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Escape From Fiction to Freedom

NAWAPA 22: Human Focus

 Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

The simple fact that humanity has been trapped into numerous dehumanizing religions, does not mean that it cannot be freed of its entrapment by healing its religion, giving it a human focus. The Golden Renaissance was an example of a process where this focus was beginning to develop. Sure, the Renaissance was successfully destroyed by the Empire of Venice that managed to bring its terrorism back that ultimately became the Thirty Years War, the most brutal escapade of military atrocities prior to the Twentieth Century. The Thirty Years War was and resulted from a religious war of ever-increasing insanity by which the human focus drifted far out of sight. We need to have humanity liberated on this front for it to become free to reach for a renaissance, which the NAWAPA 22 project is designed to facilitate. This does not mean that religion needs to be scrapped. Religion has a place in civilization as a center for spiritual development, which is critical for creating a human focus. If this type of system didn't exist, one would have to create it. Civilization is not only the outcome of technology, or an economy, or a political process, but is the sum-total of all of these and more, efficiently drawn together by a spiritual perception that raises the status of humanity and gives it a profoundly human focus.

But how does one heal religion of the terrorizing fictions that have been attached to it, so that it may begin to fulfill its role? The obvious answer is that fictions vanish in the face of society discovering the truth.

The True Story of Jesus - an alternate history


On the basis of what is known through reliable historic records, it isn't too difficult to reconstruct a probable real story of the life of Christ Jesus. The result becomes a story of a remarkable man who had lived at an extraordinary time and under extraordinary circumstances. 

The Canonical gospels say that Jesus was born in Palestine by a virgin mother. This might have been so. It is certainly within the range of natural possibilities, though not in the manner as the canonical fictions make it made out to have been, which proclaim Jesus was the personal Son of God fathered directly by God himself in a spiritual manner.

The status of a woman as a virgin was in those early days judged by her vaginal skin cover, the hymen, remaining intact. The hymen covers the opening of a woman's vagina. It typically ruptures during vaginal intercourse. However, it covers the opening to the vagina only partially. This means that an entry path to the vagina does naturally exist through which semen would be able to enter the vagina and so on, without the hymen being ruptured in the process. Extensive non-vaginal sexual intercourse would make a woman's natural insemination possible by this 'indirect' process. 

Such a process may involve types of sex actions that deposit semen onto the vulva, possibly followed up with oral actions that would likely force some of the semen past the hymen into the vagina. Sperm in the semen remains fertile for close to seven days. If the sex adventures are repeated often enough, and the semen is rich enough, enough of it would  surely penetrate past the cervix into the uterus and so on, propelled by orgasmic contractions, where it would eventually cause normal fertilization to take place without the woman's hymen being broken.

If one further considers that Palestine was located between two science-intensive cultures at the time, the Greek Platonic culture, and the Egyptian culture centered on the great library of Alexandria, one might encounter some daring free thinkers in this region and at this time, with advancing perceptions that challenge the old doctrines of the priests. This might have been a time when rebellious young adults would snub their nose at the stuffy old priesthood that had historically stoned people to death for having unauthorized sex. When the priest said NO, they might have said to each other, YES. With sex being the powerful impetus that it is, some daring rebels would likely have defied the priests and engaged in sexual intercourse in secrecy without legal authorization.  They might have even done it in a big manner. They evidently knew that they would get away with it by simply making sure that a woman's hymen would not be damaged by their intimacies. 

In their excitement, and resulting love for one-another, they may have also invited other likeminded men and women into their group for having sex in secret together. They may have felt that technically they would be safe from the law, because with the hymen intact they could proof before any judge that no woman's virginity was violated. But one day, oops, an unexpected pregnancy might have resulted. 

Once this was discovered, with the woman perhaps not being married, she would have been dragged before a priests to be condemned to death for it. However, with her being able to proof her virginity, she may have turned the table and put the entire clergy into a quandary. How could this be, if it wasn't from God? A virgin with a child? This has never happened before. It's not hard to imagine the twittering. An old wise man may have solved the quandary by citing ancient scripts about a Messiah that is to come. He may have said, "the child that is promised to be born is he. Who else but God would have the power to inseminate a perfect virgin? This means that God alone is the father." The old man may have winked to the woman who would have understood that nothing contrary must ever be told.

However, with this declaration a slew of problems would have been created. The virgin birth of the Son of God would evidently have caused a crisis at the higher levels of the Roman occupation administration. Can you imagine the shock hitting them when the word spread that a Son of God was born - that the divine had become incarnate in flesh - that a leader would arise from this in the future who would challenge the god-king emperor of Rome itself, etc.. 

When this fear began to develop the old man may have counseled the woman to flee Palestine at once and to take the child with her, and not to stop until they were both clear of the reach of Rome. This would have taken them to Persia, Afghanistan, and India. 

The rumors of a Son of God having been born would have most likely preceded them, which would have opened many doors and given them access to monasteries, temples, and the greatest teachers and gurus, possibly with Jesus becoming a student and later even a peer.  Eventually Jesus may have been counseled by his teachers, peers, and benefactors that he must go back to Palestine and spread the great wisdom that he had learned, which, if it would be understood, would overturn the empire and spare humanity a great tragedy.

Jesus may have protested that the task is too great for any man, suggesting that he would be arrested and crucified in short order. The wise men may have answered him, "Have you learned nothing in the twenty years that you were with us? What is an empire compared to you? Does the crucifixion defeat a man, or has a man the power to defeat it? We inspired this power in you." 

Eventually Jesus may have agreed that changing the world for the better is worth the price. And so he likely returned to Palestine in spite of the danger that this would pose. As expected, he was likely arrested within a few years, nailed to the cross, and as his teachers might have foretold him, he walked away from the cross alive.

Naturally, in this brief span of time before his arrest he did make his mark on the world. His teachings lived on, though overlaid with the Roman fictions that blackened the world with the dark ages. His teachings lived on through some of the great truths that he taught, some of which appears to have survived the darkness and brought a new spirit and power to the world. 

While no authentic historic scripts exist that corroborate the canonical stories, some ancient books were found near Nag Hammadi, in Egypt, in December 1945 that shed a new light onto Jesus teachings so long ago. In these books, in a group of books known as the Nag Hammadi library, among the collection of fifty-two writings, were a number of gospels that claimed to have been written by Jesus' disciple, Philip. One of these is the Gospel of Thomas. This gospel doesn't tell Jesus' history. Instead it consists of a collection of 114 sayings attributable to him. Some of the sayings appear to make no sense at first glance, however, when they are seen against the background of Hinduism and Buddhism, the sayings that appear strange at first come to light with a profound meaning.

All this means that the real Christianity stands far from the fiction of the Roman canonical texts as the product of a very human person who brought the best of Buddhism and Hinduism into the European world. This means that the root of Christian history, of the Christ ideology, is actually located in Buddhism and Hinduism. Jesus may have taken the spiritual jewels of both ideologies, to as far as an alert mind with a background of scientific perception in the search for the truth could accept, and put these jewels together and into practice. 

Such a man would also likely have had an impact on Buddhism and Hinduism itself, rejecting what he couldn't accept, embracing what he regarded as profound wisdom. He was no doubt a rebel in his own right, for the freedom of the mind. Thus he became revered by many who knew him as an 'exceedingly' extraordinary man, such as the scientific mind of our humanity enables everyone to be.

Sure, it seems to stretch the credibility to assume that Jesus would have been able to survive the crucifixion. However, here too, in the light of other great tales that are told of accomplished yogi, Jesus surviving the cross may not have been an extraordinary feat. He may have been able to make himself appear dead, before he really was, and may have been hastily removed from the cross and revived. If a yogi can travel across the Himalayas in winter, barefoot, which some researchers say is possible and has been done, then Jesus' surviving the cross may well be within the range of possibilities. 

An example of great spiritual feats may be found in the celebrated achievements of one of the spiritual masters in India. His tale stands out and may reflect to some degree the spiritual journey of Jesus. The historic tale is about a renowned Hindu yogi, Nilkanth, who set out as a young boy on a spiritual quest that became a journey of 12,000 km, which he travelled barefoot across India in the 18th Century. He is sad to have also crossed parts of the Himalayas, barefoot in winter. Some may be fiction. The man, however was real. He became known as Swaminarayan. See:
 "Mystic India" trailer of the IMAX movie about the boy Nilkanth.

The point that I am trying to make here is that the fiction of the Son of God walking the Earth in person, renders humanity small and impotent in its own sight in comparison (a typical imperial trick), whereas the evident truth that Jesus was a human person born by a human sexual process powered by love, becoming a genius in his own right with a keen scientific mind, raises the status of humanity to great heights of achievement by his example. And so it may be, in time, that the truth will have its day and stand tall and be acknowledged, and humanity will have its freedom back from depressing fictions. Then, with its identity rediscovered as the tallest form of life on the planet, humanity will at last be qualified for a universal renaissance.

Jesus in retrospect

I suspect that Christ Jesus never saw himself as THE son of God, like the religions generally define him, but did regard himself as A son of God in the universal sense, in a spiritual relationship that applies to all humanity, individually and collectively. With this he stepped beyond Buddhism and Hinduism into a perceptional realm of his own that needs yet to be fully discovered.

Did he succeed in what may have been his evident quest to vanquish the Roman Empire, the scourge of the world at the time? Evidence suggest that he did succeed, in terms of him representing the process that naturally collapses every empire the world has ever seen. Rome promptly destroyed itself over the following five centuries by means of its self-created inner emptiness that no system of empire can escape. He may have laid this fact out before the authorities of Rome during his 'trial' such as it might have been back then, saying to the Roman masters "that if you go ahead with what you aim to do, and strike me down, you create yourself consequences that will destroy you more devastatingly than anything the worst of your worst enemies could ever inflict on you."

As it was, his warning had obviously not been heeded, and as he my have promised, the great empire of Rome fell on its own sword, its inner emptiness. 

The collapse of Rome became a turning point in the universal history of humanity. A century after Rome had collapsed the great religion of Islam was founded that created a significant humanist renaissance in just a few centuries, which brought Plato and Socrates back to Europe, and with it the dynamics of science. On this re-lit humanist spark the Golden Renaissance emerged, and later the Peace of Westphalia, the first historic universal platform that stood in defiance of empire. 

On the wings of the resulting, unfolding new renaissance that developed in the wake of the Peace of Westphalia, the USA was founded as the first republic on the planet that demonstrated to humanity a grand alternative to empire as a viable national platform.

Although much of what was accomplished on this line was torn down again in the nights of fiction that were imposed again and again, spawning renewed darkness, doubt, and fear, designed the counter the good that had been accomplished, the resulting nights were always followed by a new dawn. And so I come to recognize that Jesus had fulfilled his mission that he might have been called upon to carry out, and that he did so even while the ideology that he stood for remains still to be rediscovered in full.

He was a human pioneer then, not a divine incarnation. In referring to the concept of the virgin birth as a direct divine emanation, America's spiritual scientist of the 19th Century, Mary Baker Eddy, stated bluntly that she didn't believe in agamogenesis. She stated, "Jesus was the son of a virgin. He was appointed to speak God's word and to appear to mortals in such a form of humanity as they could understand as well as perceive. Mary's conception of him was spiritual, for only purity could reflect Truth and Love, which were plainly incarnate in the good and pure Christ Jesus. He expressed the highest type of divinity, which a fleshly form could express in that age. Into the real and ideal man the fleshly element cannot enter. Thus it is that Christ illustrates the coincidence, or spiritual agreement, between God and man in His image." See Science and Health, p. 332

Is Mary Baker Eddy saying that the natural order was not set aside for the conception of Jesus, but had proceeded merely on a significantly raised platform by the human dynamics of a great love - a love that defied the empires of religiosity, the fictions of priesthoods, and society's small-minded slavery to its opinion, and so on; unfolding as a love that grabbed the lion at its beard and said to it, you shall not pass into the domain where love rules, and love alone. 

There was evidently nothing fictionally unnatural going on in the background to Jesus' conception. It may have reflected a spark of a revolt of human freedom coming to light against the fictions of the ages.

Christ Jesus, who emerged from this background may have also said to the authorities of Rome during his trial, "if you strike me down - if you lay your axe on what I represent - you will invite many dark ages to follow the Roman dark age into the halls of wasted cultural opportunities, and this will continue until my birth-platform, the universal humanity of mankind and its love for one another as divine ideas, manifest as profound human beings, is restored.

How far distant humanity presently stands from what may have been Jesus' goal is illustrated by the world's current stockpile of tens of thousands of nuclear bombs and by society's commitment to use them, coupled with its equally strong commitment to universal financial thievery that is collapsing its civilization by its denial of the principle of universal love that a human civilization is founded on.


So what is truth?

Truth, by definition is that which is provable, understandable, unchanging principle, untouchable by the modus of time.

We may find a glimpse of that, of this type of truth, perhaps in the sagas of other cultures, especially the ancient cultures that came out of the last Ice Age, who had remained too far distant to be affected by the consequences of ruling empires and other catastrophic events. 

Example in the Giza Pyramids

The existence of highly developed early human cultures is massively evident in the design and construction of the great Giza pyramids. Some scholars suggest that the entire Giza complex was built approximately 12,800 years ago, rather than at the later date like Egyptology assumes. The scientific design, mathematical insight, and precision of the construction of the Giza pyramids are of such an extreme quality that it puts the Giza complex into a category of its own that is beyond what the Egyptians had been able to create in their time, four and a half thousand years ago, as we find it reflected in the rather primitive other Egyptian pyramids.

A key to the early date for the Giza complex is the orientation of the Sphinx and its shape. When one rolls the celestial clock backwards, the Sphinx is directly aligned towards its image in the stars, the Constellation Leo at the dawn on the solstice 12,800 years ago. The erosion patterns evident on the Sphinx seem to match this dating, as well as many other features that are too many to mention here. The point here is that a highly advanced culture in science, mathematics, astronomy, and physics had existed in this early timeframe, which evidently had also achieved a highly developed sense of humanity and spiritual attainment, which, if it could be known might give us a reference for separating the Gospel fiction from the potential historic facts.

Going 10,000 years back to ancient ideology

It appears however that a link does exist that may take us back in time 10,000 years and farther. A historic mentality has been discovered that is believed to be attributable to a spiritually advanced society of an ancient time, which had existed in the area of modern Mexico, called the Toltec society. While what remains of its wisdom has most likely been also fictionalized like everything else that existed prior to written languages, and prior to oligarchs and empires that politically determine what is written, it is interesting to note what came out of the ancient background. See: The Mastery of Love

part one:

part two:

The Toltec book of wisdom

With this in mind let me present a brief story from the Toltec book of wisdom as the researcher Don Miguel Ruiz has presented it. See:
The Four Agreements:

The story is about a dream in which the dreamer sees an old man by a river in meditation who has beautiful multicolored light emanating from his head. The dreamer is noticed by the old man. The old man smiles at him with eyes filled with love. 

The dreamer asks him what he is doing. The man replies that he had asked such a question once to his own teacher a long time ago. In response his teacher had opened his chest and taken out his heart, from where he took a beautiful flame. The old man said that his teacher then opened up HIS chest, and also HIS heart, and placed the little flame inside it and put the heart back. The old man said that as soon as this was done he felt an intense love, because the flame of his teacher’s love was now his own love.

The old man tells the dreamer that the flame grew and became a fire - a fire that doesn’t burn, but purifies everything it touches. And so, as his flame of love burned, it touched each of the cells in his body, and the cells of his body loved him back.

The old man says that he felt a need to share his love further. He touched with it every tree, and he noticed that the trees loved him back. He became one with the trees. And as he did this, his love grew even more. It touched every flower and every blade of grass in the Earth, and they all loved him back and he became one with them.

The old man continued that his love kept growing still more and more. It touched every animal in the world, and they all responded and loved him back, and they became one in this love.

And still his love kept growing, said the old man, so that it touched every crystal in every stone on the ground and in the dirt and in every metal, and they all loved him back and he and they became one.

With his love growing still evermore, it touched the waters, the oceans, the rivers, and the rain and snow. And they all loved him back said the old man, “and we all became one.”

The old man kept on saying that is love continued to grow without end. It touched the air and the wind, by which he felt a strong communion with the wind, with the oceans, and with nature. He said that his love grew so much that it touched the sky and reached to the Sun and the stars. And so it was that his love was reflected in every star, in the Moon, in the Sun, and he felt that they loved him back so that he became one with the Moon, the Sun, and the stars. 

And even then, his love kept still growing. He said it kept growing and touched the whole of humanity, and he added, “I became so extensively one with the whole of humanity that wherever I go, in whomever I meet, I see myself reflected in their eyes, because I am a part of everything - because I love.”

Then, as the old man had said this he opened his own chest and took out his heart with the beautiful flame inside, and put that flame into the dreamer’s heart. 

“Now that love is growing in you,” he said to the dreamer, “you are now one with the wind, with all nature, with all animals, and all of humanity. You feel the heat and the light emanating from that flame in your heart. Out of your head now shines that beautiful multi-colored light that you noticed in me, because you are now likewise radiant with the glow of love.”

The old man suggested to the dreamer that a sense of gratitude would emerge and grow, to the Creator of the Universe as a prayer of love, saying:

Thank you, for the gift of life and for everything that I have ever truly needed.

Thank you for the opportunity to experience this beautiful body and this wonderful mind.

Thank you for living inside me with all your love, with your pure and boundless spirit, with your warm and radiant light.

Thank you for using my words, for using my eyes, for using my heart to share your love wherever I go. I love just the way you are, and because I am your creation, I love myself just the way I am.

Help me to keep the flame of love and the light of peace in my heart and to make love a new way of living so that I may live in love for the rest of my life.

With this the story ends. How much of it is fiction I do not know. But would I need to know, or would any one of us need to know. If we can replicate the story, then we can feel its essence as a truth. Thereby alone we would prove that it is not fiction. On this platform many aspects of religion would simply dissolve into fiction and fade out of sight.

Kernels of truth

Evidently there are many aspects in the great religions that have kernels of truth in them, and depending on the times, many of these kernels have worked wonders and may still do. When the religion of Islam was created in the shadow of the cultural wasteland that Rome left behind in the sewer of its decadence, in which it collapsed itself, Islam became a light that ignited a new revival of the human focus and a new age for humanity. The renaissance it created, the Islamic Renaissance, became a light of a dawning truth that ended the Dark Age in Europe with the Golden Renaissance. 

Islam had created the scientific searching that brought Plato back from obscurity, and brought it into Europe where it created a new cultural background. From this background the finest gems of the Christian ideology were brought back to life, which became the light of the Golden Renaissance. On this platform, far down the line, though still hampered by many of the religious fictions, a new dawn of humanity began in America with the creation of a new nation, built not on empire or religion, but on the greatest gems of humanity that were discovered up to this time in the fog of the numerous religious and historic fictions.

This appears to be the path of civilization - a path of discovering the truth about our profound human nature. The more we succeed, the greater will be our prosperity and the more secure our peace. This apparent universal principle is amazingly reflected in the rise and fall of the most scientific Christian religion that ever became established in our world. In 1866 an American woman made a profound breakthrough in discovering the scientific platform of Christ healing. Through her work, spiritual healing became wide-spread, and so effective that it started a new healing profession in America and in some parts of the world. The woman, Mary Baker Eddy, called her scientific spiritual platform Christian Science. 

The point here is not that remarkable spiritual healing achievements had become possible that border on the miraculous. The point is that this had raised the humanist platform of scientific perception so high that the result had coincided with the greatest period of peace the world had seen in hundreds of years. It was as if the train of horrors and wars in the world had stopped when the woman’s breakthrough work had began, and had remained stopped until the year after her death in December 1910. Then all hell broke loose again, with the train now rolling in high gear, still gaining speed and momentum.

Many thousands of people have testified that this amazing period of peace and healing was not fiction, but has happened, and that a trickle is still happening. The question arises from all that, where do we find our present age located against this vast background divided between fact and fiction?

One thing is certain that the resolution of the question will have a great impact on whether the NAWAPA 22 project will be pursued that is designed to bring the present world-population of seven billion people into the coming new Ice Age with the greatest prosperity of all times in all respects. We have the power to do this, even while it appears that the dawn of the new Ice Age is already in the early transition stages. But if we fail? I think the answer is too horrid to contemplate, which means that we will not fail.


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