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 Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

In a recent seminar, researcher Pat Ruckert presented an in-depth historic study of the Grand Coulee dam in Washington state. He raised the point that civilization depends on looking to the future to shape the present as a means for meeting the human need and upgrading the human condition to such a state that increasingly more of the human productive power is devoted to creative endeavors instead of being consumed with drudgery. The dam became a part of a far-flung national program to bring electric power to every part of the USA where human living requires it, especially to the farming communities. The following is a brief overview of the building of the dam.

The proposal to build the dam was the focus of a bitter debate during the 1920s between two groups. One wanted to irrigate the ancient Grand Coulee with a gravity canal and the other supported a high dam and pumping scheme. Dam supporters won in 1933, but for fiscal reasons the initial design was for a "low dam" 290 ft (88 m) high which would generate electricity, but not support irrigation. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and a consortium of three companies called MWAK (Mason-Walsh-Atkinson Kier Company) began construction that year. After visiting the construction site in August 1934, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt began endorsing the "high dam" design which, at 550 ft (168 m) high, would provide enough electricity to pump water to irrigate the Columbia Basin. The high dam was approved by Congress in 1935 and completed in 1942; the first water over-topped its spillway on June 1 of that year.

Power from the dam fueled the growing industries of the Northwest United States during World War II. Between 1967 and 1974, the Third Powerplant was constructed. The decision to construct the additional facility was influenced by growing energy demand, regulated river flows stipulated in the Columbia River Treaty with Canada and competition with the Soviet Union. Through a series of upgrades and the installation of pump-generators, the dam now supplies four power stations with an installed capacity of 6,809 MW. As the center-piece of the Columbia Basin Project, the dam's reservoir supplies water for the irrigation of 671,000 acres (2,700 km2).

The reservoir is called Franklin Delano Roosevelt Lake, named after the United States President who presided over the authorization and completion of the dam. The dam raised the water level 380 feet. - see Wikipedia

"Such a power if developed would operate railroads, factories, mines, irrigation pumps, furnish heat and light in such measure that all in all it would be the most unique, the most interesting, and the most remarkable development of both irrigation and power in this age of industrial and scientific miracles."
– Rufus Woods

Pat Ruckert presented his in-depth study in the context of the current LPAC proposal to build the vastly lager NAWAPA XXI project (N21) to divert a portion of the runoff water in Alaska southward, primarily to the dry regions of the southern USA and Mexico. If built, it would be the largest civil infrastructure project of all times, putting the 21th Century USA onto the road of economic recovery, creating millions of new jobs in construction and the materials supply industries for a construction period spanning 30 years. The proposal is an upgraded version of an earlier proposal put forward in the 1960s (N20) that was rejected at the time for numerous, including political, reasons.

Here a note of caution is in order to explore the parallel between the Coulee and the N21 project. Is there a parallel? Both are projects focused onto the needs of the future. The Coolee project was way ahead of its time on all essential aspects. It was said that it would take 100 years before its enormous electric generating capacity could possibly be utilized. The opposite proved to be the case. The power of the dam proved to be an essential element for the enabling the logistics to be produced that helped defeat the Nazi war machine. The demand for electricity grew so sharply that the Columbia River system, which includes the tributaries, now supports 76 dams for irrigation and to generate electricity. We have an amazing success story here, one of the greatest in infrastructure building. 

A comparison

If one compares the Columbia River success story with N21, N21 falls short in several significant aspects. It is by design essentially a fixed capacity system that is not expandable. It is limited by the available volume at the source at the required altitude, and by the transmission capacity of the system itself.

The second shortfall of the N21 project

The shortfall is that is already too small to meet the current need. The increasing severity of the developing drought conditions in North America requires a constantly increasing water input for irrigation that the N21 supply volume cannot meet now, much less so 50 years from now according the potential N21 cleanup and construction period. The pollution-cleanup time is hard to estimate as the requirement is extensive. Efforts are presently under way to make the Yukon River drinkable again. The major portion of the watershed  that is to be diverted by N21 contains the Klondike Gold Rush region which produced gold  in mining operations long after the rush had ended, which left behind a massive scene of pollution, such as mercury pollution, that must all be removed from the entire region before the region can be flooded to become the largest reservoir the world. And this takes time, especially considering that the region is covered in permafrost and is inaccessible for a large portion of the year when it becomes a vast landscape of snow and ice.

The N21 benefit, if the project was built, is too far distant to address the now unfolding water crisis that has been intensified by the now unfolding increasing drought conditions that are evidently not freak anomalies, but reflect lawful changes in the climate dynamics that one would expect to experience in the ongoing Ice Age transition period. As the sun grows weaker, which the Ulysses satellite had measured from the 1998 timeframe on, the resulting increased Galactic Cosmic Ray density is increasing the cloud forming process that dries out the water vapor in the atmosphere, causing increasingly severe drought conditions. The projected N21 benefits are too distant to matter now, and much less in 50 years as the crisis deepens. N21 offers too little too late.

The third major shortfall of the N21 project.

This is the biggest one by far. It is a philosophical one. The shortfall is that N21 actively supports the Green movement fiction that the earth has limited resources available for human use. The Green fiction tells humanity that there is only so much fresh water available in the world, which it must spread around, divide up, ration, and if necessary transport over long distances from where an excess exists to where the supply is needed. A BBC special research movie, ...WATER, about the world's water availability tells an impressive and convincing story of the global water limitations. The N21 project fully supports the Green movement's limited supply fiction. It tells us that the limits are so severe that we have to bring water to the southern USA from as far away as Alaska. It is grounded in the premise that humanity does not have the capacity to create productive infrastructures that can generate fresh-water resources at will - which is totally feasible with currently available technological processes and materials. Thus a new NAWAPA is needed to bring us into the 22nd Century.


Reverse osmosis is a widely utilized process in seawater desalination plants that pump water through finely porous filter membranes. The membranes block the salt ions and allow the water molecules to pass. Modern efficient systems of this type operate with a pressure of 300 PSI on its filters. The energy required to produce the water pressure renders the reverse-osmosis process rather expensive. However, if the process would be operated in deep oceans, at a depth of 5000 meters for example, the process would be self-powering. 

Deep Ocean Reverse Osmosis Desalination

The average salinity of seawater at the surface is in the range of 3.1-3.8%. This results in an an increased water density of 2% to 2.9%. Based on these figures, the 2% to 2.9% weight differential between fresh and salt water, for the depth of 5000 meters, produces a pressure differential of 146 to 211 PSI. This range of pressures would be sufficient for reverse osmosis to function with filters designed for this pressure. While the resulting efficiency would be lower than the commercial efficiency at this lower pressure differential, the output flow rate would still remain to be but a matter of the scale of the operation, meaning a larger scale for the facilities. In practice far greater pressure differential than the 146-211 PSI would result, because the out-flowing water in such a system would contain dissolved CO2 that expands into gas on its way to the surface and makes the fresh water column still lighter. The potentially resulting pressure differential, with all factors considered, would come close to that of some commercial operations.

Such deep-water reverse-osmosis systems would be massively constructed today if the Green fiction of resource limitations, and the fiction of monetarism, would be scrapped, which presently enslave humanity to impotence. Deep Ocean Reverse Osmosis Desalination systems are possible now on any scale. They would create rivers of fresh water flowing out of the oceans, by a self-powered process, while the global atmosphere would become CO2-enriched at the same time for a more richly productive biosphere, including increased agriculture yields, possibly doubling or quadrupling the farm output. 

In the near future new membranes will become available, made of Graphene sheets with precisely controlled pores, which promise to increase the reverse osmosis desalination up to 100 fold, so that Deep Ocean Reverse Osmosis Desalination systems could operate in much more shallow waters (see: MIT news: A new approach to water desalination) However, the new technologies, when they become available, won't change the basic picture that the mass production of fresh water is possible today to supply all present and future needs, and this means quality fresh water in contrast to the brown muck that feeds some municipal systems today, like some inputs for the Los Angeles system. 

It is not possible that the Earth will ever run out of fresh water with the realized potential of human productivity augmenting the natural system, nor is it possible for the same reason for the Earth atmosphere to run short on CO2, which it will during the coming ice age environment that threatens the biosphere with starvation if no corrective actions are taken.

All life in the biosphere depends on two resources, a rich concentration of CO2 in the air, and water. CO2 is required as much as water is required. Both are available in infinite abundance on our planet. But instead of building the infrastructure system that would supply our needs, humanity's enslavement to fictions imprisons it into impotence. Technologically it is extremely simple to build CO2 extraction infrastructures to meet society's needs, which also operate as self-powering systems. But instead of building them modern society hails the fascist leaders who block such efforts and fantasize about the fictional benefits of world depopulation. Would you like to be depopulated?

Never before has humanity hailed its executioner more radically than modern society hails the masters that champion the depopulation of the world. While society still abhors the murder of a single person, it fails to grasp the horrors of the depopulation of the planet of its own kind from 7 billion to less than one billion, which, by is enslavement to fictions, society fails to stop in its tracks. Where are the heroes of society saying to empire, “your days are over! Your rule ends here! No depopulation! No war! No economic thievery! No empire!” See:
Overpopulation is a Myth

Ten-fold CO2 increase needed

The global warming fiction is a component of the Green movement. It hides the truth that the atmosphere of the earth is critically deficient in CO2. The present CO2 concentration of 390 parts per million is just slightly above the biological starvation level. When greenhouse operators double the CO2 concentration in their facilities a 50% increase in plant growth is typically achieved. When they let the concentration drop below the 200 ppm level, plant growth stops. At still lower concentration levels the plants die. That's the biological starvation that the earth is heading into with the already unfolding Ice Age transition. In colder climates a greater portion of the atmospheric CO2 remains dissolved in the oceans than is released by the oceans in the tropics. During Ice Age conditions the CO2 tends to drop way below the 200 mark where the biosphere on land begins to die all across the world. This may be the reason while only a few million people survived the last Ice Age, probably living of fish.

For humanity to be able to weather the coming Ice Age with a 7-10 billion world population, supported by a thriving agriculture in the tropics, a 10-fold increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration is urgently required. Much larger concentrations are known to have existed, up to 50-fold, during earlier times in the history of life on our planet. These large concentrations have always dwindled. The last high concentration that enabled the era of the dinosaurs has dwindled to the present starvation level. This CO2 collapse has become so critical that it needs to be reversed for anyone to survive the coming ice age conditions, not to mention a ten billion population. While the CO2 starvation won't be critical for some time down the road, except for the loss of the far better harvests that our agriculture could have, the CO2 fiction needs to be addressed in the present for the simple reason that it is a built-in component of the doctrine of the mass-depopulation of the planet that the empire of oligarchy aims to impose from their stinking sewer of their poverty of ingrown decadence.

Technologically it isn’t a great feat to uplift the global atmosphere to the 10-fold increase in CO2 concentration that is needed. Lifting sea water from the deep oceans to the surface would release the dissolved CO2 as a gas when the pressure is released, and thus, with the right infrastructures, supply the required amounts of additional CO2. Such a system, once built, would be self-powering by the same principle by which the Deep Ocean Reverse Osmosis Desalination, would be self-powering, resulting from the pressure differential that occurs when the CO2 bubbles to the surface like it does when a soft-drink bottle is opened. 

The difficulty that blocks these critical infrastructures lies in cutting through the fog of fiction that has disabled humanity inwardly over long periods and has largely destroyed the budding recognition of its identity as a creator and producer, reflecting the intelligent creative nature of the universe.

The CO2 fiction is for this reason a critical factor in blocking the fresh water production by Deep Ocean Reverse Osmosis Desalination, which also produces free CO2 gas. If the world's water crisis is ever to be addressed, the CO2 fiction as a climate villain needs to be addressed at the same time, because anything that produces CO2 is presently deemed by this fiction a catastrophic intervention into the natural world.

Manmade global warming NOT possible

The physical facts about CO2 affecting the global climate are rather simple. They prove that manmade global warming is not possible by any means. The religion of manmade global warming is a fantasy of political fiction, a kind of fairy tale that blames CO2 as a villain by virtue of humanity’s addition of it to the global atmosphere. But if one compares where CO2 really stands in the global greenhouse dynamics, a totally different picture comes to light. While CO2 does absorb radiated heat energy, which make it a greenhouse gas, it does so only in three narrow bands of the radiation spectrum, and even in these few rare places its absorption coefficient is overshadowed more than a thousand-fold by that of water vapor, which in addition covers a hundred-fold wider absorption spectrum, with the further addition that water vapor is 100-fold more prevalent in the atmosphere. If one adds all of these factors up, CO2 contributes a 1 ten-millionth portion of the global greenhouse effect. It takes a vast religious leap of faith for anyone to belief that humanity’s 1/2 of a percent increase of the 1 ten-millionth portion of the greenhouse effect will cook the earth and melt the polar ice caps. The global warming dogma is a global mental blanket of pure fairy tale fiction, or political Green fiction. The science evidence plainly suggests that the enslaving fiction has been intentionally created for its psychological terror-effect that inspires impotence in society, the very impotence that also says to mankind that it cannot create itself the needed freshwater resources so that it has no options left but to bring water, in buckets if necessary, from Alaska to water the deserts. That's what the N21 represents psychologically. That's the notion it promotes, instead of promoting the infinite option that is inherent in the nature of man.

NAWAPA XXII - the critical project for the 22nd Century

The Deep Ocean Reverse Osmosis Desalination process, when it becomes implemented, provides high quality, perfectly drinkable, fresh water, and water for irrigation, on a supply platform that is infinitely expandable. Nor does the process volume vary with the seasons and with climate conditions. Also its supply is steadily available, which obsoletes the need for large holding facilities. This is the direction that takes us from N21 to N22. 

This new direction that utilizes the creative power of the human genius, reflected in productive infrastructures, obsoletes the building of the largest infrastructure project in the world, which by its nature is extremely vulnerable to changing climate conditions at the source, all the way to the point that the source disappears totally as the ice age transition unfolds. 

The global warming CO2 fiction is a crime against humanity and the universe. The biosphere of the earth requires a living, intelligent intervention in the planet’s CO2 dynamics in order to avoid the otherwise certain doom of possibly the entire land-locked biosphere during the Ice Age progressions. The scientific intervention to protect potentially all life on this planet by restoring the CO2 concentration to a richly livable level might well be one of humanity’s primary mission and the intention for its existence. We certainly cannot afford to go into the opposite direction by building projects designed for evading this responsibility, such as N21. 

CO2 and water are the stuff of life. The biosphere lives by them. In order to meet the needs of the biosphere of life the natural dynamics have been enriched with a new facet that now includes the power of intelligent actions.

NAWAPA XXII, the New Green Movement

The universe appears to be mission oriented on all levels for a progression to ever-higher levels of creativity and productivity. Our intelligent uplifting of the biosphere with a 10-fold increase in atmospheric CO2 and the creating of infinite fresh-water resources would certainly revolutionize agriculture, which is presently urgently needed. The CO2 uplift by itself would also restore the biosphere to its native creative potential with a productive power that we can yet barely imagine. This type of uplifting intervention is the kind of subject that an intelligent, humanist, real green movement would be focused on and would implement. In comparison with this real mission, the green conscience of humanity lays dormant and is presently mired in political and scientific fiction of the foulest sort, like the depopulation ideology. To mire the intelligent power of humanity in the mud of inspired impotence has always been the goal of historic, political, and religious fiction, especially religious fiction. But this tragedy can be ended. The fictions can be dealt with. Reality can reassert itself once we decide to break the ground.

NAWAPA 22, the Least Action Principle project

And this is big too. While the N21 project totally ignores one of the great natural principle, the Principle of Least Action, N22 would build on this principle. Let me illustrate. 

N21 is synonymous with a traveler going from San Francisco to Los Angeles via Tokyo. But is this wise? There are more efficient options available to achieve the same objective, like taking the direct shuttle from San Francisco to Los Angeles. In terms of water infrastructures the least-action option would mean to simply redirect the outflow of rivers in thin-walled arteries afloat on the oceans to wherever a freshwater need would exist. Since evermore water is needed in the south of the USA and in Mexico, and this with increasing urgency because of the unfolding drought, the fastest and most efficient way to meet this need would be to channel the outflow of the Columbia River to the coast of California and pump it from there into a region-wide distribution pipeline network for emergency irrigation to offset the drought. The entire emergency infrastructure would be built of basalt, woven into fibers and some cast into pipes, etc, with everything being produced in automated high temperature production facilties, powered with nuclear power. This type of project could be up and running in 5 years with the appropriate effort, with the least action principle being expressed, instead of 30 years. In the same manner would the outflow of the Mississippi River be diverted for irrigation and pumped into pipeline networks east of the Rocky Mountains.

That's how N22 would start up. It would meet the critical needs while the Deep Ocean Reverse Osmosis Desalination systems in the Atlantic and the Pacific would be built. What sets this approach apart from N21 is that N21 is based on utilizing old technology, while N22 would create an industrial revolution by introducing the availability of a wide range of basalt products that brings a new dimension of freedom to everything from construction to manufacturing, including houses, cars, railways, airplanes, even floating bridges spanning the oceans, together with floating agriculture and floating cities strung across the tropics. N22 would open a barn door to a new renaissance on the entire front of civilization. It would do this by simply creating the infrastructures for basalt processing in high temperature automated industrial facilities that would produce the arteries for the river diversion across the oceans and the distribution pipeline networks. 

Basalt is a stone with the finest grain. It is stronger and lighter than steel, and is nearly as hard as diamonds. It is a perfect thermal insulator and can be woven into micro fibers. And best of all, it is available in infinite quantities in surface deposits, and is process ready as it sits on the ground, for which the production process is nonpolluting, unlike in steel making.

NAWAPA XXII Free Electric Energy

It's about a new order of freedom in the creative and productive capacity of the human being that uplifts the entire horizon of human living. N21 lacks these features.

Once the fiction that throttles science is lifted that prohibits the recognition of the electrically powered nature of the universe, operating in an anti-entropic fashion, the creative capacity of humanity will be uplifted still further with the introduction of unlimited energy resources for human use. Hidden behind the imperial fiction of the fusion-powered sun, stands the real sun as a cosmic electric energy converter that is powered by plasma, which consists of electric energy particles free-flowing in space, which have mass and are attracted gravitationally and electrically by the sun, and to some degree also by the earth. A number of potential technologies promise to enable us to utilize this infinite energy resource. 

The coming breakout in the self-perception of humanity, from being encumbered by limits on all fronts, such as the imperial Green movement inspires with its numerous fictions, to the realization that the principles of the universe have placed before us unlimited resources on all the critical fronts that we merely need to take hold of, would be one of the central pillars of the N22 project. And it wouldn't just uplift the USA. It would inspire a universal uplift across the whole of humanity in all nations and cultures, and give humanity a new identity.

NAWAPA 22 critical for the unfolding Ice Age Transition

Without the breakout of science from the fiction of the fusion-powered sun, the electric nature of the universe remains hidden, and with it electric dynamics that unfold in our galaxy and in our solar system that the earth is a part of remains hidden as well. Since the solar dynamics are electric in nature, and consequently also the ice age climate dynamics, the dynamic processes that are unfolding, which the Ice Age Climate Change is a part of, cannot be recognized with a mind enslaved to the fantasy of science fictions. It is not possible that the critical electric dynamics that drive the ice Age transition can be recognized and be explored, when the electric dynamics are deemed not to exist. 

The fusion-sun fiction has closed the door to the exploration of the Ice Age Dynamics and the dynamics of the transition stage. For this reason the coming Ice Age is deemed to be still thousands of years distant, while in reality the transition to it has already begun. In this respect N21 promises to have tragic consequences as it is totally based on the fusion-sun fiction, and with it the corresponding Distant Ice Age theory. If N21 would be built, it would divert the nation's development resources into a dead-end pursuit as the project would be completely disabled at some point of the Ice Age Transition, while the preparations that should be made, which would enable humanity to live through the Ice Age Transition with an ever-richer civilization, would not be made, and humanity would perish when agriculture becomes decimated across the northern hemisphere where most of humanity lives and where most of the food is grown. N21 would thereby become a death trap for humanity. In contrast, N22 would be designed from the start to develop the economic resources and infrastructures that give us a new platform for living that is out of reach of the next Ice Age and its already unfolding transition. N22 is our open door to the future, even a future in the coming Ice Age, which we may not have without N22. The tragedy of entering the coming Ice Age without the appropriate preparations is of a type that no one would wish to experience. 

N22 is ultimately critical for life itself, in a relationship in which humanity maintains the power of the biosphere during the next deep freeze of the earth that typically extends across an endless-seeming 90,000 years. If humanity dies by its enslavement to fictions, the biosphere may perish too. N22 is a project to prevent this. 

Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

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