rare places its absorption coefficient is overshadowed more than a thousand-fold by that of water vapor, which in contrast covers a hundred-fold wider absorption spectrum and is 100-fold more prevalent in the atmosphere. If one adds all of these real factors up, CO2 contributes one ten-millionth to the global greenhouse effect. It takes a vast religious leap of faith for anyone to belief that humanity’s 1/2 of a percent increase of this one ten-millionth portion of the greenhouse effect will cook the earth and melt the polar ice caps. The global warming dogma is a global mental blanket of pure terror fiction and nothing else. The evidence plainly suggests that the fiction has been created for its psychological terror-effect that inspires impotence, fear, and society's willing compliance with the demands of empire. It mirrors the intended effect of the Gospels. And in some respect it actually goes further, beyond the Dark Age horror that the gospels have achieved.

Ten-fold CO2 is needed

For humanity to be able to weather the coming Ice Age with a 7-10 billion world population, supported by a thriving agriculture in the tropics, a 10-fold increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration is urgently required. Much larger concentrations are known to have existed during earlier times in the history of life on our planet. These larger concentrations have gradually dwindled to the present near-starvation level that needs to be reversed. This is the reality that the political-religious fiction hides, and is intended to hide also for the doctrine of the mass-depopulation of the planet that the oligarchy aims to impose from their stinking sewer of their ingrown decadence.

Ten-fold CO2 increase is easy to do

While this tragedy of the collapse of the biosphere in the deep Ice Age environment can be prevented by society rediscovering its humanity, very little is happening on this front where humanity has been inwardly destroyed for centuries with terror-fiction and decadence to the point that the sewer is hailed for its inhuman stench. 

Technologically it isn’t a great feat to uplift the global atmosphere to the needed 10-fold increase in CO2 concentration that avoids the impending catastrophe. Lifting sea water from the deep oceans to the surface would release the required amounts of CO2 when the pressure is released. Such a system would be self-powering by the pressure differential that results when the CO2 bubbles to the surface as it does when a soft-drink bottle is opened. The difficulty lies in cutting through the fog of fiction that has disabled humanity inwardly over long periods and has largely destroyed the budding recognition of its identity as a creator and the creative nature of the universe.

Environmental terror fictions

The current global warming CO2 fiction  is a crime against the universe by defining CO2 as an environmental 'poison'. The biosphere of the earth requires a living, intelligent intervention in the planet’s CO2 dynamics in order to avoid the otherwise certain doom of much of the land-locked biosphere. The primitive natural system lacks the resources to make the correction. This may the reason why intelligent resources developed, like the human being that is, of course, an inherent element of the natural system. In this context humanity has a mission to fulfill. The scientific intervention to protect potentially all life on this planet by restoring the CO2 concentration to a richly livable level might well be one of humanity’s primary mission and the intention for its existence. CO2 is the stuff of life. The biosphere lives by it. In order to meet its needs the natural dynamics apparently also include at its leading edge the power of intelligent actions.

The terror gospels

The fictional nature of the Gospels has much to do with the reverse of the developing intelligent processes by fostering a type of inner destruction. That this destruction is intentional is evident in an extremely subtle element of the terror-fiction that is threaded through the entire New Testament of the Christian religion that was created almost entirely by the Roman Church in the service of empire. It developed a terror fiction that serves as a psychological warfare agent - a type of inner poison - that it then spread across the land. This terror-fiction element is Satanism. It is apparently a key element built into the Roman church doctrine.

If one compares the Old and New Testaments of the Bible for the terms Lucifer, devil, or Satan, a vast contrast comes to light that stands out like the difference of day and night. While these terms are hardly ever used in the Old Testament, they suddenly are profusely used in the New Testament. This sharp contrast indicates that the Roman Church, the church of empire, had intentionally invented Satanism for its destructive effect on society. 

The Satanist terror-fiction that is threaded through the canonical writings invents a new deity, an evil deity, a devil or Satan who is as powerful as God, whom humanity is however required to resist in the service of God, but hasn’t got a hope to do so for the supposed lack of its inner strength as mere mortals. It legitimizes evil and then says to humanity that it really hasn't got a hope in this imagined hell as nothing can eradicate the fundamental evil, which even the Son of God couldn't defeat, but could at best extricate himself from its reach. That’s extreme terrorism, isn’t it? That's terror fiction of the most vile sort.

This type of fictional terror-religion has justified almost anything, and still does. Whoever cheats, steals, murders, lies, etc., is justified by simply stating that “Satan made me do this, because I, as a mere human being, have no real power to resist the evil god Satan, the devil, who even the might of the good God is powerless against, who had not been able to eradicate evil and its power over his own creation. The Satanism that has been built into the Roman Church doctrine has turned religion upside down and has effectively scrapped the spirit of Christianity. Are we surprised that a millennia of Dark Age ravishing, torturing, killing, nicely laced with wars, erupted in the wake of the new terrorism? The Spanish painter Francisco Goya described this dark new age that empires love, as the "sleep of reason" and the death of truth.

This terror doctrine that the canonical writings of the Roman Church project, disables a society’s trust in its individual cognition, reason, intelligence, creativity, and moral conscience, and more so its spiritual sense. On this terror platform the Roman Church sets itself up as the world leader representing Christianity. It still does. Thus, the Dark Ages haven't ended. Instead of ending, the craft of terrorism has been advanced. The depopulation doctrine of the modern world empire, promoted to protect the Earth against humanity, is a form of extreme terrorism that even the Roman Church hadn't thought of, or the oracles who had set up that so-called church.

Thus it is that society is becoming evermore isolated from its native humanity by evermore terror fictions. Only the intention appears to remain the same, to create a society that maintains itself docile and nicely pliable slaves to empire whose evil intention and action is very much mirrored in the Satan ideology against which resistance is deemed futile as God, the Principle of the Universe, stands powerless against it. The natural result of this kind of terror is that an inflicted culture regresses into a Dark Age hell in which the oligarchic system has absolutely nothing to fear from a humanity standing up for itself. The proof lies in the near total lack of resistance in society to the insanity of empire that tears its world apart, burns its food, destroys its economies with looting and deindustrialization, blinds its critical sciences, and hails the weapons of nuclear war that can eliminate humanity from the face of the planet in the timeframe of a lunch break.

It may well be said some day in the future that the Dark Age in Europe was created by the terror-fictions of the Gospels, and intentionally so for the protection of the system of empire.

Sure, the Gospels also tell us that Christ Jesus was resurrected after his crucifixion. Was this a symbolic statement by the Roman Church that its 'resurrection' of Christianity, from a persecuted religion to becoming an instrument of empire was a divine act that mirrors the resurrection of Jesus?  Indeed, the writers of the fiction Gospels have likely earned high praise in the halls of the modern psychological warfare institutions. If we are looking for truth, the canonical composition won't likely be the place where we find it.

Was Jesus fiction?

What is actually real about the dimension of the human spirit? 

Was Jesus as a man, fiction, or had a powerful spiritual leader emerged from the background of the Greek Classical culture were truth and science played a defining role, exemplified by Socrates and Plato?

Jesus the Christ was evidently a spiritual scientist who understood the powerful inner nature of humanity and its potential. A powerful spiritual teacher and healer evidently had emerged and had challenged the Roman world of empire. He was evidently a highly educated person who had given humanity an extremely tall new image of itself as human beings - a man who exemplified the very meaning of standing tall with great dignity, stature, and a scientific sense that unfolds the power to heal many ills. It is reasonable to assume that only a small fraction of his high-level teachings and demonstrations survived the centuries of persecution that followed, and the fictionalization afterwards.

The truth of humanity that he presented evidently stood so tall that the greatest empire on the planet feared the man. It saw itself threatened to its very core by this man and his advanced ideology. Of course Rome acted swiftly to destroy the man and what he stood for. This was the nature of Rome.

It is extremely unlikely however, that the same empire that acted to destroy the man and his ideology would later go far out of its way to create a church to sanctify the man and perpetuate his ideology. This sanctification was evidently never on the agenda of Rome.

Since Rome had covered all its tracks and had burnt the critical documents that countered its objectives, we may never know what the man Jesus had really said and done. Evidently some of the sayings that are attributed to him in the gospels are likely historic fact. If the church rulers were intended to fictionally create a divinely royal man so that Rome could tare the man down in a show of power against God, one would likely have to look no further than the profound events that had evidently happened, as far as those were still remembered. Fiction would hardly supersede the great elements of truth that had shaken Rome to its very core. But which elements of the politicized Jesus saga in the Canonical Gospels is truth? 

Researchers suggest that Jesus spent many of his early years in India and had studied with a number of the renowned masters there who appear to have had perpetuated some of the ideologies of the ancient civilizations that were not affected by the cataclysm that wiped out the advanced civilization of the builders of the Giza Pyramids. (see the study of "dimensions of culture.") India appears to have had an extremely long background of continuous human development that over time developed into Hinduism and later became reflected in Buddhism and so on. Jesus may have spent two or three decades in this environment, picking up the most rational concepts and the most practically provable, and brought his advanced concepts back with him deep into the nest of Empire to heal society from within.

Evidence of Jesus' travels in India and along the way does exist in ancient scripts. On his return to Palestine he likely became quickly revered as a great teacher and demonstrator of the wisdom that he had gained and the spiritual power that reflects this wisdom. Under the axe of Rome he was likely crucified in a short period of time. However, it is likely that he survived the crucifixion by the power he had learned to use,  and had afterwards returned to India where he was safe - where he lived and worked past the age of 100. See:

If the man had not been physically and mentally murdered by Rome, but been allowed to continue his work, two millennia of dark ages might have been prevented and the critically needed NAWAPA 22 project for the strategic defense of humanity against the unfolding Ice Age transition would likely have been already implemented.

Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

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