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The NAWAPA 22 Government

 Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

NAWAPA is the acronym for the 1960s proposed North American Water And Power Alliance for the construction of the greatest water diversion project the world has ever seen that would divert a portion of the rainfall in Alaska and northern Canada primarily into the dry desert regions of the USA and Mexico. A new version of the project, envisioned for the 21st Century called NAWAPA XXI (N21),  has been created that includes the use of nuclear power for operating the required pump lifts to raise the water over the top of the more than 5000 foot high Nevada Great Basin that stands in the way to the South. While the giant project is feasible and its construction would provide the millions of new jobs that North America urgently needs for its economic recovery, the N21 project is too small and too distant for its completion to meet the current and increasing requirements for fresh water, especially for irrigation, in the now unfolding new environment of increasing drought conditions that are a feature of the ongoing Ice Age transition dynamics. Since these transition dynamics towards the coming New Ice Age promise the greatest transformation of our planet in the entire history of civilization, a new NAWAPA concept is required that matches the nature and magnitude of the changing climate dynamics that loom before us towards the 22nd Century. One might call it NAWAPA 22 or N22 for short.

The associated study in this series, NAWAPA 22: Ice Age Alliance, provides an overview of the type of infrastructures the changing climate dynamics of the ongoing Ice Age transition impose on humanity as a requirement for maintaining and advancing its civilization. This study focuses on the type of government that is required for an N22-based civilization. The physical requirements pose challenges that the current governmental structures, legal structures, and financial structures cannot meet. The development of a planet-wide fresh water distribution network for the utilization of the outflow of the world's great rivers and the international construction of Deep Ocean Reverse Osmosis Desalination systems that would increase the world's fresh water supply by creating rivers of fresh water flowing out of the oceans, that would be self-powered and would enrich the global atmosphere with increased CO2 levels for a more richly productive biosphere, including agriculture, creates a new platform of human activity that requires a new approach to government.

The unfolding Ice Age climate transition dynamics also force humanity to rethink its entire food production strategy. As agriculture diminishes in the high-latitude regions new agriculture must take its place in the tropics where the Ice Age impact is less or insignificant, and since there is little land in the tropics, especially near the equator, new 'land' must be created by placing agriculture afloat onto the equatorial seas, connected with interconnected floating bridges. Sure, great choruses will cry that this cannot be done, while in reality it is 'easily' done with high temperature automated industrial production processes, utilizing basalt and nuclear energy. (see: Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance - DIAR ) 

The automated production approach for creating new infrastructures would accord with the least-action principle, a natural principle of the universe, in comparison with the manual actions required for greening the Sahara Desert for example. However, the scope of this next step in the development of civilization would supersede anything in terms of international cooperation that has so far been achieved on our planet. For this a new approach to government is required for the simple reason that the unfolding Ice Age transition forces us into this direction. It kicks us out of the easy chair where far too many people dream of the fictional virtues of mass-depopulation, which in real terms isn't an option but is a travesty of the foulest sort along the line of the historic British Empire's devastating dominance of native populations in all its realms where the 'sun' no longer rose; or the devastating fictions of private markets economics and liberal imperial monetarism that in real terms are counter-economic forces. The entire high-minded property oriented system of so-called economics is about to vanish in the Ice Age transition. 

It is extremely likely that the present cooling trend will take the world within a decade to a climate level comparable to the Little Ice Age of the 1600s and 1700s, and beyond that in 50 years time to climates 5 times colder than the Little Ice Age had been. While this would be just a foretaste of what the full Ice Age conditions hold in store, which are known to have been 30 to 50 times colder than the Little Ice Age, the little foretaste that will likely be upon us would disable many a northern nation in the northern hemisphere, such as Canada, Russia in part, and almost all of Europe. Large-scale agriculture can only function when the climate conditions exist that enable it to operate. The same also holds true, though to a lesser degree, for industrial activity and the operation of cities. With the changing conditions mass migrations will occur in addition to the changing dynamics of what is presently called economics, wealth, and security. The N21 project, if it ever was started, would be stopped part-way during this transition. The transition will force us to rethink the concept of national relationships into becoming intimate cooperative commitments to world-development. Along this road many political structures that dominate the world today will simply vanish, instead of humanity vanishing itself.

This trend has already begun under the current N21 type thinking. The American Economist Lyndon LaRouche, who pioneered the N21 proposal, is also the pioneering force behind far-reaching proposals for governmental 'reforms' towards more principle-oriented government. One of the reforms calls for the elimination of the party system in favor of a direct representation system, the kind that the USA was founded on. It makes no sense that a party has the power to dictate what society is allowed to vote for, which is presently the case though it is vehemently denied. Lyndon LaRouche is also the driving force behind the restoration of the Glass Steagall Legislation of the Franklin Roosevelt era that forced a strict separation of commercial banking that is developmentally focused, from investment banking that is predatory in nature and is theft-oriented in practice. LaRouche further calls for the restoration of the principle of national credit creation carried out through the office of a Third National Bank, thereby eliminating the hand of empire of private money forces that is choking the U.S. economy. He further calls for the removal of Presidents from office who are mentally impaired and play the empire game, especially the current President Obama who is severely impaired with an extreme case of narcissistic personality disorder who thereby endangers the world with economic destruction and nuclear war. LaRouche puts these reforms onto the table as the necessary starting gate far any serious large-scale development for which he puts N21 onto the plate as an example.

The stepping beyond N21 to N22 that the Ice Age climate change dynamics increasingly require extends the challenge that LaRouche presents still further. This means the government must increasingly reflect the imperatives of universal principles, the principles that fulfill the common aims of all mankind, instead of government enforcing the cupidity of an enslaved public opinion by the notions of democracy. When democracy forces a compromise on well established fundamental principles, democracy becomes dangerous. The Glass Steagall law, for example, is a compromise that doesn't go far enough though it is vastly better than today's travesty that allows universal predation by the banks in gambling orgies that in the end require government bailout to prevent the total collapse of the system. An extended Glass Steagall law would not just separate development banking from predatory banking but would prohibit predatory banking altogether, and thus end the system of empire.

"That's impossible," you say? If you say that, then you say that the continued existence of civilization is impossible. The N22-type physical infrastructures that humanity requires to exist in the developing Ice Age world cannot be created with the parasite of empire hanging around humanity's neck. The governmental platforms that are required for the N22-type physical infrastructures to be created, are possible. The mere fact that the world is presently running into the opposite direction, such as we see it in the grand spectacle of the European Union experiment that is subsuming the European nations to create another world empire travesty, doesn't mean that the trend can't be overturned towards sanity when the question becomes asked for what purpose a government exists. Does it exist as an enforcer of imperial slavery and predation, or does it exist as a platform that enables the advance of the general welfare of society. On the general welfare platform the EU system earns a failing grade, the lowest on the scale. Unfortunately, examples for the top grade do not presently exist anywhere on the planet. This doesn't mean they will not be developed to meet the imperatives imposed on humanity by the already ongoing Ice Age transition. There is no point in crying about the individual shortcomings of individual nations. If one misses the mark one misses the mark. It doesn't really matter by how far one is off the mark, when the survival of civilization and humanity depends on being on the mark.

The N22 challenge stands as a challenge to all of humanity today to develop the perception and the necessary understanding of what it means to be on the mark. Common sense tells us that the burning of food in a starving world doesn't qualify, nor does the possession and deployment of nuclear weapons, or the promotion of ideologies that 'cry' for the depopulation of the world to save the earth from the human footprint. Fascism doesn't qualify either, nor the financing of terrorism, or the stealing from society its treasures and resources that it requires to live and to operate a productive physical economy. Only a few examples in history came close to hitting the mark in terms of fundamental principles. One was the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 that raised the Principle of the Advantage of The Other that stopped the Thirty Years War in its tracks. Another example is the founding of the USA on the platform of the General Welfare Principle as an overturning of the system of empire. These principles still stand, at least on paper they do, and will always remain valid even though they no longer stand in the heart and soul. But even while they remain dormant, they point into the direction of our advancement towards the mark where great achievements become possible.

Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

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