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Escape From Fiction to Freedom


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 Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

The most-deep-reaching transformation of our planet is in progress that no power in the world can halt, or alter, or even hinter a tiny bit. It is unfolding to become the largest physical event in the entire history of civilization. It so extensive that it will determine whether humanity prospers and enters a new era of a profound humanist renaissance, or whether it will become extinct. The great change is the already ongoing Ice Age transition. 

None of the presently agonizing great problems in the world measure up in significance to this one, all-encompassing reality that no one in the world can avoid. The potential for a thermal nuclear war that could set events into motion in the space of an hour that would eradicate humanity in the long run measures up in severity to the Ice Age transition challenge, because nuclear war can be avoided while the Ice Age transition dynamics cannot. It is known where all the nukes are located, so that if humanity would rise to the challenge all the nukes could be disabled and destroyed in a matter of days. In the same manner can the world crisis of economic collapse and globalized thievery be ended by the simple determination to do so with the appropriate laws, because the system of empire that stands behind this world crisis is well understood and can be laid aside, while the cosmic forces that drive the transition of our planet cannot be laid aside.

But the comparison does not end here. If humanity should choose to respond to the unfolding Ice Age transition, the necessary steps in preparing its world for the loss of much of the northern agriculture where most of the world's food is presently produced, would lead to the development of a powerful cultural, technological, scientific, and economic renaissance with a brand new industrial revolution that promises to be greater than anything the world has ever seen. This effect would not follow the steps for terminating any of the lesser artificial crises. However, the necessary steps of society building itself up for the realization of its humanity would not only solve those lesser challenges, such as nuclear war and economic collapse, but would become steps towards the meeting of the unavoidable existential challenge imposed by the unfolding Ice Age transition dynamics, from which the great humanist renaissance would inevitably flow. In this context the Ice Age transition, if it was faced honestly by society, would inspire the humanist uplift that would in its course lead to the solution of all the lesser problems, such as the nuclear war potential and economic collapse.

The steps that become necessary towards meeting the great challenge are presently hindered by a vast variety of debilitating fictions that have been conjured up over the ages about ourselves as human beings and our culture, identity, and humanity. Many of these fictions have a long historic root on which some of the foulest modern fictions have enslaved humanity to ideals and conventions that are neither human nor rational. The following series of articles are focused on cutting through the fog of the historic fictions, with the exploration pursued against the background of exploring the needed physical infrastructures that are required to meet the great challenge of meeting the Ice Age transition that is now upon us.

The infrastructure focus has been named in the series of articles, NAWAPA 22. The term has been chosen to illustrate the nature of the transition that is required. The term stands as an extension of the NAWAPA project developed in the 1960s to divert a portion of the runoff waters from Alaska to the dry areas of the southern USA and Mexico, to enable increased agriculture in these regions. In the course of the more recent promotion of the project the term NAWAPA 21 has been coined to bring the project into the 21st Century. The promoted project is huge, extending across the entire North American Continent, requiring an extensive international alliance, hence the acronym NAWAPA, which stands for North American Water And Power Alliance.

However, with the Ice Age transition unfolding and its dynamics becoming reflected in drought conditions and other climate changes that are already severely affecting food production in North America and Russia, and so on, a new focus is needed that matches the new unfolding reality. In the shadow of the unfolding Ice Age dynamics the NAWAPA 21 approach becomes counter-productive as its source waters in the North can no longer be relied on and may become disabled completely before the water-diversion project can be completed after its potential construction period of 30 to 50 years. With the drought conditions increasing, the need for increased water resources and increased agricultural resources exists now, and those needs are expanding. NAWAPA 21 cannot supply these immediate needs, nor would it be expandable. A new North American Alliance is therefore envisioned that would meet these needs and in doing so lay the foundation for the continued existence of civilization in the unfolding Ice Age transition towards the 22nd Century. I have named this foundation for exploratory purposes NAWAPA 22.

NAWAPA 22 presents a blueprint for humanity serving the Ice Age transition. For North America it signifies a survival alliance, since without this alliance none of the North American nations can survive. Canada standing by itself would likely cease to exist in 50 years time as its territory would become completely disabled for agriculture by the deepening Ice Age transition, and also for much of its resource extraction. A nation that cannot feed itself and looses access to its ground resources has no basis for existing. But Canada could create a new basis for itself in an alliance with other nations to create the infrastructures, industries, and agriculture in the tropics that all nations require for surviving the Ice Age transition. In this sense NAWAPA signifies a survival alliance for the creation of new worldwide resources in agriculture in the tropics to support the entire North American Continent cooperatively, and also new power resources for world development. NAWAPA 22 thereby signifies the creation of a World Agriculture and Power development of unprecedented proportions that North America would play a major role in. In this context NAWAPA 22 signifies the creation of an Ice Age Alliance (IAA) that would quickly become worldwide in scope, supported by all nations. In this environment our current little problems, like the nuclear war danger and economic collapse would fall by the wayside, for which the solutions have so far remained out of reach.

NAWAPA 22 reflects the power of advanced technologies for meeting the current needs quickly and easily, and beyond that the human potential to create new freshwater resources at will, obsolescing the need for water diversion, and the human power to uplift the biosphere with a richer source of CO2 for the potential doubling and tripling of the current food production in the most natural manner, making hunger a thing of the past. And as the Ice Age transition unfolds further, the agricultural collapse in the northern region requires vast new agriculture developments to be created in the tropical regions where the Ice Age cooling cannot affect it. Since there is little land available there, it needs to be created by putting agriculture afloat onto the tropical seas, connected by intercontinental floating bridges, and serviced by floating cities. NAWAPA 22 represents this critically necessary development focus.

In this grand focus NAWAPA 22 may appear like fiction. In reality the opposite is the case. The notion that humanity can survive without the NAWAPA 22 type of developments is complete fiction. The notion that the Ice Age transition is still far away and does not need to be addressed now is the most horrific fiction that has gripped human society today and has enslaved it to it and fostered near universal impotence. It is fiction, because the needed NAWAPA 22 infrastructures that seem miraculous can be easily created with automated industrial production methods transforming basalt in high-temperature nuclear powered processes. The needed energy resources exist in abundance and are presently unused, and the building material exists in infinite supply. But it all remains blocked by the power of fiction. The fiction is that humanity isn't human; that it cannot develop its innate productive capacity to create needed resources to assure its future existence. NAWAPA 21 counters this trap of fiction that says to humanity that it is so poor in creative power that needs to bring the last drops of fresh water from Alaska, in buckets if needed, denying the technologies on hand to create the needed freshwater resources simply and easily and expandable as the need expands.

And so it becomes evermore apparent that the greatest danger that humanity is facing that threatens its very existence, is not the threat of nuclear war, the current economic collapse, and not even the unfolding Ice Age transition as a danger to our food supply, since all of these dangers are technicalities that can be avoided, and will be avoided once we deal with the countless fictions that drive us into impotence.

It is neither apathy therefore, nor disinterest, indifference, or fear that has entrapped modern society onto a train towards its self-destruction and has blocked its power to escape, but is instead the outcome of a wide scene of fiction, especially historic and religious fiction, and also fiction in science, to which humanity has become enslaved. 

The human society has been on this train for almost 5000 years already. Getting off it won’t be exceedingly easy, nor will it be done in an instant. The enslavement is deep. That is why it appears so difficult for society to protect itself against the little forces that are presently destroying its culture, its science, its economies, its politics, its food, its civilization, even to the point that it seems unable to escape the insanity that stands poised to extinct all humanity as a whole in nuclear war. Modern society has become slaves indeed, slaves to fiction that rob its very soul and replace it with impotence.

Nevertheless the human system remains complete in itself, like a principle remains unaltered by those who deny it. When the fictions are removed from consciousness, the human system reasserts itself and becomes manifest. This means that the human experience is to a large degree a function of knowing the truth, whereby the fictions become laid aside and the train to hell is stopped.

The world is presently riding this train to hell that few in today's world care to stop. The train appears to have started in Egypt in the early period of the Pharaohs. It appears to have started slowly and innocently at first, then gained speed, and now is on the high-speed track while it affects almost the whole of humanity. Today, economics, politics, culture, science, economy, ecology, and religion, are almost totally ruled by a wide range of disabling fictions of an ancient origin with consequences that are so fast collapsing civilization that now society's food is massively being burned, depopulation is hailed, and the physical industries are torched against the background of grotesque insanities and inhumanities that have become so absurd that society has created  and deployed against itself a powerful platform for nuclear war that gives it the capacity to end its very existence in a moment of rage spanning the timeframe of a lunch break. The innocent days are over. The horrific results stare us into the face. Our humanity has become disabled by society's self-enslavement to a wide horizon of fictions that have become its prison. What happened to the ideal of freedom? This ideal needs to be won back. And this we can do. We have the power of the human being to do this.

The more we free ourselves from the fog of fiction in history, religion, social, and sexual relations, and also in scientific cognition, and thereby discover the dimensions of our humanity to the point that we see them grow and expand, we discover more and more that our destiny lies not in the fire of wars, holocausts, genocides, and so on that trail out into a tragedy that ends all, but lies instead in the power of our humanity to bring a seven to ten billion world population, or greater, into and through the next Ice Age for which the transition has already begun, and this on the platform of the brightest renaissance ever.

On this front, if we face it with an eye on truth, we stand poised to break all records in the advance of humanity, and thereby really do the impossible. Technologically and economically the task of bringing a ten billion world population or more through the next Ice Age is achievable, huge as this task may be, and to develop along the way a richer civilization than any we have ever dreamed of. 

If this potential becomes seen as our destiny to unfold, then we will do what is required to meet the challenge, even if this means cutting through the fog of fiction that has clung on humanity throughout nearly its entire history of civilization. Once we get to this turning point, to this breakout from fictions, we have taken the critical first step towards willing the ultimate price, the continuity and continuous advance of civilization. And this, I think, shouldn’t be too hard to get to, because the essential elements for it are already lodged in our heart as human beings and always have been there.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche
October 15, 2012

Rolf Witzsche
researcher, author, producer, and publisher

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