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The science of cosmology wears a fabric that is riddled with voids, knotted with errors, and stained with illusions. The voids are lacking recognitions of the realities of Plasma Astrophysics, the science of the universe, the stars, the Sun, and the climate on Earth.

When 99.999% of the mass of the universe that exists in the form of plasma*, is deemed not to exist, cosmology becomes largely a sea of errors and illusions where noting is real except the resulting consequences of reality being denied. On this path humanity faces a doom it cannot see as it fails to prepare its world for the Ice Age Climate Transition that is already in progress.

But the impending fate can be avoided. Plasma Astrophysics can fill in the many voids of perception in cosmology, whereby the resulting errors and illusions that rule today,  and their consequences, fall away. This is what this site is dedicated to accomplish for humanity.

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Ice Age Ahead: Global Warming by the Sun peaked between the 1960s  and 1990. This was measured in historic isotope ratios, and in sunspot numbers. The warming is now reversing. The Sun is 'dying' back. Solar activity is collapsing fast. Solar-wind pressure is diminishing. Solar radio solar flux intensity is diminishing.  Some of these critical measurements are down to half. They are reflected on Earth in the climate getting colder year after year. Crop failures are increasing and are getting increasingly severe.  The full Ice Age is near. A wide range of scientific measurements tell us that the collapse of the interglacial climate is immanent, and may occur in the 2050s. The phase shift to glacial climates promises to be as sudden and as severe as falling off a cliff. That's what we need to prepare for, scientifically, culturally, spiritually, and economically, while time remains. This is what this website is dedicated to. (Mission statement)

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To the degree to which nations loose their food resources, they cease to exist as viable nations. The populations become refugees, evicted by the cold with no place to go to, unless we build us a technological New World that the Ice Age glaciation cannot touch, and that we build this fast before the 30 years expire that we have left till the Earth becomes an Ice Planet that promises to become largely uninhabitable in the natural landscape from the 2050s on, or sooner.
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But will we build the needed New World and live? We have the materials, energy resources, and the technologies on hand to create the new world that our future depends on, which has the potential to be a brighter world than we care to imagine. But will we respond to the challenge?

Humanity finds it presently impossible to even acknowledge the Ice Age Challenge, much less to commit itself to mastering it, even while its future existence, especially that of its children depends on it succeeding. In order to overcome the inner barrier that stands in our way, major cultural, scientific, and spiritual challenges need to be met. This is what this website is designed to facilitate.

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*Note: The recognition that 99.999% of the universe exists in the form of plasma is a concept that is widely supported by evidence.
as researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory had recognized.


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