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Escape From Fiction to Freedom

Love Dynamics

 Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher


In the simplistic sense, love is deemed an emotion, but when we look deeper it becomes far more than this. Advanced research in physics reveals the existence of a connection between a person's emotions and the emotion's effect on plain water, which becomes expressed in vastly different shapes into which it crystallizes upon freezing, depending on the types of emotions a person projects. (See the photo work of the Japanese researcher Masaru Emotu, presented in the video Sacred knowledge of vibration and the power of human emotions - about 10 min into it) The point is made that if emotions have such a dramatic effect on water, how great an effect do they have on us, with our bodies being made up of roughly 80% of water. Does love have a healing effect? Does it affect our cognitive and creative power? Does it affect the world around us? And how far does the field of love extend? And what about hate? Is it an emotion that unleashes on us a powerfully 'thunderstorm' of destructive consequences? Even how we regard ourselves, which affects our emotions, affects us far more deeply than we may realize. The awareness that such a deep connection exists may have already emerged in ancient times with the very dawn of civilization where the concept was encoded in fables and stories that ironically still have an effect on the world in modern time.

The Allegory of the Serpent

In the beginning chapters of the Christian Bible a creation allegory is presented that may have originated in early ages as a composition for theatre, designed to illustrate a discovered connection between a person's emotions and the quality of cognition.

The allegory is the story of the great paradise of primordial harmony, called the Garden of Eden. In the garden exist two types of trees. One type is everywhere. It fills the garden. One might call them trees of life, of which God said to the primordial occupants of the garden, named Adam and Eve, that they could freely eat the fruits thereof. But there exists another type of tree in the garden. Its fruit is called knowledge, a special type of knowledge - one might call it false knowledge, a knowledge that is pure fiction. The writer of the allegory called it "the knowledge of good and evil." In the allegory God points out that whoever eats the fruits of this type of tree will die.

Here the serpent comes onto the scene. It beguiles the woman and inspires her to reach for the forbidden fruit, to 'eat fiction,' suggesting that it would expand her awareness and increase wisdom. The woman responds to the serpent's urging and 'eats' the fiction. She even gives her husband, Adam, of it, who eats it likewise. But something happens at this point in the story that appears unexpected. We are told that after the two ate fiction, they both begin to realize that they are naked. They take some fig leaves and sow them together and make themselves aprons to hide their nakedness. 

Later, when God calls on Adam, he hides himself out of shame. "Oh, have you eaten of the fiction?" God may have asked in the play. "You don't know how foolishly you have acted," God might have added. We are told that God condemned them both to leave the garden of harmony and till the ground in order to make a life for themselves, as this was all they were qualified for. 

The dramatic condemnation by God may have been an error in translation, because in real terms those who had 'eaten' fiction had condemned themselves by accepting fiction as wisdom. They had exiled themselves from the garden of harmony. They had unleashed a powerfully 'thunderstorm' of destructive consequences upon themselves, as modern researchers would put it.

It is interesting to note that the writer of the allegory combines the effect of 'eating' fiction with the victims self-recognition of its nakedness. So the allegory is a sexual story then, isn't it? The term nakedness may have referred to the circumcision. The subject appears to have been a critical one in early times. The priests may have demanded the circumcision in ancient times of both men and women, and called this demand wisdom. The patriarch Abraham is said to have demanded it of all the men. But when the deed was done, most likely the victims could only see a gaunt nakedness. Something vital was suddenly missing. The loss had cut so deep that it had felt like a curse, because the loss that had been incurred could never be recovered. The victims of such a loss would live self-condemned, cursing their own stupidity, by which they had exiled themselves to a lower state of existence, a more primitive state of existence with no chance of going back. 

The allegory may have stood as a warning for people to understand the process that is involved. It may have also been intended to stand as an invitation to consider the opposite direction, such as the development of love on the foundation of discovered truths about our humanity, discoveries that inspire love, both towards oneself and towards others, which raise both the individual and society that are touched by the fields of loving, to a higher level of living. The photo work of the Japanese researcher Masaru Emotu suggests that real physical evidence exists for such an invitation to be valid, though we are still at the beginning stages of discovering the deep-reaching physical effects of emotion, both on ourselves and the world around us.

Becoming aware of the power of the dynamics of love

When Christ Jesus, who may have been the greatest demonstrator of the dynamics of love, was dragged before the authorities of Rome to be condemned to death, he may have said to his accusers, "if you strike me down you condemn yourself to consequences that are more devastating than anything your worst enemies could possibly inflict on you." And so, Rome, not heeding the warning, dug itself a hole with its campaign against love, which it collapsed into and vanished. It collapsed itself in five centuries by destroying the economies that it depended on for its looting practice.

An important question comes to the surface here: Was Rome an evil power? The answer appears to be, that evil is not a power, but is utter foolishness. It is the consequence of a society becoming enslaved to fiction of the foulest sort. If evil was a power, than the collapse of Rome would have given way to a great renaissance, to the return of the power of a great good. This didn't happen. The cultural wasteland that Rome had created remained a wasteland until humanity rebuild its love, or more correctly until it learned to let its love flow more freely again. This didn't happen in the entire region that Rome had occupied until more than a century had past. One of the breakout points was the dawn of Islam. If Rome had understood even a spark of the gem of truth that Jesus may have presented to it during his trial, then it would have developed this spark into a fire that would have ushered in a golden age for humanity, instead of an age of devastation that is still continuing. 

In this context Jesus the Christ  might also have said to the authorities of Rome, "that if you invert what you are aiming to do in your enslavement to the foolish fiction that a society can prosper outside the domain of love, which I can help you with so that you not only love, but let your love flow freely like a rushing river, then you will gain the power to bring yourself into a world of light with a brightness that makes your fondest dreams appear dull in comparison." He might have added that the unhindered flowing of love is the real heart of humanity and its civilization.

Just as hate, inhumanity, greed, and indifference are emotions that create a field of disturbing confusion in society, breeding errors, lies, idolatries, conspiracies, mythologies, etcetera; so the free-flowing of love creates a harmonizing field that nurtures the health of individuals and civilization.

An interesting comparison comes to mind here. A friend, in relating his experience of meeting a woman who has earned herself an honorable place in the halls of political infamy for her policies of exceptional inhumanity, found himself shocked by experiencing the mere encounter of the woman in passing. He spoke of an ugly icy chill that flowed from the woman, with an intensity that surprised him. 

In contrast stands the reported effect of a field of a richly flowing love. This experience was conveyed by a woman in 1897, who had been partially paralyzed and had lived in a home that had become such a living hell that she decided to just walk away from it and never come back. On the way to the railway station she encountered a crowd of people coming her way. Curious for what important purpose so many had come to her little town, she followed them as best as she could. She found them assembled in front of the house of a homestead at the edge of town. She saw a woman standing on the balcony addressing the crowd, but having been slow in coming she stood too far in the background to hear what was being said. She might have heard but a few words before the address ended. Disappointed she went back into town. Along the way, while crossing the street she saw a teem of horses approaching. In her astonishment, while the carriage passed, she saw the same woman in it, looking at her, who had stood at the balcony. She said that she felt such a great love flowing from the face of that woman as she had never experienced before, or even thought possible. She reported that her entire world changed in this single moment of the carriage passing by, because in the flow of that love her paralysis had vanished. Overwhelmed by this experience she returned home and discovered her home situation healed as well.
(David Keyston - The Healer: The Healing Work of Mary Baker Eddy, p.150, published by Healing Unlimited.

The above are two stories. Neither can be verified, except perhaps by related individual experiences. Both reflect the discoveries in physics that the above mentioned video refers to, such as the scientific photo work of the effects of the field of thought and emotions on the molecular structure of water by the Japanese researcher Masaru Emotu. The resulting effects may be incalculable when the native flow of love in humanity is blocked by the countless inhibiting fictions that have been interposed against its flow.

The Allegory of the Serpent may have been intended to illustrate the effects of the entire field of the fictions that interpose the free flowing of love. The circumcision was evidently a 'debated' topic in ancient times where the practice began, but which also may have been just one of many similar topics. The circumcision inhibits the flow of love, both of the victim to itself and to wards others. Another love-inhibiting process that was gaining ground in the early stage of civilization was a convention that became known as marriage. 

In a world where truth has a profound meaning, the reality would not be ignored that humanity is singular, a universal gem of great value enveloped in universal love. There, humanity is married to each other by this universal truth. Evidently this truth became overlaid with the fiction of privatization even in early times. One of the topics may have been the dynamics of marriage. The allegory of the serpent specifically refers to it. It refers to the small privatized version of it. Adam is referred to as the woman's "husband." She gave the same fiction that she had swallowed, to "her husband," and he did eat of it, so we are told. And we are further told that God condemned the man for having harkened unto "his wife." The allegory draws into its scene the marriage doctrine, which evidently stood in ancient times already as a barrier against the universal flow of love. The allegory presents this as a contributing factor for the self-expulsion of society from the garden of harmony and love, the Garden of Eden.

This does not men that the principle of marriage is at fault. In the most fundamental sense marriage is a recognition that the whole of humanity is natively committed to one another by bonds of love as the foundation of civilization. A high-level civilization cannot exist without its society being committed to its universal welfare. This means that the marriage principle in practice should unfold in the form of a seed of love, a center that nurtures the growing and expanding of love into a great tree or radiant star, instead of being a boundary that limits its expression unto itself, whereby society becomes love-starved in terms of its great potential. Isn't that the kind of world that humanity has built for itself and live in today?

The writer of the allegory appears to have seen this coming already in ancient time, including its inevitable outcome, that of a tragic loss of harmony. The Japanese researcher Masaru Emotu noted that in the face of emotions that are not love, the water that becomes subjected to it looses its beautiful and intricate structure. The writer of the allegory may have had already a sense of that. But how does one turn the ship around and uplift the marriage model to becoming a great star of love that increases the light of love and uplifts civilization? I have written 14 novels focused on this very subject, exploring the multifaceted dynamics of breaking through the barriers against love. The scene of the challenges appears to be that wide, so that 14 novels resulted, which even then provide but an overview. I pulled a few excerpts that I presented in video form under the heading Dialogs for Civilization, a group of 28 videos, that highlight a few vital subjects. But even then, all the challenges involved come to light as but challenges of overcoming concepts that are essentially fiction. 

The force of fiction enslaving society to impotence

The force of fiction that enslaves society to lies, which creates the delusion that errors of all sorts exist as facts, has prevented the noblest goals of humanity from becoming realized, including the development of peace and prosperity. For example, it is perfectly feasible to produce high-quality housing in automated industrial processes with such a high efficiency that they can be made available for free, universally as an investment by society into itself. The process to do this is simple. The material exists in infinite abundance, and likewise the energy resource for it. The technologies for both have been sitting on the shelf unused since the 1950s. Only the love in society for one another has remained blocked so that the development could not proceed. We are still at this stage. The same near infinite potential exists for expanding the world's food resources, and energy production, and even fresh water resources, without limits in sight. Only the flow of love remains still lagging, hemmed in by fictions about an impotent, greed choked,  and war-stricken humanity that is labeled a poison to the planet and a destroyer of its ecology. These fictions imprison humanity, while the opposite of the fictions is true across the entire front. It evidently will take a great deal of love to purge the fictions of impotence from our world.

The path from fiction to 'omnipotence.'

One pathway to get to the required point of freedom from fiction is my world development proposal that I have named NAWAPA 22. It takes us a giant step past the NAWAPA 21 project that has its origin in the 1960s. NAWAPA 22 is a love project of large enough proportions that it might ultimately inspire its implementation. It urges the creating of a universal renaissance across the entire scene of civilization with a new industrial revolution built on new materials and new energy resources, unfolding economic principles with such power that the most capable leaders of today cry that it cannot be done, even while the implementation is essential as a minimal platform for assuring the future food supply of humanity in the Ice Age transition that is already in progress. 

The NAWAPA 22 project will be implemented, for reasons that it is a minimal staring point. The needed free flowing of love will be achieved, because it must be achieved and can be achieved, especially when nothing more difficult is required than taking the impediments out of the way, since love is already a native constituent in every human heart.

There is no compromise possible in love

Principle is absolute. Love is absolute. Some researchers suggest that love is a vibration, a specific sound, an energy field, or a wave that acts on DNA. I would like to suggest that it is far more than any of that, because if love was such a primitive thing it would open the potential existence of bad sound, bad energy, a bad vibrations that affect DNA, and so on. But no one has been able to measure love and quantify its essence, and produce a hand-held love-meter that sells for $10.59 or whatever at the drugstore counter to measure a person's love field, or hate field, or indifference field. 

While we can see what effect love has on water molecules, or on us and other people, we really don't know what it is, do we. We cannot see it, but we can be certain that without it civilization would collapse. Is it a glue then, of a structure that is greater than us? We can only speculate and theorize. It may most likely be simply a fore of intention, like gravitational attraction appears to be. We know that an apple falls to the ground, and that the Sun has a gravitational hold on the earth, but we don't know what causes the mass of an atom to be attracted to another mass across empty space, like over the distance of more than 100 million kilometers between the Sun and the Earth. 

It may well be that love is simply another basic force of the universe that we can experience in rich measure and see it expressed in civilization without ever knowing what causes its effect, just as we may never know what causes the effect of gravity that operates our solar system and everything in it, including our world. In the same manner we may never know what causes the effect of the electromagnetic force that spans the galaxies and intergalactic space, and physically powers the universe. We may call the force of gravity and the electromagnetic force, simply forces of 'intention,' because the universe could not exist without these forces. Love may likewise be simply a force of universal intention, because civilization could not exist without it. In this case, whatever is deemed to be a force of evil is in reality merely a void where harmony is less established or is missing. Then our emotions may not have '17' different colors, but only one, with varying shades of intensity. Thus, all is love, and in this All no compromise is possible. 

One cannot compromise light with what it is not: the absence of light that results from enslavement to fiction. An attempt to do this creates confusion, turmoil, even war that is always destructive by the lack of the power of harmonizing action. This may have been this effect of turmoil in the field of love that my friend had sensed as an icy chill when encountering the woman who had the reputation of a political 'Satan.' What he sensed may have been not an evil force, but the chaos of an inner conflict caused by fiction standing opposed to humanity that created great disturbances in the field of love and may have been a cry for help that no one at the time and in her company would have been able to answer, and if so might not have found her a willing listener.

I had a similar experience once near the start of the Iraq war in 2003, in a political meeting focused on preventing the war. I presented a different standpoint for achieving the same end that had been developed by a leader who had been slandered in oligarchic circles that invariably feel threatened by peace and oppose peace. I was confronted by one of the organizers who didn't like a different approach to peace than his own. He felt compelled, instead of discussing the differences in the approach to peace, to usher me out of the room, and out of the building, and even off the sidewalk in front of the building. He did this in a manner that reflected the same icy chill as he did his best to demonstrate his lack of humanity that he couldn't hide.

That the above two cases do not reflect the result of an evil force is evident by the following case. In this related case an Air Force pilot of an occupation force was  interviewed, who had dropped a 500 pound bomb onto a 5-story apartment building in the middle of the night to assassinate a single man, killing more than a hundred people in the process. "What did you feel when you dropped that bomb?" he was asked. His answer was that he flicked a switch and felt the aircraft lurching upwards, slightly, when the bomb was released. He said that this was all he felt. 

The crew that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, which killed many tens of thousands people, appears to have reacted the same way. On August 6, 1945, recorded as 08:09, the control of the bombing run was handed over over to the bombardier. Target was acquired. Bomb away, was recorded as 08:15 - mission accomplished. It was done by a professional team, with professional efficiency, and with professional detachment. 80,000 people were killed by the job done, and 70,000 were injured. (see my video exploration: Sovereignty vs Nuclear War).

And when the next round begins, that is when America's 14 Ohio Class submarines are called upon to launch their firestorms of 5,500 Hiroshimas each, on the wings of their 24 missiles per sub, the job will be done with equal professional efficiency and detachment as a professional job by professional people. And so, humanity dies for the lack of love for itself. There is no recovery possible from a nuclear job well done. Within three years from the day the deed is done the whole of humanity will cease to exist. This is the inevitable result when society's love for humanity is quenched, which then stops flowing as it already has to a large degree. The first tell-tale evidence in this road to oblivion is that sovereignty becomes lost. (see: Escaping Mutually Assured Suicide)

In these cases the professionals aren't compelled by an evil force, or torn by powerful emotions. They do a job assigned for them. In like manner did the Nazi police forces during the Second World War enter Jewish settlements in occupied territories and rounded up their victims, who were loaded onto trucks, some to be deported to concentration camps where they were worked to death, and some to be carried into the woods where they were shot. And when the job was done the police forces went home and had a beer perhaps, and had supper and watched a movie. 

The greatest evils in the world are carried out in this detached manner when love no longer flows, in which the dead - men and women killed by fiction that block the flow of love in humanity - are killing the living. In the same manner of detached inner emptiness almost the entire modern western society, is slavishly executing the oligarchic mission for society that forces the starving to death of upwards to a 100,000,000 people each year by the massive burning  of food in a starving world in the form of biofuels that are mandated by law. For example, the large volume of gasoline that is consumed by a single SUV car each month contains such a large portion of it in the form of ethanol that the food that is diverted to produce the ethanol would normally nourish a person for a year. In this detached manner society has become murderers by intention without a stroke of evil in the heart. The evil is the fiction that demands the inhuman process. In this growing void of love in the heart of society no one will be spared the torch of starvation. The ever-increasing burning of food, coupled with the deepening drought, caused by the ice age transition dynamics, has already put thousands of feedlot operators out of business as animal feed supplies have becomes scarce and unaffordable with the resulting loss of eggs, milk and meat production, driving up prices out of reach for evermore people. This is happening hear and now. It is the result of a lack of love in society for itself, shaped by fiction. (see: Obama's Food Crisis and Government created food crisis interview Hunger for You)

In the case of the biofuels holocaust the fiction is the science fiction of manmade global warming, which is physically not possible, but which is massively killing human beings nevertheless as the fiction is imposed for the objectives of the system of empire and is swallowed up by society that reacts to it. No evil emotional force drives this madness that is forcing the greatest holocaust of all time to date, but a lack of humanity, a void of love by humanity for itself. 

The moment society compromises the flow of love that is a native elements of its humanity, by overlaying it with inhibiting fictions, it opens the gate, not to an evil force, but to inhuman madness. And the more love is put out of sight, the more 'normalized' the inhuman madness becomes. 

The most scientific approach to advancing the flow of love that I have discovered to date is the work of the New England pioneer in spiritual development known by the name Mary Baker Eddy. She is also known as the discoverer and founder of what she termed, Christian Science. Ironically, it is extremely rarely recognized what her scientific platform is founded on, even by 99.999% of those who have studied it. The world sees her work as a strange doctrine, while when one looks beneath the surface an intricate structure for scientific and spiritual development comes to light where everything that she created is an intricate part of, but which is largely unknown to even exist. She didn't flaunt her scientific approach. This wasn't her style. It was born by discovery, thus she kept it accessible only through the process of discovery (see: Sublime Science).

If one follows her 'breadcrumbs' that she laid out for discovery, one ends up with the recognition that her entire life-work was focused on one thing, the discovery of the dynamics of love. All the 'threads' that one discovers, that she laid out, converge at this one focal-point, the dynamics of love. Actually she presented the focal point as a triad, consisting of Love, Truth, and Soul - manifest as love built on acknowledged truth, nourishing the soul of our humanity in which love is expressed and its flow is anchored. 

She didn't flaunt this triad either, but she did built her church edifice on a triangular plot. In a geometric triangle no sides are opposite. She unveiled a dynamics in which Truth, Love, and Soul are absolute, not balanced against opposites as in almost all religions and ideologies. The astonishing experiences of healing that are attributed to her and her work are evidently the result of the dynamics of this triad that is centered on the flow of love as the grand gem in human experience and in civilization and an impetus for healing. She never suggested that a compromise is wise, though it appears wise and often unavoidable before the power of the absolute dynamics is sufficiently developed. With this she also suggests that universal peace and universal prosperity cannot be won on any lesser platform, such as platforms of compromises.

NAWAPA 22, for example, is an uncompromising global love project for the strategic defense of humanity in the currently unfolding Ice Age transition. It is southward oriented to create new agriculture in the tropics to develop there the new world food supply when the agriculture in the northern regions across the world begins to fail. Love demands this uncompromising approach to the protection of humanity. No compromise is possible in moving with this flow of love towards this end, when the failure to do so would result in the end of humanity. Likewise no compromise is possible in politics when the choice is between two impossible policies that both lead to a collapse of civilization for the lack of love. In such a case, the case of two unqualified candidates seeking election for a leadership post, it becomes the task of society to remove the unqualified and provide itself new candidates. One cannot compromise when the flow of love is at stake on which civilization depends. One cannot compromise love with fiction. In this context NAWAPA 22 sets up the tall, built-in demand, to stop compromising against fundamental principle.

Recognizing that all human development is inherently a spiritual issue should lead to profound cultural measures, even a cultural renewal of society. At the present moment we are far from that. If anything, society is working against itself. A recovery from this position requires a strong scientific approach in spiritual science, or divine Science for the development of the full flow of love, just to get us away from the current precipice.

How far society presently stands from responding to fundamental principles in its enslavement to compromising is graphically illustrated in the exploratory video, The truth about dishonesty.

Here the words need to be heard again that Jesus the Christ, the great Exemplar of the dynamics of love may have spoken to Rome at his trial. We must hear those words as though he was speaking to our age, because the correlative fits. "If you strike love down in your heart and towards one another and create a loveless world thereby, you invite consequences more-devastating than anything that an enemy could ever inflict on you. And inversely, if you develop the love that is native to the human being and let it flow without compromise, then you will create a Golden Age for yourself with a renaissance of such brightness and power that the coming Ice Age will have no effect on humanity." 

In essence, this is the song of NAWAPA 22.

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