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Explorations: Extinction by Nuclear War; Universal Love; The Future; Reason
The Kaleidoscope Project - The Sex and Sacrament Project

Rolf A. F. Witzsche
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Ice Age Academy

Love Coins and Deep Things


The coming New Ice Age, beginning 30 to 50 years from now, presents the severest danger that ever confronted humanity: a potentially rapid transition to the Sun becoming inactive for long periods with 70% less energy being radiated. It will disable large portions of the world's agricultural regions almost overnight, when it begins. While we have the materials, energy, and technology on hand to create a brighter world for us in spite of it, we find it impossible to even acknowledge the challenge, much less find we ourselves committed to mastering it even while our future existence depends on it. In order to overcome the inner barrier, formidable cultural, scientific, and spiritual challenges need to be met. This is especially challenging in today's landscape of our fast collapsing civilization. The required responses are difficult to achieve, even deemed impossible by some, though they promise the greatest new Renaissance of all times.


Rolf Witzsche
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 Ice Age Now in 30 Years? (videos) evidence / dynamics / science / electric sun / nuclear fusion / sustainable development

Triply Divine Humanity (videos) spiritual history / science / healing / alternate Jesus / justice - Glass Steagall - American System

Ice Age In Canada (Articles)

Science vs. Global Warming (videos) climate change / carbon politics / genocide /science abuse /  manmade global warming impossible

Science vs. Nuclear War (videos) empire / domination / depopulation / freedom in sovereignty

Spiritual Science Academy  (videos) peace / joy / power / healing Christian Science

Free PDF Library from videos, articles, novels, books

The Dialogs Theatre A theatre of video presentations to uplift civilization to meet the Ice Age Challenge


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The physical challenge:
New Ice Age Ahead
The moral challenge:
political science
The spiritual challenge: 
science and healing
The divine challenge:
universal human divinity
* Cool Science for Kids
* Cool Science 1: Astrophysics
* Cool Science 2: Religion
* Cool Science 3: Culture
* Cool Science: Kaleidoscope

Absolute Climate Change

Climate Change in Sunlight

The Greatest Science Challenge in the History of Civilization

* New Ice Age Near - 58-part evidence

* Cold Nuclear Fusion Powers the Sun
* intro - P1 - P2 - P3 - P4 - P5 - P6 - P7

* Ice Age of the dimming Sun in 30 years
Solar Diminishment in Perspective
Celebrating the Coming Near Ice Age

* Energy Forever
* Electric Planets, Sun, and Sunspots
* Electric Earth, Electric Mars
* Unlimited Freshwater

* Water Crisis: Healing the Colorado River
* California Drought - technologies
Our Electric Fusion Sun

Galactic, Solar, and Planetary Systems of an Efficient Electric Universe

New Ice Age Ahead (overview)

Ice Age Precursors  

What is Happening Now (science)


The Sky is Falling --
The Ice Age Transition --
Ice Age Earthquakes --
The Dimming Sun --

Ice Age Breakout 1 (from impotence)
Ice Age Breakout 2 (from empire)
Dialogs for Peace 


Mass Murder with Biofuels --

The Global Warming Doctrine (index)
* The Deception

Terror against our children
Beyond Terror, War
Becoming Free of It
Science Opposition --
Global Warming Carbon Politics --

Climate Science  

Sinking the Titanic --
The World War --

Anatomy of a Car Crash: Love versus Dangers

Kepler Today: Science vs. War
Ebola and the Book of Job revisited
* The Science Revolution
* Sovereignty versus Nuclear War
* Mutually Assured Suicide
* Arresting the Infinite Crime

* Mozart and the Christ
* Mozart, Ice Cream, and Wine

Cosmic-Ray Power --
Free Electric Energy Forever --
Ice Age Renaissance Economics  --

Nemesis 2012 Nibiru Planet-X --

Dialogs for Civilization (Stories)
Fantasia in Poetry and Prose  --
Harvest is Seedtime --

The Alternate Jesus

intro The Triply Divine Man
1 Healing History
2 Enthusiastic Exuberance
Spiritual Academy
3b *
Model of Man
3c *
Trapped Children
Crucifixion and Completion
Books of Ancient Wisdom
The Academy Continues

The Triply Divine - Christian Science
* From the Letter to the Spirit Unfolding
* Science of the Lord's Prayer --
* Christ and Christmas -- 
* Marriage on the Infinite Plain --


Related articles index

Will Canada, Russia, Europe, and China, cease to exist?

More physics related articles

Acknowledging the Electric Universe Pivots on Love

Overwhelming Electric-Universe Evidence Everywhere

Strategic Defence of the Earth: Asteroid-Collision Defence

Ice Age and Climate Science Articles and Explorations (by Rolf Witzsche)

Ten-fold CO2 Increase Needed

More culture related articles

Lord of the Rings exploration

The Great Collapse of the USA, Christian Science, and Man

Stemming the Collapse of Civilization from Hitler, to Bush, to Obama, to Zero

Novels and books by Rolf Witzsche
The Lodging for the Rose (series)
Discovering Infinity (series)


World Development -- 
NAWAPA 22 (index)
-- Ice Age Alliance (IAA)
-- Renaissance
-- Government 
-- Science  
-- Economics  
-- Physics
-- Real Debt and Credit
-- Culture (pyramids)  
-- Society (circumcision)  
-- Sex and Spirituality
-- Crime of Religion (terror gospels)  
-- Human Focus (alternate Jesus)  
-- Deadly Deductive Logic --- 
Christian Science (articles)

The God Fields

Mental Malpractice & Animal Magnetism

The Lateral Lattice of Love

Healing the House of Empty Hands

The Love Fund 

A Great Human Miracle Occurred

The God Project

God's Money, not My Money

The Value of God

Dynamics of Prayer

Is Prayer Effective on the World Stage? 

Manual for Civilization  

Mary Baker Eddy's Science Revolution  

-- Me, a Church of Christ Scientist  


-- Rose of God



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Paradox of Our Times - Hong Kong

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Food Crisis

Economy History

We the People

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